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#lgbtq books
Do you know of any books that have queer characters that don’t say that on the cover?
Hi friend,
I'm assuming that this is because you're in a homophobic environment and can't safely read LGBTQ+ books. As far as I know, most books with queer characters either show it on the cover or the description on the back includes this (if anyone knows of any that don't do this, please share).
However, I was able to get around this by reading books online, and that might work for you too. My school uses a service called Sora that lets us check out ebooks from the school, so I used that to check out LGBTQ+ books and read them on my laptop without my parents knowing.
There are also tons of sites online that offer access to books for free, such as Project Gutenberg.
I hope this helps, and I also hope that someday you can read what you want without fear. Keep being you.
Much love,
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Tumblr media
The book starts with The Story of Mary MacLane, a real-life figure in writing. It’s this book that the girls of Brookhants School for Girls center their Plain Bad Heroines Society around. But when three girls die and the book is found at both death scenes, it soon becomes a feared object. Even the women who run the school, Libbie Brookhants and Alexandra Trills, partners, have different experiences with the curse. Jumping to the modern-day, the contemporary heroines, author Merritt Emmons and actors Harper Harper and Audrey Hall, are working to bring the story of Brookhants to life.
Each generation of stories tied to Brookhants finds girls exploring their sexuality and following their desires. But it’s also a place where tragedy befalls so many of the heroines who only wanted to live freely. The horror of Brookhants embodies the curse that is the patriarchy against queer women.
Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth and illustrated by Sara Lautman was reviewed at the Lesbrary
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booksandothersecrets · 3 months ago
Hi hello good afternoon I am supplying you with wlw book recs because we all deserve them. Please reblog with your own recs because I’ve only been reading sapphic books for a few months so haven’t covered loads of amazing ones, and hopefully this can become a massive rec list of wlw books :)
Also please please please check the TWs for all of these so that you can stay happy, healthy and safe 💗.
- The Priory of the Orange Tree: [“We may be small, and we may be young, but we will shake the world for our beliefs”] Look I know you’ve all heard of it. Now read it. Swords. Queer women. Queer women with swords. Dragons. Castles. Battles. Many many many pages of beautiful words. There is nothing missing from this book.
- Cinderella is Dead: [“I don't want to be saved by some knight in shining armour. I'd like to be the one in the armour, and I'd like to be the one doing the saving.”] Fuck the patriarchy. Dystpian. Gay. Fantasy. Cinderella is dead (wow). Badass main character. Fighting for rights and fighting for eachother. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
- Girls of Paper and Fire: [“Instead of disappearing, she makes me feel reappeared. Reimagined. Her touch shapes me, draws out the boldness that had been hiding in my core.”] We said learning to heal! We said finding safety in eachothers arms! We said fighting the oppressive government! We said fuck the patriarchy! We said fantasy women with swords! We said (kinda) enemies to lovers! We said please check the trigger warnings for this book!
- A Dark and Hollow Star: [“The number one law of the universe is choice, after all — bad things happen to the people who take that option away from you.”] Fantasy that actually uses the words bisexual and lesbian and gay and genderfluid!!! Urban fantasy. Four main characters: two mlm, two wlw. Swords and monsters and fae and powers and tension and fate. Read for the pretty cover, stay for the characters.
- Gideon the Ninth: [“I cannot conceive of a universe without you in it”] This book is dark and horror-y and gory and weird as fuck. This book has skeletons and necromancy and a huge weird haunted house and everyone dying under mysterious circumstances. This book has enemies to i-dont-even-know-what. You will not know what is happening in this book but you will love it. Trust me.
