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#lian harper
asherella-is-a-dork-3 · 7 hours ago
Secrets out team finds out 2 electric boogaloo
"Back up?" The former robin raised a brow as he was pushed aside as the team of misfit young heroes intruded their way into his home or well his family's home, the female archer scowled as she poked a mildly sharp nail into damian's chest
"What else?, What else are you hiding from us i thought we were all equals and trusted each OTHER!" Lian shouted the last part for emphasis as the rest of the team followed her lead with yelling at the young man infront of them
"You had a baby and you hid her from us!?" Irey west yelled as she slapped damian's shoulder
"I thought you were my best friend but Appreantly iam just not the kinda guy you tell about anything" jon argued
Milagro rolled her eyes "your really stupid enough to loose a great support like us?"
Jai looked around curiously "where is she? Who's her mother? Is she a supe? Does she know about any of this?"
Damian wayne was getting angrier with each reply "ENOUGH this and my private life isn't any of your business!" His outburst made lian steamed with fury
"We as in you me and them are a team and most of all FRIENDS damian wayne so whatever happens to me you or any of us means it's all our business so you tell us-!" Lian was stopped halfway through her lecture when a little girl in cat ears smiling up at her "hi" annie smiled at them lian blinked "..she can stay"
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secret's out team finds out
"What the hell do you mean a kid?," lian said in shock leaning agenst the kitchen table her dark bangs falling over her eyes
Roy nodded "i mean a girl maybe three or four it's hard to tell, you should have seen the face he had when she squirmed out of dick's arms and lectured him on manners then when he asked for his keys she ran off saying he'll catch her when pigs have asses i think she got a few sayings messed up but whatever. i say make his life hell kid if he's been hiding her he's hiding other important shit"
Lian sat back rubbing at her face "iam raining hellfire on that asshole."
"What the ever living fuck is wrong with you?!" The archer yelled in the face of the former robin
"Harper what are you doing at my house?!" The man stepped back
"Oooh dont think your getting out of this damian. I brought back up"
Part 3 up soon :) let me know for any requests
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ungodlyroys · a day ago
Tumblr media
overview ↷
cheshire, a.k.a jade nguyen, is a vietnamese* assassin and mercenary. she is a master toxicologist, her trademark being poison fingernails. jade is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, sword fighter, triple-jointed acrobat, and so proficient in various languages that she can sound like a native speaker or a tourist*. she is considered to be one of the best assassins in the world, second only to lady shiva. not only is she a skilled assassin, jade also shares a beautiful daughter with roy harper named lian.
for the majority of her existence in comics, jade was biracial (wasian) and born to a french father and vietnamese mother. after the festival of heroes anthology released in may, it is possible that her father’s race and ethnicity was retconned.
languages she speaks: english, french, mandarin, cantonese, vietnamese, russian, and many more.
i would cover her backstory but i believe her experiences could be triggering, so i’ll likely save that for a different post or not include it at all.
recommend readings ↷
genuinely some of jade’s best appearances and a great insight into her character. these stories demonstrate a lot of jade’s inner conflict regarding roy and lian.
new teen titans (1984) #20-21
action comics weekly (1938) #613-618
the titans (1999) #22, #27, and #30
other recs ↷
these are great to comics read to see jade work as a mercenary. they give you insight to “cheshire’s” personality and her traits as an assassin. plus, there are interactions with other characters outside of the titans.
new teen titans annual #2 [1st appearance]
tales of the teen titans (1985) #51-52
booster gold (1986) #16-17
birds of prey (1999) #4-6
birds of prey (1999) #63-65, #67
best media ↷
young justice cartoon.
the episodes she appears in:
season 1: episodes 6, 10, 12, 23, and 25
season 2: episodes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16
season 3: episodes 8 and 10
might want to avoid ↷
her appearances in deathstroke the terminator, villains united (2005) #1-6 and secret six are NOT recommended as a starting point for jade. her appearances here are heavily rooted in the dragon lady trope. generally speaking, there’s nothing here that does anything good for her character. you’re welcome to read it of course, but i wouldn’t recommend either of those runs if you’re looking to understand her character better.
her most recent appearance is in ‘masks’ by ram v and audrey mok in the festival of heroes anthology. she’s only around for a couple of panels, but it does [spoilers] bring lian back into continuity. jade is expected to appear next in the harley quinn 2021 annual in august, and there are rumors of possible appearances in infinite frontier and the current catwoman run. stay tuned!
