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#like damn he really did know how to write couples even im. cheering them on
translancelot · a month ago
the way that chretien de troyes makes heterosexuality so appealing*
*i have never read erec and enide
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s-queenalex · a month ago
haikyuu characters i think would be a 10/10 match for my bestie.
Ayoo 😌✌️ first post ever yay! n e ways, @lovingkaede this is especially for you bestie, make sure you’re comfortable bc I’ve prepared some headcanons for you and you’re in for a ✨ride✨ bby💞
pt. 1 (yes rly lol)
𝗡𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗼𝘆𝗮 𝗬𝘂𝘂
Tumblr media
omg this guy-
ok so i feel like he would be perfect for you ‘cause he’s so energetic and spontaneous all the time
and i think that would be good for you in a relationship
noya is literally a ✨simp✨ for you bestie
i just know he would be staring at you 24/7. he would also lowkey blush whenever you caugh him but he wouldn’t look away
you can feel the LOVE he has for you just by the way he looks at you 😩 hE’s sO iN LovE
he literally lightens up every time you appear and will not hesitate to run into your arms to hug you tightly
you two would look like a pretty chaotic couple most of the time, mostly bc of noya ‘cause i feel like his energy would just pull you around.
NOT IN A BAD WAY THO. he just wants to see you have fun all the time you know, he loves your smile so much, it makes his heart beat so fast💗
even so, that’s only what others see from the outside. behind closed doors you would be able to bring his more chill side 😌
his favorite thing to do is 100% cuddle with you. he obviously loves pda, so just imagine when you two are alone. he NEEDS to be touching you at all times.
he usually gets on the couch and, if you’re not already sitting/lying down on it, he would just pull you in and get on top of you while resting his head on your chest. he then would let out a happy sigh 😔 ugh he’s just on heaven rn
you two bring the hidden side from each other and that’s something i believe would work greatly for you
𝗛𝗶𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗮 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝘆𝗼
Tumblr media
adajzhsz this baby 🥺
a literal ball of fvcking sunshine omGG
you are NEVER allowed to feel sad or upset around shoyo. and i mean NEVER
if he sees the slightest frown on your cute face, he would just come to you sprinting, cup your face between his hands and kiss all of it
uUughh!! i can’t- 😩❤️
you often help him with his volleyball training, and even if you’re not very good, he appreciates every effort you make to help him with it
that’s one of the thinks he loves about you. you know how passionate he is about volleyball and support him in every way you can: bringing him extra food when he stays late practicing, texting him to remind him to take breaks, attending to all his matches, etc.
also, both of your energies match perfectly. like nishinoya, he’s very chaotic and active, but hinata is more shy. his personality is softer, thing that often makes him flustered by the little things you do
he’s just a sweetheart. will make sure you’re always feeling at your best and to remind you every single day how much he loves you ❤️
𝗧𝘀𝘂𝗸𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗺𝗮 𝗞𝗲𝗶
Tumblr media
yO girl listen-
idk how you feel about tsukishima, ik many people love him and tbh im not one of them
BUT!! i just KNOW he would treat you so good bestie
ofc, you’d need to have a pretty high level of trust with him first
and even with that, at the beginning of your relationship he would feel a little bit weird. like, he didn’t know what he was «allowed to do» now that your two got together. he didn’t want to get too comfortable bc he was afraid to screw up
but once you noticed, you made sure to have a deep talk with him
“tsukki, don’t worry so much, ok? i will just tell you if you ever make me uncomfortable, just be yourself.”
after that he just became a different person 😌💕 he started to warm up to you again and felt so at ease after all your reassurance
he was so thankful to have you and loved you for being so supportive and attentive of his feelings. he didn’t even plan to tell you about the insecurities that ran through his head at the beginning, but you just knew. you knew him so well
in public, the most he’s going to do would be hold your hand (not too often tho, just if you ask or if he was missing you a lot). and if you’re insistent enough, he would give you a forehead kiss
i just think you would bring the best out of him 🥰💗 and he’d make sure to show you how much he appreciates you even if it’s with the slightest of things
𝐀𝐨𝐛𝐚 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐬𝐚𝐢
𝗔𝗸𝗶𝗿𝗮 𝗞𝘂𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗶
Tumblr media
ok hear me out-
kunimi is incredibly ✨s o f t✨ for you bestie but ONLY for you
shh 🤫 don’t tell anybody
i mean it’s not like it is plainly obvious. hell, even you can’t even notice it the majority of the time lol
he’s just very subtle with it
and ngl he feels pretty insecure bc he doesn’t exactly know??? why?? you’re with him???
like, there’s many other people out there who would 100% love to date you but you’re with him. wouldn’t you rather date someone that’s more affectionate and actually knows how to treat you like you deserve????
and yet, at the same time he just doesn’t want you to leave
but whenever this thoughts come up into his mind, that’s when he shows it the most (his softness i mean). he doesn’t really know how to act around you sometimes ‘cause you make him kinda nervous 🤭 so he will (try to) become more verbal with his feelings
he’s also pretty observant so he knows if you’re not feeling at your best. he would probably leave a letter at your locker with reassuring words and reminding you of how much he loves you 🥺💖 maybe leave some chocolates there too just for youu
𝗜𝘄𝗮𝗶𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗶 𝗛𝗮𝗷𝗶𝗺𝗲
Tumblr media
you know what,, i was gonna ship you with oikawa at first but i feel like hajime would treat you better ngl
do i even need to explain this? tf
he’s like???? so damn supportive?????? how??
his arm is around you a l l t h e t i m e
iwa actually doesn’t really mind pda,, he’s not all in for it but he will definitely be holding you whenever you’re around
will pull you into his lap so you can sit down, wether it’s at the gym, at the park, at home... wtv.
he just likes when you’re close to him but it’s not like an oikawa-kind-of-thing yk (*cough*clingy*cough*). it’s simply that he likes how warm your skin is and it honestly makes him relax
like one time, tooru was being especially annoying that day and hajime was starting to get red with anger like istg he was so pissed off not even throwing the whole net at his friend would be enough. but then, as if on queue, you just entered the gym. he immediately went right at you and let you hold him, “thank god you came. 5 more seconds and i would have cut his head off istg.”
uGhh jUst— iwa 😩💞 you just help him calm down and that’s something he needs
no one lmao. just no ❤️
𝗕𝗼𝗸𝘂𝘁𝗼 𝗞𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗼𝘂
Tumblr media
ngl this is my favorite ship
muri x bokuto plsss YESS😩💞
cutest fvcking couple ive ever seen i swear.
expect morning texts and good-night texts every day girl. yk what- expect texts at every moment girl
bokuto misses you all the time
he just wants to see you, wants to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you
you are literally his whole world and the most precious thing is his life, he will treasure you with all he has and make sure you know that
just look at him and his smile will literally grow even bigger
askbsjs he’s such a softieee uuGhhh!!😔💗
bokuto knows how to do braids and whenever he plays with your hair (which he does all the time tbh) he will always put it in different hairstyles and brush it for you after
every time you go to one of his games he is literally unable to go into emo mode bc no matter how many times he fails you’re just cheering for him in the crowd. it still makes him kind of upset but he knows you are going to cuddle him endlessly after so he immediately feels better
he takes care of you when you’re having a bad day/time. literally will not leave your side bestie. and i hope you didn’t have plans ‘cause he’s not letting you off the bed.
