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I drew buff Libra
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astro notes pt 4
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❞when the moon transits your 1st house/ascendant you might feel a little bit in your feels for no reason, or feel like the universe is plotting something against you during that period of time
❞earth/fire combinations on a birth chart makes an individual extremely smart and charismatic (annoying and stubborn too though)
❞venus dominants may overindulge a lot (food, alcohol, shopping) as venus not only rules love but also pleasure
❞if pluto is transiting your 1st house, expect your belief system to crumble down in pieces: you'll question every single little aspect about your life, sudden self-awareness
❞when there are different lunations happening in the moment (super moons, eclipses, etc), you must try to be as relaxed as possible due to the amount of energy this brings to the collective. check where it happens in your chart and re-evaluate things of that house's theme. there will be probably external events that will bring these themes out to the surface.
❞scorpio risings are often given shady energy due to their leo 10H, they radiate royalty energy and people don't seem to like that
❞your life-long best friends' chart placements could be located on your 11H (house of community, your social circle, etc)
❞health problems could be indicated by your ascendant sign, just look at which body part it rules
ex; capricorn rules over the bones and the spine, i am a capricorn rising who suffered from scoliosis
❞an easy way to learn aspects is thinking it like this:
conjunctions happen when 2 planets meet at the same sign only between the 0-10° (degree)
ex; scorpio sun at 2° conjucts to scorpio rising at 10°
trines happen between signs of the same element
ex; taurus sun trines capricorn venus
sextiles happen between signs of the opposite element (not the sister sign)
ex; if i have a leo moon, libra moons and gemini moons sextile it
squares happen between signs of the same modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable)
ex; piscis mercury squares sagittarius mars
oppositions happen between sister signs
ex; scorpio venus opposite taurus mars
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Pop culture assumptions or predictions for the future (2022-2025)
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⚠️ Before reading this i just wanted to say that this is all just my personal assumption that i've got. So some or most of them might not come true or be accurate ⚠️
Rihanna and nicki minaj are gonna collab on a single and it is gonna be a huge bop
Pete davidson breaks up with kim k and dates selena gomez (lmao this thing is on my draft for a long time ago and he breaks up with kim k this month and tbh i am not surprised 😂)
Taylor swift will be pregnant and it is a baby boy
Drake is gonna get cancelled
Doja cat's new album is going to flop i am sorry, but she will be more recognized for her personality than her music in the future (she will still be relevant and famous tho)
Anna de armas is gonna be getting huge positive recognition for her acting talent and her beauty maybe between the year of 2023 - 2024 or 2025
People are gonna turn their back on Joseph Quinn for no reason
Chris evans will be married maybe in the year 2024
Someone very huge and globally famous in the rnb music genre will 🚘💥⚰️ (i hope this wont actually happend tbh because i am a very big fan of her 😭😭😭)
Ariana Grande pregnant and it is a baby girl
A famous YouTuber from the dream smp will become a model and will make his runway debut, but it is not going to receive positive recognition from people except in his own fandom.
Dream won't do a face reveal and will never will, i am sorry.
A very huge and globally famous super model who is very well known and has been in the modeling industry for a very very long time will pass away because of a medical conditions.
and also Mason thames will be the new IT boy
This is probably one of the most controversial posts I've ever made.... 😮‍💨😓
And also forgot to mention, Kanye west is gonna go completely out of control again.... Watch out yall...
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ARIES: It’s time to take action. You’ve been planning, waiting, and trusting in Divine Timing and now is the time. Don’t think too much, just do it. This could be about expressing your love to someone or putting in the time to love yourself. Whatever it is, you are in your power right now, so have confidence and don’t look back. 
LEO: There’s something you want to say to someone, perhaps a mother or feminine figure. You want to make it work with this person, but there’s fear that what you say may cause destruction. Honor your truth and speak your mind, but know that if a tower comes crashing down, that’s meant to happen, and you’ll find your peace on the other side. 
SAGITTARIUS: If you have been finding yourself stuck in a limbo, the energy is about to shift and change. All the pain and suffering you have endured is coming to a close. This is a time for you to nurture yourself and practice self-care because the energy may change unexpectedly, and you need to prepare for it by taking care of yourself. Your manifestations are getting ready to come into fruition, do not lose hope!
