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giingle · 3 months ago
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duckduckgrem · 5 months ago
Longing for a polyamorous dating sim?
I’m constantly trying to figure out what counts as a spoiler for my own game and what’s just good advertising material? Not in like a click-bait way or anything, but in a genuine “what does an audience need to know about this game for them to be interested in its contents” kind of way. 
It’s been an infuriating fun exercise in abstracting away details and distilling the essence of things. 
So this is a friendly reminder that Witch of the Greenwood features polyamory with a bunch of magical creatures including: bird people, deer people, elves that don’t look like elves, and more 😉😏
Tired of life + dating sims that don’t have genuine polyam options? YEAH ME FUCKING TOO. So I’m gonna make it myself, and if you, also, want to date a bird person, deer person, elf that doesn’t look like an elf, and more, feel free to follow me along on this chaos ride of polyamorous mayhem. 
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liliumsims · 6 months ago
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ranchstoryblog · a year ago
The Return of Classic Gameplay Mechanics for the 25th Anniversary
As a longtime fan of the Story of Seasons series, I continue to be impressed by the previews of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. One of the most exciting things is how many features, often only ever appearing once, have finally returned after (in some cases) nearly two decades!
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Back in 1999, GBC2 featured a system at the local library to catalog all the fish, bugs, and flowers/herbs you would encounter in the wilderness or, in the case of plants, growing them on your farm. Not to be completely out-done in the follow-up game the next year, an aquarium was added as a location you could donate caught fish to when you visit the mainland!
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This kind of collection feature would go on to become a popular mainstay of the lifesim genre, but, for some reason, Story of Seasons never quite committed to making it a regular feature in future games. Now, two decades have passed and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has a museum to donate to!
One of the features a lot of folks noticed immediately was the sprinklers! The idea of being able to automatically water crops so you can easily handle a large amount of them all at once... How has that feature not been done before? Sure, there were hand-held sprinklers in games like SNES, but was there ever an automatic one?
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There sure was! In GBC3, for 50,000G you can buy a sprinkler that waters a large 9x9 area automatically every morning, helping you maintain a large amount of crops at once with ease. Of course, it wasn’t only expensive... you had to get water to where you wanted your sprinkler to flow too!
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Yep, you had to use a shovel in order to modify your farm land to support your network of sprinkler systems. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? All this on the Gameboy Color back in 2000! That wasn’t all the shovel was for either, as you could also construct a hot spring and set up irrigation for rice. Irrigation hasn’t been confirmed yet for Pioneers of Olive Town, but the tools are present for it already, so maybe we’ll see it in an update soon?
In Animal Parade, upon first meeting Simon, you’ll get yourself a nice camera that you can use to take photos with. You can use these to decorate your home or just keep memories. There was also a photo studio where you could have pictures taken of your family! You could also send photos and messages to your friends on other Wii systems.
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The camera system in Pioneers of Olive Town hasn’t had too much confirmed yet, but it looks to be tied in with the compendium feature, allowing you to take photos of critters in nature. You can also share photos online!
This is admittedly a very minor returning feature in the grand scheme of things, but it was fun to spot nevertheless. One of the recent videos on the Bokumono_PR Twitter account showed a little bit of customizing the look of your farm with decorations. After setting an object down, the video shows the player coloring it with one broad stroke of the brush.
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Nowadays, a feature like this is a given when it comes to games focusing on customization and decorating your personal space I suppose. Still, it’s nice to see how far we’ve come since ‘96 when there was but one thing to paint and one color to paint it with.
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This one is a little different as, while it was present in a previous game, you never actually got to use it. The lasso (or “reigns”) tool first appeared in the demo files for Tree of Tranquility. Supposedly the original intent was to use it to round up and lead your livestock around. With Pioneers of Olive Town focusing largely on exploration, including taming wild animals to use as livestock, it looks like it may be taking on an all-new life as one of the most important tools in the upcoming game.
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The Life Sim genre owes a lot to Story of Seasons and its many iterations. It’s truly exciting to see Pioneers of Olive Town striving to bring back as many features as possible from its history and I can only hope it makes a long-standing impression on both old and new fans alike when it releases early next year.
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azulotus · 8 months ago
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Collection of art I made for Alchemic Cutie! Portfolio || Carrd || INPRNT || Ko-fi || Twitch
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cozy-gaming · 3 months ago
Just today i came across the kickstarter for this chibi ranch style sim! Monster taming, exploration, crafting, town upgrades, puzzles and day/night cycling. What more could one want in a cozy game? Hope this gets funded, looks like it was made with lots of love.
