#life SUCKS but then it doesnt and it does again
ambedoshowers · a year ago
I wish I could go back to my younger self and say “hey., yeah it’s all really shitty, I know you know that. But you know there’s a lot of good shit too., the stuff worth staying alive for, being there to see. There will still be a lot of bad shit., but you’ll find strength in each passing year. You’ll fumble and fall., and worry about this scary place your head is in catching up to you. But you’ll finally be in control., and that’s something worth staying alive for.”
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simsranboo · 6 months ago
mmmmmmm thinkin abt bein a creavtive on tumblr
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forcedsense · a year ago
dyslexia is c a e u v o and s all looking the same, j t i l and f all look the same, w m n x y k h and z all look the same, p q d g all are identical and i only know theyre maybe different because theyre on different parts of my keyboard
it’s relying on spellcheck 85% of the time bc this shit all blends together and if numbers are added to the mix its just hell in written form, but you try and often fail to explain why you cant necessarily see shit and things dont look the same to you as they do to others, people just male fun of you because youre not ‘as smart as them’
its always being the butt of the joke bc oh hahaha you misspelled a word so funny!!!! which it can be with the right crowd and if the misspell is funny, but pointing it out every single time with common mistakes is in fact a shit move
its being told youre stupid in school because your grades are bad and anytime you ask for help youre told to just ‘get over your fake disease’.
its not a disease. its a disability. thanks.
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themoonking · 8 months ago
i already said this on someone else’s post but like. spoilers aren’t that serious and we have to stop pretending they are. yeah, getting spoiled can suck, but that doesnt inherently take away any enjoyment you can have of it. if you believe that you believe that any piece of media where you know what happens is unenjoyable.
a whole lot of ancient/classical plays, a whole lot of shakespeare plays, any sherlock holmes story ever, any book-to-movie adaptation ever, any musical where you listened to the soundtrack before seeing it onstage, any video game where you watched a playthrough before playing it yourself, anything you watch on a second viewing ever - all of that, by a “spoilers-bad” person’s logic, is now less enjoyable because you know what’s going to happen
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glumlyeatingsoup · a year ago
all of ur tags on the endgame sucked post!! >>> i think the complete refusal to accept anything that happened in aos/ac is, yes, as you said, hating-women-o'clock. all of the character development went backwards and they tried to cover that up with action and guns. that one shot with all the mcu women in it was pANDERING and whoooooo boy this movie makes me mad !! glad to see there are other ppl in the 'engame completely ruined the mcu for me' club tho lmaooo
(this response ended up being very very long im so sorry but i get heated thinking about this stupid franchise lmao)
RETWEET to everything you said i remember walking out of the theatre feeling so crappy about the entire movie but not being able to verbalize it and everyone around me loved it and it wasnt until like after spiderman came out and the entire movie was basically about tony and i was like actually…maybe i hate this. and yes the woman group shot bothered me so much russo brothers you owe me financial compensation
and yeah agent carter wrapped up a lot of loose ends from the first cap and it meant so much to me while it was airing and having this movie just completely erase Literally everything that happened in those 2 seasons was a punch in the gut. esp because they just treated peggy as a “”reward”” for steve at the end… it was weird and bad! after peggy had literally moved on!!! and then endgame was like sousa?? never heard of him. by the way steve kissed his literal actual niece in civil war :) we made it even weirder than it already was :)
other mcu hating women moments was captain marvel in endgame supposedly being one of the most powerful superheroes but she only had like seven lines ohhhhhh my god. and killing off black widow… that sure was a choice!!! and i know these are all white women so like the few crumbs in this movie about women were. entirely white. girlboss!1!!1!1!1!2!!32
but even if i overlooked the abysmal treatment of women in this movie it just. wasnt good anyway. everything they did with thor especially was just… yikes! they completely ignored everything that happened in ragnorak they killed off loki in like the first five minutes they gave thor back his eye and his hammer and then they turned his depression into a running gag and it was like haha hes fat now isnt that funny!! *fornite joke* and i was like im in hell im literally in hell
not to mention the way they handled time travel was like the worst take ive ever seen. the plot was just flimsy and thanos isnt even a good villain like there is not really a memorable scene in this entire film and they hyped it up so much. russo brothers how does it feel to be literally so inconsequential (and the fact that russo brothers also wrote winter soldier which is about steve trying to move on from the past…what happened. WHAT HAPPENED?? im convinced they have a ghost writer or something because its the worst 180 ive ever seen.)
agents of shield interlude because its my favorite marvel thing: it is so good. like there are better seasons but there are no wholly bad seasons. i get it if people dont want to watch seven seasons of 40+ minute episodes because that is a LOT of tv but mcu stans are watching all these new disney+ shows and acting like they Invented television and i feel like im losing my marbles a little bit because aos has been here the entire time with the character relationships/growth that these people always gripe about the avengers not having but barely anyone has seen it!! not to mention the five female characters we got who all got their own arcs and were essential to the plot (two of which were superheroes and two of which were black widow-esque spies and one of which was a scientist — and 3/5 were women of color)
were they mad that the only main cast men in this show were 1. a traditionally masculine white man that fanboys would typically idolize who turned out to be a bad guy who was never redeemed or justified and was killed off in a gruesome way because he sucked in every possible way 2. a socially awkward nerd who is not very masculine 3. an old man who is not very masculine either 4. a black man 5. a man that sacrifices himself for a woman (fuck you endgame) and 6. two other men who were most of the time played for laughs because they were less capable than the women of the team. did that hurt their feelings?? that there were no billionaire playboys for them to idolize :(((( that women were given actual depth :((( boo hoo
anyway aos season 4 robot plotline was better than age of ultron, which admittedly is a low bar, but still. i think i watched aos s4 back in 2016/2017 and it blew my mind and i expected the mcu to hold up against it and it never did
#mine#long post long freaking post im so SORRY once again#not to say that aos doesnt have its issues it definitely does#nothing is perfect i just wholeheartedly believe its the best thing marvel studios has produced#i have one friend who has seen all of it and i text her like twice a week with a new aos analysis fjshshfj when will she tire of me ❤️#talk to me about hating marvel any time i love hatred i love being contrary#didnt talk about radcliffe in the man thing i think he was technically main cast?? but he died lmao#also sousa was there for the last season and he was disabled and respected women#any sexist joke in this show was called out!! like the two men played for laughs would make these jokes and other characters#would always call them out on their bs#i mean this shows handling of disability and mental health was questionable#and all of their main poc were lightskinned#also its produced by joss whedon 😐#u think your life is hard? one of my favorite shows was produced by jos- 🤮🤮 by joss w- 🤮🤮 i cant even say it#like i said it is not perfect. it is simply everything mcu stans complain about the mcu not having#good villains good characters GOOD ROMANCE?? actual funny jokes#tv shows are inherently better for character driven stories because they are longer so maybe its not fair to compare aos to the main mcu#but maybe i hate the mcu that much. u suck.#idk i dont see a Lot of content for aos so maybe i just havent delved deeper enough i just feel like it has been completely sidelined#and i literally do not know what other people think about it i never see meta posts about it or anything#this show just. didnt hate their fans yknow. theres a line in s5 where may says ‘we have a small but active fanbase’ and it was so funny#and the ending was one of the better finales ive seen??#in the age of spn n shit. having a good ending that makes sense for ur characters is so rare and this show understood its characters#THE CHARACTERS ARE JUST THE BEST PART THEY WERE AMAZING but the plot was also very good. double whammy.#i just wrote like a 2000 word essay about this huh. it lives inside me.#mcu#aos#marvel
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johnwinchestersux · a year ago
What if one of the demons that dean summons at the crossroads after sam died was john
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em-plosion · 5 months ago
I can't stop thinking about having Izana's baby. Here you go.
This was super self indulgent
Warnings: coercion, Izana being our crazy king, breeding, implied multiple creampie, baby trapping (are we surprised?)
18+ under the cut MINORS DNI 🚫
Tumblr media
You were squeezing around him so tight, your slick walls sucking him and driving him mad.
"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum" Izana groaned, thrusting into you like his life depened on it, "gonna cum inside this pretty pussy"
"N-No you gotta pull out," you said hastily, squeezing his bicep as you tried to shift up. "Birth control doesn't always work". Izana huffed, his brow creasing as you tried to wriggle away before he was pressing you down into the mattress and hooking your right leg over his shoulder.
"So? Fifty percent chance it does" he panted against the side of your calf, lips pressing hot kisses against the skin, "fifty it doesnt". The head of his cock pummeled against you cervix as he thrust in till his balls rested against your ass. You cried out and tightened around him as he sank his teeth in, working up a mark as he sucked against the taunt muscle.
"Come on baby, really gonna make me pull out when I'm making you feel so good?". You could barely draw in a breath as he slowly dragged his cock out before thrusting back in till there was no room to go anywhere, a satisfied smile on his lips.
"Iza-na please" you choked as he held you down, moving your other leg up to push you into a mating press.
"You don't have to beg Angel, I'll fill you up," He groaned, voice so rough it was nearly a growl, "till its dripping down your legs".
Your heart was thrumming in your chest and your brain was screaming to get him off but the way he was fucking into your pliable body like it was made just for him had all your logical thoughts leaving you. He just felt so good. Sucking and biting marks into your skin and taking possession over you, groaning about filling you up until you don't remember anything besides how much he loves you.
"Gonna breed this fuckin' pussy, make you mine, all mine" Izana moaned, leaning forward and bending you nearly in half as he pressed his face against your pounding pulse point. 
“I’m yours ‘zana” You gasped, dragging in a ragged breath as you felt your toes curling and your own juices leaking out and running down to the mattress. 
“Then take my fucking cum” He groaned, two more savage thrusts into your sopping hole had you crying out and clenching around him like a vice. His hips stuttered as he gasped, his cock throbbing once before flooding your insides with his thick cum. Your brain was fuzzy as the warm feeling in your guts bloomed across your skin and caused you to shiver, a satisfied sigh escaping Izana’s lips as your walls continued to flutter around him.
“So good baby, feel so good” He moaned, voice hoarse with lust as he began to move his hips again.
“Can’t again love,” You said weakly, your shared sweat smearing across your skin as he held you close and pressed soft kisses against your cheeks. 
