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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
twistedheartwork · 36 minutes ago
kinda wanna get crossed until the world is gone. kinda wanna get lost between someone's legs. or both at the same time.
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yourlocalgaymergirl · 2 hours ago
Want to make some LGBTQA+ gamer friends?
I run a small gaming Discord server meant for LGBTQA+ folk called "Gaymers" and we are currently looking to expand! If you're into games like Stardew Valley, The Sims, Minecraft and Among Us, this is a great community for you!
We also have a small number of Twitch streamers that have used the server to grow their community and gain supporters, as well as multiple art/music/witchcraft/craft channels!
So if you're LGBTQA+ and looking for new gamer friends, feel free to stop by and check us out! You can join here:
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betterbooksandthings · 2 hours ago
Flash Fire by T.J. Klune
T.J. Klune's Flash Fire warms the soul as it navigates queer identity, super powers, and adolescence. Nick Bell is back trying to save Nova City with his best friends and super-boyfriend, Seth Gray. His self-insert bakery fanfic is going strong, his boyfriend is amazing, and the city appears to be doing well. Everything's looking up and nothing could possibly go wrong. But when the villains of Nova City begin to cause a ruckus, it's up to the team to respond. Fan's of Klune's extensive catalog will be bathed in the warmth of sincerity, enthusiasm, and hope once more. Now, the second book in the Extrodinaries shows a sincere appreciation for character, worldbuilding, and genre. every character introduced in the second book is a fully formed human being who I want to know more about. Nick is a wonderful protagonist whose thought patterns feel deeply familiar. As a person with ADHD, Nick often has an internal thought process where he thinks through an entire conversation and communicates the result of his internal monologue. The series works through finding the balance between managing neurodivergence without drifting into the cure territory. I adored the character growth in the novel and the changes brought on by new challenges, life changes, and various revelations. I would consider Klune a character-driven writer if not for his clever attention to plot and detail. He tends to drop seemingly obvious foreshadowing that misdirects the reader's attention. Instead, you end up being shocked by the plot twists and end up a bit emotionally ruined. Of course, Klune's plot is supported by his subtle worldbuilding. Having a book about superheroes is not inherently unique, however, the execution is wonderful. I love the extraordinary fanfiction because of course if superheroes were real people there would be people writing fanfic about them. It shows an understanding of modern fanfiction and the community that writes and reads fan content from the tags to the comments. Then you have the media represented by a cis-straight newswoman who mischaracterizes situations. And a breath of queer identity is everywhere. I love it all. Klune understands genre fiction. He knows how to deploy science fiction tropes without creating a tired story. He enthusiastically employs ridiculous things with the kind sincerity that makes you care about it all. I cannot count the number of my audible squeals, giggles, and laughs. Flash Fire was a brilliant sequel and I cannot recommend it more. I would like to say once more the book is also emotionally devastating, but you won't really care when all is said and done. If you liked anything by T.J. Klune you have to pick up Flash Fire, due to release on July 13, 2021. Thank you, Macmillan-Tor and Forge via NetGalley for providing the eARC of Flash Fire by T.J. Klune in exchange for my honest review.
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secretlygaygirl · 7 hours ago
Secretly we are gay. 🌈
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secretlygaygirl · 7 hours ago
They say people are just gay for attention nowadays so, Where's my attention?
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bloodyneckdemon · 11 hours ago
It'll be okay
Tumblr media
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kawaii-pigeon · 20 hours ago
Mom doesn't say the word but
Mom: y'know, you can talk to me about anything, and I love you no matter your preferences...
Me: thank you
Mom: y'know you can talk about 'that', right?
Me:... I suppose... I mean... It's a big step you even know about it.
Mom: but you can be open about it with me, do you talk about it with your counselor?
Me: yeah, she says it contributes a lot to my internal stress.
Mom: cause you keep it all inside...
Mom: well y'know, if you wanna talk about it or watch those kinds of movies then it's okay and I love you no matter what
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cuttingboard97 · 20 hours ago
I feel like I have to attempt to be taken seriously. Just because I can fake a smile no one believes me, just because my cuts are unseen everyone thinks I’m fine … or maybe they just don’t care.
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drgnrder82 · 20 hours ago
Please help us out!
Lucifer fans: Your show was saved from Fox by the fans banding together. We know part of that was a petition. The MacGyver fandom respectfully would like you to help our petition.
MacGyver is unique from other CBS dramas with it's diverse representation, under the new show runner (the fabulous Monica Macer and the writers which includes Teresa Huang) we have added characters such as Alexandra Grey's Parker, a trans woman who is an electrical engineer, and Emerson Paige, a non-binary hacker.
The show is family friendly and the kind of show to inspire young minds of all identities into STEM and leadership roles.
Please sign and share our petition.
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crossdreamers · 20 hours ago
“Trans men have often been absent from HIV studies due to small sample sizes, eligibility criteria, limited research design, or the misconceptions that trans men are mostly heterosexual or are not at risk for HIV.”
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shapeshiftinterest · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
color palette practice with kid sam and max
idea where they first meet on the playground during a water gun fight and team up together
max: we’re best friends now. you’re on my team :D
sam: yeah, ok. my name’s sam by the way.
max: i’m gonna call you sammy, my name’s max! now cover me while i shoot that guy in the back when he’s not looking
sam: haha, you got it little pal
art reference i used this splatoon gun
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strawbebehmod · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the knife foot gremlins say gay rights
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secretlygaygirl · 22 hours ago
Life's good be transgender.
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