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Janurwby day 20: Far future

So for this day, I wanted to read draw one of the drawings I had made in the summertime. It totally fit with the prompt and I would get to see how much improved so here you go!

4 notes

Jaune: it’s so weird how an 18 year old can adopt people 17 year old and younger

Ren: Jaune I need you to do something for me


Ren: do not tell Nora, do not give her the power

38 notes

A Happy Ending

Content: Cucking (Consensual, no humiliation)

“Kairi was in need of a good massage after a long workout session, and she was directed to the services of one Lie Ren by Nora. She was told that she could ask for something special and Ren would oblige, and Kairi got a very good idea. So, she had Nora help her out by holding her scroll for a special video call.”

Word Count: 2372

Exhausted was an understatement for Kairi. She was just drained. She spent a long day of training and working out after she had overcome a bout of sickness and her body was paying for it. She could almost hear her muscles screaming at her, and she couldn’t blame them. If she was anything like her mother, she would be loving the feeling. But she wasn’t, and it was hell for her already.

Thankfully, Nora had stepped in and offered her boyfriend’s services. The two had made no efforts in hiding how openly sexual their relationship, along with the fact that they were swingers. While the two only loved each other, they loved sharing each other with others in the bedroom. So when Nora offered for him to give Kairi a massage, she was quick to agree. And when Nora told her that Ren was especially good at giving happy endings, she was even quicker to agree to that.

“Thanks for this, Nora,” Kairi said to her frequent training partner, “This is gonna help a lot.”

“Don’t mention it! I figured you could use it after how hard you were goin’ at it today,” Nora replied with a grin, “So, Indigo’s a little cuck, huh?”

Kairi laughed, and she winced a bit from the soreness already seeping through her body. “Like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t tell you how turned on it makes her to imagine me getting fucked right in front of her. Seeing it is even better for her. She doesn’t want anything humiliating though, and I’m perfectly fine with that because I don’t want to do that to her either. It’s part of what makes me love her.”

“Hehe that sounds great~” Nora giggled in response, “Too bad she’s not gonna be here to watch your happy ending.”

Kairi thought on that for a moment before she got a little idea, and a grin formed on her face. “Hey Nora, wanna stay and watch, and take a good video?”

X x X x X x X

Indigo returned to her team’s dorm room and rolled her neck a bit. She knew of the massage that Kairi was going to get from their classmate and their teammates were going into Vale for something, so she was by herself for a while. She had no idea what all was going to be included in that massage though, which would make what was coming to be quite the surprise for her.

She kicked her boots off and stripped out of her school uniform, down to the tank top and shorts she wore under it all. She fell back onto her bed and let out a loud sigh, and then she heard her scroll going off. She grabbed it and opened it up to see that it was a video call from Kairi, and she leaned against the headboard of her bed before she went to answer it.

“Hey, Kai-” Immediately, Indigo’s eye’s widened when she heard pleased groans coming from her girlfriend, and she could see that Kairi was fully nude, her back covered in massage oil as Ren dug his fingers and knuckles into her skin, “O-oh…”

Indigo’s cheeks immediately began to turn red as she watched Ren give Kairi the massage. Judging from Kairi’s moans and groans, it was feeling very nice and was easing the tension in her muscles by quite a bit. Ren wasn’t shy in his actions either. He didn’t hesitate at all when his hands strayed close to Kairi’s ass, and he was even less hesitant with squeezing and massaging her thighs as well, so close to her pussy. And on the other side of the camera, Nora was sure to get very good shots of where Ren’s hands and fingers were.

Nora began to giggle a bit. “Awww, that blush on her face is cute~ Does she always get like that when she’s watching you~?”

“Every time~” Kairi replied and let out a throaty moan when Ren’s fingers squeezed closer to her wet pussy, “It’s adorable how much of a naughty girl she can be~”

Indigo’s hand slowly slid down her shorts and she could feel how wet she was from the show before her. She had never seen her girlfriend get a massage like this, but she was loving the sight. Her middle and ring fingers sunk between her folds and she began to slowly pump them in and out as she watched what was happening on her scroll, but was a bit embarrassed when she realized that Nora could see the reaction on her face.

The massage was normal for the better part of an hour as Ren worked his magic all over Kairi’s body, eaaing her muscles and making her feel an immense amount of pleasure and relief. The sight of Kairi’s entire body covered in oil was insanely hot, especially seeing her breasts and abs shining in the light. Then, Ren inserted a finger into Kairi’s pussy when she was on her stomach again. The moan that came from her was loud and deep, and Indigo heard every bit of it. Ren pumped his finger ever so slowly in and out of her cunt, each movement making Kairi let out a series of light moans. And when he curved his finger inside her, she moaned even more.

