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Be the light you want to see in the world
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Plush Pride Frogs // Fluffy Paw Studio on Etsy
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Lesbian Webtoon 'Kiss it Goodbye' Crowdfunds Print Release
Italian artist Ticcy announced yesterday that her Yuri webcomic Kiss it Goodbyeis crowdfunding a print release. If funded, the book, entitled Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition! will be printed and distributed worldwide by Hiveworks in February 2023.
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Posted initially on Webtoon, Tapas, and Tumblr from 2020 to 2021, Kiss it Goodbye is a 13+ Yuri slice of life and drama webcomic about the little joys and life and gently falling in love. It follows childhood friends Aruka and Yukimi, now adults in a long-term relationship, recounting the story of how they went from friends to lovers. Throughout the story, the two girls face everyday challenges as they come to terms with their sexuality and feelings for each other.
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The release is crowdfunding through preorders on Hivework's online storefront, Hivemill, until July 30. To be printed, the book needs to reach a $15,000 goal. At the time of writing, it is 72% funded, with 391 supporters raising $10,765. The graphic novel is available as an ebook, an ebook and softcover combo, and an ebook, softcover, and stationery set combo that includes prints and stickers.
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Kiss it Goodbye has been positively received by audiences and critics. It has a 9.69 rating on Webtoon with nearly 20 million views and was nominated as Best Slice of Life in the 2021 Webtoon Canvas Awards. The series was ranked fifth in YuriMother's Best Yuri of 2021 list.
You can pre-order Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition! on Hivemill and read the complete web comic on Webtoon, Tapas, and Tumblr.
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The older Mewtwo duo with their SO’s
Peach and her partner Phoenix
Indigo and his partner Hades
And heres an Ash eating Ice Cream and taking pictures for his sibs to make fun of them later
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old fashion cupcake | s01e04
EP 1 2 3 4 5
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-I נυsт ωαηт тσ gεт тσ кησω үσυ вεттεя. Jαкε Wεαяү & Pιεяsση Fσ∂é Aηιмαℓ Kιηg∂σм · S6·EP4 · 'Iηsι∂ε Mαη' (2022)
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i love you testosterone. i love you estrogen. i love you hrt. i love you vaginoplasty. i love you phalloplasty. i love you bottom surgery. i love you top surgery. i love you binders and packers. i love you facial feminization/masculization surgeries. i love you vocal therapy and voice training. i love all things, both medical and non, that help trans people feel more comfortable in their bodies
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Couldn’t let Pride pass without drawing my beloveds again, esp not w/ Dominaria United on the horizon!!!
I’m officially making their ship name Tiara, sorry I do make the rules 👑🌈💖
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Rancorie: A gender that's spite itself. Not simply feeling like spite, or a gender that is spiteful, but a gender that, in itself, is spite.
This was made with people who have issues with anger, grudges, or similar emotions due to neurodivergency or disability in mind, but it isn't exclusive to that. Can be used by anyone.
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i am a firm believer that eddie munson is a gay man. however, you may do what you want with the following information. (tag me if u do pls)
if chrissy didnt get possessed i have a feeling eddie would invite her to some concerts and stuff and chrissy would later JOIN the band because she took piano lessons as a little girl and shes pretty good on the keyboard.
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Latest read: Nevada, released in the UK for the first time this month (finally). This novel is so funny, outrageous, honest and surprising in its narrative structure and its fluid, ever-changing, contradictory perspectives and voices. It’s a quick read but the impression of it lasts, and although the reader inhabits multiple characters, Binnie’s writing voice comes through strongly throughout, making it a (seemingly) very close and personal experience for a fictional work. Naturally it’s a cult classic and often described as having launched the trans writing scene. It's so good and I’m glad it has been re-released so it can have an even wider audience 🤎
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two of hearts
- will byers x male!reader
part 2 to head over heels !
