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wet dream and "dancies" | h.s.
Tumblr media
description: harry covers 'Wet Dream' for a specific reason.
warnings: none
A/N: hey guys! thanks for all the love on my first oneshot my smart girl. your support means the world to me. i know i mentioned getting another oneshot out soon but it's taking me longer than i would like so in the mean time, here's a little blurb from harry and y/n. this isn't proofread yet but hopefully it will be soon. it's yours now. kissy, x.
*part of the right kind of love universe
Tumblr media
“Alright so it’s eleven and joining us now for a very special Live Lounge… it’s the incredible Harry Styles. Harry, how you doin’ bro?” 
“I’m very well thanks,” Harry answered quietly, a bit tired from his schedule leading up to the release of his third solo album, ‘Harry’s House’. The BBC Live Lounge interview he was currently doing was being recorded ahead of time, as Harry and his family would be in New York on the day of the album release.
“Good to see you man!” The interviewer’s overly enthusiastic voice spoke very fast in contrast to Harry’s slower Northern drawl. “So you’re performing four tracks for us today?”
Harry nodded before he remembered he was on the radio. “Yes.”
“Uh, including a cover of ‘Wet Leg’ which we cannot wait for.”
Harry punctuated the interviewer’s introduction with yeses and affirmations but stayed mostly quiet.
“Before we begin with your currently number one hit single ‘As It Was’, I have a question for you. When we were planning this Live Lounge you knew straight away what song you wanted to cover. I understand there is a certain someone who begged you to perform it?
Harry shifted in his seat, a small smile beginning to grace his face. “Yeah, so we’ll be coverin’ ‘Wet Dream’ by ‘Wet Leg’. A few months back, we had the radio on at home and this song came on. My wife had heard it before and was dancing around holding our daughter. We didn’t think much of it at the time but about a week later the song came on in the car and she began demanding-”
“Sorry but I’m assuming you mean your daughter?” 
“Yeah, yeah our daughter -” Harry giggled to himself, “Our daughter immediately began demanding “dancies” as she calls them.” He looked over at his wife who was standing in the soundbooth. Y/N was holding in her laughter at the thought of herself demanding dancies. Harry bit back his laughter. “Now, this song is on almost everyday in our house.”
“So this is what’s playing at Harry’s house, huh?” The interview chuckled. “An interesting choice as a children’s song that’s for sure.”
At this point, Y/N was no longer trying to contain her laughter. She and Harry had weathered a few weeks of their daughter screaming along to ‘Wet Dream’. Nothing was funnier and simultaneously more embarrassing than your almost two year old daughter singing at the top of her lungs about sex. 
“Yeah,” Harry smirked at his wife. “But she loves the song and so do I. When I discussed coming on the Live Lounge I decided this was my chance to reclaim the song!”
“Alright, well, thanks for comin’ on the show man! For everyone just tuning in, this is Harry Styles and you’re listening to BBC Radio 1!”
The interview stepped to the side as Harry slung his guitar strap around his neck. The cameras cut away for a moment as the band double checked the tuning on their guitars. In that split second, Harry glanced at Y/N who was now holding their daughter in her arms so they could both watch Harry’s performance. They each blew him a kiss - Y/N’s a bit more graceful and [name redacted]’s a bit more slobbery - and Harry flashed them an ear to ear grin. 
“This is for you,” he mouthed at them before turning to his band.
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Tumblr media
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I just saw someone on twitter say that 2022 is the most year One Direction ever One Directioned and that’s so true
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so we're all aware of the fact that niall and louis were at glastonbury right? together? and we still haven't got a picture? just the one w niall's back and louis' face? yeah? BUT ITS NIALL AND LOUIS! so now the fact that the boys arent publicly allowed to interact or be seen with each other makes so much fucking sense. there must be a million unseen pictures of them together post hiatus, we just haven't seen them :')
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Liam Payne photographed by Alex Stemplewski
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belphegorlance · a month ago
Matilda by Harry Styles for children who don’t have a good relationship with their mother(or father) and constantly feel like they need to be doing more. They can never express themsleves in front of their parents because they will be rebuked for it. They're constantly getting yelled at for no reason, always stressed and feel that they are a disappointment at all times.
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onedirectionlads · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 11th year anniversary of One Direction!
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178owintersball · a month ago
Niall girls really won. It must be so calm and peaceful over there.
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a-mercurialhigh · 28 days ago
Dramatisation of an unknown One Direction member and Liam Payne backstage:
Tumblr media
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bad1dimagines · a year ago
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so-idialed-9 · a month ago
Also, Twitter is making things up about the Logan Paul interview - at no point did Liam show his phone and say that Louis hadn't been returning his calls for months. He talks with love and enthusiasm for Louis.
