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#libby's creation
buckleyirondad · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hello from the outside (note: no slander towards Chimney or Buck will be tolerated on this edit)
Image Description: Blended scenes of Buck and Chimney from Fox’s 9-1-1. In the lower right-hand corner of each gif, there are lyrics from ‘Hello’ by Adele. 
ID One: Scene from 110 ‘A Whole New You.’ Buck and Chimney laugh as look at Bobby’s dating profile. This fades into a scene from 504 ‘Home And Away,’ of Buck and Chimney in the seconds after Chimney punched Buck. The lyrics read ‘I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.’ 
ID Two: Scene from 404 ‘9-1-1, What’s Your Grievance.’ While stocking the ambulance, Chimney looks up at Buck, with a guilty look on his face. This fades into 504 where Buck sits at the table in Chimney’s apartment, he looks at Chimney with a sad look. The lyrics read ‘There's such a difference between us and a million miles.’ 
ID Three: Scene from 504 ‘Buck Begins.’ In the firehouse kitchen, Chimney slowly approaches Buck, concerned. This fades into 505 ‘Peer Pressure.’ Buck sits on the outside of the ladder truck, listening to Chimney’s voicemail message. The lyrics read ‘Hello from the other side I must've called a thousand times.’ 
ID Four: Scene from 404. Chimney is asking Maddie if she’s going to tell Buck about the family secret. This fades into 504. Buck sits on his balcony, he looks at Eddie (who is out of frame) with a sad expression. The lyrics read ‘To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done.’
ID Five: Scene from 505. In the locker room, Chimney lowers his head. This fades into 505. Close up of Buck sitting on the ladder truck, in the aftermath of hearing Chimney’s voicemail messages. The lyrics read ‘But when I call, you never seem to be home.’
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sul-soo · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— 𝖽𝗂𝖽 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗁𝖾𝖺𝗏𝗒 𝗋𝖺𝗂𝗇𝖽𝗋𝗈𝗉𝗌 𝗐𝖺𝗄𝖾 𝗎𝗉 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗅𝗂𝗍𝗍𝗅𝖾 𝗉𝗋𝗂𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗌𝗌 𝖿𝗋𝗈𝗆 𝗁𝖾𝗋 𝗌𝗅𝗎𝗆𝖻𝖾𝗋? 𝗈𝗋 𝗐𝖺𝗌 𝗂𝗍 𝗁𝖾𝗋 𝗁𝗎𝗆𝖺𝗇 𝗆𝖺𝗆𝖺 . . . ?
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randomestfandoms-ocs · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Libby Denbrough in If We Fight (Chapter 1) and We’re Still Standing (Chapter 2)
Libby Denbrough was many things; a twin, a big sister, a caregiver, the most self-sacrificing of the Denbrough siblings, a writer, exhausted, and absolutely determined to find her baby brother.  Although Georgie has been missing for months, the twins haven’t given up on him.  So when summer begins, they’re quick to drag their fellow losers into the sewer - into a walking nightmare.  As their summer goes from bad to worse, and she begins to lose all hope, Libby finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about the world.  But despite that, there’s one thing that she can confidently add to her list: Libby Denbrough is going to have to kill this fucking clown.
Forever Tag List: @themildestofwriters @gottaenjoythelittlethingzz @dancerdramatic14 @seaweedhufflepuffocs @iceandwaterfairytail @agb-random @foxesandmagic - want to be added to the forever/fandom/character tag lists for fics or all content?  shoot me an ask!
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libbybleu · 3 years ago
having someone shit on something i’ve spent a lot of time putting my heart and soul into making a beautiful and amazing is a really fucking bad feeling
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fatehbaz · 5 months ago
Author and professor Robin Wall Kimmerer spoke up for the [...] rights of land itself as a living ecosystem last Thursday [March 2021], vying for a shift in perception of nature in language and policies. From Syracuse, New York, Kimmerer spoke at Macalester’s Engel-Morgan-Jardetzky Distinguished Lecture on Science, Culture and Ethics over Zoom on the topic of “restoration and reciprocity.” [...]
Guest speaker Kimmerer [...] argued in her lecture to rethink the westernized ideology of land as property in favor of the Indigenous ideology of land as identity, sustainer and teacher.
“Most of our [western] institutions privilege this one view.” Kimmerer said. “[But] land is understood as the place where we enact our moral responsibility to all of life [in the Potawatomi Nation].”
Kimmerer is a Distinguished Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and an enrolled member of the Potawatomi Nation. [...] Her book “Gathering Moss” was awarded the John Burroughs medal for nature writing in 2005. “Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants” was awarded the Sigrid Olsen nature writing award. Wall Kimmerer has also authored numerous scientific papers on plant ecology, bryophyte ecology, traditional knowledge and restoration ecology. 
Kimmerer also spoke of land as a source of knowledge, a sacred healer and ancestral connection, as well as the residence of our non-human plant and animal relatives, instead of the colonialist treatment of land and ecology as capital.
“Almost all of us live in a way that we are harnessed to institutions and certainly to an economy that relentlessly asks ‘What more can we take from the earth?’” she said. “And really, the question needs to be ‘What does the earth ask of us?’ [...] We need to rethink this notion of human exceptionalism and seek justice for all creation.”
Kimmerer also focused her lecture in part on how the language we use shapes and reflects our perception of the world, and proposed adding the pronouns “ki” and “kin” (plural) to English for plants and animals instead of using the term “it.” Kimmerer said this pronoun change would support traditional Indigenous knowledge, scientific knowledge and the knowledge of plants themselves. [...]
Kimmerer gave several non-Indigenous definitions of sustainability she has encountered in science in the U.S., including “developments that seek to produce sustainable economic growth while ensuring future generations’ ability to do the same by not exceeding the regenerative capacity of nature,” as it read in her presentation. Kimmerer said her native elders did not agree with this westernized scientific view of sustainability.
“In fact, what they said is, ‘It sounds to me like they just want to keep on taking,’” Kimmerer said. [...]
Kimmerer ended with an analogy in the Potawatomi language of the prefix “mni,” as in Minnesota.
“In our Potawatomi language, the word [mni] for ‘berry’ and the word ‘to give’ mean the same. [The language] asks us to be like the berries.”
Libby Sykes. “Ecologist, author Robin Wall Kimmerer proposes “reclaiming the grammar of animacy” at Engel-Morgan-Jardetzky lecture.” The Mac Weekly. 11 March 2021.
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Copyleft lawsuit against Vizio will allow anyone to defend the commons
Tumblr media
When the free software movement started to make headway, proprietary software companies like Microsoft went to war against it, describing the licenses at its core (like the GPL) as “viral licenses” to scare companies off from using free software.
The GPL is a software license that coders add to their work that says, “You can do anything with this — change it, sell it, copy it, incorporate it into something else, BUT…you have to redistribute the new projects under the same terms.”
In other words, we are making a software commons — code that anyone can use and improve, but only if they agree to maintain the commons. Like any shared resource, commons need protection from freeloaders who take but do not replenish.
When Microsoft called that a “viral” proposition, they meant that participating in free software meant that they’d be legally required to maintain the commons. Microsoft didn’t want a commons — they wanted a private preserve with a big lock on the gate.
But the commons won — Microsoft, and most other tech companies — ended up embracing free software, using it, adhering to the license terms, and contributing back.