“Just once more, angel,” He panted hotly, fixing you with a warm look so full of love you felt a blush burning your skin, “Gotta make sure it takes”.
Tumblr media
Just like Izana hoped, and would have prayed for if he did that sort of thing, you missed your next period and got a pregnancy test. He might have had to console you and wipe your frightened tears, hold you close and whisper how much he loved you and loved the child inside of you, but this was a small price to keep you forever. Safe and loved and just for him.
“So love?” He asked a few months later when you had the smallest of baby bumps, a giant smile plastered on his face, “What do you want? a boy? a girl? twins?”. 
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hoonhrt · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
: pairing — sick boyfriend! enhypen x reader
: genre — so soft :( (maybe angsty??)
: warnings —  mentions of vomiting and being ill 
: a/n — i started school again after my break so i’ve been so caught up trying to focus on it :(
Tumblr media
・:*:・゚☆ heeseung
he’d be coughing and sniffling the night before and when you ask him he is feeling sick he’d very dramatically say:
“absolutely not! i have like the strongest immune system ever baby i cant believe you’d question MY immune system”
he woke up the next morning with a full blown fever.
wants you to lay next to you all day long csuse he claims you are his “human furnace”
croaks from your shared bedroom when you get up to get medicine and some hot soup
only agrees to take the medicine if you feed him
once he does take the medicine, he sits there with his mouth open so you can feed him his food
you just stare at him the whole time like 😐😐 am i taking care of my boyfriend or a child 😐😐
he’s staring at you like 🥺🥺🥺 cause he’s so thankful to have you in his life
he squirms into your arms and hides his face in the crook of your neck, already feeling better as you play with his hair
leaves little kisses on your neck as his way to thank you for taking care of him
・:*:・゚☆ jay
tries to convince you he is okay #1
“no angel! i’m okay it’s nothing okay i’m fine psshhh no worries”
doesn’t work as you woke up from his loud coughs in the middle of the night :(
he is very stubborn and continues you to insist that he is okay and that he can take care of himself (he just doesn’t wanna burden you)
everytime you say you’re gonna go do something for him he tries to protest saying he is fine but than starts coughing up a storm
spends the whole day with a pout on his face cause he doesn’t want you to waste your day taking care of him
sucks to be him tho cause you’ll do anything for mr. jay park!
i remember someone said that when jay is feeling ill, his emotions tend to exaggerate
like he’ll feel pain in his throat but will claim his entire body hurts and he cannot move a muscle... (it’s okay it’s just the sickness getting to him)
all he wants to do is cuddle next to you and sleep
like he’ll ask for massages or even random things like piece of cake from the bakery downstairs and you go do it cause your poor boy is feeling down and you wanna see him happy :((
pays you back by buying you new things and spending all that lost time doing anything you want to do (even if it means watching a movie he despises)
・:*:・゚☆ jake
NAAAUUURRR i’m gonna cry just thinking about sick little jake
his eyes are wide and glossy the whole time and his lips are pursed out into a little pout
baby hates being sick cause then he can’t go out and do fun things with you!
DEMENDS cuddles and kisses.
like i think he’ll cry if you leave his side
even if it’s for his own benefit, he clings to you like a little koala
lowkey a little dramatic, acts like his dying
“baby i think this is my last day... pls tell layla i love her” and you’re like What About Me.
you pour him the liquid medicine on to a spoon and give it to him yourself
gets so giddy and smiles at you like a goof afterwards
you bring the back of your palm to his forehead and go “you’re so hot omg”,,, he proceeds to say “i know i am babe you don’t have to tell me twice 😏” BOOYYY
treats you like a little teddy bear and holds you super super close to his body!!
pays you back by taking care of you the later week when you’re sick
・:*:・゚☆ sunghoon
the only one actually capable of taking care of himself 
he just seems very normal when he is sick 
like he can definitely be on his own 
lowkey doesn’t want you around so you dont get sick 
but you are very stubborn and you stay there to take care of him 
which he appreciates cause he likes being coddled a little bit hehe 
it honestly just feels like a regular, stay at home day with him aside from the fact he is violently coughs every 30 minuets next to you 
the only thing he wants from you is that you let him lay on your lap and you play with his hair 
which you do ofc and he is just simply so happy from that 
falls asleep in your lap cause its so therapeutic
“mmmm feel so nice honey” he slurs very sleepily 
nuzzles his face into your stomach, searching for warmth :((( 
you press little kisses around his face while he sleeps and he starts to blush but you can’t tell cause you think its just his face burning up from being sick (thank god it would’ve embarrassed him so bad if you found out it was from little kisses)    
brings you flowers and gives you endless amount of cuddles as his way to thank you :(( 
・:*:・゚☆ sunoo
boyfriend or child you can’t tell #2
will WHINE SO LOUD if you try to leave his side 
“Y/NNNNN NOOOOO you can’t go~ its so cold~ im gonna freeze to death if you go~” “sunoo i need to get you medici-” “NOOOOOOO” 
REFUSES to take his medicine 
will turn his head the other way with a pout on his face and stubbornly shake his head 
you have to pursued him with food and kisses in order for him to actually take it 
takes the medicine but gags while taking it 
“wheres my cuddles huh 😐” 
so so so clingy :( he is pretty much on your entire lap with his head laid across your shoulder and his arms wrapped around your neck 
sunoo wouldn’t be very sleepy but he would be very quiet (which makes you sad cause youre sunny is always so talkative), so he spends this time listening to you and all the things you wanna talk about 
you guys watch movies together the whole day 
wants you to leave kisses on his cheeks cause it makes him feel better 
he pouts at you while you laugh at him when you feed him snacks 
buys you all the snacks you could dream of when he is feeling better <33 
・:*:・゚☆ jungwon 
tries to convince you he is fine #2
but wakes you up in the middle of night cause he threw up :(( 
he gets teary eyed cause he doesn’t wanna burden you but at the same time it hurts so bad 
whimpers so much :(( 
he wants to be held so much, he is attached to you the entire time 
you wipe his face with cold towels to bring down his high body temperature down and push back his bangs with so much care and love 
“thank you y/n” he speaks so softly before letting out a huge sniffle 
jungwon falls in love with you so much more
like he didnt think he could but some how you have managed to make him fall in love with you again 
really likes it when you pet his head and massage his temples 
he clings to you so much that he just follows you around like a little puppy 
you guys watch romance movies together to distract him from the pain 
will never give you a hard time like if you ask him to sit up and drink his water or take his medicine he’ll do it right away no questions asked 
mainly cause he wants to get better quickly so he can spend more time with you doing more interesting things 
thanks you by taking on a cute little picnic date the week after :( 
・:*:・゚☆ ni-ki
sleep. all he will do is sleep. 
he doesnt care about anything else except for that fact that he wants to sleep 
sprawls his entire body on top of yours 
he literally traps your body so you cant get out 
you have to physically push him off of you which isnt a problem cause he is in such a deep sleep 
and when he wakes up and you ARENT by his side, he gets very whiny 
“Y/NNNN why’d you leave me ☹️” 
very grumpy 
you laugh at this which makes him even more grumpy 
how cute 
ni-ki is honestly very frustrated that 1) he can’t go to practice and dance with his cheery personality and 2) he can’t kiss you!!!! (this is what is the most important to him) 
so he just whines all day 
whines when you tell him you have to take medicine 
whines when you try to get him to sit up and eat 
whines when you aren’t cuddling him 
so pls cuddle the poor boy <//3 
your cool hand against his warm back makes him sigh out loud 
pays you back be giving you endless hugs, kisses and letting you win in games <//3 
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i need to drop out
i had had my first suicidal thought in ages just now
it's really not going well and i cant even use my mental health as an argument with my mother because she never knew i had problems in the first place
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junosmindpalace · 2 months ago
jjk + birthday gift giving
yuji itadori: is not slick at all when trying to figure out what you want for your birthday. maybe not the type to right out ask you what you want, but will probably be something like “say what’s something you’ve been wanting to get!” feel like he’s the type to be a little confused and stressed when actually shopping. he wants to get you something nice and there’s a looot to choose from. probably ends up giving you a gift card and some of your favourite snacks/candies in a nice bag with a big smile.
megumi fushiguro: also the type to either get you nothing or a gift card. but if you really mean something to him, i feel like he’ll put in a bit more effort into getting you a meaningful gift. for example, if there was a book you were really interested in getting, he’ll buy you a hardcover copy and leave it wrapped on your nightstand. he’s attentive, and that means he must’ve picked up on something. even if it was something you mentioned you wanted six months prior, he’ll still get it, even if you’ve lost interest (but he doesnt need to know that). 
nobara kugisaki: has a field day when going shopping for your gift, but ends up buying more for herself than for you. i honestly don’t know if her gifts to you would be really cool and personalized or if she would just buy something she really liked and gave it to you. if she were to do the latter, i’d say feel appreciated, because there’s a good chance she wanted to keep it for herself. really enthusiastic when giving you her gift and talks about her experience while buying it. 
satoru gojo: gives you a bunch of souvenirs hes collected from his travels. he goes through each one and talks about what they are and where they come from and what he did to attain them. it’s kinda him subtly flexing that he was able to get so much from so many places (and even get some souvenirs mid battle) but you can tell he’s put some thought when he presents you a dessert you like or an item related to an interest of yours. 
toge inumaki: honestly really thoughtful. not the type to get you something too extreme or expensive but the effort definitely shows. he remembers your birthday in advance and isnt really the type to try to find something last minute. maybe he’ll get you a nice bag if youve been complaining about needing somewhere to store all your stuff or your favorite bakery treats, dozens of each! gifts you a silly card drawn in crayon to give it his own fun touch.
maki zenin: you dont really expect much, or anything for that matter, from maki, but she does want to get you something. she asks inumaki and panda about it, and they have to help her out because shes not good at shopping. she ends up getting you something classy like jewelry or nice accessories (again, with the help of inumaki and panda) and she’s nervous about presenting her gift, telling you how you better like it as she stuffs a small decorated bag with tissue paper inside into your hands. 
panda: a cheesy rendition of happy birthday being sung to you is how youre greeted by panda on your birthday. he twirls around and excitedly hands you a box with your favorite desserts and foods in general, though youre a bit confused on how he managed to get them. he ends up stealing a couple from you but its only fair since he bought them, is what he tells you. 
kento nanami: genuinely cannot tell if his present has class or is super plain and basic. maybe he’ll get you a nice watch! A nice perfume! Or maybe he’ll take you out to dinner at a restaurant you really like! or maybe he’ll get you a coupon! you’re honestly pretty torn. he buys something for you only because he feels like its obligatory, but if youre closer, maybe he’ll be a bit more sensitive and invite you out to that bakery he visits.
have been so unmotivated to write school really has sucked the life out of my creativity. it was my birthday yesterday so i wrote some hcs :) i should start properly putting stuff out by next week!