GEMINI: Get ready to let go of the past and become an entirely new person. You’re closing out a cycle and with it, your soul is evolving. You’re becoming attuned with your higher self and spirituality. Your intuition is becoming more prominent, and you cannot ignore those gut feelings any longer. You are finding your truth, so honor it when it happens. It may be not what you’re use to but that is what is intended. Have the confidence to move forward without any fear or doubt. This new cycle will bring everything you’ve ever wanted.
LIBRA: You’ve recently gone through a transformation that changed everything you’ve ever believed in. Could have been a spiritual awakening of sorts or simply discovering a new part of yourself. This energy is one that you can trust and use to bring forth any successes and achievements you’ve set your sails on. Your journey has made you stronger and wiser, you cannot be messed with. You have the capability of pursuing any dream you know will bring you ultimate happiness. 
AQUARIUS: You may feel like everyone around you is getting everything they want. You’ve been waiting and manifesting and hoping for your turn, but it feels like you’re always left out. Trust that your wishes are being worked on behind the scenes. They will come into your life when it’s the right time. The best things in life are always worth waiting for, but I feel your impatience and frustration. Find your power and look for balance during this time because this plateau is necessary for your spiritual growth. 
CANCER: There’s something you want to get off your chest to a certain someone of your past. This is someone you highly value and see a lot of worth in. You may talk yourself out of speaking your truth because of fears that it might not go the way you want it to, or you feel like there’s nothing you can say to make it better. You feel heartbroken and heavily miss this person. Follow your heart, don’t analyze the situation too much. There’s only one way to find out. 
SCORPIO: You may not be receiving love from a certain individual and that’s ok. They may not be showing it but they are really proud of you. They haven’t said everything they’re feeling but please know that’s only a reflection of their own issues that have nothing to do with you. For a lot of you this may be a parent, a sibling, or a relative of some kind. You’ve accomplished a lot this year so be proud of yourself! And you’re about to embark on a new journey so focus your energy on that instead and your life will feel more full. 
PISCES: Believe in yourself and all that you’ve accomplished! Yes, life has been hard, but you’re kicking its ass like no other. You have a lot to be grateful for and you’ve come such a long way. Try look to at the glass half full more often and you will see how much positivity actually surrounds you. When we get too caught up in the negativity it can drown us so be careful! When you have faith and trust, you’re an unstoppable force. Practice gratitude more and see where it takes you. You are not a victim of your circumstances, you are ALWAYS loved and protected. Trust that the best is always happening for you in its right timing.
TAURUS: You may have been having disagreements with a certain person, someone who thinks differently than you. You both may have been saying things you don’t mean in order to get your point across and/or could be a power trip in this dynamic. Pay attention to this relationship and try to be more compassionate or understanding. You both may come off cold and reserved so more love is needed here. Once you both are able to communicate and get on the same page, balance will be restored and there will be peace and healing. If this person doesn't want to budge than it’s time to set some boundaries and distance yourself. 
VIRGO: After a period of chaos you are finally going to start having some fun in your life. There’s a new endeavor you’re feeling passionate about and this will bring great success. Have faith and pursue this desire! You feel as though this is an epiphany of something you've always wanted to do but perhaps felt the timing was never right, but now it is. Success is written all over the board. This is an endeavor you’re going to have to work hard for but with all the passion you feel towards it, it’s not going to feel like work at all so have fun and enjoy yourself! Victory is yours!
CAPRICORN: You’ve been worrying for some time and have been feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. This energy is no longer going to be a burden to you and you will receive your justice! It’s taken some time of introspection for you to understand all you’ve been going through but it’s all starting to make sense. You’re finally at the end of this cycle and can trust that it’s all going to get better from here. You can relax and stop worrying because the Divine is going to make sure everything goes in your favor. Have faith in this transition and be ready to let go of what is no longer serving you!
