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no, i don’t ^^ i apologize if you were hoping i did! i dislike light in general (because u know ,, mass murderer) so i don’t particularly ship him with anyone besides mikami and idk about l i hc him as ace/aro (light too but i like him being mlm as a alternate headcannon)

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So, this is my entry for @lawlightweek :) my special thanks goes to @ghostoftasslehoff who I’ve been texting with for a little while and their friend @kiranatrix because of their fanfic “Koi no yokan” whoch got me into Death Note fanfiction and inspired me to take part in this challenge! That’s why this collection of (hopefully not so bad) halfway connected one shots is for you two :)
I’ve never written anything about Death Note, so please forgive me if the characters are not IC. I’m trying my very best.
I also tried combining all the one-word-prompts that were given. Hence the title. Let’s see how this will go :) Also, all the chapters play in the same alternative universe :)

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breaking news: genius boyfriends argue over the dumbest shit

(click for better quality)


Light: Seem’s like we already missed the train to the sweet shop…

L: Actually your watch is incorrect. We passed 5 different clocks that were 30 minutes behind your watch.

Light: I noticed that as well and already set it to the proper time.

L: There’s a 60% chance that that is a lie (if you don’t wanna go just tell me)

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Folks!!! Was anyone going to tell me ShippersGuideToTheGalaxy made a video on Lawlight??? How come i’m only finding out now??

Anyway, if none of you have seen it, i recommend it, it’s an interesting and short analysis on the pairing and why fans find it appealing. As always, they also include the reasons some other fans may not enjoy it. It was really cool to see they made a video on this particular ship, since i love it so much!

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Fanfic content:

Beyond: *takes phone to make a snapchat*

Naomi: omg! Don’t take a picture of me in swimsuit! *hands on face*

Lawliet: *looking around distracted because he rarely goes to the beach*

At Naomi’s house:

Wedy: You lost your chance to have a picture with L!

Naomi: …… lol, I really did… *put both hands in her face again*

Ps: Naomi have a crush on L in my story.

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