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gentlemanmotorslifestyle · 2 days ago
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astralumos · 2 days ago
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i found the best cafe to study near my town, the place is so cute and comfy, the food is delicious and there’s a lot of healthy and veggie options, the ambiance is perfect to study, it’s not as quiet as the library but i like it, and the staff is so friendly <3
but because i love it so much i’m going to gatekeep it (i never do that but this time i’m going to do it because if i come with my friends i won’t be able to concentrate lol)
— ☕️
🎧: good looking by suki waterhouse
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greenstudies · 5 months ago
Do you even know how lovely winter would be if we could nest and rest like nature intended? It gets dark soon and we're sleepy because we are supposed to sleep a lot.
Let me sleep a lot covered in blankets
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suitupweird · 4 months ago
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becomingthatgirl111 · a month ago
how to be really pretty
you don't need to look like anyone else or follow any beauty standard to be beautiful, you are unique and your beauty lies within you, in your confidence.
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accept yourself, there is no one like you
be yourself, that's what really makes you beautiful
enhance your own beauty
smile more and be nice to everyone
never compare yourself or speak ill of anyone
do the things you like to do or discover new hobbies
take care of yourself, physically, spiritually and mentally
take time for yourself
set limits and be demanding, you are worth a lot
surround yourself with people who value you, but most importantly, value yourself first
see yourself as you want others to see you, if you look beautiful everyone will perceive you as beautiful
don't take criticism personally, remember that a critic has never been praised
discover things you like and create your personal brand
never compare yourself, observe and learn what you like about those people to motivate you and you also achieve it
have a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol and tobacco, that will make your skin not look good and is bad for your health
be grateful every day and be aware of who you are and what you can achieve
strengthen your self-esteem with nice words, treat yourself the way you would like to be treated
start visualizing yourself the way you would like to be treated until you end up feeling that way and stop forcing it
live your own life, don't care what others say or think
remember if you want to change something in you do it for yourself not to please others <3
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genesis-nicole-smith · 8 months ago
just found out my entire personality is a trauma response lol
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sugarbaee · a year ago
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juan-francisco-palencia · 2 months ago
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La probabilidad cuántica del amor.
Tome estos muchos aspectos del deseo teñido.
Pintado fuerte en rayos de colores brillantes. Sobre el misterioso fuego nocturno negro como la tinta.
Entonces derrite todas las pasiones en los largos días del amor.
Volar juntos a través de un sueño creado con arte.
Dejando una vida lejana que recordamos débilmente.
Toma embadurna tonos pastel en un esquema apagado.
Esperando el trueno del amor titánico para llamar. Cómo su amourette instantánea fusiona cada elemento.
En un sol ardiente y ardiente de brillante resplandor.
Iluminando estrellas sensuales con intención apasionada.
Ven a explorar el firmamento en dulce elegancia.
—   Cysgod. poem from the book. "The Shadow of Love."
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vdier · 21 days ago
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till death do us part
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kathyasri · a month ago
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creativeedgeways · a month ago
Inspirational quote
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marisolmoon · 8 months ago
How to Find Your Path as a Witch
Finding your path in your witchcraft journey isn’t always the easiest one. It’s so overwhelming at first, sifting through mountains of information that can take you infinite directions. Here, I have a rough outline of how I found my path and maybe it can help you find yours?
Research, Research, Research!
I know you probably have heard this a million times already, but we say it because it’s true! Researching topics in witchcraft is the only way to truly get started and headed on your way to finding your path as a witch.
Narrow it down by looking up popular topics in witchcraft online. It gives you a solid starting point to jump off of.
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Delve deeper into your studies
Find physical books that you can annotate on the topics you decided to focus on. Having a physical copy is easier to flip through and easier to learn from in my opinion. Everyone is different though!
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What type of witch are you?
After discovering a plethora of information you may now have an idea on what type of witch you want to be! This could range anywhere from Green Witch to Cosmic Witch to Hedge Witch. You are the creator of your own destiny.
Remember! It’s always okay to switch paths! If you feel like you’ve lost passion or interest in a certain path you chose, just start from the beginning again and let your heart lead you to the path you belong to.
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Honing your craft
Once you’ve found out if you want to have deities, want to focus on herbs, crystals or moon magic for example, you’re finally ready to make a compilation of your studies.
I highly recommend obtaining a Book of Shadows or Grimoire for personal record keeping of your studies. You can find professionally made BoS and grimoires on Etsy the easiest, but if you want to use regular notepads as well go for it!
I personally have three separate BoS, one for general information & spells, one for correspondences and rituals and one for my deities. I’m pretty extra and I think it’s unusual to have that many BoS, but you do whatever you’re comfortable with. That’s what matters.
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Finding your path
Ultimately after you’ve completed these steps you should have an idea of whether you have deities you worship or if you want to opt out of that and what type of witch you are.
Remember! Witchcraft is a craft and your personal craft can be anything you would like it to be! Finding your path just makes it easier to find what you truly want to study and dedicate yourself to.
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greenstudies · a month ago
How to survive finals
I just finished my first college finals and let me tell you I didn’t have a good time. I did learn a few valuable lessons in my suffering and so here I come sharing them with you so you don’t need to learn stuff the hard way.
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Passing your finals isn’t worth sacrificing your health -You may get carried away with anxiety and just go down the wrong path. You stop taking care of yourself, you promise yourself that the next study session will have breaks and you will take better care of youself next time. NO! You will take care of yourself now! You need to make your health a priority. Always. Bad health will ruin your life and might make your studies so much more difficult in the future. Keep yourself healthy and sane
Breaks aren’t negotiable -It might seem like you’ll get more done without breaks but you’re wrong (and you know it too). Your brain will not accept the information you give to it and all the time invested will not be worth it. With breaks you spend less time studying while learning more!
