instelllation · 2 days ago
i'm tired of being told that being demisexual or graysexual is just some fancy label for cishets who want to fit into the LGBTQIA+ community.
sexuality is not a choice, i can't control who i'm attracted to and the circumstances in which i experience sexual attraction.
to me it makes perfect sense that demisexual and graysexual people are in the ace spec because a lot of times i (as someone who uses both labels) do relate to other people in the spectrum like let's say people who identify as aroace.
while i understand that being cishet does not invite as much societal oppression as being not cishet, but when did the community become about oppression and not inclusivity ? (tbh i really feel guilty about using the label sometimes because i don't want to falsely co-opt the struggles of the people who are actually oppressed)
even cishet demisexual and graysexual people are allowed to identify as ace and are part of the lgbtqia+ community, period.
(p.s. i mostly had to say all this so i can feel comfortable in my identity)
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kat-doesnt-like-you-rn · a day ago
In honor of Pride next month, can we all try to get #fuck disney trending? They have fucked over LGBTQ creators far too many times for us to give them any credit for queer representation. Take The Owl House, for instance. It's the best example of queer rep I've seen yet. The main character is bi and has a lesbian love interest, and they have a whole romance. There's gay couple after gay couple. There's a non-binary character whose pronouns are respected by everyone. An aroace character. The whole thing is normalized. And you know what disney did? They tried to shut it down halfway through the second season. Dana Terrace and the crew had to fight way too hard to finish season two, and even then, disney wouldn't allow a full third season. We're lucky we get the shortened season 3. Disney has disrespected and fucked over Dana and the crew, and now, they're going to turn right around and parade how this show means they're allies to the LGBTQ+ community and how "There's room for everyone under the rainbow!" It's an insult. So, in honor of Pride Month, don't support disney. Unsubcribe from whatever subscriptions you may have. Pirate as many of their things as you can. Don't buy their official merchandise, buy from small creators on Etsy. And whenever you make a post even slightly relating to disney, add the tag #fuck disney. Or #fuck the mouse, #fuck disney execs, #fuck Bob Chapek. And not just on tumblr- do it on any and every site you can. Twitter, tik tok, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, everywhere. Share the tag and the reasoning with your friends, family, whatever. Spread the word. Happy early Pride.
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agressive-dino · a day ago
It's perfectly okay to not want to go by either label. You're NOT a traitor. You're NOT deceitful. We love you for you
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mlvadw · 2 days ago
Tomorrow is the first day of Mspec Lesbian Visibility and Awareness Week :)
This is the first ever time that this week is being celebrated.
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intersexfairy · 6 hours ago
people who are aspec from trauma don't need therapy to fix their aspecness. that's aphobic. we're allowed to exist as we are. the goal of therapy shouldn't be changing our identities, but healing (as best we can). if that means we're no longer aspec, that's fine. and if that means we're still aspec, that's fine too. our experiences are allowed to shape who we are - even when it comes to queerness.
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chocobloo · 2 days ago
Sex jokes are funnier when you're a certain aspec of ace-spec
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nwarrior777 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Characters from my film "LoveLoveLove"! Premiere on June 1th!
You can watch teaser here!
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userwaddles · 2 days ago
My mother not believing me when I told her I'm aroace and saying I'm damaged is what got me back to listening to MCR.
So thanks "mama" <3
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lil-stark · 17 hours ago
being hindu and homophobic indicates you have little to no understanding of your own people and culture.
some of you STILL aren't able to comprehend the fact that the south asian subcontinent has been invaded since 500CE by mughal and western colonizers with abrahamic ideologies. it has wiped the normalcy, acceptance and appreciation of same-sex relations, gender fluidity, trans identity which is indigeneous to the land, since at a recorded date of 4000BCE, as observed in dharmic culture.
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antiableists-darcywu · 3 days ago
Abortion rights are NOT just a woman’s issue. It’s an issue that applies to trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and many other people. If you think abortion rights only applies to women than please leave my blog.
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thegenderthieves · 4 hours ago
Mspec Lesbian/Turian/Straight and Lesboy/Turigirl Survey
Me and @thelesbianbakugou made a survey exclusive to those who identify as the following:
Mspec lesbian
Mspec turian/veldian/vincian/gay
Mspec straight
Lesboy/male lesbian/lesboi etc
Turigirl/female turian etc
I'll be using it to compare experiences and reasoning for identifying as these things!
This post has no DNI, send it anywhere, to anyone that will be able to take it DO NOT take it if you or your headmates do not identify as these things
This survey's closing date is currently uknown
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shybaby-k · a day ago
You know what. Here’s the truth. I post the nastiest shit but am actually so shy in person. There I said it.