“bo, we’ve been here for a while, we have to eat something.”
*proceeds to order takeout*
“bo, im getting kinda cold.”
*proceeds to bring more blankets*
“kou, im sleepy.”
*proceeds to turn off the lights and put on some soft music so you can sleep into his arms peacefully and forget your troubles*
he’s literally the perfect partner for you, change my mind. i dare you. you cant.
𝗦𝗲𝗺𝗶 𝗘𝗶𝘁𝗮
Tumblr media
he’s so sweet 😩💓💓
this guy is legit a canon musician-
you cannot tell me he doesn’t write songs for you bestie
prepare yourself and your heart ‘cause you about to get ✨serenaded✨
what else do i need to explain???
also, gives me intense domestic vibes istg
you will wake up with the other side of your bed empty and the smell of pancakes, along with soft/chill music playing from another room. you’re about to get up but then your door opens and this mf is just over there with a killer smile and ready to give you breakfast in bed bestie
do i need to say more???
oH wait, how about when he leans into the crowd at every chance he gets during a game to get a lucky-kiss ✨🍀
𝗧𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗼𝘂 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶
Tumblr media
this cutie 🥺❤️
imagine one day you’re feeling sad and tendou appears out of nowhere like “awh, why is my baby so frowny today mh?”
akdhabs so cute,, and he would just cup your cheeks and give them a light squeeze
will teach you his ✨favorite song✨
“baki baki ni oore~ nani wo?”
*proceeds to “muri muri 🥺” *
lmaoo he’s so proud. and then y’all can just annoy the rest of his team singing the song aaahhhh!! so exciting
ngl, quite a gentleman
you are not allowed to touch a singel door when you’re together. will open each and every one of them for you.
a chaotic gentleman tho-
you know that typical scene in movies when the couple is dancing in the rain together? yeah,, he did that. not even kidding, actually pulled you out of the buss stop you were covering yourself with and started dancing with you
don’t worry tho he gave you his jacket after 😌❤️
expresses his love for you through words. i honestly believe he just likes saying it. he feels like you will forget if he doesn’t (even if you always tell him otherwise, he will just keep it going)
yk what, im actually not done yet so i’ll probably make a pt.2 lol, hope you enjoyed bestie 🤪🤧
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empress-simps · 2 months ago
Hi💖! Can I have a scenario with JJK boys ( gojo, sukuna, itadori, megumi, inumaki ) with gn! Reader who is very soft, cute and innocent. At first glance they look like they couldn't even hurt a fly or know a single swear word but in battlefield they change completely by absolutely have no mercy on their enemies and a motherfcking badass?? I enjoyed your squishy cheeks scenario and I hope you can do mind! I hope you take your time and do whatever most important to you first ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ (*^3^)/~♡
Having a s/o who's soft but a badass in the battlefield
Tumblr media
▪︎Featuring: Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi, Inumaki Toge, Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen
▪︎Pronoun: They/Them [Gn! Reader]
▪︎Genre: Comedy, Humor, Flyff and a lil bit crack
▪︎Warnings: uhhh violence? language and Slight nsfw in sukuna if u squint
note: Hello! Thanks for reading my work I appreciate it! and tbh the squishy cheeks are also one of my faves I'm sorry if this took so long I wanna write the scenario I think that will suit them sooo- Enjoy! Hope this was what u had in mind
》 Jujutsu Kaisen Masterlist
》 Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
How dare you decieve this literal sunshine :<
When you charged at the special grade curse he felt like he was about to die again.
"NO! Y/N!" He shouted, voice raw and full of desperation as he tried to catch up with you but Megumi pulled him back.
"What are you doing!? Let me go! They might die! I-i can't lose them!" He yelled, trying to get put of Megumi's clutches as he could only watch in horror as you charged to the curse.
Yuuji turned limp into Megumi's arms as he saw you battle the curse with fierceness and a dangerous edge on you. He turned into the paper thingy HHAHAHAH
"W-what just happened..?" He stammered, eyes still transfixed on your form as you ran to him smiling and cheering.
"Did you saw me fight the curse Yu?! I took it down!" You cheered and spun around with him, sparkles somehow floating around you. Kugisaki tried to hide her laugh as she watched you spin around while Itadori just kinda... floats? He probably traumatized poor boi got a heart attack-
He still haven't recovered from the shock but he managed to stammer out a 'Yes'. He's still Paper! Itadori
He still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that you become an entirely different person when you fight.
He would probably shit himself if you ever get angry at him.
Tumblr media
Ahhh my baby-
His reaction would be: 👁👄👁
Ope, sorry but he would clearly under estimate you. Not that it's intentional, he just thinks that you need his protection 24/7 because you just look so innocent and like you couldn't hurt a fly.
Oh how wrong he was.
Turns out he's the one that needs saving-
When he thought that he was done for, you suddenly kicked the curse in the face, seething. He almost thought you had an evil twin since he can't believe that's you.
"You thought you could get Megumi? Hah, fucker, DIEEEE!"
ExCuse mE wHaT wHy iS bAkugOu's SiBLiNg hErE-
Fushiguro just blinks at you while you fight the curse without even breaking a sweat, and did you curse?! He always thought his baby couldn't hurt someone but you're out there killing in cold blood-
It somehow warms his heart since you really care but he's kinda shaken to his core.
"Are you okay?!" You rushed to him and rubbed your cheek against his. "I was so worried! Don't worry! I'll watch your back so you won't get hurt!" You kissed his cheek, and just like that, any trace of you being an absolute op vanished.
He stammered, trying to ask a ton of questions but failing to.
Welp, It looks like he's the one that needs saving.
Tumblr media
"Go honey! Screw them up! Kill them all!" Gojo let out a grin and cheered for you in the sidelines as he waved his arms around. This bitch i-
You giggled and grabbed your weapon, ready to show off to your clueless and worried students. "Of course! Wish me luck babe!"
"U-uhmm, Gojo sensei.." Yuuji gulped, worried for you. Even though he knows you're a special grade sorcerer he can't help but worry for you.
In the background you can already see them worry and being nervous
Gojo hummed, "They'll be alright! I know my baby can handle it!"
And just as he finished the sentence, you exorcised the curse succesfully. As you neared them, you have a shit eating grin plastered on your face as you took in the fsces of your students.
"We should invite L/n sensei next time when we spar!" Kugisaki suggested to her blindfolded teacher who just chuckled nervously in response.
"I would love to but-"
"He knows I'll beat his ass." You cackled, like kuroo as you looked over your lover who looked like he would pass out in embarassment.
"I did not brag you to our students just for you to bring me down."
Tumblr media
Toge groaned in pain as blood spills out from his wound, rendering him immobile. When he found you rushing towards him he widened his eyes and shook his head rapidly, telling you to get far away as the curse is much stronger than they thought to be.
