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My dear lgbt+ kids, 
“Going to therapy doesn’t mean you are crazy!”, “Not only crazy people go to therapy!” - let’s talk about these phrases. 
They are true, in the sense that people do not only go to therapy when they experience symptoms of psychosis (like hearing voices or seeing something that does not exist outside of their mind). That’s because: 
1. You can be mentally ill and not experience any psychotic symptoms. Depression, anxiety disorder and eating disorders are just some examples for types of mental illness that (usually) do not include hallucinations but still require therapy. 
2. You can benefit from therapy even if you are not mentally ill. For example, you may talk to a therapist because you want to learn how to cope with grief after losing a loved one or want to know how to safely break-up with your abusive partner or want to figure out your gender identity... and so on! 
I do think that it’s important to talk about both of those points. We need to fight the myth that you need to be “sick enough” to see a therapist. And yet, with all that being said: I am not a fan of the phrases I mentioned above.
Going to therapy isn’t shameful, yes. But: being “crazy”, as in experiencing symptoms of psychosis, isn’t shameful either! We shouldn’t uplift people who go to therapy by shaming people with psychotic symptoms. 
So what if you do go to therapy because you are “crazy”?  Going to therapy because of that is also something we should normalize and support. Around 3% of people will experience a psychotic episode at some point in their life. In any 12-month period, around 1 in every 200 adults will experience a psychotic illness (Source). 
Psychosis, depression, grief or any other reason: Going to therapy is never a reason to be ashamed. 
With all my love, 
Your Tumblr Dad 
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haaam-guuuurl · a day ago
I know everyone has lots of opinions on this season already. I largely loved most of it, but I just have 1 objection I have got to speak out on -
There was a lot of calling Adam "gay" bc he's in a relationship with a man, and I'm here to shout from the rooftops, in case anyone is forgetting, that
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ace-thinks · 2 days ago
On the Glass Closet Again
Okay so I talked about the "glass closet" strategy before, but another benefit of this tactic occurred to me recently.
I was talking to my mom about my identity (kind of coming out but like in a chill way). She was wildly unsurprised since I had been doing the glass closet thing for a while.
But she said that when she first started to suspect that I wasn't straight, she had a classic "Oh no what if my kid is gay?!" thing going on in her head.
But then she had time to think about it on her own and come to terms with it so that by the time I finally came out, it wasn't like a bomb was dropping.
As a result, she was able to sincerely say she supported me and ask questions out of curiosity rather than panic, and it was just an all around good conversation.
That wouldn't have been possible if I had sprung this on her. Sure, she would've come around to it eventually, but there would have been a period of hurt and confusion on both sides that probably would have taken a while to heal from.
Anyways, I say this not to say that it's wrong to come out of the closet "suddenly" or that it's always best to slow roll your coming out process with a "glass closet" approach. This is just another way of looking at it that I had never considered before.
Just like it takes a lot of us a while to come to terms with our identities, it can take our loved ones a while to wrap their heads around it too. And in some cases the "glass closet" gives them that time.
Then if/when you decide to come out, you're able to get a reaction from them that's coming from a more thoughtful place instead of whatever their knee jerk might be.
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crossdreamers · 2 days ago
The Euphoria Song Project (A Transgender Anthem), with Pia Notoriyas
Monika Kowalska asked Pia Notoriyas about what made her write this song, and she answered:
I was getting tired of writing about things that didn’t inspire me, and I have already done before and I remember one day I was in the car and I was like “what if I wrote a song about being transgender” and it was kind of like why the hell have I not done this yet, so I rushed home and started to write and record and that’s how Euphoria was created.
I really wanted to embody the struggles of being transgender and ultimately finding closure and empowerment within the song, and I couldn’t have done it without all the girls that were featured in the music video, it wouldn’t have been such a moment without them all. 
The video was a lockdown collaboration.
Tumblr media
Photo of Pia from Instagram.
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wizardoface · 2 days ago
yeah sex is gr8 and all but have you tried standing under a tin roof in a thunderstorm?
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wanderingnelipot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Last Day of 27 & First Day of 28-
🎶It's my birthday
I'ma do what I like
I'ma eat what I like
I'ma kiss who I like
It's my birthday
I'ma do what I like
I'ma wear what I like
I'ma party tonight🎶
Tagging my amazing mutuals 🥰😘💗:
@peanutbutterpickletime @moonlitxngel @starrybong @gabbigabriella @jezzyj @thetimidtiefling @theherblifee @dinedwithwolves @lunavoyd @crystallizedkiki @helianthus-spiritus @bass-alien @gothiccbb @pot0hon3y @strang3-marz @lilcheshirelilgirl @highxalisha @sailor-emerald @the-original-astr0zombies @princess-aries   @galaxygirl-emi420 @pourpaintmylove @shelovesplants
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useless-englandfacts · 14 hours ago
you’re absolutely right! for followers who don’t know, bell v tavistock was a case that centred on whether or not under-18s could be prescribed puberty blockers for gender dysphoria.
puberty blockers had been banned by courts on the grounds that under-16s weren’t old enough to make medical decisions for themselves, but it was successfully appealed as it was decided that doctors and clinicians should make these decisions, and not a court! a significant victory for trans people in the face of an increasingly fanatical anti-trans lobby in the UK!
- dominique
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wonderingwhereiam · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Some more Halloween Pusheen 🎃
Gay | Lesbian
Bi | Pansexual
Trans | Nonbinary
Asexual | Intersex
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vocaloidgender · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LGBT+ Graffiti World (Yume Nikki) flags
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single-eye-love · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I've been debating on whether or not I should do a kofi goal but I've decided to put my head into the ring
for those who don't know me I'm a bisexual nonbinary (femme) artist, I've been wanting to get back into making yt videos and even do some art/game streams. You can help me reach my goal by tipping or art commissions!! (or just reblogging helps too ^^)!!!
link to my ko-fi here!
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hyde-your-heart · 2 hours ago
uses a fruitification ray to make the joker fruity again, vaporizing a thousand joker kinnie cishet dudebros instantly
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