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wordhaze · 3 hours ago
Maybe I'll see you in another life, if this one wasn't enough.
Florence + the Machine; How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
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bnmxfld · 3 hours ago
I needed to be somewhere different. Maybe I needed to be someone different, too.
Heather Davis / The Clearing
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to-be-okay · 2 days ago
True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side.
Josh Grayson, Sia
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relaxtrack · 2 days ago
Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing. Relax and enjoy nature.
Melanie Charlene
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elizabeeeeeth · 2 days ago
I wish I could tell someone the whole story of why I am the way I am.
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soulflowrss · a day ago
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My heart is haunted, I'm not surprised it isn't wanted.
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coffeeandpoetrydarling · a day ago
And I realized that with time, the mere thought of you will stop hurting. I won’t feel a stab to what very much feels like my actual heart when I think of your face or your laugh, my heart won’t lurch in the direction of your house when I have no other option but to drive down your cross street, and I won’t feel like I’ve had the breath knocked out of my lungs when I see a truck or motorcycle that looks like yours. I won’t feel like throwing up when I think of you with somebody else, espeically those you swore I never had to worry about, and I will feel an empty peace at last. In two days it will be exactly one month (19  really will always be our number by the way, I don’t care what you have to say about that) that you said awful things to me but ended it bittersweetly by voicing your regret and claiming you love me. I’m sorry but I have to hold on to the hate you spit at me rather than the words of adoration, for my own sake. I can’t let myself hold onto the latter. I went to Home Depot sweetheart, and I grabbed myself a shovel and I’m digging myself out, even if some days the memories of you pass by like a strong gust of wind that push the dirt I had dug out right back on top of me. I have a long way to go but there are callouses on my hand that serve as proof of my effort and I won’t stop digging until I’m out. And guess what. When I’m out, there won’t be a single piece of you  attached to me. I’m burying you right into that hole you put me in and told me to dig myself out of. P.S. I know I’ll still bring you flowers sometimes. Better yet, I'll bring you a bottle of Jameson you can drown in. Maybe I'll join you.
 - After you left me I told you I was feeling low and you told me I knew where Home Depot was and to go buy a shovel to dig myself out, remember?
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amonsstuff · 2 days ago
"Make an effort if you desire something, there's no easy road to taking it easy"
- Agares 2022
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Fellow humans lemme give you sa same advice Agares tried to imply.
The people who you view as smart, talented, and some other bullshit, did not take everything for granted, no one can be smart or talented if they didn't worked hard for it, if we ever view and label others as a teacher's pet, it means teachers admired how hard they worked, for being an over achiever, it means they worked hard to get this far in life and we should take that as an inspiration to better ourselves.
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qvotext · 2 hours ago
They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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gauravsksk · 2 days ago
hell is hot but women are hotter
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poetic--elixir · 5 months ago
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Art is to console those who are broken by life. —Vincent Van Gogh
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to-be-okay · a day ago
You can love them, forgive them, want good things for them… But still move on without them.
Mandy Hale
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thegirlthatcriesacademia · 10 months ago
All my grief says the same thing— this isn't how it's supposed to be. And the world laughs, holds my hope by my throat, says: but this is how it is.
Fortesa Latifi, The Truth About Grief
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sunsetquotes · 10 months ago
And when you told me what your favorite book was, I bought it and read it over and over… trying to find pieces of you in it.
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thoughtkick · 4 months ago
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Image Text: I hope one day we can forgive each other for not being what we wanted each other to be.
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remains-of-theday · a year ago
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saccharineguilt · a month ago
And you tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more. Tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that. And if he wants to leave, then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love.
Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love
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