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#light academia

Quarantine study challenge - Week 1 (28/03/20)

Sat - where in your house is your favorite place to study?

I mostly study at my desk with a cup of coffee but I also enjoy sitting in bed and getting work done there✨

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| 28 March, 2020 |

For someone who claims to be a nerd I sure don’t study well these days. Doing what I can, I suppose, but all seems so slow and futile. On a brighter (yellow) note, the sun is out and I’m so going to binge Poldark season one tonight and maybe, finally, finish knitting my scarf.

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[28. 03. 2020]

Studied Contract Law today; my notes keep getting messier. Brought two cups of tea to my room while studying, forgot about both of them in my haste to cover curriculum. Will try to take out some time to read a book which hopefully won’t be another case study in contracts.

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Scout: I’m proud to identify as morosexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. Dill just asked me what the Spanish word for tortilla is and now I dream of kissing him under the moonlight.
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