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I really like the word, “presence”. In fact, the other day, I was noting how in school we’d say ‘present ma’am’ during roll call, almost so absent-mindedly. We never really understood what presence meant. I am still learning and probably will all my life. This reminds me of my favourite professor from college (she was the only one of three I liked to be really honest) who was insightful enough to…

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Alexander Abramov out here giving life to my cowboy AU with his photoshoot.

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     FOR ONCE I am proud of the work I’ve done in the past week! I have made massive progress on my Heremup to do list. I’ve nearly finished copying over all of my notes, only have a couple more pages to go out of around 50-60 pages. I also completed a couple of odds and ends, small five minute tasks that just had to be done.

     I’ve also been working on a project that I’ll be announcing later this week! Something I’m actually really, really excited about. This week I’m gonna be setting my writing goals for January, which will probably be posted either later this week or during next week’s update. Other than that I don’t have any other writing goals set for myself this week, taking it a bit easy for the last few days of 2020. 

     So the last thing I have to talk about this week is my Heremup to-do list! There’s many tasks that I have left to do before I continue my writing and they are as follows: 

     ~Rewrite all Heremup notes

     ~Finish/Edit character sheets (11 different ones)

     ~Design world map

     ~Fill out worldbuilding packet

     ~Fill out culture sheet

     ~Edit outline (as needed)

     And then I start writing! 

     Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot of things to do, there is easily hours of work ahead of me before I start writing once again. So for now I’m gonna leave it at this, and get ready for a 2021 full of writing progress!

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my brain: you should write a fic about-

me: NO. i already have three books going .

my brain: but maybe-

me: shove it down. DEEP DOWN.

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     No excuses here…except that I was moving, didn’t have internet, and have been nauseous as hell. Pregnancy hasn’t been good to me at all. And now I’m making a midnight-ish post because for some goddamn reason I decided to cook a turkey today. Life has been a hectic battle, so I’m leaving that as it is. No more excuses.

     As far as writing goes though, I’ve actually been getting TONS of progress done despite life throwing endless curveballs. I’ve set myself a clear checklist of everything that needs to be done for my current project, Heremup. I’ve also managed to weed through TEN YEARS worth of notes for my book and have organized it all. Or at least mostly organized it all anyways. Between days of unpacking and cleaning the new apartment I’ve organized these papers, rewriting what needs to be rewritten, and perfecting the To-Do checklist. 

     From here on I’ll have clear weekly goals, starting in January. Next week I don’t expect myself to really complete much as I have other tasks to do. However, I’ve also been working on plans for my page here as well, and am hoping to increase activity, sharing more writing inspiration and an additional view into my writing activities and reading journey. Some writing challenges might be in the works as well…

     So all in all even though I haven’t been particularly active online, I definitely haven’t been dormant when it comes to my writing. Next week I’ll definitely have a few more things to talk about at the very least if not a tiny bit more progress.

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Jackie and Marvin, from the septic egos fandom, are my comfort characters as well as my comfort ship.

Techno and Tommy from Dreamsmp are my comfort characters, as well as my comfort sibling relationship.

They are two completely different fandoms, have no reason to cross over or anything

But if I do not write the four of them as a new pseudo family soon I’m going to lose my mind.

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Which one am I actually writing? I’ll let you guess.

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Last night I was ugly crying as I killed a character wtf

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It is supposed to be the beginning,

But how ? I thought,

What should I begin with,

When I have a thousand words,

Buzzing inside my head,

A million dreams flashing,

Before my eyes,

Yet heart sunk in some corner,

Waiting to escape the reality.

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How many of you would be upset if some of the Kinktober days came out as drabbles (500ish words) instead of full fics?

If I took the drabble route, I could post at least 6 this week. It would just help me get through them quicker.

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kinda want to ditch everything in my drafts and start a new project 😗✌🏼

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1. “How to poison someone with Cyanid?”

leading to…

“How long does it take for cyanid to activate in the system?”

I’m 98% sure there are some very VERY concerned FBI agents thinking I’m planning murder or do harm to someone, and not a character.

also this one is one of my favourites;

2. “How hard do you have to hit someone over the head with a book before it does internal damage?”

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Okay I randomly had the urge to make this list no one asked for, but here’s a list showing the advantages and disadvantages of being a writer on Ao3 and Wattpad that I personally witnessed.

Advantages of Wattpad:

- Easier to edit

- The format of the app is appealing

-Can change background and use fancy fonts if you’re willing to pay extra

-Feels less competitive when you post

-Easier to get views, votes, and comments

-Keeps drafts forever

-Free app that you don’t need permission to make an account for

Disadvantages of Wattpad:

- More younger people on there means some topics and genres are harder to write about.

- Less tags you can put than AO3


Advantages to AO3:

-Also has a nice formatting

-More flexibility with tags, especially unique ones than Wattpad

-No ads

- Website has a more mature audience so you’ll feel more free to do mature topics

Disadvantages of AO3:

-It feels competitive when you upload because someone might not see you posted due to someone posting before you, or you might not get as many views because they uploaded before you.

-Harder to edit and use bold, strike throughs, and italics. It’s a little sensitive in general.

-Profile isn’t as appealing on the eyes and is harder to update than Wattpad (not that it’s hard but still)

-Harder to get views, kudos, and comments (not difficult just not as many as Wattpad)

-Deletes draft after a month

-Don’t like that it keeps your notes from your first chapter in other chapters when you make a multi chapter. (Like why?)

-Have to be approved before you can upload. They usually say yes to you, but I wonder why they made it that way in the first place.

I love writing on both, but I think I’ve had more luck with Wattpad than AO3. But I love reading AO3 stories more.

I’ll probably make a list for benefits and flaws as a reader on both next.