Tumblr media
header creds; @/honeyhazel24
summary; after a certain roller skating incident, the gang went home as soon as possible… when they finished watching the popular blonde girl writhe in pain. but hey, at least will gets to have a cute boy stay the night!
warnings; homophobia, implied abuse, q slur
style; 3rd person, fluff, angst, flirty!jock!reader, nervous!will
(a/n); it is FINISHED ! i hope you enjoy my 18 paragraph long essay
also this gets a little bit self indulgent
Tumblr media
The two of them leaned on the booth tables, watching helplessly as the most popular girl at your school cry her eyes out. (Y/N) glanced at Will, examining his expression. He looked back with a sigh, then leaned into Will’s ear, “Hey, to be fair, she probably deserves it. She’s a total bitch to everybody,” (Y/N) whispered. Will cracked a smile before covering his mouth with his hand so nobody suspected anything. Unfortunately, it didn’t make him stop worrying about El. He kept glancing at her and frowning. (Y/N) looked around for anybody staring at them before placing his hand on Will’s,
“Hey, with you as her brother figure, whatever… I’m sure she’ll be alright. It gets better,” He assured. Will looked back at (Y/N) and sighed in defeat, leaning on his shoulder. Faint murmurs of the crowd were heard behind them, but (Y/N) really didn’t care less. Will seemed a little tense, although, so (Y/N) looked over his shoulder and shot a glare at the people who were very obviously talking about them. They immediately averted their eyes, beginning to fidget. (Y/N) rolled his eyes and looked back at Will, who was now relaxed by the absence of voices.
“Do you need me to come over after this?” (Y/N) muttered. Will glanced at him and began to ponder for a while. He did want him to come over, but he didn’t know when was the appropriate time. “You know, you can always come over to my house instead,” (Y/N) offered, gently nudging Will. He sighed, “I’m too busy. Could you… Come over after dinner? I’m sure my mon wouldn’t mind,” He whispered. (Y/N) smiled with a nod, “Yeah, of course. Just give me a call,” (Y/N) said, squeezing Will’s hand. Will’s heart fluttered and he avoided eye contact as he pathetically failed at trying not to smile, his face burning up.
“So, uhm… My house? Tonight at 8:00? We have dinner pretty early,” He said. (Y/N) nodded, grinning. He suddenly let go of Will’s hand, which made him feel a bit sad just with the absence of (Y/N)’s hand in his. He rolled his shoulders, slipping his backpack off and beginning to search for god knows what. Will furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. When (Y/N) was done rummaging through his backpack and pulled out a notepad and pen. “Here, write down your address,” (Y/N) muttered. Will mouthed, “Oh!” and took the notepad, quickly jotting down his address. Whenever he finished, he waited a bit and then wrote a heart next to it. He handed (Y/N) back his notepad and he skimmed over it.
He chuckled a bit seeing the little heart placed by the zip code. He leaned into Will’s ear, just to make sure it was as quite as possible, before whispering, “You’re so cute,” Will’s eyes lit up. His cheeks began immediately flushing up. He covered his mouth and looked elsewhere. (Y/N) scoffed, shaking his head with a hidden smile. Mike heard almost everything and was gripping at the booth’s table. When he heard a car pull up, he nudged Will’s shoulder, “C’mon. Jonathan’s here,” He said bluntly. Will’s eyebrows furrowed worriedly. Did he really make him jealous? It made him smile a bit, but then he shook his head, mentally cursing himself. When Mike vaguely motioned out the door to let Eleven know they were going, Will walked out and (Y/N) followed behind them.
“I’ll see you tonight,” (Y/N) said, placing his hand on Will’s shoulder. He felt butterflies squirm around in his chest again, smiling wobbly, “Alright… I’ll call you,” Will replied, fidgeting with his hands. The two gazed into each other’s eyes for a bit before Mike got sick of it, “Will! Get in!” He hissed. Will jolted a bit, a bit surprised. He never saw this side of Mike before, “Okay, okay…” He murmured, waltzing into the car and situating himself into the seat. Mike rolled his eyes, following him into the car and shutting the door behind himself with Eleven in. He looked outside the car window to see (Y/N) subtly waving goodbye. Will’s expression softened, waving back and having to tear his eyes off him when they started to drive away.
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After a painfully long drive home, and an even more painfully long dinner… He was laying on his bed as he stared up at the ceiling, ocasionally glancing at his digital alarm clock desperately. It seems like each minute grew longer and longer. He did try paying attention to something else to pass the time, but he just couldn’t seem to get his eyes off the time. He almost considered calling early, but didn’t wanna be seen as annoying. Even though the time he was going to call was coming close, it tortured him that he couldn’t call even sooner, “7:30… So close…” He mumbled, having his eyes glued on the displayed ‘07:25 p.m.’ He looked back at the ceiling with a sigh. He practically rummaged through his memories, trying to think of something positive to focus on to pass the time.