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cynettic · a year ago
How to Dom Genshin Men 101
Summary - Tips, tricks, and the unofficial guide of how to dominate genshin men in bed. ( Not really- just tips and a quick sneak peak )
Pairings - Fem!Reader x Albedo / Diluc / Kaeya / Childe / Kazuha / Venti /  Zhongli / Dainsleif / Scaramouche
Warnings - NSFW ( edging, overstimulation, penetration, pegging, foreplay, bondage, degradation, humiliation, dirty talk, fingering, heavy dom, punishment, cunnilingus, blowjob )
A/N - “How to dominate Genshin Woman,” is up next ;)
Mentions - @clouds-rambles I saw you wanted someone to tag you for a post with Kazuha or Venti content :) sorry if it was comfort you were looking for tho- ;-;
Kaeya needs to be told he will be fucked. That you’re going to throw him on the bed and have your way with him. With the blue headed cavalry captain, communication is the key to seducing him into your bidding. Kaeya naturally can be submissive, but he often prefers to take control, so you’ll have to keep firm with him.
Rub his thighs while you whisper into his ear all your dirty little plans. The contact will catch his attention, and he’ll grow hard at the thought of you taking control.
But be careful.
As much as Kaeya can be a bratty sub, he is equally teasing and capable of taking control again. You need to stick hard with your decision, and never falter into his words. Keep him on edge, control his orgasm, make him long for you.
“Y/n… please… I cant take it any longer.”
Kaeya in general is open to many things, so bondage and many kinks are open to him. Use them to keep him blinded in ecstasy and want, until all he can do is whine out your name.
Degrade him.
Play with his hair as he shakes for the orgasm, and pull at his locks when he tries to get off when you pull back. You need to remind him constantly that you’re in control, that he does your bidding and that your words are law.
The room was hot, sweat dripping down your neck as you loomed over Kaeya’s toned chest. But the warmth was hardly a bother with the view in front of view, whimpers and grunts escaping the man’s lips as he clenched the white silk bedsheets.
“Y/n,” he breathed, head crushed into the bedsheets by your hand that gripped his neck. You only squeezed his throat tighter, making him flinch and unable to speak. All he could do was try to meet your uneven pace and throw his hips up in an idle attempt to orgasm.
He should’ve known better.
Because you drew up when he was close, lifting your wet dripping pussy from the slick coated juices that covered his dick. Leaving his erect and overstimulated length throbbing as he cried out. 
“I decide when you get to cum,” was your only reply, harsh and strict against his lustful desperate eyes. “I am the one in control of your needy little dick right now, so dont even try to find out what I’ll do if you do it without my permission.”
He could only nod, tears welling up in his eyes when you slammed back down on his dick. The obedient way he melted into you making you loosen the grip on his neck, slowly trailing your hand down his chest. Hand settling on his abs as you bounced on his dick, pace getting quicker. 
“Cum you slut.”
His seed filled your hole, and his hands clenched into fists as the wave of pleasure washed over him. He curled his toes at the edge of the bed, knees and thighs shaking when you sank back down on his dick. He was reduced to a mewling mess, unable to form proper words.
“You didn’t think we were done did you?”
Quick Tip - Touch his chest, especially his nipples. He was his window exposed to the cold air after all~ its sensitive and the contact there with the one on his dick will have him trembling.
Diluc doesnt know how to be anything but dominant in his sex life. He’s unlikely ever had the chance to be at someones complete and utter mercy. In a way, he liked it like that, he likes control better than the unknown. But he trusts you, openly submitting himself to you when you ask. Cause thats all you have to do when it comes to Diluc, ask with a pouty face and a “pretty please?” And its yours.
Diluc probably got the idea that you’d be gentle with him because of your words. Maybe it was your soft expression, or just the way you patted his shoulder and told him he’d enjoy it, you promised.
But you were anything but gentle.
Actually, he’ll likely try to avoid looking at you directly because he might feel ashamed for looking so vulnerable. Scared that you might find him disgusting or revulsive in the state that he’s crying and begging for your touch.
With Diluc, praise him. 
Tell him how good he’s doing, how hot he looks all wet and hard for you. Talking about what you’re going to do to him also turns him on, stroke his dick and whisper into his ear how you’ll be pounding it in your pussy.
“So g-good… dont stop… d-dont…”
“Magic word ‘Luc,” you whispered slyly into his ear. 
“Please…” he whined almost immediately. “Please, please… p-please-”
But once you start, you’re in complete and utter control.
Unlike Kaeya, he wont be able to turn the tables on you if he feels like it. Being at someones mercy is so thrilling, and all he can do is think about how to make you tell him he’s doing good.
He’ll do everything you ask without hesitation.
A good boy just for you.
“Sensitive,” you remarked smoothly as the pads on your fingers rubbed Diluc’s cock. You were gentle, slow and torturous as you rubbed the tip and drank in the boy’s muffled gasps and cries.
Diluc was face down on the bed, hands grasping the pillow and just about shoving it in his face. His hips bucked everytime you touched his needy dick, toes digging into the blanket to support him in any kind of way. 
You hovered over his quivering body, a smirk plastered over your face at the feeling of euphoria this gave you. Diluc was never a bottom, and it felt so good to know that it was you who was changing that.
‘He’s so cute being so submissive too…’
Ass up in the air as if begging you to suck his cock, to do anything instead of teasing him with your fingers. Adorable attempt, but if he wanted to be sucked off, he needed to vocally beg for it, plead and whine for your mouth.
You pressed another kiss against his neck, nipping at his tender red skin with your teeth. He struggled and whimpered when you didnt go any lower.
“You want something…?” You asked gently into his ear, holding back the grin when he nodded wildly.
“‘Ask for it.”’
He opened his mouth to say something, but was overcome with the sensation of your fingers sliding up and down his dick. The pillow didnt help, muffling his voice so you couldnt hear him either way. Feeling trapped, he could only thrust his hips into the strokes of your hand.
“Y/n…” he tried, stopping halfway. “I want you to… I n-need you to…”
So you helped him out a little bit.
Your hand quickly came to his neck, holding his face up above the pillow. It was grasped as if you’d choke him, but your touch was soft and gentle enough not to hurt him. “What was that?”
“Suck me…” he sputtered out, thighs trembling. “Please…”
You let go of his neck, instead trailing your body down. You left little kisses and love bites on the crevices of his back, noting how he arched his spine obediently. “Good boy,” you whispered when you got to his cock. You gave the tip a little kiss, “Good boy.”
Quick Tip - Get into a position with Diluc that’ll make it hard for him to escape your grip completely. He’s not used to this, so he’ll be really shifty and squirmy the entire time.
Albedo might be a little harder to go about, but it all comes down to how you phrase it. The poor boy is so obsessed with knowledge and discovering more that it really isnt that hard to persuade him with the right words. Tell him that you simply want to experiment body reactions, and that someone suggested a little something ‘different.’
Can I just start by saying that Albedo is probably one of the prettiest bottoms out there? Like the way his mouth opens to moan out your name, but then he chokes back on pleasure and now he’s just breathing really hard, eyes slitted.
During the entire process, he’ll be completely obedient to you and only you. Asking what to do so that the supposed experiment will work. 
In general he’s pretty touch craved, so even just the simplest stray of your fingers along his thigh will get him hard.
“You’re… sure this is part of the experiment?”
“Absolutely. Something wrong?”
“No… I’ve just never done this before.”
Make him sit on your lap. 
I don’t care if you’re shorter or taller than him. If you’re looking up or down to see his face, because either way its the best position to see his expressions. And the best thing about Albedo is his expressions.
You’re used to seeing his usual stoic demeanor and maybe even the slightest smile that he spares for you. But here, you get to see the pleasure that he cant hide, moaning your name and whining for more.
“Like t-this…?”
Your hand was on the soft skin of his back, fingers stroking the crevice of his spine and sending goosebumps up his spine. “Perfect,” you purred back, legs widening under the pressure of him above you. 
You could tell Albedo was desperately trying to stay in control of his face, but his body reactions gave way to his actual feelings. Face slightly tinted as he screwed his eyes shut and delved into the feeling of being inside you. His thighs shook as you grasped his hips, slamming him in and out of your pussy mercilessly.
The way he moaned your name was just as satisfactory as his dick pounding into your walls. You stroked the sensitive skin of his sides, pinching and gripping his ass. It was tender in your hands, and you rubbed the flesh as you hoisted him up and down into your hole.
“You like that?” You asked into his ear, nibbling at the exposed hollow of his neck. 
“The e-experiment?” He began, clearing his throat as if to give you a fully proper answer. 
You thrust your hips to meet his.
“Its certainly- c-certainly… I…” He pressed his face into your shoulder, breathing hard as his thighs gave away and he fully submitted into you. Into the sensation of you pumping his length into yourself. 
“Certainly what Bedo…?” You teased, satisfied with his unfinished answer. You didn’t want him to give you his hypothesis, you wanted him to tell you how good he felt, how he wanted you to fuck him harder.
One of your hands rose up to his face, harshly pushing off your shoulder. Your hand came to grip his neck, angling his face in just the ‘right’ position so you could view the ecstasy dimming his eyes. Mouth open while nothing but moans and whimpers escaped, head tilted to the side because he couldnt focus on anything but the feeling of you.
“Feels…. good…” he mumbled, hazy eyes threatening to roll to the back of his head.
Your hand on his neck tightened, and you pulled his head up higher so you could see the diamond like mark on his chest. Pressing a soft kiss to the symbol, he tensed, trying to handle the stimulation on both his dick and neck.
“Now thats the answer I wanted,” you simply said in response, thumb rubbing the sensitive spot on his collarbone. 
