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lovelybluepanda · a month ago
How to romanticize your home
Have a favorite bowl, mug, plate, cutlery and glass.
Make or get at least 1 decoration you love. Totoro lamp? Kitty coin bank? See throw vase you can decorate yourself? Have something that squeezes your heart with joy.
Scents~ it can be a room spray, scented candles, some sticks. There are many scents, white lilly, vanilla, lemon, lavender etc you'll find something you love
Have a few books you enjoy nearby. Mark the quotes you like. Maybe anotate the book? Or keep a journal of why you love that book.
Have a journal for your thoughts. Use a pretty pen and maybe decorate it if you like that.
Learn a few tricks for how to organize so things seem cleaner.
Declutter once a month so you have things you love and enjoy using.
Make a decoration from scratch. It can be a drawing, paint a mirror, sew something, make some origami, dream catcher~
Fold clothes so they're accessible and you love looking at them. Wear what makes you happy.
Have a nice holder for your toothpaste and toothbrush. Or get a plain holder and decorate it. (a glass, plastic cup, plastic box, whatever you prefer)
Whenever something is cooking clean around the kitchen. It will save you time in the future.
Have snacks around, healthy and things that satisfy you emotionally.
Have a lovely bottle for water.
Fuzzy socks and fluffy blankets!
House slippers or get a pair of plain sneakers and decorate them. Use them only indoors.
Change from pajamas/outdoors clothes into other clothes that you wear inside.
Change the bed sheets weekly at least. If you think they are not comfy enough, maybe try to use a fluffy blanket instead?
If you don't need/want something anymore, give it away to someone else or donate it.
If you can't finish certain foods on time, give them to someone else.
Have a bottle of your favorite soda around.
Make foods you enjoy at least twice a week. Sunday muffins, Saturday waffles, Tuesday pasta Bolognese
In a box or muffin box, have various teas or hot chocolate supplies.
What sort of home do you want to have? Sunday tea party? Always welcome and with snacks? Enthusiastic to have people over? Your safe sanctuary? Think of that definition when you take decisions about your home.
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balkanradfem · 2 months ago
Homesteading survival knowledge
Growing Food:
The basics of Growing Food
Seed Starting Plan
Grow transplants for free
Amending the Soil
How to Collect Seeds
Growing dry beans
Growing Garlic
Plants going to Seed Explained
Climate change and Food Security
Plant Lemon Trees from Seed
Stashing Food
Storing the Food from your Garden
Living in nature and food conservation
Making a Meal from foraged and Garden Food in Winter
Sun-drying Strawberries
Sun-drying Cherry Tomatoes
Citrus Tips
Blackberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Salsa (tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic)
Đuveđ (mixed vegetables preserve)
Ajvar (preserved peppers)
Preserved sugar Cherries
Edible Mushrooms that grow on trees
Edible Wild Plants to Forage for in Spring
Make Honey out of Dandelions
How to cook with Nettle
Incredible value of Pine Needles
Rose Water
On herbal infusions and poison tea
Herbs to Collect for Tea
How to safely make Elderberry Syrup
Yarrow and Lemon Balm
 Tree Care:
How to grow trees
Where are the Tree Roots?
What is Root Flare
Tree Pruning Mistakes
Types of Pruning cuts
How to Prune Correctly
Building a Cob House
How to make Earthen Floors
Cooking with minimal use of heat
Processing Forest Clay
How to hand-work clay
How to make laundry detergent out of conkers
Creating baskets out of Newspapers
How to keep your space cool during heat waves
How trees create a living atmosphere
How to get rid of ants
Survival Recipes
What garden plants can be used as poison
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pseudologia-phantastica · 6 months ago
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werelivingarts · 7 months ago
attention management
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi, it’s werelivingarts again. During online school, I find it extremely hard to concentrate on schoolwork since there are so many distractions on laptops, phones and even in your home. Sometimes, you have plan to work but your brain won’t collaborate, so here is some tips to help you with attention management. 😊
This post is based on James Clear’s Guide to Productivity and Real Simple’s Attention Management. I also made a video behind the scene of designing this post, you can see it here.
