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#libra sun
riuascita · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[♡] disclaimer.
「 every content on this blog is based of personal readings/understanding/
observations of the topic rather than any professional/legit insight.
therefore, do take it w a grain of salt! may you have a fun read, friend :) 」
✔ libra ascendant tend to have sensitive skin— mayhaps it has something to do w their 6H in pisces.
✔ gemini suns/moons may have a habit of trauma/emotional dumping in groupchats.
✔ the sign in your 11H could show the type of people where you feel a sense of belonging in w most but the sign in your 5H are the ones who would truly understand your form of self-expression.
✔ sun conjuct north node aspect may indicate self-expression will be well-received by those around them and in fact, encouraged.
✔ planets which aspects your chiron could show one of the many ways you can heal through.
if not healed, there are chances of the placement being afflicted.
✔ virgo and sagittarius placements may have a habit of accidentally nagging/lecturing others.
✔ leo & sagittarius suns seems to go for communication/literature as a major.
✔ venusians (taurus & libra) placements (especially suns) seems to be very likely to take business as a major.
✔ aries suns seems to likely take psychology as a major.
✔ electives courses choices seems to often be determined by one's moon sign.
✔ (nsfw) aquarius placements (especially sun/moon/mars) may be to be into degradation (them being the degrader).
✔ (nsfw) cancer placements (especially sun/moon/mars), aside from daddy/mommy kink, may be into corruption kink.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for reading this far, friend! may the rest of your day gets better :)
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saintzjenx · a day ago
I'm bored so I'll clown you guys and call y'all out before I go to bed😏
Libra placements forcing themselves to laugh at your dry ass jokes because they can't handle someone not liking them instantly:
Tumblr media
Taurus placements when someone tell them they need to own up to their mistakes and apologize first:
Tumblr media
Aquarius placements tryna stay chill & calm their drama-loving ass down when someone is spilling the tea:
Tumblr media
Capricorn placements when asked to choose between money and power:
Tumblr media
Aries placements when you tell them they are being too loud in public:
Tumblr media
Sagittarius placements when you tell them they're super lucky and never had to work that hard:
Tumblr media
Scorpio placements when their therapist tell them "ride-or-die" relationship is not literal and no one dies:
Tumblr media
I'll continue this soon sksksk I'm having an absolute blast doing this yall BYE
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neptuniandreams104 · a day ago
🎀Astrology Notes!🎀
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! This is my first ever post on Tumblr, I have been into astro notes for a long time but never actually posted anything LOL. And I guess it's time to do so; I must mention that these are solely my observations and what I believe can happen in certain situations and might not apply to you or it might. Just doing this for fun!
Anyway, let's get right in!
Astrology Notes #1
Aries is the ruler of my 2nd house, and I LOVE fast food. Makes sense because Aries=Quick, Sudden and 2nd house=Food.
My boyfriend is an astrology skeptic and he is a Virgo moon...not surprising LOL.
People with Mercury in the 7th might have a beautiful voice or a way with words.
If a singer makes songs that make you cry or their voice makes you emotional is probably because their mercury is aspecting your moon or vice versa.
My brother and my mom have moon in the 11th house and they have huge levels of empathy and are HUGE people pleasers.
Jupiter on 7th=getting with a person that is way more attractive than them without them being that attractive.
Women with 4th house influence/cancer planets might be seen as the "perfect wife/mother". Whereas men with 10th house influence/capricorn planets are seen as the "perfect husband/father".
In my opinion, personal retrograde planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are struggles that are more internal and can be overcomed more easily, retrograde planets that are external (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) are struggles that are more within your environment or your life, therefore your struggles might be harder to overcome.
Scorpio Rising/Pluto in 1st/Pluto-ASC might LOVE to look intimidating, the type to get a pitbull or get a ton of tattoos to look intimidating.
I've noticed Aquarius placements are very into Anime and might make their life revolve around it (Making references to it, only talk about it, wanting an anime partner, going to Japan) (I'm an Aquarius sun and Mercury but I was more like that on my Kpop phase LOL)
Wherever your Sun is placed might talk about what topics you talk about the most with your father, moon placement might talk about what topics you talk about with your mother the most (Sun in 2nd=You talk a a lot about finances properties with your father. Moon in 6th=You talk a lot about routine, health or well-being with your mother)
Whatever planet/sign is in your 12th house is what you feel that you lack or that you can't have. (Mars in 12th=Assertiveness, Drive, Direction) (Libra in 12th=Balance, Grace, Being unbiased)
I've noticed that Libra men or men with Libra Moon are more "feminine" or are more connected with women or their feminine side, even if they are traditionally masculine they still have some sort of connection to the feminine or with women. Same goes for women with Aries sun or moon, they are more "masculine" or are more connected to men or are more connected to their masculine side. And even if they are traditionally feminine, they still have some sort of connection to men or some sort of connection to the masculine. Ironically, these 2 signs are sister signs.
I have Chiron in 11th and my worst experiences have been online or with friendships...hmmmm...
8th house stelliums might have some sort of obsession with death.
DC in Sag might look for love outside of their country,
Cancer or Taurus personal planets are the definition of "All music nowadays is trash, take me back to the 80s"
As an Aquarius, yes I have stopped liking things because they became "too mainstream". I realised that's cringe though, so I stopped LOL.
Thank you all for reading! I hope you all liked it!
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astrosweet · 10 days ago
☆ libra should also be ruled by mercury and I don't know how its not. they are so fast pace always bouncing off the walls, they talk so much and so fast, their really smart, their intelligence is important to them, they love networking and all kinds of communication
☆capricorn placements have crazy imaginations, like pisces but they have the Saturn discipline of putting it into writing or art or keeping it to only fantasizing when reading/ night time. and most fantasy writers have major cap placements
☆ Leos are always loyal to their mothers. even if their mothers are a psycho murders they will always love their mama
☆ Evolved Virgos love astrology and they love to teach astrology and make a job out of it.
☆ a lot of actresses/actors have mars in Leo.
☆ south node in the sixth or aspecting Jupiter means you should lay off the sugar
☆ Virgo moons are so nice they probably when through a bitchy phase in their teens but they are the queens of niceness(especially with air sun) like just pure sweet souls.
☆scorpio placements are amazing music producers/ musicians
☆ underdeveloped Leos hate attention and are very closed of/ cold to people. they take a while to get use to people. so if your close to a Leo take that as a compliment. and if ur not don't take it to heart 99% of people aren't.
☆libras have 👏🏼fashion👏🏼confidence👏🏼. they were also the girlies that would wear high heels in middle school.
☆ Aries moons are very clean(messy but clean up after ourselves) and generally get overly stimulated from messiness. I thought it was just me but I've heard like 10 Aries moons say the same thing.
☆ Taurus and libra Venus's always date someone wealthy. like they will genuinely like someone and later find out their a Muti millionaire.