When he saw the curse approaching you and preparing to strike he felt himself grow cold as he desperately tries to use his voice, even though he already reached his limit. He felt tears prick his vision as he watched in pain in what he thought will be the end of you.
Into thousand pieces. The curse didn't stand a chance against your speed and precision as you succesfully exorcised it.
He blinked; once, twice, a couple times, he couldn't really process what he was seeing.
You panted, hands on ur legs as you bent down to cath your breath. "That was a close one.." He stared in disbelief as your dangerous aura vanished and you approached him with a smile. "Are you okay? Can you stand baby?"
He shook his head "B-bonito Flakes." Then giving you a look that you better explain what just happened. You chuckled sheepishly, a cute but nervous smile appearing as you scratched the back of your head.
"Yes yes... I know I have to explain but let's get you patched up first okay?"
Tumblr media
Never did he thought he would fall for a soft person. Not even once. Since he always find those types not worthy to gain his precious attention.
He figured out that there was something wrong with him since he's usually like more edgy type of person. Turns out he was wrong.
When he saw you in action he can't help but smirk and wolf whistle at you. He's also turned on but he wouldn't admit it outloud (save Yuuji cuz he's so ashamed by Sukuna's actions)
"Damn babe, you didn't tell me you weren't a damsel in distress-"
Sukuna didn't know if it was intentional that he got hit by your weapon, but when you apologized to him he automatically thinks that it was an accident.
"Oh no! Suku, are you okay?!" You fussed over him, trying not to burst out laughing so you won't blow your cover. He groaned in pain, you didn't exacly injure him since you'd feel bad when Yuuji takes over so that will do.
"Does it look like it?" He mumbled, not yelling since he doesn't want you to be upset with him. He becomes a putty in your hands, that's how much he's willing to do anything for you.
"I-im sorry but HHAHAHAH YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN YOUR FACE SUKU!" You booped his nose as he scowled, "You... I'll wreck you!"
You giggled, flashing him a cute smile and wink as you ran away, Sukuna hot on your heels.
You snickered, "Sure you will, honey."
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whole-lotta-hoes · 2 months ago
Whole Lotta Hoes| Crack Fanfic Mini Series
Episode One: Zeppelin Is No More
Episode Two: Looking For A Job
Episode Three:
Episode Four:
Episode Five:
This will cause you to lose a couple of brain cells and question your sanity. It will include a shit ton of weird shit and things that don't make sense at all. Do not read if you are not ready for any of this, read at your own risk.
John Paul Jones (Main character)
Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
John Bonham
Led Zeppelin is a band apparently. It's just a bunch of horny mother fuckers put together to make songs about sex. John Paul Jones was laying in bed with Robert Plant which he has no idea how that happened. He hoped nothing weird went down between them cause Jimmy Page would be so mad. oh jesus oh god you do not want to make that mother fucker mad. He'll literally turn you into a cheeseball and eat you. John got out of bed only to see that John Bonham was standing in the corner eating swedish fish gummies. He was not going to question it.
"Want some?" Bonzo asked him and he held one in his hand.
"I don't know you what the fuck!?" Jonesy yelled. He went to the baffroom and spotted jimmy trying to swim inside of the toilet. He believed he could do it if he tried hard enough.
"the oil supply demand is sky rocketing these days!" jimmy yelled as he got out of the toilet.
"Bitch do not touch me with your boo boo water," He warned him as he grabbed a toothbrush to use as a weapon. He learned how to make a knife with it in jail.
"Penis guitar playing is totes fun jonesy, you should try it," jimmie added. Oh mother fucker he is a heterosexual lad. Or that is what he said the other day when he ate some of robert's caramel popcorn. man he wondered how he even ended up in that stupid band. who's led and why does he have a zeppelin? you know some guy named their kid zeppelin but he claims that he didn't name him after the band. wait what were we talking about?
The band all decided to head to mcdonalds to eat happy meals. jimmy tickles.
"Guys! oh my god you will not believe it but britney is such a slut! ugh! can't believe she left me for a fish lookin' mother fucker-"
"No one gives a rats ass about your weird horny ass!" jimmy cut him off by yelling at robert. God damn that shithead has a huge ego but a small dick. Jonesy never understood why people liked him so much. He once stole his favorite pair of jojo siwa socks and claimed he never knew he owned any.
"You motherfuckers we're supposed to be going on tour!" Bonzo yelled as he swooped the food off the table.
"suck my asshole bonzo!" jim yelled.
"calm down pagey, he's just a meanie," robert added as he patted his head.
"y'all need to start realizing that no one likes you both!" jonesy snapped.
"shut up you're literally ugly and small and the bassist of led zeppelin and you look like heman with that stupid haircut of yours" Bonzo said as he ate jonesys burgers. damn that hurt.
"You know," jonesy began, "i don't need this job"
"what job?" robeet askes.
"shhhhh let the weirdo speak," jimmy said as he stuck his finger into his mouth.
"without me you will all suck asshole and no one will actually like led zeppelin," he explained.
the three slowly looked at each other and began to laugh their asses off at him.
"You act like you matter so much," robert added.
"shut up cheese cream! you're literally big and ugly and you look like you are 50 years old!" bonzo said as he drank his milk. that was funny. Jonesy felt his blood boil and grabbed his happy meal and stormed out.
It was the day of their shit concert. led zeppelin were backstage preparing to cause a dismother and set things on fire. preferably roberts underwear that pretty much doesn't exist in this case. the band stepped on stage and the crowd went wild.
"hello bananas-" That motherfucker fell forward into the drum set. oopsies. jimmy ran to him to make sure his hoe isn't dead or alive. fucking bon jovi.
"oh shit! robert plant is down!" he yelled. jonesy was absolutely done with them. they are nothing but a bunch of dumb fucks who ruin everything. He took out his laser penis and shot jimmy and robert to death.
"oh Motherfucker has a fucking laser pp! hija de su pinche madre!" jimmy yelled as he split in half. robert died again. bonzo just sat there blown away by the fact that that john paul jones just killed the front man and the guitarist of Led Zeppelin in front of millions of people. he was impressed.
"holy shit man you really-"
nope sorry but jonesy shot him too so he died. damn he could've let him live. meanie. oh wait im writing this so i could've.... ah man im too lazy to go back and fix it. too bad we're going with this plot now. Jonesy stepped off the stage and headed to the back.
"god dammit i hate everyone in this bloody world," he said to himself. he decided to hit the pub that was nearby to enjoy himself.
As he was sitting at the counter drinking something that is an alcoholic beverage. he began to spark ideas of what he could possibly do since led zeppelin died. He thought about starting a whole new band but he remembered that what caused him to kill led zeppelin. that was out of the shopping list for walmart. next was to steal money from the bank so he remains rich but he then realized that he is a famous musician and will get recognized quickly. fuck. he then thought of changing his hair to look less like heman cause that insult hurt.
