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I know that [tumblr] is considered an SJW website, but its probably the most accepting website when it comes to LGBTQ+ comunity out there

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College wlw or college mlm book recs?

Where it’s like… Set at a college? maybe they’re roommates (oh my god they were roommates)?

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I’m lowkey proud of my family right now cause they’re learning about gender identity because of some lectures they gotta do for school and they seem to be catching on.

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ROSALIE FLINT is TWENTY-SIX YEARS OLD and a SOCIALITE amongst  THE SACRED TWENTY-EIGHT in LONDON. She looks remarkably like VICTORIA PEDRETTI and considers herself NEUTRAL. She is currently TAKEN.


tw: death, murder 

Rosalie Flint had lived a charmed life. Born on the sprawling and beautiful Flint estate in Berkshire Rosalie was the only daughter of DIONYSUS FLINT and LOTTE KRAUSE and the jewel in the crown of the Flint family. From a long line of Pure-Blood sorcerers, the Flint family held their name in high regard, only marrying those they believed to be of equal standing in society. The Flint family were influential and intelligent leaders who were highly respected amongst the wizarding world and it was his wish that Rosalie and her older brother DECIUS continue this excellent reputation. When her brother was of schooling age, he was taken from their family home and cast to the far corners of the east wing where he would learn to survive without the love and affection of the family unit. The separation confused Rosalie who spent her time playing in the gardens or taking tea with her mother, sometimes passing her brother when she snuck into his wing and leaving hurt and confused when one of the elves caught her and told her to leave. Rosalie could see how much it hurt her mother being separated from her son and often heard her parents arguing about it and the change that it had made to her son. Rosalie hadn’t known her brother any differently to the way he was, but found him cold and detached, a smaller version of their father almost with impeccable manners and intellect beyond his years. 

The change her mother had seen in her brother made Rosalie think she would be spared the same cruel separation from her mother and father, but she was wrong. When Rosalie was six she was taken and placed in the same wing as Decius with little contact with her parents to harden her up. The time spent with her mother was replaced by tutors and finishing teachers. Rosalie found it difficult. Tears running down her face as she was taught to balance a book on her head and when she said answers incorrectly. But at least for a short while she had her brother. Decius fought for his sister, teaching her things she didn’t quite grasp and drying her tears when she cried. Decius had been a stranger to Rosalie but then he became her best friend. The two forged an unbreakable bond in the halls of their home. When Decius left for Hogwarts it all but broke her heart. But Rosalie knew it wouldn’t do her well to dwell on her sadness. Rosalie was a Flint. Their family didn’t cry, they didn’t crack, they were strong. Alone in Berkshire, Rosalie worked hard to better herself into someone she knew her family could be proud of, working hard each day to learn the history of Hogwarts and do all of the set reading so she would take to being at school like a duck to water. When Rosalie arrived at Hogwarts she felt herself flourish. 

Sorted into Slytherin with her cousin LYRA BRUKE the girls quickly became friends with a few of the students sharing their dorm ANDROMEDA BLACK and ADRASTEIA GREENGRASS and AALIYAH GOSFORTH forging a little gang of Slytherins she felt happy to be around. Her friends brought out a more rebellious streak in her, creating the circles of people she would be in to work including her cousin CAIUS and Decius. Rosalie was naturally more of a wallflower than the rest of her family, though she pulled on her inner Flint strength to work a room and make friends, knowing it was what her family would want from her. An intelligent witch, upon graduation Rosalie dabbled with the idea of taking up a job in the Ministry to make more use of her intellect. She enjoyed research and reading, but over the years had found something she liked more which her family money allowed her to indulge in. Singing. A beautiful songstress with a voice as captivating as a siren’s, after a few rounds of fire whiskey she was the centre of attention at every party, her voice drifting round parties and bars as people listened to her in awe. It was the beauty of her voice that caught the attention of CHRISTIANO PARKINSON, the co-owner of The Grave Affair bar in Knockturn Alley which Rosalie frequented with her friends and family.