This isn’t a fairy-tale happy ending. As Mako Hill described in his brilliant 2018 Libreplanet keynote, Big Tech found ways to comply with free licenses without giving back to the commons — they gave us “open source” and got “software freedom.”
Smaller tech companies couldn’t pull of that move. Most of them fell into line, but many of them just flat-out cheated, betting that no one would drag them into court.
They bet wrong. Linksys ripped off GPLed code and in 2008, the Free Software Foundation forced them to comply with the license. That worked out great! It led to the creation of DD-WRT, a widely used free/open wifi base-station firmware.,_Inc._v._Cisco_Systems,_Inc.
FSF was able to credibly threaten Linksys’s parent company, Cisco, because the authors of the programs Linksys ripped off had assigned their copyrights to the Foundation. That gave it “standing” to sue.
You see, in order to seek civil justice in the courts, you need to be an injured party. If your neighbor punches pizza deliverator in the face, you can’t sue, because you weren’t injured. You don’t have standing.
The thing is, there’s far more free software whose copyright wasn’t assigned to FSF than code that the FSF has the copyright to, and thus standing to defend against violations like Linksys’s.
For many of these projects, copyright is diffused over dozens or hundreds of programmers. They have standing to enforce the license, but likely lack the resources to sue a giant corporation. So some companies made a calculus that they could rob the commons with impunity.
One such rip-off artist is Vizio, a company with a long history of incorporating free software into its products and then stonewalling when demands come in for them to follow copyright law and release the code to the products they built from the commons.
Vizio’s free ride is over. The nonprofit Software Freedom Conservancy has filed suit against Vizio to force it to comply with the GPL — and this legal challenge has the potential to change the game for GPL enforcement in a profound way.
You see, the Conservancy isn’t suing on behalf of the copyright holders whose code Vizio is illegally using — it’s suing on behalf of the users of free software who are injured by Vizio’s attack on the commons.
The Conservancy’s argument is that free software users also have standing to enforce the GPL, because a failure to comply with the GPL harms them. They call this “Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement.”
And because the Conservancy’s goal is to create a bigger commons, they have pre-committed to refusing cash settlements — they will settle for full GPL compliance, and nothing less.
If they manage to establish that free software users have standing to enforce the GPL, it will upend the broken system that has let companies like Vizio flout the law for years while making vast profits off the commons-based labor of software authors.
The Conservancy relies on donations for its operations. I’m an annual donor. Here’s where you can give to them, too:
Image: Nathan Keirn (modified)
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flufffysocks · 5 months ago
let's talk about andi mack's worldbuilding
sorry this took forever to make! i've been pretty busy with school stuff and i kind of lost my inspiration for a bit, but i ultimately really enjoyed writing it! i wish i could've included more pics (tumblr has a max of 10 per post), and it kinda turned from less of a mini analysis to more of an extremely long rant... but i hope it's still a fun read!
i've been rewatching the show over the past few weeks (thanks again to @disneymack for the link!), and i’ve been noticing a lot that i never did the first time around. this is really the first time i’ve watched the show from start to finish since it aired, and it honestly feels so different this time - probably a combination of the fact that i’m not as focused on plot and can appreciate the show as a whole, and also that the fandom is much, much smaller now, so there’s a lot less noise. so the way i’m consuming this show feels super different than it did the first time, but the show itself doesn’t - it’s just as warm and comforting to me as it was the first time around, if not more so.
i think a lot of that can be attributed to andi mack’s “worldbuilding”. i’m not quite sure that this is the right word in this context, to be honest, because i mostly see it used in reference to fantasy and sci-fi universes, but it just sort of feels right to me for andi mack, because you can really tell how much love and care went into constructing this universe. for clarity, worldbuilding is “the process of creating an imaginary world” in its simplest sense. there’s two main types: hard worldbuilding, which involves inventing entire universes, languages, people, cultures, places, foods, etc. from scratch (think “lord of the rings” or “dune”), and soft worldbuilding, in which the creators don’t explicitly state or explain much about the fictional universe, but rather let it’s nature reveal itself as the story progresses (think studio ghibli films). andi mack to me falls in the soft worldbuilding category. even though it takes place in a realistic fiction universe, there’s a lot of aspects to it that are inexplicably novel in really subtle ways.
so watching the show now, i’ve noticed that the worldbuilding comes primarily from two things - setting and props, and oftentimes the both of them in tandem (because a big part of setting in filmmaking does depend on the props placed in it!).
one of the most obvious examples is the spoon. it really is a sort of quintessential, tropic setting in that it's the main gang's "spot", which automatically gives it a warm and homey feel to it. and its set design only amplifies this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the choice to make it a very traditional 50s-style diner creates a very nostalgic, retro feel to it, which is something that's really consistent throughout the show, as you'll see. from the round stools at the bar, to the booths, to the staff uniforms, this is very obvious. the thing that i found especially interesting about it though is the choice of color. the typical 50s diner is outfitted with metallic surfaces and red accented furnishings, but the spoon is very distinctly not this.
instead, it's dressed in vibrant teal and orange, giving it a very fresh and modern take on a classic look. so it still maintains that feeling of being funky and retro, but that doesn't retract from the fact that the show is set distinctly in modern times.
of course, this could just be a one-off quirky set piece, but this idea of modernizing and novelizing "retro" things is a really common motif throughout the show. take red rooster records. i mean, it's a record shop - need i say more? it's obviously a very prominent store in shadyside, at least for the main characters, but there's no apparent reason why it is (until season 2 when bowie starts working there, and jonah starts performing there). a lot of the time, though, it functions solely as a record shop. vinyl obviously isn't the most practical or convenient way of listening to music, but it's had its resurgence in pop culture even in the real world, mostly due to its aesthetic value, so it's safe to say that it serves the same purpose in the andi mack universe.
Tumblr media
the fringe seems to be nostalgic of a different era, specifically the Y2K/early 2000s period (because it's meant to be bex's territory and symbolic of who she used to be, and its later transformation into cloud 10 is representative of her character arc, but that's beside the point). to be honest, exactly what this store was supposed to be always confused me. it was kind of a combination party store/clothing store/makeup store/beauty parlor? i think that's sort of the point of it though, it's supposed to feel very grunge-y and chaotic (within the confines of a relatively mellow-toned show, of course), and it's supposed to act as a sort of treasure chest of little curios that both make the place interesting and allow the characters to interact with it.
Tumblr media
and, of course, there's andi shack. this is really the cherry on top of all of andi mack's sets, just because it's so distinctly andi. it serves such amazing narrative purpose for her (ex. the storyline where cece and ham were going to move - i really loved this because it highlights its place in the andi mack universe so well, and i'm a sucker for the paper cranes shot + i'm still salty that sadie's cranes didn't make it into the finale) and it's the perfect reflection of andi's character development because of how dynamic it is (the crafts and art supplies can get moved around or switched out, and there's always new creations visible).