Tumblr media
i hope this was helpful and any feedback is appreciated! <3
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rainbow820 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Outsiders vol 3 #17)
Um hi DC if I could actually have this back instead of what you’re doing that would be great. 
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deepsixfanfic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Especial Edições: Pride Month [04/05]
Resolvi fazer Aro e Ace juntas porque até agora só tem elas que são na equipe. Caso tenha ficado confuso, Lian é Ace e Nicolle é Aro.
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judedeluca · 2 days ago
DC Comics Ric-rolled Lian Harper
“Don’t you mean Rickrolled?”
No I mean Ric-Rolled.
Tumblr media
No memories of her family and friends? All past development scrubbed clean? Committing crimes just to stay alive?
Do we mean Shoes or Ric Grayson?
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villainapologist · 2 days ago
waaaaait i thought lian harper shoes or whatever was a one time thing but they are actually sticking to it lmaoooooo
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why-i-love-comics · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Catwoman #32 - "Everything You Know About Selina Kyle" (2021)
written by Ram V art by Evan Cagle & Jordie Bellaire
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c-a-s-s-iopeia · 3 days ago
lian came back in catwoman of all books?
this era of dc is looking pretty promising but i got burnt by rebirth, i really don’t want to get invested again just for shitty events to take over and have lots of potential squandered lmao
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secondgenerationnerd · 5 days ago
Milagro: *going up to Colin with two dress* hey, what do you think? Red dress or black for tonight?
Colin: *trying to be a good boyfriend* oh I don’t know. You’ll look beautiful in whatever you decide.
Milagro: oh, well, thank you, but I’m actually having a hard time deciding, so I was hoping you could pick
Colin: either way you’re going to be the prettiest one at the party, babe, I love you so much.
Milagro: okay, I love you too and I know you think I’m beautiful and this isn’t a test. I just *deep breath* which dress would you prefer to see me in tonight?
Colin: *oblivious as hell* I prefer you just the way you are—
Milagro: Oh my god *turns around and walks down the hall* HEY, LIAN?! RED DRESS OR BLACK?!
Milagro: THANK YOU
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It's that time again! Here's the preview for Flash #771
(spoiler warning)
Tumblr media
(Cover of the Flash #771)
So to start it off we have the cover. I'm thinking that we will probably see Wally revisit Heroes in Crisis from Barry's point of view. Hopefully, this will reframe the incident to be the speedforce's fault, rather than it being Wally's fault. (As we've seen in the other issues with the speedforce lashing out and causing explosions). Revisiting this will likely be extremely painful for everyone involved so expect angst.
Tumblr media
(Variant Cover for The Flash #771)
Here we have the variant cover for the issue and you can clearly see that it has a different tone and subject matter. This cover is a tribute to Wally and Roy's relationship and history. Given the events of Heroes in Crisis (Wally accidentally killing Roy when he lost control of the speedforce) we will likely get a lot of angst specifically revolving around Roy. Especially because Ollie is sitting in on this (he can hear and see everything Wally does). Ollie in particular is only helping out for Barry's sake, he's not particularly a fan of Wally right now so that'll be interesting to see.
I really like how they are referencing Wally and Roy's full history in this cover, from being Teen Titans, Titans, friends, best friends and parents together. Roy and Wally are both hotheaded and definitely fight but the two have been through so much together, they both walked away from the Teen Titans to do their own thing, they both became dads at a time their other friends weren't, they took care of each other's kids and they both lost their children and had to grieve them. The two of em are just too similar sometimes, I think that's why they clash on occasions.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Preview of the Flash #771)
Now onto the actual preview, Wally is stuck in the cartoon version of Eobard Thawne, is surrounded by this universe's Legion of Doom and the speedforce has apparently killed Superman. I'm assuming Wally won't be in this universe for very long, I'm also assuming that this universe will provide most of the humor for the issue, as the rest of it will likely be extremely angsty given the content.