"aha!" he shouted. He finally thought of something that could get him a shit ton of money. He drank the remaining drink from his cup and ran out of the pub.
he put on a thicc line of eyeliner, red lipstick, a black wig, fish nets leggings, high heeled boots, and earrings. oh man this is going to be hella great. His wife walked in to see what the fuck this small ass mothertrucker was up to this time. oh man i shat my pants.
"sweetie what the fuck are you doing!?" she yelled. Jonesy turned to look at her.
"led zeppelin is no more," he responded. She was so confused and wondered how the fuck she even ended up marrying heman. she had no idea what led zeppelin is no more meant and was hella concerned for his health.
"be back in a few days," he added as he broke his ankle trying to exit the house and rolled down the hill. oops it's not up the hill anymore. guess you could really say he went down hill. i hate myself so much. he walked down the sidewalk and ended up in someone's house. Motherfucker it's jimmy page's house. he stole his nice trousers or whatever those were. my teacher walked by as i wrote that btw. turns out they don't fit him cause jimmy is also a big hoe and jonesy isn't. shit. jimmy is embarrassing asf. that was pointless of him stealing so he stole his underwear. wait he wears those? imma look it up hold on. i didn't find anything about that so im just going to assume that he doesnt.
there was a picture of jimmy when he was with the yardbirbs and golly that is one ugly Motherfucker! he stole and stuffed it into his underwear. he got out of the house full of useless shit that he did not need at all. Then he forgot what he was doing. Jonesy continued walking down the street only to break his other ankle and rolled down the steep pathway. damn he's one dumb hoe bitch.
His laser penis was out of control. he just wanted to have a little me time but instead shot a whole through the wall of the motel be was staying in. god dammit. he removed his pp and switched it out with a normal pp. that's odd. his plan of overthrowing led zeppelin stressed him out. what else do you do when you're stressed? well can't say cause i ain't gotta peener. he got so bored. his days of not being in led zeppelin have been lame and was the worst idea he could even come up with. he didn't know what to do know. he can't just eat your grandma over and over again. he looked at himself through the mirror and oh my god I'm a sexy Motherfucker oh yeah bitch im THE BITCH. he needed to find something that'll keep him entertained for while.
babysitting was a bad idea. he got bitten by a bunch of goblins and gave him rabies. god i hate kids.
"hello motherfucker," jimmy said.
"Nah bitch that was just my twin brother Jamie Patricia Page," He added. "Bitch why are you dressed like a stripper?"
Oh yeah he forgot that was what he was going to do once he killed led zeppelin. he still can but now there's a little bitch with him named james patrick page.
"we should kill robert plant," jimny suggested.
"Bitch i already killed him, you're a little too late you duck whore," he responded.
turns out he didn't actually kill led zeppelin but instead killed their twin brothers.
"You want to overthrow led zeppelin into the trashcan?" Jonesy asked. "Thought that's what you and bert wanted to do...."
"Nah man.... percy is a very stupid penguin and is meanie.... he stole my jojo siwa socks," jimmy explained.
ah damn turns out robert plant is the villain of the story and should be died. he is too powerful. his hair will slice the fuck out of anyone.
"You got a plan?" Jonesy asked.
"i say we steal his pants and burn them and use them as an alternative to oil," he explained. damn science class. then this guy named bonzo showed up and began to beat them with his drum sticks.
"sorry but robert said to beat you both with them!" bonzo yelled back.
jonesy dug through his pants and took out a bunch of swedish fish gummies.
"hey look! fish gummies! come and get it boy!"
"bitch what the fuck I am not some stupid dog for you to be doing that time of shit you small Motherfucker heman lookin hoe short shit," bonzo said.
"GIMME GIMME OH SHIT!" he attacked Jonesy.
jimmy page the god of led zeppelin stood there watching while cheering them on fight fight fight! it got in here so he removed his trousers and threw them at bonzo which ended up knocking him out.
"oh shit! your pants are powerful! we can use it to kill percy!" Jonesy shouted.
"NO! JIMBERT MUST GO CANON!" Jimmy yelled and jumped out the window. all you heard was splash. that motherfucker jumped into the pool and is now wet. that's a disturbing image. Jonesy rolled his eyes and went back to doing whatever the fuck he was doing. it all of a sudden got really bright outside. oh the sun came out cause it was cloudy. but wait! Jonesy looked out the window and spotted robert plant heading towards him.
"IM THE GOLDEN GOD-" that motherfucker fell inside of the pool and sizzled. cual pinche golden god ese no mas anda haciendo puros desmadres y estupideces de mario.
that was the end of led zeppelin.
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daddyjackfrost · 3 months ago
okay heyy 🥰 do you write for lev? How about Lev + 34 👀
heyyy🥰🥰🥰🥰 i do now!
prompt 34: “If I gave you a chance, would you take it?”
hurt/comfort (aged up!) (bye this isn’t even hurt??)
lev x f!reader
Tumblr media
You tapped your foot, irritated. Lev is late again, and you had just about had enough.
You had met Lev a couple of months ago. You had just found a new coffee house and it quickly grew on you. Coincidentally, it was Lev’s favourite coffee house.
You didn’t spot Lev, though you often wonder how you could’ve missed him. Lev spotted you. Tucked away in a secluded corner, your face covered by you favourite book. The Secret History. It wasn’t until you felt a tap on your book that you realized Lev was trying to talk about you.
You still remember what he said.
“That’s my favourite book! I feel like I identify with Richard too much.”
Instantly, you were intrigued with the insanely tall grey haired man. You remember how his green eyes pierced your own, and the way your cheeks flushed when you took in how good looking he was.
Sighing, you pushed your chair back and stood up, grabbing your iced coffee. Lev had asked you out to coffee today but he didn’t even show up. It had happened three times now, and you had enough.
You knew how demanding his job was. Modelling was not easy, and you prided Lev for working so hard, but it didn’t feel nice to be stood up.
You grabbed your purse and walked out the coffee house, tired and slightly embarrassed.
As you walked, you tried not to think about Lev. After he had said he identified with Richard Papen, you invited him to sit, and from there on, you and Lev became fast friends. Obviously, it was very hard not too fall for the model. Not only were his good looks just overwhelming, his personality was capturing. His catlike slanted green eyes were intimidating, but when he opened his mouth, all that intimidation was thrown out the window.
Lev was a slightly childish and cheerful guy, and he had wedged his way into your heart.
“Y/N! Y/N! Wait!”
You didn’t stop. You didn’t need Lev to look at you with those piercing eyes, because you knew you would forgive him, but you were quite sick of being stood up.
A firm hand grabbed your shoulder, halting you. You shrugged the hand off and turned around, meeting Lev’s covered eyes.
He wore sunglasses and a hat, trying very weakly to cover his identity.
“Y/n, hold on. I’m sorry.”
You tilted your head up to look at him. Lev looked down at you with guilty eyes, but you didn’t waver. You liked him, but did you like his lifestyle?
“Sorry, Haiba. I have somewhere to be.”
You didn’t even manage to take a step before Lev had grabbed your arm, gently.
Pleading, he looked down at you. Lev knew he was late. God, he knew. But he couldn’t escape his manager.