Quick Tip - Bondage and toys are also okay with Albedo as long as its for ‘research’ purposes. Seeing his expressions when he’s overstimulated would be all the more better :3
Childe would never willingly submit himself to you, never willingly let himself be submissive when it comes to sex or… anything. As you know, he is a very competitive man, so its easier if you trick him into it. Its consensual of course, Childe would never back down to a challenge, so who’s to say you can’t win for once?
Tell him you’ll be the one fucking him when you get back home.
He will laugh and tell you he’d like to see you try, the smirk on his face telling you he plans to be the one pumping into you all night anyways. 
But you slowly drive him crazy, occasionally brushing your fingers along his hip, up his thighs, ‘accidentally’ on his chest. Until his hard member is throbbing and needy, and he is easy to catch off guard when you make it back home.
He puts his stuff away, changing out of his dirty clothes. But you are prepared when he comes out in his boxers, the rope on his pull up bar undetected by him.
Yes, Childe has a pull up bar on his door, I swear thats canon-
Anyways, as he slowly paces towards you, lustful look in his eyes, you only smirk back. And its when you’ve pulled his hands into the waiting knot and pull the other two ends to secure the bindings, thats when he realizes he’s screwed up.
‘And yes I know Childe could probably break the pull up bar if he wanted to- shush shush.’
“Oh Childe… eating up your words now arent you?”
Tease him.
Degrade him and show him that you are in charge. That you are always in charge, that if you wanted, you could do anything to him. He is at your complete and utter mercy, and he can’t do anything about it.
Look him dead in the eye as the confidence fades from his face. As he can only acknowledge one thing, one thing only.
You’ve won.
“You’re holding up pretty well,” your fingers trailed alongside the side of his face, scanning his features. “Pretty determined arent we? Don’t worry, I’ll fix that up for you quick.”
“Go ahead and try,” was his only answer.
Your fingers gripped his dick firmly, positioning it over your pussy. “Oh I plan to,” you whispered sweetly in a promise. “I can’t wait to see you begging for me, your needy little dick at my complete and utter disposal.”
Before he could answer, you thrust your hips to meet his length, biting your bottom lip slightly. He was big, and a grunt left his lips as he thrust his dick up into your entrance. With a gasp, you grabbed his sides, pushing his ass into the door and flashing him a nasty stare.
“Don’t even try.”
With your hands restraining his body against the wooden door, he was left to deal with your terribly slow pace. As you slowly pumped his member in and out of your pussy, a torturous tempo that even had you yearning for more.
His face was worth it.
“Go faster…” he managed to get through his teeth, “You’re so damn slow-”
You pulled away from his member, letting it hang loose and dripping. Your hand still gripped it though, and with a long prolonged sigh, you looked up to give him a stern face. “Say that again and I’ll make sure you’ll stay stuck tied to the door, helpless and needy like the little whore you are.”
At this, his face scrunched in anger as he tried to pull away from the pull up bar. You pushed a hand to his chest, shoving him back into the door. Of course he wasnt used to being degraded and toyed around like this, but in his position, he needed to learn his place.
“So? What’ll it be?”
Stroking the tip of his cock hard in your hand, you watched as his resistance came to crumble, slow until you rubbed up and down his length. He closed his eyes ever so slightly, a whimper escaping his lips as he threw his head back against the door. You took a step closer, positioning his member right at the entrance of your pussy. You rubbed the tip of it against your clit, letting out a little whine out yourself.
“Fine…” you heard him mumble. “Please… Y/n, fuck me.”
You slowly pulled his cock closer against your hole, till only the tip was inside. “Louder.”
His eyes flashed open to give you a harsh glare, but nevertheless he had no choice but to beg. “Please,” he began, jerking when you pulled his cock into your pussy. So far that he hit his head against the wall in an act to hide his moan. “Oh god Y/n… just like that.” A whimper escaped his lips when you pumped in and out of him. “Dont stop… oh d-dont stop… fuck me… please.”
The slick sounds of squelches and Childe’s ass hitting the door filled the room. “Look at you,” you cooed, rubbing his cheek with your thumb as you looked at his half slitted eyes. “Looking so obedient now arent you? Who knew you were such a good little slut.”
Childe only mewled in response, knees threatening to give in as you thrust into his dick at a quicker pace. His thighs and legs were all but ready to give out, and it was the restraints on his wrists tying him to the pull up bar that kept him upright.
It wasnt till he was overstimulated and barely hanging onto the threads of consciousness when you spoke to him again. Untying the rope on the pull up bar and pulling him against you to bring him into the shower.
“Now now,” was what you whispered into his ear. “I want to hear it from you, who won?”
Your fingers treaded through his hair as he only managed to mumble back, “You.”
Quick Tip - Run. I’m not kidding, morning comes and Childe awakens with his strength back? Bro, get outta there before the mf decides to take revenge-
Kazuha is poetic and takes a gentle approach to intimacy with you. Straight out telling him you want to be in control might throw him off a bit, so its best to lure him into it. Kiss him and whisper loving words into his ear. Have him lose himself in your lips, your words, and he wont notice how you’re not not wearing clothing, and now you’re pegging him in the ass.
Like Diluc, Kazuha wants to be praised, hearing your loving words in his ear. He’s usually the poetic one, so how come you’re the one being so romantic and cute?
Whisper the haiku he read to you yesterday, and he’ll be down and ready for whatever you want.
Overall, Kazuha probably wont mind if you’re dominant in your sex life, considering that he just wants to be loved, and that the intercourse is something intimate between the two of you. Special.
“O-oh… that feels nice…”
Be aware that Kazuha has slightly heightened senses with smell and hearing, and has a general sensitivity along with his senses. So yes, he will moan a lot. Be prepared to hear his usual calm collected voice squeaking and whimpering which each thrust of your hips.
Take advantage of that, touch him, talk to him. Don’t be harsh with Kazuha though- no degradation, teasing is acceptable, but poetic verses and loving words will be his favourite.
Your hands were gentle against his hips, lifting his ass up and spreading his legs at just the right angle. Beneath you, he squirmed just a tad bit, face buried into the bedsheets as his stomach faced the bed, unable to look at you.
“You’re doing so good,” you whispered, your hands at his hips leading to his ass. You softly rubbed the flesh, squishing it in your hands and molding it to expose his needy little hole. He only mumbled something against the white silken sheets, muffled.
You drew your fingers up to your mouth, sucking on them to leave them slick and wet. Tender as you rubbed them against his hole, you slipped them in, slowly pumping in just to stretch him out. Under you, he began to clench the sheets, whimpering something and calling out your name.
Your harness was already tied around your hips and ass, ready as you positioned yourself over him, doggy style.
He jolted when even just the tip touched his tight little hole. You could see his hands shaking, face buried deeper into the mattress. You gently put a hand over his shaking one, pressing a kiss on the back of his neck. “Do you remember that Haiku you wrote me the other day?” You asked him, hoping to distract him for just a moment.
“Y-yeah…” he mumbled back, and you slowly slid the strap on farther down his ass. You felt him shiver against you, thighs trembling at the unknown feeling.
Stretching him out farther, he moaned when you got halfway through. “Mhm, me too.” Your thumb gently stroked the backside of his hand as he quivered beneath you. “It went something like this I think…” You slowly slid the strap on father down. “Sun and moon rejoice…”
He gasped, whining as you eventually did manage to shove it down his ass. His tight hole clenched at the unknown feeling, pleasurable waves rolling back at him.
“Birds of dawn sing songs anew,” you continued, beginning to thrust in and out at a gentle pace. You wished you could see the expressions he was making, the flushed look or the pleasurable one. You could imagine his eyes rolled back as he moaned into your thrusts.
You sped up.
He now tried to meet his ass along with your thrusts, trying to reach deeper and deeper until this unknown knot building up inside him would untie itself. It was uncomfortable, but it felt so good at the same time. Your words sent shivers down his spine.
“Far from home,” you stated at last. “With you.”
Kazuha hummed, clenching his bottom lip to swallow down the moans and whines. “You remembered,” was all he managed to mumble. Half pleasured, half in awe.
“Of course I did.”
Somehow, that made it all the more intimate, and Kazuha wished he could completely give himself to you. He loved you with all his heart, especially with how you made him feel so warm. So full, so happy.
You thrust faster, hands slowly drifting back to his hips so you could thrust his ass into the strap on. You could tell he was coming close with the volume of his moans, thighs shaking and hands raking up and down the beside.
“Y/n…” he cried. “Y-Y/n-”
Quick Tip - Kazuha can be really loud during sex, so make sure that if you’re anywhere public, or on the Crux, to somehow keep it on the quiet side- last thing you want is a grumpy Beidou. “I cOuld heAr yOu hOrny sHits all niGht.”
Venti is quite literally a bottom. Theres really not much convincing you have to do when it comes to actually getting him down on the bed and being in control. Actually, I have a feeling it would take more convincing to get him to be in control, mainly because he likes to be on the receiving end.
When it comes to Venti, despite his delicate small form, you can easily be rough with him. Degrade him and show him that compared to you, he’s nothing. All that Barbatos shit is nothing compared to you, your hand on his neck choking out all his noises and thrusting his dick into you. 
Tie him up.
Or rather, do anything you’d like to him. Venti is by no means fragile. He wants you to be rough with him, push him till he thinks he’s gonna break.
But you’re gonna have to have some hella nice aftercare prepared afterwards.
“Worship me, your god.”
“Worship you? You are nothing but my slut in bed, now get down on your knees and ‘beg.’”
Overstimulate him. Make him keep count everytime he orgasms until he can’t remember anymore. 
“How many times now…?”
“Too much… too m-much-”
Make him cry and cling onto you if you were his lifeline. Because you’re the only thing he can hold onto when you’re shoving his hips inside your pussy. You’re everything to him, he needs you.
It doesn’t take too long for Venti to actually submit himself fully to you, babbling incomprehensible words. Crying out your name, begging for you and agreeing with anything you say.
Venti can be extremely obedient.
You were enjoying the view.
Leaning back into the cushioned wooden chair, legs spread and wide as the smaller boy sat on your lap. He squirmed, hands tied in scratchy rope that kept his hands unavailable to him, leaving him bare and vulnerable to you. His chest was puffed out, nipples bright red as if begging to be sucked.