- We Set the Dark on Fire: [“Maybe this was trust ... Giving someone the power to ruin you, betting your life on the belief that they wouldn't.”] once again, repeat after me: fuck the patriarchy. Rebellion. Enemies to lovers. Dystopian world where every man gets two wives. Guess what happens 👀
- The Henna Wars: [“I've never really thought about having a type. I guess my type is....beautiful girl. Which is a lot of them. Most of them? Pretty much all girls”]. Girl dealing with the aftermath of coming out to her parents has a crush on a girl who is competing against her in a school competition. Main character is muslim, bangladeshi and lesbian and love interest is black, brazilian and bisexual. Just read it. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself. You deserve to smile.
- Her Royal Highness: [“PERRY I’VE FOUND AN AMERICAN!”] Look this book may be cliche and predictable and a little ridiculous at times but it made me unfathomably happy so I don’t care. Scottish boarding school+royalty+an american. Enemies to lovers but not im-gonna-stab-you enemies to lovers (which ive read my fair share of truet me), more like why-are-you-so-unbearably-irritating enemies to lovers you know?
- Written in the Stars: [“I’ll break into your apartment and move everything three inches to the left and fuck with your flow, okay?”] Good, solid contemporary new adult romance. Enemies to lovers. Grump x sunshine. Actually has a sex scene (this might not be everyones thing i just noticed wlw books often skirt around them so thought id point it out). Ugh its just so cute.
- You Should See Me In a Crown: [“When I open my mouth, everything happens so fast—the way I can feel her everywhere, the way my hands steady instead of shake where they tangle in her hair because I’ve maybe never felt so grounded before, so rooted in a moment”] What happens when a black queer girl tries for prom queen in a weird, cliquey prom-obsessed school? What happens when one of the other competitors is the unabashedly gay cute new girl? This is what happens. Guys. Guys. Guys. Read this one oh my god. I say this about every book but seriously READ THIS ONE. So so so so so good. Everything you could ever want in a queer coming of age book.
- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: [“You do not know how fast you have been running, how hard you have been working, how truly exhausted you are, until someone stands behind you and says, “It’s OK, you can fall down now. I’ll catch you.”] I know you’ve all heard this but you’re about to hear it again. Queer women in the 50s? Sign me up! Sign yourself up! Buy this book and then read this book! Freak out about this book! Cry about this book! Tell everyone you’ve ever met to read this book! Cry some more about this book! Make this book your whole personality!
- The Girls I’ve Been: [“There is no normal. There is just a bunch of people pretending there is. There's just different levels of pain. Different stages of safe. The biggest con of all is that there's a normal.”] Thriller. Guns. Menstrual cups. Con artists. That awkward moment when you’re stuck in a bank robbery with two murderous men, a child, your ex boyfriend and your current girlfriend. Not romance but has romantic themes (established relationship). Coming to terms with childhood trauma and abuse. This book is short but deceptively heavy with the themes it deals with so, again, please check the TWs.
Ones on my TBR:
- Last Night at the Telegraph Club
- The Miseducation of Cameron Post
- A Memory Called Empire
- This Is How You Lose the Time War
- Girl, Serpent, Thorn
- This Poison Heart
- One Last Stop
- She Who Became The Sun (omg i want to read this so so so badly)
- The Weight of the Stars
- These Feathered Flames
- Honey Girl
- The Chosen and the Beautiful
- She Drives Me Crazy
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bambazzle · 9 months ago
LGBT+ Fantasy/Fiction Books and TWs
1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell-
(Fantasy, Witches, Vampires, kind of Harry Potter-y, Romance, TW for mention of suicidal ideation/self-destructiveness, abandonment, foster care, neglect, murder/violence, gun violence and relationship issues in the second book. It has some heavy topics but is written in a pretty light tone.)
2. Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston-
(enemies to lovers, about the son of the President and the Prince of England getting into a fight, they have to fake a friendship to fix their PR situation, TW for being publicly outed and semi-graphic sex scenes, also often politically charged discussions)
3. Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller-
(Ancient Greece, demigods, exile, TW for war/violence and tragedy, homophobia, bad parenting)
4. The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic-
(It’s about the mafia/college sports and happens to have a compelling queer storyline in the process. Demisexual main character and other gay characters. (slow burn, it’s a trilogy and the romance doesn’t happen in the first book) TW for a lot of things, it’s about kids from broken homes and the mafia so there is abuse, self harm, murder, police intervention, organized crime, drug use, assault, rehab, all kinds of weapons, manipulation, slurs, etc. The second book has mentions of r*pe (not extremely graphic but it is mentioned a handful of times and there is one semi graphic scene), and torture. It is a great series but it has heavy content and is not light reading if you go in unprepared.)
5. The House on the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune -
(MLM, fantasy, found family, heartwarming romance, magical creatures)
6. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman-
(MLM, graphic novel, slow burn, coming out TW for anorexia, self harm, suicidal ideation, homophobia)
7. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater-
(Fantasy, about a secret private school, slow burn)
8. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera-
(Bisexual Latino characters, whole story takes place in 24 hours because at about midnight- aka the start of the book- they get a phone call saying they’re gonna die, TW for death, family in hospital, violence, police intervention, and foster care)
9. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo-
(queer characters (but no romance in the first book, TW for graphic depictions of violence, ableism, mention of abuse, mention of sexual slavery and assault, imprisonment)
10. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee (Historical Fiction Romance, Travel/Journey, Best Friends to lovers, MLM characters. TW for abuse, homophobia, racism, suicidal ideation, alcoholism, depiction of epileptic seizures, gun violence, and discussion of insane asylums)
11. In Deeper Waters by FT Lukens-
(Royalty, kidnapping, MLM characters not being released until April but it looks great)
12. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz-
(coming of age story, MLM, TW for violence/injury, surgery, transmisogyny, homophobic violence)
14. We Contain Multitudes by Sarah Henstra-
(coming of age, friendship and romance)
15. Love and Other Curses by Michael Thomas Ford-
(magical realism, a curse about falling in love)
16. More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera-
(MLM main character, YA, “it's about a boy who is considering a memory-alteration procedure to forget he's gay because leading a life as a straight teen would probably be way easier for him. It's about science versus nature, friendship, sexuality, and a quest for happiness.” About the happy ending and how even bad moments lead to good. Hopeful but despairing. TW for medical procedure to erase sexuality, internalized homophobia, homophobia from others, depression)
17. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver-
(Nonbinary main character, nonbinary muslim side character, romance/love and building a family out of people you care about. About finding your voice. TW for coming out and misgendering, family rejection/struggle)
18. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour-
(WLW, moving out and coming of age, self-discovery and childhood romance, TW for loss, depression, loneliness)
19. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness-
(Contemporary, about the normal people’s lives while living among Chosen Ones. Family/coming of age/acceptance story. TW for monsters, apocalypse, violence/explosions, anorexia, anxiety attacks, unrequited romance)
20. Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz-
(Dystopian story about a teenager struggling with their gender identity, TW for abandonment, oppressive government, outlawed homosexuality)
21. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas-
(trans main character, hispanic characters, paranormal YA mystery with MLM characters)
22. Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat-
(Bisexual main character, TW for kidnapping/stockholm syndrome, abuse, sex scenes)
23. Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey-
(fantasy, MLM, supernatural)
24. Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda by Becki Albertalli-
(romance, MLM, coming of age, TW for a closeted boy being blackmailed)
25. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel-
(WLW, graphic novel, coming of age, TW for csa, pedophilia, teacher/student relationships, none explicit if my memory serves correct)
26. George by Alex Gino-
(Trans girl, slice of life, coming out story, TW for deadnaming, homophobia, transphobia)
27. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield-
(WLW, supernatural, fantasy)
28. Witchmark by C.L. Polk-
(MLM, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, mystery, Alternate universe post WW1, TW for murder/war, depression/angst)
29. The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling-
(WLW, Sci-Fi Horror, dystopian future, fictional planet, TW for psychological/emotional horror, toxic relationship, death)
30. The Culling by Steven Dos Santos-
(MLM, Dystopian Fantasy under a totalitarian, extremely cruel government. People must undergo ‘the trials’ in order to work for a government task force- if you fail at any of the trials you are forced to participate in the Culling, where the member has to choose a family member of theirs to die. TW for death, extortion, brutal violence, murder, totalitarian government)
31. Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley-
(MLM, about a court case regarding the main character and his best friend- deals with breaking points in friendships and how people and perception change. TW for biphobia, gay bashing, legal trial, abuse, knives, violence)
32. Ziggy, Stardust, and Me by James Brandon-
(MLM, Gay main character, historical fiction (Vietnam war), about a character dealing with his alcoholic father and family issues who creates a fictional world to cope where he can be out and openly himself. Coming of age. TW for bullying, alcoholism, institutionalized homophobia, familial homophobia, conversion therapy, war mentions)
(this list is a WIP and anyone can add to it! If I need to add TWs or further explanations let me know!)
