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Working through my cibercrime notes and procrastinating on the homework I have to deliver tomorrow. I think it’s easy, but I’m not taking a law degree, this is only and optional subject and I’m afraid of being too objective in the formulation of my answer 😔

I hope you’re staying healthy and safe 💛

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So recently (like two days ago) I decided I would learn how to draw, and it’s been almost 12 years since I last drawn anything, and that was in drawing class in school. Now I wasn’t good so I dropped the idea all together, but since we’re in quarantine I decided to try and give it a go. I asked two of my artist friends if they had some tips and they told me to start by drawing things using reference pics and try to draw the object. And so I did:


These were the first ever. You can see the progress from the first attempt labeled as 1 (a sad, sad ball) until the mountain on number 7.


And this one I did today. Jungkook did the original (on the left, as shown on one of their latest videos) and i tried to do my version, the one on the right.

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Carnation, allium and poinsettia?

thanks for asking! flower asks here

carnation:  if i handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

i really want to see nct, artists from 88rising, or lana del rey. i would also love to see frank sinatra perform, but he passed away :(

allium: what’s the best thing you can cook? 

i’m really good at baking chocolate chip cookies and kimchi fried rice :)

poinsettia:  favorite holiday dish?

i really like roast vegetables? super simple – just potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables tossed in salt + olive oil and baked in the oven. 

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então, eu já te sigo no meu main há uns anitos e criei agora um studyblr (este aqui) porque vou começar o mestrado em setembro, e gostava de saber se conheces (ou os teus followers) alguns blogs do género em inglês ou português 😊

eu ACHO que ou a @its-the-tear-in-my-heart ou a @rita-is-a-babe seguem ou têm studyblrs MAS se não, tenho a certeza de q uma delas conhece

also a @marmita-tuga acho q é capaz de conhecer uns tbm???

eu sei q é a malta mais nova q me segue quem conhece mais!!

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