“Ooooh that’s the spot~” Kairi said in a very pleased tone, “I hope a finger’s not all that’s gonna be in me~ The dirty slut on the other side of the video would be disappointed~”

Ren smirked at that. “You can rest assured that it won’t be the only thing. I would hate to leave you both disappointed with your visit. Nora, take over here for me.”

Nora eagerly did so as Ren removed his finger, and two of Nora’s fingers replaced it. Indigo could clearly see the two digits moving in and out of her girlfriend’s pussy and she could hear the sounds they were making too, which made her move her own fingers just a bit faster inside her own cunt. Soon after, she could heard Kairi become muffled by something and the camera was taken away from what Nora was doing, and then Kairi took it herself and switched the view of the camera around for easier holding, and Indigo was met with the amazing sight of Ren’s surprisingly huge cock in Kairi’s mouth.

Kairi bobbed her head back and forth on the large member and gave a side-eyed stare into the camera at her girlfriend, and those beautiful blue eyes of hers staring into the camera straight into Indigo’s made the fox faunus ranger-in-training shiver. She soon began to hear Kairi gagging on Ren’s cock as he pushed it deeper into her mouth, and soon she saw Ren’s fingers grip Kairi’s hair before he started to slowly shove his cock further down her throat. Through the scroll, Kairi watched as Indigo’s mouth began to hang open as drool slid down the corner of her lip, and then Kairi winked at her as her eyes began to tear up from gagging so much on Ren’s cock.

“Ooooh she’s getting tingly, Ren~” Nora remarked as she began to feel small shocks of electricity hit her fingers, “I think she’s ready for you~”

Ren pulled his cock from Kairi’s mouth and Indigo was met with the sight of a thick string of saliva connecting the head of his cock and Kairi’s lips. Indigo couldn’t help herself now. She now had three fingers plunging in and out of her soaking wet cunt at a fast pace, but she just couldn’t cum yet. She had to see Ren fuck Kairi and cum inside her. She had to see the look in Kairi’s eyes as Ren’s cock was driven in and out of her.

Kairi began to hold the scroll a bit more in front of herself as Ren took his pants off and got on the massage table, straddling Kairi’s thighs. “I bet you’d love to see what’s happening back there, huh~” Kairi said to her girlfriend with a sultry smile, “You won’t, though~ You’re gonna look in my eyes the entire time, you dirty little cuck~ You’re gonna look in my eyes while a man shoves his cock in my cunt and cums in me, and you’re gonna love it like the little slut you are~”

Kairi knew that times like these were the only times she could get away with calling her girlfriend little, and she made perfect use of it in her teasing words. Indigo was just hooked on the video and was working her fingers so fast to get herself off to what was happening. That cute, needy look on Indigo’s face filled Kairi with so much satisfaction. The little lip bite, the flushed cheeks, the wide eyes, everything was perfect about Indigo’s expression.

“Mmmm he’s rubbing his cock on in my ass~” Kairi said to Indigo, moaning softly as Ren did just that and squeezed her ass in his fingers, “It’s so thick and hard, just sliding through my asscheeks~”

“Daaaamn, this is turning me on~” Nora remarked, and she giggled, “Who knew we’d ever get to help someone cuck their girlfriend~”

“This is definitely a change of pace,” Ren said. He couldn’t help but show a small grin on his face, “Perhaps we should do this more often, as long as all parties consent.”

Soon, Ren pulled his hips back and pushed the tip of his cock down against the entrance of Kairi’s pussy, and he slowly started to push in. When the tip started to spread her folds open, Kairi let out yet another moan and her eyelids fluttered. “Ooooh he’s pushing in~ He’s s-so fucking big, Indigo~”

Ren fit as much of his cock into Kairi’s pussy as he could before the tip hit her cervix, which left about two inches left that weren’t able to fit in. Kairi bit into the face pillow of the massage table as Ren started to move his hips slowly, his member seeming to just split her open more and more with each slow thrust back into her. Kairi moaned deeply as she stared into Indigo’s eyes through the scroll’s camera, a toothy smile on her face as she bit into the pillow from the pleasure she was receiving. Kairi could hear the light moans coming from her girlfriend as well and hearing those turned her on so much more than she was before. She loved hearing Indigo moan as she was fucked right in front of the fox faunus.

Indigo’s fingers were knuckle deep inside her pussy as she masturbated to the sight of what was happening to Kairi. She couldn’t see Ren’s cock fucking her, but she knew it was happening. She couldn’t help but lean forward as she played with herself, her legs spread as her knees were raised in the air. She tried to move her fingers deeper inside but she just couldn’t. Her pussy was just aching and she did her best to sate it as she continued to watch Kairi being fucked.