Tumblr media
going back to the nostalgia motif though, the "shack" aspect of it always struck me as very treehouse-like. personally, whenever i think of treehouses, there's this very golden sheen of childhood about it, if that makes sense. i've always seen treehouses in media as a sort of shelter for characters' youthful innocence and idealistic memories. for example, the episode "up a tree" from good luck charlie, the episode "treehouse" from modern family, and "to all the boys 2" all use a treehouse setting as a device to explore the character's desire to hold onto their perfect image of their childhood (side note: this exact theme is actually explored in andi mack in the episode "perfect day 2.0"!). andi shack is no exception to this, but it harnesses this childhood idealism in the same way that it captures the nostalgia of the 50s in the spoon, or the early 2000s in the fringe. it's not some image of a distant past being reflected through that setting; it's very present, and very alive, because it reflects andi as she is in the given moment.
some honorable mentions of more one-off settings include the ferris wheel (from "the snorpion"), the alley art gallery (from "a walker to remember"), SAVA, the color factory (from "it's a dilemna"), and my personal favorite, the cake shop (from "that syncing feeling").
Tumblr media
[every time i watch this episode i want to eat those cakes so bad]
these settings have less of a distinctly nostalgic feel (especially the color factory, which is a very late 2010s, instagram era setting), but they all definitely have an aura of perfection about them. andi mack is all about bright, colorful visuals, and these settings really play to that, making the andi mack universe seem really fun and inviting, and frankly very instagrammable (literally so, when it comes to the color factory!).
props, on the other hand, are probably a much less obvious tool of worldbuilding. they definitely take up less space in the frame and are generally not as noticeable (i'm sure i'll have missed a bunch that will be great examples, but i'm kind of coming up with all of this off the top of my head), but they really tie everything together.
for example, bex's box, bex's polaroid, and the old tv at the mack apartment (the tv is usually only visible in the periphery of some shots, so you might not catch it at first glance) all complement that very retro aesthetic established through the settings (especially the polaroid and the tv, because there's really no good reason that the characters would otherwise be using these).
Tumblr media
besides this, andi's artistic nature provides the perfect excuse for plenty of colorful, crafty props to amplify the visuals and the tone. obviously, as i discussed before, andi shack is the best example of this because it's filled with interesting props. but you also see bits of andi's (and other people's) crafts popping up throughout the show (ex. the tape on the fridge in the mack apartment, andi's and libby's headbands in "the new girls", walker's shoes, andi's phone case, and of course, the bracelet). not only does doing this really solidify this talent as an essential tenet of andi's character, but it also just makes the entirety of shadyside feel like an extension of andi shack. the whole town is a canvas for her crafts (or art, depending on how you want to look at it. i say it's both), and it immensely adds to shadyside's idealism. because who wouldn't want to live in a world made of andi mack's creations?
Tumblr media
and, while it's not exactly a prop, the characters' wardrobe is undoubtedly a major influence on the show's worldbuilding. true to it's nature as a disney channel show, all of the characters are always dressed in exceptionally curated outfits of whatever the current trends are, making the show that much more visually appealing. i won't elaborate too much on this, because i could honestly write a whole other analysis on andi mack's fashion (my favorites are andi's and bex's outfits! and kudos to the costume designer(s) for creating such wonderful and in-character wardrobes!). but, i think it's a really really important aspect of how the show's universe is perceived, so it had to be touched upon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[^ some of my favorite outfits from the show! i am so obsessed with andi's jacket in the finale, and i aspire to be at bex's level of being a leather jacket bisexual]
and lastly, phones. this is a bit of an interesting case (pun intended), because the way they're used fluctuates a bit throughout the show, but i definitely noticed that at least in the first season terri minsky tried to avoid using them altogether. these efforts at distancing from modern tech really grounds the show in it's idealist, nostalgia-heavy roots, so even when the characters start using their phones more later in the show, they don't alter the viewer's impression of the andi mack universe very much.
so, what does all of this have to do with worldbuilding? in andi mack's case, because it's set in a realistic universe and not a fantasy one, a lot of what sets it apart from the real world comes down to tone. because, as much as this world is based on our own, it really does feel separate from it, like an alternate reality that's just slightly more perfect than ours, which makes all the difference. it's the idealism in color and composition in andi mack's settings that makes it so unmistakably andi mack. even the weather is always sunny and perfect (which is incredibly ironic because the town is called shadyside - yes, i am very proud of that observation).
the andi mack universe resides somewhere in this perfect medium that makes it feel like a small town in the middle of nowhere (almost like hill valley in 1955 from "back to the future"), but at the same time like an enclave within a big city (because of its proximity to so many modern, unique, and honestly very classy looking establishments). it is, essentially, an unattainable dream land that tricks you into believing it is attainable because it's just real enough.
all this to say, andi mack does an amazing job of creating of polished, perfect world for its characters. this is pretty common among disney channel and nickelodeon shows, but because most other shows tend to be filmed in a studio with three-wall sets, andi mack is really set apart from them in that it automatically feels more real and tangible. it has its quintessential recurring locations, but it has far more of them (most disney/nick shows usually only have 3-4 recurring settings), and it has a lot more one-off locations. it's also a lot more considerate when it comes to its props, so rather than the show just looking garish and aggressively trendy, it has a distinctive style that's actually appropriate to the characters and the story. overall this creates the effect of expanding the universe, making shadyside feel like it really is a part of a wider world, rather than an artificial bubble. it's idealism is, first and foremost, grounded in reality, and that provides a basis for its brilliant, creative, and relatable storytelling.
tl;dr: andi mack's sets and props give it a very retro and nostalgic tone which makes its whole universe seem super perfect and i want to live there so bad!!
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manojoaquin · 26 days ago
Location: Pyit Time: later-later in the evening
Was Joaquin seeing double?  Or were there indeed two Libbys sitting opposite him, on the other side of the fire?  He could make her out, and she seemed to be by herself.  But Joaquin didn’t trust himself to stand up and go over to her, so instead, he was content to watch Libby, and Libby’s friend Libby.
He saw her, playing around in the sand it seemed - her earth attunement.  She seemed to be using it in interesting ways, and Joaquin decided he wanted in on the fun.  Just for himself, nothing major.  But oh - how he loved his attunement; and seeing Libby (and Libby) playing with her’s (theirs), was inspiring.
So he decided to make a third Libby.  This one, entirely out of flame.  He concentrated the fire to shape it from a blob to something with a face carved out, and hair.  Joaquin stopped there (making a body of Libby III seemed...inapprorpriate) so he just turned the face towards Libby I, and it made a little fiery voiceless roaring face at her.  
“Ha!” he exclaimed, triumphant with his creation as he pointed at Libby I and Libby II, then at Libby III.
Tumblr media
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banana-sims · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Libby is studying communications but really enjoys doing content creation on the side of her studies. She mostly does style and beauty videos with some vlogging!
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blursed-ninjago-ideas · 8 months ago
Bro I’m down for hearing about OC’s and stuff
You asked for it!
First of all, no I don’t have any ideas for who tf Lloyd and Cole end up with. I just wanted to make some kids, So you can pick almost whoever you want for them.
We’re going to start with some mechanics for how Elemental powers are passed on. My headcanon/theories about how Elements are passed down, is that the oldest will inherit the father’s element (if applicable, if not, the mother’s element will go to the oldest), the second will inherit the mother’s (If applicable), and if any element masters have more kids then there are elements in the couple, the extra(s) will inherit a “dead” element, or an elemental that had no heirs before passing, like Wind or Time. If there aren’t any dead elements left, then the spare is normal. So if Ray and Maya had a third child, or if Libber/Libby had a second they probably would’ve been the master of wind.
