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Being bisexual and having that be a purple theme, considering demisexuality and that ALSO has a purple theme, and then for the kicker considering genderfluid and having THAT being a purple theme….

Maybe the color purple is just queer culture

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I remember when I was younger I wanted to marry Karaba (the witch from Kirikou) but because she was a woman I thought it wasn’t right and tried to imagine her as a man when making scenarios in my head

Now every time I doubt my sexuality I will remind this to myself lol

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wishing a good day to people who don’t like spending time with their family during the holidays, young leftists getting in political fights with their parents, depressed kids who hate the holidays, gays who don’t have an accepting family, people not from the us, and indigenous peoples who are feeling especially screwed over

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Hey! I’m doing sorta okay.. Tomorrow I have a graded speech and discussion, and I despise public speaking and I’m so so bad at it. I’m gonna get such a crap grade for such an important subject and I’m just not ready for that. Otherwise, I’m just so behind on everything, both in school and outside. Apart from that, I’m c o n s t a n t l y overthinking my gender identity and it’s so overwhelming. So that’s all great.

I appreciate you asking :))

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