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#life cycle

Initial Experiment going through a reproduction phase?

A little of for what I think more bad news but this time coming from the Initial experiment. After finding out that the main experiment failed due to the mould drying out I decided to check the initial districts to extract some of the good moulds to begin the experiment once again.  But I got surprised when I saw most of the districts were also drying out completely or for what it looked the diploid plasmodium was going through reproduction phase. Due to not knowing if the Plasmodium was drying or just going through a reproduction process, I decided to not take the risk so some of the good plasmodia got separated to be used in the main experiment whiles the rest was placed in new clean containers with fresh oats and water to increase the humidity in the environment.

It is very interesting to see part of the life cycle of this plasmodial slime mould with my own eyes. The life cycle of this incredible creature starts with the germination of a meiospore. Through a slit or pore, around one to four uninucleate haploid biflagellate swarm cells or myxamoebae are released under wet and humid conditions and later under the opposite, drier conditions. The process of fusion between two swarm cells or myxamoebae followed by karyogamy results in the formation of a diploid uninucleate zygote. This zygote starts feeding on bacteria and organic matter synthesizing more protoplasm; it continues its successive divisions of the diploid parent nucleus with the aim of changing into a multinucleate amoeboid mass protoplasm known as the Plasmodium. The young diploid plasmodia combine with several zygotes or other plasmodia to form a large plasmodium which becomes a massive structure called the Macroplasmodium or Phaneroplasmodium.

After the Plasmodium is mature enough it enters into the reproductive phase which I believe it can be seen especially in D2, D3, D6, D7 and D8. During this reproduction process the slime layer dries, the quiescent plasmodium thickens whiles the diploid protoplast concentrates at a few points forming a mound-like structure. This structure is formed by stalked sporangium which later on cleaves into numerous young spores containing a diploid nucleus. After the spores undergo meiosis to form meiospores it matures enough for it to released and dispersed the meiospores by the wind. When it falls on a suitable substratum and conditions the meiospores germinates to release swarm cells or myxamoebae which fuse in pairs to form a new zygote and re-establishing the diploid condition once again.

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Zodiac Elements + Seasons

I noticed that each element only has signs in three of the seasons, which means that they are missing out on one of them and most likely missing out/ need to work on what that season has to offer. The seasons are part of a natural cycle and each one represents an important part of that cycle.

Fire signs are missing Winter


winter represents introspection and hibernation. Fire signs may feel uneasy in winter because of this. They need to learn to slow down and look within themselves to figure themselves out and what they want/ need out of life. They feel uncomfortable when they’re not active or when they’re in situations where they’re forced to sit and think, but that’s actually what they need. Fire signs need to take the time to be by themselves and not always out socializing. Time alone is so important.

Earth signs are missing the fall


Autumn represents gratitude and change. Earth signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to take the time to count their blessings and stop wanting “more more more”. Earth signs are tied to their earthly possessions and need to let them go. They need to be thankful for what they have and see the beauty in minimalism. Earth signs also need to be more open to change. They are the most susceptible to stagnancy and letting comfortability hold them back. They need to embrace changes so they can grow!

Air signs are missing summer


Summer represents youth, Romance, and warmth. Air signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to learn to relax and have fun, open their hearts to other people and not be so closed off emotionally. Air signs have a tendency to be restless and sometimes cold. It’s okay to relax and let their guard down, it’s good for them!

Water signs are missing spring


Spring represents renewal, joy, and productivity. Water signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to stop feeling negative emotions and let themselves feel the happiness they deserve. Water signs can get too far in their feelings and end up despondent or depressed. They need to start a new project, get up and moving, and practice positive self-talk. It’s okay to be emotional, but it’s not okay to let emotions run your life. Just like earth they’re prone to becoming slaves to the comfort zone. It’s time to break free from it!

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Another Irken Myth0

By @sketchydesertghost

While wracking my brain trying to think of another myth, I figured if The Weaver gives life, then surely there’s someone who takes it by unraveling. Then lo & behold, we got The Unravelers:

When The Weaver had produced more silk after Irk’s creation, she continued where she left off & wove the rest of the universe. When she was done, there were tiny scraps of silk left. They were much too small to be of any use, but not wanting to waste, The Weaver ate the pieces of silk. Over time, she noticed her belly started to grow bigger. Eventually The Weaver gave birth to a swarm of 1,000 smeets. When the swarm was a little older, their mother showed them how to weave. However the swarm was rambunctious & troublesome & very rarely did they listen to the lessons; often preferring to run off & play.

The Weaver was unsure how to tame her children when she suddenly heard many cries coming from Irk. At this point, Irkens had become many; too many. There was scarcely room on the planet for new swarms & the many elderly & sick begged for an end to their suffering. 

Faced w/the two problems, The Weaver suddenly had an idea. She called her swarm down to Irk & told them she had a new game for them. She explained that the Irkens had a loose thread & when an Irken is sick, injured, or elderly, they should pull the thread, wrap it around their hands, & bring it back to her. The swarm was unsure of the new game until a smeet stepped up to try it. He took hold of a thread belonging to a heavily injured Irken & pulled. He pulled & pulled until the Irken’s body was gone & nothing was left but a wisp. The other smeets were fascinated & they all took hold of threads & began to unravel the silk from which Irkens were created. Soon the mischievous smeets were busy undoing all the suffering Irkens & handing the silk to their mother so that she could make more for them to unravel. Meanwhile, the death of the suffering Irkens, allowed for more space on the planet for new swarms. 

