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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Meet Moony, he is my Pokémon Go buddy. I just evolved him Tuesday, October 13th. He is a very good and big boi, I love him so much 😤

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What my muse says about yours!

📖 for what my muse would write about yours in their diary.

[ Dear diary,

It seems that, today, I mistook Miss Kita’s Liepard by my own. [ he makes a pause to sigh ]. I got bit. Not telling from which one though, that doesn’t matter.

I just didn’t know she had one, she really has a better taste than I initially thought. I should ask and see if she wants to take my place in the League one of these days. Bet no one would tell the difference and I can go gamble in peace. ]

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Seeing all this chaos going on now from all the way here in the Wild Area, I’m now extremely worried about my ma back near Wedgehurst/Potswick. I hope she’s doing fine. I’m currently helping out some rangers with the sudden and very scary increase in Pokémon poaching over here. I don’t know if it is connected with the Plazmatic Rocket (? is that how it’s spelled), stuff goin’ on.
Also I’m worried that some criminal groups from my home region aren’t involved in it.

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The Princess ( Liepard )

Bastet was born under the care of a warm, rich family who could not handle her the way she was. Reason why she was often traded and labeled as “a pokemon pretty hard to love”.

She reached the point that her latest owner didn’t even care about trading her to another one when he grew tired of her. Just leaving her outside, in an alley, where she would soon meet Grimsley.

She only had known an easy life, until then. He was in the exact same condition. Where the loneliness they had always felt so subtly, was growing stronger and heavier than ever. She wanted nothing to do with a human at that moment, but she couldn’t bring herself to private Grimsley from holding onto something. It seemed like he needed it, and as if he could use some of her traits, so she stayed; encouraging him to steal from his rough lovers, battling (and doing most of the job, because he didn’t know how to command her), earning even more money for him, also biting and scratching the hands that dared to touch him under the table during his poker matches.

They grew more and more confident together with each passing day. And they found happiness again. Even before Alder showed up to offer the both of them a place in the Pokemon League. Their bond was certainly admirable from afar already.

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