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virgindiamond · 3 days ago
(all personal observations nothing i say is set in stone feel free to disagree)
check the males around u if they have any placements in an leo degree ( 5° , 17°, 29° ) i’ve just noticed that they could possibly go bald when they get older and
ik yes with age things change but it’s cool to connect it to astrology
i was looking at my dads chart he has his moon in the 5° donald trump asc is in 29° , and steven has a leo moon at the 17° . i have my moon in the 17° and i was called steven harvey as a joke and i’m male so if i’m bald when i’m older… 😀
Cancer placements listen to love songs when they’re sad
In conversation of the most photographed /celebs are the ones with fire ASC neptune the first house , mars ruled risings . Marilyn has a leo rising and neptune in the first in a fire sign . Kim Kardashian is a sag rising with neptune in the first , Justin Bieber is a scorpio rising ( mars ruled ) . the combination of fire and water is magnetic.
To me Most Pisces placements will be into something creative and that thing whatever it is dance art music photography mixing drawing they want full control over And if they share their process with you i’ll say your special.
I also think pisces placements like control period like that type of power and control of themselves or over whatever their into/enjoy they might enjoy : being behind the camera , directing or driving even teaching . imo
The most sighs that experience of FMO is Capricorn Placements And Aqua the saturn ruled signs
Your SN can really show what you’re already good at like weirdly interpretation but i have my SN in the 9H and i have so many long distance aka Online friendships but i struggle with making close connections ( NN 3rd )
If you watch steven universe the show has that placement but opposite , NN in 9H SN in 3rd
Virgo venus / Gemini venuses try to be funny or pull a joke and it end up being awkward and theyll think about forever but they’re funny when they aren’t trying to be
if your astrology twitter or tiktok you have seen that SO MANY LEOS HAVE LION TATTOOS ITS INSANE THEY ALL HAVE A LION TATTOO
Libra suns and Rising and degrees ( 7° , 19° ) can be influenced by their environment and closets thing to them like the artist their listening to or the perosn theyre talking atm . their like chameleons
Sun-Rising Synasty is My favorite and good for friendships y’all are able to relate on a lot of topics
When it comes to sister signs Libra/Aires is like the least likely i see together unless y’all know any who are but idk they never work out even as friends imo
The Aqua-Leo Axis is where they’ll try and make it work or they’ll just looking for Their same sun or rising sign
Sqcorpio Mercury’s Voices can be so intimating like .
The Astrology of Sex and the city is accurate gemini sun scropio moon capricorn rising
Some of my favorite asteroids that i wanna know more about ,
to find these go on astro seek with birth chart plus asteroids to get from go to astro add asteroids and type in the letters
Groom 5129 - Attributes of your marriage or husband
Angel 11911 - represents your angels your spirit guides
Chiron - Your greats wounds how you heal how you get hurt l
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sagigirlie · a day ago
What every sign had learned from the previous one
📌 Aries had learned to focus on themselves more and not neglect themselves while focusing on others like Pisces, to use force when needed and go after what they want in a direct and assured way, whithout passive-aggressiveness or vagueness, to be more decisive and actively go after their dreams rather than lose themselves while dreaming about them.
🪁 Taurus had learned to be more patient and take things slower and be less impulsive than Aries, to think before they act and be more sensitive towards others, to seek more peace and harmony as an instinct rather than violence/aggression.
📌 Gemini had learned to be more open-minded than Taurus and see things from different perspectives, to be more chill about decisions & less stubborn and go with the flow. also to focus on the mind more rather than the body.
🪁 Cancer had learned to be more emotionally driven rather than logically, to pay attention to their feelings more and how they affect them, to be more sensitive to others’ feelings as well and be more compassionate/gentle with others than gemini.
📌 Leo had learned to get out of their shell more than cancer, be more confident and not be afraid to express who they fully are to the world, to be in the limelight without shame and not be afraid to cut things from their life that affect them badly.
🪁 Virgo had learned to be less selfish than Leo, to pay attention to others’ needs a lot and serve them, to put others first sometimes and to focus more on giving rather than receiving. To be more realistic than idealistic.
📌 Libra had learned to be more chill and less anxious/anal about things than Virgo, to not force help on someone & let others be even if they don’t agree with their ways, to be more gentle/open-minded and less obsessive when criticizing/judging.
🪁 Scorpio had learned to look at things beneath the surface, to be less superficial and more deep than Libra, to focus on one thing for a long time and attach to things more without being flighty.
📌 Sagittarius had learned to see things from more angles, to be less obsessive and more open to things than scorpio, to see different points of views even if they don’t necessarily agree, to be more open & free-minded, to take things less seriously and not over-attach to things.