Kairi could feel Ren start to pick up his pace bit by bit, and she heard Nora start to moan lightly as well as she began to play with herself. “N-Nora grab my scroll before I drop it~ M-make sure I-Indigo can only s-see my face and R-Ren’s~”

Nora wordlessly did as Kairi asked, taking her scroll and getting a very good angle that showed every bit of Kairi’s face and showed Ren’s behind her. Soon, Indigo could hear the slapping sounds of Ren’s balls against Kairi’s thighs and she could see Kairi start to rock back and forth. Kairi’s moans grew louder and louder as Ren started to increase the speed and force of his movements, each thrust hammering the tip of his cock against her cervix. He could feel the electricity building around his cock, tingling and teasing every inch of it and pushing him to go even faster. The slapping noises only grew louder as well, and Kairi was in pure ecstasy. Her moans were barely muffled at all by the pillow at this point.

All Indigo could do was just stare and play with herself, and she absolutely loved it. Minutes passed by and Ren was still going strong even as his cock was surrounded by arcs of pleasing lightning, but Kairi was losing it. As Ren continued to fuck her for longer and longer, her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. The sight of that was just insanely hot to Indigo and that was finally what drove her over the edge into a wonderful orgasm, her inner walls clenching around her fingers as she kept sliding them in and out at a slower pace than before.

Kairi could hear the sounds of Indigo’s moans from her orgasm and that made her smile. She took her teeth from the pillow and she instead bit her lip, making sure Indigo could see how much pleasure she was in. Hearing Indigo cumming had gotten her closer as well and she soon hit her climax, her tightening pussy sending powerfully intense waves of lightning into Ren’s cock as she let out a very long, deep moan into the camera. The heavy surge of lightning coming from her insides was enough to send Ren into a short frenzy and he began to fuck Indigo harder and faster for nearly a minute longer before he finally started to cum inside her. Rope after rope of his seed painted her inner walls and filled her womb, and the warmth left Kairi with such a satisfied smile on her face before she laid her head in the pillow.

“Holy fuck, that was great~!” Nora exclaimed with a huge grin on her face, “I bet your girl loved that show~”

“Mmmmmm~ I bet so~” Kairi replied, her arms hanging limply from the sides of the table. She slowly looked up into the camera, “Did you, Indigo~?”

“Y-yes I fucking did~” Indigo replied lowly, her face still completely flushed.

“Good‐ Oooooh~” Kairi let out a moan when Ren pulled out of her, “You’re gonna be eating me out when I get back to the dorm~ Seeya there~ End the call, Nora~”

Nora did so and Kairi let out a very happy sigh. “Mmmm that felt amazing, Ren~”

Ren got off of her and helped her to a seated position. “I’m happy you think so. It was my pleasure.”

“Told ya he gives the best massages~” Nora remarked.

Kairi moved her limbs around and they felt much more loose than before the massage, and she definitely wasn’t sore. “I’ll be sure to remember that from now on. Now, I gotta get back to my fox~”

2 notes

Day 25: colours symbolism


Don’t you love it when you and your soulmate have complimentary eye colors?

11 notes

Oscar: *makes a bad pun for the first time*

Jaune (tearfully): so proud, my son

Nora: ayyy

Ren: *rolls his eyes a bit but in a caring way*

Weiss: how dare you

Blake: *nods in silent approval*

Yang (tearfully): so proud *mentally plans a better pun*

Ruby: *actually laughing at the bad pun*

24 notes

They even do impressions of the characters and rwby and nora are just laughing

21 notes

They’re like four progressively smaller ducklings following after mama duck Jaune

Hey so I want this to be canon

241 notes

Jaune decided to visit his old teammate Ren in Mistral, to find him meditating.

Jaune: “Great Ren! I have traveled far in search of truth. What is your wisdom?”

Ren: “It is good to meet girl in the park,” *opens his eyes* “But it is better to park meat in the girl.”

Jaune was enlightened.

57 notes

A little drawing of a scene in my fic “I Hold You Close To My Heart”. JNP is playing in the rain while Ren snaps a picture cuz he loves his team. ^ω^

9 notes

Ren: I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Jaune: Pff, your mental stability?

Ren: No, no. You can’t lose something you never had.

Jaune: Wait, what-

107 notes

Team Into the Whale has made it into the whale. Faced with the existential horror of unanticipated interior decorating, they quickly get lost in the creature’s many corridors. Despite all their training they’re losing hope. They start forming a plan to split the group by using one side as a distraction.