“I’m so sorry. Let’s go for coffee right now?”
You both looked down at the coffee in your hand and he cringed, rubbing the back of his neck.
You tried to smile at him. It didn’t matter how much you liked him. Your lives differed, and you didn’t belong in his lifestyle. You knew that, and it was time he did too.
Taking a couple steps back, you gripped your bag tighter.
Lev looked at you at your voice.
Flexing your fingers anxiously, you took a deep breath. “I think you’re really cool, but I don’t think we should continue... whatever this is. You’re busy all the time, and I don’t like the feeling of being forgotten. Let’s just part ways, yeah?”
You wanted to end what hadn’t even started yet. There was no point in getting attached or create expectations when you knew you would just be disappointed in the end.
Lev looked down at you with wide eyes. The model wasn’t used to having people not want to be in his company.
“’re sure? I promise I won’t be late again. Scouts honour.”
Your lips lifted into a small smile at the attempt at humour, but you both knew he was lying. Lev was late to a lot of things, and it turns out he was too late here too.
You nodded softly. It’s not that it didn’t hurt, it did, but you didn’t have high expectations. You were just you, and Lev, well Lev was so much more. A previous volleyball player and now model. There was no place for you in his world, not with your ordinary self.
You didn’t let any more conversation happen. Smiling at him, you turned around and walked away.
Though, absent minded to you, you were the first person to walk away from Lev Haiba, and he hated it.
*** 4 Months Later ***
Stupid, is what you are. You honestly thought that you would last see Lev that day, but you had forgotten that you lived in the heart of the city, in an apartment.
You woke up to a shirtless billboard of Lev Haiba every day since that day.
It was ironic really.
Every time you looked at the billboard, which was at least once a day, you couldn’t help but think about what could have been. What would your life look like right now if you hadn’t cut Lev off?
Shrugging, you lulled yourself to your kitchen. You had an early shift at the library and you wanted to eat before you got there.
You had only opened your fridge door when the bell rang.
Sighing, and then slamming the door closed, you trudged to the door, pulling it open.
Your breath hitched when your eyes fell on the man that had plagued your thoughts for the last four months.
Lev stared at you with wide eyes, out of breath. He couldn’t stop thinking about you since that day, and every day since, he hated himself from losing you.
Lev was in the middle of a photoshoot when he saw his copy of The Secret History. Admittedly, Lev only read the book because he saw you reading it at the coffee house before he introduced himself. He had noticed the way your eyes never wavered from the page, completely mesmerized by the ink of the page.
So, later that night, Lev bought a copy and started reading it. He finished it two days later, and when he went to get coffee the next day, he only hoped you were still reading it.
The coffee house wasn’t the first place Lev had seen you. It was like fate was trying it’s very best to push you two together. First, Lev had seen you run across the street while he was in his car. Then, he saw you in the park outside his agency.
That day at the coffee house, Lev had planned to officially ask you on a date. He was sick of pushing fate out of the way. Damn his job, he just wanted a nice evening with you.
Not being able to see you or even text you over the last four months had killed Lev. He had grown attached, and though his friends always teased him about it, he had never felt this way about anyone before.
You gripped the door harder, blinking a few times, trying to wake up in case you were sleeping.
“Y/n...” Lev whispered.
You noticed the crinkles in his suit, and the way his usually parted hair was now a mess.
“Lev? What are you doing here?”
Lev blanked. He had planned to pour his heart out to you, but now that he stood here, he felt stupid. You were the one who had cut it off, whatever it was you two had. You were the one who walked away, and it looked like you didn’t regret it.
Oh how wrong Lev was. Because you did regret it.
Swallowing the lump in his throat, Lev straighten himself out.
“Y/n, I... I can’t. I tried really hard to forget about you. I tired so hard to just move on, but I couldn’t. I like you, y/n. Too much. Way too much. It’s killing me inside and I don’t know why I feel like this.”
You stared at Lev with wide eyes. Was he... serious? Lev liked you? No. That can’t be.
You pursed your lips, but when you eyes his clenched fists, your eyes softened.
Letting go of the door, you stood straight, hugging yourself.
“If I gave you a chance, would you take it? And not just to try it out, I mean really take it? I don’t do short infatuations, Lev. I’ve had bad luck at relationships, and I need to know that you’re all in.”
Lev nodded, his eyes desperate. “We haven’t even known each other for long, but it kills me to not have you in my life. I know my lifestyle is hard, but I promise I’ll try to make it work. I promise I’ll put you before everything else.” Lev took a few steps closer to you. “I’m all in.”
You smiled at the man, and opened your door wider.
The library could wait.
Tumblr media
what are the chances of me taking this down tomorrow and rewriting it?
i’d say 98%
this is such soft hurt/comfort. hmmm. real hardcore angst coming soon! this is too soft for me
@elektrosonix @h-grangerstudies @snoozless
Tumblr media
oh my pls just step on me
daddyjackfrost © 2021 | all content belongs to me, do not modify
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euphoric-kody · 3 months ago
-Chapstick- Pansy Parkinson x Female Reader
   Kody: the lesbians have risen
  Request: pansy x reader where they are friends & reader loves chapsticks very much because chapped lips also the taste and the smell are cute ?? and then she has different variants of it. Pans could smell it sometimes when she purposely gets closer, got curious one time and asked for it and she casually gave it. One time Pans asked what flavour was the one on her lips right now because it's different from the usual??? and reader was like see for yourself and then they ki- IM SO GAY FOR PANSY PARKINSON - 💐
  House: Slytherin
  Possible Triggers / Warnings: lesbian power couple baby, cursing, y/n being a bottom, making out. 
   since day one you had been best friends with Pansy Parkinson. Even in your small little friend group that consisted of Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Theodore Nott, you just gravitated towards Pansy more. Maybe it was because you were both girls or the fact that you had met her first.
   throughout your school years you and Pansy were like a power duo. Some were scared, some wanted your title, and the rest despised you both. Even with all the popularity you weren’t mean or cude to people who didn’t deserve it. Kill them with kindness is what you’d always say.
   around your 6th year is when you enveloped your slight chapstick addiction. You had noticed your lips become more flaking and chapped as you grew up so over the summer when you visited america you bought a pack with a variety of different flavors. 
   Pansy made fun of you at first because of how quickly you had started to buy more and more until you had a collection. After all the teasing you two developed a sort of game you could say. Anytime Pansy could smell the chapstick on you she would try and guess what scent it was.
   at first it was cute and friendly, but out of nowhere she would grab your face and bring it close to hers so she could smell the chapstick. It would be so sudden and make your stomach twist in a way you had never felt before, especially when she would send you a wink after she backed away. 
   after a lot of thinking and ‘therapy’ sessions with Theo you had come to the conclusion that you had fell for your best friend. It was very cheesy, but it was true. Pansy Parkinson had stolen your heart and you terrified at the power she held over you.