I listened to the whole show. I took one for the team. Even listened to the stupid bro-y jam about toasted turds at the end.
Liam drinks a LOT on the show. Whole tumblers of whiskey. More than anyone else does. He seems drunk by the end.
Logan Paul talks about how drunk Liam was the night before, and Liam agrees. It almost sounded like the interviewers were saying Liam, no, it was a LOT, are you OK?? Which is...something coming from Logan Paul.
Liam says he doesn't know who he is, what his interests are, thst he shapes himself into whatever the person he's interacting with wants him to be.
He states he doesn't what to do with himself except drink, stemming from not being able to fully develop as a teen and being locked in hotel rooms by security during 1D.
He said he has had a lot of therapy, and speaks with self-awareness like someone who has, so it's helped but he needs more.
Liam is clearly in need of help and he seems to know that. He references his own demons and indicates they're close, not in his past. He laughs and glances behind him and indicates they're right over his shoulder.
Tbh, this interview sounded to me like Liam asking for someone to intervene and help.
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good-vibes-and-glitter · a month ago
I’m too old to get involved in One Direction drama… HOWEVER…. i am eating it up
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happylarrie · 7 months ago
"What am I now ?"
"You're the habit that I can't break"
"What am I now ?"
"You're the feeling I can't put down"
"And I get the feeling that you'll never need me again"
"I'll always need ya, infront of me, infront of me"
"woke up alone in this hotel room "
"nothing wakes you up like waking up alone"
"I've been praying ever since New York"
" I know you left a part of you in New York under your bed in a box"
" I can’t unpack the baggage you left"
"All that’s left of us, is the cupboard full of clothes"
"I got so lost inside your eyes
"I looked you in the eyes, saw that I was lost"
" You’ve got my devotion but man I can hate you sometimes"
"It’s hard to think you could ever hate me"
"Just let me know I’ll be at the door, at the door hoping you’ll come around"
"I know you said that you’d give me another chance but you and I knew the truth of it in advance that mentally you were already out the door"
"The fridge light washes this room white, moon dances over your good side, this was all we used to need. Tongue-tied like we’ve never know, telling those stories we already told"
"Face to face on the kitchen table, this is everything I’ve waited for"
"I’ll be coming right back home to you"
"I’ll make this feel like home"
"Understand I'm talking to the walls"
"These high walls never broke my soul, and I watched them all come falling down.I watched them all come falling down for you"
"And I've been praying, I never did before"
"And I'm too far gone to pray"
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Spin The F*cking Bottle || Paper Rings 4
[part 1], [part 2*], [part 3]
[masterlist] ♥ [requests]
Tumblr media
2 years after your breakup with Harry, you meet again at a bar.
wordcount: 6.2k (4k+ of smut)
WARNING: going raw, (WRAP THE DICK OKAY BFFS) daddy kink, degradation kink, praise kink, ass slapping, thigh riding, doggy style, messing around underneath the table, andd like other kinks idk the name of or maybe they're not even kinks (THIS IS FULL ON REALLY KINKY SMUT PLS DON'T READ IF NOT COMFY)
lads this is my first time writing smut BAHAHA take it easy on me pls😭😭
also everything that y/n and h does is completely consensual just in case my dumbass doesn't make it clear. OKAY OKAY ENJOYYY WOOP WOOP
"There he is!" All your friends cheered at someone behind you. You couldn't tell who it was since you were too busy fiddling with your dress.
You did feel out of place.
The entire hangout everyone just latched on to the most famous people after uni and those were the only people they wanted to talk to. And you weren't famous nor rich. So essentially, everyone just ignored you and focused on someone that wasn't even here yet.
Apparently, 'The World's Youngest Billionaire' was coming to the get together. "How have you not heard of him!" Marty looks at you like you like you had a third boob in your head.
"I have heard of him, I just don't know him or what he looks like." You shrug, you really didn't understand the deal with this man. It sometimes confuses you with how popular he is yet you don't even know his name or face. It's only his surname that you knew of.
"Oh my god, he's like mega-fucking hot Y/N. Look at thi—"
"There he is!" Ryan cheered as everyone followed.
"Sorry 'm late." He only rasped in response. You felt the chair beside you creek and a new presence was beside you.
You were 100% sure you smelt that perfume somewhere.
So, you turned your head around and your eyes almost fell out of your eye sockets because of the person sitting beside of you. Harry felt his heart clenched at the sight of you. Holy fuck.
"I told you he's hot." Marty leaned in to whisper to your ear.
