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#libra rising

now this is a good looking couple! libra is a very aesthetically pleasing sign. both you and rich would enjoy the finer things in life but even when you’re just chilling, you’d be a couple that people love to watch like no one can take their eyes off you two. you’d also be a couple people like being around because you’re both effortlessly fun

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Hi darling! Thanks for the question.

I’ve already gone over the following of your placements and I’ve attached the appropriate link to each one:

Libra Sun Aries Moon

Libra Mercury

Libra Mars

Scorpio Venus

Now that’s over and done with, I want to start off by talking about your Libra Rising. You are very enthusiastic and this makes you someone people love to have around, whether as a friend or something more than that. You are on a constant look out for balance and harmony within your everyday life. This is because you find it extremely difficult to get on with things as normal if you’re in a rather chaotic and/ or stressful environment. You are very well-mannered and polite, and you have an easy-going nature that means making new friends for you is easy. This also means that you have little difficulty with getting what you want so don’t abuse that skill. You are likely to spend a lot of money on luxury items as you can be quite materialistic. You definitely appreciate the finer things in life. Also the fact that your Sun and Ascendant are in the same sign shows that you don’t put on much of a persona; what you see is what you get. The sheer amount of Libra energy in these placements are further evidence of this.

Your Sun is in the 1st house, meaning that your intuition is very strong and accurate; you should absolutely listen to it. You tend to have a good feeling about what steps you should take next. You may have a strong sense of self, which would therefore make you quite confident. You have a great love for life and are always ready to take the first step. All of this makes for a great leader, regardless of what your other placements might say. You know how to pull yourself together when problems arise. You naturally love to express yourself and you find that very easy to do.

Your Moon in the 7th house means that you don’t like to hold on to your emotions and dreams too much. You’re quite flexible and also affectionate, but you can be rather sceptical and highly critical. You hate being alone so you can almost always be found in the company of others. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re very extroverted or sociable, you just prefer being around other people where you can. You like it when the people around you add fun to your life as well as emotionally support you. You’re easily disappointed in love but this is partly because you are so quick to say you’re in love. You tend to think you’ve found ‘the one’ when you don’t even know that person particularly well yet.

Your 12th house Mercury makes you extremely gifted with your intuition. You can read people like a book, especially when it comes to knowing their true intentions, so if you’ve got a bad feeling about a new person in your life, then listen to that feeling. You’re very emotional but also a little shy, so it can be hard for you to stand up for yourself. Don’t doubt yourself, though, as deep down you do have the courage to speak up. You tend to overthink almost everything so normal, everyday situations can be very hard for you. You also have a tendency to exaggerate things, not necessarily to seek attention, but just because that’s how you actually view those things.

Your Venus is in the 1st house (just like mine, as it happens), so you care about and love others very strongly and deeply. However you can be quite vain sometimes and so sometimes you become a tad too worried about what other people think about you. People are naturally drawn to you due to the charming and alluring vibes you give off. You have a need to be liked and admired, and this can become a problem if you give it too much thought. One way to counteract this is to give yourself the love that you crave from other people. You also find it difficult to stay civil with people who don’t like you.

Your Mars in the 12th house means that while you appear to be friendly and sociable to other people, you actually prefer to bury both your emotions and your secrets deep down inside you. You do have strong emotional reactions to things but you tend to supress your feelings rather than embrace them healthily. You also may have problems interacting with others because of this. You always have a sneaking suspicion that everyone has something against you, but this is in no way true. You’re scared people resent you completely just because of a small thing you might have done that could have annoyed them. You need to stop worrying about this and start focusing on living your life to the fullest.

Words Of Advice:

Try to have a more positive outlook on life.

Be more open to all kinds of new experiences.

Allow yourself to enjoy life without worrying sometimes.

Remember to put yourself in other people’s shoes every now and then.

Challenge people who make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be afraid to learn more about yourself.

Stop worrying about the future so much and learn to enjoy the present more.

Be mindful of who you spill your secrets to.

You can’t win every argument you find yourself in.

Learn lessons from your past and then move on.

Thanks for the question darling and I hope this helped! Sending good vibes your way!

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Leo would have the most standing out type of attire, strong makeup meanwhile libra rising will be less in your face but will be more elegant, not in your face and petite. Leo also would be the one who is more loud, meanwhile the libra will come with a sweet, flirty voice to catch you attention.

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aww i’m sorry you went through that babes 🥺 losing jewelry is the WORST idc what anyone says

it will literally shake you up

like it always broke my heart inside a little when i lost jewelry & ppl would look at me like ??? whats the big deal??

but thanks for the wishes!! i did find it 🥳🥳💞💞

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