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imshionchat · a day ago
oh,to be a 1940s high school nerd boy who’s in love with the leader of the bad boys with motocycles,and one chilly day he notices im shivering from the cold and gives me his leather jacket,making class time a fun yet confusing time when my bullies recognize what im wearing and don’t know what to do with themselves.
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biaesthetc · 6 months ago
Things You May Need to Hear
"it'll be okay" and "you can do it" are phrases that sometimes fall flat. here's some things you may need to hear:
you're good enough
sometimes it's okay to not try so hard
it's okay to not always be strong
you don't have to be anything for anybody
don't be so hard on yourself
you're worth it
it doesn't make you weak to ask for help
let yourself cry
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geekydemigodinthevoid · a year ago
I love that the internet saw people comparing women and other alienated groups of people and went, “they’re dating,” and, “they support each other.” We’re improving as a society.
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silversoulforevergold · a month ago
Me when I inevitably get queerbaited by The CW
Tumblr media
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ask-pride-color-schemes · 6 months ago
Clearing up some things about the “”official”“ gay man pride flag:
Tumblr media
[Image: A flag with 7 stripes. The first three go from dark blue-green to light blue-green. The center is white. The bottom three stripes go from light to dark blue. It was designed to mirror the lesbian flag]
[Original post about it here] [Deviantart original posting with updated description here] [ @archivalflags​ more detailed post about it here]
Mod Hermy of the Pride-Flags Deviantart here: I just found out during my hiatus from this blog that there’s been a lot of discourse surrounding this flag that I helped make.
APPARENTLY some truscum/transmed took this flag and reuploaded it (that got 8.2k notes vs the 9 notes my original post has), wording it in a way that made people think it was made by them (and also "official"). Also, it seems like it's been co-opted by truscum and transphobes to exclude trans and nonbinary gay men.
I am beyond pissed off at this, especially since I don’t remember anyone telling me it was stolen.
To be very clear:
I never want any of my flags being used to exclude part of the LGBTQAI+/MOGAI community. I am fully supportive of all aspec identities, “MOGAI” genders (including xenogenders, kingenders, neurogenders and neurorientations) pronoun noncomforming gays and lesbians (or anyone, really), GNC trans people, people who use the SAM, low/non-dysphoric trans people, and anyone else who may get excluded.
Basically, any identity (that’s not centered around harming people or animals) is amazing and valid.
Also this was never meant to be a finalized design (especially since I’m nonbinary and bi), it was simply a suggestion since the anon that asked me about a gay man flag suggested one that was too similar to the butch lesbian flag.  They never followed up on it so I posted it on Deviantart for opinions but didn’t get much interaction there. I saw it around a few times but didn’t realize it took off like that and was being credited to a truscum, no less.
I’m not quite sure what to do regarding damage control around the exclusionists that are using my flag, but I started by working with several gay men in a pride, and my personal server to come up with meanings for each stripe (based on @gayflagblog​ ‘s flag) that explicitly include GNC, nonbinary, trans, ace/arospec, split-attraction, and pronoun nonconforming gay men (also made it prettier).
Tumblr media
[Image: The same flag as above but with meanings superimposed over each stripe: [Community] [Inclusion] [She/her and pronoun noncomforming gays] [GNC, nonbinary, and trans men] [Ace/arospec and split-attraction gays] [Love and attraction] [Diversity]]
Here’s a better version made by @gayflagblog​ to deal with the problems with my proposal/suggestion:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Images: Two flags made to look similar to the first flag but with bolder colors. The blue stripes are slightly more purple and the green stripes are slightly more green. The first flag has seven stripes and the second is a simplified 5-stripe version]
And [Here] are some more gay man/MLM flags (including PNC and SAM gays) made by other people that I’ve been collecting (gallery is incomplete though, please send any missing flags/sources to me).
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glassgirl5 · a year ago
Tumblr media
To all of us who are a wacky mess and don't really understand wtf we are.
You are valid my friend. Just because you don't know which one suits you best or you just don't like fitting into one term, you're okay, you're still part of the community and I love you.
Stay strong!
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crossdreamers · a month ago
British anti-trans groups are not part of the civil rights movement
Tumblr media
Cardcaptor Emily has done an interesting study of British anti-trans activist groups. She has looked at to what extent their twitter followers overlap with the ones of women’s, children’s and LGBT right activists. 
After all, they claim that their anti-trans activism is meant to protect these vulnerable groups, so it would make sense that they were integrated with the wider network of humanitarian organisations.
It turns out there is very little or no overlap.
Here’s Emily’s twitter thread:
Anti-trans groups often claim that they are chiefly concerns with Women's, Children's and LGBT rights / activism. When we look at the overlap between their followers and followers of activist groups we see very little evidence of any involvement at all. 
 Here is a matrix of the similarity between various anti-trans groups and other activist groups for causes they claim to be fighting for. Almost seems like two very separate communities doesn't it?
Tumblr media
[The first six organisations listed represent anti-trans activists.]
The diagram above is darker when the two groups share many followers in common, and lighter when they share few. The highest score between an anti-trans group and the other groups listed is 17. Compared to the score of 64 for overlap between Women's Aid and Domestic Violence UK.
Slightly odd for for groups of people who claim to concerned about women's rights, children's rights and LGBT rights to not really have ANY significant community connection to rights groups in those areas.
In fact, the communities seem so distinct, I started wondering what a network of these accounts might look like. I can't check all the followers, but I can look at the 13 main groups I've listen above.
SO here's there network, drawn on a circle. Thick green lines indicated mutual following. Thin blue arrows indicate that a group follows the one that the arrow points to (but they are not followed back). [The red dots indicate British anti-trans organisations.]
Tumblr media
And would you look at that? All the anti-trans groups follow each other, and several follow mainstream organisations, but none of the mainstream orgs follow them back... Almost as though they aren't genuinely involved in any activism in those areas.
In fact, if we completely delete the one-way follows and keep only mutual follows... Huh, they really are two separate communities. However, the anti-trans group are ALL connected to each other, despite sharing little in common according to mission statements.
Tumblr media
I think we can cast some SERIOUS doubt on the claims that these groups seriously represent - or are seriously involved with - activist or interest groups for women, children or LGBT people.
Read the thread with additional comments here.
See also: Analysis: Are anti-trans groups civil rights campaigns?
Top photo: The  LGBTIQ charity Stonewall UK does definitely not endorse anti-trans activists.
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biaesthetc · 3 months ago
pretty homophobic that it’s pride month and there’s no girl sitting on my lap making out with me
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animation-nerd14 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Took me 12 hours but I had to finish this piece in time for National Girlfriends Day💜💗♥️ @danaterrace
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littlealienproducts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Lesbian Pride Frog Sticker by LittleBugArtShop
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