In order of age, Oldest to youngest:
Edwina (AKA, Winnie), Master of Lightning, Jay and Nya’s first daughter. Named After Ed and Edna Walker. Winnie is hyperactive and takes a lot after her father, but appearance wise she takes after her grandmother, Libber/Libby. She’s the girlyest girly girl to even walk Ninjago. When she was a baby, Jay and Nya called her “Eddie” but as soon as she was old enough to make demands, she demanded a more feminine name, and has gone by Winnie ever since (Call he Ed or Eddie and she will shock you so hard you won’t be able to remember your own name.)
Lucas, Master of Earth. Cole’s son. Named After Lou Brookstone. A lot like his father, but maybe a bit more confrontational and pig headed. Complains about being surrounded by girls and fights to no end with Winnie (Being the two oldest, they clash over who should “be in charge” a lot) He’s built like a brick wall and takes a lot of pride in his strength. 
Pyrrah, Master of Fire, Kai and Skylor’s first daughter. Named for her bright red hair. Probably the most attention grabbing of the group (which saying something considering she’s standing next to Winnie) A bright gay butch filled with so much fiery chaos. (cute girls are her biggest weakness) She is protective and will openly display her overflowing emotions readily. The more expressive she is with you, the more she cares about/trusts you. She is noticeably stiff and quiet when she’s uncomfortable or on edge. If she’s yelling, you’re safe. Quiet glaring means she’s out for blood.
Marina, Master of Water, Jay and Nya’s younger daughter. Named for her element because Winnie was already lightning so they knew. Very calm and quiet. Not necessarily shy, but you might get that impression. She doesn’t mind talking or being the center of attention, she’s just used to letting her big sister do most the talking, and doesn’t mind being in the back. She is pretty smart like her mom and is a secret pun master. When she makes a joke or pun to you is when you’ve officially become her friend. Appearance, looks like her grandmother Maya.
Mabel, Master of Amber, Kai and Skylor’s younger daughter. Named for her element because Pyrrah was already fire so they knew. Mischievous and a bigger troublemaker than her sister. Mabel is the real agent of chaos between the two. She will legit pull the “I’m baby” card and get away with murder. She is the best at understanding other people’s points of view so she is the best peacemaker... when she chooses to be. She’s also a great manipulator. 
Morgen, Master of Energy, Lloyd’s son. He looks just like Lloyd. The Garmadon genes are STRONG. He’s the baby’s baby, so he’s never going to get taken seriously. Resents this fact, but low key has accepted it. Is angsty AF. Not for any real reason, he’s just like that. He will roll his eyes, and in extreme conditions, bite. Usually found following Mabel around and helping her do devious things.
Echo, Master of Ice, son of Zane and Pixal, He’s technically the youngest, although he’s seen as Lucas and Aurora’s age by the group. (I am aware that the sudo-canon is that Echo is Mr. E, but that isn’t for this, Echo’s complicated creation/birth to follow) Echo is confused a lot and still trying to figure this whole thing out. A lot like Zane in his early days, but he relies on his friends and “cousins” to help him understand. He loves them with all his heart and is happy to learn more about them everyday. Will absolutely hear your reasoning out for ANYTHING, no matter how crazy or nonsensical it is, he wants to understand. He gets easily dragged into crazy shenanigans because of this. Generally just a pure boy who wants his friends to be happy.
(He’s sort of the Echo you all know, but not. The team finally found him, but he wasn’t in the best shape when they did and didn’t last too long. Zane and Pixal tried to save his programming in hopes of bringing him back the same way Zane came back after defeating the overlord, but Echo’s programming was lacking and they could only save so much. They worked on patching it, using some of Pixal’s programming to fill in the gaps, it was a long and difficult process that they agonized over. By the time they’d gotten it all in working order, it wasn’t exactly the same Echo Zane. They’d pretty much made a new person out of all three of them. Zane and Pixal decided to keep him named Echo as a tribute to Zane’s brother that had kind of just been reincarnated as their son. They built him to be a peer to the rest of their friends’ kids who they knew would accept him and help him grow into his own person.)
Dynamic notes:
Marina and Pyrrah are the same age, so they get along pretty well. Plus Water and Fire are still a little tangled with each other (Just as lightning and water are) so they share a certain connection. They also balance each other out a lot.
Mabel and Morgen are 100% going to get together when they grow up. No one says anything about it, but it’s kind of an accepted fact. The two are near inseparable and Mabel is unquestionably Morgen’s favorite person in the world.
Mabel is usually the source of bad ideas. Morgen is always her partner in crime, though her sister gets involved every so often and Mabel will sometimes get Echo involved.
Winnie and Lucas both claim Echo as their best friend and fight over who is closer to him. (Echo doesn’t understand why they fight so much)
I’m not kidding about Winnie and Lucas fighting and bickering. It’s a constant thing with them. They fight at the drop of a hat, over anything. They fight so much nobody is sure if they’ll end up killing each other, making out, or what. Even they don’t really know (Even I don’t know where they’ll end up. I can’t decide if they should date or just be really bitter best friends.)
Pyrrah is almost as physically strong as Lucas. The two of them love competing. Arm wrestling is their favorite. Lucas usually wins, but not always, and Pyrrah is almost the only one that can beat him.
Lucas will kidnap Morgen and Echo for “male bonding”. Echo doesn’t get it, but knows it’s important to Lucas, and Morgen doesn’t like being away from Mabel, but tolerates it for Lucas’s sake.
Kai became a master with hair and does his girls’ hair. Pyrrah has a spikey undercut while Mabel had elaborate braids half the time.
Morgen wanted to dye his hair black and Lloyd told him no. He suggested the compromise of a green streak and Lloyd was suddenly taking him to Kai to get “literally anything else” done. He got black tips.
Winnie will stop at nothing to get Pyrrah a girlfriend.
Mabel will stop at nothing to rigorously test any potential girlfriends for her sister.
Pyrrah wishes they’d both stop scaring girls away like this.
Lucas and Pyrrah have a pact of sending cute girls of the wrong sexuality the other one’s way. Bi girls are a free for all though.
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Tumblr media
🌿 * : 🍯 . ゚✧ 🌻* . 🍃 : * .🐝 . *
Hello there! My name is Libby, I’m 22 and I’m a new simblr who is really excited to be officially part or the sims comunity here on tumblr. Anyway, I’m mostly maxis match/mix content and recenty I started making my own cc so I thought it was a good time to join simblr comunity and share with you my creations! Also I’ll probably post a lot of gameplay, edits, lookbooks, sim dumps and more. I’m mostly looking for some active simblrs and cc blogs to follow, I’m looking forward for making new friends!!
🌿 * : 🍯 . ゚✧ 🌻* . 🍃 : * .🐝 . *
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OC Halloween Challenge: Day 18 - Mythology AU (Greek Pantheon)
- and never will they bleed you dry (x)
Caitlin Watson as Aphrodite, Libby Denbrough as Athena, Shelley Marsh as Artemis, and Brittany Uris as Olympus
Forever Tag List: @themildestofwriters @gottaenjoythelittlethingzz @dancerdramatic14 @seaweedhufflepuffocs @iceandwaterfairytail @agb-random @foxesandmagic - want to be added to the forever/fandom/character tag lists for fics or all content?  shoot me an ask!
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Tumblr media
@bewilderedmoth​ FINE. Fine. Since today is a Monday and therefore a day much more suited for a vitriolic commentary on terrible insects, I shall fulfill your request and the anon’s. I’m warning everyone in the premises, though -  this is a “no fucks given” list, so it may get ugly at any time. Also, as usual, this is only for things that I’ve already watched, so if you know of some cricket horror and don’t see it mentioned, assume I’ve yet to get to that specific adaptation.
