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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Lightning may also cause other injuries such as burns, shock, and sometimes blunt trauma. Treat each of these injuries with basic first aid until help arrives. Do not move victims who are bleeding or appear to have broken bones.

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DannyMay Day 23 - Lightning

Finally got this one done - Better late than never, I suppose!

This one had like 3 or 4 “finished” versions but every time I went to stop I had an idea for something new to add and then I had no choice but to continue.

I can’t believe May’s almost over now - Just one more day and two more peices to go! Family’s almost done and I have no idea what to do for Free Day (it’ll probably end up being something fairly simple, bc I’m running out of time lol) - hopefully I can get them done!

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I made another one for Veta!~ Wanted to draw one for her that matches the others’ better. Had a lot of fun with it~ Once again I made it more complex than the last xD When will I learn?? (It went decently smooth though, but still a legit question to myself)

I’ve also put this one up as a design on my redbubble! Link in blog description, ‘cause tumblr and links

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I can only post one video at a time, so here’s (½). We had an absolutely bonkers lightning storm pass through at 5 this morning, and it turned the world orange for a short while and lit up the sky with the most intense lightning I have ever seen here. It honestly felt like something was angry, and it was so eerie! I loved it!

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