   7th year
   you were practically running towards the field, hoping the outfit you chose would keep you warm enough in the nippy weather. You did not want to be late to Draco and Blaises quidditch match against Gryffindor. Of course you cheered on your friends, who wouldn’t?
   you began to climb up the stairs to make your way into the stands. Once you make it to the top you gaze through the crowd and spot the familiar black haired female leaning back to look up at the sky. She looked very focused on something in the sky.
   Pansy was wearing a large black sweater with some kind of white t-shirt sticking out from the bottom with matching black pants and shoes. She looked in casual clothes- in anything really. You make your way through the crowd, pushing past a couple people while mumbling ‘excuse me’ and such.
   you take a seat next to Pansy who looks back down to face you “Thought you weren’t gonna show. You look nice by the way” she comments and you shake your head. You were wearing a black crop with matching pants and a oversized navy blue hoodie. 
   your stomach twist like many times before. “Thanks” you reply before suddenly realizing you were missing a friend “Where’s Theo?” you ask. Pansy lifts up her hand to point in front of her. You follow her finger until you spot the back of Theos head “He wanted to be closer to watch Blaise”
   you nod once before you heard Lee Jordan begin the announcements.
   while watching a breeze blew past you and towards Pansy. The Slytherin girls nose scrunched up as she smelled something, something fruity? (because your gay duh) She turns to look at you, brown eyes narrowed. You felt her eyes on you and face her “What?-” 
   Pansy grabs your face with both of her hands. You could feel the cold metal of the rings she wore against your cheek. Pansy leans in close, her nose centimeters from your mouth. You could hear her sniff as your face began to feel hot. 
   she was so close. The smell of hrt minty breath from her gum she had been chewing made everything in your body flare up. It was only a second, but felt like hours before she pulled away “Your wearing strawberry” Pansy had a cocky smirk on her face as she spoke, her hands slowly falling from your face
   you blink mindlessly as you reach into the packet of your jacket. You pull out the tube of strawberry chapstick. Pansy’s smirk only grows wider “Knew it, what's my prize?” she asked. Your face twist a bit. A prize? She had never asked for one before.
   “What do you want?”
   “A Kiss”
   your mouth opens a bit to speak, but you choke on your words instead. Pansy lets out a chuckle and turns to face forward again “I’m only kidding”
   you were walking alongside Pansy, Theo, Draco and Blaise. You were all leaving the quidditch field and head back to the common room. Slytherin had won and the team was going out for butterbeer at the three broomsticks. Draco and Blaise had opted out saying they wanted to celebrate with close friends.
   just you guys, how sweet.
   “So- did Y/n and Pans. I flew past you guys and for a brief second and i swore i saw you guys making out” Draco spoke making Blaise and Theo laugh. “You guys were what now? I knew you were close, but no that close damn” Draco adds were made the boys laugh even harder.
   you roll your eyes playfully and walk behind behind Draco. He doesn’t see you as you wack the back of his head “Ow!” he exclaimed. Pansy chuckles “We were not making out by the way. I was smelling her chapstick” she explains. The boys nod and silence consumes you all after that.
   that is until Theo speaks up “That’s still gay”
   you all spent the night together, talking, goofing around, and drinking firewhiskey. It was a fun idea at the time, but you all got wasted more than you’d like to admit. Your E/c eyes open slowly and your met with skin? You lift your head up, you were laying on top of Pansy.
   Y/n.exe has stopped working
   she was wearing her black flannel pants as well as her matching sports bra. Your heart might have stopped right then and there. You look down at what you were wearing and noticed you only had your undergarments and Pansy’s sweater that she had worn at the game. 
   before having time to freak the hell out you heard the black haired girl mumble under you “morning” she mumbles, her eyes opening slowly. You give her a half smile before sitting up “Um- how did- how did i end up here?” you ask. Pansy uses her elbows to prop herself up.
   she pushes her bangs from her face. They had began to grow over her eyes, but refused to cut them after you said you liked them longer. “You got a bit tipsy so i brought you here to rest. As well as those three” she says and points to the floor. You raise a brow and crawl to the edge of the bed.
   on the floor was Blaise and Theo cuddling on the ground. Cute. Draco was laying next to Blaise curled up in a ball with a blanket over him. Also cute. “Damn, i guess you played mom for a bit huh?” you joke, sitting back down on the bed. 
   Pansy shrugs her shoulders “You could say that. Your hug things in your sleep, did you know that?”
   “I’m sorry what?”
   later in the day you were in your own dorm room studying for an exam in charms you had the next day. While writing down a few notes you heard your door open. You place the quill down and turn in your chair to see Pansy at the door. 
   she had on a black t-shirt with a sheer long sleeve one underneath, black pants with a white dragon that stopped above her ankles and black socks with checkered vans. Pansy had a plate of food in each hand “Theo told me you hadn’t eaten lunch yet so i brought you some.”
   “You look cute by the way” she adds with a wink
   you smile lightly and pat the chair next to yours “I’m guessing you came to eat with me as well?” you ask and she nods, taking a seat. She places the plate of food in front of you and places her down as well. Pansy began to move your textbooks around as you reached into the pocket off your black jeans.
   you pulled out your new chapstick ‘fruit punch’ and took off the cap. You smear it on your bottom lip before popping the cap back on and into your pocket while rubbing both your lips together to apply it evenly. Pansy smells something fruity again and smiles lightly.
   except for this smelt different. Way different. Nothing you had worn before.
   Pansy looks at you as you grab a fork with a amused smirk “New chapstick?” she asked. You noticed her playful tone. Turning in your sea you face Pansy “Maybe, maybe not” you say vaguely, shrugging your shoulders. Pansy rolls her eyes and faces you too.
   like last time she reaches up and grabs your face, pulling it close to hers. You hear her sniff just like before, but this time her eyebrows furrow “What the fuck is that?” she asks, making you laugh quietly “Can’t figure it out?” you tease. Her brown eyes narrow into a glare “Shut up” she hisses.
   what a baby
   Pansy stays like that for a couple seconds before exhaling loudly “What the hell is it” she grumbles. A risky idea popped into your mind in an instant. It was dumb, but you were so tired of just being friends with her. You were willing to risk it all in one question.
   “See for yourself then”
   you couldn’t really remember much between the the couple seconds of silence. All you remember is Pansy’s lips on your feverishly. She leaned into kiss you deeper, making you almost fall out the chair. She was not taking it slow in the slightest.
   As Pansy’s mouth moves against yours she leans down and uses her hands to scoop up your thighs. She lifts you up and you wrap your arms around her waist tightly, making Pansy let out a muffled noise. You felt a hard surface hit your back and assumed Pansy had leant you against the wall.
   Pansy ran her tongue against your bottom lip. You open your mouth slightly for her and Pansy’s tongue slipped into your mouth instantly. You felt a cold piece of metal on your tongue that connected to hers. It took you a second to process what it was.
   she had a tongue piercing
   “You have a tongue piercing?” you ask between hot kisses. You feel her smirk against your lips as one hand traces circles on your exposed stomach. She pulls away for a moment “Yeah. Problem?” she questions, panting slightly. You shake your head quickly “Nope- it’s just really hot”
   an hour later
   “You owe me ten galleons” Draco spoke.