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memeing up the fawkin rising signs rq pt 1 (not based off stereotypes)
Tumblr media
honestly, this shit could refer to anything: moon, rising, sun, idgaf
aries rising
Tumblr media Tumblr media
taurus rising
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gemini rising
Tumblr media Tumblr media
cancer rising
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a film that each sign needs to watch
if u want to feel understood. (sun, moon, venus, rising)
Tumblr media
aries: what’s eating gilbert grape (1993)
taurus: dead poet’s society (1989)
gemini: stand by me (1986)
cancer: my own private idaho (1991)
leo: mommy (2014)
virgo: coraline (2009)
libra: the breakfast club (1985)
scorpio: portrait of a lady on fire (2019)
sagittarius: rebel without a cause (1955)
capricorn: honey boy (2019)
aquarius: good will hunting (1997)
pisces: moonlight (2016)
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signs as summer aesthetics
Sunshine Aesthetic Aries, Gemini (loves the hot weather because it means they can jump in the nearest pool, will chase the ice cream man down the street, always tans beautifully and gets freckles across the nose)
Tumblr media
Cookout Aesthetic Taurus, Capricorn (gets a comforting feeling when they can smell someone using the grill outside in the evening, prances through sprinklers in their backyard and drinks water from the hose, wants to try out some new recipes)
Tumblr media
Festival Aesthetic Pisces, Libra (adores incandescent lighting against the night sky, takes aesthetic pictures at the boardwalk with their closest friends, wants to fall in love underneath the fireworks)
Tumblr media
Prairie Girl Aesthetic Cancer, Virgo (picks out a cute outfit to go to the farmer’s market, takes walks in the woods to collect flowers to press for their journal, ends their summer nights watching comfort movies in the AC)
Tumblr media
Adventurer Aesthetic Sagittarius, Scorpio (wants to take spontaneous camping and road trips across the country, always finds cute little hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants, makes s’mores over an open fire at the beach)
Tumblr media
Critter Aesthetic Aquarius, Leo (favorite part of summer is the sound of the cicadas, makes best friends with the salamanders they find underneath rocks and the turtles along the riverbank, loves catching fireflies in jars)
Tumblr media
spring / autumn
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Months of signs on the alignment chart
Tumblr media
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The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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using the 2H to boost your confidence
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the 2H in astrology controls our perception of value, and this is true not only in material things but spiritually- more specifically, our self value. we can look at the placements here to determine what we base our self value on, and how we can use these placements to improve our self value or confidence. this post will be focused on the cusps of the 2H, but pay attention to any planets, asteroids, etc. also <3
Aries 2H: your value will come from self sufficiency. learning how to become independent physically, financially, and emotionally and learning to embrace this will give you a huge sense of empowerment. if you become too dependent on someone or something, your confidence will suffer for it and in turn make you feel insignificant. maintaining your sense of independence and embodying it every day will greatly improve and maintain your confidence.
ex: -spending more time with yourself, -learning to do things you usually need help with, -providing for yourself
Taurus 2H: your value will come from security. if you are ever in a situation where things are rocky, whether physically, financially, or emotionally, your confidence will greatly suffer for it. learning how to create a stable, safe environment for you to be in will improve and maintain your confidence level. it will also be important to learn how to cope with change and instability, since it is a natural part of life.
ex: -prioritizing your basic needs, -not doing anything that threatens your values/morals, -learning how to address change
Gemini 2H: your value will come from connections. making bonds with everyone in your life from friends and siblings to peers and mentors will greatly improve your confidence. it will be important for you to learn the most efficient way for you to communicate with others because if you deal with a lot of tension or misunderstandings socially, your confidence will suffer for it. learning to navigate the world and climb the social ladder will help tremendously.
ex: -branching out/networking more, -learning your communication style and enabling it, -figuring out how to make society work for you
Cancer 2H: your value will come from comfortability. finding a place or people to call home and embracing this home will be the best thing for your confidence. even if you don't realize you feel lonely, not having these important connections in your life will lower your confidence. you need to feel safe financially with a good home, physically in an ideal location, and emotionally with fulfilling, caring people around you.
ex: -prioritizing your loved ones, -creating a sacred safe place for yourself, -giving great care to your emotional needs
Leo 2H: your value will come from creativity. self expression is the key to your esteem and how you view yourself. if you feel as though you can't be yourself freely, your confidence will suffer for it. put yourself in environments and around people who let you express candidly. participating in any arts will help you do this and in turn raise your confidence greatly.