The entire night you ignored Harry. His gaze, his voice, his smile, his hands, everything. You ignored him.
Out of all the people with the surname Styles, he of course had to be the successful piece of shit that also happens to be your ex-boyfriend.
Harry wanted to say he was uncomfortable or sad that he met you tonight. But no, he was happy. Ever since the both of you broke up, he was sure that he'd never see you again despite you seeing, "See you, Harry."
The memory of it all was engraved in his brain, playing like a broken record. As nights fill his days, he felt like his college self again. Just laying down pillows beside him and pretending that the person he was hugging was you.
But this time it hurted him even more. Before, it was just a small crush and he was sure he wouldn't see you again simply because he didn't knew you. But now, he was sure he wouldn't see you again because he was just a character from another chapter in your life.
"Are you still mad at him (your ex boyfriend) for cheating on you?" He says laying at the hood of his beaten up Toyota with you curled up against him and playing with his hands.
"I guess not anymore." you shrug after a small silence.
"Why?" He faces you and lays an arm around your waist to prevent you from going at the edge of his car.
"You know that saying that's like 'Life is like a book, you will never know what happens until you flip the next page." kind of shit? That's how I look at it. A character from another chapter that I decided to flip on. Literally and figuratively." You chuckle.
"Ah, I better not do anything to make you flip on me then." He jokes tangling your legs together as he places both hands underneath your shirt for warmth.
"You better or I will annotate you with the red sticky note."
"I thought your red sticky note was for smut?" He blurts out.
"How did you know that?" You snap your eyes on him with a teasing smile.
"Know what? You must be hungry already baby, let's go buy you food—" he rushes out sitting up instantly.
"You read my books didn't you!" You laugh wrapping your arms around his back and pulled him down to lay with you.
"No I didn't!" He huffs turning his back on you.
"Look at my big smart engineering major boyfriend reading smut. It's romantic honestly." You giggle poking his sides.
"I just read it so I know what you...prefer." He explains still his back on you.
"My preference on fucking?" you laugh in amusement.
"Ye- No! Stop it!" He mumbles with his cheeks turning red.
"It's okay baby, I knew you were getting ready for our first sex anyways." You smile at the memory of him reading one of your smut filed page, and him whispering out a low 'She likes these things?'
You always liked at how logical he was and wanted to appear dominant to others even though he was just a small boy inside who had a thing for Legos.
"Did not!"
"Did yes!"
"Ye—" the banter was interrupted with the ringing of Harry's phone and a "Mummy" flashed as the caller ID.
"I am so telling Anne." you snatch his phone, hopping down the car.
"Y/N!" He shouts in terror and runs after you.
"So Harry how's the company?" A man named Ryan says while sipping on his beer.
"'S fine." he shrugs. He didn't like talking about his work out of work. He always tried his best not to be a workaholic and balance his life well so he doesn't lose more people he loved.
"It better be, you're at the Forbes cover for the millionth time man!" Another person praises making Harry smirk beneath his shot glass.
His ego was always something he couldn't control well, especially when people tolerated it.
You rolled your eyes at him. Even though you couldn't see him, you just knew he was smirking. You never understood how Harry always believed he didn't deserve anything good in his life and at the same time be the most egotistical little shit you knew.
"Y/N, what about you?" Ryan asks.
This made your eyes widen and cough on your drink. "Sorry what?"
"How's your work?" he repeats.
Your heart was hammering in your ribcage. Popularity was never something you thought about when you were picking your major. Money? Sure. But you were very set on pursuing your dream to be a writer and be happy instead of doing a job you were gonna be rich with but be unhappy. The inner bookworm in you is really to blame for as she was the one that took 'YOLO' seriously.
"You own a library right?" Alan says with a mocking voice. God, you always hated him.
"Uh yeah." you cough, trying to come off as aloof.
"That's cool!" Hana breaks the silence making you smile at her.
"Thank yo—"
"Thank God, you had that Yale degree to own a library Y/N." Alan cuts you off making everyone laugh. This only made you shrink back on your seat.
"Didn't your fiancé left you? I wonder why." you bit back scoffing at him. But deep down you knew he was right— you just didn't want him to know he was.
You were so focused on your humiliation that you didn't even notice Harry staring at you.
Before he had the chance to say something to Alan, the conversation had already moved on. God, he wanted to hug you so bad. He just needed your hugs.
"It landed on Y/N!"
You were drunk. Drunk and horny and tired. You really blamed the vibrator Marty got for you as a "joke." And now you were playing spin the bottle.
"Aish, I'm so sorry Y/N." Ryan sends you a sheepish smile making you blush.