Anyway, I'm very excited for this issue!! It looks great!
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aeligsido · 6 days ago
I'm curious but is there a good Arrowfam discord server out there? I would like to join one and talk about my love for them with other people but i have like,,,, no idea if it exists,,,, (the server i mean, not the fans idjdjd)
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secondgenerationnerd · 6 days ago
So, Jai got a vasectomy after Luke... How was that omega conversation?
Jai and Lian love their teammates.
After getting home from the hospital, with their newborn son sleeping in his car seat, they’d expected the same chaos they’d left a few day earlier. Instead, they walk into a spotless home, delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, and their twin daughters playing with their cousins. Jai trying to kiss his brother-in-law really just sealed the deal.
“You all are amazing,” Lian relaxes back into her favorite easy chair. Lily and Milly climb into their mommy’s arms, cuddling up against her.
“We know.” Milagro laughs, wiping Ben’s face. “Figured you two could use some help.”
“Personally I regret it.” Damian catches his daughter as she runs by. Giggling, Asha tries to wiggle away. “Easy, my love. Be careful with the babies.”
“Okay, Baba.” Asha finally breaks free. As she joins Charlie and Peter at the kitchen table, a tiny cry fills the room.
“Uh, oh.” Lily looks up at Lian, “Bubba swad, Momee.”
“Oh?” Lian runs her fingers through her daughter’s dark hair, glancing at Jai moving to the bassinet. “You don’t think he’s hungry? Or has a yucky diaper?”
“No, he nee kiss kiss.” Milly says matter of factly.
“What’s up, buddy?” Jai coos, checking Luke’s diaper. “Well, Baby Dolls, you’re right that he’s sad, but he’s got a stinky diaper.”
While Jai changes Luke, Jon hands Mar’i their younger daughter, Mary, and starts getting the dirty dishes. Irey nods at her twin when he finishes, “You planning on giving Mom and Dad more grandkids?”
“Thought it was your turn, Sissy.” Jai snorts.
“I gave them their first.” Irey teases back, relaxing against her husband. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, Damian kisses her temple.
“Considering my wife and son almost…no. We’re done.”
Colin snorts, letting Ben climb into his lap, “I’m shocked Lian let you near her again after the girls.”
“Shut it, Wilkes.” Lian sticks her tongue out at him. She trades the baby dolls for a still fussing Luke. “I know, Bubba, you’re hungry.”
As Lian situates herself to nurse, Jai nods at Damian, “oh, im not sure if it’s too late, but I’m going to need some time off.”
“Shouldn’t be an issue. May I ask why?”
“Got a consultation for a vasectomy and was hoping to get it done soon.” Jai kisses his daughters’ faces, “Li’s done more than her fair share with the monsters.”
Hearing an odd laugh from the kitchen, the team looks over at Jon. The super holds onto the counter, dishwasher half filled. Mar’i raises an eyebrow at her husband, “You okay, Superbabe?”
“Yeah, sorry.” Jon tries to calm down, “I was just wondering if Jai and I should form a ‘my balls are purely for show’ club.”
The others blink before cracking up. Luke grunts unhappily as Lian squirms.
“It hurts to laugh,” she holds her lower belly, “but, holy shit, Jon!”
“Am I wrong???”
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butwhyduh · 7 days ago
Hair Bows
Tumblr media
Roy Harper x batsis!reader
Summary: a date turned into a play date turned into work. Basically Lian taking over Titans tower. And canon has no home here.
“I’m just about to head out the door,” you said over the phone, still doing your hair. Roy wasn’t the most punctual guy and this was your way of coping. If you were also always late, it didn’t bother you as much.
“Wait,” Roy said and you heard a muffled sound like him running his hand down his face. “I can’t go.”
“Why not?”
“My babysitter punked out at the last minute so I can’t leave Lian. I’m sorry,” he said.