🪁 Capricorn had learned discipline, to be more responsible and grounded than Sagittarius, to look at the little details and focus on them too rather than only on the bigger picture, to be more patient and persistent and put their focus on one thing for a long time rather than many things for a short period of time.
📌 Aquarius had learned to pay attention to others and the community more, to be more human oriented than goal oriented Iike Capricorn, to be more open minded and less structure and routine seeking, to prioritize individual’s freedom & contentment more than tradition, to think more out of the box.
🪁 Pisces had learned to be more emotional and focus on every individual’s feelings rather than the community in general, to do things more gently and sensitively than Aquarius and be more open-hearted and less afraid to show vulnerability, to pay attention to their own feelings as well and be more connected to their softer side and not run away from it, to be less robotic about things and pay attention to their inner world rather than the outside world.
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ukiyowi · 2 days ago
ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ Songs I associate with the signs: SUN SIGNS ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ
These are strictly my opinions
𔓕 Aries: STAY - The Kid LAROI
𔓕 Taurus: I Am - Yung Baby Tate
𔓕 Gemini: Got A Little Crush On You - Wildflowers
𔓕 Cancer: Fine On The Outside - Priscilla Ahn
𔓕 Leo: Insomnia - DAYA
𔓕 Virgo: Runaway - R3HAB
𔓕 Libra: Coffee Breath - Sofia Mills
𔓕 Scorpio: Hypochondriac - Sasha Alex Sloan
𔓕 Sagittarius: I Can't Help Myself - Four Tops
𔓕 Capricorn: The Hunting Field - Jike Junyi
𔓕 Aquarius: Tennis (0:0) - ITZY
𔓕 Pisces: Alien Boy - Oliver Tree
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mimondee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ᴀɪʀ sᴜɴ ✺ intellectual concepts and ideas, social involvement, the abstract, understanding
GEMINI [curiosity] strengths: ⇢ versatile, adaptable, quick, widely knowledgeable ⇢ the clever mind ⇢ trying to be fair ⇢ friendly and enjoying conversations ⇢ a lighthearted and sensitive to others person ⇢ thinking is clear and precise ⇢ ability to analyze accurately ⇢ objective approach weaknesses: ⇢ may want to always be occupied, but in the same time, will just scatter their energy; starting a lot of things and finishing nothing ⇢ nervous, uncommitted, superficial, opinionated, frantic ⇢ constantly doubts everything ⇢ flighty feelings, fleeting love and flirtations ⇢ always looking for something new ⇢ tendency to intellectualize and rationalize everything ⇢ may fear emotional depth ⇢ seeking distractions
Tumblr media
LIBRA [harmony] strengths: ⇢ impartial, balanced, refined, charming, sociable ⇢ considerate of others and their opinions ⇢ seeing both points of view ⇢ open to change, communication and willing to compromise ⇢ other person oriented, but also concerned with freedom and inner independence ⇢ sensitive to relationships and desire to be in one ⇢ visual thinking ⇢ tactful in expressing thoughts ⇢ the peacemaker weaknesses: ⇢ deceitful, dependent, half-hearted, moody ⇢ may be too concerned with appearances ⇢ seeking relationships for personal gains ⇢ difficulties in making decisions, as they don't like conflicts, which in turn may lead them to be dependent on others/their environment ⇢ fearing the highs and lows of life ⇢ suppressed feelings ⇢ may demand sympathy from others ⇢ sometimes calculating and manipulative
Tumblr media
AQUARIUS [independence] strengths: ⇢ original, intuitive, quick-witted, objective ⇢ loyal to causes and ideas; strong beliefs ⇢ not afraid of the/being unconventional and receptive to new ideas ⇢ abstract and future oriented person ⇢ observing and having a perspective; clear and objective picture of things ⇢ strong sense of individuality ⇢ aims for independence and loves freedom ⇢ the humanitarian weaknesses: ⇢ aloof, arrogant, cold, withdrawn, unpredictable, eccentric ⇢ may try to impose their own ideas on others ⇢ they prefer to conceal feelings and shy away from committed relationships, choosing "loneliness"; fearing deep feelings ⇢ tendency towards not tolerating others' beliefs ⇢ aware of the world and having ideas revolving around said world, but no drive to put those ideas into action ⇢ rebellious attitude; the non-conformist person ⇢ sometimes may fail to live in the present, always thinking of the future
Tumblr media
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scorpiocody · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s what this Harvest Full Moon in Pisces brings to you 🌕✨♓️ (applies to Sun + Moon + Rising)
Aries: your soul is trying to give you messages through your dreams, listen to them
Taurus: you’re in a growth period, focus on your friendships, be open + take this time to learn as much as you can
Gemini: your hard work is being recognized + appreciated, major development in your career life is happening and you’re on the right track
Cancer: through sequencing (reoccurring numbers, etc) the universe is letting you know you are to continue down the path your soul is taking you, be spontaneous see where it takes you
Leo: you’re experiencing a bit of a rebirth, focus on becoming more open to the world around you, let go of what’s holding you back + imagine a better/wiser more gifted version of yourself