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asingerofdreams · 9 months ago
a reminder to the villains:
you. yes you. this is your boss speaking. 
• get your rest. dark bags under the eyes are only to be drawn on with eye pencils, not to be acquired by lack of rest. you don’t want to be too tired to properly banter with your rival! 
• drink enough water. i don’t care if the raspy voice is part of your aesthetic. if you have a headache, you can’t focus, and then your enemy will win. 
• eat at least three square meals a day. or two, with snacktime positioned appropriately in between. this is fuel for your spite. 
• plan your attacks. I cannot say this enough. take the time every week to plan out when you will make your next move. preparation is key for success. I personally recommend turning off all the lights in your secret lair except for one, and planning in the dark, with the moon shining against your window, or planning while sitting across from your nemesis. 
• have your theme song always at the ready. enter every room with that song in your mind. use it to command the room. 
• wear what gives you confidence. walk with confidence, swagger, and pride. if the world does not like what you wear, even better! you have proved your greatness over them once more. 
• take care of yourself. selfishness is an evil trait, is it not? use it to your advantage. do what you love. hating everything is not a villainous trait; it is toxic. we do not accept toxicity as villains. we fight it. 
• be kind. i am not saying be good, or become the sniveling hero (god forbid). this is different than being good. good is a foolish word, used to describe the side we put in the history books. we are not good. we are kind and we are merciful because our grievances do not lie with everyday citizens. they lie only with the world and with its injustices. this is what we fight to change. we fight with strong voices and strong actions. we do not stoop so low as to be rude. 
• on that note, do not push away those close to you. the most successful villains have a well connected network. just because we are on the other side of history does not mean we cannot have close relationships. 
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writingwithacutlass · 10 months ago
How to: Confidence
Hold your head high
Look others in the eye
Laugh at yourself but not at others
Stop apologizing
Good manners (please and thank you)
Dress in a way that shows you have self worth
Expect others to believe you
Expect others to like you
"Real confidence is walking into a room and assuming everyone likes you."
Fake it till you make it. Before you know it, it's no longer fake.
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productive-tips · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Recognizing that you are stressed is very important. You need to have a good understanding of your stress levels throughout the day, week, and month. When your stress levels are too high, you need to take the appropriate action to de-stress and unwind until your stress is at a manageable level again. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of burning out. Running at a high stress level for too long/constantly is not good for your mental health. Take care of your mind.
Follow @productive-tips for more tips and content like this posted daily! Handpicked and curated with love :)
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lovelybluepanda · 13 days ago
How to improve your self-esteem
If you tend to:
Compare yourself to others
Call yourself loser, stupid, ugly and other similar things
Downplay your skills
Not realize your worth
Think basic human decency is something you don't deserve
Overthinking every situation
This post is especially for you.
Self-esteem isn't just "confidence". It's being aware of your skills, traits, achievements but most importantly, it's having trust in yourself so you don't question your abilities and it's the realization that you can take care of yourself so no need to worry.
Some exercises I've read and tried that help with your self-esteem:
Avoid negations in your speech, especially when you refer to yourself. Using too many not, don't won't, etc can make you think negatively. Use affirmations. "I am stunning" has a bigger impact than "I'm not ugly".
Compliment yourself daily for 1 thing. It can be about anything. You can also write them down if you have a planner.
Say affirmations like: i am confident, i am capable, i am smart etc. You don't have to believe them, you'll believe them with time but just saying it out loud or whispering them it's enough.
Acknowledge your skills and achievements. Write them down actually, so you see that you're accomplished in quite a lot of areas. Reminder: achievements doesn't have to be "i won a national competition", it can also be "i learned to cook by myself", "i read 2 pages of a book during a very busy day", "i finally brushed my teeth after a week of depression" etc.
Your clothes and your environment will influence your feelings. Think a little bit, do you have a favorite hoodie, t-shirt, shoes? They make you feel good, right? Now, when you get anything new for your self, make sure every item makes you feel like royalty. Same for your environment, you want to have a space that you love being in.
Invest in yourself. Learn new languages, read new books, pick up coding, crochet a bag, volunteer at a shelter, gave a herb garden etc. The point is, get new skills and experiences so 1) you enjoy life, 2) you get out of your comfort zone, 3) you get new skills and views.
