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I hate the fact that I can’t come out to my parents because they’ll think somethings wrong with me but the main thing that bothers me, is that I wish I could tell them I want to change my name and I just know I’ll get a lot of backlash and guilt thrown my way

I just wanna be called Alec …

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Ok tumblr, I need opinions, for research reasons

My younger sister has bets that me and all our siblings (there are 5 of us total) are LGBT+. We were trying on some clothes in our rooms, I put on one of my turtlenecks (and I have like,, 10 comfy turtleneck sweaters) and when she saw me, she said “you cannot tell me ur not gay, like, that sweater? You’re gay.”

I said no, of course, because I’m not lesbian. So LGBT side of tumblr, please share ur opinions:

Is a woman wearing a turtleneck inherently gay?

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Straight chicks pick out Gay Dude Friends like they’re going to a fuckin grocery store😂

“Y'know I like this one he like… he talks abt bein like… a bottom and shit!”

“I like this guy, he talks like a Brit and uses fuckin 1940s words!”

“Hey GUYS check out this GAY! They don’t sexualize us cause they GAY!!”

Like wtf??


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4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟! This was cute and cheesy! So much of what I wanted from a Christmas Romcom!

I do have some critiques though, (1) I wish Brandon and Jake got more screen time, they were in the background a lot and they had shorter scenes than the rest of the characters. (2) I wish there were more BIPOC characters, Andi is Hispanic but is the only non-white main character so if we can do better with BIPOC MCs that’d be great!

I do recommend this movie, it was really sweet and cheesy and I hope we get more like this! 🏳️‍🌈

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hey everyone. I didn’t wanna come on here again to talk about this but at this point I’m desperate.

My name is Bella, I’m 23, queer, and a Black digital content creator and artist. I am an activist for Black Lives Matter and ALL BIPOC especially in the LGBTQ+ community. I am in need of your help. Recently, I’ve found out that all my online content I’ve been creating on Twitter for the Black community especially the Black LGBTQ+ community have been utter failures because according to my analytics, my demographic is White people. This genuinely breaks my heart because for so long I’ve been making so much content catered to the Black community only for it to not actually reach them. As much as I am grateful for the White allies who share, unfortunately it’s only going to more White people. I don’t know what else to do. There is an event tomorrow on Twitter; it’s a selfie tag for Black people to post pictures of their hair and celebrate Black culture. It’s called Hair Love Selfie Day. Please, I am desperately trying to reach the Black community. I don’t know where else to go. I’ve tried everything I can on Twitter. Please, If you are Black and have Twitter, please join tomorrow. Spread this poster around that I made. Help a Black creator out, idk what has given White people the impression that my Black ass content is made for them 😭



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To be honest, I actually live in one of these situations. My grandmother is blatantly homophobic, and I, a lesbian, am terrified of coming out to her. However, I’m not a professional, and I hope my other followers can provide advice, because I’m really bad at dealing with these situations. If you guys can help this person, it would be much appreciated. Because i don’t know how due to the fact their situation sounds a bit different from mine.

I really hope you get the help you need. I’m sorry I can’t provide it. I’m just not knowledgeable enough and don’t want to accidentally suggest something potentially dangerous.

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