ex: -creating something new, -learning the best ways for you to express yourself, -getting rid of limiting people or thoughts
Virgo 2H: your value will come from satisfaction. completing tasks or projects that will benefit you or others will bring you a great deal of fulfillment and therefore raise your confidence. learning boundaries is important for you, though, because although your esteem is dependent on your service to others, if you commit to too much and become burnt out, your confidence will suffer because of it. balancing serving others while also serving yourself will be the most efficient way to raise your confidence level.
ex: -completing acts of service for yourself or for others, -establishing healthy boundaries, -knowing and taking into account your limits
Libra 2H: your value will come from others. forming intimate bonds with special people in your life and relishing in them will give you a much deeper sense of confidence. a lot of people believe "you have to love yourself before you can love others" but the almost opposite is true for you. learning to love and appreciate the close people in your life will give you a better ability to love and appreciate yourself more.
ex: -forming sacred bonds with the people you love, -learning about others, -appreciating the beauty in people and world around you
Scorpio 2H: your value will come from intimacy. developing an affinity for everything and everyone in your life will help you to raise your esteem. not connecting with the world around you can leave you feeling insignificant. establishing your place in the world and connection with it will greatly improve your confidence.
ex: -appreciating nature, -studying and contemplating philosophy, -become more emotionally intimate with humanity
Sagittarius 2H: your value will come from exploration. denying yourself the ability to investigate yourself and the world around you will only diminish your confidence level. you thrive on learning and your esteem will be dependent upon the experiences you acquire in these interactions in the world.
ex: -traveling especially to foreign countries, -learning and appreciating different people and cultures, -trying something new
Capricorn 2H: your value will come from dedication. committing to yourself or to something in your life will raise your confidence. knowing the incredible devotion and work you have presented will give you a great sense of achievement. not devoting yourself will leave you feeling useless and your confidence will suffer for it.
ex: -finding and going after your passions, -going the extra mile for yourself, -completing tasks you don't feel like doing
Aquarius 2H: your value will come from freedom. feeling trapped whether it's financially, physically, or emotionally will negatively impact your confidence severely. learning how to have flexibility in these areas and implementing it in your life will improve your self esteem greatly.
ex: -setting healthy boundaries, -working hard to give yourself the freedom you need, -not putting yourself in confining environments
Pisces 2H: your value will come from romanticism. cascading through life with the viewpoint of the rest of the world will leave you feeling insignificant. you need to learn to enjoy life in your own way and on your own terms, and in turn it will give you a confidence boost. become a rarity by just being undoubtedly yourself.
ex: -romanticizing your day to day life, -not lettings others have control over you, -following your own path
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yourscrue11y · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
astrology observations 2 . . . ♡
note: thank you guys for all the love on the last post! stay tuned for more astro observations & please let me know if you guys want any specific posts ♡ also a little bit of nsfw in this post!!
⚰️ earth mars men seem to always go for younger girls. i’ve noticed it with so many celebs - mainly capricorn mars and virgo mars.
⚰️ am i the only one who has noticed that it seems like fire/air sign mars women are usually more dominant and fire/air sign men are usually more submissive? most people seem to say “ohhh aries mars men are so dominant in bed” when most of the times they’re the ones most likely to be more submissive
⚰️ people with their ascendants at a higher degrees, meaning most of their 1st house is not the same as their ascendant, may still feel very connected to their ascendant + the other sign in their 1st house. my 1st house starts at 29° leo and ends with 22° virgo. i have a lot of virgo like traits, as well as leo facial features / personality traits.
⚰️ you may also come off as that second sign — i.e a lot of people think i’m a virgo when they first meet me as i’m shy and quiet & other basic traits lol
⚰️ people with their moon opposite their sun/ascendant … are you okay? you always seem to be fighting multiple personalities and can never tell who you really are. your outer emotions don’t reflect your inner emotions & you typically fake who you really are.
⚰️ 10H synastry/placements in composite chart is so sexy because they’re literally a power couple
⚰️ moon in 7H natives… you don’t need to be in a relationship to be healed… FOCUS ON YOURSELF!!!!!!!
