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r-dankmemes · 2 days ago
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happyheidi · 6 months ago
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“It’s all about perspective” by titsay
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honeyymistt · 2 months ago
an alumni from my school told me something that really stuck with me so i thought i would share it with any of my followers who are also students. she said “try to get good grades, but make it the least impressive thing about you.” soft skills are just as important! practice empathy, leadership, and communication! have hobbies and find new things that you’re good at!! know what your values are and how you act on them!! these things are so important 🌱
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huckleberrycomics · 23 days ago
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hrhthebirthdayprincess · a month ago
Don’t forget to reset a smart TV before you get rid of it.
Just did some tech support at a distance for my aging parents. Today mom was concerned she could not watch Netflix because it said the account was already in use. We are not a family who shares passwords so she was worried. I walked them through the account to change the password and while in there had dad look to see what devices had been accessing the account. Two were theirs but another was in a different state but the same brand of TV they have bought for years so I asked if they had taken an old one to the dump and they had a few months back. 
Nothing had been signed out of before disposal so that is how somebody was happily enjoying the cartoons mom said she had been seeing for the past few weeks as “in progress” on her account. She just kept thinking it was a glitch. This also explained how they got charged for a kids’ movie rental on their Amazon account a few weeks back before I had them change that password. 
I am glad the TV got another life if it still could be of use to someone but you can not count on them to sign out for you. Please remember to reset the TV to default factory settings before passing on a smart television and offer to help others in your life do that, especially if they needed your help to set the TV up in the first place.
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infpisme · a year ago
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biaesthetc · a year ago
Things You May Need to Hear
"it'll be okay" and "you can do it" are phrases that sometimes fall flat. here's some things you may need to hear:
you're good enough
sometimes it's okay to not try so hard
it's okay to not always be strong
you don't have to be anything for anybody
don't be so hard on yourself
you're worth it
it doesn't make you weak to ask for help
let yourself cry
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awed-frog · a year ago
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need-somethin-wholesome · 29 days ago
Please remember that every small step you take each day counts for something, and running several miles in one day won't help you reach your destination any faster. It will only make you too exhausted and aching to walk for the following days.
You're doing alright despite whatever you're going through. Living is enough.
Edit: Thank you guys so much for making this post have the most hearts I've ever gotten on this blog. Keep spreading positivity. I love you.
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theothersarshi · a month ago
Listen, this is a very important joke.
One day, Bear was walking through the forest when he encountered Wolf. 
“You’re on my to-eat list for today,” Bear said.
“Oh, no!” Wolf replied. “Let me at least go say goodbye to my wife and children!”
Bear agreed, Wolf said his goodbyes to his wife and children, then was eaten.
Later on, Bear was walking through the forest when he encountered Fox. 
“You’re on my to-eat list for today,” Bear said.
“Oh, no!” Fox replied. “Let me at least go say goodbye to my wife and children!”
Bear agreed, Fox said his goodbyes to his wife and children, then was eaten.
A bit later, Bear was walking through the forest when he encountered Rabbit.
“You’re on my to-eat list for today,” Bear said.
“Oh, no!” Rabbit replied. “Can you cross me off it?” 
“Sure can,” Bear replied, crossed Rabbit off the list, then walked on.
I was reminded of this joke a few days ago, when a potential client wanted me to work for them during the night, in order to provide some translations super-quickly. I told them I tend to sleep during the night, but I’ll be available in the morning, if that’s ok.
I told the story on a Discord server I’m in (in about as much detail as you’ve been given) and while some people agreed with me, one person said she would’ve done the job, and that she’s taken this sort of assignment before just to see how it goes.
My potential client client replied, saying that working in the morning is fine. 
The point of all this is, before you jump at doing something that’s entirely out of your way and you don’t really see a purpose for - ask if it’s ok to not do that. This stands for both work and personal life.
Sometimes people ask for weird things for a very good reason, but at other times they haven’t really thought things through before asking. It doesn’t hurt to say, “This is very inconvenient because X - can we find another way?” and see what the response is. Self-sacrifice can be laudable, but make sure it’s needed.
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everyonehasamnesia · a month ago
Laziness, aka not wanting to work hard, is morally neutral. Hard work sucks. It’s hard. If you’re happy not working hard, don’t do it.
Laziness, aka lack of ambition, is morally neutral. If you want a deep, sweet, slow life, rock on. If you will never be in the 1% of something, that’s fine—there’s lots of company in the 99%.
Laziness, aka being unproductive, is morally neutral. Your ability to produce—in whatever capacity that is—is your own business. Your life is more than what you can provide to others. Not everything that arises naturally is worthless.
People say that laziness doesn’t exist, but I don’t agree. I think that laziness gets a bad reputation, but it’s very useful. The state of being able to do/produce/achieve more and purposefully NOT doing, producing, or achieving? Incredibly powerful. You are no more beholden to your abilities than you are to your flaws.