“Oh, uhhh, bring her,” you suggested, hopefully sounding casual. You’d met her a few times but nothing big and your date was just a walk in the park. Nothing a kid couldn’t do. And you were hoping to be a little more seriously dating.
“Seriously?... on a date?” He asked.
“Not if you don’t want to. But I just thought we were going to the park and we can let her run around. You know what? Never mind, if you need to stay home it’s cool. I don’t know anything about kids-“
“Hey, it’s a good idea,” he said stopping your ramble. “I just wasn’t expecting it. Most people don’t want someone else’s kid on their date.”
“Most people shouldn’t date people with kids if they can’t be around them,” you answered, finishing up. “Now am I meeting you both at the park or..”
“Now I know why I’m dating you,” Roy said and you could hear the smile through the phone. “I’ll pick you up. Lian’s not a fan of riding in other people’s car so Uber is out.”
“Can’t blame her. See you soon,” you answered.
You had changed into a slightly less sexy and more family friendly top and sensible shoes by the time Roy picked you up. Can’t chase a kid in heels.
Roy looked nice in a button down and jeans with no holes in them. Not a trucker hat in sight. And of course, Lian was a doll in a spring themed dress and leather bottomed sandals. The first thing she showed you was an impressively high kick.
“And it’s okay because dad makes me wear shorts under it. For taking out punks,” she said knowingly. You nodded.
“For punks. Good idea.”
“In case they get fresh,” Roy said to you as she ran to a slide.
“Fresh? She’s 5. Maybe Lian should teach me that move. I know this guy that’s always trying to get fresh,” you said as he wrapped an arm around your waist from behind and rested his head on your shoulder.
“Hmmm, should I kick his ass,” Roy said playfully.
“I’d pay to see you kick your own ass,” you said with a laugh.
“Ouch, and I thought you liked me,” he said, sounding dramatically wounded. You laughed again.
“The entertainment value tho. Hard to beat.”
“So many ‘hard to beat’ jokes I would make right now,” he whispered in your ear and you pulled out of his arms. You were rolling your eyes but the grin ruined the disapproving air you were trying to have.
“Not that kinda date,” you reminded him and as if on cue, Lian ran over to Roy and grabbed his hand. She started dragging him to a food truck.
“Can we get a funnel cake? Or ice cream? Or a hotdog?” She asked excitedly.
“Hotdog and then ice cream on top of a funnel cake,” he said in a mock serious tone as he bent down beside her. She grinned widely. “We aren’t animals!” She squealed and dragged him to food truck.
You grinned as you watched them. Roy had fucked up a ton but this was not one of those times. Nope, he was a great dad. He looked back at you confused as why you hadn’t joined them and you jogged over to them.
“Sorry, just lost in thought,” you said as they made your food. Roy had a hand casually around your waist as Lian tried to swing on his other arm.
“Bout what?” He asked.
“How good a dad you are,” you admitted. He gave you a shy crooked smile before kissing your forehead.
“You bats are always in your head too damn much. But thanks,” Roy ended softly. He handed Lian a giant hotdog that she promptly started eating before giving you your food and he his. “Let’s find a spot to sit before you drop that giant hotdog.”
As Lian licked sticky sweet ice cream coated funnel cake pieces off of her arm, Roy’s phone went off. He smiled apologetically before getting up to answer it. A few minutes later he came back to the table looking even more apologetic.
“Titans business. I have to go but...” he started, running a hand through his red hair. “I don’t have a babysitter.”
“I could watch her,” you suggested and Lian looked up at him kinda sad. “I could watch her at the tower. You’d be right there but we’d stay out of the way.”
“You sure? That isn’t too much?” He said unsure, looking between you both.
“Yeah, I’ve watched kids before. And I know the tower really well. We’ll watch movies and fall asleep. Do you want a sleep over?”
“Yeah! Go on dad, I’m fine,” she said waving a hand at him. You both laughed. “Dads,” Lian said rolling her eyes playfully. Yep, she’s Roy’s alright. “Do you have popcorn?”
“Yep! And I know where my brother Tim keeps the good imported stuff,” you said and she grinned.