"Oh um-" You were all flustered, definitely not ready to kiss Ryan.
"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" they all chanted making your cheeks to redden.
Harry was livid.
He watched as you stumbled over your words and tried to maintain his composure. He swore he tasted blood with how hard he's biting down his lip.
You stood up, from the chair— encouraging yourself to not be a pussy and actually have fun. But before your hands could even touch Ryan's face, a large hand turned your head to the side and smashed their lips with yours.
Your eyes were wide and filled with shock as you watched Harry's lips stilling on yours and-- fuck-- his hand on your lower jawline while he places his thumb on your chin to keep you in place. His lips were so soft, cold with the taste of beer on his tongue, as he inserted it in your mouth.
Harry didn't expect this, no. He expected you to push him away but no, you just kept going. As he pulled away from the kiss, your breathing heavier than normal and mouth slightly agape. His nose was barely touching yours and that was when he saw it, you wanted more.
God, he was desperate for your touch.
"Holy shit!" Marty exclaims, while Ryan stood there with a little grin.
"Well, that's taken care of." Ryan chuckled sitting down again.
"I swear on Ryan's dick there was tongue!" Marty laughs making Ryan throw one of the napkin's at her.
You weren't able to process anything so Harry cleared his throat. Using his thumb to wipe some off the lipstick off and pulled out your chair for you to sit back in again.
You haven't even fully composed yourself yet when Harry used his foot to pull your chair closer to his and wrapped his large hand on your thigh— tugging you closer till you were in the same chair as him.
You choked on your breath and looked at his face for any sign of explanation. But no, the asshole sat there with a small curve at the side of his lips.
You looked around, feeling the fear that maybe someone might catch you, but immediately sighed in relief for you and Harry being seated next to a wall and no one beside you to suspect anything.
He should really start to think about touching your hand in the darkened room, cause now he's afraid he can't seem to stop.
It was when he started inching his hand upwards, until it settled on your upper thigh, slightly grazing your underwear as you were only wearing a dress. He used his index finger to trace the visible dampness in your underwear. Tracing circles on your skin and leaving goosebumps on where he touched.
"Harry." you gasped.
"Tell me if you're uncomfortable, Y/N." He whispers to your ear, stilling his hand for a while and you immediately shook your head. "Use your words, sweetheart."
"No." you breathed squeezing your legs due to the intensity of the pleasure. Although it wasn't successful as Harry immediately used the hand on your thigh to open it again.
"Hey Y/N, remember that time we went to that picnic and an old couple told you  and H you were a beautiful husband and wife? That was the highlight of my fucking year!" Ryan said laughing with Marty.
Harry smirked, using two fingers to run up and down on the front of your underwear. Your hand immediately clasped on Harry's wrist but he didn't stop, making it harder for you to collect your thoughts. That bastard.
"Y-yeah." you said flashing him a smile and him doing the same, but you regret it instantly when Harry scoffed.
Pulling the edge of your panties aside, he used his two fingers to spread you before plunging in his finger. Making you jolt on your seat.
"Y/N was probably the kindest person in our university, I’ve always wanted to take you out to dinner so we can be closer, you know?" Ryan continued on making you squeeze your eyes shut when Harry started rubbing you in a clockwise motion, going faster.
Ryan please shut up.
"Oh yeah?" Harry spoke up with a sinister grin questioning Ryan in a mocking voice before inserting another finger in you.
Oh God.
"Alright, round 10. Go spin the fucking bottle, Y/N."
As soon as you all separated, Harry had dragged your hand to his car.
"Good Evening Mr. Styles. Where to?" His driver said looking in the rear view mirror.
"Home. Also, please turn on some music. Thanks." He instructs making the driver— you haven't got the name of— nod and do as told.
As the window separating you and the driver starts to close, you climbed on to Harry's lap— kissing him feverishly.
Like you said, you were drunk and horny.
To say Harry was taken back was an understatement. When you realized he wasn't kissing back, you pulled back feeling the impulsiveness slowly fade. "I'm-"
But before you could even continue, his hands had already pulled you back to his lips. He was so fucking hungry for you, wanted you all over his skin.
As your weight shifted down to his crotch, letting yourself press up against him. The pressure underneath you was so tempting so you immediately started rubbing on his bulge.
Rolling your hips against his, you felt him hum in your mouth— his hands caressing your waist and pushing you down even more on him.
"Fuck-- we have to keep quiet, okay baby?" He says in to your hair, breathing heavily. You only nod in response, the pleasure overwhelming you.
"Harry," you groan tossing your head back as Harry kissed and sucked on your neck while thrusting his hard on into your clothed cunt.