Virgo: focus on the relationships you hold dear to you, reflect + use your intuition to find the answers you’re looking for + let go or make changes
Libra: focus on your health and become as organized as possible; find structure in your daily life, doing so will help you clear your mind and become a more successful you
Scorpio: love + romance is coming your way, embrace your passions and act on them
Sagittarius: major focus on you + your family, pay attention + spend some time with them, good vibes only
Capricorn: work on opening your throat chakra, build courage, and apply it to your career life
Aquarius: beautifully selfless, you’re realizing the abundance around you and grateful for what you have and who is in your life, stay grounded but set higher goals in career and finance
Pisces: the start of something new ✨ love + abundance are coming your way and this moon affects every part of your life in the best way
Comment down below how you relate to the Full Moon’s affects! ✨🌕
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doctorlobotomy · a day ago
Daring Fashion Ranked:
Goofy Try Hard Katy Perry:
12. Virgo
11. Capricorn
10. Scorpio
Lil Nas X Gay Agenda
9. Cancer
8. Gemini
7. Taurus
Starship Queen Nicki Minaj
6. Leo
5. Libra
4. Sagittarius
Mother of Monsters, Lady Gaga
3. Pisces
2. Aquarius
1. Aries
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heavensickness · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
libra season babey
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ophelie-trichereau · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Libra" "Balance" September 23rd - October 22sd. In the order of the zodiac, the constellation of Libra is located between Virgo in the west and Scorpio on the east. Libra is either considered to be the claws of the adjacent constellation Scorpio or as the scale of Astraea, the virgin goddess of Justice, goddess associated with the neighboring constellation of Virgo. The constellation Libra was placed on the autumnal equinox to represent the equal length of day and night. I take custom orders.
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astrolovecosmos · 3 hours ago
Sun in Libra: Balance-seeking personality 
Moon in Libra: Idealistic and harmony-seeking inner self 
Mercury in Libra: Charmer 
Venus in Libra: Romance addict 
Mars in Libra: Playing judge and lawyer 
Ascendant in Libra: All eyes on them, pleasant or positive energies 
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fvckastrology · 15 hours ago
rising sign mood
the bitch is back! feel free to check your sun/moon/mars too! comment your crush’s sign if ur brave 🥴
Tumblr media
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yokrisp · 3 days ago
The Signs as Deltarune Characters (Chapter 2 included)
Aries: Susie
Taurus: Queen
Gemini: Lancer
Cancer: Ralsei
Leo: Berdly
Virgo: Rouxls Kaard
Libra: Noelle
Scorpio: King
Sagittarius: Seam
Capricorn: Kris
Aquarius: Jevil
Pisces: Spamton
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punkpandapatrixk · a day ago
[Weekly] 🎞Healthy Productivity for ALL SIGNS 🐞🐍⛲🐝 (abridged ver.)
With the elements/signs of the zodiac, you can freely use your Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendant, or even your Stellium (❗️)
Main theme: Healthy productivity needs to involve your higher intellect. It is a combination of your human intellect and spiritual intuitiveness. The clarity you get from your higher intellect lights the path ahead without leading towards self-destructive mad productivity, a.k.a burnout. You can be productive and still be sufficiently happy with being in the present moment.
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Message for🐞Aries Leo Sagittarius
Slow down. You don't need to always be in a hurry to prove your worth. After all, productivity needs to come with quality, right? Your mental health is often a determining factor in whether or not your creative pursuits can produce results that are satisfying in the long run.
In terms of work, you could actually do so much better if only you'd take the time to take care of the Feminine aspect—the Yin—within. The Yin aspect within every person is the magnetic force that invites manifestation into our lives. Gentle self-care is key to the health of the Yin within us all.
During moments of rest and entertainment, we do actually gain more inspiration for what we do want to create in Life. These times are not useless. They are not a waste. Rather than hurling yourself into busyness, try to understand that it is more important to know when to strike—meaning, knowing how to work with the world's momentum.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Message for🐍Taurus Virgo Capricorn
Joy. If you are going to put so much effort into something—anything at all—why not ensure that it is something that brings out the passion in you? This you must decide on your own accord, of course. Whether or not an endeavour is worth your life force—not just your time or money.
A wise-ass meme once said, 'Everything kills you anyway, so choose what you enjoy.'
Although you may be plagued by a sense of duty or responsibility over the lives of those closest to you, at the end of the day you are still your own person. Your own heart needs attention and you, just like everyone else you care about, deserve to be taken care of, by you, too.