Alright then! To the barricades!
1) Disney’s Pinocchio (1940)
Tumblr media
The first of his genre. Look at this asshole - he’s literally the last creature I’d entrust my child to. The fact Pinocchio had to spend his first couple days of life with this guy shadowing his every step is mind-boggling, and it’s made even worse by the fact that the Blue Fairy put him in charge of another man’s kid, as though she had the right to make that choice.
(I won’t fall for the desire of dunking on the Fairy more, as this is a Cricket list, but believe me, the temptation is there. It always is.)
As Disney sidekicks go, he’s one of the worst. He’s not funny, and despite having literally ONE job he manages to fail spectacularly at it. He’s snappish at Pinocchio, he abandons his charge about two hours into the new day, he spends a much longer time flirting with female-presenting inanimate objects/animals/supernatural beings than doing any actual childrearing. He should have been forgotten the instant the movie left the theaters, but instead Disney made him one of his main mascots, giving him the role of storyteller or ghost or whatever the fuck they need him to do at the time. So not only is he single-handedly responsible for every other entry in this list, I keep finding him everywhere I turn my eyes to. A knock-off version of his Ghost of Christmas Past self was in the new Ducktales, too, so my friend freenklin (who already has had to endure many of my complaints) received some VERY disappointed scream-texts as I was liveblogging my watch. Get him out of my sight.
(Also Ewan McGregor is bound to voice him in the live action and like??? Excuse me??? Are we supposed to not make Obi Wan jokes??? Will he abandon his young padawan Pinocchio to the evil Strombolitroopers???)
2) Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1987)
Tumblr media
This movie is at the bottom of my Pinocchio adaptation ranking, and boy, does it deserve the dishonor. The story is a weird mixture of adaptation and sequel, approximately a tenth of the characters actually appear in the book, and I can’t forgive them for ruining what could have been the coolest concept ever (Pinocchio as a pawn in a fight of good vs evil) into this disgrace of a cartoon.
As for the Cricket, in this case he’s not even a cricket. He’s a glowworm, and he’s a goddamn puppet too, to whom the Fairy gave life. I wonder, is the entirety of her job just...transforming people’s creations into sentient beings so that they can lead others to a honest life? Tell me, ma’am, do you want to breathe life into my disappointing Powerpoint presentations too, so that they might bully me into graduating?
Anyway, if you’re wondering what purpose Gee Willikers (sigh) serves, the answer is NONE. Pinocchio gets rid of him at least twice (good for him) and as easily as drinking a glass of water, he’s a burden to the (admittedly cooler) additional characters, like the aviator bee, and not only is he ugly as fuck, but also so annoying every time he gets a chance to speak that it’s a miracle he wasn’t cut out in post-production.
In short, disgusting. If he entered my home I’d swat him with a flycatcher until he leaves.
3) Pinocchio (2009)
Tumblr media
This is essentially Disney’s Jiminy Cricket, but female, anthropomorphic, and with a passion for books instead of pretty ladies or ladies-adjacent objects. Mind you, a sapphic Cricket would perhaps have saved more than one adaptation, this one included, but I’m glad they skipped that part altogether. This miniseries has enough issues as it is.
I’m sorry, she’s just too annoying. Luciana Littizzetto can be funny, but in small doses, otherwise her jokes start to become repetitive. Two hours straight - and yes, it’s that much, because SOMEONE decided to follow Disney’s footsteps a little too well - are too long even for the strongest of hearts. Plus, none of the characters’ costumes are very flattering, accurate or well-made (except for Lampwick 💖), but hers just might take the cake. It looks like a mixture between a teenager’s first attempt at steampunk fashion and a Mardi Gras costume lifted from the discarded items’ bin at a cheap store. Takes you out of the fantasy more than anything else.
4) Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio (2002)
Tumblr media
I’ve talked at length of the weirdness of this movie, but all in all it’s a pretty accurate transposition of the story, from the dialogue to the scenery.
Except for him.
The Cricket in this case does appear in the scenes belonging to him, but ALSO in a long and extremely useless sequence where he tries to find Pinocchio in the Land of Toys and gets kicked around by literally everyone present. Don’t get me wrong, that’s something I would have liked to do as well, but it was totally unnecessary, and it gave nothing to the overall story. This movie still holds the record as the most expensive Italian movie ever made, so wouldn’t it have been better for everybody to  skip that part entirely? Not only it would have saved them some money, but also it would have saved me from seeing this guy for an additional fifteen minutes on my screen.
Still, pretty tame compared to some of the others. Could have been worse.
5) Once Upon A Time (2011)
Tumblr media
I debated long and hard before making this choice, and I’m not putting him in with a light heart, but before you come at me with pitchforks, please listen.
I like Archie, okay! He’s a fun character, the human side of his backstory was great and gave him a lot of depth and inner turmoil, and the concept of Jiminy Cricket being a therapist is amazing and hilarious. But he’s kind of a shit therapist, whose actions aren’t always what you’d expect from someone who’s supposed to be a conscience and a guide. And despite the show giving us the impression that he and Pinocchio had the same adventures as in the Disney movie (which doesn’t exactly endear him to me - if it wasn’t for his later character development he’d already be Lil Nas X-ing his way down to the bottom of my list), he and August never interacted on screen after the First Curse broke. Not once. And if there’s someone who needs therapy and support, that’s August Wayne Booth.
Yes, I did say at some point that I’d like to fix this in a fic. I’ll write it when I don’t have like eight projects on my table at the same time.
Finally, two scenes settled the matter for me: one, him pontificating at Snow about her trying to do everything on her own, without even pretending to help her set up the stroller she was struggling with at that very moment. I work with kids every day, I know exactly what she’s going through. Shut your mouth and open the damn stroller, Archie.
And two...That one fucking scene where he’s jumping out of Snow White’s cleavage. Honestly, what the fuck??? I wouldn’t even have remembered it if Libby hadn’t reminded me, so I suppose my brain tried to remove the traumatic memory before it caused any further damage, but it exists, and I’m still wondering why. What exactly was the deal with the writers, when they made that choice? I want a glass of what they were having, because by God, does it sound like a trip-inducing cocktail.
Aaaand we’re done! Remember, this is all part of my personal opinion, and I’m not to be taken seriously even on the best of days. Plus, my favorite cricket-esque character, aside from the book-accurate ones, is Gina from Piccolino no Bouken, who is a duck, a sassy little bastard and no closer to Collodi’s canon than any of these fuckers. So yes, when it comes to choices dictated by the heart, I am an hypocrite. Au revoir!
Tumblr media
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December Writing Challenge. Day 18 - Dancing to Xmas Songs
Libby hummed contentedly to herself as she scrolled through her phone, looking for the perfect playlist to accompany her planned afternoon. As far as she was concerned it was the law to play Christmas music whilst engaged in a Christmas themed or related activity. Anything else just simply wouldn’t do. 
After several minutes of searching, the ideal playlist was found, with just the right mixture of old classics and more modern tunes including all of Libby’s favourites. 
Libby set her phone up out of harm's way, whacked the volume up and got to work. It was Christmas Eve, and that meant it was time to make her traditional Christmas Eve tea. Well, it had been a tradition when she was a kid growing up in Cornwall and London, and now it was time to introduce that tradition to John and their new little family of two. 
