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I’m so obsessed with Druck by now it shouldn’t be legal. I watched so many shows cause of lgbtq representation, but this one right there feels like the most realistic one.. In other shows it’s much more drama and they overreact to see us suffering. Druck got Drama as well but the way the characters deal with it and fix it is just different. It’s closer to our reality cause they don’t have the perfect solution right away, they don’t find the perfect words. And I love it with my whole heart, cause that’s how the actual world works. We’re all flawed but we try and that’s something you can definitely see in this show.. and rn it’s making me so happy. The awkward scenes between kieu my and fatou are so fucking realistic?? Like that’s how I feel if things start to develop between me and someone I like.. it’s like I’m living through it as well and I’m just shocked, cause I usually don’t like German tv shows but this one is just Chefs kiss 👌🏻 I can’t wait to see what they’ve in store for us and I’ll be so sad once fatous season is over but I’m willing to rewatch it every single time!

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does anyone want to write and elaborate and detailed letter confessing your undying love to me and then we go on a socially distant picnic and drive up to where we can see the stars while we stare in awe at each other, because to us, the other one is more beautiful than the stars could ever be

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Raven Reyes x Fem!Reader

Summary: Lexa wanted coffee, but what you didn’t expect was to meet someone special

Warnings: none besides me avoiding the word ‘blush’ for obvious reasons ;)

You know that constant nagging feeling in the back of your head that you-

“I want coffee.”

Y/N pursed her lips.

“Go get coffee then.”

A distinct whining was heard before a heavy body was plopped on Y/N’s back.

“Oof, Lex get off, you’re literally so heavy.”

Lex scoffed from above her, “I am not that heavy you’re just weak.”

Y/N rolled around and looked up at the pouting face above her.

“We literally go to the gym together everyday.”

Green eyes rolled dramatically, “You’re still weaker than me,” Lexa furrowed her eyebrows and looked off to the side, “Is weaker a word?”

Y/N raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that! I’m not stupid I promise!”

Y/N laughed and pushed the girl off of the bed, the impact causing her to let out a grunt.

“That’s why you failed English.”

Lexa gasped while putting a hand over her heart, still laying on the ground, “So what? You failed math!”

Y/N pointed at her in defense, “Math is hard, we literally speak English. You cant make up an excuse for that.”

Lexa threw up her hands while glaring up at the girl still on the bed, “At the time-”

Y/N cut her off while shaking her head in mock disappointment, “Yes, yes we know. ‘At the time I was a player and I was only focused on girls.’”

Lexa chuckled and winked, “And you were my little wingwoman.”

Y/N’s lip twitched, “Never say that in a serious manner ever again.”

Lexa rolled her eyes again, “Okay Miss, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this, Lexa, you’re breaking these girl’s hearts.’”

Y/N looked away, “Was I wrong though?”

Lexa sighed, while finally getting up off of the floor, “Not completely.”

Y/N smirked in accomplishment while putting her hands behind her head as Lexa searched through her closet, “I don’t know why you don’t just wear what you’re wearing right now.”

Lexa looked down at her clothes and looked back up at the girl in her bed, “I’m wearing pajamas, Y/N.”

Y/N jumped up from the bed as if she wanted to start a fight, “Exactly! I don’t know who in their right mind decided that people shouldn’t wear pjs out in public!”

Lexa pulled a face, “Maybe because…”

Y/N pointed at her, “See you have nothing! Normalize wearing pjs in public!”

“I’m going to get coffee.”

“Lexa I’m serious about this-” A stressed Y/N replied, following an annoyed Lexa out of the door.

Yet only one actually remembered to change out of their pajamas.

“Dude this is serious!”

Lexa sighed as they walked together into the mall, Y/N still trying to support her theory.

“Yes, Y/N we know!”

Y/N ran to catch up to the fast brown haired girl and started walking backwards in front of her, “Okay but do you? We need to tell people about this.”

Lexa stopped suddenly and her lips raised when the girl in front of her ran into her chest, “We’re here, dumbass.”

Y/N awkwardly scratched the back of her neck, turning to face the big ‘Starbucks’ sign to hide her embarrassment.

Lexa laughed from behind her and pushed the latter inside, the bell ringing behind them.

“Hello, welcome to Starbucks what can we get for you today?”

Y/N’s eyes widened, “Oh shit she’s hot.”

Lexa pursed her lips to stop from snickering.

The barista in front of them smirked and raised an eyebrow when she looked at the girl’s attire, “Nice pjs.”

A bellowing laugh came from beside Y/N and her eyes widened, not only from the fact that the beautiful brunette in front of her heard her but also from the fact that she forgot to change.