Tap, tap.
Tap, tap, tap, tap, ta—
Will shot up from his bed with a groan. Who could be messing with him at such a late hour? He made his way over to the window, lazily unlocking it and lifting it open, the breeze letting the curtains dance. He peeked out his window and looked down to see… (Y/N). He was about to throw another rock and looked up, but as soon as he saw Will, he grinned and waved. Will’s eyes widened, “What are you doing here so early?” He whisper-shouted, probably loud enough to hear from down below. (Y/N) smiled and tilted his head playfully.
“It’s not a problem, is it?” He asked innocently. Will sighed in defeat, “It’s not… But I would’ve appreciated it if you gave me a call first,” He responded, leaning on his windowsill and looking down to gaze at (Y/N) while he could. “Your mom knows I’m coming over; right?” (Y/N) asked. Will nodded in response with a smile, “Yeah, of course. She’s cool with it. You’re staying over for the night, right?” He asked hopefully. If he had an arm on his back, he’d be crossing his fingers right now. (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically, “Your mom knows I’m coming over; right?” (Y/N) asked. Will nodded in response with a smile, “Yeah, of course. She’s cool with it. You’re staying over for the night, right?” He asked hopefully. If he had an arm on his back, he’d be crossing his fingers right now. (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically.
“Yep! Got my bag and everything,” He exclaimed. Will chuckled and reminded him where the door is, motioning towards it as if (Y/N) didn’t know already. He scoffed and approached the door, giving it a knock. Will backed up from his window and pushed it back down, locking it and pulling the curtains closed. “One second!” A woman yelled back. (Y/N) respectfully backed up from the door and fixed his hair, trying to look presentable. More soon than predicted, the door opened with… someone completely different in sight. He looked you up and down, fishing through the pockets of his robe and putting his glasses on. “Who the hell are you?” The man squinted. He looked a little crazy, you were gonna be honest. So this was Will’s dad…? You only heard of a mom. You cleared your throat.
“I’m, uh—“
“Murray!” The same woman shouted, quickly hurrying over and nudging his shoulder, “I told you I’d answer the door!” She muttered. “Well, I’m sorry for helping!” He threw his hands in the air. The woman scoffed, waving her hand dismissively and trying to focus back on (Y/N). “I’m so sorry. That’s an old friend. You must be (Y/N)! I’m Will’s mom, Joyce,” She said softly. (Y/N) smiled at Joyce, meanwhile thoughts swarm around in his mind, “I’m pleasured to meet you, Ms. Byers! It’s alright if I spend the night with Will, right?” He asked. He glanced over Joyce’s shoulder for a second to see Will hurrying downstairs with a grin. “Of course! It was a surprise, but I’m glad to know Will has met a new friend. I’m so proud of him,” She stated with a bright smile. Will immediately blushed, covering his face,
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(Y/N) let his backpack slide off his shoulders as his eyes wandered around Will’s room in awe. “It’s— It’s not much…” He confessed, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. (Y/N) begged to differ, looking like he’s never seen something like it before, “It may be because I’m biased.. But, like, I always like looking at people’s rooms for the first time,” He began, “Rooms have a feeling, you know? It tells you about the person living in it. Not how fancy or modern it is, but what things they like. What they’re interested in,” He rambled. Will chuckled, sitting down on a chair, “I didn’t know you liked rooms so much.”
“I don’t…! It’s just… I like being in a house that isn’t mine. I know that sounds kind of weird, but like…” He swallowed, “It’s good to have that fresh air, you know? Like… Something safer,” He exhaled. Will furrowed his eyebrows in worry. He walked over to his bed in which (Y/N) was sitting on and accompanied him. His hand lingered over (Y/N)’s, slowly intertwining their fingers together. (Y/N) pursed his lips while he smiled, face burning up. “I didn’t know you felt that way… I’m sorry,” He muttered, leaning his head on (Y/N)’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault, Will. It’s my life. And it just so happens to be messed up,” He choked up on the last bit, tears swelling up in the corners of his eyes.