☆ gemini / scorpio combos have long torsos
☆ cancer risings have wide feet
☆Aquarius are concert junkies
☆ ive noticed a lot of libra venus people date younger people. 100% likely to be cougars.
☆ having major planets in the 12th house is like finding a punch card of un-learned past life lessons on the sidewalk. and the universe is kinda like "okay you need to learn all these life lessons in one life bc your not taking that shit along anymore. and I know you didn't do anything to deserve it this life time but still you have to do it". and instead of getting a free coffee you get ✨trauma✨
☆ scorpio placements just kinda shut down in the slightest of stressful situations.
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moonianbbyg · 20 days ago
asteroid ︎adonis (2101) 𓆩❤︎𓆪
since you guys love my asteroid posts i decided to make a new one!! i never really saw anyone talking about this asteroid so i thought i should introduce it to y’all
definition: in a woman’s birth chart adonis shows the ideal man for her or what she finds attractive in one. her mars placement can show what men she’s attracted to and her jupiter placement shows the ideal partner but adonis is detailed and all in one!
Tumblr media
ARIES: the ideal man for you is someone who will care for you and not let you go easily, he needs to apply effort into you and your relationship. he needs to literally want to kiss the floor you walk on. his love language should be physical touch! aries is ruled by mars and mars deals with sports as well so you might want him to have abs/a nice body or be muscular and etc.
TAURUS: you need someone who will shower you with compliments and remind you of how beautiful you are. he should notice the smallest details about you and he shouldn’t make you question his loyalty. you want someone who always has time for you and so should he. he won’t try to find opportunities to spend time with you, he’ll make others try to find a opportunity to be with them instead of you. you might like being taken to fancy restaurants and romantic dinners too
GEMINI: without having fun together is it even a good relationship? he should know how to make you laugh like no one else. he brings you mental, emotional and spiritual peace, with him everything should feel magical. talking about each other a lot improves your relationship/connection. his communication skills are the best
CANCER: your soul needs someone who is your peace, someone who has plans in their mind with you. you want someone who will talk to you about how your future kids/future will be together. you could like getting spoiled so you also need a man that doesn’t care to spend his money on you or do whatever to make you genuinely happy. he needs to show you off and talk about you like he’s talking about an angel
LEO: you want to be adored, daydreamed about and so on.. if he’s not randomly telling you he had a dream about you then he’s not the one for you. the ideal man for you is someone who will put you before anyone because you crave and love attention. you might even possibly want him to mostly be around you and not others
VIRGO: ideal relationship for you is the one that’s drama free. him showing too much jealousy or insecurities about you either dressing up and showing too much but still wanting you to be bad won’t work. you want trust, stability and loyalty. you return energy so he needs to deeply know you very well - literally know you deep into your soul. in order for you to feel satisfied with him
LIBRA: while your life is full of problems and worries he should be your balance. you want him to be a little jealous but not too possessive or controlling. he should pamper and take good care of you. he should make you experience a literal romantic love scenario each day of you being together. he should have good manners and have no problem impressing you. you want him to be overprotective in the right moments
SCORPIO: having a meaningful connection with him is very important to you. you want to feel him emotionally even when he’s far away from you.. you want his energy to be yours. you want him to chase you and love you like no one else ever did. he should be ready to commit right away and avoid making you jealous, because when you start to question him you’re already thinking about leaving him for good. you also want him to know how to impress you in bed too 👀 or teach you something new
SAGITTARIUS: what is a relationship if you can’t be best friends at the same time? you hate those type of guys who rush things and who will tell you they love you/they want to be with you forever after a week of dating. he should make the connection you guys have feel exciting and adventurous. it’s safe to say you could care about looks a bit more than about personality lol but if his personality is unique and different from other guys’ personalities you know you will feel like he is the ideal type for you.
CAPRICORN: men who don’t have goals or aren’t ambitious just don’t impress you. you want him to tell you about his future plans and prove that he is working on getting a better life for himself. he should be respectful and mature when it comes to serious topics. his humor should be very sarcastic because you’d also want to have inside jokes with him no one else understands
AQUARIUS: similar to capricorn what’s a man without ambitions? you might not care too much if he’s the best at school but you do want him to be smart or even outsmart you, because learning more about and getting more mature by the day is important to you. he should always know how to clap back at people (especially the ones who try to mess with you) and put them in their place. he should be unavailable to other people and just spend his time on himself and you.
PISCES: you hate when someone is telling your business around, so you expect him to keep your relationship problems to himself or try to fix them with you and nobody else. he should pay attention to the smallest details about you and not judge you for what you like or your opinions - and if he doesn’t agree with them he should at least ask you why you have that opinion. similar to scorpio he NEEDS to be ready for commitment right off the rip!
love - moon princess
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northnodeaquariusbitch · 19 days ago
astro observations #2
!!do not copy, reword or steal my work!!
- mercury square pluto individuals HAVE NOOOO FUCKING FILTER. expect the truth from them, and the truth only.
- they usually also have kinda deeper voices??
- i've noticed that most saggitarius placements are really spiritual
- scorpio risings usually deal with alot of breakouts. maybe its bc the traditional ruler of scorpio was mars
- developed pisces energy is so ethereal and loving. its not from this world.
- mercury in aquarius individuals tend to have monotone voices. my ex best friend of two years had this placement
- neptune in the 3rd house individuals have pretty voices.
- ic/fourth house in pisces ppl had rly hazy childhoods. they can barely remember it or its very blurry
- everyone always thinks virgo mc's have their shit together. this could change depending on aspects.
- if your saturn is in the 2nd house in your solar return chart, it can indicate financial loss, or a drastic change in the financial situation that year
- not an observations but even insects have birth charts,, so weird to think abt
- a pisces degree in the ascendant can add a dreamy touch to the appearance
- taurus venus individuals really like to indulge in self-care and they enjoy pampering themselves
- aquariuses are more intuitive than what we give them credit for tbh
- so many pisces moons i know have daddy issues
- sag in the 2nd house r so lucky w money. it just seems to come to them whenever they need it. ofc this could change with the aspects
- pisces moons are such amazing mediums
- i had this astrology download in my brain once lol, it was abt how aquarius energy is associated with the crown chakra (the future) and the throat chakra (the need to express thoughts and individuality) and how pisces energy is associated with the third eye chakra (seeing outside of this reality, spirituality). it may have been said before, but its so fascinating to me. i think about it atleast once a week.
- women with sag in their first house has big butts. this could change with the aspects but its so common for female sag risings to have larger hips/butts. and it looks so good on them. applies to jupiter in the first house as well.
- libra moons have mesmerizing eyes. so do pisces moons. its kinda glittery.
