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#lgbtq community
homo-sex-shoe-whale · 2 days ago
My favourite internet niche has to be the Brazilian internet genre of GAY PEOPLE PLAYING DODGEBALL.
Warning: screaming. Lots of it.
Thanks to twitter user @ecbahya for putting these in a thread.
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kryptidkae · 7 months ago
every day i think about how i accidentally outed myself in high school by showing my friends a sweet text from my “boyfriend” that read something along the lines of “good morning, i love you, i know you’re going to the beach with your friends today so be sure to wear sunscreen” and they thought that was too nice of a thing for a man to ever say to a romantic partner so they figured out that my “boyfriend” was a woman. the bar is in the earth’s core
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teafulbisexual · 9 months ago
what's your gay score??
cannot sit correctly +10
emotionally unstable +10
dyed hair +5
boots +5
deeply invested in politics due to your very rights being constantly questioned +10
iffy relationship with father +15
has a Tumblr +5
addicted to either iced coffee or energy drinks +10
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 8 months ago
People who are gay yet feel homophobic:
Ellen Degeneres
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 7 months ago
I don't understand why movies keep writing in a singular token gay character like... sweetie, gays travel in PACKS. If there's one gay there's at least 2 more. Get it right
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 4 months ago
If you're gay you had at least one of these phases growing up:
Greek mythology
Ancient Egypt
Outer space
Emo music
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 3 months ago
Yeah, yeah, I know being gay isn't everything there is to gay people, but how satisfying is it to see a gay person being so unabashedly gay? I love seeing gay people being free, flamboyant, VIBRANT! It makes me so happy to see lesbians unashamedly going full lumberjack, gay men donning glitter and highlighter like they're shining to the gods. I love seeing gay people being really fucking GAY because that's what they are!
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thistled-fairy · 3 months ago
sentences that have so much power:
‘she’s my boyfriend’
‘he’s my girlfriend’
‘they’re my girlfriend/boyfriend’
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