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10/26/20 | happy Monday!today as I write out my assignments for the week, I leave you with some encouragement. Enjoy your day. Drink some water and eat something. Don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy the weather outside. You’ve got this, I know it may be hard and all seems lost but you truly do have it in the bag.

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Monday, 26th of October, 2020

“To other people, it sometimes seems like nothing at all. You are walking around with your head on fire and no one can see the flames.” - Matt Haig

Sunday’s are usually my lazy days, but yesterday I actually needed it. I just needed an off day, a break, a day to catch my breath. As someone who is studying to become a teacher, I really want to focus on the mental health of my future students. However, I often deliberately ignore my own.

I was hoping to really study today. I only had one hour of online class so lots of time to catch up on Farsi, Pedagogy and my learning journal. But sometimes one day off isn’t enough, sometimes you need two and that’s okay. Tomorrow’s a new day.

🎵 Modern Loneliness - Lauv

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It’s weird that we humans need to make order where it seemingly isn’t needed.

I was reading “The hidden flower” from Pearl Buck, and in the first few pages the Japanese tea ceremony was described, wich left me wondering why we needed so many rules for such ordinary things like drinking tea, eating, talking and even walking and standing…

Don’t get me wrong, i am in love with the rules of etiquette, it’s just strange.

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My classmates are so…ugh

I’ve known them for three years but sometimes they can be so unpleasant which is the desire to always criticize our teachers? the vast majority are older adults and i’m sure that online classes are just as difficult for them as for us

Idk why they think that bc we are in the university we know everything there is to know about education, he is a college professor and we are only students, I think some people have to control their ego. En buen chileno, bajense del pony.

Anyways, i hate them 😔✌🏻

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