Take yourself on a date every once in a while. It's important to spend time with yourself and relax but also ponder what you'd enjoy to experience next. Being alone seems to be scary for many people but you can discover many new sides of yourself in solitude so have a break from the world every once in a while.
Your self-esteem is important because if you have trust in yourself, nothing can shake that. No one's opinion, thoughts or actions can influence your love for you.
The mountain just doesn't bow in front of a blow of wind.
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sk-lumen · 6 months ago
21 Things I Wish I Knew At 21 (A Letter to My Past Self)
Tumblr media
Dearest self, 1. Stand up for yourself. I know you think you’re only being considerate, I know that your intentions are good, but shrinking your vast magical inner world just to fit into theirs will come with a steep price: and that price is your inner peace, the fullness of your heart, your mental health. But don’t worry love, at the end of it all you will heal and burn anew, you will rise from the ashes of your own pain, and you will burn even brighter yet. And most important of all, from then on you will be crystal clear on your high standards and boundaries.
2. That homesickness you feel, that yearning for a place where you belong, is only a reminder that you don’t yet feel at home in your own heart, in your own mind, your own body. When you do, the homesickness will vanish.
3. It’s not too late, you’re not being left behind. You must honor your own timeline, your own rhythm, and your own goals. Nobody can dictate your path, and that’s a wonderful thing.
4. Bolt at the first red flag. No, it doesn’t get better.
5. It’s called a break up because it’s broken. Stop looking back because you’re not headed that way. You’ll only be lured back in, because the things which drew you together, are still there. Recognise the dealbreakers which broke the relationship, and walk away. You’re just prolonging the inevitable.
6. You’re stronger than you can ever realise. You have a 100% survival rate. You’re a survivor, and you should be proud of that fact, instead of letting yourself be guilt-tripped by toxic people who were never in love with you, never in love with who you are, only the idea of you. Of course they were more loyal to their idea(l) of you than the actual you. See the truth of the situation as it was.
7. Get up from the table when the only thing being served is rotten. There’s no point holding on to unhealthy relationships, friendships, even family bonds. Put a distance between people that are not interested in your wellbeing.
8. It’s not b*tchy to have high standards and crystal-clear boundaries. In fact, it’s a necessity! Because the only people that get upset at you having boundaries and standards, are those that benefit from you having none.
9. Listen to your intuition, stop ignoring your gut when it’s telling you everything you need to know.
10. Stop engaging with the kind of energy and people that you know you don’t want to have in your life. There’s no debate, no conversation. When you engage, you’re allowing them space in your mind and in your heart.
11. Friendship is a two-way street. You can’t put in all the effort and expect it to magically work. When you see it’s one-sided, let go and move on. You deserve honesty, loyalty, committment and dedication, the same as you offer to others. No exceptions.
12. Actions speak louder than words. Forget about what they’re saying. Pay attention to what they do. It doesn’t matter how many times someone says they love you every day, if all they do is make you cry and break your heart. There is a disconnect there which is their problem, and not yours. You deserve better.
13. Stop clinging to an idealized past self. You’re a human being, not a painted portrait forever frozen in time. You are *YOU* as an integral self; past present and future; strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, all in one. You are ever changing, improving, developing, and that’s okay. You’re not supposed to stay the same cookie-cut character for the rest of your life. It’s okay to change, in fact it’s how it should be. You can recreate yourself again and again, as many times as you need, until you are finally embodying your authentic self... Read more
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shahednasser · 7 days ago
Learning programming on your own is not easy, but it’s not impossible! Here are some tips for those considering learning programming or are already learning it on their own.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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frenchly-anxious · 4 months ago
To all the people who have been told at some point to "grow up, because adulthood is nothing like that", let me tell you that today, I witnessed an impressive number of grown-ass people, all doing grown-ass jobs which sometimes imply life or death situations, who have family, responsabilities, mortgages and whatever, all getting excited and rushing to the cafeteria because "oh my god, they're serving french fries today!" One of them even did a celebratory dance right in front of me and to be honest, as probably the youngest person in the building at that time, it was oddly liberating. Don't listen to those people who tell you to grow up: no one really does and we're all pretty happy about it
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iliterallybreathoxygen · a month ago
Study tip!
