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#life update

moved into my new place. life is getting sorted. just joined the gym & ready to start losing some weight. organized my room & getting the final decor placed. on top of my studies & on track to graduate with my masters & additional teaching license next spring. removing every last toxic bitch from my life & focusing my energy on myself & those who support me fully. looking forward to continuing to grow & develop into the best version of myself.

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Okay idk how many of these I’ve made now 😭

Anyways, this is an announcement letting y’all know I am slowly SLOWLY coming back to writing (*looks at 8 drafts in panic*). I’ve gradually become less and less busy and more accustomed to my new job so now I will find the time to write!

I’ve also become a mod for the Official Mr. Love Discord so that’s also why I’ve been basically nonexistent. But I’ve learned how to juggle the two Discord servers so hopefully there will be more fun events coming out soon!

If you haven’t already checked out our casual Discord family, here is the link to the “Black Swan Collective

Also, I have my winners from my 200th followers celebration and I will be reaching out to them soon and announcing who won after they respond!

Thank you all for the love and support!

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I am back once again. It seems every couple of months I disassociate form my craft and become lost. Unfortunely, due to my last episode I have neglected the free reading service that I proved. This has lead to quite the back log. 

I deleted all of them as there is no way to tell when they were submitted and I do not want to answer a question that they probably went to another reader for months ago. 

In turn I am trying to focus my studies and realine myself with my current beliefs, I will make an updated post about it soon. I am actually more happy with were I am in life now than I was previously. 

I am closing the free readings for now, but I will leave my ask box open incase anyone wants to pop in with another questions or just to say hi. 

Kind Regards, 

~Taylor @okayytayy

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Life update:

Got a skateboard (and promptly ate shit hella times)

Christmas is around the corner, been saving and spending on presents where I can

Kicking ass in school this semester

Ready to enroll in next semester

Getting back into the flow of practicing German and Norwegian

Hopefully ready to move to sf by spring/summer if everything pans out

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An Update: 

Alright y’all, I got the day one writing challenge up. Hopefully I can stay on track with these, I’m really excited for the pairings y’all requested. 

I have some serious work I gotta get done for my master’s thesis today, but I’ll be around from time to time if y’all wanna chat. 

Up next, I have Day two of the challenge to write, as well as a couple of gift fics (including secret santa and a couple of b-day gifts). I want to try and get the next roommates chapter written sometime this week as well, but my school work has to come first. 

So yeah, hope y’all are having a great day, and happy December 1!

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It’s been a while since I’ve been here but quick life update: I’m in a super healthy relationship, gained a few pounds, working so hard, I’m extremely happy, life is good, consistent good dick, cuddles for days & starting the process to buy our own home :)

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Okay, my lovelies. I am working short-time again, means more time and less money.

Don’t wait for me, maybe I will be around, maybe not…


❤ Love y'all ❤

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Farewell, November

You were the best month thus far this year:

  • I got engaged
  • Biden won
  • Celebrated 4 years with mah sig fig
  • Getting on track with moving next month
  • GOT A JOB (whew)
  • Had a nice Friendsgiving with some good peeps
  • Successfully turned 28
  • Wrote a lot of my teenaged unfinished novel, to the point where maybe I can actually finish it??
  • Survived another month in the year 2020

Bracing for December hnnnghhhh

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The joy of cooking good food 💕



December is here and we are going through our second hard lockdown…who would have known!

But this time I feel better prepared mentally. The first lockdown and the beginning of the pandemic were terrible for my mental health. I won’t say that they don’t affect me currently (all the uncertainty, anxiety, delayed plans and dreams, etc) but I’m handling things better now.

And I’ve finally found the joy of cooking my own food again. Food that I find delicious and that supports my body and soul.

