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the semester just ended for me and i’ve been trying to retain my current knowledge of italian and acquire more of it, so i thought i’d watch the italian dub of my favorite series of all time, avatar: the last airbender (avatar: la leggenda di aang) without subtitles

since i’ve watched the series tons of times (and the beach/la spiaggia almost a hundred times) i pretty much know what’s going on and can focus on how language is used to convey meaning instead of just trying to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules and stuff

but yeah i wanted to share some quotes from italian atla bc 1) why not, 2) the difference in registers/tones across languages is pretty interesting, and 3) idk if they’re correct so yeah pls correct me if i made any mistakes

come fai a dire così? how could you say that?

la cicatrice non è dalla parte sbagliata! the scar is not on the wrong side!

allora, fratellino mio, che cosa scegli: la tua nazione, o una vita di traditore? well, brother, what will it be: your nation, or a life of treachery?

sceglie il tradimento, è molto divertente choose treachery, it’s more fun!

non è ho fatto vero! no way!

io ti odio, zio! puzzi sempre, e non ti ho mai stimato! i hate you, uncle! you smell, and i hate you for all time! (original quote, not direct translation)

questo non l’hai detto veramente, giusto? you didn’t really say that did you?

ma avrei potuto farlo i might as well have (what is this form of avere btw?)

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