- if you lack order in your life, i highly recommend checking your saturn sign. the sign its in, the house/houses its in, the aspects, and study them. it will help you create structure in your life since saturn rules hard work over longer periods of time. you will reach your goals if you just stop being so intimidated by saturn and instead let its energy help you.
- the harshest but the best teachers ive had have been capricorn suns.
- i love developed leo mercuries. they talk like leaders, have consideration for others and are so confident in the way they communicate.
- developed leo placements gives off royal/boss energy.
- i know this has been said before, but i have noticed myself that when the sun is in its detriment signs, libra and aquarius, they usually have not the best eyesight, and it might worsen, or be bad in general.
- scorpio 4th housers or scorpio moons have gone thru sm shit. i have like 3 friends with this placement and i feel so bad for them. please do shadow work/consider therapy for your own good.
- most scorpio risings i know (including myself) have such thick, dark hair. most of them have curly hair too.
- and i've noticed we kinda look like vampires
- i recommend scorpio risings enhancing their eyes/using eyeliner or dark eyeshadow. it looks so fucking good on us i cant
- i've noticed that the children of immigrant parents often have prominent aries placements. aries placements can indicate being the first in your family to do something. makes sense. they might be the first in their generation to get a higher education/live a more comfortable life
- libra moons/libra 4th house may have been spoiled by their mothers. may have had an aesthetic room/house. this could change with the aspects
- aquarius risings just look so different.
reminder: you dont have to take everything too literate in astrology. all in the end, you choose who u are. your birth chart is just a manifestation of who you could be by celestial bodies.
i hope u enjoyed reading this !!
i would rly appreciate it if you followed me, im trying to grow this account :)))
sending u love and healing energy, xoxo luna <3
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toastmyrolls · 2 months ago
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑
Astrology Notes
May or may not resonate, it’s all random notes of mine, enjoy🧚🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Venus in Sagittarius ~ these people take longer to commit than most. It’s quite hard to keep a Sagittarius tied down because they want to go everywhere and experience life in many different ways. It’s like trying to keep a flame tamed within your hand, and of course, it will burn out. This is the “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” type of person. They probably won’t get married until later in life because they feel that they have so much to discover within this world. Will honestly break your heart to pieces and aren’t super remorseful about it.
Moon in Pisces ~ these people can be such sweethearts, but let’s be real. These mf’s will more than likely break your heart if you decide to betray them in any way and they will be petty about it. If you wrong a Pisces moon, you probably won’t hear from them ever again. They have a habit of disappearing into thin air type of energy. They can already feel when an ending is coming and will easily prepare themselves for it.
Taurus Risings ~ these people are very grounded and stable individuals, but can we talk about how y’all have similar qualities to Scorpios? Like a Taurus will stalk you on social media and investigate just like how a Scorpio would. They don’t seem like these types of people to do so, but they are just as good as Scorpios when it comes to recovering/uncovering secrets and cannot stand betrayal. Don’t expect to hear from them again if you’ve wronged them in anyway. They will try to forget your existence.
Cancer Moons ~ highly intelligent beings. People may see cancer moons as overly sensitive and emotional beings, but they feel so much that they have to release their emotions in some way. Cancer moons either never cry or cry all the time. They can be very moody when they haven’t had the chance to be by themselves and to process things within their own way. Give your cancer moon friends a hug, they probably need it. Could have been smothered with too much love growing up or had none at all.
Virgo Moons ~ these people want to help serve others if they are able to serve themselves first. They feel better when they know they have control over everything, including their emotions. They can be pretty sensitive even if they portray themselves as not so sensitive or emotional. Their humor probably consists of making fun of themselves and they really are aware of how controlling they can be on the inside. Can severely lack empathy when they’re wounded or betrayed. Can internalize just about everything.
Sagittarius Risings ~ these individuals do not want to be tied to anything. Saggy risings are such free spirits who have huge hearts. Could have difficulty seeing past illusions within their home environment. They also always have weird lovers and tend to attracts people of different backgrounds, religion, spirituality, etc. These individuals love learning and will always discover something new about themselves within partnerships and relationships. Saggys tend to be quite secretive and can hold their own beliefs close to their heart.
Mercury in Scorpio ~ such profound people. They know more than they should. More than likely the person who is observing everyone at a social situations and I truly meaning they are observing you. How you talk. Why you talk like that, etc. The type of person who portrays themselves to be very kind and honest, but they’re definitely having a conversation about you with their ego and mind. Would test you on knowledge they ALREADY know of, but wants to see if you know it too. If that makes sense? They can also have a tendency to control every situation they’re in and come into contact with power struggles. They can be harsh with their words because it’s more than likely something personal and they will not hesitate to say it if angry. This is the type of person who would send your numbers to multiple church’s and religions just to be petty if they were betrayed by you. They’re loyal af tho🥰
Leo Moon ~ they probably struggle with codependency issues, I’m sorry Leo’s I said what I said. The type of person who will cheer you up if you’re having a bad day. They’d probably pull up with your favorite drinks type of person IF they truly love you. They probably have a mother who is all up in their business and can probably have a habit of talking over the native with this placement, don’t take it if it doesn’t resonate. The types of people who will blast music at 5 in the morning on their way to work, you know they’re neighbors can probably hear it. Honestly, what is it with Leo’s and blasting everything on full volume 😭 They’re definitely softies on the inside vs how they portray themselves to be.
Aries Moon ~ honestly, this placement is quite challenging. Every Aries moon I’ve met has struggled with some internal anger within themselves whether they show it or not. It’ll come out when they blow up. An Aries moon is actually quite sensitive and can’t really take criticism well. Can make very impulsive comments that don’t really make sense. They talk really loud and even though they don’t mean to do so, it is highly annoying for them when someone mentions that they are. Can actually be quite the player and is not a good thing. Once the flame is lost, so are they. They always do the weirdest shit but you know they have good stories to tell. Anger. Issues.
Lilith in Pisces ~ these people are very sensitive to their environments and can pick it on mysterious type things. They can easily uncover secrets if they choose to die deep into the rabbit hole. They can create their own illusions and can get so lost within their own fantasy world. They have created an imaginative, beautiful and complex universe within their minds and they will choose to stay there anytime even if they’re socializing. They can be very manipulative and are aware when doing so. Very good at lying and masking what really lies underneath. Can use innocence as a weapon.
Libra Suns ~ very creative and aesthetic individuals. They probably tell white lies every so often, but at least they’re good at it. They thrive off other people’s compliments and honestly cannot take hate well. They either don’t give two shits or they’re probably crying about it. They are more than likely the social butterfly at work if there’s no harsh aspects towards inner planets. They can be very sweet people but a lot of them are just good at being nice. There’s a difference.
Tumblr media
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑ ⭑・゚゚・
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sastrology · 3 months ago
part 1/of god knows how many
my opinions and observations
Tumblr media
- people with a 12th house stellium can be notorious homebodies, maybe even struggle with agoraphobia.