As he stopped, you immediately whined, stopping as Harry traced over your pussy while before letting his fingers rip the lace panties.
"Come here darling." He grabs your wrist gently, opening his legs a little more for you to sit on his left thigh. With shaky legs you complied, your bare pussy touching his slacks.
Goosebumps covered your arms as he kisses along your neck becoming more rough with you. Harry sighed dreamily on the feeling of your heat against his thighs. He ran a finger on your slit, rubbing it up and down.
Thrusting his leg up to your sensitive pussy causing you to gasp aloud putting both hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. He kisses along your collarbones, whispering dirty encouragements to you, "Rub your cunt on my thigh, like a good little whore you are."
As you grip his shoulder, beginning to roll your against his thighs, you almost came at the feeling of his muscular thighs against you. He wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you closer to his body until your breasts were touching his chest.
He ducked down, pulling one of your tits out of your lowcut dress and started suckling on it. Lapping his tongue on your nipple, before pulling away and bumping the tip of his nose to your nipple.
"What are you doing?" you drunkenly giggle as he starts to nuzzle his face on your chest.
"I love your body so much." he mumbles lovingly, almost cooing.
You smile down at him, feeling your heart flatter at his words. "H. Stop that." you push him down to lay down at the seat, laughing when he starts blowing a raspberry on your boob.
With a lazy smile, he pushed your ass towards his cock, stuffing his thigh in between your legs more. "Didn't tell you to stop, did I pretty girl?"
"Hm... no." you smirked, running a hand down his chest whilst grinding down against his thigh. You absolutely did not know where this sudden confidence came from but Harry seemed to like it with the way he shuddered when you started palming the prominent bulge in his slacks. "shit."
He is so fucking hard for you, your mouth almost watered at how thick he was against your palm.
Harry bit his lip, eyes hooded and only focused on the way your eyes were dilated and desperate. "My little baby's gonna use me, no?"
"Shut up." you snapped at him, quickening your pace. He only grinned smugly at you, pushing you down harder with every roll of your hips.
Your breathing started getting heavier and heavier, the way Harry was looking at you up and down, determined to make you cum— it was all too much. You fell downwards, gripping the edge of the seat beside Harry.
"Christ." you moaned, your hips starting to create circles on his thigh. He grasped your jaw in between his thumb and pointer finger, connecting your lips together.
"Told you to keep quiet." he murmured in your mouth, pinching the flesh of your harshly feeling frustrated that he couldn't smack it.
"I'm sorry— so, so good." you mewled against his lips, failing to keep up with Harry's lips.
"Open your mouth darling." he ordered in a commanding yet quiet tone, panting heavily you obliged, letting your tongues meet his.
He licked at your tongue, mouths all molding together, you felt your high coming as the kiss started growing more urgent. Your eyes closed involuntarily, your hands squeezing Harry's shoulder tightly as you picked up your pace.
"That's my girl, go on baby-- use me." He whispers to you, watching your glossy eyes and parted mouth while tucking a loose hair strand away from your face.
And that was when you heard the driver open the car door-- soon the opening of gates was heard.
"Fuck it Y/N." he says finally brings his hand down to your ass, watching it jiggle with his harsh slap.
"Oh God. I'm gonna come." You moaned as your hips starts grinding down in a rushed pace.
"Daddy..." you panted mouth in the shape of an "O", your nails digging into Harry's forearms— pussy clenching and unclenching around his thigh.
Harry groaned at the nickname that you always used against him if you wanted something. "That's it-- fuck, my little fucking slut,"
"Mr. Styles? Were here now." You hear his driver knock at the tinted window.
"Pull your dress down, I expect you to have your ass up when I get in the house Y/N." He says not even bothering to wipe the white substance on his trousers. You only nod, feeling spent but the thought of Harry finally being inside of you was enough to make you wake up.
"Use your words, baby."
"Yes daddy."
After telling all his workers to go home so he didn't have to worry with them getting traumatized, he ran up the stairs with a new found excitement and almost falling flat on his face with perhaps too much excitement.
Harry should've known that even after all these years, it was still you that please him. Just you that he craved. And now he's fucked, because after seeing you eyes all drunk and groggy, naked and on your hands and knees, he didn't want to stop wanting you anymore.
He took you by your ankles and tugged you to the edge of the bed-- shocking you. You were trembling so beautifully before him. His white cum was dripping from your small hole, throbbing around nothing, asking to be filled.
"Do you want to do this Y/N?" He asked, smoothening his palm on your butt cheek, a trail of clothes before him.
"Yes Harry."