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thegameofnerds · 2 months ago
Rune Factory 5 Is Exactly What I Was Hoping For
Rune Factory had me when it was described loosely as "Harvest Moon's lovechild with Zelda."
Rune Factory had me when it was described loosely as “Harvest Moon’s lovechild with Zelda.” But, I found it’s much more than that. It is, for one, the perfect game for people who save and quit a log session of Animal Crossing to exit out and fire up some Breath of the Wild. Sometimes, for some folks, the peace must end. The inclusion of action and treasure hunting melds perfectly with Harvest…
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theanxiouskitten · 8 months ago
Ooblets Review: A Colorful Cozy Game
Ooblets Review: A Colorful Cozy Game
Ooblets is a charming, early access game that has a lot to offer players with more on the horizon. Released: July 15, 2020 Developer: Glumberland Genre: Simulation/RPG/Farming Publisher: Glumberland Platform: PC/Xbox Price: $24.99 Ooblets: A Bright and Coloful Adventure Ooblets is an early access game available to play on PC and Xbox. For those of you who don’t know, early access allows…
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pandrewlin · 4 months ago
The birth of Wren dandir
And a little art I came up with
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The first is of Sparrow and her friends at a party. My daughter is so cuteeeee.
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duckduckgrem · 3 months ago
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I am happy to introduce the first romanceable character in Witch of the Greenwood: GRIMALKIN!!
I still haven’t come up with a proper format for what kind of mini-bios I’d like to do for character reveals, so I’m just gonna wing it this time!  Grimalkin (he/him) is a romanceable polyamory candidate, an independent nap enthusiast as cats are wont to be, and spends as much time (if not more) in his transformed cat form as his elf form. If you can’t find him while wandering around the Greenwood, try looking up: he is a seasoned aficionado of prime tree nap spots. 
I think that’s all for Grimalkin, unless y’all have specific questions! Feel free to send in an ask :) 
Next up on the list is a character near and deer to my heart who I have yet to officially name but is listed as Sunshine in everything I’ve written about him :’) Will I change? I can only hope so, but I fear I have fallen into the trap of placeholder names and that it’s too late for all of us. 
Nevertheless, I’d love to hear what you think of Grimalkin!
Also, as always, character art by my friend @dovelydraws! Go check them out >:)
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0digitalfairy0 · 10 months ago
Entering into year 195! Happy new year! It was fun to participate in the new year ceremony at the castle.
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treacherous--doctor · a year ago
Ok so hear me out for a second:
K.K. Slider x Nintendo albums that you can buy via Nook Shopping.
Think about it: Nintendo releases a series of KK albums that come with a bunch of songs that can be bought in Nook Shopping for 3600 bells x the number of songs per album. So if an album has 8 songs then the album costs 28800 bells. You’re basically just buying 8 KK albums, and they’re all KK Slider versions of Nintendo songs from other franchises, but they’re exclusive because they’re only available for a limited time. It would be a really fun way of adding more KK songs to the game, and it would be interesting to see Animal Crossing remixes of classic Nintendo songs. It would even be cool to do it with other work too, like having a real musician or band do a tie-in with ACNH as some kind of cool DLC for the game. Just wishful thinking but it would be awesome if it happened.
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yaythecatsarehere · 7 months ago
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Got a vet clinic life sim from Game Stop today and I SHIT YOU NOT, there's a useless white girl named Jessica in it who bitches about cleaning.
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thelegaciesteam · a year ago
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5/31/21 update: Prison additions -  shop, conjugal visit, prison inventory, prison calls, prison mail and prison jobs
We’re back, baby! Going to prison is looking more and more enticing with every update, making even murder darkly appealing. 
Suffer the plotting, killing, and court investigation no longer. Now you can cheat your way right to prison to test out our newest additions! Note, you’ll want to play as vampire kind in prison. 
Money & Prison  Jobs
Before we get started, let’s talk money. Your character’s money won’t travel with them into the prison world (yet), so you’ll have to get a prison job and click the Next Turn button to see any cash flow. You can monitor your money in your prison stat screen. You can also see how much money you have by selecting the shop menu. 
The jobs you can currently get are: 
Janitor .3
A later update might include particular benefits to each job. 