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happyheidi · 5 months ago
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“The main thing in life is to know your own mind.” - Snufkin
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partasah · 2 months ago
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capricorn-0mnikorn · a month ago
A tip on staying hydrated without having to take pee breaks all the time:
Your body can’t store water it does not need in the moment, so it’s better to drink small amounts more often than guzzle a lot all at once -- such as a few mouthfuls of water every hour or so instead of a “Super Gulp” every three hours.
Do I know this based on advice and what I’ve learned in Bio class?
Do I know this based on personal experience and experimentation?
Also yes.
Do I follow my own advice?
{sigh} Not as often as I should.
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theunaestheticstudyblr · 4 months ago
Tips for a super busy life
If you're a college student, chances are you're busy. If you're a college student with a job, you're super busy. And sometimes things get hectic and out of hand. As someone who works full time and does school full time and has pets here are some of my favorite tips!
Don't have a super firm schedule for the small things. Don't block in times for things like lunch, baths, or reading. Sometimes things get insane and you need to have flexibility to move things around.
Slept in your makeup? Get some olive or coconut oil and clean the smudging around your eyes. Put on a light color shimmer shadow on your lids, put your highlighter a little higher than normal, and if you have dry skin, throw some on your brow bones, nose, and chin. Doing this will help give you a more refreshed look, making it seem like you got your sleep and keep up with skin care. Make sure to moisturize if you have time and remember to take it off when you get home.
Pack your bag/lunch/whatever the night before. I promise you, you're going to forget something in the morning so make sure it's done and ready for you to grab and go in the morning.
Cook big meals. Cook enough for 3 or 4 people when you cook. It takes maybe 5 minutes longer and will give you several meals.
Schedule one day a month where you do nothing. No chores, no work, no study. Nothing.
Getting up early not only let's you get things done sooner, but it makes you want to go to bed earlier, keeping you out of trouble. You'll save some money too.
Let your professors know when the semester starts that you're working and have family things and talk to them about the course load, assignments, etc. A lot of times, they'll help you out and extend deadlines when needed.
Make friends in class. You can borrow notes on days you miss.
Clean as you go. Wash dishes while cooking, put clothes in the hamper while changing. Put things away after use. It saves so much time and stress.
Sweep every day. Trust me on this.
If you're on campus, just study on campus. Don't waste time in a commute.
Work on assignments as soon as you get them.
Study a little bit evey day. Make flashcards on your phone. I recommend the flashcards app. I use it and have the premium version and it's amazing. I can study while I'm at work, walking between classes, etc.
If you're buying something you use a lot of, shop price per ounce and buy it in bulk. It'll save you time, money, and stress. For example, I eat a lot of rice because it's easy, fast, and cheap. I buy the 5lb bag for $0.07/Oz and it can last me a month sometimes. Fewer trips to the store yes please.
Freeze your fruits and veggies and basically anything else. Stocks, soups, sauces, meat, everything. This way you can cook a bunch at once and freeze it and have it whenever you're in a time/money crunch.
Use your pets as your daily exercise. Take them for a walk, run around the house with them, whatever. But they'll get you up and moving.
Take super good notes in class
Find songs about the topic you're studying and listen to them while on your commute.
Take time every day to move, eat, clean, and relax. Trust me, you'll get more done if you take care of yourself.
Get your vitamin levels checked
Keep jackets, umbrellas, keys, and shoes by the door.
Buy your paper products in bulk.
Crockpots are your new best friend. Throw some shit in there before you leave for the day and come home to fresh, hot dinner! And yes you can make much more than just stews and dips in them! They sell small ones at Walmart for like $15
Eat in the mornings. Please
Water will give you energy in the morning
Keep your things organized. And again, put them back after use.
Please feel free to add your own!!!!!
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honeyymistt · a year ago
be proud of all of your small victories. you only snoozed your alarm twice today instead seven times. you changed out of pyjamas and into actual clothes. you found a new song that makes you want to dance. you smiled at a stranger and they smiled back. life doesn’t have to be all about getting first place every time or always being the best. a win is still a win, no matter how small.
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infpisme · a year ago
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intheweeds · a year ago
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Useful advice courtesy of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Gavin Leatherwood.
**do not try this at home**
Watch his full Tumblweeds episode here.
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akindplace · 2 months ago
It doesn't matter how big your dreams are or if your life seems small and simple compared to other people's lives. It doesn't matter what society thinks you should be. What is truly a remarkable thing to do at times like these is for you to manage to live the life that you want to when there is so much to do, so much happening that is out of your control and so much pressure to fit a perfect mold of what a successful person is. The remarkable thing about your life should be that it makes you happy and healthy in the ways you hoped it would. Don't let others define for you what is a life worth living, make up your own life and your own happiness, even if others don't think this is the conventional way to be successful. Success shouldn't be a measure of productivity and wealth, but a way of reflecting on your life and seeing that against all odds, you have been happy.
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moami · a year ago
I see many people saying "omg other people my age have kids and I am here with my life in shambles"; 
and I think: 
There is no one way to be a mushroom. Have you seen how fucked up they are? How god-ignorant and wild? Listen to the mushroom wisdom. 
Do whatever stirs your soul.
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