"What does my baby need, hm?" He taunts, bending over so his lips were touching your ears.
"Your-your cock."
"Beg for it." he breathes, voice above a whisper.
"What if I don't want to?" you challenge.
Harry furrows his brows at this, "I didn't ask you to, I told you to fucking beg for it."
"And if I don't?" you smirk, wiggling your ass against his crotch.
"I think I've had it with your mouth." he glared at you in irritation, while you only smiled innocently making him more furious.
"You were being so good for me." he huffs, "Then you started talking back." He brings his hand to your neck, choking you. The metallic rings in contrast to your warm skin was enough to let you know that his rings will leave marks. "Stay there."
He brought his finger to rub over your wet floods before putting his finger inside of you, his rings caressing your skin. "Look at you, so fucking soaked for me." He says running his hand over your ass, making you gasp once he slapped it. The sound of it echoing around his room.
"I don't like it when you disobey me Y/N." he rasps, bringing his hand down again on your ass.
"I wasn't disobeying, I was just questioning you." you point out, earning another hard slap from Harry. You held back a whimper that was threatening to escape.
"You like it when I get angry don't you baby?" He seethes, your ass burning with every smack he gives you. "Tell me Y/N. Tell me how much of a whore you are for me."
You only moaned loudly as your knees starts getting weaker with every contact with his hand. Fuck, you can't help it when he looked so hot being all dominant over you.
"Answer me when I'm talking to you Y/N." you felt his finger come in between your legs, before wrapping his lips around his now wet finger and moaning around it. Hearing him mumble, "So fucking good." underneath his breath making a mental note in his brain to eat you out next time.
"Y-yes." you shakily say, jumping slightly when his other hand was soothing along your ass. He moved his hands away, before flipping you over and helping you stand up.
"You did so good, my love." He whispers to you, cupping your face and pressing kitten like kisses all over your face. "Do you want to continue?"
"Yes." you eagerly nod, wrapping your arms around his slim waist.
He smiled down at you, "My baby's so good to me." Without noticing, he inserted two fingers in your mouth until his rings were touching your lips. "Do you deserve to be fucked, Y/N?"
"Please.. I n-need it." you whined, feeling yourself get more aroused as he pulls out his fingers in your mouth and brings it down to your pussy, sliding it in without a warning.
"Do you?" he teases pumping his fingers in a rapid pace before turning you around and grinding his cock to your bare ass.
"Y-yes." It was so hard to focus with the way he was pushing his fingers against you— you almost riding his hand while Harry peppers kisses along your neck.
"Good..." He whispers on your ear, biting your earlobe before pushing you down on the bed again. "I want to fuck you, Y/N. Can I baby?"
"Yes... yes...fuck..." You cry out pushing your ass harder against his dick.
You've been waiting all night for him, you needed him to fill up your tight cunt-- stretching it with his huge cock of his.
"Are you sure about this, love?" He asks trailing a hand on the back of your legs, spreading you out for him and grasping every part of your body that he can.
"Yes! Please daddy!"
"Since you begged so nicely..." his fingers flutter around your cunt, stroking his ego even more at the wetness of you before rubbing circles on your clit while his other hand pumped on his dick.
The sight of his length was enough to make your knees wobble with anticipation. More so, feeling nervous with how large he was.
He guided his fully hard erection towards your cunt, rubbing it slowly on your dripping wet slit. Your pussy was soaking his bare cock as he continued to rub it in you. Teasing you even more by thrusting the head of his dick in your aching cunt before pulling it out.
"Please..." you begged, the teasing killing you slowly.
"Please what baby?" he says burying his face on the nape of your neck, sucking bruises on every part of you and waiting for you to say the nickname he loved so much.
"Please daddy..."
"There you go princess." He instantly found his way back to your throat, squeezing it and groaning at the vibrations of your moans. Lining the tip of his cock in your entrance, eyes closing and muscles tensing up as he pushes into you.
"Harry," you whimpered, his cock buried deep inside of you, your lower lips split around him and walls contracting, desperately trying to adjust to his size.
The way you whimpered at the fullness was enough for Harry to want to fuck you senseless. Fluttering his eyes closed, gritting his teeth, unable to move with how you were clenching around him.
"You can move, H." you re-assure, Harry not wasting a second before snapping his hips to you, balls thwacking against your ass.
"So fucking tight." He groans, choking you harder and using your throat as leverage to push your hips to meet his thrusts. You were already tightening around him, not used with a cock as large as his.
Harry was convinced he was addicted to the feeling of your walls stretching against him. "Tightest pussy I've fucked." he huffs, sliding out slowly until only the head was in, before slamming back in.