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mlvadw · a day ago
Happy Mspec Lesbian Week to:
Bi Lesbians
Pan Lesbians
Omni Lesbians
Ply Lesbians
Abro Lesbians
Enbian Lesbians
Mspec Lesboys
Mspec Lesbois
Trans Mspec Lesbians
Nonbinary Mspec Lesbians
Mspec Lesbian Neopronoun Users
Mspec Lesbian It/Its Pronoun Users
Non-monogamous Mspec Lesbians
BIPOC Mspec Lesbians
Neurodivergent Mspec Lesbians
Disabled Mspec Lesbians
Jewish Mspec Lesbians
Muslims Mspec Lesbians
All Mspec Lesbians 💗💞
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intersexfairy · 5 hours ago
if you can understand that some people's gender changes from day to day, you should be able to understand that other people can go their life being one gender and then have that change - and thus not feel like they were "born this way." there's absolutely zero reason fluid gender experiences should be limited to people whose gender changes multiple times or more often.
and if you dont understand either, that's a you problem. not an us problem.
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politishaun · 5 hours ago
Proving many surprises are often bad surprises, John Mulaney sicced proud transphobe Dave Chappelle on his fans as a guest performer at a show in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday night. And since Chappelle is apparently as predictable and uncreative as he is bigoted, he reportedly opened with a string of anti-trans and anti-gay jokes right off the bat.
Phones and recording devices were prohibited at the event—almost as if Mulaney or whoever coordinated Chappelle’s surprise appearance knew how much justified backlash his anti-LGBTQ and particularly anti-trans bullying would draw. Despite this, numerous audience members took to Twitter or talked to media outlets about how the night unfolded.
“I probably wouldn’t have gone, or I would’ve at least skipped the openers, if I knew Chappelle would be there,” one audience member told Buzzfeed News, before adding: “It hurts to know that Chappelle’s transphobia wasn’t enough of a deterrent to keep him off the show.”
One trans audience member who attended the show tweeted that because of Chappelle, they were forced to “hear ~12,000 people laugh at a transphobic joke,” while not even knowing in advance that Chappelle “would make a surprise appearance.” Another trans audience member tweeted that they were “disappointed in John Mulaney” after he “gave Dave Chappelle the platform to make some transphobic jokes” and called the crowd laughing at trans people “disheartening.”
That queer and trans audience members were subjected to not just Chappelle’s awful jokes, but also had to witness the unsettling support he received from both the audience and Mulaney, appears to be a common thread in audience members’ recollections of the evening.
Another audience member recalled how “Dave Chappelle ambushed us at the John Mulaney show, told a bunch of transphobic jokes, a massive stadium of people laughed, and then John Mulaney hugged him at the end.”
Chappelle spewing his usual brand of dehumanizing, anti-LGBTQ “comedy” isn’t at all surprising—this is a man who has joked about once assaulting a lesbian woman, proudly identifies as “team TERF,” and devoted the bulk of his latest Netflix special to his bizarre fixation on trans people’s genitals. All at a time of ever-increasing political attacks on trans people no less. There’s no way Mulaney didn’t foresee Chappelle’s inevitable jokes at queer and trans people’s expense at his show. And his hug with Chappelle at the end of his set made his approval pretty explicit. Mulaney’s silence speaks volumes, too. He has yet to respond to any of the backlash or even offer the most half-hearted of apologies.
It sure seems like Mulaney, who has a noted history of popularity with the LGBTQ community, leveraged that popularity, accepted money from queer and trans fans in Columbus, and essentially made them pay to be unknowingly ambushed and bullied. Chappelle, who reportedly made $24.1 million from Netflix for his most recent special alone, also inevitably got a cut of the earnings from the Columbus show, meaning Mulaney made his fans unwittingly pay Chappelle to mock them.
The entire situation is about as fucked up as it was avoidable. If Mulaney even vaguely cares about the harm he’s inflicted on his trans and LGBTQ fans, the very least he could do is refund their tickets to his Friday show. No matter what he says or does going forward, there are plenty of queer and trans comics we could all be supporting instead of yet another disappointing white man.
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edaswife · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oh my god
also i keep forgetting to give creds to the person that makes these so creds to them
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theydoesart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t think I’ll ever get over just how NORMAL this scene was… I freaked out because LUMITY kissed… it took me a second to realize that this was the first time I’d ever seen two women kiss on Disney channel!!!!!
This was like… a CRAZY monumental moment and yet it felt so natural, it was just like any first kiss in any show between any two cis-het people, except it WASNT
Anyways thank you to Dana who’s like officially god in my eyes, I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this 😭
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a-redharlequin · 2 days ago
No Genda But The Queer Agenda!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Welcome to my queer little store, I hope you find something you like. All money goes to helping keep this little gremlin afloat!
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samtf · 2 days ago
L- lesbian
O- on the
V- verge of
E- existencial crisis
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