   Blaise groans and reaches into his pocket to dig out the money and place it in his hands “Yeah, yeah whatever” he grumbles.
   Theo smiles happily “I’m so happy for them!”
   Draco nods slowly “I’m pretty sure the whole house heard them though”
   Taglist: @the--queen-of-hell @sonbelleame @dracosathenaeum @pxroxide-prinxcesss 
   Kody- lesbian things lesbian things. Anyways request are open, peace.
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vemuabhi · 3 months ago
The Wedding Day
Hello everyone!! This is one of my piece for the Sanji fest 2021 hosted by @burnthoneymint​​ I hope you like the story! Thanks for letting me take part in this!
Prompt : “Say something. Are you hurt?”
Word count : 2K
Warnings : nothing but Fluff
A/N : I was listening to EXO Kai Amnesia from Mmmh album (clickable) while I wrote this. You can check it out if you want. It got me the feels when I was writing this. (You won’t regret it)
Please do refrain from commenting the spoilers please!
Gif and picture not mine
Tumblr media
It was the most awaited day. You wore your lavender dress and stood in front of the mirror as you looked at yourself one last time before leaving your apartment. You went to the destination which was the beautiful castle and went inside. You walked to the room allocated for the bridesmaids. Yes you were one of the bridesmaid for one of your dear friend. You greeted the other bridesmaid, Kaya and went to the room of the bride. There stood your beautiful friend. In a non-traditional peach coloured mermaid dress. You went towards her and stood beside her.
“You look beautiful Nami”, you said. She smiled and thanked you. You knew she was nervous. You took her hand in yours and assured her everything is going to be alright. Even though never met her partner (But heard of of course) nor even Nami’s friends, you knew Nami, and she would make the perfect choice. After some encouragement, you left the room.
You were searching for restroom. The castle was so huge and had hallways and so many closed rooms, which was so confusing, like a maze. You searched for a while and went to other side of the castle, where the partner of bride was supposed to be. You went towards that place and saw a person with a straw hat dressed in black tuxedo. Beside him was a person with long nose in the same outfit, stuffing themselves with food. ‘They are eating this early’, you thought. You passed them and went ahead.
While you turned in a corner, you bumped into a tall man dressed in the same black tux, the previous two were wearing. He had wavy black hair, had freckles on his face and was really gorgeous. You apologised, as well as he did and you went ahead. ‘So handsome and polite’, you thought.
‘Where the hell was this bloody washroom?’ you cursed inside your head and somehow at the end of one hallway, you found the washroom. 'Thank god!', you thought as you went towards it. You saw a man in a fine black suit, blond hair with a cigarette in his hand. He was pacing fast and seemed nervous. You walked passed him into the restroom.
After a couple of minutes, you came out of the washroom and saw that this man was still in the same place. Except for the fact that he wasn’t pacing now but, he sat down and placed his right hand on his hair and was mumbling something. ‘What is this man’s deal? So weird’, you thought to yourself and were about to pass him but you heard sobs. You gulped and slowly looked at him. He was sobbing with his big eyes watery. ‘Why was he crying all of a sudden’, you thought. You really wanted to leave but you felt a bit guilty. You sighed and crouched down before him. But you maintained a safe distance from him because you felt like it.
You asked, “Hey! You seem… not okay. is everything alright?” but he continued to sob like a chibi anime character as he looked at you. ‘What was this person’s deal?’, you thought as you questioned again, “Say something. Are you hurt?” this time handing him your kerchief which he accepted and wiped his tears.
Tumblr media
“I…”, he said in between his sobs and continued, “I’m scared. I am nervous. This is a big responsibility and Nami san gave me this opportunity but”, he said and wiped his tears again. You continued to listen to him as he sobbed. ‘Why the hell is he so nervous as if he was the groom. Im sure not even the groom would cry like this’, you thought but listened anyway because it seemed interesting.
“I am…”, he continued, “So honoured but… I cant stop this nervousness. I keep getting these negative thoughts like ‘What if I mess up’ or ‘What if I don’t do it properly’ or 'what if Nami san thinks she made the wrong decision', so I am crying like this in front a beautiful bridesmaid”, he said as he again started to sob as he placed his hands on his face. ‘Oh, he said I was beautiful!’, you felt happy in your heart but didn’t let it show on your face.
“See, look at me”, you said and he slowly looked at you. You looked into his blue eyes and said, “Listen to me. You can do it. Don’t worry. Believe in yourself. You won’t mess up. Follow your heart. Be positive. See, I never met you. I never saw you. But I believe in you. So don’t worry.”
You rambled those words in a way to cheer him up and thankfully, he kinda took those words seriously and flashed you a smile. He got up and offered you his hand. You took it and got up. He thanked you as he bowed. You waved at him and walked to the Nami's room. Thankfully not getting lost. There you saw a raven haired beauty, who wasn’t there when you got here.
“Hello mademoiselle, I am Y/N, can I know your name”, you said as you offered her your hand. She giggled as she placed her hand in yours and replied, “Robin”
“Such a beautiful name for a beautiful woman”, you said and everyone in the room laughed. You looked around confused and the maid of honour, Nojiko said, “You are just like Sanji, the ladies man”
‘Who was that Sanji the ladies man? Why did they tell, I was like him?’, you thought
“By the way, where were you all this time?”, asked Kaya
“I was looking for restroom. Damn it was so far away. I’m happy I didn’t get lost”, you complained.
“But… there is a restroom right here”, said Robin chan as she pointed towards a door inside the room.
“And also in the bridesmaids room”, said Nojiko.
"And also literally in every single hallway", added Kaya.
Your eyes and mouth were wide open as they said that. “I..What…but...”, you tried to say something but ended with, “Damn it”, everyone in the room laughed again as you lowered your head in defeat.
Finally it was the time of the wedding. After Kaya, walked with a man with long nose. Then you and the man with freckles whom you bumped into before offered his arm to you. 'Ahh! The handsome man!', you thought as you both linked your arms. He smiled at you and you both walked down the aisle.
Then you saw a familiar face in the centre of the place with droopy shoulders. ‘That cry baby blond is here’, you thought. He looked at you and smiled. You smiled back as you straightened your back. He got your indication and straightened his shoulders and nodded at you. ‘Damn that was cute’, you thought. Then came the beautiful Robin chan, with the man still wearing his straw hat.
You took a deep breath and turned as you looked at the blond. He was biting his lower lip with stress. He noticed your stare and looked at you. You smiled as you gave him a thumbs up. He nodded and you both looked at the maid of honour, Nojiko and the man of honour, who had green hair come in.
Nojiko stood beside Robin and said, “Zoro almost got lost for the third time”. For which Robin replied with a giggle. ‘Her laugh is so precious’, you thought. Then the music started to play. Everyone stood up and looked at the door.
There she came, in her beautiful, traditional, pearl white princess dress. Her veil covering her face and she held the beautiful Gloxinia flowers, which was so unique. She was so beautiful. You smiled as she came slowly and stood before the blond.