Use your need to complete things to finish tasks. You might be thinking "well duh" but here's the twist
If you have a homework assignment that's 25 questions, you start by doing 1 question, then you thing "yeah but it would be more satisfying if it was 5" then you get to 5 questions. "But it should be an even number" so you get to question 10. "That's so close to half though..." you finish to question 12. "But 12 just doesn't feel right, maybe to 20" rinse and repeat.
What about non-homework tasks? When doing your dishes, start with 1 dish. Then you think that you should at least do 5 then rinse and repeat.
The same thing goes with exercise and time doing it. You can keep going on and until you reach a satisfying number of minutes to help you keep going.
See how this entire thing works? Sometimes you don't have things with numbers though, so what do you do then?
You're cleaning your room. Start simple by making your bed, but it looks out of place with a messy floor, and the clean floor looks weird when the desk is messy, but if the desk is clean and the bookshelf is messy, then it looks wrong. Now the only dirty thing is the dresser and that would be terrible if it was the only thing left.
This is the most useful tip I ever learned and it has helped me SO much in my productivity
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positivelypositive · 6 months ago
think of your tears... the rain after a long drought.
they only come when you can't take it anymore. just like rain they wash away your sadness and leave you feeling lighter.
crying is not a bad thing. don't feel ashamed about crying. think of it as a cleansing rain instead and find yourself feeling better.
it's okay to cry, it's okay to be ✨
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study-sleep-tea-repeat · 6 months ago
Soon to be college freshman, Can you give me advice? Like what I'll need when I move into dorms? Study tactics? Things like that? (Also, I wanna be a teacher!)
That’s so awesome!!! Here are some things off the top of my head:
Dorm supplies
(Technically I wrote these for another post a while back but I still stand by these recommendations tbh)
A good lamp (ideally a sunlight lamp or something that has natural-looking light so you don’t hurt your eyes too much at 2 am)
A storage tower thingy (great for toiletries and other small stuff like that)
A fluffy rug makes a hugeeeee difference in my opinion
Hanging shoe rack (you can put hats, belts, socks, etc. in it, not just shoes!)
A planner or notebook for a bullet journal (if desired)
An essential oil diffuser + your favorite essential oil scents (instead of air fresheners, I think they give a much nicer feeling plus you can customize it way more)
Fairy lights
One of those comfy armrest pillow thingies idk what they’re called ok
A good pair of headphones!
A good water bottle that DOESN’T LEAK
Mildliners or some other nice-looking highlighters (if you like to highlight your notes or textbooks)
Study tips
When you’re trying to focus, seriously put your phone away somewhere you can’t see or use (I like using the app Forest and putting my phone in a drawer, though there are a bunch of other similar apps out there such as Flora, Plantie and Study Bunny!), turn off any notifications that would come up on your laptop, and close any tabs that you’re not currently working on. I know this is so one of those things you see in every list of advice, but it truly can make such a difference in my opinion!
Have a system for keeping track of assignments. I use Notion, but at different times since being in college I’ve also used a planner or a bullet journal, so find a system that works for you and use it religiously
Keep a calendar of classes and other meetings. I use Outlook but you could also use Google Calendar or even just writing it down in whatever planning system you choose. Don’t just rely on yourself to remember when your classes are, because at some point you’ll miss a meeting. It also gives you more peace of mind and mental space for other things, too
Personally, I find that doing a quick and easy task in the morning before I move onto more difficult assignments helps a lot with motivation, so give that a try and see if that also works for you! Some people also like doing their hardest task first, so just figure out which one suits your life the best
Tbh I have a lot more tips but they’re so dependent on like what types of classes you’re taking, if they’ll be online vs in-person, so hmu if you want more specifics!
