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#life after lockup

Starting to wonder how social rules and intimacy will change after this. Like, who knows if they’ll even find a vaccine and when. Will people be like ‘Yeah I know I said I’d be coming to grandma’s birthday but yesterday a toddler on the bus sneezed on me so now I can’t see her for the next two weeks’? Will we stop snogging strangers? Sharing food? I can’t imagine what, exactly, will change, but I’m guessing a lot will. 

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Omg. Angela is so stupid. What kind of dummy asks a known con artist “are you conning me?” and expects an honest answer.

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Life After Lockup:  The Recap No One Asked For

I couldn’t believe it when i found out that Megan was 30.  I’m no brain surgeon but she seems so damn naive and gullible.  this man has done nothing but lie since day one and she stays lapping it all up.  And Michael keeps holding it over her head that she kissed some other dude when he was hiding a whole ass pregnant wife.  wtf.

Cheryl:  another dumbass that can’t wait to get taken for a ride.  of course Josh wanted her back.  in her he knows he’s got someone that will pay his bills and keep coming back even if he treats them like shit.

Tracy and Clint:  this what i been waiting for.  this is actually sad to see someone so clearly in the grip of an addiction.  also i feel like stuff was left out of that story.  why would you pull over to sleep in a parking lot instead of getting a hotel room.  especially when you were both holding and she had priors. why even take that chance?  also, “weed pipe” my ass.

I know most of this stuff is manipulated and phony to a certain degree but this whole lacey, shane, john situation is starting to seem extra fake.  i’m just not buying it.  something’s off with them.

It’s a damn shame that Andrea’s children have more common sense than she does.  And she’s not even willing to listen to the point Lamar was trying to make.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of diversity in her community and while she may be used to it (and actually seems to prefer it that way), she could at least try to understand how that would feel to someone that isn’t used to it.

Cheryl’s friend is a literal clown and he got more sense than her.  Honey, I can’t🤣 you trying to tell me that this woman is leaving her children behind to move across the country to get an apartment with a man that has already broken up with her three times???  Whew.

I can’t believe that Michael got the nerve to be this pissed off about anything that Megan did considering the fact that he lied about being married, still being involved and sleeping with said wife and getting her pregnant.  Not to mention all these random broads he talking to on the phone and getting money from.  The audacity.  Got the nerve to call somebody else sneaky.  ol’ five head ass.

Until next week 💖

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Life After Lock Up The Recap that No One Asked For

Angela:  “I can’t believe the man that scammed and cheated on me is scamming and cheating on me again.”  I guarantee he’s gonna hit her with some bullshit explanation (and throw some d her way)  and she’ll be right back with him in a couple of episodes.

Megan/Michael/Sarah/Unnamed Broads he’s talking to on the phone:  Literally what do all these women see in him?  A jailbird with no personality that can’t keep it in his pants.  I am confused.  Also, how come Megan’s friend was asking more relevant questions than Megan was?  He was not buying one bit of what Michael was saying and i died when he called him “Forehead”.  He do got a big ass head.

Andrea:  Still a mess but i’m glad to see she finally got her weave sorted out.  That was tragic.  Why don’t her and Lamar just get a divorce?  How you gonna be married and you live in Utah and your husband is in Los Angeles?  That don’t make a lick of sense.  And I know those women are supposed to be her “friends” but I think she tells them too much of her business and they nosy asses be sitting up there listening like her life is a true crime documentary.

Shane/Lacey:  I feel like I’m gonna contract an STD just watching them on the tv.  Something about them just feels sleazy.  Makes my skin itch.  And I find it interesting that Shane is so insistent on moving into a new house and having a baby when he’s not contributing one dime to the household.  Those things aren’t cheap bro.

They better show Clint and what’s her name next week.  “Motherfuckin’ crack”  may be the most iconic line from this series.

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I love joanna so far

She straight up said “I wasn’t that damn in love because I would NOT have accepted any d raggedy proposal!? She happy with a ragweed engagement ring! And megan was happy with a phone proposal oh naw. I’m hollering like YES GIRL THATS WHY YOU DROPPED YOUR INMATE!! YOU GOT STANDARDS+ AND SENSE BABY!! YOU DONT NEED NO TWO PUMP TOMMY IN YOUR LIFE!!

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summary of this fucking life after lockup finale: “i was there for you and held you down bae): i was your ride or die):” “yea well i was manipulating you so”

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Just saw the trailer for the new season of love after lock up and sarah is real bold to keep calling Megan f*t

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