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sendme-2hell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My top WLW SFF recommendations (at the current moment)
I didn’t mean to make the color scheme scream ‘pussy hat’ but we all make mistakes
Edit: I’m sorry I called Priory YA lol. I just see it recommended with ya a lot and when I made the list I just wasn’t sure what it qualified as YA, but if I actually think about it for a sec I realize it’s not.
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ninazenikfanatic · 2 months ago
chaotic academia is [writes on hand] [ink on ankles] [ink on elbows] [ink on neck] [urge to buy white flowy dresses] [writing unfinished poems] [making a big deal of birthdays] [writing prose and poetry for friends] [forgetting mundane schoolwork] [researching something niche] [reading old queer love letters] [editing a friend's book] [wishing for love] [shouting into the void silently] [reading incessantly]
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wisp-of-thought · 3 months ago
I don't think smut scenes are supposed to make you cry but clearly Rainbow Rowell didn't get the memo because "If I want him warm, I have to do it myself" and "I can see him, even when I cant, even with my eyes closed- I know him too well" and "Is this was people do? Get as close as they can and then push closer? Burn each other into every gap? And then what? Then just tomorrow and more?" and "Just kiss me for the sake of kissing me" and "I want my sheets to smell like you" and "Be gentle with me...even though you don't have to" and "Don't say please. Why not? Because you don't have to. I'll give you whatever you want" and "I couldn't break him if I tried. I won't try" and "Is this what he wants? Is this what I'm allowed to take?" and "I was never magic" and "Is this magic? Is this enough?" And now I'm sobbing.
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jeniferprince · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I read "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo", by @tjenkinsreid, a few months ago and I fell in love with it. The book tells the life story of this golden age era hollywood legend called Evelyn Hugo and everything she went through to get where she wanted. In the middle of this there's also one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read. While I was reading I felt an urge to illustrate a poster inspired by vintage movie posters (how surprising) and that's what I came up with! Maybe I get back to it in the future to make it a little better. If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it. It's really amazing. 
check more of my work on instagram // buy prints here
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Banning LGBTQ+ books from schools is a real problem because, for many kids, reading those books is the one of the only ways to understand themselves and others.
I grew up in a very, very homophobic + transphobic household, but having access to books with queer characters helped me to begin to understand my feelings and accept that this was normal.
Additionally, I have non-LGBTQ+ friends who grew up in intolerant households who became allies because of these books.
Books are powerful because they can help people to see other perspectives and learn about things they wouldn't otherwise know. Having books with queer characters will help queer kids to accept themselves, and it will reduce bullying and hatred because it will teach others that being LGBTQ+ is okay (and that bigotry is not).
Having LGBTQ+ books in schools and public libraries isn't going to hurt kids. Banning them will.