“Oh shit, you’re fucked!” Lexa continued to wheeze into Y/N’s shoulder, the latter sputtering in embarrassment.

Y/N hit her friend on the stomach, “Shut up Lexa oh my god.”

Lexa covered her face as she continuously became more red from her laugh attack.

The barista smiled calmly while telling herself not to laugh at the situation she was fortunately thrown into.

Y/N turned back to her and smiled shyly at the charming grin that was directed towards her, “I-I’m sorry for my friend here-”

“Sorry for me? You literally just called her hot in front of her face,” Lexa chuckled again and inhaled as if to stop from laughing.

Y/N glanced at her, “I’m gonna kill you when we get home.”

Lexa held up her hands in a sign of ‘truce’ and smiled.

Y/N’s attention was pulled back to the angel behind the counter when she started talking.

“It’s alright, no need for any killing.”

Lexa intervened while glancing over at her friend before her focus returned to the barista, “I’m sorry to interrupt you lovebirds-” A scoff came from beside her, “-But if I don’t get my coffee in about three seconds I will physically blow.”

Their sever smirked and nodded as she picked up a cup and started writing Lexa’s name.

Y/N held up her hand and questioned aloud, “Wait how do you know her name.”

Lexa facepalmed.

“Well, babe, you’ve said it at least 3 times since y’all have walked through the door.”

Y/N blew a bubble in her mouth as a sign of awkwardness, “Yup yup of course my bad.”

The barista beamed and tilted her head to the side at the gesture, “But I would like to know your name.”

Y/N rocked on the balls of her feet, “Y/N.”

Continuing to smile, the Starbuck’s worker nodded and grabbed another cup while muttering to herself ‘beautiful’ before setting it down beside her and looking back up at them.

Lexa jumped in in relief, “Vanilla bean frap and she wants the same.”

“Coming right up.”

“Lexa and Y/N.”

Lexa got up from her seat, almost knocking over the kid standing beside her, “Thank you.”

The barista nodded and smiled at the girl’s childlike antics and glanced behind her shoulder to see if her friend was coming.

Sure enough, Y/N came trudging up to the counter a couple seconds later.

Y/N reached out her hand to take the drink and slightly smiled as the brunette’s hand brushed against hers.

“Have a good day.”

The waitress smiled gently as Y/N’s soft respond came, “You too.”

They didn’t move though.

A hand wrapped around Y/N’s wrist before she was being pulled towards the door while an angry Lexa was muttering about how, ‘they should have just got a room if they were gonna stop me from drinking my coffee.’

“Lexa I forgot to ask her name.”

“I’m gonna kill you.”

too lazy to proof read bae😔

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I just want some pretty girl to ask me if I listen to girl in red

Is it too much?

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Igen féltékeny vagyok, mert félek hogy el veszitelek, mert azok a lányok akiket látok sokkal jobbak nálam. Nem akarlak elveszíteni mert te csak az enyém vagy és kész. És nem, nem azt mondom hogy te egy tárgy vagy számomra, és azt hogy ne barátkozz mással, csak nem akarok hogy elvegyék tőlem a boldogságot amiért élek…. hidd el én tényleg szeretlek mindennél jobban. Örökké szeretni foglak megígérem.

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Talked to my boyfriend about changing my name to a Male name, Erik.

He was fully supportive and said if its something I really want, I should do it.

I asked him, wouldn’t he not like telling people that hes dating someone named Erik?

He was so confused like, why wouldn’t he like that. I had to explain that people would think he’s gay.

His reply was gold, “You’re literally a man half of the time. So that must make me a little gay anyway.” 😂😂😂 My straight cis white boyfriend can be like this, why cant the rest of them.

I’m bigenderflux🏳️‍🌈

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a poem i wrote a little while ago about my gay love interest!

The clock on my wall stopped ticking the other day.

Since then, my room has felt empty and uncomfortably still without the sound of arms moving in circles for seemingly forever, stuck in an endless rhythm that has somehow come to an end.

It feels like time itself has stopped.

I have not seen the sun rise or set, because

There is a fog of smoke and desolation filling the outside air, slowly creeping through my window’s cracks and

Seconds turn into minutes turn into days and

Absolutely everything feels like absolutely nothing

I pray to the gods who I know are all dead for something.


A miracle to throw a rope down the seemingly bottomless pit I have found myself in.

And while every day has felt like the last, I now feel a new spark in my soul.

Through the crack underneath my door, warmth flowed in, filling the room with a thousand stars, and

I could feel honey dancing on my tastebuds.

In walked a beam of light.

My beam of light.

A glowing figure stood in front of me, their hair disheveled and eyes tired, but familiar.

They smiled and I felt my heart begin to beat.

The clock on my wall has started ticking once again.

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