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cherishfeelings · a year ago
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overthinkers · a month ago
I don’t believe in soulmates or destiny or the grand scheme of things or fate. But I believe in choices. I believe in choosing them over and over and over again, at every turn, at every crossroad. I believe in finding a reason or making one on the days where we don’t seem to make any sense.   I don’t believe there is someone out there made for me because something in the stars decided it. But I do believe in soulmates, as created by us, as made up of every day we chose to stay, of every fight we worked through, of every time the choice we made was each other. 
– a.o
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literaturecravings · 6 months ago
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—The Truth About Magic, Atticus
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poemsofangela-simone · a year ago
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in-my-thinking · 3 months ago
“Book of Regrets”
Daily I write in
my book of regrets
as it seems life’s lessons
aren’t done with me yet
And I wonder who out there
will take time to read
maybe come save me
in my hour of need
I often glance over
so many previous chapters
realising that there’ll be
no happy ever after
I’d like to stop adding pages
to this book in my name
but I know tomorrow
there’ll be more of the same
My book is becoming
quite a volume
as all my waking hours
it now totally consumes
Daily I’ll keep writing
in my book of regrets
as it seems life’s lessons
aren’t done with yet
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exquisitelypxeticmess · 7 months ago
Hats off for those who continuously try; for those who are depressed , but well dressed,
Hats off for those who grieve deeply and move on with souls urging to be caressed.
Hats off for those who wipe off tears of disappointments and still hope again at every sunrise,
Hats off for the children of the night; the ones who break too many times, but from the same bed they do rise.
Hats off because they all deserve to be throned and praised,
Little do they know, that they are the utter pride and beauty the universe ever raised.
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lifehitsharder · 10 months ago
The day you get happy because those who doesn`t love you are happy. The day you give happiness to those who took your happiness away. The day you don`t hold any grudge and forgive more. The day you understand that the greatest happiness are making others happy. The day you are everything, but are still acting and behaving like you are nothing. THAT DAY. Do not doubt a sinlge second. Because then you are at the peak of being a happy human being.
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justutter · 4 months ago
I am dying
but I don't want to
I am lying
but I don't want to
I am trying
but I don't want to
I am crying
but I don't want to
I am staying
as I have to
I am playing
as I have to
I am starving
but I don't want to
I am saying
but I don't want to
I am no good
as I don't want to
I am no food
as I don't want to
I am running
as I have to
I am funny
as I have to
I am living
but I don't want to
I am listening
but I don't want to
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lolwhatarefeelings · 2 months ago
Me after killing a bug
(A haiku):
I apologize
For my reckless ways, but you
Had entered my home.
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whendidmythoughtsgocrazy · 8 months ago
People who are actually nice, don’t usually feel the need to tell everyone how nice they are.
k.b. // @/bpdstri (tumblr)
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euesworld · 5 months ago
Here in this pindan
that I live in
the place that I sinned in
has got me livid
believe that I love
that I need the Lord above
and when push comes to shove
I'm the first to release doves
I'm going mad
this madness in me is getting bad
my sanity is something I've never fully had
but I'm alive for a purpose
never to stop learning
about life
about how to try
and about how I can't deny
that there is someone in the sky
or on land
In the sand
In the ocean
In the dark
in my heart
who causes a commotion
she makes waves, you see
as she saved me
when she took me in
even with my sins
with a massive grin
and she let me begin
to live..
to live..
to live..
thus is the meaning of life
and up until now, I wasn't living mine right
Just a poem by eUë
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overthinkers · 6 days ago
I don’t need grand gestures, or “I love you” in front of both our families, or a white dress, or my parents’ blessing. 
I need vows that nobody but me will ever hear whispered in between desperate kisses. Eating a wedding cake at 2am in our kitchen. Dressing up just to dance in our living room. Getting drunk on cheap whiskey on a beach and talking about the lives we use to dream of when we were 10 and stupid.
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poetryofhvaw · 7 months ago
who I am after years of living
The fog seems thick today. It’s still beautiful. No, I am no eagle eye; I won’t chase anything that is not meant for me. I am human fragile, I am thickness of skin. I am sensitive, I am messy. The road to home is small. It is full of rocks and wild plants. I don’t need lights to guide me. I have torch to light up the road: is long, but I am capable to enjoy. I am capable to fuel up. I am every mountain and hill-side rocks. I am the fog, I am the road. I am every nature’s chances and I am capable.
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poemsofangela-simone · a year ago
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nervous-runaway · 4 months ago
It is the thought of you that scrapes me raw. I was sharing about you to my roommate and she asked to read what I wrote about you.
For all that I put these feelings on anonymous display online, the thought of sharing the words within these pages- Where someone could see my face. The way I seem to flinch at the thought of you leaving again. The way my voice hitches on words like Longing and You
And just maybe , in the right light, and seen by less kind eyes. It might be said that my eyes water, as I think about not what we used to be, but what we could have been.
It filled me with a new fear. There is no other word for it. I panicked. Made excuses & begged off because these words? These letters? Are the most vulnerable part of me. Guarded behind layers and layers of armor.
Only shared with faceless strangers , behind a pseudonym, on an anonymous blog. Because it is only with 3 degrees of separation that I can even begin to view these words with a hint of denial.
Denial of what it really means that even in the healthiest relationship of my life, I still dreamt of you. I still dream of you. Denial of what it means that I have 100’s of poems about your name as a 7 letter synonym for longing.
Denial about you-K.R 9:37pm
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avishichug · a year ago
Life is a song and
I am unaware of its chords.
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alettearesius · 5 months ago
"I worry something is broken in our generation ,
There are too many sad eyes on happy faces."
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