"Feels so good." you sobbed, his rings around your neck-- squeezing you harder with every thrust and his cock plunging in you so so deep, was overwhelming your senses.
His dick was filling you completely, fucking you up so good. Your body jerked roughly with every shove of his cock, the mattress rocking forward. "Do you like my cock, Y/N? Hm? Too big for you-- stretching your tight pussy?" this time, he moves his hands to your hair, gathering it all in his one hand before tugging it back.
"Holy fuck—Harry!" your mouth fell open with a loud moan when you started feeling your ass slapping with his pelvis with every thrust.
"You feel so good, darling. Fuckin' gripping my cock with your little fucking hole." a deep growl escaped his chest, watching as his cock moved in and out of you with sloshing sounds with how wet you were.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as his other hand went from your hips to your nipples, pinching it with his fingertips lightly. You were so fucking slick around him, clenching and squeezing him. He fucks into you hard because he wanted to, driving his cock deep into you with such urgency to a point where you could feel him bulging in your stomach.
You couldn't stop the sobs and moans coming from your mouth anymore, and Harry thrived off it. Pounding into you recklessly, his hands tugging on your hair, slapping your ass and choking you. He slams merciless in you, every thrust sent another shock in you, sharp thrusts fucking into you as his moans went directly into your ear.
"Don't stop. Oh my god, don't stop. Please, don't stop." you cried out, your hands clawing at the sheets as your mascara runs down your cheeks. Your ass cheeks were burning red, raw and painful with Harry's hand marking it.
"Look at you... haven't even been inside of you for 5 minutes and you're already falling apart for me. " He taunts, pressing a sloppy kisses behind your ear, while one of his large hands easily wrapping around your fragile throat, squeezing it a little, relishing the way your lips parted and was gasping for air.
"I-I'm gonna come." you whined, as Harry's thrusts didn't falter, only speeding up to your core even more.
"Yeah? You gonna cum for me sweetheart? C'mon, make a mess on daddy's cock." He coos at you, gathering all your hair in his hand while your body shook rapidly.
"H-Harry," your mouth fell open, Harry's cock pounding into you relentlessly as you felt yourself falling apart in front of him, walls fluttering around his cock. "F-fuck."
He's in fucking bliss right now, throwing his head back and muttering curses over and over again. You looked so so pretty under him, soaking his cock and whimpering helplessly while he fucked you senseless.  
He couldn't stop. Even when your walls clamped around him so tightly—babbling and drooling, he wanted more. Rearing his hips back, and thrusted in and out of you in a pace that started slow and deep, and quickly escalated to ruthless pounding; not letting any of your cum be wasted-- wanting it all around his dick.
"Harry...I-I haven't adjusted—Ah!" You tried to push him away, legs trembling to close and restrict his freedom of movement but his large hands pushed down your inner thighs, keeping them apart as his large cock slammed into you over and over.
"Tell me if you want to stop, Y/N." He breathed, making eye contact with you as he slows down his thrusts.
"N-no, you're just so fucking big, H." your eyelids fluttered close as you tried to catch your breath.
He smirked, pleased at your answer. "I know." he whispered to you, "Knew you'd be a good girl and take my cock." Your cunt was drooling around him, his length coated with your slick and dripping out of you with every thrust, the lewd squelching sounds, were music to his ears.
Your pussy was so sensitive and sore with how much Harry was filling you up. You were desperate to escape the overwhelming feeling and quite literally clawing the sheets with tears in your eyes, sobbing at how big he is, only for him to pull you back with his heated hands popping against you hips and slamming you back down on his cock with an absolute bloodthirsty smile and hot breath against your ears drum as his voice comes out in an intimidating and gruffly deep growl.
"Where do you think you're going?" He slams back in and out of you and your can hear the dizzying, wet slaps and slams over your moans, a rough hand around your throat. "Not yet finished, darling."
He flipped you around, burying himself deep inside you once more, the excess of your cum was a mess between your thighs and you looked up him through tear stained eyelashes. Pushing you down at the mattress, wrapping your legs around his waist and placing your arms on his shoulders. "God, how are you so fucking tight—ahh shit."
His pelvis was colliding hard on your rear, your whole body shaking around his hold and his heavy balls were slamming against your clit with every deep thrust. "Daddy-- I c-cant..."
"You can, Y/N." he growled, his other hand pushing your left leg higher to open up your pussy for him to see.
He curled his fingers around your soft strands of hair, everything about you was soft. Your skin, your smile, your touch, your plush hot walls. All of that was his. And only his.
