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1-Batou 2-Motoko 3-Saito 4-Togusa 5-Ichikawa 6-Aramaki (all from Ghost in the Shell)


  • Push off a cliff- Aramaki. Like I’m pretty certain that once you push him off, he’d magically teleport back to the top saying in his cranky old voice, “Get back to work”
  • Kiss- Batou. He sad, he deserves all the kisses
  • Marry- Motoko. She’s been my wife since the beginning of time
  • Set on Fire- Togusa. DON’T GET ME WRONG I LIKE HIM it just seems appropriate for some odd reason ((just grab the fire extinguisher)) 
  • Wrap a Blanket around- Saito. He is very sleepy in Arise and he needs a blanket
  • Be Roommates with- Ishikawa. I feel like he and I would be great roommates; working during the week days and gaming together on weekends
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Obviously Snape's pokemon would be a DEERling *ba-dun-tsss*

omg just imagine the entire “after all this time?” scene where everything is the same except Snape casting his patronus is replaced with Snape throwing a pokeball revealing his deerling.

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Game of Thrones

❤ male: Tywin Lannister
❤ female: Arya Stark
✖ least favorite: I don’t really like Cersei…
✔ who resembles me: …Brienne.
❤ most attractive: There is one possible answer for this: Gendry.
❤ three more characters that i like: TYRION Lannister, Syrio Forel (One of my favorites) and Jorah Mormont. (All the misters)

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Will we be able to follow the story even if we have not read Holy Blasphemy?

Definitely! Strayer is more or less a reimagination of Holy Blasphemy, with the characters and most of the backstories staying the same, but with some minor and major changes. It does not depent on Holy Blasphemys continuity, so there should be not problems to follow the storylines at all. 

Thank you for your question! 

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