Knowing she had a habit of being thrust upon to a stage in the local bars, Christiano heard her singing one night in The Hopping Pot and approached her about a position singing at the club. Naturally, she refused, knowing her family wouldn’t think too favourably about her singing for money in a local bar. Rosalie agreed to sing once a week in The Grave Affair for free, purely due to her love of singing to which Christiano and his sister and fellow co-owner ANDRESSA PARKINSON agreed. Although being the centre of attention wasn’t natural to her, Rosalie enjoyed the feeling that being on stage gave her. When she sang it was simply her, the lights and her voice. Her family and friends cheering from their table was simply an added bonus as was her brother beaming with pride. But it wasn’t just Rosalie’s inner circle who had been watching her closely. JONATHAN REEVES had been in her brother’s year at Hogwarts, a fellow Slytherin that Rosalie had sometimes seen in the common room who she’d seen around Decius and his friends sometimes. A Half-Blood, with a Pure-Blood father who’d fallen in love with a Muggle which he hoped his friends would forget. In Rosalie’s memory Jonathan had been like Decius and his friends, a well groomed party boy but all that suddenly changed and Rosalie stopped seeing him. Then one night he appeared in The Grave Affair, with long hair and a beard but Rosalie recognised him instantly.

Jonathan became a puzzle she wanted to solve, what time he gave her was precious and although he disappeared every so often without a trace it didn’t stop her waiting for him after his shifts and trying to learn as much about him as she could. Whilst potential suitors she’d encountered had appeared peacockish and narcissistic, he was the opposite and what was a blossoming friendship quickly became a hidden romance with Rosalie falling in and out of bars with him behind the back of her family. Jonathan would never be accepted by them due to his blood status, but when Rosalie learned the true reason for his disappearances she knew their romance would be the death of her. The love of her life was a werewolf, registered and living in FENRIR GREYBACK’s pack of wolves who’d taken him in when his parents had kicked him out. Rosalie’s heart bled for him and as much as she loved her family and longed for the approval of her parents, high society slowly faded away in her mind as she fell deeper in love with him. The last few months of her life had been stressful. Hiding her romance from her closest friends and her brother as she tried to juggle the people she loved most in her life whilst trying to remain authentic. Events were the most difficult, where she and Jonathan stole kisses from one another in corridors and exchanged wantan glances and The Yule Ball was no different.

There she had stood, wrapped in the arms of the person she loved, only to be confronted by HARRISON BAGNOLD, a wicked look in his eye as he pointed his wand at Jonathan. Instinctively, Rosalie dived in front of him, not quick enough to pull out her wand and took the hit of the curse. Her body went cold and as she felt the light leave her eyes, the only thing in her heart was love and the painful knowledge she’d never see Jonathan again. When Rosalie opened her eyes she was lying in dirt and staring up at the sky. She must have fallen asleep in the woods close to the party. Confused, she stood up, brushed the dirt from her dress and went looking for Jonathan but found the ball was long since over. Both Decius and her friends were nowhere to be found. Returning home she went to bed and slept for what felt like an age, with vivid dreams filling her mind of Harrison, Jonathan, the bright flash of green. When she awoke her brother cried. Wrapping his arms around her shouting about how glad he was she was home. Showing her the paper her eyes widened in horror. Rosalie Flint had been missing for just over two weeks before she’d stepped down for breakfast that morning. Trying to live her life as normal things keep happening she finds difficult to ignore. Her skin is cold to the touch and time skips whilst she’s sleeping sometimes as if lost in a memory. Knowing it has something to do with the night of the ball, Rosalie is quietly trying to find answers about what happened, starting with the whereabouts of the last two faces she saw before she was hit with that curse.