“Hurry up now,” you began, your unwavering eyes boring into his wide ones. “You were so confident before as well werent you? Telling me to worship you, Barbatos.” You just barely skimmed the skin of his back, up his neck and clenching the locks of hair. Pulling his hair back to get the full glory of his face, obedient for you. “All I see in front of me is a little slut.”
He grinds his throbbing member against you, needy while his lustful eyes peer at you through lidded lashes. “P-please…”
“Please what? Speak up.”
He fidgeted with his restrained hands, flashing a pouty look your way to see if it’d draw a reaction. It didnt. “Put my cock in your pussy,” he instead whimpered, moving his hips closer to your entrance.
You just leaned deeper against the chair, waving your hand to the side as if bored. “You want to bury your dick in my cunt? Go do it yourself then.” He glanced up, pleading eyes as he again pulled at the restraints on his arms. “Go on, I’m waiting.”
Whimpering, he tried to push his hips into you, his cock missing slightly and just pushing against your thighs. He felt so hot, the contrast of the cold air that tingled against his bare skin. His length throbbed and his chest pounded, your little touches igniting fireworks across his skin. “I ca-cant…” he sniffled, again thrusting his hips only to be meant with your thighs. 
You stayed quiet.
Your stare only made his member harder, and he was now lost in the sensation of rutting his hips into your thighs. The stimulation felt good, but not good enough to get him off. No, he wanted your pussy, your calloused hands roughly holding his hips while you drove him into you. The need drove tears to his eyes, thighs shaking with anticipation as he continued pumping feverishly against you.
“You really cant do anything without me can you?” Was your harsh reply, hand positioning his cock right in front of your entrance. Venti only mewled in response, cut off by the sharp motion of your hands on his ass thrusting into your entrance. He was now panting, head leaning against your shoulder for support as you pumped him in and out relentlessly.
“Y/n!! Its.. mm, so g-good.”
“As it should be, your dick belongs to me.”
And he just nodded, letting you take full control of the pace as he laid there and moaned. He couldn’t even manage to push his hips along with your hands to chase his release. Just submitting all sensation to you and the feeling of your walls clenching around his length.
Quick Tip - Make him worship you, sit down on the chair and tell him to suck all your juices dry. Degrade and tell him he’s lucky to get any taste.
Zhongli is pretty open when it comes to trying new things when it comes too sex, considering that with how long he’s lived, its probably nothing new. Nevertheless, the best way to convince Zhongli to go along with whatever you’re saying is just telling him, “Let me make you feel good love.”
Zhongli won’t be fazed by what you decide to do, no matter how kinky or odd it might be, he has no doubt seen worse somewhere else.
You don’t have to worry about being gentle with him, and he won’t really be fazed if you decide to degrade him. Of course, it doesnt turn him on as much as whispering loving words in his ear does, but he wont object either.
Very obedient.
Zhongli knows what he’s getting into, and he never goes back on his word. He says he’ll do something? He will do it.
He’s the god of contracts after all-
“Ah… so tight, just for me?”
Touch his face.
Whether its having your hands around his neck, brushing your thumb over his soft cheeks, or giving him soft forehead kisses, he’ll love it. He wants to make eye contact with you during it, always. Even if you’re the one in control, he wants to have you in his sights as he moans out your name.
You were gentle at first.
Tightening the straps on your hips, you adjusted their positioning as you climbed on the bed. The silk sheets were soft against your knees, soft on your hands as you crawled overtop of the archon. He was laying flat on his back like you’d asked, hands resting against the sheets palms up as he stared up at you. Pensive, waiting.
You went to press a kiss to his lips, one hand at the back of his neck as you bit his bottom lip. Just like you’d asked, he didnt use either one of his hands to hold you or press you tighter against him. Just melted against the rough feel of your lips against his. When you were done, you lifted yourself up to get a good look at him, satisfied with his swollen lips and breathless gasps. You held your fingers to his mouth.
He was compliant, taking your digits and swirling his tongue around in expertise. Coating them in a slick layer of wetness as you pull them out. You get more of a reaction out of him when you press your fingers against his hole, slowly sliding them in. 
“Good, just like that.”
You delved in the sight of your fingers disappearing into the clenched hole of his ass. Sucking them in greedily and making a ‘pop’ when you pulled them out. 
Taking a deep breath in, he hums into the sensation of your fingers slowly filling his ass. He isn’t impatient, instead letting you take slow torturous thrusts of your fingers in and out without complaint.
It all changes when you pull them out and align the tip of the silicon strap on to his hole.
Because you were being nice earlier, coaxing him with your gentle touches and peppering him with kisses. You knew he expected you to be kind, to handle him with care with each thrust. To say that you loved him and him to say the same.
Nothing wrong with surprises.
It must’ve been a nice surprise by the looks of it, because when you fully sheathed the strap on into his ass in one stroke, his back arched, a moan escaping his lips as he now clenched the sheets. Eyes wide and mouth wide and panting, you thrust in and out without mercy, watching the strap on disappear deeply into his ass before you pulled it all out and slammed it back into him. A pattern that had his eyes rolling back and mindless sounds escaping his lips.
Your hands, gripping both sides of his thighs, propped them up on either of your shoulder. Zhongli through his dazed eyes managed to give you one confused look before you pumped the strap on right back, and the angle had him crying out your name feverishly as he curled his toes. His walls clenched tightly around the silicon, the strap on reaching so far in his ass that all he could do was moan and cry for more.
“So pretty,” you commented, another hand stroking his hard neglected member. “Just for me.”
Quick Tip - For someone new or someone who hasnt actually dominated anyone in bed before, Zhongli is a perfect first option. Will provide no judgement at all, and might actually help you out if you get nervous.
Dainsleif prefers to be in control, to have full superiority when fucking you. He doesn’t see any reason for you to suddenly act like the boss, after all he respects you and would never do anything to hurt you. However, if you give him a reason to force him into submission, he’ll put up a fight, but will eventually sink down for you.
Tease him.
Dominating Dainsleif is a one time thing, which means you have to take advantage of it with all you can. Drink in all of his expressions because believe me when I say you wont see them anywhere else.
Tell him this is ‘punishment.’
When he asks what he did, don’t answer. Just grab the hems of his jacket and throw him on the bed. Strip him bare and tell him that you could list all the things he did, but you want him to think about it instead.
And he does.
He’s always the one coming home to tell you he needs a good little fuck after work. And then you’re laying on the bed while he takes out his frustrations, and you know he doesnt mean to hurt you but-
“Say it again.”
“I’m… I’m s-sorry Y/n. Please do-dont touch… mm, don’t touch m-me there- ah!!!”
So you do the same with him, and he lays there and takes it like a good boy. Because he deserves the punishment, at least you’ve told him that much.
Degrade him.
Overstimulate him and don’t let him orgasm, keep edging him on like Kaeya and don't allow him to have even an ounce of the release he’s craving for. After all, this is punishment, you arent giving him any rewards.
Stroke him and bring him to his orgasm, only to pull away. 
And while you edge him, whisper dirty little things in his ear. Of what you would’ve done if he wasn't being punished, how you wouldve made him feel so good. Till he was crying your name nonstop, till he couldn't walk the next morning.
Oof, better luck next time Dainsleif.
His hips bucked feverishly against your hand, the slick juices covering his dick making a squelching noise every time your palm slid up and down his length.
Dainsleif was panting, hands tied behind his back and knees tied to the bedposts as he laid there in all his vulnerability, His legs were spread wide and exposed, wet with precum just for you. 
“Y/n… please…”
You weren't sure how many times you’d heard that sentence tonight, certainly too many. And even if it was his nth time that he’d reached his climax and you didn't let him orgasm, it didn't matter. This was punishment, he wasn't supposed to like it, he was supposed to lay there and take it.
“Shut up you slut, if I want to let your pathetic little cock cum, I’ll let you.” Your thumb rubbed the tip, eliciting a gasp from him. “And if I don’t, you’ll just have to put your big boy pants on and deal with it.”
You lowered your head till your face was in line with his growing erection. As if he could sense your plans, he twitched in your grip, groaning in want, in ‘need.’ Slowly, you pressed a kiss to the tip, letting him know exactly what you planned to do.
He squeaked out in shock, or rather, as high of a squeak as he could manage. His voice was still rather deep afterall.
“If I wasnt punishing you… maybe this wouldve been my pussy instead.”
But you didn’t stop, opening up your lips to slowly suck the head of his dick. Your other two hands strokes his sides, groping and feeling around his hard length.
“If you d-do it like that… I’ll… I’ll…”
Your mouth widened to swallow more of his dick, tongue swirling around the tip as you sunk deeper into his hips. He squirmed, legs trying to thrash around but held by the restraints on his knees. Moans and whispers escaped his lips as he tried to move his arms to no avail. He was coming close, he could feel the sensation grow from the pit of his stomach, member tingling and warm as you sucked him in.
He was so close… almost there… just a little more and-
You pulled away.
Licking your lips, your hand wiped away any stray liquid on your face. 
“If I wasnt punishing you,” you began mockingly. “Maybe I would’ve let you cum.”
And Dainsleif was left to simply hit his head against the sheets, a groan of frustration escaping his lips as his throbbing member pulsed with need. 
Quick Tip - Blindfold him. He won’t know when or what you plan to do, and that makes it all the more arousing.
Scaramouche would never in hell allow you to top him, or anyone else for that matter. He is always in control, he is always thrusting into you as you sob for him, beg for him. Until he’s not. With Scaramouche, its simpler than you think, but it does involve the fact that you need to be strong. Physically, because Scaramouche without his hat and vision is basically useless :’)
Make him earn it.
Stay away from the short boy for a long time, tease him when you see him, and deny him any release when he wants to fuck you. He came back home from a tough day at work and wants to fuck you silly? You’re not there. He feels horny one night and tries to find you? Make yourself disappear.
He’ll grow needy.
And here ladies and gentleman, is where you strike. Because poor little Scaramouche needs you so much that he might even be willing to bow down and follow any of your commands so long as he gets a release.
And you better damn well take advantage of that.
Make him go on his two very own knees, make him ‘earn it.’ Earn the right to have you pleasure him.
“Lick my juices until thats the only thing you can taste, the only thing you’ll want to taste.”
“Yes… maam…”
“Yes maam.”
“I said louder you whore.”