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biandlesbianliterature · 21 days ago
This is supposed to prevent “discomfort,” but what about the discomfort of kids who experience racism, or who never see themselves represented in the curriculum or the books on the shelves? What about the discomfort of queer kids who see that even mentioning people like them is categorized as inappropriate or obscene or even “pornography”?
Tumblr media
[image description: A pie chart labelled "Presumed Reason for Book Challenge." 62.4% is LGBTQ, 15.2% is Misc, 14.1% is Sex Education, and 8.3% is Race and Racism.]
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kskfkakkdnsna · 3 days ago
Only homies recognise you by touch alone, by smell; only homies would know you blind, by the way your breath comes and your feet strike the earth. Only homies know you in death, at the end of the world.
Only homies.
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winterxwrites · 5 months ago
no because I don't think y'all understand how much i love McQuiston's world, I want to live in that world. I want to move in with a bunch of weirdos and I want them to be the most welcoming people I'll ever see. I want to expose all my gayness to the whole fucking world and still be accepted. I want to find love at a stupid subway line or another country where i drop on a cake with the said love. I want to have a chosen family who I know will stand by my side no matter what. I want my real family to stand by my side, even if it takes them time. I want to live in Casey's world where i can be whoever i want and love unapologetically.
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sapphicswiftie · a month ago
Tumblr media
so i made an entire playlist in order of their story, when they first met, to the years apart, to the angst, and to … THAT ending.
Tumblr media
Intro to/their first meeting/to the falling in love
Dear true love— I'm a writer without any words, i'm a story that nobody heard when I'm without you.
The Story — these stories don't mean anything when you've got no one to tell them to, it's true I was made for you
Tumblr media
the angst/years apart
Think About You—I tried but it hurt to lie, don't you remember? cause I remember
Under the Night— Cause when I'm alone we're still looking at the same moon, under the night, are we two people never getting together? I will follow your roads.
Baby Can I Hold You— Years gone by and still words don't come easily, like sorry, like sorry
Tumblr media
OUR heartache
Esperame en el cielo— espérame en el cielo/wait for me in the sky, si es que tu te vas primero/if it’s you that goes first, espérame que pronto yo me iré alli donde tu estas/wait for me because soon i will go where you are.
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toka-sketch · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I finished rereading Cemetery Boys soooo... I still love it! I love the characters, the story, the atmosphere...I LOVE IT! 😆😆😆
It won't be the last time that I will enjoying it ☺❤
Have fun with my Yadriel fanart. I quite enjoy drawing him xD
Maybe I draw Maritza next 🤔
Characters belong to the amazing @aidenschmaiden
Tap for better quality.
#cemeteryboys #aidenthomas #yadriel #lgbtqbooks #fanart #art #artistoninstagram #digitaldrawing #tokasketch #artwork #sketch
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autumngracy · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s-1950s
by Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell
"These photos have taught us something we instinctively understood, but hadn’t yet formed into a thought: the human heart has never conformed to the strictures of society as it stumbles awkwardly through something it doesn’t immediately understand. The heart will always find its way to the light, and in this case, into daylight. Until this collection, we thought that the notion of us as a loving couple was “new.” What we have learned from our collection is that we’re not new. We, and other couples like us, both male and female, are a continuation of a long line of loving couples who have probably existed since the beginning of time."
-Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell
Tumblr media
"If I embrace you, do not be afraid. If I embrace you, then accept me as I am; take me with you and transform yesterday into today; do not allow tomorrow’s doubt to interfere between us. “Loving” is a gift for those who are not capable of suffocating their emotions or are afraid of being overwhelmed. It is the force of he who fears neither derision, nor criticism, as he has grasped the certitude of his own being as something Human and True. An embrace is a human who talks of sentiment and negates not the present."
"Hope is kindled from an embrace, and as much as it is humanly possible to speak of certainty, no one can know their own beauty or perceive a sense of their own worth until it has been reflected back through the mirror of another loving, caring human being."
-Excerpt by Paolo Maria Noseda
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