“Not too much. Or staying up too late. Or anything scary or too grown up,” Roy said on the way to the tower. “And if anything happens. Anything. Get to the panic room.”
“I know the procedures,” you said putting a hand on his shoulder. “And I can keep her safe. Don’t worry. We’ll have fun.”
“And I can kick punks!” Lian said proudly.
“And she’ll kick punks! I’m hoping she hits Gar first. Did you know he can turn into any animal? He just chooses to be a punk,” You said and she giggled.
“Alright. No kicking punks unless it’s really important because-“
“My body is a weapon. I know, dad,” she said, rolling her eyes.
Roy repeated the same sort of things up in the living quarters of the tower before giving you both a kiss. “Stay safe,” he said before going downstairs.
Some of the younger Titan recruits didn’t leave on the mission and were hanging out or training. You walked Lian over to the couch and went to find a movie she might like. You dusted off the dvds they had. Probably hadn’t added any new ones in many years with the extensive funding of Batman giving them every streaming service ever.
“How about this movie,” you asked, holding up a sun bleached dvd case. “Space jam?”
Lian looked at it carefully before nodding. You put it in the player and came back. “What about popcorn? Dad says movies are crap without it.”
“Oh,” you said. “Right. I’ll make some.”
“Popcorn?” Came a voice around the corner before the next you saw was a wind of red. “Hey kiddo,” Bart aka impulse said to Lian before shaking her hand. “Let’s pick a movie. There are some pretty good ones I haven’t seen. I’ve seen 12 movies.”
“Only 12,” she frowned skeptically and you took the opportunity to go in the kitchen and make popcorn.
“Hey, did you let Lian have speedster piggy back rides,” Tim aka Robin said ducking his head in the kitchen.
“No,” you said quickly running in the living area quickly. “Okay, enough of that. I don’t think her dad would be cool with this,” you said pulling her off of him. She pouted a little.
“Why does it smell like fire,” Cassie asked from the hall and you hurried back in the kitchen to see a flaming bag turning in the microwave. Before you could do it say anything, Bart opened the microwave and tossed the bag into the sink where the sponge lit on fire. Lian shrieked and you jumped up turn on the water to put them both out.
“That popcorn smells ewwie,” Lian noted. You sighed and pinched your brow. This is fine.
“I’ll make more and you go pick out a movie. And nothing else,” you emphasized.
“Yes, ma’am,” Bart said with a salute. Tim winced.
“Sorry, he’s a lot.”
“One minor kitchen fire is not too bad. Have you heard from the mission?” You asked as you cooked the popcorn.
“Not yet. But no news is usually good news,” he reminded you and you nodded. That’s what Roy always said. You grabbed the bag and went in the living room to see an entire hot pink tackle box filled with every kind of hair tie and bows and baubles. Bart was sitting on the floor and Lian was currently tying a bright yellow bow in his huge mass of red hair.
“She wanted to do his hair so I got my stuff,” Cassie said.
“She’s a natural. She doesn’t rip out half as much hair as Cassie,” Bart said with a grin. You sat on the couch near them and started the movie as the popcorn passed around.
Halfway through the movie, Tim’s phone goes off. He looks at it and frowns. “Alright guys, we got to suit up.” They grumble but get up. Bart does a quick shake that reminds you of a dog and all the bows vibrated out of his hair. Lian laughed and tried to catch them as they fell out.
“Lian, give me just a minute to talk to Tim,” you told her and she nodded before putting a red barrette in Cassie’s hair. You walked in the kitchen with Tim.
“Is everything okay? Dick? Roy?” You asked quietly.
“I’m not sure. We’re just being called in. I’ll try and let you know more,” he said. You nodded and hugged your baby brother.
“Be safe out there.”
Lian was sitting on the couch as the cartoon played and she had moved on to putting bows on the fuzzy blanket on the couch. She yawned as she put bows in your hair and you looked at the time. It was probably close to bed time for her.
“Lian, do you want to lay down while watching your movie?”
She yawned again and nodded. “Yeah, dad will be home late again, hu? Work?” She was pretty used to his hero duty.
“Yeah, but I’m here.”
