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So. June 1st is tomorrow, and hopefully pridefall is just a big oops and doesn’t happen

But honestly, I’m mad. I’m tired. There’s shit going down and there’s nothing I can do.

We need to group up. We need to stand together. Make group chats, join discords, make your safe spaces. Once we know what’s going on we can make plans from there.

I will not be hiding, I will be using myself as bait if pridefall does happen. I will be taking blog names of who to report along with descriptions of why.

I can take this and I do not expect others to do the same. I do not want people putting their mental health in harm’s way. Please be careful.

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If you are bi/pan/omni or anything on the multisexual spectrum; you don’t need to prove your sexuality by dating as many people as you can or dating as many people of different genders as you can. You don’t need to have some historical proof of past lovers to prove your sexuality to people or to be able to identify as m-spec, really all you have to do is say ‘im bi/pan/poly/omni,’ and then you are and if someone doesn’t believe you then that is their problem not yours.

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tv shows with queer characters letter P

Person of Interest: A billionaire software engineer and an ex-CIA agent team up to prevent crimes before they happen by using an Artificial Intelligence known as “The Machine”. At the same time they must survive being hunted by the Government and protect The Machine at all costs.

features one queer character in an action thriller Sameen Shaw who is bisexual

Where to watch: Netflix

CW: violence, death, blood, mental illness and guns

Please like me: After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh must help his mother with her battle with depression and the rest of his family embrace his new found orientation.

Features multiple queer characters in a romantic comedy Josh who is gay, Arnold who is gay implied, Geoffrey who is gay implied, Hannah who is lesbian implied

Where to watch: Hulu

CW: sexual assault, suicide, pornographic content, death, abortion, pregnancy, mental illness, cuss words, racism, alcohol/alcoholism, drugs/drug addiction, homophobia

Pose: Set in the 1980s, ‘Pose’ is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, and the downtown social and literary scene. Blanca forms a ‘house’, a self-selected family that provides support to LGBTQ youth who have been rejected by their birth families. Damon is a dancer who joins Blanca’s house. Together, they compete in the balls – where house members challenge each other in various categories and are judged on their outfits, attitude, or dance skills – against Blanca’s former house mother, Elektra. Pray Tell is Godfather to the children who compete in the balls. Angel is a streetwalker who develops feelings for a new client.

Features multiple queer characters in a dramatic historical fiction Angel Evangelista who is a trans woman, Aphrodite Ferocity who is a trans woman, Blanca Evangelista who is a trans woman, Candy Ferocity who is a trans woman, Chris who is gay implied,  Cubby Wintour who is queer implied, Damon Evangelista who is gay, Elektra Wintour who is a trans woman, Euphoria who is a trans woman, Florida Ferocity who is a trans woman, Gina Mugler who is a trans woman, Jack Mizrahi who is queer implied, Jazmine Wintour who is a trans woman, Judy Kubrak who is lesbian implied, Keenan Howard who is gay implied, Kiki Pendavis who is a trans woman, Lemar Wintour who is queer implied, Lil Papi who is bi/pan implied, Lulu Ferocity who is a trans woman, Manhattan who is queer implied, Miss Orlando who is a trans woman, Pray Tell who is gay, Ricky Wintour who is gay, Shadow Wintour who is queer implied, Silhouette Wintour who is queer implied, Tess Wintour who is a trans woman, Veronica Ferocity who is a trans woman, Wanda who is lesbian implied.

Relationships: M/F, M/M, F/F

Where to watch: FX and Netflix

CW: sexual assault, self hatred, violence, pornographic content, death, blood, racism, sexism, bigotry, cuss words, alcohol/alcoholism, drugs/drug addiction, homophobia and transphobia

Preacher: After a supernatural event at his church, a preacher enlists the help of a vampire and his ex to find God

Features two queer character Cassidy who is bisexual and Eccarius, who is queer implied

Relationships: M/F M/M

Where to Watch: hulu

CW: Abuse, child abuse, animal cruelty, fatphobia, violence, pornographic content, death, miscarriage/abortion, blood, racism, racial slurs, bigotry, cuss words, alcohol/alcoholism, drugs/drug addiction and guns

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Angeligender based moodboard! (Hope you’re ok with the angel theme too!)
For an anon! Hope you like it!

Want one? Send an ask!! -mod Jay

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So, for June my goal is to do this workout all the way through without stopping . Check it out! If your interested in doing it with me HMU and we can keep in touch with our STATS for the month of June. I will also be doing this stretch to improve flexibility, morning aswell as night . In addition to this I will be biking 5+ miles every day (weather permiting).

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Respectability in a war zone is an impossibility and a quick way to die.

The U.S. is a war zone for a large percentage of its populace.

Stop asking people to die quietly so you don’t have to deal with reality.

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Im just saying you are doing more harm than good by spreading a message that people have proven false which might actually backfire and cuase this whole pridefall thing to happen.

Ive notice a lot of 12-15 year olds are on tumblr and are easily swayed by what they read on here and are going to assume that all information on here is correct becuase thier favorite blogger said so and telling young LGBTQ teens that a group of evil alt right men are going to hunt them down during pride month is quite terrifying to say to them.

We as the older ones need to be able to convey a message that is safer and kinder to them while also stop spreading misinformation and the truth of the matter is, is there will always be lgbtqphobes during pride month by silencing yourself for them is just giving them what they want.

A safer alternative to say is yes pridefall could happen but chances are it won’t and if you are scared or do fear it might happen close your messages and your inbox on june 1st and dont go through lgbtq tags but dont let the fear consume you as we will get through this together and if you do recive messages just delete and dont reply to them.

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Hestia, the goddes of hearth, home and family is a virgin godess. The goddes that represents the center of the family is basically aro/ace.

Just because she doesen’t experience romantic or sexual attraction/love doesen’t mean that she isn’t loving and caring. She is the literal embodiment of a warm and welcoming home. Aros and aces aren’t robots. We’re very much capable of love.

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