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marisolmoon · 2 months ago
How to Find Your Path as a Witch
Finding your path in your witchcraft journey isn’t always the easiest one. It’s so overwhelming at first, sifting through mountains of information that can take you infinite directions. Here, I have a rough outline of how I found my path and maybe it can help you find yours?
Research, Research, Research!
I know you probably have heard this a million times already, but we say it because it’s true! Researching topics in witchcraft is the only way to truly get started and headed on your way to finding your path as a witch.
Narrow it down by looking up popular topics in witchcraft online. It gives you a solid starting point to jump off of.
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Delve deeper into your studies
Find physical books that you can annotate on the topics you decided to focus on. Having a physical copy is easier to flip through and easier to learn from in my opinion. Everyone is different though!
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What type of witch are you?
After discovering a plethora of information you may now have an idea on what type of witch you want to be! This could range anywhere from Green Witch to Cosmic Witch to Hedge Witch. You are the creator of your own destiny.
Remember! It’s always okay to switch paths! If you feel like you’ve lost passion or interest in a certain path you chose, just start from the beginning again and let your heart lead you to the path you belong to.
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Honing your craft
Once you’ve found out if you want to have deities, want to focus on herbs, crystals or moon magic for example, you’re finally ready to make a compilation of your studies.
I highly recommend obtaining a Book of Shadows or Grimoire for personal record keeping of your studies. You can find professionally made BoS and grimoires on Etsy the easiest, but if you want to use regular notepads as well go for it!
I personally have three separate BoS, one for general information & spells, one for correspondences and rituals and one for my deities. I’m pretty extra and I think it’s unusual to have that many BoS, but you do whatever you’re comfortable with. That’s what matters.
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Finding your path
Ultimately after you’ve completed these steps you should have an idea of whether you have deities you worship or if you want to opt out of that and what type of witch you are.
Remember! Witchcraft is a craft and your personal craft can be anything you would like it to be! Finding your path just makes it easier to find what you truly want to study and dedicate yourself to.
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the-diary-of-a-failure · 7 months ago
Rekindle your passion
I often hear people talk about how they used to love doing something but don’t anymore. It’s okay to leave hobbies and preferences behind but if you miss doing something, you should get back to it! Today I bring you some ideas on how to rekindle your passion for something:
Look for inspiration in other people -I feel like this one is the best and quickest way for me to gain motivation. I look at other people’s art, lifestyle or I get inspired to study by different videos. I look at the goals and plans of other’s or I go to people who inspire me for advice.
Aknowledge how far you’ve come -Look at your own old art and compare it to what you make now. Look at your old photos and compare it to your present self. Look at the goals you have already achieved. Seeing how far you have come can inspire you to go even further and see how much potential you have
Remind yourself of how it felt -Try to find the feeling it gave you. The joy of finished work, the pride of success
Do a bad job -This one sounds a little counterintuitive but trust me it works. What often stops me from enjoying things are my own expectations. I want to make good art, I want to do good while working out. Then when I fail, I just feel discouraged. Failure is crucial part of learning. You have to fail over and over again until you succeed. Just go and fail! 
Picture the ideal you -Who do you want to be? What does that person do? Answer those questions and then behave like this perfect person. Of course being perfect is impossible and unbelievably overrated concept. And referring to my previous point, you will fail. But by getting back up and doing it again, you’ll get closer to the ideal you.
Find something that always inspires you -For some it might be people. For me it’s music. It can also be books, films, nature, art and so many other things.
Share with me what inspires you!
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kolacheco · 3 months ago
The first few steps to being a better woman or high value woman is :
•Minding your business -worry about yourself sis work on YOURSELF
•Not to speak down or belittle other women -that’s Dry ass Puss Puss energy sis keep that to yourself **
•Upgrade yourself for YOU
•Take care of yourself -make sure self is good
•Stay grounded and never stoop to anyone else miserable level
•Never put energy into something that serves you no purpose or is pointless to you -just move on and keep it pushing
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sugarbaee · 6 months ago
Emulate What You Admire
Emulate not imitate. To emulate is to go beyond copying. It means to put in the same effort as someone you admire to get to their level. The goal is to adopt qualities that you like in others.
#1 Do A Self Inventory: Take inventory about where you are in life, what you value, and where & what you want to be in the future.
#2 Pinpoint Your Admiration: Ask yourself what traits do you admire? Is it their work ethic, style, demeanor, humor, or confidence?
#3 Research The Person and Traits That You Admire: Gather as much information around building the traits you'd like to grow and observe how this person exhibits these traits.
#4 Set Goals: Determine how you will build this skill. Start small to build confidence and then start building larger goals.
#5 Be yourself: Remember that if you attempt to become a carbon copy of someone else it will not feel genuine. Keep your uniqueness about yourself and grow the trait with your own flavor.
Have you noticed that most successful individuals have similar traits? You too can be one of those people as long as you put the work in!
- Glow
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the-diary-of-a-failure · 5 months ago
Public speaking tips
...and tips for giving presentations
Today I want to share the things I learnt to make public speaking easier. Before I start, I want to say I’m naturally okay at talking to larger amounts of people. If you have severe social anxiety, these tips might not be for you and you might not find them that helpful. That’s okay! Work on your health and don’t feel bad if public speaking isn’t your thing.
Mistakes are okay and expected -You will fumble your words or forget some things. You will stutter or stay silent for a bit too long. You will notice a typo in your presentation. It’s okay and your audience won’t care. They won’t even notice most of the time. Don’t get consumed by your mistake. If it’s big, apologise and correct yourself. If it’s small, let go and continue with you speech/presentation.
Loosen up -Even the most serious talks and presentations are not THAT serious. Loosen up, joke a little bit (keep it in appropriate amounts of course), make fun of yourself a bit. This isn’t life or death situation and your audience will appreciate human approach 
They’re all just people -This follows up the previous point. Your audience is consisted of people who will understand when you make a mistake. People who want to see a pleasant human being on the other side. Large groups of people may look intimidating but they have the same thoughts and worries like you do. They will understand your feelings and mistakes
Move -Use your hands, be expressive! It creates a better connection with your audience. Also make sure to change the tone of your voice accordingly. Monotone speech won’t hold anyone’s attention
Look at your audience -Choose people to look at. Preferably people who are listening to you and are responsive, so you can feel the communication. Also, looking at individuals makes them listen and pay more attention
Loud and clear -Speak loudly and clearly. Make sure your voice carries well in the room and everyone can hear you well enough
Don’t read or recite -This one is especially important for presentations. Keep your notes or presentation simple. Reading or reciting things becomes boring very quickly and you will lose the attention of your audience
Don’t be afraid of pauses -People often make funny noises when they get stuck, simply to avoid being silent. Don’t be afraid of silence! It’s okay, take a pause to catch a breath or to remember a fact. Sometimes pauses can even work as a great dramatic tool
Know your topic -People have questions and that can be scary. Make sure you feel ready for those questions. Know what the fancy words in your presentation mean. Know a little more than you talk about. And if you don’t know the answer? Don’t panic, apologise, admit that you don’t know and offer a follow up on the subject later
Admit emotion -You can say that you’re nervous! You can admit your uncertainty. It’s okay! Once again: your audience is full of people who will relate to you
Get to know the room if you can -Familiar environment will make you feel better and a little more confident. Visit the room if you don’t know it already, if you can
Time will go by quickly -Before you start it seems really daunting and scary but it will go by and you’ll be done before you even notice! You’ll be okay, I promise. Even if it goes poorly, you’ll forget it eventually. It does not matter forever
I hope I helped and if you have more tips and adice, feel free to add!
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