“Yeah, you’re here,” she said before laying on you. You froze for a second before feeling your heart warmed. She rubbed her popcorn greasy face into your shirt before getting comfortable. After a short while she was asleep and you pulled out your phone to take her photo.
You wanted to send Roy the photo but didn’t dare disturb him. You kept worrying about him and Dick and now even Tim as they fought. Why had they needed the back up? Were they hurt? In too deep? You had a hard time doing anything but worry.
Lian turned in her sleep and all but pinned you to the couch with her little fists gripping your shirt. You pulled the blanket over her. You tried to stay awake but once it hit 2 am and you were trapped on a couch with no lights on, you fell asleep.
Around 4 am, the team wandered in the tower slowly. They hushed one another as they saw you and Lian on the couch. Roy came in and stopped to look. He took out his phone and took a bunch of pictures of you both with a smile before he hobbled to the medical bay to be cleaned and patched up.
“Hey,” he whispered while gently tapping your shoulder a little while later. You woke up blinking in the light. “I’m going to carry her to the car. Are you coming?”
“Oh, yeah,” you whispered back. Roy carefully pulled the little girl off of you and she clung to his shirt in sleep. He grabbed his bag of gear as you got up with a stretch. You waved bye to everyone before leaving.
Halfway down the road, Roy turned to you. “She really seemed comfortable on you.”
“Yeah, she climbed up herself. I was a little surprised. I guess I didn’t mess up tonight,” you said with a little self deprecating laugh.
“Nah, you did great. I had to hear all about it from the kid heroes on the way back. The hair bows was genius,” he said. The car quietly pulled in his driveway.
“That was Cassie. And when Lian saw all of Bart’s hair her eyes went wide like a cat at a ball of yarn,” you laughed.
“Yeah, she’s a fan of long red hair. Ask me how I know,” he said shaking his hair and you laughed. Lian moved in her sleep.
“So she ripped out your hair so Bart’s could survive,” you said quietly.
“Something like that. Can you get the door,” he said before scooping Lian out of her car seat. You held the door as he carried her to her room and laid her in her toddler bed that currently had a Superboy blanket. She had just about any hero you could image in some product or another.
Roy met you in the kitchen. “Thanks, you know. For watching her today. I appreciate that,” he said. You tossed him a water bottle.
“Yeah, she’s awesome. We had fun,” you said, leaning on the counter with your elbows. Roy came up behind you and rubbed your shoulders.
“Not everyone is cool with dating a dad so thanks,” he said. You turned your head to look at him.
“Well, they are missing out. Got my own DILF,” you teased.
“Oh god, I’m a DILF,” Roy said with a hint of horror in his voice. “Speaking of ILF... I know someone I’d like to ILF,” he said kissing your neck and pressing himself against your back. His hands moved under your shirt and up to your chest. “Wanna take it to my room?”
“Thought you’d never ask.”
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I finished my pride dress, along with Mar’i and Lian’s!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s black in normal light, but it’s made of reflective fabric and turns rainbow like the second picture.
Mar’i’s: ( @not-dick-grayson )
Tumblr media
She wanted a unicorn, so I did unicorn
And Lian’s:
Tumblr media
She said make it cool and not too girly, so this is the result.
I let both girls help sketch their dresses and pick the fabric and colors :)
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Would you do G1 with dick roy
Ps,I love your art so much,,,,,,,,🤤
Tumblr media
Sorry anon, I misread G1 as H1, so this is the wrong pose...but maybe the bonus baby Lian might make up for it?
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judedeluca · 10 days ago
With all the teases about Lian as a little kid, like how she was featured in the Infinite Frontier Secret Files story and the variant cover for Flash, it’s clear that the whole “Shoes” thing was a very last second development...
Or the team working on Catwoman hadn’t felt the need to tell everyone else until the other comics started featuring the nods about Lian which seems very unprofessional and was also one of the biggest problems with the New 52.
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Things My Heart Used to Know
Anastasia au where Jason loses his memories and now goes as "Jay". Roy Harper finds him and decides to present him to the Waynes as Jason Todd
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