Learning healthy productivity for you may involve needing to realise that it is okay to spend some days doing no work at all. If you push push push yourself without knowing to pause, and worse is when you burn out and feel guilty for not being able to work, you're only being an enemy to your own mental health.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Message for⛲Gemini Libra Aquarius
Regeneration. Your spirit, mind, and even body need this constantly if you wish to be productive in a healthy way. If Water Signs collect and store a lot of negative emotions easily, Air Signs collect and store negative thoughts easily.
Negative thoughts can take a wide definition; they aren't just what we normally think of as 'negative' thoughts. For instance, taking in other people's problems and constantly worried about them is one example of unnecessary thoughts that do nothing but weigh on your mind. Collecting worries and fears about world situations is also another example.
Basically, we're talking about poop thoughts that take up space in your mind because you care too much.
Try to get this, and admit it: you need constant stimulation of the mind, that is why you care about every little thing that doesn't even particularly relate to you on a personal level. This isn't bad per se, but if caring too much about so many other things halts your progress on the things that do actually matter... You decide for yourself whether or not this need for stimulation of yours is a good or bad thing.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Message for🐝Cancer Scorpio Pisces
Wow. Wow. Wow. Take care of your mental, and mostly, spiritual health. That's all. That's the message. JK.
In order to become healthily productive, you need to first and foremost prioritise the balance of your spiritual health. Even those who don't consider themselves very 'spiritual' need to do this just because they're Water.
People who are under a lot of Water influences are simply spiritual and there's no other way about it. You're actually constantly connected to the Cosmos and literally everything that's happening in this Human world whether you want it or not. This is why a burnout is highly risky in Water people.
Your healthy productivity must begin with a concept that many will find a little difficult to embrace: WU WEI! Let it go like you're drunk and it doesn't matter if you make yourself look irresponsible to the external world. Those are only people who don't understand the workings of Water people. You shouldn't allow yourself to be dictated by the whims and demands of others who can't understand the flowing nature of Water elements in a human being.
Access full reading + cards on Patreon🌸
☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・. ☆♪°・.
Feel free to support me on Patreon if you love this kind of content🍑I create stories and tarot readings that calm the mind & heal from within🍒
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npdbubblygum · a day ago
Zodiac signs as song quotes that are NPD moods
Yes, you read it right, with my poor understanding of zodiac stereotypes I will tell you what narcissistic personality disorder mood you are through song quotes. I got the idea from when people excuse their PD traits by saying they’re a Leo or smthn
• Aries
“I feel numb, I’ve been burning with haste, and I’m realizing now it’s a terrible waste”
- Baby hotline by Jack Stauber
• Taurus
“I’m sick and tired of false devotion, devote yourself to moving on, or suck it up and let it go, but you’re always out to get me”
- The irony of choking on a lifesaver by All Time Low
• Gemini
“I was the best at being second place, now I’m just a runner up, the second one you think of everyday before you go back to one”
- The graduates by Speedy Ortiz
• Cancer
“I see you staring in your mirror, what will it take for you to see? Your pretty smile is a monster and your beauty is empty”
- Beauty is empty by Mars Argo
• Leo
“I’m a force to be sure and I won’t be ignored, rather be dead than boring and I won’t say sorry, so hate me that just means I’m getting to you if I can’t have love them attention will do”
- Look at me by PhemieC/Hannah M
• Virgo
“Trying hard not to look like I’m trying that hard, failing miserably at everything including that”
- Two good things by Modern Baseball
• Libra
“Can you heal me? Have I gained too much? When you become untouchable you’re unable to touch. Is there a real me? Pop the champagne! It hurts me just to think and I don’t do pain”
- My ordinary life by the Living Tombstone
• Scorpio
“I’m gonna win, I’m gonna try, I’ll never lose, I’ll never die. You’ve seen me before, you’ll see me again, I’ll never give up, I’ll never give in.”
- I’m gonna win by Rob Cantor
• Sagittarius
“Yeah I snuck out your bed, so what? I’m a cold hearted kid, no love. I’ll take you home but I won’t take your calls. And I’m not sorry at all, I’m not sorry at all.”
- So what by K. Flay
• Capricorn
“Don’t cheat me. Don’t you cheat me. Don’t you think you can fucking lie to me. Cause I won’t fall and kiss your feet.”
- Philosopher my arse by Marina
• Aquarius
“I’m like the cold dead winter finally looking for the spring, and you’re the nice warm sun you give birth to everything”
- Today is not real by the Front Bottoms
• Pisces
“How to feel when you orchestrate a big deal, something of an ordeal, but you just don’t have it in you”
- Slip away by Mother Mother
If you feel the urge to explain how badly I’m misunderstanding the nature of a Sagittarius please know it’s wasted effort you will be happier if you scroll or block
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