"Ever been fucked this good? Huh baby?" He pinched your chin with his pointer finger and thumb, forcing you to look up at him. You only whined in response, but Harry only shoved his cock harder into you. "Use your fucking words, Y/N."
"Yes, yes, yes! Oh my-- can feel you so deep, H. F-feels so—ah—good!"
"Wasn't so hard, was it?" He taunts making you nod vigorously, gasping when he started hitting your g-spot. "Can't even speak."
He pulled your hair back, making your back arch in to the mattress, hips moving in their own to meet his thrusts. He was going to fill you up. Over and over again. Till your cunt was overflowing with his cum. Till you were full of him for days. "Who owns your cunt, baby?"
"You." you breathed-- closing your eyes.
"What's that? You have to speak louder, pet."
"You-- ahh-- Daddy!"
"That's right, I own this pussy. Fucking love it." His fingers tightened on your throat, pounding in you harder. "Look at me, Y/N. Look at how I'm fucking your dirty little cunt."  he groans, flipping the two of you over and having you ride him instead, hips slamming and rutting against him desperately.
"Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck me harder, please daddy-- please. 'M so close." you whined, the feeling of your ass smacking Harry's pelvis every time you moved, cock bulging in your tummy.
"Yeah? Gonna be a good girl and cum for daddy?" His long fingers reached up to wrap around your throat, forcing you to bounce even faster on his thick girth.
"Oh my god, oh my god," Your boobs were bouncing with you, your senses overwhelmed with the feeling him hitting your sweet spot repeatedly, you moaned. Tongue lolling out of your mouth and eyes closing tight.
Placing your arms on his thighs, as his dick was deeply buried in you, you kept on grinding on him. Harry reached for your breasts, squeezing them in his hands as he felt himself about to come.
You were so fucking deep inside of him. Your pussy squeezing him incredibly, making him choke on his words as you slammed back down on him again and again, taking him impossibly deeper. his hands scrambling to grip the bedsheets, "shit."
"Daddy!" You scream reaching your climax, hard. Squirting onto his thighs and the bed beneath you.
"FUCK!" He growled-- his cum shooting inside of you, filling you up with it.
"Good girl," he hummed, thrusting hard, nudging against your cervix as he softened inside of you. "My good fucking girl." His arms wrapped around your waist as your body collapsed onto him, heaving for air as your body convulsed from another orgasm.
A mixture of both your cum were flooding the bed sheets, as you cried out when he started to pull out of you— moving you to the side.
"'M tired, goodnight Y/N. Sweet dreams." he yawned, immediately pulling you close to him, cocooning both your bodies with the large duvet.
"Night H."
Nonononono. Fuck!
How could you be so so stupid?
You looked down to see a sleeping Harry with his head buried in the valley of your breasts, arms wrapped around your frame. God, he was so cute looking like this. You had to stop your hand from running through his locks as it was all disheveled on top of him.
Carefully, you roll him over to the side making him plop down on his face— eyebrows twitching for a second before relaxing and snoring again. You sighed in relief, thanking the universe for how much of a heavy sleeper he was.
It was absolutely humiliating having to run around his house absolutely naked, trying to find your underwear before just saying fuck it and wearing his boxers underneath your dress. You decided not to leave a note just because what the fuck would you say?
"Thank you for burying your dick in me🥰🙏"
No. That was just too much for you. And decided on putting some medicine and water on top of his bed side table. You still couldn't believe Harry as in the man who would knit a cardigan for you just because you wanted one and both you and him couldn't afford it— lived like this now.
After doing the walk of shame in front of Harry's security guard at the gates, you walked to your apartment wondering to yourself, "maybe I took some drugs and hallucinated that." and jumped up and down behind your apartment door with a giddy smile.
WARNING: surprise pregnancy
(AN: IDEK HOW TO BREAK IT TO Y/N LIKE DO I WRITE "hey bitch why did you have unprotected sex?!" BARE WITH ME PLS)
"I'll be back with your results, Ms. Y/L/N." Doctor Weener stands up from his seat smiling at you.
It's been weeks since your encounter with Harry and you have started to get concerned with the amount of throwing up you have done, so here you are. You placed your palm on your knees to stop the shaking of it, breathing in deeply-- trying to calm yourself down.
Your head turned at the sound of the doctors shoes padding against the floors. He sits down, placing the papers in front of him and taking of his glasses. "Ms. Y/L/N, are you sexually active?"
You choked on your breath, eyes widening "What?"
Dr. Weener sighs, "When was the last time you had intercourse?"
"I— um... around 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure of the exact date. W-why?"
"Ms. Y/L/N... you're pregnant."
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