Libby resisted the urge to break out the wine whilst she cooked, and poured herself a nice steaming hot mug of tea instead, which she sipped at happily. Once the vino came out Libby often found it hard to stick to one glass, and if she got pissed then her sausage rolls and scotch eggs may well turn out a little...different. 
Libby took her time in the kitchen, humming to herself and bopping her leg as a particularly good tune filled the air. She had the house to herself, and made the most of it. An hour later, with her creations baking away in the oven, Libby got the kettle on again and was in such a good mood really started to bust some moves. 
She wasn’t much of a dancer, but Libby couldn’t care less as she bopped about in the kitchen. She couldn’t resist a bit of Elton or Shakey at Christmas (or any other time of the year) and was completely unapologetic about the fact. 
Libby twirled around the room, narrowly avoiding bumping into the kitchen table as she went. Bopping from foot to foot, arms in the air and her head thrown back, she was in her element. Libby was so engrossed in fact that she didn’t notice John arrive home a little earlier than planned. On hearing the music blasting from the kitchen he immediately went to investigate and was amused to see his beloved giving it some. 
John leaned against the door frame, folded his arms and watched for a few moments with a big smile on his face. It was wonderful to see Libby enjoying herself so much. He wondered if he should announce his presence or let her carry on. John chose to keep quiet and watched for a little while longer, not wanting to disturb his lover, she looked absolutely adorable. 
As the song came to an end Libby clapped her hands together in delight, “Oh I love that song, might have to play that one again” 
“I agree love”
Libby shrieked in surprise and turned to face John with a look of horror on her face. 
“...How long have you been standing there? I didn’t hear you come in?!”
“I’m not surprised” John laughed, “The way you were going, you might want to take up dance lessons though”
“Oi!” Libby laughed in response, “Think you can do better?”
“Oh I know I can” John said with a smirk, “I’ve had years of practice on stage”
“Yeah? Go on then, let’s see those famous Deaky moves”
“It’s more fun together don’t you think?” John countered, wandering over to take Libby’s hand and place it on his shoulder. Libby couldn’t argue, especially when the perfect Christmas song started to play next that was ideal to slow dance to. 
The loved up pair embraced, with Libby resting her head against John’s chest. They moved slowly around the kitchen in small circles, softly singing along to the story of an embattled couple who clearly hated each other. It was quite funny really. 
Libby could have stayed like that all night, but then John suddenly pulled away and looked up with a frown. 
“Erm, are you cooking something? Or should that be burning?
“...Oh shit!” Libby ran to the oven and flung it open to be met with a face full of smoke. Her planned Christmas Eve dinner was no more.
“Looks like it’s pizza again then?” John quipped, “Good job I went to Asda this morning!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
音像世界 [Audiovisual World] - Sept 2006
a very wonky but delightful translation under the cut
Placebo ; We are the 21st century modern rock band                        Text/Interview with Zhang Weiwei/Xingyue 
On the first day of "2006 Beijing Pop Music Festival", "Placebo" Perform on the main stage of the company. "Placebo" is hailed as "the most Record the distinctive British music yin", this is their first time on the Chinese stage. Long talk will undoubtedly be a feast for listening to you. Mission to the last century In 1996, one named Brian Moco )lkO) boy,’ painted Seven eyes Liangying, leaving pitch black  Childish behavior:  ‘The violent red color I'm learning girls like a demon Sing a song "Nancy Kid" When I vent without hesitation Stupid material life and The emotion brought by the ft world. From the moment on stage, cloth Who is the backlog in my heart Thrown in front of the world, lead Shoulder, reputation, obsession and even People band one by one "placebo" Horribly turned out, "(Radiohead)s" "'Oasis" (Oasis) Three The altar adds a stunning                                                             Household Don't one by one Lane was born into a wealthy Bank entrepreneur, mother Christianity. Childhood, Tossed in Scotland, Libby Between Schlossburg. Serious  , And moved countless times Dogs have no fixed partners in childhood Jidu is lonely, even learning
The classmates and teachers in the school are also particularly alienated, plus , My parents ignored because of busy banking  , The physical and psychological growth of his son, Bryan from 11 I have been learning from the streets, newspapers and magazines since I was Factory women give themselves makeup and always like to surround  Women go round and round.     When he was 16 years old, his parents gave him a copy  Telecaster guitar, very sensitive to music  Brian soon bought a real price  A real guitar, and I've been obsessed with playing guitar ever since,  So that everyone can often see it on stage  Brian gently hugged the guitar one by one  He plays the role of a mother in his life  Important role. But in fact, Bryan’s parents  Straightforwardly oppose him to engage in art-father-  I want to let Brian inherit his career and become a  Bankers one by one Blaine began to use gender boundaries  Vaguely neutral dress to resist father and family  Against pressure. Until the end, Brian and his father  There is no longer any contact or exchange. In 1990, 18-year-old Brian left the family.  Came to London alone and entered Gold  Smiths Academy of Art and Drama Studies (British  The prestigious Royal Academy of Art, "Blur"  Former guitarist Graham Coxon  Coxon) also graduated from the college J. Cloth at this time  Ryan has been able to skillfully play a variety of instruments such as Ji  Him, keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone, and even DJing,  He also worked as a DJ in several clubs, but he was honest  Say that I am not very good at being a DJ0    By chance in 1994, Brian Kensington subway station encountered a later career ride   Stefan Olsdal,}     Invite him to form a band with himself and join in one,   Club performance. Osdo listened to Brian   Immediately after the song was attracted, not only that, he   , Put his Swedish friend Robert Schutz   (Robert Schultzberg) pulls into the music    Be a drummer (until 1996). Until later   , Bryan also emphasized that Osdo accepted his The moment I invited to the band was my whole life E one of the unforgettable moments. During this period, Bligh En called the band "Ashtray Heart" (Ashtray Heart) Heart)0   After quickly gaining awareness, they The band was renamed "placebo". Soon, Caroline Records has recognized this and A different young band.   In 1996, Robert Schutzberger The conflict with Brian increased and left the band, from Therefore, the position of the drummer has always been Steve Huey 特 (Steve Hewitt) instead. In the same year, the band The first album of the same name "Placebo" (Placebo) released Row. Singles "Nancy Kid" and "Young Rage" (Teertage Angst) immediately became a hit single, The stubborn and rebellious children of the entire Yao British Empire Was boosted by this three-person band, "placebo" It seems that they have been able to relieve their psychological barriers A great pill for manic heart. Just as Brian is different from   Ordinary costumes-mascara, eyeshadow, full lips, ~ Nail polish, skirts, this series will only show up The characteristics of a woman’s body are now affected by a height,The British man who is less than 1.75 meters boldly and naturally used to dress himself up. The British media took advantage of the trend and gave him the title of "fashionable Bowie". "Media reporters like to make boo heads. Maybe it's because life in the UK has always been so dull and boring. That's why they were surprised when they met me and yelled. I like "Sonic Youth" and "Sonic Youth". "Pixies", I prefer to dress myself up as I want to appear on the stage, in the MV and even in life. I just enjoy such an open-self lifestyle." Brian shrugged and said softly. In a tedious and lengthy interview after a TV show performance, Brian deliberately pointed the guard }l to the male reporter’s chest, so that the reporter was tossed by the sly Brian that he had no intention of continuing the interview. Go on, while Hewitt and Stephen are laughing together. After the album of the same name was released, the band easily got the mainstream record company Virgin In November 1998, he quickly recorded and released the second album "No "Without You I'm Nothing". This album has a rare change in the depth of the lyrics and Brian’s vocals compared to the first album. Brian in "Pure Morning" lowered his throat and reluctantly sang "Send charcoal in the snow." "A Friend in Need A Friend Indeed" (A Friend in Need A Friend Indeed). A famous sentence like household. Bryan, dressed in black, jumped out of the building and walked straight down the wall. The MV for this song was also planned by Bryan. A keen listener can find from this Xin album that the alcohol, drugs, and erosive relationships in "Nancy Kid" have changed to the mixed emotions and emotions toward urban men and women in "Every You Every Me".