- nobody holds a grudge like a scorpio moon these people are deeply caring and if you slight them 🔪 they’re not easy to forget about it
-cancer moons are not as emotional as they’re made out to be, especially if coupled with air/earth prominence in the chart. they’re quite sensitive to being hurt by others, but not necessarily emotional.
- 🍼placements would be fire/water dom in the chart. most emotional people i’ve met seem to have a mix of cancer and fire(usually leo/aries) strongly in the chart
- gemini placements talk a lot with their hands, if you’re curious if someone has gemini in the chart and they’re not talking your ear off, see how often they use their hands to communicate.
-gemini mercury also makes someone great with ASL. These people are quick and pick up on learning the signs easily. usually good with directions too
- aquarius venus/sign dominance chart people are not flighty, they can be extremely loyal if developed and to the right person. I have noticed that these people have very high morals and can be rigid in the “ideal” partner, dare i say on par with a virgo venus, but can have a low tolerance for putting up with things they deem unattractive/not for them. this venus will DROP you like an old egg salad sandwich if they feel disrespected, if undeveloped they’ll leave over minor slights and hurts.
-uranus in the 1st really is a weirdo placement. not in bad way, they’re truly one of a kind. my best friend is a cap rising with uranus in the first and she is a bad bitch truly, definitely not afraid of shock value and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.
-undeveloped scorpio venus really can be scary, especially if coupled with a scorpio mars(also mars square/opposite pluto can be guilty of this as well) a lot of my family members have this placement and they will not let their significant others go at any cost, even resorting to methods of restriction/control and at worst cases violence. once they’ve “picked a mate” that’s that and it’s almost impossible for them to move on, and if they do “move on” they hold a grudge. love can feel extremely deep and uncontrollable to them, and at the deepest level of their heart, they want to hide how scary it is for them.
-1st house stellium people have a rapid cycle for changing their looks. real chameleons look wise. i’ve noticed most dye their hair a lot, and may have quite a few different looks. the face over the years can change a lot, changeable mannerisms and an energy you cant quite “place” no matter how comfortable you are with them.
-Mercury (r) people are underrated. they have a wit unlike any other, they’re also incredibly good at puns and have a sarcastic demeanor. kings and queens of making people say “oh i hadn’t thought of it that way” and “zingers”
-people who can be described as the “life of the party” typically have an 11th or 5th house stellium
-saturn in the 8th house may really fear the depth of sex. may either wait a long time to lose their virginity or struggle with ED (due to nerves) truly “casual” sex may be hard for them
-gemini/cancer rising really DOES look youthful for a dumb amount of time. even with age they have a childlike look to them
-undeveloped leo mercury can be liars in the way of “protecting” others from the truth. they can also twist stories to try to make themselves look better.
-taurus sun/mars are good with building things. woodworking, pottery, welding, cars, and have quite a bit of endurance to stay and finish tasks (if they don’t have adhd lmfao)
-libra placements are FLIRTY and it’s not said enough. either intentionally or unintentionally. if someone flirts with them they’re usually too nice to outright reject someone and will go along with it
-libra sun/moon men want approval more than anyone else. definitely not afraid to kiss ass in order to be liked, especially true if they’re mutable dominant (fixed and cardinal will still have a strong need for approval but they’re also quite prideful to off set it)
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cosmicrew · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
libra sun moodboard
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lilastromama · 3 months ago
Astrology Hottakes 📌
Water moons are extremely emotionally intelligent
Gemini/Virgo mercuries can talk u in and out of anything, believe me
Pisces men tend to have unstable relationships with their mother, while pisces women tend to have unstable relationships with their father
U will notice a sagittarius moon walking into a room. Their energy is different.
Leo men want to be adored, honored, feared and loved all at once.
Gemini risings looks more like geminis than gemini suns
Libra rising women most often look like forest fairies.
Cancer mars is the scariest Mars placement u can possibly have, together with scorpio. U dont know manipulation until u know one of these fucks
Pisces women tend to lie most often in arguments to back up their statements. They cant stand being proved wrong
aquarius venus is most compatible with either gemini or capricorn venus
taurus placements are the most forgotten in astrology. It seems like people cant read through them
sagittarius suns often play confident, even tho deep down they are not and need people to show them how loveable they truly are
gemini and pisces have a love or hate relationship, nothing in between. Hit or Miss.
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immortalink · 28 days ago
libra is a sign i connect to restrictions. it's so obvious it's Saturn's exaltation and the sun's fall. i mean these people are venusian and it shows, they're so attached to their romance and aesthetics and harmony and peace, but still...more often than not you'd hear them say things like, "i let myself get competitive once and this happens" or "i allowed myself to raise my voice". they're always aware of the implications and consequences. they can take a lot of things into account. and that's why it's hard for them to do things that would disrupt the peace - they know they will, they know others won't like this. so they keep it in for the sake of "being the grown up". allowing themselves to be genuine and expressive is a reward they don't often reach for. it may feel like whenever they do it, others punish them for it by acting mean or avoidant. and that might be the case since the ppl around them are used to libras being the perfect companion, always so considerate and chill. it's not a bad thing people are reacting strongly. it's a bad thing you've allowed yourself to put yourself second for so long that it shocks people when you stop doing it.
btw i think that's the reason libras often date/fall for sagittarius folks. sags are connected to freedom - they're so naturally and openly expressive, even if they're more introverted they still follow their gut and find ways to not be tied down by shit. they're not known as the most considerate ppl either. and libra often crave that type of energy - you know how we're frequently attracted to what we suppress in ourselves...
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saintzjenx · a day ago
sagittarius moon freaks me out when they're angry. point blank. literally the scariest people on earth especially if they have a fine mix of FIXED and MUTABLE energy in their chart if you manage to get them angry you're probably gonna regret it lol.
this moon sign can turn the chillest, calmest, seemingly harmless chart to the WORST when they're pissed off.
