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It’s ours this time
All together, that and this
With all our tircks we’re
Making Christmastime 🎄 music 🎶
Our first Christmas tree for our first Christmas at home 🎅🏽
#homefortheholidays #hellodecember #pinkchristmastree #🥀 #darkacademia #richardpapen #classiclit #classicliterature #literary #literarycommunity #bookstagram #lightacademia #readersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #teachergoth #blackwritersofinstagram #weirdblackgirl #protectweirdblackgirlsatallcosts #deadauthors #romanticacademia #biblophile #midwesterngothic #byronicheroine #gothicacademia #asecondofwhimsy #romanticism #booksbooksbooks #winteriscoming #deadpoetssociety (at Christmas Land)

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1st December: Do you like winter?

Goddesses I love winter. I love feeling cold and turning into a burrito of blankets.

24/30 days of productivity - Taking care of myself

I’m so sorry for not being as much continue as I wanted to be. I may have a brutal burn out because of all the work I have to do… And just hearing some teachers that this isn’t enough (this was to all the class not only me) made me so mad and sad.

I will come back, at least to do the amazing challenge of @myhoneststudyblr

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It’s december guys!

I have a new lamp, coffee maker, and a cup🤧, yesterday i didn’t get to do much studying but i’m still somehow in a decent mood, i just want this semester to be over tbh, hope you are having a productive day, rn i am still in classes and i feel like it’s such a waste of time i neeeed to study sm.

Have a nice start of the month.

xoxo Ana


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Spring mornings

the sky, a wide expanse of blue

underneath lie the blossoms of each and every hue

and the viridescent grass below, bathed in morning dew

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• Introduction •

Hello you, Reader.

Welcome to my journal pages.

Join me in my journey to discover the pockets of tranquility withinh everyday life - the moments that are missed amougst the chaos, and mourned much later.

I am also an ED struggler - major TW for my blog, as I do vent and like to interact with a community who suffers similarly to me.

I wish you a gorgeous day 🤍

- Scyllerwin

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“Susie, forgive me Darling, for every word I say – my heart is full of you, none other than you is in my thoughts, yet when I seek to say to you something not for the world, words fail me.”

Emily Dickinson to Susan Gilbert

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- 30 Days of productivity -


23/nov/20 [20/30]

24/nov/20 [21/30]

📷 I’m… So done with this subject, and this book. When I first started taking this classes I was obsessed. Greek literature, nice. I don’t like how my teacher teaches her classes, and I can’t help but chuckle everytime I find out another person is doing something else in her classes.

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