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#life advice

Ask yourself “what does it matter to me” the next time you find yourself judging someone for their clothing, interests or hobbies. The more you train yourself to not care about the personal preferences of other people, the more relaxed and nicer you become as a person.

Edit: I didn’t expect this to take off so well, glad it’s helping so many people. Also, to the select few, please stop with the creepy DM’s

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Next time when you want to post a poll on the internet, make sure to add an option that says “i just want to see the results”

many people choose randomly just to see what is the most popular choice, some even vote in polls about topics that they don’t know about, this will make your collected data less accurate.

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Whenever you stand up from sitting down, always look where you were sitting to ensure you didn’t drop or forget anything before you walk away.

This is something I’ve learned the hard way over the years, having lost glasses or other small items. After the loss of yet another pair a few years ago, I finally trained myself to look back before I walk away, which in turn has kept me more mindful of retrieving things before even standing up.

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Instead of asking for someone’s number, just give them yours and tell them you’d love to hear from them it will avoid any awkwardness in case the feeling isn’t mutual

Either you’ll hear from them or you won’t, but it avoids someone having to say no or giving a fake number cause they don’t feel like they can say no

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Don’t say i love you too quickly in a relationship. Instead point of specifics you love about the individual.

For example, “ I really love the way you see nature.” Or “I love your eyes”.

It helps bring the word love into the relationship without making things hasty and unnatural.

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Before reading a long fb post, scroll to the bottom and see if it says “copy and paste”

Especially if it was posted by anyone over 50. Some of these chain letters are getting ridiculous and specific like “my daughter died from cancer, cherish life” but it’ll all be bs copypasta. I hate wasting my time reading 8 paragraphs only to realize it isn’t real.

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Food manufacturers are sneaking stevia into products and not telling you, so you need to check the label closely

I have bought many “no sugar added” products in the past, because for many items, like applesauce or other fruits, they don’t really need added sugar or sweeteners. Recently, I bought some mandarin orange cups for my kid, and it simply says “no sugar added” “in naturally sweetened water”. Nowhere on the package, except in the tiny ingredient print, does it mention it’s actually sweetened with stevia. So, if you don’t like the taste of stevia, like I don’t, now you have to check everything.

Product packaging which doesn’t mention stevia:

Adding: The ** after the “No Sugar Added” simply leads to a tiny note on the back that says “Not a low calorie food”.

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- if you or your child play minecraft please don’t get an axolotl irl

I’m worried Minecraft will have the same effect as the Ninja Turtles in the 90s and children all over will ask for axolotls.

Please note that they live for 15 years. If you get one over the age of 6 or 7 you will almost definitely have to move with it which is a hassle. Why is it such a hassle? They need lots of space. About 10 gallons. That’s a very big tank. That also makes upkeep a bit more difficult.

They are native to Mexico but are endangered. They are legal in some states but not in others. If you tire of caring for it or simply can’t support it anymore releasing it into a local pond can be devastating for the native wildlife OR the axolotl may simply die due to the environmental shock.

There is lots of research of how TMNT brought such demand for turtles as pets amongst kids in the 90s that it caused a huge spike in illegal turtle trade. So many turtles were born and bred and had miserable lives, being kept by irresponsible owners for years simply because a kid wanted Raphael for Christmas.

Everyone please responsible. I’d hate to see this all happen with axolotls too.

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If someone requires gifts to stay in good standing with you, they’re toxic.

It’s okay to have receiving-gifts as a love language, but someone who truly loves you isn’t going to bitterly hold it over your head, they’ll just be disappointed.

This single tip could’ve saved me my entire first marriage. Let people leave your life. Don’t writhe in anxiety for their comfort.

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I spent most of my teenage years up to my early twenty just Not Giving Up. I was taught not to give up; clench tight those dreams, those ambitions, those unrealistic expectations even if they hurt you and your mental health.

And then spent a good long time in my twenties learning that Giving Up Something Sometimes Takes an Awful Lot of Courage. And that it’s okay; that when one door closes, another one opens.

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One of the single most important things to learn is to learn how to learn and teach yourself. I’ve found that by googling things and reading you can learn a lot quicker and at any time you want, which really offers a lot of value and flexibility in your education.

Wow: This blew up! Now I know what it’s like to get a flooded inbox.

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