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What happened to Hoola and Hoop after Cini died?

Hoola “I quit my position as coordinator and returned to the medical academy the day after Lich was measured almighty tallest. I did not have the emotional fortitude to serve a tyrant like Lich. I had discussed going back to earn my medical drone encoding with Cini several times when he was alive…He believed in me. Hoop believed in me, so I decided it was finally time to try again…

I took a lousy janitorial job on an emergency care satelite orbiting Devastis while I finished my training. Hoop and I moved into a civilian apartment unit together. Lich proudly continued the Irken/ Planet Jacker war so Hoop was sent into battle several times before I graduated with my doctorate. We rarely synced our personal days, but when Hoop and I could enjoy a nice relaxing evening on the couch together… it was paradise, him and I in that cozy little apartment…

We enjoyed the life we were building together. We had each other, we had our careers, we had snacks and date nights at the arcade and a lifetime ahead to cherish it all…I thought Hoop and I would live on happily and grow old together…then one day Hoop never came home. His bio signature couldn’t be traced… I watched the news stream that morning. My blood ran cold when the announcer declared victory over our enemy…I could only conclude that he died in the final battle of the Planet Jacker War along with several hundred-thousand other soldiers and pilots… and tallest Lich, who foolishly joined the fray before fully recovering from a dueling injury… my only consolation for losing my life-lover.

Hoop was one of a kind. He was taken from me too soon…I miss him so much…

It was painful, but somehow I managed to march on alone. For YEARS I feared the grief would kill me too. It almost did.

Now I focus on my duties. I’m part of the emperial core crew again, but this time as a personal healer to the tallest. Now I’m over 800 and the current tallest I serve is a blasting smeet. He and his partner were only cadets when they were measured tallests– the same age I was when I first fell in love with Hoop…

Tallest Red has passed on. I feel like a failure for allowing a tallest to slip away so young. I try my best to monitor tallest Purple. He has been a wreck since he lost Red; I worry about his mental and physical well being. I know exactly how the poor sprite feels. My broken heart has yet to heal since I lost Hoop. I doubt Purple’s heart will heal either.

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