Degrade him, make him feel like nothing compared to you. Because just for this once, this moment, you can. 
Convince him that he is nothing without you, that he needs you to survive.
And then after that, grab his hips and thrust his dick into you. Until he lost count of how many times he’s came. Till he’s hanging onto his consciousness by a thread and is fucked silly by you.
“Fucking slut.”
You leaned into the chair, watching as Scaramouche thrust into you again and again with the help of your two hands on his hips. Eyes dazed and clouded, he could no longer focus on the details. He didn’t notice how you degraded him, how it was basically you that guided his cock in and out of your pussy. 
But he was gone, far too gone. Sensations around his body sent him on a rollercoaster, and his dick felt numb, the slightest tingle of heat climbing up his chest. He felt good, that was all that mattered in him dumbed up state.
Your hand came to caress the skin of cheek, a sickening laugh erupting from your lips as you focused on the way he stared at you. “I fucked you dumb didnt I?” You cooed, never stopping the motion of your other hand guiding him in and out of your pussy. “Fucked you so good that you cant even talk.”
He just hummed in response, lips breaking off into a moan.
“Good,” you whispered to him, pulling his head closer to rest against your shoulder. “Such a good boy for me.”
And then your hands were on his neck, squeezing slightly to alter the pitch of his moans as you lead his face down to yours. Till you pressed a kiss to his gentle lips, a once in a lifetime opportunity where you could take control of the kiss, of him. Licking his bottom lip and sliding your tongue in to rub against his. Lips parting to kiss, his dumbed out whimpers a musical melody in tune with the pace of your hands dragging his dick in and out of your overstimulated cunt. 
Quick Tip - Uhm…? Run? Similarly to Childe, Scaramouche aint gonna react positively in the morning. Might discard your body for seeing him in that state. Jeez… what's up with the harbingers….
On a side note… after writing this, I kinda feel like I’ve discovered I have a choking kink… ;-;
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rose-moon-psyche · 4 months ago
SPIRITUALITY and 8th house
Tumblr media
We tend to think that spirituality means yoga, mantra, religion or occult. Wrong.
☀️Spirituality is simply becoming a better version of yourself.
☀️When you understand that there is a higher power. Whether you subscribe to free will or not, just acknowledgment is enough.
☀️Overcome your weaknesses.
☀️Do shadow work.
☀️Face your demons every single day.
☀️Understand your insecurities and everything that is hidden within your mask.
☀️Why you do what you do? Who are you? You are just a bundle of insecurities and desperation.
☀️You want to feel special, important, seen, heard and valued.
☀️You use tumblr for validation, to belong to a community, to feel accepted and liked by people similar to you.
☀️Knowing yourself is spirituality.
☀️Spirituality means living your true life. Being true to yourself.
🌑 when I say that 8th house gives spiritual boost, it means that your life will be unconventional if you have 8th house placements. You will witness sudden unexpected events like DISEASES, ACCIDENTS, BREAK UP, LOSSES, MISFORTUNES, FAILURES and unexplained problems. You have to understand that your 8th house planet is giving you a shortcut to spiritual progress by challenging you.
🌑 it sounds so silly. What kind of meaning can there be in suffering? Let's take cancer. 8th house is capable of giving cancer. So what is the meaning? There is no meaning. This disease sucks. It hurts like hell. It transforms your life. It kills the old YOU. You are FORCED to reborn. That's 8th house in action. Suffering has no meaning at all. It simply humbles you. Suffering means nothing. You can decide your attitude and find meaning.
🌑 "Meaning" doesnt mean anything special or extraordinary. It simply means having standards for yourself, giving a direction to your life. Check out 'Academy of Ideas' on YouTube and its videos on Psychological well being and mastery.
🌑 So what kind of spirituality does 8th house entail? It is the rebirth after rebirth after rebirth. You live many incarnations in one lifetime. 8th house is a door to freedom from the cycles of death and rebirth. The world is an illusion. We are bound to reincarnate trillions of times until the end of... universe. Once you understand that very few things in life matter, you will get rid of ego/ignorance/attachment/illusion.
🌑 This is all I know. If I knew more, I would be God. But from what I have read and researched, people like Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs "knew". Check out their vedic birth charts.
🌑 Finally, spirituality is an everyday thing. You cant brush your teeth one day and never brush again. Spirituality is like brushing your soul and psyche.
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mlehmmlehm · 5 months ago
hihi- I was wondering if we could get a first - FIRST VICTIM reader who is incredibly well taught in guns? Emphasis on the first VICTIM.
- congrats, as his first victim you’re the biggest thrill for him
- new about your gun skill, and was fully prepared to bring a knife to a gun fight
- well, a knife to a POSSIBLE gun fight
- you would never know if he was coming.
- he wouldnt know about your gun
- not that it would matter
- he is DEAD it does nothing
- it just makes him mad
- kills you anyways
feels bad after
- [V R R R R R ] … [SCREAMING] - guns frighten him
- if he sees you pointing one he runs for the hills
- 0/10 a pussy
- you wouldnt be his first kill bc you scare him.
- if you have a gun, he’s no stranger
- hoyt will probably shoot you
- he probably would have killed you at the factor, where you have no access to such weaponry
- two can play at that game
- its a stand off, its a matter of who fires first
- he doesnt have much experienc, but he is a hell of a good shot.
-he is shuddering and shaking when you pull the gun
- begging for his life, and for you not to hurt his dog
- it all comes down to your choices what happens
- he is a bit startled by the gun pointed at him
- he assumes you’re bluffing.
- when the gun clicks he is shaking.
- get close enough and he will stab you to death
- it wouldn’t matter, you wouldn’t have a gun
- not in the heelshire home
- if you make him angry, your best defense is a knife. he knows the place like the back of his palm
-once again, you wouldn’t have a gun in the sorority home
- billy is lewd about your gun expertise
- “put a gun in pretty piggy’s mouth, suck on it, suck on it, SUCK ON IT!”
- you end up being kept in the attic
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belavender · 10 months ago
i’m too shy to ask this off anon but imagine quanxi gently choking you as you cum on her strap. ohmygod
dont be shy. whore urself out with confidence.
tw: choking, painplay, breathplay, scratching, blood, light edging
n u’d be riding her while she leaned lazily against the bed frame. she starts to catch ur hips stutturing and just reaches to ur stomach, taking her eyes off yours to watch as her hand pressed against where she was causing the little bulge in ur tummy. it’s so pretty how you move on your own. sure, at first she gave your cunt a few sloppy thrusts, but you’re so fucking needy for it that you’re bouncing up and down before she’s even had time to touch your clit.
her hand moves up your stomach as the pitch of your moans increases. every bite of your lip, roll of your head, squeeze of your eyes showed her how close you were. but you knew better than to cum while she was still working on you.
she slides up your breast, fat being pushed up before falling back down with a bounce. you think thats it—that she’s going to be kind and let you cum around her cock sooner than later—but instead she moves back down to the other breast, fondling it, pinching it, whatever got a reaction. she pushes her back from the bed frame, leaning forward as her mouth opens. she holds your tit up as her tongue meets it. your bouncing makes her licks and sucks uncoordinated, but your head still throws back at the light pain of your sensitive nerves.
she teases your breasts until she can almost feel you begging to drip down her cock. when you finally warn her with your words—giving her a shy “m gonna cum. you gotta stop me.”—thats when her hand finally continues its journey up your chest. her mouth stays on your nipple as her index and thumb mold around the base of your neck. your hands go to her forearm. gripping onto her with your life as you try and hold back. her hand slides up farther, but she still doesnt leave your tit. she squeezes enough for your breath to hitch. and again, and again. until finally you slam down to the hilt, hips bucking involuntarily, tiny grunts escaping as you try to force yourself back up. she doesn’t let you struggle for long, though, finally pulling off your chest, staring at where you connect with the cock, where you have her thighs wet n slick from how fucking messy you are. she stares as she thrusts up. she doesnt even notice how her hand squeezes tighter as she does it again and again, bouncing you up with her each time. you claw at her forearm as your breathing is cut short, trying to cry or scream from the repeated hits to the spot that always made you cum, yet nothing but choked up sobs comes out.
her arms fucking bleeding red by the time she finally pulls out. long after you’d came. but she just couldnt give up the sight of you dripping down her shaft. n now she was gonna get an extra long bath with you. cleaning up the bruising handprint around your pretty neck and massaging your puffy little slit until maybe u gave her one more. its a win win.
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nightowlfandom · 11 months ago
Ayato Sakamaki- My Only Human
Can I make a request from your x -rated prompts. 36, 40, 57 , With Ayato Sakamaki. >.< if you can.
Idea: Maybe the reader, catches a student at the night school flirting and touching him, but when she thought he would shove her off, he doesn't. She gets super mad at him and doesnt talk to him the rest of the day until he comes in her room after school demanding to the what the readers problem is, and it leads to some rough sexy time??
If you cant thats fine >.<
36- That’s it, grab my hair. Yank it, pull me back into your pussy.
40- How do you ride me so good? God damn, you’re gonna break me!
57- Fuck! You’re mine. You’re fucking mine and I’m fucking yours.
“Yui, question.” you walked through the halls with your favorite adoptive-cousin. 
“Y/N, Answer!” she giggled in reply. “What’s up?”
“I needed help! Me and this math thing is not a thing.” you glared down at your folder.
“18, 42, 6.9 and X=17.” she instantly filled in the blanks to the questions you hadn’t answered.
“Have I ever told you I loved you?” you faked crying.
“Only always.” she shrugged. “I see the boys beat us here.” she mused, noticing the Sakamaki AND the Mukami brothers in the respective groups by the lockers, right across from each-other.
“Always beating us here, but never offering to drop us off...assholes.”
“Aren’t you the one insisting on Ayato and you arriving at different times?” she raised a brow as you two slowed down in pace.
“I told it it would be better if I arrived a little bit after him after his gaggling fans dispersed.” you half-shrugged. “The last thing I need are his fangirls trying me.” you rolled your eyes.
“Like that girl flirting with Ayato?”
“Exactly...Wait WHAT?” 
Yui pointed in the direction of the Sakamaki brothers. A girl was standing in front of him. Holding her books to her chest with one hand while twirling strands of her hair in another. 
