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Hi everyone and welcome back! There is an interesting topic that I’d like to talk about and that is adopting a “preventative mindset” instead of a “negligence” mindset for overall health and wellness. North American’s tend to live very fast paced and somewhat preoccupied/distracted lives. Coming from a North American lifestyle, I totally get it but this mindset can get us into trouble by putting some potentially important health concerns on the back-burner. When we are living our day to day and the problems haven’t risen yet (either underlying or not); we tend to have an out-of-sight, out-of mind mentality on the whole issue. By this time, the problem(s) probably have gotten worse, we are then forced to deal with them immediately and of course it couldn’t of come at a more inconvenient time for us. To think of it; all that time, money, inconvenience and health problems just because we didn’t want to take the time to take preventative action? Sounds like a pretty bad deal all around no matter which way you slice it. In my honest opinion, it’s worth everything to have a preventative mindset. Nothing is more satisfying and gives peace of mind knowing that you could and did everything you could do to help and/or prevent a health problem. On the flip side (and I think I speak for most) when I say that there is nothing more frustrating knowing that you could of prevented something but didn’t take preventative action. This is where its beneficial to decipher between the two polar opposites of the mindsets.

Preventative mindset 

Having a preventative mindset means taking precautionary action which is motivated by doing whatever it takes to give peace of mind by promoting safety and security rather than taking unnecessary risks and possibly failing. The big benefit of this mindset is to take the necessary care of one’s health and well-being which in turn helps to prevent possible future health problem(s) before they arise. This generally leaves a person in a more relaxed and happier state knowing all is being done to promote health and wellness. Being in a consistent place of relaxation and happiness also keeps sickness at bay by keeping stress levels low. That keeps the dis-ease out of one’s life. If you want to know what happens if dis-ease is present, then just put the two together “dis” and “ease”. Dis-ease can lead to disease. What does that tell you?

Negligence mindset

Having a negligence mindset is failing to take appropriate action for the necessary care of one’s overall health and well-being and waiting until there is a problem. A big result in this mindset is that it becomes like a cause and effect scenario. A person endures the relationship between events/things where one event/thing is the result of the other. This is also known as a combination of action and reaction. People don’t act (cause) unless there is a problem (effect). Basically, having this type of mindset is doing nothing to prevent any health problems and the person will have to deal with the health problems if and when they arise (which in turn is a game of roulette). Once this point is reached, it becomes very hard to deal with the health problem(s) at hand because overall health is already compromised. Efforts can have little to no effect on the health issues that arise which can leave a person frustrated and unhappy.

Living a preventative lifestyle

What every person should strive for and not to mention an amazing long-term life goal is to live a preventative lifestyle. Instead of taking a chance at the throw of the die and increasing the probability of being a victim of circumstance, why not implement prevention in our lifestyles? Meaning, instead of waiting for a health problem(s) to arise and dealing with them then, why not take your chances and do your best to prevent them from happening in the first place? This is because preventing a health problem(s) is a lot easier to manage than to deal with the pain and strain of the health problem(s) at hand. Don’t have any serious health problems at the moment? Good! Let’s keep it that way and prevent the issue from happening and/or possibly getting worse. Let’s make a conscious effort to live a preventative lifestyle by managing proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation. This is known to me as the holy trinity of health and wellness!

Insurance policy

Think of having a preventative mindset as an indirect investment into a life insurance policy. Naturally, taking care of one’s health and well-being has an obvious perk and that’s less probability of health problems as well as promoting better quality of life (insurance companies will love you for this). Not to mention promoting a less stressful lifestyle and giving a person peace of mind. But to be honest with you guys, it’s really not that hard and effort to have a preventative mindset and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s really not that much. All it takes is some preparation, organizing, good night’s sleep, consistent exercise routine, proper nutrition, good water and adequate supplementation. As some of you might know, I personally use and recommend the Nutrilite brand for nutritional supplementation due to its high potency/absorption and organically sourced ingredients. Nutrilite is an outstanding brand for overall health, wellness and lifestyle. Not excluding sibling brands like Artistry, L.O.C and XS. For more information on these brands and/or ordering, please visit my website(s) on the Nutrilite/XS/Artistry/L.O.C./Ribbon Store tab at the top.

Health is Wealth

As a key takeaway and a final though is this; Health is Wealth. We have to make a mental note and remember that without health, life can be extremely challenging and in sight of all things we don’t have much without it. Things seem less important when good quality of life can’t be reached. If you currently have your health, you are richer than you think. I’ll admit, there can be some maintenance costs to having/living a preventative lifestyle. But getting sick far supersedes the costs of having/living a preventative lifestyle. As the famous quote states: “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”. 

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