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hope you all are thouroughly enjoying coronacation and i hope you are all self isolating bc i wanna see my girl so this needs to be over. some things that have happened:

  • best friend and i “tried dating” sorta but didn’t work and now we are besties again
  • i got a concussion from totaling my car in a pole (lmk if y’all want some pics of my car)
  • best friend and i downloaded dating apps for fun
  • met a girl, super sweet she’s the best
  • turned 18 in quarantine
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I’ve been following u for a while but scared to talk but now I’m falling for my best friend and it’s all fucked help

talk to them! the best thing is be honest. this happened to me with my best friend and while it was a mess at the time, we r still best friends!! u got this lmk if u need anything sending love!

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I've only recently come out as lesbian and am trying to navigate the online space around it. I'm not going to lie some the terms confuse me as I'm new to all this. Well I identified as pan for 2 years but didn't seek out stuff. What do they mean??? Do you have any advice on joining the community?

hey! advice for joining the community: be yourself! i know that sounds super cliche but you will find a community of people that like you for you. as far as what the labels mean does anyone have a good site or anything about the labels? if no one does i can post one i just need to look! u got this!! sending love

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so basically, my girlfriend dumped me and is in love with my best friend. we're all in the same friend group, and they both like eachother, and theyre not dating to be nice to me, but i feel so much hatred towards myself because of this whole thing. but they dont know that. help!

be honest with them. if you truly do not care then tell them that. this happened to me once and i lies and it did not turn out well for me and my best friend. in my opinion if you have an issue maybe try and distance yourself for a short period of time or sometimes you may care but if it isn’t that big of a deal to you let them know. tldr: tell them how you truly feel about it. lmk what’s happening i’m late af at responding sorry!

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help, i have a crush on my best friend, and like she knows im lesbian and all but shes said shes straight. what do i do???

unfortunately if she’s straight u r just going to have to feel the feelings and hope it goes away. there isn’t anything else you can do because you have to respect her and i know you don’t want to risk the friendship. if you feel like it’s necessary maybe take a small break from the friendship. i did that with my best friend for the same reason and it actually worked out and we r still best friends. lmk what’s happening i’m sorry i’m so late.

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so, a while a go i had this thing where i thought i was trans and made a whole big deal of it internally, but then i realized i wasn’t. this is different, mostly.

i recently thought about my gender again, and i’ve come up with a list of reasons i may not be 100% (or even ~75%) my birth gender. this list excludes gender dysphoria, because i know plenty of nonbinary people who don’t suffer from that, yet still feel trans. it’s valid if you disagree with me, but i chose to hold myself to the standards i give to others rather than judging myself with different opinions. so here’s my list (of reasons i am gender nonconforming):

• i like being referred to with mister/sir more than miss/ma'am

• i am okay with being called by any pronouns (maybe?)

• it brings me great joy when people can’t tell my gender

• i love dressing in drag as both genders

• i am fully comfortable having any type of genitalia

• i plan to remove my breasts for aesthetic reasons (i prefer the flat look, it makes it easier to look like any gender)

• i am fully comfortable having a non-female name

• when playing a character, i usually make a nonbinary or masculine person

• when using a fake persona for a joke, i always use he/him pronouns and a male name (steve, usually)

• i take more pleasure in defying gender roles than the average person

• the idea of becoming a ‘woman’ disturbs me

so that’s my list. i might just be a girl, so whatever. i’m kinda just looking for other’s opinions.

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Tasteful LGBTQ+ jokes

  • What do you call an asexual gardener? An ace of spades
  • What do you call a glittery asexual? An ace of diamonds
  • What do you call a gay girl who is shortee than you? A LESS-bien
  • What do you call an acearo agender person? A triple-a battery
  • What do you call a trans businessman? A self-made man
  • What do you call a lesbian cowboy? Butch Cassidy
  • What do you call a cooking show with all pansexual competitors? Pots and Pans
  • What do you get when you wring out a genderfluid person? Gender fluid
  • What do you say when your bisexual friend leaves? Bye bi
  • What do you call an aromantic archer? And arrow aro
  • What do you call the drinks at a pride bar? Queer beer
  • What do you call a lesbian who is good at science? A chem femme
  • What do you call a lazy enby? A non-try-nary
  • What do you call an enby who is allergic to potatoes? A non-fry-nary
  • What do you call an enby who loves to swim? A non-dry-nary
  • What do you call an enby who prefers their natural hair color? A non-dye-nary
  • What do you call a gay history nerd? A rome-osexual
  • What do you call a gay introvert? A home-osexual
  • What do you call a gay who loves big books? A tome-osexual
  • What do you call a gay hair stylist? A comb-osexual
  • What do you call a gay gardener? A gnome-osexual

(Add more!)

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this little house is both
much too big and much too small
for the life that we tried to carve out

and perhaps it’s my fault
that I cling to every daydream
that can never be brought to life

and perhaps it’s my fault
that I pray for the sweetest release
of a double life of secrets

and perhaps it’s my fault
that I never could love you
no matter how hard I prayed

because if I could have loved you
the way I never learned how
maybe I could have saved us.
-The Awkward Poet

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Reminders for “Maps”

❣️you’re disgusting❣️

🌷everyone hates you🌷

✨pedophillia will NEVER be accepted✨

💕you’re a danger to children💕

💝Minors cannot be in a relationship with you💝

🥀you’re toxic and manipulative🥀

💐society fears you💐

🌺maps are not lgbt🌺

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Week 3 in Self Isolation 

I make my bed every day

The past 3 days I have made tea before bed. 

It makes a difference 

I have been out to drive once

I have realized 

That being in Isolation 

Has made my PTSD in cars way worse

I jump at literally every side street 

Every car at a side street. 

Just plain jumpy in general 

I don’t know why 

It is rather crazy 

I am scared to see how my PTSD will be in a month

I hope its not terrible. 

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Last night I had a very very small breakdown about not having a girlfriend and then I dreamt about cuddling with a girl in the back of a school bus and it was all comfy and cute and aesthetic and HOLY SHIT I WANT TO GO BACK. HOW THE HECK DO I REPLAY IT AND MAKE IT COME TRUE?????

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When two dudes asked me out (different occasions) and I politely declined because I’m gay, they were cool with it and walked away without saying anything else

I respect those dudes and I hope they find their SO one day

(I would also like to mention that all of us are in highschool and it happened this school year)

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