Will straightened up his posture to reach towards (Y/N) and wipe a tear off his cheeks. (Y/N) sniffled, looking back at Will to reveal his glossy eyes. Will frowned, cupping his cheek in his hand. (Y/N) leaned into the touch with a sigh. Will felt happy right now, at this moment. Not because of the intimacy they were sharing, but because (Y/N) opened up to him. Showing him a soft spot he has, which he already doesn’t show often due to being called a queer 24/7. He has to act tough. Just for his reputation. Will didn’t want that. He wanted him. He wanted the real him. “I don’t deserve you,” (Y/N) uttered, rubbing his thumb over the top of Will’s palm. Will immediately shook his head, gazing into his eyes once more, “No. No, that’s not true. You do deserve me. You deserve even more than me. We’ve opened up to each other in one night. We’ve fell in love in one night. We’re melting like putty, (Y/N),” He laughed, choking up himself,
“I love you, (Y/N). I love you,” He repeated, desperately hoping his words would just cram his way into (Y/N)’s heart so he could finally realize how much he meant to him. (Y/N) finally broke, covering his mouth and sobbing quietly. Every past relationship he has had, he has either been used or told the same thing like always and got his heart broken. This was different. Will’s words… Not only were they different, but they felt different, “Jesus… I love you too, Byers. I love you too,” He whispered. (Y/N) grazed his hands into Will’s hair, gently massaging at the nape of his neck. Will smiled tearfully, long-fully gazing at him. He tilted his head down and nuzzled his forehead with (Y/N)’s, “May I kiss you?” He whispered softly. (Y/N) chuckled,
“You don’t even need to ask, Will,” He muttered. With that, Will immediately turned his head and everything seemed to float away when their soft lips connected. It felt like all the butterflies in Will’s stomach had floated away, out his window. They paused for breaths at times, then moving their lips together once more. Their hands lingered across their bodies, finding them at each other’s hips, backs, necks, anywhere they could feel each other’s touch.
They finally broke loose and (Y/N) burst into laughter. Will tensed up. “Wh— Why are you laughing?” He asked, face burning up with embarrassment. (Y/N) waved his hand dismissively, “No, no! Not at you! This is the happiest I’ve ever felt, but I thought of something funny and then I couldn’t—“ (Y/N) laughed louder and held his sides. Will immediately dove in closer and put his hand over (Y/N)’s mouth. He couldn’t help but giggle himself, “Stop!— My mom’s gonna come in!” He laughed, burying his head into (Y/N)’s neck to at least block out some of the noise he was making.
Their laughter finally died down. And for the rest of the night, it was just comic books and cuddles. (Y/N) would probably leave early in the morning just because he didn’t wanna intrude on family fun. Will insisted they weren’t doing anything, but he just kept spitting out excuses on why he shouldn’t stay. In the end, when nobody was looking, Will gave (Y/N) a gentle kiss on the cheek goodbye as he head out the door. He sighed happily as he watched him get on his bike and cycle away.
“I know what you are, Byers.”
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(a/n); are you happy. HUH. ARE YOU HAPPY. YOURE SICK !!!!!!
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derαɴ & ryαɴ ιɴ 'rιѕe' (𝟷𝟿.𝟶𝟼.𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟸) vια αɴιмαl ĸιɴɢdoм · S6·Ξ02
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Damn, the Milkvans are really as bitter and oblivious as Mike Wheeler, aren't they? Honestly, Bylers clearly care a hell of a lot more about El than y'all do. You want El to remain in a fucking toxic relationship where she feels the need to lie and can't be herself? Really? You saw season three—this girl was miserable with Mike and really came out of her shell when Max showed her she could be more than just Mike's girlfriend. You guys are also just totally okay with queerbaiting, even though it's extremely harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. Toxic M*levens and Byler antis would rather see an unhealthy straight relationship than a healthy gay one. So many words to say you're just homophobic (to be clear, I'm not saying anyone who doesn't ship Byler is homophobic—I'm saying anyone who ships M*leven because they hate Byler are homophobic). Sit down, shut up, and know your place, m'kay? M'kay. Blessings and peace. <3
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