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fairytheo · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
BRI !!!!
Tumblr media
you give me big-sister vibes aaa !!! (what’s with me & vibes,,,) and i also wanna thank you for coming up w the idea of the gc ♡♡ and ngl i love how we both lowkey have 0 braincells 😭 you’re so nice and understanding too and i’m just ( ˘ ³˘) ( ˘ ³˘)
(+ i look forward to decorating the discord server w you <B])
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funkiing · 18 minutes ago
🍬 - muse is hyper as fuck for [15] asks. (Hey homie 💖)
after downing his tenth energy drink of the day, it was a miracle how cam hadn't gotten a heart attack yet. especially if you considered the multitude of sugary, sweet snacks that littered the rapper's bedroom floor.
standing up from the floor, beep was quite literally bouncing in excitement ; definitely an effect of the kilos of sugar he had consumed in the past two hours.
oh no.
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phelanchronicles · 22 minutes ago
I had a dream about you lol
ikk u told me :]
maybe u’ll dream abt me again now lmao
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youwillnevverknowmyname · 56 minutes ago
"My favourite ship is Enjoltaire"
Bitch stfu it's Marius x Napoleon
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catsandcataclysms · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Anyways. I understand it’s important to be critical of media you consume but having to be on guard 24/7 for things about said media that aren’t even TRUE is driving me insane. Next person who says anything bad no matter how trivial about something I love (no matter how ridiculous) is getting bitten like a rabid dog
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sleepy-spots · an hour ago
i know what unus annus is but i never watched any of their videos. idk wasn't really interested :P
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wooteena · an hour ago
also sorry for spamming asks but have you considered: switching ranboo and tubbo in the AU? because lucas family could be like the syndicate, and ranboo is a lot more like luca personality wise and tubbo is a lot more firey and would want to take down a bully like that. and then maybe the dad could be wilbur or schlatt ?
but also you’re so right that luca being tubbo makes sense just for the clingy duo. like. clingy duo my beloved
i think it could work either way but yeah i mostly did it the way i did bc of clingy duo qwq allium duo could work too though bc the dynamic definitely fits luca and alberto better and i was Very Much stuck on who to make the dad. okay now youve convinced me consider them officially switched <3
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wooteena · an hour ago
woot it’s 1 am and i just watched all of disney’s luca just to understand your au and i Very Agree. i want to make fanart RIGHT NOW but alas it’s one am so i must sleep
Tumblr media
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dovewingz · an hour ago
Tumblr media
im probably never gonna finish this piece unfortunately, but plz take breezepaw thinking its totally normal and platonic to compare ur best friend to the night sky
transcript(?) below cut
nightcloud has told breezepaw all about the tales of gray wing. he was a legendary warrior who lived long before even morningflower’s time; gracious and kind to all, even the most unforgivable, but a relentless soldier in battle. the entire world grieved when he died. some say he became silverpelt itself, greeting all fallen warriors with open arms and kind eyes.
others say he still lives among the clans.
heatherpaw’s eyes look a little bit like stars against the black sky, her pelt glossy and smooth when she stands in the moonlight. sometimes, breezepaw thinks he sees little flecks of light in her fur, as though starclan reached down and placed her on the earth themselves. windclan is rumoured to be closest to the stars, and although breezepaw sometimes doubts that, under the light of the moon heatherpaw looks unmistakably ethereal.
he’d tell her all this, but it just sounds silly, so he keeps quiet.
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starstruck-shadow · 2 hours ago
OK I DOn't know like ,, any of your f/os (and i think the list was removed) off the top of my head bc of walmart brand memor y and like ?? i don't have any good things to say nor what to do and you probabky know who this is just bc of my typing quirks alone but like ,, MMM turns into a smartfridge OK LYCAN i hope it gets better soon !!! again sorry for bothering you at the wrong times and like uhhh , don't know what to say but yea ! anyways speaking of f/os gimme some opinions on your's (when you possibly can)
- signed, person with extremely obvious typing quirks (ok but like hOw many times do i have to go all lowercase it's like .??? Huh)
That’s fair. Most of em are pretty obscure I’ll admit so I don’t blame ya
Mhm. On here it was removed anyways, it’s still on my selfship blog if the link works. It got removed because people were sifting through it and using it WHEN I FUCKING SELFSHIP TO COPE to decide on blocking and harassing me and I felt like shit so it’s off the pinned now :)) it might come back later but Hh I dunno
Aa thank you 🥺💖
Aaaaa don’t worry you’re fine! I don’t mind dw dw!
Like,, headcanons and stuff :0? GOD I’m terrible with saying those cause my brain just shuts down. I can ramble for hours about a few particular ones depending on fixations but usually I just Cannot /lh (I think I can ramble abt one tho if ya want)
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brucefixingcars · 2 hours ago
yall better stop liking my old bowie posts its making me feel every bad emotion at once
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aroacedavestrider · 3 hours ago
glock (glowcock)
this is what they mean when they say "cocks gun"
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lex-1205 · 3 hours ago
Lmao Quackity is so stuck on the fact that Tubbo has the high ground on Las Nevadas like they didn't argue about boarders on the top of the needle which is significantly taller.
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jackstanifold · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
it's your fucking mushroom boy, take it and go.
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sw4gh0st · 3 hours ago
the last time tubbo let someone push him around about walls his best friend got exiled and died do u guys rlly think hes gonna let himself get walked all over again ^___^
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transgender-er · 4 hours ago
Well, that's only 1 ask.
Y'all aren't very bold.
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bbyaster · 4 hours ago
i keep thinking about what my brother said when i was talking to him about childe, specifically his first appearance
like we all know he says “hey girlie” to lumine but he also says “hey buddy” to aether, which prompted my brother to say “i think it’s funny that ‘buddy’ is a gender neutral term, like it could’ve been ‘hey buddy’ for both of them”
and THAT made me think like?? did childe get confused about aether’s gender and just go “hmm gender neutral it is🤩” bc that would be so funny
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