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Tea is complex and it takes years of experience to be able to accurately advise and educate customers. Although Perseis a relatively new company, our involvement with tea goes back through generations to the early 1980s in Turkey. The Tea Masters at Turkey have many years experience in the tea industry and have an extensive and valuable knowledge of customer preferences and requirements.

We specialise in everything to do with tea. As tea experts we are passionate about tea quality but also fascinated to deliver tea in a beautiful manner. We are proud we can provide premium teas from origin and valuable support to our customers from advice on developing your tea service to sourcing exactly the right accessories. We are always here supporting our customers to make sure they get the best out of our teas.

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Vacation sex!!!

I can’t wait to have real vacation sex ! sneaking away to get quickies in. Waking up and fucking on new territory. Flirting with him until I can get him alone. Vacation sex is about to be amazing.

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I stayed in my comfort zone for way too long..wondering why nothing was happening in my life, why I was stuck and unhappy. Fear had taken over me. I literally had to fight with everything I had to get out of that comfort zone. IT WAS WORTH IT. Life is so different. It’s beautiful. I still have days that are rough but I’m able to bounce back a little quicker. For anyone that needs a listening ear or wants to vent..reach out. You are not alone. GREAT THINGS NEVER COME FROM YOUR COMFORT ZONE 💯❤

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Ternyata menjadi penyuluh kesehatan masyarakat puskesmas di kampung sendiri ternyata sangat mengasyikkan.

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This is a essay gossip blog inspired by a youtube video from JR Lee Radio given title Excellent People do not put up with things and waiting for being changed, they change. 

This reminisces me of the very period as a foreign student in Germany, just like many other internationals studying abroad, it is likely of them to be trapped into so called Kitchen-Issue might caused by you and your roommates. I was so lucky to have many unique and discrepant ex-roommates that enriched my daily life  a lot during that time, more or less with something holic. Some took with psychological issue, some have missing mindset of self-discipline or hygiene, or some held extreme introverted character. But today I am not talking about how worthwhile all those went through my career but moving back to the theme of the title and how it relates to the Kitchen-Issue that I mentioned at the very beginning. 

I have had a roommate who is now still in touch with me and we’ve been “gang out” a lot back to my memory in Germany. He is absolute a very warm-hearted and open-minded guy with humble and humor naturally given. We had fun staying for several months in a Wohnnung (apartment) in a small uphill town. While there was merely a question that really threw me between a rock and hard place. It was that he hardly ever eliminated the tail of lurking peril after a cooking battle. The mountain of utensils with leavings on the surface in the sink every Sunday afternoon rises up a signal of me starting to be a warrior to clean them up rather than being a Standby and doing nothing. I am joyfully to play the role but when this tiny interlude was referred in a song of discussion with bunch of my friends, majority of them reveal opposite attitude. They do nothing in action but waiting for their roommates to clean them up by which causes consciousness of their mates the tail work they are supposed to finish. I offten consider it as a way of venting their anger, but somehow making some practical movement could cause the same positive effect to vent and even better on fixing problems.

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Language is powerful and beautiful

I talked with the Hispanic chief during the seminar today. He appreciated that and replied to me with a bright great smile on his face. He was super patient with me speaking Spanish slowly.

I hope I could speak fluent Spanish one day and learn as much as languages as possible to better communicate with ppl around the world. ❤️❤️❤️

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