they would say such hurtful things and when you tell them they're getting out of line they'd just b like do i look like i give a shit😀😀😀 (wait for them to calm down first thx)
anyways my intellectual baddies don't get pissed that easy tho if you do manage to push their buttons then u face the consequences love😁<3
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astrojoy · 4 months ago
Juno in the Aphrodite Persona Chart
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This placement can show what your future spouse will be really drawn to about you and an indicator of how they find you attractive
Degrees can help figure out in what way this aspect is expressed
The aphrodite chart in this perspective will only show things that are specific to what your future spouse is typically attracted to in you. Whereas the usual natal chart only gives off what your ideal Juno/spouse zodiac type is and what they might be like or come from etc. Juno persona chart expresses the marriage in total and may give more hints to the spouse (from what I've seen it can definitely get specific spouse traits)
Onto the aphrodite persona chart with juno in it ~
Tumblr media
A Small Disclaimer
This is just from what I've noticed in different peoples charts. Sometimes there will be instances where this kind of stuff may not resonate but please take in mind of the original natal chart, where aphrodite/juno/groom is at and then aspects in each chart. This is for entertainment purposes only and shouldn't be taken 100% seriously! Thank you now enjoy ❤
Aphrodite - 1388
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Juno in 1st -> Aries
Well this is self explanatory, don't you think? 😂 Since this is Aphrodite as well, your significant other looks at you as their goddess. You are so stunning, in fact this can actually stir up some passionate/heated moments more often, and your spouse can be easily aroused. No matter what you do, embarrassing or not, your partner will seem to over look it, as if a random neptunian haze has cascaded their eyes and only saw the petals of a flower. You also may be confident, if not now then once you marry. This spouse boosts your confidence and there's a possibility to put you on a pedestal. They easily get protective over you, especially when in the public or if other people try to pursue you. Your aura can also totally give you away since this is in the house of what others may see/feel first. Your spouse really enjoys kissing as well with this placement. Check where the ruler is to get a better idea of how your beauty/aura is shown!
Juno in 2nd -> Taurus
Your ability to handle business with money is pleasing to the husband/wife. You could be a responsible person and this is something your spouse takes into consideration, not everyone is as smart as you when it comes to handling possessions. Your sensuality is another thing that shines with this placement, after all, Taurus is ruled by venus! Your spouse appreciates how you take care of yourself! Another thing is with this placement you could be given gifts from your spouse quite often, they love to spoil you because of this beautiful aspect. The 2nd house can rule over cooking, so, if you can cook, then it's obvious they enjoy your delicious food! Security is also a big role in this, you can bring your spouse material and emotional security and they take joy in it 🥺
Juno in 3rd -> Gemini
Your way of adapting to a new neighborhood, and welcome others socially is beautiful in your spouse's eyes. You spouse enjoys the conversations you have with them that could keep them up all night. Your voice has a beautiful tinge to it, and if you sing, then this makes your partner allured by the beautiful notes you easily sway in a seductive melody. You are the birds chirping in the morning that they enjoy waking up to! If you have siblings then they love your relationship with them, how you joke around or are very loving/nurturing with them. Your spouse might be close friends with your siblings in fact. You're husband/wife accepts any information you give intellectually and the interaction between you and how you view work/career probably makes them relate or in awe. Definitely a relationship where chatting is quite present. They could also very much be pleased with your sense of wit and that your funny if you tell jokes
Juno in 4th -> Cancer
Ah yes, home. The household could be important in this relationship. As weird as it may sound, your husband/wife could enjoy watching you clean and tidy of things around the house, this is because it gives them a cozy feeling, a stable foundation is beautiful and you complete it. Your spouse could definitely want a kid with you and if not, then they can tell you would be an amazing mother if you had one! You give off such tender vibes and it's so comfortable to be around. If they have any emotional thoughts crowded in their mind then you are quick to help, and they appreciate this. If they never had a prominent mother figure in their childhood then this feminine energy of yours can really easily make them drawn to you, they want a taste of what it feels like for someone to calm their emotions when they need it, tell them to relax and everything will be ok. They are at peace with you and this makes them idealize you as the perfect partner for a perfect family. This spouse is definitely the type to cuddle and be gentle with you to return the favor of what energy you give off!
Juno in 5th -> Leo
Your spouse absolutely adores how you know when to let your hair down and enjoy life! You are such a fun person to be around after all! You never get boring to spend time with and always have the best ideas of what to do next! Such a beautiful energy! Your spouse may be the type of person to randomly bring up "Wanna play video games?" "HEYYY WANNA GO TO THE FAIR???" this is because you are their first resort when they want to enjoy a day off. You are quite a romantic soul. You give off sweet seduce-worthy gestures and in this, they return the favor. Your spouse with never get bored! Passion is also another big thing, normally as 2 people grow older the passion fades, however you seem to always spark it back up, your partner is the moth to this flame. Some of you probably are artistic and if so then they take great notice and are so interested in this intriguing side of yourself. They enjoy watching you have fun at your hobbies and want to join you! This aspect can bring soo much creativity to the individual and this gains your spouses attention. Their is a chance for them to maybe be clingy or to over-compliment you but it will all turn out fine. If you don't participate in artistic practices, then your spouse will be, and you will be their muse ❤
Juno in 6th -> Virgo
What a pretty placement! Your husband appreciates how you take care of yourself the most. You make sure to tend to your health and in the process this makes you flourish! Vice versa you are probably the one who enjoys taking care of your spouse and they think this is so sweet! For the people with more active signs, or are interested in excercise this could possibly show a nice toned body and they love this because who wouldn't? Of course in the 6th house, indicating coworkers/organization, you seem very practical and tidy. You keep everything in check and know how to get business done when its needed. Your spouse is attracted to your dependability, you are responsible and they absolutely adore this quality of yourself. If you guys have kids, you will make sure they are all clean, have everything they need for school, help them with homework, it's perfect
Juno in 7th -> Libra
Yesss, you are so perfect! You could be an ideal version of someone compared to what your partner craves and luckily, they got you! You are perfect in commitments and relationships (unless other aspects kill this) and they can tell. You have a romantic soul and are practically in love with love, they love seeing the romance in all it's glory! They enjoy spending nights out to dinner, pleasing you, exchanging romantic gestures. It feels like a match made in heaven honestly. The way you deal with relationships ranging from friends, to family, you are quite intelligent here. You may be the type of person who loves luxeries, or even beautifying yourself up in someway (ranging from dresses, tuxedos, jewelry, makeup etc.) and this definitely catches their gaze 👀 With this placement your spouse enjoys how passion is infinite, it never ends and only expands as the years go by. You are very attractive with this placement, as this is the place where venus/libra resides. Aphrodite looks at this house with tender eyes and cascades a wave of magic filled with blessings. It seems as though this connection is fated as well, destined. Your spouse will definitely particularly feel this.