Start early -This one is more difficult than it seems and for some people it might be impossible. But if you can, it’ll really help to get a head start. You might simply start a week early or study through the semester. Not seeing the materials for the first time before the exams helps significantly!
Keep your notes and materials somewhat organised -By the end of the finals month, I was drowning in disorganised papers, not being able to figure out where all my materials are. All my notes were useless because I just didn’t know where they are. It sounds funny now but it wasn’t funny then... Try to keep all your materials in folders at least.
Don’t add too much to your to do list -Try to figure out how much you can actually get done in a day and then stick to that amount no matter how much work you have overall. You won’t be able to do insane amounts of work in a day and long ass to do list will only stress you out.
Reward yourself at the end of every intense study session -Working with no rewards will get way more exhausting way quicker. I recommend some fun activity as the best reward. I like to make time to play video games or watch something after every intense day
Move your body -I don’t know how to make you understand that this one is one of the most important tips I can give you. PLEASE DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR BODY! Exam time at my college is over a month long and that really took a toll on my body. Make sure to walk, work out and stretch at least multiple times a week.
You need to sleep enough -If the importance of resting isn’t enough for you as a reason on its own, then I have another: sleep is when your memory saves the information. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t remember what you learnt as well and you’ll need to study longer
Stay social -Loneliness is a bitch and it’ll make you feel more stressed than you need to be. Also seeing others struggle in the same way you do can be quite calming and bonding experince. You’re not alone in this and you have to remind yourself.
Get as much help as you can -You don’t have to do things alone. I’m someone who’s afraid to ask for help and I pay for this flaw every damn time. Help people out and ask for help back. They won’t mind helping.
Keep your space clean -Cluttered or dirty space will add to your stress. Take the time to keep your surroundings pleasant to be in.
You can’t learn it all and it’s normal -Make conscious choices when it comes to the work you’re doing. You can’t learn and remember everything so choose what you study carefully. You’ll end up learning better the important stuff instead of memorising meaningless details.
I wish you all the best in the upcoming exam time and have a nice day! If you have any extra tips I didn’t mention, feel free to add on and help others out.
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suitupweird · a month ago
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becomingthatgirl111 · 19 days ago
things you can do this sunday
sundays don't have to be boring, it's the perfect time of the week to reset your body and mind and get ready for the next week. here's a to-do list that you can do perfectly this sunday (or whenever you want) 😉
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short 5-minute meditation, upon awakening
set an intention for your day, for example relaxation
journal about the things you have to do today or how you are feeling
morning skincare
have something different for breakfast, e.g. avocado toast, smoothie, etc
a lighter exercise routine, yoga or pilates
organize your space, deep clean your room, use some incense to eliminate residual energies and purify
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for lunch, prepare something healthy and tasty to eat.
rest for a while, a nap is fine.
go outside for a while, alone or accompanied, find a plan, have tea in a nice place, or spend time in nature
spend time with your pets or loved ones (family, friends…)
if you decide to stay at home, time for you!
read a book or browse the internet for information on a topic that interests you.
listen to quiet music in the background (or your favorite)
get inspired! look for inspiration, on pinterest, tumblr (this will raise your vibration)
for dinner, eat something light but at the same time healthy, you can look for healthy recipes for dinner (and I could write about it)
more self-care and skincare! take a warm bath, use a mask, take care of your body with a special cream/oil
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start preparing for the next day, journaling about how your day went, what inspired you, to-do list for the next day
to-do list for the next day
leave ready everything you need for tomorrow
time to go to bed, light incense, a candle, or dim light to start relaxing
meditate again at the end of the day and give thanks for today
note: you should not follow this as a guide, they are just ideas! you can incorporate these things into your day! try these things and incorporate some of them into your day to make it more productive or create a habit (eat healthy, skincare, exercise whatever!) 💕
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dbguidebook · 3 months ago
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icons // sade. #societythings
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sugarbaee · 5 months ago
Do not dim your light for anyone. I do not care who it is. Someone who cares for you will not require you to do so. Surround yourself with people who are happy with themselves and wants the same for you.
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juan-francisco-palencia · 2 months ago
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¿Y si Dios fuera mujer?
Se pregunta Juan sin inmutarse,
vaya, vaya si Dios fuera mujer
es posible que agnósticos y ateos
no dijéramos no con la cabeza
y dijéramos sí con las entrañas.
Tal vez nos acercáramos a su divina desnudez
para besar sus pies no de bronce,
su pubis no de piedra,
sus pechos no de mármol,
sus labios no de yeso.
Si Dios fuera mujer la abrazaríamos
para arrancarla de su lontananza
y no habría que jurar
hasta que la muerte nos separe
ya que sería inmortal por antonomasia
y en vez de transmitirnos dolor o pánico
nos contagiaría su inmortalidad.
Si Dios fuera mujer no se instalaría
lejana en el reino de los cielos,
sino que nos aguardaría en el zaguán del infierno,
con sus brazos no cerrados,
su rosa no de plástico
y su amor no de ángeles.
Ay Dios mío, Dios mío . . .
si hasta siempre y desde siempre
fueras una mujer
qué lindo escándalo sería,
qué venturosa, espléndida, imposible,
prodigiosa blasfemia.
By — Mario Benedetti. [Canción poema.]
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diaryofdom · 3 months ago
Big heart, wrong generation.
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astralumos · 20 days ago
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2/100 days of productivity
29.04.22 — 🎂📖☕️ 💤
today i had my first exam of procedural law so i spent all the morning studying in the library, i forgot to take photos so i’m using some old ones from this week.
it was also my dad’s birthday so we celebrated it when i got back <3
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