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Najboleśniejsza bifobia spotkała mnie ze strony przyjaciół. Jeden dowiadując się zostawił mnie bez słowa i więcej się nie odezwał, a druga uraczyła mnie słowami: “Ale jak możesz? Jak możesz być biseksualna? Zdecyduj się, albo wolisz kutasy albo cipki.”

To przykre. Przecież miłość to miłość, każdy ma do niej prawo i każdy chce kochać i być kochanym. Co za różnica czy kochamy mężczyznę, czy kobietę? Żadna. Miłość jest ponad wszelkimi prawami.

Byjcie tolerancyjni, to nie boli.

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I will be inactive on this account the entire month of June. I am scared for pride fall. I am terrified. I am fearing for my life. They are threatening to Murder, R*pe us and kidnapp us aswell as releasing personal information about us. This is not safe for us. I will still be posting about Black Lives Matter but all scheduled posts. Please do not give in to the hate. But please stand down. They’ve tried this before but have never gone far with it. These are unsafe and scary times. I’m so sorry. I wanted to fight but I’m young and I know that I can’t just report a comment and I know that I will try to fight back and I just can’t let myself do that during these times. I hope you all understand. Please repost this and please spread fucking awareness!

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Hey, Luna! Why the sudden change in your blog?

4chan radicalists have planned something called Pridefall. Idk if you’ve heard of it, but in short, they’re targeting LGBT+ people on social media and possibly trying to get info, which could lead to things like murder. There’s a chance it’s either no longer a threat or fake, but I don’t wanna take any chances.

I, as an ace bi/pan/possibly lesbian, am worried that I could become a target, so for the month of June, this blog is going to be featuring Love Nikki content and some other stuff, like quarantine memes. I might sprinkle in some hidden LGBT+ stuff, but I want everyone in the LGBT+ community to be safe.

-Privatize your social media.

-Only allow DMs from accounts you follow.

-If you see an account sending hate, block and report them. Don’t give them attention. Don’t feed into them. It’s what they want.

-If you’re an ally, you’re gonna wanna be one incognito. I’m scared allies will be targeted too.

-Support one another.

-Stay safe.

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if “pridefall” is actually making you scared and making it so you have panic attacks and can’t sleep at night, the internet isn’t for you.

4chan isn’t some deep web “no laws” sort of place, it’s literally just another social media site. It’s just like reddit and even tumblr with different subcultures and niches. It just happens to also have some awful people on there just like every other site.

So why isn’t “pridefall” a big deal??

Well it’s an extremely small group of people who literally cannot do anything. Again, 4chan is just a website and isn’t some dark web Anonhmous type thing it’s all 100% public. The group is so small that when someone asked on the main page of 4chan if anyone knew what “pridefall” was they were met with answers along the lines of “no, the fuck is that”

If you are truly scared by some empty threats and jump to massive conclusions to the point of panic attacks and not being able to sleep at night you need to get off the internet.

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5.30.2020 some notes for my fellow lgbtq ppl

!!don’t scroll. read and share.

pridefall is soon going to be upon us. a group on 4chan has made it very clear that they’re attacking any and all small lgbtq accounts starting June 1st.

to my understanding: it’s going to get worse over the month. they’re going to dox (find your info from your IP address and share it to a lot of dangerous people) lgbtq creators. if they do this, it is possible that they could send rapists and kidnappers for anyone who is lgbtq.

some ways to help prevent this

  • get the app tunnel bear to block out your IP address. if you call the company and tell them you’re lgbtq, they’ll give you it for free for the month of june.
  • you can private any accounts, posts, or anything that shows you’re lgbtq. i am out to the world so i will be standing and fighting for those who can’t.

if you are not out i suggest taking both actions and looking into more

they can’t get us all. we’re stronger in numbers. we have enough of us to have people stand behind. it’s okay to hide if you don’t feel safe. those who can, stand for those who can’t.

i will not hide to comfort some little boys who are so incapable of love that they have to take it away from others. i will not hide for pridefall. whether you hide or not is up to you and you are still 100% accepted by the community and valid. do what is best for you. they haven’t won before and they never will.

just a little friendly reminder; we only have the rights we have today because of those who fought at stonewall and more.

stay safe, all my love and support,

-Cam 💜🏳️‍🌈

signal boost this. reblog, repost, i don’t care, just give credit.

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my uncle R proposed while they were in London last year and instead of saying “will you marry me?” he said “can i keep you?”

my uncle J wore the ring all day and he was crying

my uncle R showed us a picture he took of uncle J skipping around after putting on the ring and it’s so cute

i cant wait for the wedding

its supposed to be a picnic

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