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#life lesson quotes

Y así me tenia de un lado al otro,

aunque siempre me lastimaba,

ella sabia que estaría allí para ella,

era como su juguete viejo y favorito,

con el que podía pisar, cuidar y romper,

todo en un solo minuto.

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k.b. // what did i do to you?
You used to walk next to me down the hallway, now you don’t even want to look into my eyes anymore.
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k.b. // because i do
Do you ever look at the stars and just wish to be up there somewhere, escaping from every heartbreak and hurt you’d ever had to endure? To be up there next to the moon and just watching over, forgetting about your past once and for all?
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k.b. // i wish it wasn’t true
How many sleepless nights I had just thinking about you and I. Realizing it’ll probably never happen while crying myself to sleep.
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k.b. // i should’ve known
When will I ever learn to stop trusting someone too easily and stop believing in the good in the wrong person?
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k.b. // you hurt me like no other
You let your insecurities not only destroy you as a person but also project your broken mirror onto somebody who loved you more than anything. Crushing someone else’s heart to the point of no turning back. Needing years on years of healing to finally get back to the self love the moment it disappeared after letting you walk over my heart over and over again.
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k.b. // but i finally did it
You’re not only breaking my heart a second time in my life but let it shatter into the smallest pieces yet again so I wouldn’t be able to put them back together.
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