Marrow walks to the middle of a corridor opening to a few new paths, and has the most overdramatic, overly done meltdown. He starts booming about the DESPAIR and the HORROR, wandering dazed with his hands pressed to his head. He can feel the Grimm draining him of his will to go on. They walked into Salem’s lair and now they’re all going to be LOST to ETERNITY!!


Emerald hurries over, holding Oscar under her arm. She gives him to Yang, and Jaune and Ren ask him if he’s okay. They run.

14 notes

I’m going to list each member and then their Pokémon along with how they got them and some notes I’ve thought about for them. I’m only doing the ones they have when they go to Beacon or a few weeks into arriving.

Jaune Arc

  • Hera - A shiny red Growlithe that Jaune found in the woods near his family’s house. She was alone and Jaune helped her, so she followed him home and now sees him as her Papa pretty much.
  • Caramel - An Eevee he just happened to meet at Beacon one day from @jace-the-writer-guy‘s OC Aerial Yaeger!. (I have an ask for this and I’ll get to it soon hopefully!)
  • Noodle - A Dratini that Jaune hatches from an egg he “wins”. (I’ll explain more in an ask!)

Pyrrha Nikos

  • Beldum - Her very first Pokemon. It evolved into a Metang a year before she attended Beacon. 
  • Aron - Her second Pokemon she caught soon after her Beldum. It is still an Aron when she gets to Beacon. 
  • Cubone - Yes, Pyrrha will be catching that Cubone that she started taking care of after Team Grimm killed his mother. He’s the one that Hera met in that one ask I did.

Nora Valkyrie

  • Shinx - Nora caught her Shinx only a few years before reaching Beacon. It took her and Ren a long time of saving and traveling to just be able to afford a single pokeball. However, these two quickly grow very close to one another.

Lie Ren

  • Greninja - A fully evolved Pokemon that was his father’s pokemon. When team Grimm attacked his home. Greninja is very protective over Ren.
  • Mudkip - Ren catches his Mudkip on a trip shortly after he and Nora get to Beacon.
45 notes
<div> Send me a character. </div>
Ruby Rose
What is a niche hobby, interest, passion, and/or fandom of yours that you don't normally talk about?
Weiss Schnee
How would you describe your relationship with your family?
Blake Belladonna
What are some of your ambitions or dreams?
Yang Xiao Long
If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, who would you take, and what would you do?
Jaune Arc
In what way(s) would you like to improve yourself?
Nora Valkyrie
Are you an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert?
Pyrrha Nikos
What is a talent of yours that you're proud of?
Lie Ren
What usually motivates you?
Coco Adel
How would you describe your sense of fashion?
Fox Alistair
Do you have any disabilities? If so, what are they and how have they affected your life?
Velvet Scarlatina
Who are some of your role models and why?
Yatsuhashi Daichi
What are some of your favorite memories?
Sun Wukong
What's a wild experience of yours that you'd like to share?
Scarlet David
In what ways do other people usually annoy you?
Sage Ayana
Are you more of a leader or a follower?
Summer Rose
Do you enjoy cooking and/or baking?
Taiyang Xiao Long
How would you describe your sense of humor?
Raven Branwen
Are you an optimist, pessimist or realist?
Qrow Branwen
Do you consider yourself as lucky, unlucky, or neither?
Neptune Vasilias
What are some of your fears?
Flynt Coal
How would you describe your music taste?
Neon Katt
What are you currently excited for? What was the last thing that you were excited for?
Penny Polendina
How would you describe your best friend? How did you meet them?
Oscar Pine
Describe (vaguely or not) where you grew up.
11 notes

Yang: Remember, Kevin McCallister could have called the police at any time. He was a child who had accidentally been left alone. One call and he would have been safe, but it was never about safty. He was hunting those men. He wanted them to die. It was for fun. He enjoyed it.

Ruby: Kevin is the real villain in Home Alone.

Weiss: The movie establishes that the phone lines to the house are down, that’s also why nobody is able to call Kevin at home. The movie also establishes that all of his neighbors are out of town which is why he couldn’t borrow their phones. The movie ALSO BEGINS by introducing the main antagonist as a “police officer” which is why Kevin doesn’t trust the cops. I’m so tired of the ignorance. The slander.

Nora: FINALLY we’ve reached the time of year for Home Alone discourse.

Ren: Why do you remember so much about Home Alone?

Weiss: Kevin inspires me.

114 notes

Ren: Uh, why is there a pentagram on the floor?

Nora: You asked me to satanize the house.


Ren: Sanitize, Nora. I said sanitize.

130 notes