  • Blood Status → Banshee
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Identification: Cis Female
  • Sexuality  → Sexually Fluid
  • Relationship Status → In a Relationship with Jonathan Reeves
  • Previous Education →  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Slytherin)
  • Family → Decius Flint (brother), Caius Burke (cousin), Lyra Burke (cousin/best friend), Eleanor Yaxley (cousin/colleague), Victor Yaxley (cousin)
  • Connections  → Jonathan Reeves (boyfriend), Adrasteia Greengrass (best friend), Andromeda Black (best friend), Walden MacNair (close friend), Aaliyah Gosforth (close friend), Erik Borgin (friend) Anastasia Dupont (friend), Narcissa Black (friend), Andressa Parkinson (casual boss/friend), Christiano Parkinson (casual boss/friend), Alecto Carrow (colleague), Amycus Carrow (colleague), Silas Crump (unknown adversary), Harrison Bagnold (unknown adversary), Regulus Black (unknown adversary)
  • Future Information → N/A


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yeah there are a few men that are cool and all.


anyways i’m bisexual i like women and one direction. 

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Do you sometimes think about the LGBTQA+ of the past centuries, all the closeted ones who were married the conventional way like so many and couldn’t express this part of their identity?

Do you wonder if they had a spouse they trusted enough to reveal this part of them?

Do you wonder if they both reached an understanding, an agreement, a friendship?

Do you wonder if their spouse accepted the fact they were attracted to more than one gender?

Do you wonder if their spouse shared the adrenaline of doing something forbidden when they helped the other sneak off to meet a secret lover?

Do you wonder if they both loved the secret lover together?

Do you wonder if, behind closed doors, their spouse opened their own closet and gave these people a chance to express themself as who they were?

Do you wonder if both spouses were not straight and reached peak wlw/mlm solidarity?

Do you wonder if they both loved each other, romantically speaking, but one respected the other’s lack of desire to carry on their marital duty/have sex?

Do you wonder if they both didn’t want to make children, but still wanted children, and had the possibility to adopt?

Do you wonder if there was something else than silence, internalized scars and fear?

Do you wonder if there was trust, shared secrets and happiness?

Because I do.

It may be foolish, but sometimes I lie in bed, and I think of these people – everyday, nameless people whose story we will never know – and I hope, I hope that they did have this chance.

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Hey all,

We’re really saddened to say that Jerry Mallicoat has passed. Without him, Visible and Resilient would not exist, and even beyond us he’s been serving the LGBTQ+ community for years and has helped countless people. May his memory be a blessing.

At last week’s Fun Friday we played Among Us together, and at last week’s drop in we just checked in after the holidays.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday the 19th from 4:15-5:15pm. You can text the same number (937.203.5555) to get the link. When you text please include the county you live in and  if this is your first meeting. This is for the same demographics as the  other meetings (high school aged LGBTQ+ youth in and around Montgomery County, Ohio).

Stay safe!

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You know when teachers told my parent’s that I was really smart and was reading above my grade and was a gifted kid I’m sure they didn’t expect me to turn out to be depressed, anxious, severely burned out and bi… but here we are I guess!

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Me, idly thinking bout stuff after a shower: huh I kinda like the idea of being gender neutral

Me: no no no, I am much too obviously [actual gender] to be gender neutral, and making an effort to dress and/or act like I am is disrespectful to people who are ACTUALLY gender neutral and have to struggle everyday to have that recognized.

Me, about two seconds later: … I really like the aesthetic, though

Me, a little panicked: oh maybe what I want is to DATE a person who is gender neutral

Me: *frantically googles the definition of bisexual*

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*slaps pokeball* You can fit so many healthy relationships into this.

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what’s the name of that anime where one of the guy characters has a crush on another guy and is trying to hide it and then his friend tells him it’s ok to like guys you know in a really calm and normal way and it nearly makes the guy cry and they’re standing against a building near an alley way or smth it might be raining idk I remember seeing a video clip of it 5 years ago but can’t remember what it’s called

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Listening to love songs and trying to add my characters to them has become difficult cause 90% of the ones in romantic relationships are queer and in a homoromantic one, and lots of love songs have very specific pronouns in the lyrics.

If anyone could suggest me queer love songs It’d be great.

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