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#life quote

They say it’s okay to fail as long as we tried our best.Oh God,who knows the pain when you fail after trying your best ? It’s so easy for them to talk that way.Who knows the pain we are left behind with ?

Let’s try to feel less pain and hope everything will get better with time.

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“We may occupy a more important place than we all think and the consequences of our actions, our virtues or our lack there of, may echo far beyond what we want to believe. So I would say, try to find out what’s good for you, just watch, don’t listen to anyone else or maybe you should, maybe they’ll give you some hints, ya know, but you gotta find out for yourself and when you find out what’s good for you and what isn’t, do those things that are good for you until you like being alive, until you’re thrilled to be alive and see what happens. And I would also suggest, there is nothing that you could possibly do that will be more profound and useful than that.” -JP

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