Feel free to add on if you’d like.

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Tentatively thinking about posting my writing…..

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Writing a story that makes you cry is the best and worst thing all at once. The raw emotions just hits different😢😩 It hurts

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Honestly like the biggest push I have to actually sit down and get some writing done is the desire to one day own a big house filled with a dozen or so rescue animals.

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@mikauzoran tagged me to the List all the Titles of your WIPs Challenge!

And while I’ve been ignoring a lot of Tumblr games lately, apparently I’m absolutely weak for getting the chance to talk about my projects. And since, most of these haven’t seen the light of day… I was really excited! 

Published WIPs:
Craving for Chocolate Milkshakes (Sailor Moon) - A romantic comedy. Usamamo mind reading trope. It’s ONE chapter away from completion, and that one chapter is 80% there, and just refuses to be fleshed out. But seriously, WHY IS THIS ONE NOT ALREADY DONE?!
Restorative Justice - (Miraculous Ladybug) - A Chloé redemption story where she decides to heal the rifts between Ladybug and Chat Noir that have been caused by them not knowing each other’s identities. Pulls heavily from my experience as a teacher trained in restorative justice practices. This story is surprisingly easy to work on at the moment. It’s the only one that cooperates with me! It’s currently got a five chapter outline. Chapter three is mostly done. Just needs to be fleshed out so it’s more than talking heads in a white room. (Dialogue always comes easily to me. The rest of it is hard!)
Coming of Age (Sailor Moon) - Loosely based on the Black Moon arc. Neo Queen Serenity has been mortally wounded, and can only be healed by the silver crystal. But no one is old enough to use it! So in a desperate move Chibiusa is sent back in time to be raised by her parents. Not that she knows that they’re her parents. This one hasn’t been updated in a year. I blame fic exchanges (that are all completed now!). But I’m really excited about this next chapter. Like stoked!
Invisible Wounds (Sailor Moon) - An AmiZoi medical/senshi drama. Pulls really closely from my personal life as a parent. I also haven’t published an update for this one in like a year. But the next chapter is really close! (I keep saying that! Is it true?)

UnPublished WIPs:
Aftermath (Miraculous Ladybug) - Multi chapter dealing with the Aftermath of a Hawkmoth unveiling and defeat. Pre-reveal. Lots of mental health stuff. A story about healing. Chapter one is close. I’m surprised it’s not out yet.
Celebrity Status (Miraculous Ladybug) - A multi chapter Ladrien story. Ladybug goes to Adrien for advice about dealing with being famous. They understand one another’s struggles more than they did before. And end up super close! First chapter is close-ish. It’s got like a ten chapter outline. I was originally trying to post it this past June for Ladrien June, but got distracted by other projects and haven’t gone back to it yet. Maybe I’ll shoot to get it out next June.
Yin and Yang (Miraculous Ladybug) - I haven’t done all the ridiculous tropes yet. Here I’m playing with a body swap of Adrien and Marinette. It has a similar feel and tone as Chocolate Milkshakes. I’m really having too much fun with it. No where close to seeing the light of day.  
Matchmaker (Sailor Moon) - When the future utopia is destroyed, Pluto manages to protect Chibiusa from the timeline changes and sends her back in time to fix whatever prevented her parents from meeting and getting together. It’s much harder than the girl anticipates. Mostly exists as two initial opening scenes and then just snippets of Chibiusa getting frustrated with her parents who won’t stop being mean to each other. 
Motherhood part 4 & 5 (Do those even count as titles? They’ll have titles eventually!). These are Sailor Moon Reveals (sort’ve!) In part 4, Usagi realizes her mother knows and has known for awhile. They get to talk. In part five, Kenji figures it out and has a fight with Ikuko because she kept it from him. I have these outlined blow by blow but haven’t gotten them to fall into place yet.
A Bad Day (Ladybug Reveal) - Marinette is having a really bad day. Like akuma worthy bad. And she is just now realizing how strategically horrible that is. This one is SO CLOSE to being done. I don’t know why it isn’t. 
Infidelity (Ladybug Reveal) - Established Adrinette relationship pre-reveal. Adrien and Marinette get into fights because the other one is lying all the time about where they are. Ladybug and Chat Noir confide in each other about their relationship woes and give each other wonderful advice that help Adrien and Marinette learn to actually communicate with each other! 
A Letter to my Teenage Self (Ladybug oneshot) - Adult Ladybug full of regret gets thrown back in time with an opportunity to change things, but in talking to her younger self Ladybug finds herself amazed by the young girl before her, and doesn’t want to change a thing about her. This one is just starting to take form. Idea was given to me from my Discord peeps after they asked me what advice I had for my teenage self!
Always Enough (Ladybug) - An Adrino story I started like a week ago. I was trying to expand my repertoire by challenging myself to do a non canon relationship. And I love Nino to death and he doesn’t get enough attention. And Adrien is me, so…. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that 4.5k words in, this became far more autobiographical than I had ever intended. 

And honestly, there’s like ten other stories that have been started. But I don’t currently have any active intention of working on them in the near future, so I’ll spare you. And who knows if I will publish all of these either. When I’m stressed, I am not as disciplined about what I’m working on. I just work on what comes. This is not conducive to finishing things, but it is conducive to my mental health. 

Anyway, this was fun! I tag @tinacentury, @floraone, @alexseanchai, @ladyofthenoodle, @e-milieeee, @apopcornkernel, @ominousunflower, @chronicallylatetotheparty, @starlingsinclair, and anyone who wants to do it! 

No pressure!! (I may have tagged you because I’m selfishly very curious what you’re working on so I know what I have to look forward to maybe at some point! But STILL no pressure!) 

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