The rhetoric of the low-level media is more intense. Every large-scale live performance, "placebo" In order to pursue the perfect sound effect comparable to the recording studio, Always bring fixed musicians with them Stage performance, and these fixed musicians also accompanied Placement has gone through a worthy 10 years. Although But on the stage they always hide without light In the dark, but they are the same as the "placebo" three The relationship between the members is like a formal team member. Observant Fans will also find that "Velvet Gold Mine" These regular musicians also participated. And "Ann Placement" "Believe in Me" held in Paris (Soulmates Never Die) large concert now The DVD and MV compilation are everybody’s Placement" a precious treasure that loyal fans must collect, The Paris concert not only included the "placebo" essence Cham’s hot live performance also hides a 30 Minute tour documentary, including how the three escaped Avoid the chase of fans and talk about the fun in the lounge Bryan teaches you how to draw eyeshadow and sightseeing Precious fragments of time crazy Stefan. "Placebo" will play an electrified style The ultimate is the new album released this year Meds; compile the album cover with "Sleep with the Elves"
It’s exactly the same, it seems to come from the same designer              hand. As Brian said, in the past 10 years he’              We work hard to find a position and style that suits us,              Looking for an invisible limit. Bryan and Le              The team has been trying to get out of this restriction, out of them              Have experienced, followed, intoxicated, avoided              A sensitive area that has been and moved by. Although cloth              Leith now has a child named Cody              Zihe ~ a touching wife who maintains a stable relationship with him              One by one wife, son, and teammates are all Bligh              En is deeply loved one by one, but Brian is uneasy in his blood              The molecules make him feel full of emotion and sensitive heart              The world has never changed. Now the "placebo" starts              Putting aside some long-standing conventions, in the new album              Significantly reduced the iconic guitar distortion, the band              Focus boldly with a more fashionable electrified style              With drugs, alcohol, and love, it’s like a giant record jacket              The naked, twisted, and shouting woman, "Ann              The placebo" bravely broke free from the past              System", more calmly standing in the British rock music              front.The growth of the Bone Association Band? I am very happy with the growth of the band. Our growth and success are all through long-term hardship...Shan:1 Linde. It’s been an almost uninterrupted tour for 10 years. This is a relatively old-fashioned way of running Cantonese. "(The tail is also what we like very much. The live performance of the mountain and the constant currency" requires that you can get yourself in it. In the early days of the band’s establishment, we had already decided to deliver the music to our listeners in the most direct way. What do you think of the development of Yaoi’i Gun Music? "Lonz Ferdinand" (1,s,i Pordinand), "Arctic Monkeys" (Arctic Monkeys). "The Kooki"; do you think they really have "material"? Just because they are from the same island does not mean they are anointing Le Buya! What is in common. Of course "Franz Ferdinand" and "Arctic Monkey" must be influenced by the music of IJ Moji {Fei, in my heart! Bu! . He is a very good band in J1IJ4 II. Especially the L tail, "Arctic Monkey r", their "material" lies in the quality of their Shule creations. They are very humorous, full of the strong vitality of the factory, modern city, and very British creative style. What they are telling Very interesting, but also very "human", very    A true story is a very realistic expression Present form. I think if the "street boy" (The Streets) is a rock band, they          '   It will be the "Arctic Monkey". I personally have always been very happy   Happy "Franz Ferdinand", from their first    An album begins. They are from Scotland and also   It brings another kind of cultural experience.      What I want to say is that although there are so many    Success bands are all from the UK, but they don’t    Not necessarily have something in common, nor is it necessarily    It means that rock music in the UK will be more    Good or worse. Good is good, bad is good    Is bad, there is no need to divide by region   Standards.      What kind of concept do you hold on creation?      We are a rock band, just like I    We are a modern rock music    team. We enjoy using various tools and equipment    The possibility of creating music. Rock music is not only    It’s a simple guitar with electronic elements    Not only can be used in a certain kind of special music    In the category. The key to its function depends on you    How to use it and how to integrate it better   In your own music category.     Was the grunge trend in the U.S.    Has any influence on you or a British band? You like   Is Grunge Fun?     I never really liked it   Grunge, I have never heard of "Nirvana" (Nirvana)    Music until Kurt Coben (Kurt Cobain) passed away. For me, "nirvana"     Too mainstream T0 I am more interested in those very Alternative bands, like "Sonic Youth" (Sonic Youth), or the late 70s, 80s   Post-punk band in the early years.      What do you think of as a British band   American culture?      We ourselves think that "placebo" is a    European bands. Of course we were founded in London.    Half of my blood is Scottish, history of drummer   The name "Friend (Steve Hewitt) is of British descent,   Stefan Olsdal is a Swedish. We   Speaks many languages, Stephen speaks 5 languages,    I speak French and English. We grew up in Europe  There are K people from the I1 family in Zhou, we see ourselves as Europeans,    I don’t think I have any special UK   Pity. We can, will historically and geographically    The music of the country and the era is biased. Ok    Meeting the music and blood should be interpreted, and it is truly   I found it at Ill lii.} I don’t care if the music comes from Which country, as long as it can move people. but I I want to say: "I'm very happy that I will be in Europe Life".   Countless tours and publicity all over the world make people Enjoy it?   I enjoy the tour, but not the publicity. But it is equally important. In the past 10 years, We have been through live performances all over the world Accumulated a group of very loyal and sincere fans. Every year, the number of our fans grows very much View. Although it takes a lot of time to do this, it also gives me We added a lot of fun.   You know there are many "placebos" in China Fans? They are very obsessed with "placebo" The violent distortion guitar and your charming voice, even Even when playing the piano is hot, many fans want to know the invitation, What do you think of your fans.   Ah, haha, of course I hope so. "I must wait until Ij comes to Beijing in September to learn about Chinese musicWhat a fan is like, I look forward to it very much.   It’s not just heterosexual people. Placement", many gays also like you We, what do you think is the reason that makes "Ann Does "Placement" attract different fascinating groups?   Great! I think this is great! I think For our honesty in emotions and the truth in life Desire to communicate, um, if our music can move people, it must be physically,There are three aspects, both mentally and emotionally.    You are now a father What kind of impact? The kind of perplexed and perverted Dong Is Xijijing completely far away from you?   Honestly, no. As for myself Those who are confused and perverse, maybe less A little bit. But now there is another person Let me care, need my protection, so that it will not be this Hurt by a huge bad world.   You have always loved to dress up, you still Do you love applying black nail polish to yourself?   I have not bought black nail polish for many years Yes, but I still paint eyeliner and eye shadow. I do Did not try to do anything special through these performances Communication, in addition to thinking that people should dress up, Freedom in dress, choice and preference, not affected by Constrained by any established standard. If hard If any message is conveyed, it is freedom. But I do this entirely because I like it, I think I look great like that, like a The mentality of a lady with makeup.  How do you think a man should make his evening watch more cultured and tasteful? I think in the 21st century, men should be free, Wear what they like and dress up like they like Huan look. In comparison, women are more They can wear skirts or they can wear Pants, they can make up or not, They can look bright and beautiful, or they can watch Go up and take control. In the 20th century, men’s The choice has become so small. Looking back, Louis France in the fourteenth period, and the restoration period In Great Britain, men used to love makeup that much, Their clothes are so gorgeous and they look so good elegant. So we just trace the roots in history.  The media will use it when evaluating "placebo" Keep your eyes on such things as "male and female", "gorgeous", ) If you have to symbolize, how can you give yourself Has it been defined and classified?  A modern rock band. A 21 The modern rock band of the century. Let me show you and all Some magazine readers confirmed that "placebo" is not Hermaphrodite, the "placebo" members are all men, Everyone is.