Other tips
If you are truly not wanting to do a piece of homework, try to figure out why that is instead of just forcing yourself. A lot of times it can be that you are ignoring things like hunger, exhaustion, mental health, etc. and it’s really important that you take care of some of those essential things first. Mental health comes above schoolwork, and you need to make it a priority in your life so you don’t get burnt out
Have a life outside of schoolwork. Join a club, do volunteerwork, make some friends and talk about things other than classes, go into town from time to time, pick up or continue doing a hobby, anything really. So many people get completely stuck in their college schoolwork bubble that they forget to also live their life somewhere in there too
Best of luck!!! I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you!
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projectadulthood · 3 months ago
How to Clean as an Adult
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :) 
Growing up, Sundays were the days when my whole family cleaned. Everyone had chores they had to get through. Mine were dusting and cleaning the bathrooms. If I was really unlucky, I also had to water the plants and clean the windows.
Although the whole thing took two hours max, it ruined my day. On the bright side, our house was always spotless. However, when I moved away from home for college, I often avoided going home for weekends. Why? Because I did not want to spend my Sunday morning cleaning.
Having shared my living quarters with quite a few slobs since I can finally appreciate my parents' cleanliness. While I'm nowhere near as tidy as they are (and, let's be honest, never will be), I'd like to think that I do have a solid cleaning routine going -- which you'll find below.
I also want to share a few tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning. Turns out, the average American spends almost one full day cleaning a month. Hopefully, the advice below will help you cut down on the amount of housework you actually have to do.
How to clean
You don't need to clean so long that you turn into a skeleton. Instead, here's a handy checklist.
Tumblr media
Make the bed
Wash the dishes
Wipe down kitchen counters, table, sink, and stove
Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor
Every other day
Change towels
Take out the trash.
Change bed sheets
Dust (tables, windowsills, etc.)
Mop the floor
Water the plants
Do laundry
Clean mirrors
Wipe down the microwave, coffee maker, etc.
Get rid of old food in the fridge.
Vacuum the mattress, by the ceiling (watch out for spiderwebs!), etc.
Clean the shower/tub.
A few times a year
Empty and clean the fridge and freezer
Clean the vacuum cleaner
Scrub tile grout in the bathroom
Clean the oven
Clean all the hard-to-reach places like behind the stove, fridge, etc.
Clean windows
Clean fixtures, like lamps and ceiling fans
Once a year
Get rid of expired meds
Organize the kitchen cabinets
Clean out drawers and closets
Defrost and clean freezer
Clean the baseboards
Wash your duvet, pillows, spreads, etc.
Cleaning hacks
Tumblr media
Power clean 15 minutes each day. This will prevent clutter. Ideally, you want to designate a "home" for everything you own so that you can put everything back in its proper place during the day (and, most importantly, at the end of the day). Speaking of putting things back, clean in such a way that doesn't require you to make an even bigger mess, i.e., piles of clothes. Always think: if I stopped in the middle of cleaning, would the room be cleaner or messier?
Clean up as you cook. Wipe the countertop, do the dishes, sweep up... That way, you won't have to deal with a pile of dirty dishes after dinner. Besides, most of the time, all you have to do when making dinner is stir (depending on the dish, of course), so you can save a lot of time this way. By the way, if you wipe down the stove after every time you use it, you'll never really need to clean it.
Layer two trash bags in the bin. When you take out the trash, the next bag will already be there. Your future self will thank you.
Use a sink strainer. Or get one immediately if your sink doesn't have one.A clogged-up sink is no way to start your morning. Also, invest in a suction cup sponge holder -- you don't want your kitchen sponge sitting in gross food water.
Microwave a lemon in water (in a microwave-safe bowl) for up to 5 mins to clean your microwave. Remove the bowl with oven gloves and clean the inside of the microwave. DO NOT microwave water on its own unless you want your microwave to explode.
Keep an open box of soda in the fridge. It'll absorb any nasty smells from old foods. Remember to change it out once in a while, though.
Boil half a lemon with some vinegar and water in your kettle. This will get rid of at least some of the buildup and freshen the kettle.
Simplify your laundry. For example, if you only have 20 pairs of black socks that are all the same, you won’t ever have to match them. Dumping them in your sock drawer is as far as you'll have to go when sorting clothes. When folding laundry, fold the largest items first, leaving socks, underwear, and other small items for the very end. That way, it’ll feel like you’re done with laundry faster.
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :)
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