“Julia.” you growled. “She always does this!” you motioned to how ridiculous it was that she always flirted with one of the Sakamaki brothers. Especially the one that was TAKEN!
“Ayato won’t let her even touch him!” Yui tried to console you. 
“You know what, you’re right.” you smiled a little. Everyone knew you two were an item. She wouldn’t dare.
“He loves you and he wouldn’t let her-”
You two watched as Ayato put on a flirtatious smile, crossing his arms in amusement as he leaned against the lockers.
“Maybe he won’t even entertain-”
Julia trailed a finger up his arm, laughing like a hyena.
“Maybe he’ll embarrass her?”
You watched as he took her hand, raised it to his mouth and gave her knuckles a short peck.
“Yui I love you, but I’ma need you to stop talking.” your voice kinda cracked. 
You had transferred from day school to night school for him. You had transferred SCHOOLS for him. You dealt with the burden of having to take care of a human girl who was allergic to her own skin (you loved Yui to bits, but damnit if she didn’t get you into trouble all the time) on some days along with dealing with a bunch of perverted, self-important, assholes for him...so why..WHY was he responding to Julia....like he was single.
“I’m going class.” you grumbled. “See you later.”
“Y/N WAIT!” 
Ayato needed to pass his English Lit. Class project, so of course when that Julia girl offered to type his report for him, he couldn’t say no. He had to pretend he wasn’t disgusted by her if he was going to remain in the top 5% of people with an actual brain. Fuck being like the other students.
“Y/N WAIT!” 
“That sounded like Yui.” Reiji commented. They were surprised to see you bolted down the hallway at full speed with Yui on your tail. She skid to a stop to glare at Ayato.
“You’ve really done it this time.” was all she said before she ran off. “Y/N!! COME BACK!”
“Smooth move, moron.” Yuma called from the other side. “Looks like I get to play knight in shining armor.” he winked.
“Ayato~” Julia got his attention, “make sure to meet me in the library so I can give you your essay.”
“Yeah, sure whatever.” Ayato watched at Yui chased you down the hall.
... (Lunchtime/Free Period)
You sat in the courtyard, sadly staring at a sketchbook page You liked to paint or draw school life in the quad. You had started with a sketch of the Sakamaki brothers, but it didn’t feel right.
You’d probably get in trouble, but you just had to draw Yuma Mukami who was sitting by the fountain. You looked up every so often, hoping he didn’t see you. 
“Y/N!” You heard. You turned your head to the side to see Ayato sitting with his brothers. “COME OVER HERE.”
Wordlessly, you grabbed your sketchbook...only to walk to the other side of the quad. You sat at another table, focusing back on your artwork.
“Hey...”A shadow was cast over your work.
“Do you mind?” you grumbled. “You’re blocking my light source.”
“Hm, I was just thinking you’d wanna see the reference up close.”
Your head darted up to see Yuma, standing in front of you. “May I sit.”
“Do whatever you want.” you grumbled. “I don’t care.”
Ayato watched from the other side of the court yard as that smug playful bastard took your sketchbook from in front of you and began flipping through it. Why hadn’t you sat with him today?? That Mukami dickwad had better not touch you.
He watched as Yuma flirted with you, and thankfully you didn’t seem to fall for his charms. Though that half smile you gave when he gave you a flower that had been growing nearby was enough to make him angry. 
“AYATOOOO~” Julia practically threw herself into the spot where you usually sat when you sat with him. “I finished your report!”
“Great. Sure, whatever.” he glared potholes at Yuma.
“So...do you wanna eat lunch together?”
“That’s nice, Maria.”
“It’s Julia...”
“Sure whatever.”
“There’s that smile.” he winked as you looked at the flower. 
“Thanks, I guess.”
“Also, next time you draw me...let’s have it be a nude painting huh?” He winked, getting up.
“Gross.” you scoffed, standing up yourself. “See you in Biology.” you cringed.
“Y/N!” you heard Ayato’s voice call again. Just ignore him...(Read more below the break)
... (Smut warning)
When you got home, you locked yourself in your room. You had told Yui to not bother trying to make you feel better, because it wouldn’t work. You had just finished your homework when-
“Y/N! LET ME IN!” Ayato angrily knocked at the door. When he didn’t hear anything back, he decided that the window would have to suffice. “FINE! YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE.”
“Oh shit!” you began to run towards the window, hoping to shut it when Ayato practically appeared out of nowhere with a frown on his face.
“Why have you been ignoring me?” he glowered. When you didn’t answer, he grew more agitated. “Y/N, Don’t make me ask again.” Still nothing. “Y/N, You have three seconds to tell me-”
“Why don’t you ask Julia!” you finally snapped. “You sure seem to like flirting with HER.”
“What? I’d never flirt with that disgusting-”
“SO KISSING HER HAND THIS MORNING WASN’T FLIRTING! Yui and I saw you! She touched your arm and you didn’t even move!” you accused. 
“Y/N, let me explain!”
“YOU DON’T NEED TO! You don’t love me anymore!” you pointed. “So go be with her! Go flirt with her! Go and spend time with her because that all you seemed to be interested in doing today!”
Ayato gasped, he finally realized what Yui had been talking about when she said ‘You really done it this time.’ He hadn’t even realized it, but he had been busy with Julia all day that by the time he got free time. He thought-
“You gonna let me talk now, Human?” he used the pet-name he coined for you. “I don’t love Julia. And I wasn’t flirting with her because I don’t love you.”
“She was doing my English Lit. paper and I had to make her think she was worth my time.” he explained. “She had to think I was actually interested in her or else she’d make a scene. She knew what this exchange was. A litle bit of attention and that A+ was as good as mine. I passed by the way.” he winked.
“S-so, you don’t love her?” you wiped your eyes.
“Of course not! How many times have I told you that my heart only belongs to you?” He asked. “Idiot.” he shook his head with an amused smile. “As if that plain, lowly human could ever compare to my own personal descendant of the goddeses that made this wicked world.” he bit his lip. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I was running out of time. I would have told you, had you sat with me at lunch today.” he rolled his eyes. “...Y/N, please accept my deepest apology. I wouldn’t hurt you...unless you asked.” he wiggled his eyebrows at the last part. “Now come here.”
He grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him, taking you in a long drawn out kiss. He purposefully moaned in your mouth, laughing maniacally through each peck.
“Me, and that disgusting excuse- how laughable.” he began kissing down your neck. “I guess I’ll have to show you that you’re mine and will only ever be mine.” 
“Ayato~” you whimpered. 
“Shush.” he kissed you again. “ Fuck! “ he kept kissing your lips “You’re mine. You’re fucking mine and I’m fucking yours. .” He backed you up towards the bed. “Usually I’d ask you to suck my dick first, but I want everything to be about you.” he made you sit down. “Aww, you didn’t take off your uniform, so I can take your panties off right now.” he smirked.
Had he lost his mind?!?
“Have you lost your mind?!?” your legs shook as your panties were discarded who knew where. 
“I’ve always wanted to defile you while you were wearing it, so you can think of me every single time you put it on. Mmmmff-” he buried his head between your legs, exploring your depths with his tongue.
You took in a sharp breath, instantly arching your back in his favor. Good, that was his invitation to go forward. “Y/N, you taste so fucking good-” he laughed gleefully. “I wanna bite your clit and taste the blood right from your naughty place.” he moaned, lashing his tongue against your heat. 
“Ayato, It feels so-” you mewled. “M-more, please?”
Hearing this, he went feral. He dug his nails into your thighs, sucking harshly at your slit. You had to hold the back of his head to stay vertical, your hands tangled through his lush hair.
“ That’s it, grab my hair. Yank it, pull me back into your pussy-mmm. “ he couldn’t even finish his sentence. He was so hungry that not even a snide comment could leave his lips while he tasted you. He’d never do this with anyone else, love anyone else. He was having too much fun worshipping his beautiful human. 
“Ayato- I’m gonna c-cu-”
“Cum. Let me taste you. Let me feel it against me, let me drive my fangs into your thighs while you cum so you can feel what true ecstasy feels like.” 
You felt yourself unravel, only to feel those fangs dig into your left thigh. “Ungh! Ayato!!” you cried. 
“Fuck, Y/N.” he lapped up your blood. “It tastes even better when you’re cumming.” he bit his lip. “I wanna feel you wrap around me.” he crawled over you, capturing your mouth in a long, messy kiss.
You were surprised when he moved you two so you were straddling him. “Undo my jeans, take what’s yours, Y/N.” he bit his lips. 
You shyly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled then down along with his boxers. You were welcomed by a very obvious hardon. 
His cock slapped against his stomach as it was set free. 
“C-can I, touch?”
“It’s yours.” he winked. “Do whatever you want to me.”
You began stroking him, coaxing a low satisfied moan from your lover. You wanted to be mean and leave him but who were you kidding, you both needed it.
“Is it too forward to ask you to ride my cock?” he asked, biting his lip. “Please?”
He caressed your thighs, coaxing you to slip his dick along the perimeter of your slit. You met his eyes, but could only shyly look away.
“Oh Goooodd-” he sucked in air as his dick slipped inside. You shy rocked your hips, coaxing another moan out of him. His hands rested on your thighs. “Shit, Y/N, Why are you so fucking- Ungh...Shit I can’t take much more.” he thrusted his hips upwards. 
A small gasp hitched in your throat, followed by many as he thrust himself in and out of you. You wanted some sort of control too, so you rolled your hips even more against him. “Shit. Ayato~” you moaned. “Fuuuh-”
“Why would I want anyone else when you’re here with me.” he spoke. “Why would I NEED anyone else!” he growled. “You’re mine! I’m Yours, that’s how to fuck it should be!” he seethed. “Fuck your pussy feels so good.”
He was absolutely right, you didn’t think even washing this uniform would get his essence out of it.
“Shit!!” Ayato threw his head back, moaning like you had never seen him moan before. You didn’t even think he could even make such a face. “Y/N!!! “ he cried. “I fucking love you so much, Fuck, S-shit!! Fuck say it back, please.”
“Ayato,” you felt his cock twitch inside. “I love you-haah-aah!”
“ How do you ride me so good? God damn, you’re gonna break me! “ he cried, digging his nails into your thighs. “Fuck Y/N this is what you to do me!!”
You both were loud, sensitive, and on the brinK of breaking.
