#like I can get it if people don't like Silco cause yeah he's done some henious shit
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Good morning, afternoon or night ONLY to the people who don't try to shit on one of these wonderful characters in order to raise their views on the other!
Tumblr media
Vi and Silco my beloveds
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Apologies if this is super niche, I'm a Mylo apologist and everything he does interests me. How are Mylo and Claggor in your Zaun family au? Cause like, a while back you mentioned that all of Silco's births were high risk/should have been C-section, so did the younger boys have any birth injuries/issues like Viktor did? Also, do you think Mylo gets tired of constantly getting asked what's up with the familial line cause he looks nothing like either of his parents, lol. I reckon most people just think at first glance he's adopted but nope, just funny genetics sorta thing
Not too niche at all.
And yeah Mylo is one of those genetic throwbacks. I feel like he looks EXACTLY like one of his grandparents though. Which doesn't help with random strangers wondering but Vander & Silco never have any doubts (not that they would seeing they made him but you know). I do think adoptions is pretty normal in Zaun so people so even if people assume Mylo isn’t Vander & Silco’s biologically they’re not going to comment because... he’s one of Vander & Silco’s kids (same applies to Vi & Powder). 
Mylo is actually worse off than he is in canon. Because he is the youngest biologically speaking, he SHOULD be the baby of the family (he WAS the baby for 4 years). But NO Powder is. Plus he's really awkwardly positioned age wise - Vi and Claggor are so close in age that they get along really well and want to play with each other. And Mylo wants to play with them but they don't want to play with him because he's ~2 years younger than them. And he doesn't want to play with Powder because she's... 2 years younger than him. And he tends to get into trouble the most because of that placing (Vi & Claggor will dob on him or pin things on him because they're older so can outsmart him and... Powder is the baby that can do no wrong in their parents eyes or if she does wrong than her older siblings should have done something to stop her). All of that just leads to a level of bubbling resentment and look I'm not surprised Mylo is kind of an asshole, especially to Powder. He's got it rough.
He does grow out of it (he finds his place in the family and world and what makes him stand out so he feels a lot less In Competition with his siblings) but as a kid he is a struggling and lashes out as a result. He goes more the trying to get Zaun into a governable state where people have the ability to live to their full potential. Because turns out spending his childhood feeling like he's at the bottom of the family hierarchy has left him pretty passionate about that kind of thing.
Claggor on the other hand is the happy middle child. He likes how he can somewhat fly under the radar and doesn't have the expectations/pressures the older two have nor the babying Powder gets. Funnily enough I think he grows up to follow Silco in the more political space - he grew up as the mediator within the younger four so trying to get highly passionate people to come to agreement or providing as impartial as possible advice doesn't feel all that different to him.
Some birth trauma stuff under the cut.
So Claggor was a BIG baby. Like 11 pound-something big (for reference the average baby weight at birth is typically between 6-8 pound with 7 pound-something being the sweet spot; the world record for vaginal delivery where both survive is 15 pounds 7 ounces from what I can find, apparently 1% of births are over 10 pound). And it was a long labour and delivery as a result - 2 full days of true labour (typically if you aren't close to being done within 24 hours you get a C-section in what I understand to be the modern convention), with at least 4-5 hours of pushing (3 hours is typically considered the max especially if you haven't had an epidural). So I do think Claggor has some breathing/oxygen issues at first just because of the prolonged face squishing and decreased blood flow through the placenta that happens with that long of a delivery but he did get through it and seemed fine. Probably has some long term health issues tied to it though (I want to say vision impairments and epilepsy) but nothing they can directly-directly pin on it.
Mylo was the deceptive pregnancy and birth. Everything was going fine and then Silco lost a bit more blood than he should afterwards. Like a worrying bit more blood with possibly an actual doctor involved (they did somewhat learn their lesson after the other two and probably have enough power/money to afford a doctor even if not a fancy Piltoven doctor with their hospital equipment). So Mylo was a perfectly healthy and fine baby. Just... Silco still ended up with a two-day-recovery-from-Shock afterwards. 
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Arcane, Season 1, Episode 5, "Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy," First Impressions!
Here things snap into place, sides are taken, and things rush toward their inevitable confrontation.
Okay, before I begin, did anyone else feel the direction on this episode was a little...weird? I don't mean within the scenes themselves; those were immaculate as always, with special attention to Jinx's shadowboxing Vi, the concert, and Jayce and Mel's lovemaking juxtaposed with Viktor's collapse. Those were just, you know...
Tumblr media
No, I mean more of the transitions between the various POV's felt a little off, especially during the music video with Imagine Dragons' gratuitous cameo. I don't know, maybe that part could have stood to have a little more care done.
Vi and Caitlyn have now officially met and partnered up! We get the usual odd couple feeling each other up stuff, as Vi reacquaints to Zuan after being locked up for several years. And, uh, they really don't waste time with the subtext, do they? From the wall pin to Caitlyn getting really into chatting up that one girl in the brothel to, well, the hot cupcake line.
We better get a kiss next season.
So hey, each demonstrate their respective skills, gain respect for one another, you know the drill. Of more interest is Vi coming to grips with everything she's missed while she was gone, to Silco taking over The Last Drop to learning of Powder's fate. Or rather, beating it out of Sevika in a really awesome fight. It's clear that her turning on Powder has eaten her up all this time, and she is going to be desperate to reconnect with her sister. Only thing is, will Jinx want to reconnect with her.
Especially since Silco has decided that his girl needs some therapy, which he opts to give her himself, via symbolic baptism and all that. Plus, the whole shadowboxing bit. Yeah, Jinx is not going to be all that eager to go back to being sisters.
Speaking of! I really like that we saw the funeral for the enforcers that Jinx killed. Not only does it demonstrate that yes, they were people and not just disposable cannon fodder, but showing it through Marcus's eyes serves a story purpose too. It's clear that his deal with Silco has been good for him, but with Jinx going completely off the cuff and now hurting his own people, people he did care about, he is deeply regretting it, up to seriously contemplating killing both himself and Silco in one go. Yes, that scene actually got me for a second. Will it be enough for him to pull a face turn? Maybe, but I don't see him surviving.
Speaking of which, anyone feel like his daughter is going to turn out to be one of the child champions? Just me? Okay.
Upside, Jayce continues to impress as he adapts well to his new position as councilor. Naturally, he's horrified at all the corruption that's just swept under the rug, and wastes no time pissing everyone off trying to clean it up, especially given how many powerful people are involved.
Still, he's nothing but a quick thinker, and his solution is quite brilliant: use his own reputation as an innovator for lucrative technology and sway all the powerful people with dirty dealings to trade in said dirty dealings and invest in his stuff instead, thereby cutting off criminal contacts, keeping the powerful happy, and increasing his own influence while doing it. Dude's considered the golden boy for a reason.
And obviously, Mel approves. Like, really approves.
Okay, we all saw it coming, and all I can say is...Damn, good for you, guys. Go get you some!
Though I do see this leading to his own downfall in a way, as playing the game does run the risk of compromising his integrity. The whole Mel vs. Heimerdinger as opposing influences thing is fairly evident.
Unfortunately, things aren't looking so hot for Viktor, as his condition continues to worsen. I wonder how much corruption his tainted blood is going to cause the whole hexgate thing. No doubt it will kick off his own fall to darkness, the poor guy.
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