Oh, and my husband loves my homemade bread so there’s that bonus 💕

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recently i’ve been very numb. i’m not doing as well as i was and there’s been a lot of changes in my life that have made me super stressed. i’m sorry i haven’t been posting as much but i’ll queue up some stuff that i definitely need to hear as well as more informational stuff. thanks for being here <3

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Yanno I’ve actually had a hell of a year in terms of like (cringe alert) personal growth and that shit. I’ve grown up a hell of a lot and worked a lot on myself and i do genuinely think im in a better place in a lot of ways. There is also the irritating fact unfortunately that with every old thing i feel like im starting to process better, it’s like i’m developing new things to slow me down? very. hmm. frustrating. I think i’m a little bit lost in terms of my future direction rn, but its all like. a work in process. I just miss WRITING mostly. I wanna WRITE. I wanna fuckin uhhh CREATE its been months and ive been focused so much on my college work and it is fucking BORING i would like to write about COOL FUTURISTIC ADVENTURES NOW 

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too tired to make multiple posts heres a life update:

1. was sick yesterday bc body unhappy that i ate wendys. slept on and off all day. better today but tired.

2. everyone in my gap year program (7 of us) is coming back from thxgvg tmw and we have to quarentine separately for a week and we’re living in two different houses instead of just our one house and im sad

3. that also means i dont get to hang out with my girlfriends for a week even though we live in the same place bc we have to do the whole masks and six feet things which yeah i get it but im sad and want hugs :(

4. i fell asleep at 6pm today and slept for four and a half hrs and now its past 3am and i cant sleep and i have to be up at 8am aaaaa

5. we have almost no food in the house due to being gone for thxgvg so ive mostly been eating ritz crackers and leftover pie

6. i may be reading polyam getting together fics on ao3 to remind myself that its not that weird of a concept and yeah this is like what i used to do reading gay stories to tell myself being gay was cool and normal actually

7. im so bored and lonely nothing to add just ://

8. still super proud of my sibling who figured out this week that they are nb and specifically agender and also chose a new name all since thursday evening wow way to be cool

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Ok so I didn’t die

Honestly I don’t even know where to begin on any sort of update since last time I posted on here.. journaling has never been any of my strong suits(?) and I feel that my writing skills have severely deteriorated in my 4 year absence. Where do I start? Since I last posted I came out officially to all my family and friends, changed my legal name and gender marker, started my “process” of medically transitioning and also moved out on my own. I don’t feel like going into details about a relationship I had that lasted roughly two years because it ended very sudden and it had a serious impact on my mental health that I still struggle with so instead I’ll talk about much happier things like how I finally got to start HRT after saying Fuck You to my country’s trans healthcare system and instead going private in May this year (20). At the time I’m writing this I’ve been on t about 7 months, soon 8 and I couldn’t be happier even though a big part of me is still sad it had to take such a long time.. I would’ve gotten top surgery private too if it weren’t for the actual hospital in my country threatening private surgeons with lawsuits if they choose to operate. I don’t feel like going off about that and make myself angry. Feeling a little tired of writing right now so I’m gonna end it here for now but this was nice, maybe I’ll continue this properly, I won’t make any promises to myself but I’ll give myself a maybe.

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Life Updates:

I graduated highschool in June. The last time I used this account I was 12. I am now 17, will be 18 in April.

I moved to a new state for college and am living with my aunt and uncle.

I’m in a relationship, and have been for almost 6 months. He’s amazing and I love him to pieces. Unfortunately its long distance. The first time I met him was in August when I flew to Texas to meet him.

I am pansexual and genderfluid and use any pronouns.

I am planning on majoring in biochemistry.

In terms of mental health- from the time I was 11- 14 I struggled intensely with depression, anxiety, selfharm and insomnia. At 13 I was diagnosed with clinical depression, GAD, insomnia, and borderline PTSD (abusive childhood). I started therapy and medications. I am now in a phenomenal place mentally. There are still rough days, of course. Recovery is lifelong and its not linear. I’ve realized however that it is also a conscious choice. You have to make the decision to get better for yourself. You can’t expect others to do it for you- your recovery is up to you.

I also now have had 13 piercings, I currently only have 11 in. I used to only have 1 in each earlobe.

Now I have 2 in each earlobe, 1 in each nostril, my septum, my labret, my tongue, my industrial, qnd used to have my eyebrow and belly button. I plan on getting double high nostril piercings, another in my tongue, my nipples, and more in my ears. I am stretching my septum (we at a 12g now) and am stretching the first lobe piercings to 9/16ths of an inch on tuesday.

And right now as of 10:25 pm on Sunday November 29th, 2020, I am on the phone with the love of my life while he streams doom eternal on nightmare mode for me because I told him I was interested in it.

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