This little mechanic acts as a spring board for any future ideas we (or you) might have. The most important thing, as well as the only currently functional thing, is the condoms. You still have to stay safe from spreading sexual diseases in prison, unless you are vampire kind. 
Because prison is mainly created for vampires right now, condoms will eventually prevent pregnancy if you happen to tango with anyone of the opposite sex while incarcerated, such as if you are approved for a conjugal visit. 
The items we have for you to buy from the shop are: 
Condoms (both male and female) 
Toilet paper
Shower shoes
Tampons and pads (only available at female prisons) 
Along with shopping comes a handy inventory system. After purchasing something from the shop, you can go to your prison stats and click My Items to view your purchases. 
Conjugal Visits 
So, you’ve got a bae back home and you want to spend some quality time together. Search no further! 
Being part of a prison gang and/or having Counsel support will help your chances of being allowed to have a conjugal visit because...you know. The scare factor. 
In a future update, you can have the chance of pregnancy during one of these visits. 
Prison Calls
This is an easy way to keep good relationships with your loved ones and coworkers back home. 
There are many randomized talking points for the people you talk to. For example, the topic will be different when talking to your lover as opposed to a coworker. You can also talk to your parents, your spouse, and your friends. 
These randomized talking points add a bit of immersion and give your character a relationship boost with whoever they are talking to. 
There are even talking points if you have a baby, if you have a vampire child of a certain age group, if you have a human child of a certain age group, if you have human or vampire parents, human or vampire friends, etc. Everything is tailored to who you are on the phone with. 
The outcomes are short, but you should end up with at least several different outcomes every time you call the same person. 
Prison Mail 
Just like letters you send in real life, sometimes you will hear back from the person and sometimes you won’t. You can send a letter to anyone back home except children under two. 
The main purpose of this mechanism is for simple relationship boosting. If you receive a letter back, your relationship with them increases. If you don’t receive a letter, your relationship stays the same. 
As always, thank you all for your continued support!
A special shout out to DonBekiro and EmperorHardik for their amazing help on this month’s update! If you’d like to volunteer with us or want to follow our game development, find us on the adult section of forum.choiceofgames.com. 
If you’d like to show some more love and buy us some coffees for a one time payment of $1, or $3 monthly, check us out at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LegaciesTeam 1
Play our demo with this update and more: https://legacies2020.neocities.org/LegaciesDemo.html 26
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retrogamingyiz · 8 months ago
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Friday Game Cover - Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
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thegameofnerds · 9 months ago
Harvest Days: Brings A Unique Twist to Farming Sims
Fall is upon us! Meaning playing farming video games, snuggled up in our blankets, and drinking cider is super in right now.
It has been a while since we have seen a farming sim on this side of TGON. So, with the season of Lego Masters US complete, I thought now would be an excellent time to get back to my roots. Plus, fall is upon us! Meaning playing farming video games, snuggled up in our blankets, and drinking cider is super in right now. So, without further ado, let’s look into Harvest Days. Source: Harvest Days’…
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swanlike-elegance · a year ago
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On ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’, the island is a truly magical place where fish mysteriously lack peripheral vision despite their eyes being on opposite sides of their heads.
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villagemonsters · a year ago
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Today I added a home project that turns your humble shack into a proper house 
Lookin' proper cozy
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duckduckgrem · 4 months ago
Witch of the Greenwood’s Polyam & Queerplatonic Relationship Dynamics
I made a longer post about this here that includes two charts to visually represent the potential relationship dynamics in Witch of the Greenwood, but here are some polyamorous and queerplatonic highlights:
Four (4) person polycule. The three people who are not you are dating and will date regardless of your existence. They are, however, open to adding a fourth into their dynamic.
Three (3) person queerplatonic / partially romantic triad. The two people who are not you will end up in a qpr regardless of your existence. One of them would be very happy to romantically smooch you on the mouth or not romantically smooch you on the mouth, and the other would like to do neither but would be delighted if you joined their qpp.
One open relationship - he’s very open (hehe) to the idea of you dating other people as long as you afford him the same courtesy. No overlapping secondary partners with him though; he likes to keep his relationships separate!
A linear polycule where a literal ray of sunshine would love to be romantic with you - as long as you can respect his partner’s boundaries, which includes you Not Pursuing Them
These are only some of the relationship dynamic options in the Witchy life sim I’m making, and I’m still playing around with adding more. Don’t see an option you’re interested in? Tell me what you’d like to see in a game that allows polyamory and queerplatonic relationships, and I’ll see what I can do :) 
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