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#lie ren

Yang: so. who broke it? i’m not mad. i just want to know.

Ruby: I did. I broke it…

Yang: no. no, you didn’t. Jaune?

Jaune: don’t look at me. look at ren

Ren: what?! I didn’t break it.

Jaune: huh. that’s weird. how did you even know it was broken?

Ren: because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!

Jaune: suspicious.

Ren: no, it’s not!

Nora: if it matters, probably not, weiss was the last one to use it.

Weiss: liar! I don’t even drink that anymore!

Nora: oh really? then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Weiss: i use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that, Nora!

Ruby: alright let’s not fight. i broke it, let me pay for it, Yang.

Yang: no. who broke it?

Jaune: [whispering] Yang, Blake’s been awfully quiet…

Blake: REALLY???



Yang: i broke it. i burned my hand so I punched it. i predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

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Jaune Arc is having a certified Bad Time, and that’s putting it lightly.

Cheating his way into Beacon, he just alienated the only person who cares about him, his daemon isn’t settled yet, and now he’s being blackmailed by Cardin on top of everything. So yeah. He’s having a bad time.

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed


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Weiss has Raynaud’s, which makes her hands incredibly sensitive to the cold and always tries to wear gloves when she’s outside in Atlas. The Vale climate almost made her forget it existed… until she was dragged back after the Fall of Beacon. Knowing what it felt like for her hands to NOT be in constant numbness or pain (along with literally everything else), she resolved to get out of there as fast as possible.

Among the other traumas associated with Kuroyuri, it also gave Ren moderate equinophobia. Someone in RNJR suggested renting horses to cross Anima and Ren just NOPE’d so hard out of that conversation.

Tyrian is an unironic fan of whatever Remnant’s-equivalent-of-Shakespeare-is.

Ozma was whatever Remnant’s-equivalent-of-Shakespeare-is in a past life.

Pyrrha explicitly chose Beacon over Haven because everyone knew her in Mistral, and she wanted some space to figure out what she wants for herself without all the external pressure.

Ozma’s reincarnation of the Hermit (of the Four Seasons story) was the end of his major depressive episode following the fallout with Salem, restoring his faith in the good of humanity. (I also subscribe to the theory that the Four Women who become the first maidens reminded him of his daughters, not necessarily that they were also a reincarnation.)

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So I’m sure someone has come up with this, but we all know (or at least assume) that summer went on a mission to destroy Salem.

This is easily theorized because Salem says to Ruby “Your mother said those same words to me.”

However, I like to think this wasn’t a solo mission.

we’re all aware Summer had silver eyes, which we’ve repeatedly theorized Salem could have the grimm part of her removed with the silver eyes, which would then make her whole and normal again.

Because this mission likely wasn’t a solo one and was done without the maidens, it left everyone far more vulnerable to attack (unless Summer was a maiden, which would make sense since we don’t know who the summer maiden is, which could a number of people, which I’ll leave for the next post ;] )

Now summer likely would able to protect herself, and this is where that caveat starts to appear.

I believe the idea that Summer was close to finishing off Salem with her eyes, but something happened to make it not happen.

I think we know someone who could cause the plan to go awry.

The birb man himself, Qrow.

Now, this may seem wild, but I do have some evidence to support the caveat.

Qrow obviously has bad luck as a semblance, which can wreak havoc across others and himself.

Qrow is a heavy drinker till volume 6.

Qrow likely thinks that his bad luck got Summer killed, so he isolates and hides from people.

He probably only stopped drinking because team RWBYJNR got strong and others could solve the problem and he could hope Salem could be stopped as revenge for Summer.

Clover also highly changed his attitude towards drinking, especially when he thought Clover said he should stop drinking in the transport.

Especially since he thinks his semblance killed Clover, he’s probably going to be suffering horribly because he has no coping mechanism other than the charm he took.

Overall, poor bird man, he suffers too much and he needs Clover back.

I’m predicting volume 8 is going to be the downfall of everything they had worked towards, but by the end the crew will get Qrow out and leave for Vacuo. I also think the ace ops will either come with the crew (or at least Marrow and maybe Clover.

Tell me what you think guys so we can theorize together further into this!!!!

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