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not-a-snowman · 2 days ago
DSMP: What’s that? You want family dynamics? Fuck you. Piece together this family tree where half the branches are goofs and the other half are dead serious, no I will not tell you which is which. SBI is canon. Actually now it’s not, back to the drawing board. Phil is Tommy’s Dad no he isn’t you moron no one is obligated to be a parent you’re ruining his character how dare you think you can understand anthing-
Empires SMP: Tumblr made cute art for Roseblings and Seablings so they’re canon now : D
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secondbeatsongs · 2 days ago
If you started putting these sounds on tiktok your follower base would double I guarantee
Tumblr media
...but I can’t even imagine getting into that right now
I did make an account, because I wanted to reserve the “secondbeatsongs” username, but I don’t really use it
it seems like a fine platform, but the algorithm kills me, and I’d just rather...not? I would simply prefer not to
maybe someday I’ll dip my toe into those particular eel-infested waters, but don’t hold your breath. tumblr is where I reside
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sociolinguo · 2 days ago
""No," I corrected, "You don't have like 20 Shopkins; you have 20 Shopkins." Part of me wondered if I was needlessly making them feel self-conscious. Another part doubted that my point was even sinking in. Differentiating between like as a verb and like as a linguistic tic is tough stuff for someone who still thinks it's okay to wipe her nose on my jeans. Cleaning up the sentence trash? Even trickier.
So you can imagine my excitement when my 7-year-old recently self-corrected herself. She started off by saying, "I was playing with Ian and I was like, 'I wonder which Pokémon cards he has?'" but then stopped and said, "I mean, I was playing with Ian and I thought to myself, 'I wonder what Pokémon cards he has?'"
Incredible progress, right?
Like, not so fast, according to every language expert I contacted while researching this story, including a renowned sociolinguist who literally wrote the book on like (a 235-page academic compendium called Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Context: Eight Hundred Years of LIKE.)"
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nymphoholic · a day ago
i know i may write kiyoomi as a bit standoffish, but let me tell you just how wonderful he is.
kiyoomi would be the type of man to buy you that pastry you like on his way home, even if you tried it just once because he remembers the sound of satisfaction leaving you when you took a bite and the exact same way you said how it was so yummy.
he's the same man that would walk up to you in your home before showing you his phonescreen displaying matching pajama sets he just ordered for the two of you because he thought it was cute.
he's the same man who'd sit with you at night and watch your favorite chick flick while throwing in his own snide comments along with his curls pushed back by a baby duck headband and the face mask you applied setting to dry in the dimly lit bedroom you both shared while the television illuminated his handsome face.
kiyoomi is the same man who manages to calm you at your worst and cheer you at your best.
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i-w4nt-sleep · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lo vuelvo a subir porque si🥺
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jadethefuckingqueen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Time to relax after a hard day at work😍loving this red🤤🥵
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skidr0w · a day ago
Tumblr media
Also Rindou:
Tumblr media
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alloutshirt · 10 hours ago
me, for a decade : larry is real and they communicate through not so subtle messages
larry, still after a decade : is real and communicating through not so subtle messages
me :
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llucidtears · a day ago
Tumblr media
And now we’re both left with an emptiness.
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