⚰️ gemini risings have such beautiful hands. beautiful everything actually
⚰️ speaking of weird obsessions, a chart with a combo of gemini and pisces placements get obsessed with things and can’t overcome them. addictive personalities!
⚰️ it’s pretty easy to guess a sun sign by their looks. pisces and virgos are probably the easiest sign to guess, next to libra. i might do a post going more into detail!
⚰️ don’t know where the idea that pisces mars can be switches in bed came from because every pisces mars i’ve met at first thought they were a switch and turned out to be a bottom lol. we like to act like we aren’t bottoms though 🖤
⚰️ if your synastry chart with someone doesn’t have any squares/oppositions/quincunx … it will be very boring and superficial. every relationship/friendship needs some dynamic and challenges to overcome. it doesn’t mean toxicity, it just means you’ll need to put in effort.
⚰️ pisces .. anything age SOOO beautifully. think jensen ackles, rihanna, cindy crawford, etc. mainly pisces sun & rising i’ve noticed. probably moon as well, but i don’t know too many pisces moons.
⚰️ 7H/4H synastry is like .. romcom / basic romance movies kind of love. 8H/12H synastry is like requiem for a dream / buffalo 66 / the notebook kind of shit lmfao. toxic but die-for-you kind of
⚰️ easiest way to see if someone has pisces in their big 6 is their eyes!!! literally all pisces placements have bigggggg eyes i can’t even describe them. pisces sun, moon & rising is more prevalent with this character trait.
⚰️ if their moon falls in your 4H/1H… good luck getting over them because it’s *not* going to happen
⚰️ north node / south node synastry is so …. 😍🥰😘😍😍😘 perfect. think winona ryder & johnny depp, her south node conjunct his asc & his north node conjunct her vertex.
⚰️ aries moons are such great friends. maybe it’s because i’m a sag moon, but 2 of my closest friends are aries moons & they tell me how it is in, they don’t sugarcoat and they’re real. i 🖤 aries moons
thank you for reading! and you thank you for all the love on the last post . . . ♡
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thestarswillspeak · 20 days ago
astrology observations pt 3: natal chart
synastry observations and house placements coming soon!
Tumblr media
- earth mars are so dependable. like i would trust these people with my life
- gemini mars and sagittarius mars are hilarious it’s guaranteed lmao. sag mars are so unintentionally funny while gemini mars are more witty
- i’ve noticed that jupiter in the 5th house natives are really funny too
- venus in the 2nd house probably have a really distinctive/attractive voice
- those with mercury in retrograde may have a quirky sense of humour and be very fast/witty
- 8th house stellium people are magnetic and the mysteriousness/dark energy that surrounds them draws people in no matter what.
- people with pluto in the first house are intense and passionate and have an EXTREMELY powerful presence
- scorpio risings and pluto in 1st house people have intense and striking gazes.
- sun in the 12th house people I LOVE U. they are so sensitive and i’ve noticed are also extremely perceptive. these are the type of people who notice someone isn’t being included in a conversation and make an effort to include them.
- mars in the 2nd house are hard workers and have an instinctive urge to protect what’s theirs
- those with saturn in retrograde may be rebellious or go against the status quo in some way
- moon conjunct north node may feel incredibly satisfied when supporting others emotionally/ place a lot of importance on their emotions
- ceres conjunct moon are the best at comforting people. they instinctively know how to help and people feel at home with them
- pisces and cancer moons and risings have gentle auras and demeanors. they could be soft spoken and have a calm presence
- many scorpio moons are incredible songwriters. some of the best songwriters of all time have this placement because they can reach emotional depths and express their emotions in a unique way. for example: george harrison, alex turner and bjork
- many legendary or iconic people have an aries rising, i’ve noticed. this includes james dean, john lennon and stevie nicks. aries risings just can’t be forgotten lmao
- y’all capricorn moons ever feel emotionally restricted/unable to express emotions?
- lilith in taurus love sensuality and may prefer foreplay to actual sex
- mars conjunct uranus have this STRONG sexual energy lmao they are also kinky asf
- 11th house placements are so likeable and may be popular - especially sun
- mercury in cancer are great listeners
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