In addition to work, the three of you often Play together? The three of us spend time together Family and love have more time. So when we After we got home, we gave all the time Family material lover, ha ha. Can you chat online? No, it never happened. I know net Some people on the network will call themselves Brian Mok, Husband ,,’’No~1 million That would definitely not be me. If you are online I met someone like that and I visited Brian Mo But my blog or Myspace, I read my Diary, you have to believe that it is definitely a lie. I Will not publish their life information on the Internet, I am a privacy-conscious person. What's the story of the performance in China this time ? What are your expectations for the Chinese record market What? Just like going to Thailand and Korea, through hosting Party’s invitation, we’ll come and we know people We like our music, so we can play for them We are also very happy to play. As for the record market, I Really have no idea. I just look forward to acting I hope to bring an outstanding performance. Please describe you in one word or sentence " 3 people. Just one sentence. Have you seen "Starship Fans Is this TV show "Star Trek"? Oh, your country may not broadcast it. Stephen It's "Mr. Spock" (Mr. Spock) It’s ‘Dr. McCoy’ and I’m "K Captain Kirk" (Captain Kirk)
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Open plain country and forested bushland alike are invaded by ornamental plants that have escaped from gardens. [...] Weeds are not a new concept. The first record of a weed in the colony of New South Wales was in 1796. David Collins (1798) recognised the ‘drake’ (... Lolium temelentum) among the wheat crop. These plants were the famous ‘tares’ [...], that could not be separated from the wheat without uprooting the wheat itself. Tares were familiar in England since the Early Modern period. Weeds transferred quickly from the Old World to the New, 40 European weeds being report by John Josselyn in New England as early as 1666 [...]. The European settler project depended for its success on its fellow travellers [...].
Cattle and sheep were sometimes called the ‘foot soldiers of empire’ [...]. Some introductions were ‘sentimental’, rather than economic. John Dwyer’s study on weeds in early colonial Victoria revealed that the Scottish settlers planted ‘Scotch Thistle’ for patriotic reasons: for example Georgiana McCrae had planted them at Mayfield ‘as a memento of her Gordon connections’ [...]. The creation of an ‘English’ landscape in Melbourne was a point of pride: William Howitt commented on this in 1852. When Howitt visited Tasmania in 1854, he remarked on Hobart’s well-established hedges: ‘It is England all over’ (in Dwyer 2006: 11). Creating a ‘new England’ in the landscape was an aim, before the more famous acclimitization movement had begun to introduce things more systematically. Hawthorn (Craetaegus monogyna) and Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) were both recommended by William Cobbett in his 1829 The English Gardener anad therefore imported to Victoria [...]. Just 21 years after the founding of Port Philip colony, Victoria had its first weed legislation, and it was the sentimental Scottish plants that, along with Bathurst Burr (Xanthium spinosum, a native of South America), had the honour of being the subjects of the Thistle Prevention Act, assented to on 19th March 1856 [...].
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the Federation years the focus was often on public gardens where civic pride was fostered by formal tree-planting ceremonies. This is true not just in Australia but throughout the western world. The original Arbor Day was invented in treeless Nebraska in 1872 in this spirit [...]. Arbor Day and Wattle Day served a ‘civic’ purpose. The moral virtue of a home garden was also encouraged. ‘Youngsters’ were encouraged to ‘tickle Mother Earth’ from the first volume The Garden and Homemaker of Australia: ‘You will find the recreation pleasant, interesting and satisfying, and you will benefit mentally, physically and morally’ (1 August 1952: 2). [...] Colour not design, and ‘flowers’ rather than ‘plants’, dominated the pages of garden magazines. [...] Gardens were a key focus of nation building: ‘home-life is the very foundation of a nation’s well-being and strength -- the hearthstone of its highest ideals’ [...] (Stevens 1928:5).
Libby Robin, Joslin Moore, Sharon Willoughby, and Sara Maroske. “Aliens from the garden.” Proceedings of the State of Australian Cities Conference. 2011.
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17 Questions (tag game)
Thank you @thewalkingnerdx for tagging me!! I believe you’re supposed to tag 17 people? but I am genuinely running out of people to tag because I’ve done so many games today LOL
Nicknames: People who know me IRL call me Libby, though I don’t really like it and I’ve started moving away from the name entirely. Libby was my old skin. My old life when I hated myself and was so incredibly unhappy living a life other people wanted for me.
Zodiac: Scorpio :>
Height: about 5′5″~
Last googled: I was looking for those solar powered dancing flower thingies LOL
Song stuck in my head: The Howl’s Moving Castle soundtrack on loop
Number of followers: 1242 which is a HUGE surprise to me because I haven’t checked my count in ages
Amount of sleep: I usually average 7, though last night I slept 8 but kept waking up every hour or so for some reason
Lucky number: I don’t know if they’re lucky or not, but I like the numbers 6 and 55
Favourite song: ooh this changes often. Right now, I’d say it’s Little Dark Age by MGMT
Favourite instrument: I don’t play, though I am a first soprano singer. I love the sound of pianos, banjos, violins and flutes
Dream job: I know becoming an author is a passion for most writers, and in a way it is for me as well, but I genuinely want to work in a library! I’d love to run workshops for locals, events for kids, and be the queer identity a town needs.
Aesthetic: This is a bit of a hard one because on one hand I want to be a cowboy babyyy, and on the other I wanna be a pastel art ho, but I also wanna be a mysterious dark academia writer who sits in the corner of a coffee shop... and I also want to have the same energy as a church on fire, you know?
Favourite author: Jae! I can’t stop reading her books. I love her Backwards To Oregon series so much I’ve bought the series three separate times lol
Favourite animal noise: my sweet baby Chip’s purrs when he’s making biscuits
Random: I’m hungry but have no clue what to eat
How it started: I originally made this blog to be a Star Wars fanfic blog LMAO which never happened and I’m glad it never did
How it's going: I’m about to release my novel this weekend and it fees unreal! I may even consider querying it next year to get it published
Tagging (no pressure whatsoever!): @daydreamodyssey @lrose-writes @hannahs-creations @amandahoyle @suninks @chaylattes @raevenlywrites and anyone else who sees this and wants to do it!!
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