Juno in 8th -> Scorpio
Your spouse loves this darker area. They may actually be into scorpionic people or at least people who seem mysterious, true enygmas to their eyes. You aren't afraid of delving into things that society sees as bizarre or weird, your partner enjoys these small details and actually might not say anything. You could help clear up any tax frauds, loans, debt, and who doesn't enjoy that??? Sex could play a big role here as well. And let's just say your husband/wife enjoys these moments very much, it helps bring out both of your inner desires and bond on a much deeper level, he gets to experience the sensual side of your aphrodite with the extreme/raw side that the 8th house holds. They love the deep intimacy they can share with you and how you aren't afraid about talking about the darker aspects of human nature and it's secrets beneath the surface. You're quite different from your significant others past relationships. You hold this aura of rawness and authenticity, this is greatly appreciated. Your lover sees you change and grow as a person, transform in a way. This could be physically and/or mentally. This is a beautiful thing because all your spouse sees is a butterfly changing colors, who doesn't think a rainbow is appealing to stare at?? 😏
Juno in 9th -> Sagittarius
Your future partner find your curiosity very intriguing. They could hoenstly think is adorable how you always question things! With this we could see a person who could have a positive energetic charm about them, you would be the person to tell your spouse to "look at the bright side of things" or "it's better than-" which always seems to help them and to challenge them to look life through your point of view. They find your love for travel and adventures also beautiful, they want to take these major leaps across the world with you! Take risks together and experience different cultures and islands! You are an intelligent person who understands the finer things in life and how to bestow great value to unique objects or bizarre things. Either way, as your spouse sees this they will be magnetically attracted, this deep aspect really made you stand out from others. You aren't trapped in a box in your mind, instead you seek more, wanting to live outside the box and seek new roads of life, and of course your spouse wanted to join you 🌹
Juno in 10th -> Capricorn
You could be an ambitious person and this is something that catches your future spouses eye. They enjoy this interesting quality about you, because you seem to keep that same spirit that a kid would have when they would say "I wanna be an astronaut when I grow up!" You give off this innocence that seems to not override you maturity. You know when to be responsible and get work done, your spouse also sees this whether they say it or not. They appreciate this trait of yours because they understand it will help you in life. You carry a parent-like quality where you know just how to get everything in order and make sure everything is in line. You are a hardworking individual who tries their hardest to rise up in their career life. Your spouse could see you as being a good parent who can set appropriate rules for your future children (if you guys decide on having any) and they may think about this often at times. If you become successful in any way or famous then they also may look up to you and idolize you in some way! You could possibly have some strict tendencies but your spouse may umderstand the "method to your madness" and is glad you can take a dominant role in the relationship
Juno in 11th -> Aquarius
For the LGBTQ+ community this could be a strong significant aspect for a relationship. You are someone who stands up for whats right and equality is something that should not be ignored or pushed to the side. Your spouse enjoys watching you fight or want better outcomes for the people who are unfairly treated in society. Life is no longer in the past and you live for expansion upon the newer years to come. Your spouse likes how you tend to think in the future often and prepare for things if necessary. They also find attractive how you can socialize with many people if you wanted to or gain a following of some sort. You are a natural networking even if you don't notice, there seems to be an invisible pull that just tugs people to you. You enjoy unique and unconventional ways of doing things or maybe even styles of clothing! You spouse thinks this is super cute! You also may be obsessed with the internet or new technologies that come out and your spouse is definitely going to be the person involved by saying "WANNA PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOGETHER????" "WANNA GO GET THE NEW IPHONEX70001B???" You guys are literally a power couple who likes innovation and fun! You might have times where you hang out with your friends and your husband/wife together, those days will be important and fun. You also have a natural charm when it comes to talking to people or starting trends, maybe even movements, your spouse just adorezzz this 😄
Juno in 12th -> Pisces
👁 _ 👁 In the house of karma and shadows eh? That's amazing! Your spouse really loves your imagination, maybe you are artistic in someway? Your spouse is drawn to your healing capabilities. You have an inner strength to be able to listen to everyones emotions and just soak them up like a fish who's out of water! You heal people by listening intently and giving advice like a counselor. Your spouse appreciates how they can tell you their most hidden secrets and struggles and yet you are always still their for them. You are a strong person in your spouses eyes! You may enjoy naps or sleeping often as well, with this comes many dreams or vice versa, hardly any! However, your spouse really enjoys getting to cuddle or nap with you as it's cozy and like a healing vibration in some way. You could be interested in spirits or something very taboo that nobody really talks about often, but you shed light on this and it's different! Your spouse enjoys those moments because they test their thoughts to think on the matter. You could seem like a soft person, or just gentle or non aggressive in a way, could possibly be only outwardly but maybe inwardly as well, also very wise in your spouse's eyes, and they really like this feminine energy you hold whether you're a male or female. If you are a nurse or a helper of some kind as a job then your husband/wife pays close attention to this, they see your caring nature as something this world needs more of 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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k-rising · 5 months ago
🌟 Astro observations #17 🌟
DISCLAIMER: These observations are based on my experiences with people I've met in my life. Everybody has different opinions and it's completely understandable if you disagree or if it doesn't apply to you. The point of this post is to entertain.
Tumblr media
💐 Jupiter in the 10H are hella lucky, specially in their jobs extra points if is placed in a fire sign.
💐 Leo Moon and/or Ascendant have a lot of hair.
💐 Mercury trine Neptune have beautiful calming, pleasing voices 🥺.
💐 Pisces rising with Aquarius Sun are more sensitive and empathetic.
💐 Talking about Pisces risings, I noticed that they tend to have big lower lips.
💐 In synastry when someone's Venus falls into another person 7H, the house person adores the Venus person so much 🤧.
💐 Cancer risings LOVES when you share things that nobody else knows about yourself. They will get so touched by it.
💐 Gemini Saturn are good with maths.
💐 Men with Scorpio placements are really good at charming women.
💐 Libra in the 10H/MC/North Node makes amazing models.
💐 This will probably shock a lot of people, but I've noticed that Libra Ascendant with Libra Sun dislikes extravagance and they feel uncomfortable when people show them a lot of affection.
💐 Virgo Ascendant with Aquarius Sun tend to be more introverted and it's hard for people to get to know them on a deeper level.
Previous astro observations
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ariesjupiter · 15 days ago
Mitski Birth Chart Reading
Tumblr media
This is just my interpretation based on Mitski’s birth chart and what I know of her music. Let me know if you have any suggestions of someone I should make a post on next! If you’re interested, I offer natal chart readings, just check my pinned post!
Libra sun: In terms of basic personality and ego, Mitski is focused on creating balanced, harmonic relationships. Intimate, one-on-one relationships are a major part of her identity. Libra is ruled by venus which represents love and beauty. After all, she is known for her lyrics relating to her romantic relationships. The lyric “I love everybody because I love you” is so profoundly Libra to me. She is friendly and charming. She sees herself reflected and other people and people see themselves reflected in her (for better or worse). Venus also rules the arts and Mitski is a natural artist in every sense of the word. Her music sonically is very unique, inventive, and creative as she experiments with mixing different genres. This is influenced by her sun in the 11th house. Sun in the 11th house also indicates an emphasis on friendships and memberships of certain groups and communities. It also indicates an importance of her hopes and dreams. Her sun in 3° explains why she is such a talented writer, communicator, and lyricist. Peak libra sun culture: “Young adult romance is the shit” (a real quote from the queen herself). And let’s not forget her iconic quote from 2016: “I’m a libra so my sexuality is essentially “you can really be any gender as long as you treat me like a princes.” Truer words have never been spoken.