“I’m gonna CU---AAAHH FUUCCK!” you felt his warmth spill inside you. You were taken aback by him wrapped a hand around your neck and pulling you down to kiss you abruptly. He moaned loudly into your mouth, crying in euphoria as he bottomed out inside your wetness.
“Y/N!” he cried once more. “Fuck I love you.” his face twisted in pleasure, those usually stern eyebrows going soft. “I fucking love you. My human, My only human~.” he hugged you close.
“Ayato~” you replied just as wantonly. “I love you.” you whimpered.
“Don’t think you’re off the hook for ignoring me today, now it’s my turn to get revenge.” you heard his breathless laugh. “Shall we continue?”
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spicy-tomato · a year ago
techno sword pt 2 you whores
come get yall juice, techno sword pt 2
pt 1
“Princess, please tell me whats wrong.” he looked concerned and you sit up. Nows as good a time as ever….guess you might as well tell him. 
Being behind a door should make it easier, right? Not really when you know that just behind it is a man that could kick it down with only a fraction of his power. It wasnt. 
“w-well…..for a while i’ve been having these…thoughts….” you trail off, not knowing how to phrase what you’ve been thinking. “about you and….and your sword” even if he can’t see you, you still cover your face out of embarrassment. you hear a soft chuckle from outside and the doorknob jiggle. 
“princess, let me in or speak up” he almost growls through the door. that tone manages to do something to you, making you think about him on top— stop, you can’t do this right now. you need to stay composed for this. 
“o-okay so i’ve been having thoughts about you recently...ive been watching you train and seeing how you come back with your sword coated in blood and it just...i dont know it does something to me i guess…you just look so….i dont know its stupid…” you trail off, figuring you werent making sense. More faint growling can be heard before a loud slam on the door.
“You have three seconds to unlock this door before i break it down, princess’ you stay still on the bed, paralized by what could happen when he gets inside. Is he upset? Is he gonna kick you out? Break up with you? Before you get the chance to register all your thoughts the door is torn from its hinges, the looming figure of your boyfriend striding along your room, dragging his sword behind him. “Ready to speak up now, or do i have to force it out of you.” he pins you below him on the bed, sword discarded next to you, showing just how large it is. You try to stutter out an answer but before you get the chance, he picks the sword back up, using it to cut your clothes cleanly off your body. “Aww are you to dumb to speak to me pet? To busy getting off on the thought of me and my sword? Thinking about how many lives ive taken with it? So dirty.” as he says these things his hand begins to trail from the side of your face down your body, causing you to shiver and let out a whine. “Words princess.”
“P-please...want you to fuck me with your sword.” he chuckles and moves a hand between your thighs, slowly moving to tease your entrance. 
“Already so needy for me and i havent even touched you yet, what a dirty little whore” he starts to tease you, rubbing your clit softly and using his free hand to hold your hips onto the bed. You throw your head back and moan softly, desperate for more pressure and touch. You soon get it as he moves his hand from your hips to tease your entrance, pushing one finger in slowly. You arch into his touch, causing him to pull his hands away. “Be good or ill stop and leave you here, nasty slut” you whine and nod, biting your lip as his finger dives back inside you, stretching you out in a slightly painful way. Hes always been bigger than you in every way, hell his hands were twice the size of yours. Once you adjust, loud moans and cries spill from your lips. He adds a second finger and your eyes roll back from the pleasure of it, your legs moving to wrap around him be they were quickly moved back into place by him. You let out a near sob as he pulls his fingers away from you, reaching to grab his sword. He moves it between your legs, slowly pressing the end of the hilt inside you as you wail at the sensation. He only puts the end of it in before stopping, going back to rubbing light circles on your clit.
“If you want more you have to beg. Tell me how much you want it and maybe ill let you cum.” you start babbling out pleas for him to continue. He pushes the rest in without hesitation, setting a rough pace as you gasp and choke on moans from the sudden stimulation. The pressure on your clit increases as he keeps fucking you with the hilt, bringing you closer with every second. 
“G-gonna...please let me…” just as you say that he pulls the hilt out of you and moves off of you, causing you to let out a choked sob “please please dont stop please” he chuckles darkly and looks down at you.
“Oh so the baby knows how to beg? Maybe i havent done good enough yet,” he quickly resumes his pace, causing you to roll your eyes back and reach your hands to grip his hair and pull him into a rough kiss, masking your moans and cries. He doesnt let up with his pace, bringing you over the edge as your legs begin to tremble, wrapping around his waist. He doesnt slow, if anything he moves faster, your orgasm spurring him on to make you cum again. 
“So pretty, wanted to see you like this for so long. Getting off on something so evil like the whore you are.” he whispers into your ear before moving to bite your neck, drawing a scream from you as you cum again, unable to come down from your first orgasm before the second one hits. Hes relentless at this point, drawing orgasm after orgasm out of you until youre crying, overstimulated and fucked out on the hilt of a sword that has killed thousands. When he finally pulls away, your cum is covering the hilt and almost dripping onto the blade. 
“Gonna do this every time i come back, watch you get fucked out after i take a life with this. Now that ive treated you like the queen you are, i think its my turn baby.” you nod below him, to fucked out to speak and your voice hoarse from screaming for him for what felt like hours. He chuckles and moves you easily to your knees at the edge of the bed in front of where hes sitting. You instinctively open your mouth and he spits into it, you swallowing quickly before he shrugs his pants off and moves you right in front of him. “Looks like youre to dumb to suck me of right so ill just make you do it instead.’ you nod quicky as he puts his member in your mouth, starting to fuck your mouth roughly. He lets out soft growls and groans as he continues to use you like a toy, more tears slipping down your cheeks from how deep he is in your throat. You gag slightly and he throws his head back, moving faster. “So good princess, being so good for me. Gonna fill your mouth up, dont want you to waste a drop.” he keeps going, cumming down your throat and staying there as you swallow every drop before he pulls you off him. You open your mouth to show him and he smiles down at you. He lifts you off the ground and carries you to the bathroom, setting you on the counter as he runs a bath, helping you into it when the water is ready.
“Did so good for me my persephone, so wonderfully.” he praises as he washes your hair. You lay back against his chest and start to drift off, only to be woken by him picking you up and carrying you carefully back to the bed and laying you down. He moves the blankets over you and pulls you against him.
“...mmm love you tecchno”
“i love you too princess” 
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opal-owl-flight · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Magolor day! Oh my god I had SO MANY THOUGHTS about Mags being a selfish prick even to his friends and I hurt myself
So I drew some Mirrorlor to cope KSJSK. If Mirrorlor is a representation of his deepest, hidden (even from himself) desires…then hes got some good in him, after all.
Uhhh those thoughts under the cut ig?
On the surface, it seems that all he wants is control over things and attention. Because holy hell look at how shit his life went when he was younger. Enforcing a sort of control over the things in his life gives him comfort, and he craves attention bc he had to grow up all by himself.
Dig deeper, and youll find that he wants love and acceptance. He wants to feel home again. Hes tired of hating, hes tired of being angry at the universe. He just wants…to be loved. To be cared for again. He had a taste of that during his younger days, before everything was taken away from him.
Hes getting that now, but heres the problem. He doesnt know how to really reciprocate that. Hes a selfish, egotistical prick. (Related to that desire for control somehow. He managed to survive/raise himself, so he believes himself to be right on everything since he went through so much and survived. Not to mention all the knowledge and power he’s acquired through the years!)
A lot of his relationships started as him seeing a use in these people.
The Four as a form of protection (they drove away the HALTMANNS! And theyd do anything to protect their friends!). Meta specifically as another source of Ancients lore. Dedede specifically bc hes an engineer as well. Kirby and Bandee bc of that whole protection deal.
Taranza, Hyness, and Elfilin (sort of on that last one) as a source of extra knowledge on magic.
With Marx…the guy makes him laugh. Hes the crimes enabler. He doesnt understand how Marx has put up with his behavior, tbh, bc the guy really, really cares about him (surprisingly).
If Susie didnt fuck up big time with deciding to continue the conquest, theres no doubt that Mags would try to befriend her for tech knowledge (and, as he mentioned in that comic I have yet to post the final part of — to move on from that anger, finally drop that grudge).
He befriended them because he saw use in them. And then when he started getting their love alongside what he sought…he wanted more of that. He starts to do things to make them happy. Happy with him. Happy with him so that they’ll give him more love and attention.
…theyre not the best attempts. The gifts he gives tends to either be too extravagant, or halfhearted. (For example, hed give someone a spelled item that he thinks they need. Seems cute, right? Well, he didnt actually make that for them. That was supposed to be his. The spell probably didnt work the way he wanted to so hes going to give it away.)
He would listen to someone talk about lore, but then if he thinks that theyre wrong, he’d shut them down and explain why theyre wrong. And then he’ll start talking about how hes right. How hes always right on this topic. “Im an Ancient descendant, I know this stuff the best!” (Note that he IS one in this interp, but it doesnt excuse this shitty behavior)
And then! If anyone points this shitty behavior out!! He starts being a suck-up! Hes afraid of losing that love, that attention. So hes going to do EVERYTHING to make them happy with him again. Hes going to try harder. Just to make them stay. Does he actually care about how he hurt them? He apologizes, so maybe he does. But he…doesnt know how to move onwards from there. What exactly does he change? Hes not sure. He just wants to stay connected.
…Still, those people are sticking with him, so he must be doing SOMETHING right. Is it because hes manipulating them really well, so they’ll continue giving him love and attention, continue to accept him as one of them? Or is it because they genuinely enjoy his company, his (poor) attempts at genuine connection? Is he consciously manipulating them at all? I dont think he does. If hes pulling that shitty behavior, I like to think that its all…unconscious. Old habits die hard. But hes trying to get better. He doesnt want to lose everyone again, and he can see that being shitty is just going to make that happen faster.
Does he actually care for them though? Is it genuine love and care or unhealthy attachment? Hard to tell. Really hard to tell.
I can interpret a lot of his friendlier gestures towards others as a way to get them to like him, just so they can continue to give him their attention. Continue being there. Continue accepting him…
Im going to believe that he does care, and hope for the best. If Mirrorlor is this caring, this concerned for others’ well-being…then maybe. Maybe he does. Its just buried so, so deep.
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Youre a rotten egg but I love you still.
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