Satisfied with her solution, The Weaver went back to the sky to continue her weaving w/the silk her swarm was bringing her. Although every once in a while the smeets would interrupt her weaving, causing the life being created to prematurely end.

Whew! This took a lot longer to type out than I thought. A variation of this myth is that The Weaver wove all the scraps together in a ball which resulted in only a single smeet w/many arms & long fingers with which they gather silk. I hope you like this as much as the first myth especially since this one is a bit longer. Anyways thanks for reading & stay safe out there!

I LOVED it!!

The Weaver is so crafty ^^ I like how she actively perfects her work as she goes along and doesn’t just slap her universe together and call it done. There’s something very noble to her approach.

And my Irken equivalent to the reaper will now be called the Unraveler!

This was such a beautifully written story to draw to. Can’t thank you enough. Send me stories anytime.

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Of course, be free to reach out again when you have done more reading, which might be a transformative overnight experience or an experience that occurs later on 3-6 months. I’ve been unable to articulate the things I always wanted to say about anti-natalism, until recently. Since I don’t have many friends/classmates/professors who will investigate these questions, I would imagine these questions are very daunting and difficult to wrestle with during a global pandemic.

Our brain is very good at being bigotry and hateful, which I learned over the summer and I realized I need to be more open-minded, but I feel very uncomfortable with a lot of contemporary ideas in society that don’t fit into my framework of thinking.

I don’t think — not to go against the traditional model of how to approach depression — that it is bad to feel depressed. We live in a very extroverted and incredibly happy-driven society with incredibly high standards that only a few kinds of folx can achieve. We live in a society that has different perspectives and approaches to life even if it hurts other folx economically, socially, or politically. I think suicidal thoughts bring about innovation and change, but they can also fuel a lot of self-loathing — I don’t know how you cope with your depression but I think it takes a lot of self-awareness, empathy, and a high level of kindness to contemplate not having children.

One of the best ways to be environmentally friendly, low-waste/zero-waste, and vegan, is not to bring another sentient being into existence to generate the same mistakes, anxieties, and have the same trajectory as you. I only say this because when I took care of my youngest cousins I tried to teach them how to love insects and plants & they destroyed all the plants 😭 & it made me realize the humxn species only knows destruction before it knows peace.

It can end! Euthanasia is the practice of painless death or assisted suicide. I’ve already planned my entire life of going to multiple graduate schools, doing research, creating a community garden, living the life my parents could not give me because they were low-income and dying peacefully when it is time to die early before my 40s without the obligation of continuing the humxn species.

I don’t plan to live forever — we live in the 21st century … immorality and immortality is very unnecessary. Yet the mainstream social evil is that we have a dominant the healthcare/the sick care industry in the US who needs to be more honest that they profit more from the elderly, the disabled, and the sick by generating profit and money by keeping folx ignorant about ethical healthcare systems.They know they lack bio-ethics. They know they generate so much profit from global pandemics, long-term illnesses and diseases, pharmaceutical drugs, unspoken rules and stigma around mental health, unhealthy food injustices that disproportionately hurt low-income folx of color. The US healthcare system is one of the cruelest systems that keeps the poor down while forcing the middle class to climb through so many obstacles to achieve the bourgeoisie status of keeping them both down under late stage capitalism.

If two of our solutions to war and violence are family planning and death planning, then I’m open to legislation, ethical frameworks, and even practical solutions to reduce violence. ♡

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The human life-cycle is no different than the 4 season changes, here on Earth We have birth(Spring), maturity(Summer), old age(Fall), and death(Winter). This is another interpretation of the ‘Circle of Life’, because it will always begin where it ends. ALL things go through this process and always will; both flora and fauna. So it’s not a go0d idea to view old age and death as something horrible or bad, its simply nature’s way of beginning anew and refreshing itself.

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Mechanik Life Cycle 

 Niks live up to 100+ years They divide life into 5 cycles 

1st cycle: infant to adolescent (0-14) 

2nd: adolescent to young adult (14-20)

3rd: young adult to middle age  (21-45) 4th: middle age to senior (46-75) 

5th: senior to elder (76-100+) 

The oldest Nik ever lived to be 130 years old.

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So I was looking at the care bears mask I ordered recently, and then I realized. 𝕎𝕖 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕚 ℂ𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖! I mean, they could look like anything, because since Care Bears aren’t real, they don’t necessarily have to follow the rules of other species, so I took it upon myself to make an image of what baby Care Bears look like. You’re welcome.

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The geese are back! There’s more of them than I hoped for. I’d say seventy (edit: two hundred), lounging on the wide lawn, and they all look the same so I can’t tell which is Goose Dad and which is the large geese family, or if they are even in there. But they have to be! Why else would geese land here, today out of all days, just miraculously a week after Goose Dad and the large geese family disappeared from the park? They probably met up with their friends, whose goslings have also just fledged, and the whole group came together to the park, which has the greenest, tastiest grass and the kindest residents who surely would not play a trick on them (with the exception of me). A favorite pastime of mine is to annoy the geese and try to get as close to them as possible without them hissing, by skillfully managing my approach and eye contact, turning away and pretending ignorance just as I think they’re starting to mind me. 

I haven’t seen so many geese all summer (and what better time than now to resume practicing my trick?). Looking at all of these families with fully grown goslings, it does seem like the one-gosling family, with their adolescent gosling, is a bit late. Anyway, it’s good that this large group is at this side of the park. If they landed at the side with the lake, they would encounter the one-gosling family, and the only-child gosling, being the smallest of them all, would probably be bullied.

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