Capricorn moon: Despite how personal her music is, Mitski is a rather private and reserved person, particularly when it comes to expressing her emotions. Also, Capricorn is associated with the father and she has been known to be especially private regarding her dad’s career. She is serious and intense with emotions but can sometimes get detached. The emphasis is on having control over her feelings. She is ambitious and a practical person. Her emotions are connected to her career. Those who do not know her well may see her as cold. In temperament she tends to be melancholic. Emotionally mature and wise beyond her years. Straightforward and honest with her expression. She is dependable, loyal, hard working, & realistic. Emotional fulfillment is often tied to achievement and success. Her moon in the 2nd house and 2° suggests material comforts make her feel safe. With the 2nd house being associated with venus, she is able to express her emotions in an artistic way. Could be protective over material objects. Sentimental. Music has a big impact on her emotions and mood. Peak capricorn moon culture: “I didn’t really feel anything. I’ve stopped feeling things for a long time” - Mitski, The Fader Interview, 2017. In all seriousness, I hope my capricorn moons are doing good.
Virgo mercury: Mitski is practical and detail oriented when it comes to communication and matters of learning. She takes the time to choose the right words to convey her thoughts. She is clear and concise. Mercury is in its sign of rulership here. Her mercury in the 10th house suggests that she will be known for her communication style. Has a lot of thoughts but is also organized. Analytical. Mitski likes making lists. Loves to give advice. Mercury is in 16° (cancer degree) and she has a soft spoken voice. Talks about the past and her roots (cancerian themes).
Virgo venus: In love, Mitski will assume a caretaking role and will gladly help her partner finish mundane tasks and chores. A devoted and faithful lover. Love is about the mundane and routine details of life. Love is about service. Acts of service tend to be virgo venus’ main love language. She wants to help improve her partner’s life. She is patient and observant. Values love that is simple and authentic. Appreciates a partner with whom she can have intellectual conversations. May have a tendency to be too critical on herself when it comes to love. Venus rules aesthetics & style and she tends to have a modest fashion sense. Mitski has voiced her interest in astrology and how she has asked people she’s interested for their birth times lmao. Her venus is in the 11th house, she treats a lover like she would treat a friend. In fact, romantic love probably equates to platonic love in her book. She has her venus in 24° which is a pisces degree, which explains this natural interest in astrology.
Gemini mars: Could be impatient because she moves quickly. Efficient. Has a lot of goals and likes to keep busy. She thrives when she talks to others and exchanged ideas. Likes to multitask. Very versatile. Probably has a flirty, bubbly energy when she’s attracted to someone. Attracted to intellect. Desire to see things from multiple perspectives. Gemini rules the hands so she’s skilled with playing instruments and writing. Likes to try new things. Witty and humorous. Could have nervous energy or fidget often.
Leo jupiter: The planet of luck and expansion in Leo is a big indicator of fame. Her jupiter is also in the 9th house and in 7°. Jupiter in the 9th indicates being born in a different country from where you reside now. Mitski is biracial and has lived in multiple countries growing up. She loves to learn, particularly about other cultures and ways of life. She is open minded, philosophical and values freedom and being independent. She attracts good fortune when she travels (touring!) and also when she focuses on partnerships/intimate relationships (7°). Combining this energy, Mitski attracts luck when she acts dramatically, demonstrates/teaches her knowledge, expresses herself artistically, shows her warm hearted and sometimes stubborn side, & takes chances, shows her bravery, and takes the lead. Be the Cowboy is big leo energy 🤠
Capricorn saturn: Mitski is responsible, practical, goal-oriented, and cautious. With saturn in the 3rd house, she probably had to grow up quickly and become mature at a young age. Capricorn saturn people tend to be very successful people. Strong willed. Tendency to be quiet and is a good listener. Could also be outspoken. With saturn in 18° (virgo degree), she’s very hard working but she may need to learn how to take a break and let herself rest and recharge.
Capricorn uranus: This placement also indicates that she goes after her goals and is efficient and practical in achieving them. Uranus being in the 2nd house shows that she could make money from being unique and groundbreaking. 2nd house also rules the voice! Her values are unique and she could be resistant to change them. Her self esteem could be in a constant state of flux and be tied to money. Her income could rapidly change, like maybe she did not get paid much but then suddenly she starts making a lot of money. Uranus is in 5° which is a fame degree. She’s famous for being authentically herself and very much an individual in the industry that can’t be compared.
Capricorn neptune: Capricorn neptunes are most likely realists. She is skilled at going after her dreams. Her dreams are practical and connected to themes of wealth, power, and control. Neptune in 3rd house shows a dreamy, poetic way of communicating. A very creative placement. Dreamy vibes. Could be elusive in communication, open for interpretation. Neptune is in 11° so this gives aquarian energy. Idealistic with friends and always searching for ways to achieve her dreams.
Scorpio pluto: Her power lies in her ability to analayze human interactions and be introspective with herself since it’s in the 1st house. She is very self aware. Mitski understands that life is about going through changes and she welcomes the ability to grow and rebuild. She has intense, deep emotions but has control over them and how she expresses them. Pluto in 16° adds a cancerian energy. Her strength lies in her ability to nurture and be empathetic.
Scorpio rising: First impressions of Mitski can be that she’s mysterious and secretive. A powerful and intimidating presence. This explains to me why she loves dressing in black. She probably has a strong dislike for anything superficial. She likes to get to know people on a deeper level and connect with them. She likes honesty and is probably very perceptive and intuitive. Privacy is so important to her! She has a lot of layers and wants people to unpack them, but it may take her a while to open up. She is powerful and has endurance. Her presence leaves an impact on people. Loyalty and intimacy is important. She’s not afraid to talk about taboo topics or scary, heavier emotions. Passionate and even a tendency to get fixed on or obsessed with something or someone. Her rising is in 15° (gemini degree) so she’s clever, curious, and thinks quickly. a little more flexible than a regular Scorpio rising would be.
Leo midheaven: People might see her as dramatic or arrogant. In the public eye, she was meant to be a performer. At her concerts she’s known for putting on a good show & includes interpretive dance and choreography. She becomes herself more when she’s on stage. The stage is where she shines. Has a lot of pride connected to her career. Reputation for creatively expressing herself and being brave and taking risks. Wants to be admired, especially regarding her career. Her purpose is to become a leader. Mc in 22° (capricorn degree) shows that she is a very hard worker when it comes to her career. She won’t let anyone stop her when it comes to achievement and success in her field. Another indicator of being at the top of her career and being publicly recognized for it!
TLDR: Mitski is a natural born singer, performer and artist. She is unique, talented, and an introspective writer. Being earth and water dominant, she balances practicality & stability with sentimentality & raw emotion. With all of her Capricorn placements, she is grounded and doesn’t let fame get to her head. Her chart ruler is Scorpio pluto in the 1st which means that major transformations will be a big theme in her life, especially regarding herself & her identity. She is always reflecting and looking at herself on a deep level.
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playsthetics · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Libra Sun Libra Moon Libra Rising Virgo Mercury Scorpio Venus Virgo Mars for @farah-ray
Cyber Sex - Doja Cat
Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa
Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored - Ariana Grande
Sex Yeah - Marina And The Diamonds
Tropics - Transviolet ft Reo Cragun
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) - Garbage
Talking Body - Tove Lo
Untouched - The Veronicas
Bubblegum Bitch - Marina And The Diamonds
Ain’t My Fault - Zara Larsson
F**k U Betta - Neon Hitch
Side To Side - Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj
Chewing Gum - Nina Nesbitt
Primadonna - Marina And The Diamonds
Hypnotic - Zella Day
Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
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purplexhun · 2 months ago
My Opinion On Sun Signs
absolutely unrequested lmao but let's have fun! Don't take anything personally buddies, it's all for entertainment only ❤️
Aries Sun : tbh with y'all my friends, i didn't meet many of you, almost 2-3 people. I've always got good vibez from you and plenty of good times, the most loyal and fun people to have around. Men can either be fuckboyz or the best you'll ever meet, but damn, they're the ones to pick you up at 3am to go dancing in the rain.
> Rate : 6/10
Taurus Sun : well FRENDZ, met TONS of you. LOYAL AF, indie souls, very good counselors and amazing friends, may be cliché but i still haven't met a taurus who doesn't love food lmao. Didn't get along with men unless there are Gemini Placements, too much jealousy and superficiality at times.
> Rate : 8/10
Gemini Sun : ok, I'll try not to scream i love y'all. I seriously have a problem, i like every Gemini i see, i instantly match their energy and they match mine. Funny af, almost die of laughter every time. I never struggled with a Gemini. Like, never. I always end up falling for Gemini Men.
> Rate : 💯/10
Cancer Sun : conflicting opinions over them, i love cancer women, one of my bffs used to be a Cancer Stellium and we were hella partners in crime, but i struggle to get along with Cancer Men unless they have strong Leo/Gemini Placements. Too moody for me and not those "deep feelers" as people describe, actually met tons of those who were clingy and jealous for no reason.
> Rate : 5/10
Leo Sun : I'll try not to scream i love y'all part 2. Leos feel like home to me, we instantly get each other without even talking, instant chemistry, i can spot a leo from a mile away. Met a few of them who we're just egotistical and pretentious bit*hes but overall great great experiences with them. Conflicting opinions over men, most of them I've met we're fuc*boyz.
> Rate : 💯/10
Virgo Sun : I'm fuckingly in love with y'all, like, yes. But i have to admit this is only valuable if there are also Leo/Libra placements included. I'm attracted to Virgo men like a moth to a flame, but somehow I'm not interested in a long lasting relationship with them. Usually my relationship with them doesn't last long. One of my bffs is a Virgo Stellium and we're almost in love.
> Rate : 6/10
Libra Sun : i love y'all, i swear i do, but in another life. Most Libra suns I've met were just annoying drama and attention seekers, never really thoughtful people, passive aggressive and real bullies somehow. Didn't have a good time with them, sorry libra cuties, my experiences with you weren't a good representation of the best Libra qualities 🤷🏻‍♀️
> Rate : -10/10
Scorpio Sun : i like y'all deeply, most of my childhood friends were scorpios and i still have a great relationship with them, very warm and friendly people, not psychos as people portray them. They were really loyal, sensitive and committed partners in crime to me, once they trust you they'll never leave you fully. I admire y'all. Generally have some difficulties with men but nothing serious.
> Rate : 10/10 *chef's kiss*
Sagittarius Sun : I'm sorry to say i truly have a love/hate relationship with Sagittarius people, some of them were my truest and realest partners in crime, very open minded, blunt and great friends, some were just a no go for me. I'm not a fan of Sagittarius men, they give me trust issues.
> Rate : 5/10
Capricorn Sun : where do i start with y'all...? *confused screaming* I've never met tons of Capricorn people so my knowledge is pretty limited about Cap Suns. I really see the committed and dark-humorous side of them i truly love, but the Capricorns I've met were all with heavy Sagittarius and didn't have a good time with them tbh. Capricorn Men are just a big no for me.
> Rate : 2/10
Aquarius Sun : Never met an Aqua Sun woman tbh. But i had great conversations with Aquarius men (but i will never be fully able to be in a relationship with one of them), i just love them, they're super open minded people with a natural "accepting" aura, i really really loved having deep convos w them. Smart smart smart.
> Rate : 4/10
Pisces Sun : I'll try not to scream i love y'all pt. 3. I loved every Pisces sun I've met in my life, they're such underrated people, very humorous and accepting people, had great times with them. All the Pisces men I've met were absolutely amazing to me, toxicity was just out of the way. I don't know if I'll ever be able to be in a relationship with them honestly.
> Rate : 9/10 *honorable chef's kiss*
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lilastromama · 3 months ago
Astrology Hottakes 🗯
I cant think of a more matching set than libra and gemini women
Aquarius isnt shy and/or distant, they just feel superior
taurus lilith is an underrestimated placement, i said what i said
cancer placements make it their duty to truly understand people and get to the bottom of things. They want u to have a safespace in them
virgo women are competitive af and will make sure theyre the best at what theyre doing
People with chiron in capricorn in their chart have a hard time expressing themselves out of fear. They tend to have a history of getting disregarded and disrespected
scorpio placements have that "abandoned russian buildings" vibe
aquarius risings most often look like mermaids/watery mystic creatures
the number 5 and capricorns share the same vibe, i cant explain it
chiron in libra people tend to have broken relationships with their parents, most often their mother paired with an absent father in some way
gemini men have such a charismatic side to them which makes them irrestistable
unevolved aquarius and pisces women are HELL to deal with
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immortalink · 27 days ago
wanna know more about how a venusian person (strong libra/taurus in the chart, venus in the 1st house, venus chart ruler) treats their close people? look at the way they manage their material possessions. are their things collecting dust? are they gathered in the corners? do they have many? do they value quantity over quality? for venus folks, emotional attachments are very similar to material ones. love works like sensations - they need it to please their senses. one of my libra friends likes to have new beautiful things in her home so people can see them and compliment her on her taste. but after everyone who visits has appreciated them, they become old news and she hides them in the back or just throws them around carelessly. it reminds me how she told me she wants a beautiful partner so she can take him around lol. and how when people don't seem to envy her life she tries to shake off her social circle... then there is this libra moon/taurus venus friend who takes out the trash a few times per day. she can't stand having garbage around, even if it's in a trash can. her approach to people is sort of similar - she is quick to cut off anyone who disrupts her peace of mind. observe the way venusians treat their most valued possessions. it's quite telling.
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