“So that is Vivi, so beautiful”, you said as she turned to look towards the door. Then came your friend, in her non-traditional peach mermaid dress, with her veil back on her beautiful hair as she held the pretty baby romantica roses which you selected for her. You really were touched at how she valued your opinion for this. You were so happy for her getting married. She came and stood beside the other beautiful bride Vivi.
You and the blond looked at each other one last time and he started to officiate the wedding. Nami and Vivi said their vows. They were so perfect for each other and loved one other to the core. You wished you could find a person who would love you unconditionally. They both exchanged rings. The blond wiped the corner of his eye with the kerchief you gave and said, “I declare you as wife and wife, you both may now kiss”.
Then the both brides kissed and walked together as the music was played by a famous musician named Brook. You tried not to cry at the moment. Everything in this wedding was so precious and emotional that you were trying so hard not to cry. After taking photos and congratulating them, then came the main event. The bouquet toss.
You stood a bit far, from the crowd and tried to calm yourself and not to cry. You looked as the flower bouquet came towards you. As if it was a reflex, you caught the bouquet. It was the Gloxinia flowers bouquet, which Vivi held. As if that was a snap, you couldn’t control your emotions and started to cry. You walked and stood a bit farther and looked at the pretty flowers. The blond officiant saw that you were crying and started to walk towards you. The second bouquet of baby romantic roses was thrown and you looked at the flying bouquet as it landed in the arms of a person. You looked and now started to laugh. The blond officiant caught the bouquet and everyone started to laugh at it. Well, it was a refreshment for you as well as the people in the wedding, 'cause everyone remembers a good laugh.
Then the next event was where everyone danced. You calmed yourself down and stopped crying. This wedding was very overwhelming for you and you loved it. You sat at a table alone as people danced with one other. You looked at your flowers and smiled as you touched their soft petals.
“Would you like to dance with me, milady”, asked a familiar voice. You turned around and saw that it was the blond officiant. You smiled at him and said, “I am not a good dancer though. You may want to dance with someone else”
He smiled and said, “I can… lead you though. It would be an honour for me to dance with you milady”. Then he offered his hand to you. You couldn’t say no to that sweet request so, you took his hand and got up. He gently placed his hand on your waist and started to lead you. Even when you stamped his foot a few times, he just smiled but didn’t complain. You liked how gentle he was with you. He had a rose flower in his tuxedo pocket, which was from the bouquet he caught earlier.
“The bouquet symbolises the good fortune for the people who caught it”, you say as you carefully touch his rose.
“I didn’t believe these kind of stuff but, here I am, dancing with the most beautiful bridesmaid, so i guess its true after all”, he replied as he looked at you. You blushed as you slightly tapped his shoulder and said, “Cheesy aren’t you” to which he said, “It’s just a spoon of it. If you spend time with me, you’ll get to know how much more cheesy I can be”, he said confidently. You really liked this confident side of his. So contrast to him crying in the hallway.
"Very confident huh. So would you like me to think of you as the cry baby officiant or would you tell me your name”, you said for which he pouted and replied, “That’s not true...totally.... Well, the name is Sanji, milady”
“Oh! So… Sanji, the ladies’ man”, you said and he scoffed.
“I wish”, he sighed then continued, “So, do you want me to think of you as the beautiful bridesmaid or would you give me your name”
“You know what, I kinda like it when you say that I’m beautiful. So, why not stick with that”, you replied making him whine. He of course continued to laugh with you though.
“Y/N, the name is Y/N, so stop whining”, you said to him making his face glow with happiness.
“Y/N, such a beautiful name for a beautiful lady”, he said, which made you realise why the girls compared to you two before.
You both talked as you danced and then exchanged your phone numbers. You smiled thinking of how you got into this.
You both really were into each other from the beginning itself. Fate was so... Unpredicted. It can bring two individuals together at one place, make them fall in love.
‘Who would have thought that the cry baby weirdo would become your husband in 3 years from now’
I hope you liked it! Please forgive me for any mistakes.
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Please do refrain from commenting the spoilers please! I dont know much about Christian weddings, so if the order was a bit wrong, please forgive me
The Gloxinia flowers were mentioned by @nakunakunomi​  in her valentines event where she wrote for Sanji (Clickable) you can also see how the flowers look, in her post. I really loved the flower she mentioned and its meaning was hella romantic. I just felt like there were a lot of flowers other than Red roses and Lilies. Of couse they are beautiful, but we need to explore and look at different types of flowers too.
If you are wondering what Baby romantica flowers look like here, I took these image from google. I just fell in love with these roses and they have been in my favourites from a long time. Their name itself is so romantic and they look precious.
Tumblr media
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binunus · 3 months ago
college bf!eunwoo
Tumblr media
a/n I LOVE HIM !! I WOULD LITERALLY RISK IT ALL FOR HIM !! also rip to the disappointing hookup experience I had that made an appearance in this headcanon...yes I’m still angry about it.
→ pairing: eunwoo x f!reader
→ genre: smut, fluff, fwb to lovers
→ tw: hookup culture, mentions of drinking and drug use, implied almost SA, this is a bit heavy compared to the other ones like please be a cautious a little when you’re reading this
→ word count: 5.6k
here we go ladies and gents
i had something completely different planned for this
and it was super angsty and dramatic
but i had a monumental experience last night so I’m changing this up
and okay okay
i usually try to write all my stuff gender neutral but bc of the idea I have for some of this plot, it’s gonna be a female reader
im sorry to all my male identifying loves :(
and back to our regularly scheduled program
cha motherfuckin eunwoo
lee fuckin dongmin
he doesn’t go by dongmin, he prefers to go by eunwoo, only his family calls him dongmin
as soon as he stepped foot into the university, everyone knew him
and I mean everyone
he’s so attractive
but don’t get it twisted, eunwoo’s the humblest, sweetest bean
he gets very embarrassed when people compliment him for his looks
applied for random roommates his first year and got paired up with swimmer!bin
he and bin become besties and end up rooming together their entire college career
major: music performance, specialty in piano
most people (besides those in the music department or astro) would have never thought eunwoo was a music major, especially since he was incredibly smart and athletic too???
usually gets mistaken for a STEM major
often helps the boys (especially rocky and sanha) with their studies
and oof when he tries out for–and makes it into–the basketball team
everyone ???? floored
eunwoo has game on the with dating??? eh not so much
(at least not sober shh)
he’s tried dating before, at least in the first year or so
the basketball team kept trying to set him up with people
but it never got anywhere substantial and eunwoo always trusted astro to really give the vibe check and no one ever passed
and so he settled for hookup culture every now and then
his emotions are guarded :’(
yes he’s very easy to talk to and always so nice and well mannered
but he’s only himself with astro
now, where do you come into this???
you’re a cheerleader
you and eunwoo know each other by association
you cheer for his home games, you’ve been in a couple of classes together, you’ve seen each other at parties
but would you call yourselves friends?? not really
now you know it’s highly unlikely for you to have a lasting boyfriend in college, especially with your affiliation as a cheerleader, so you also opt for hookup culture
less messy feelings, less drama, less commitment, all that fun
so the first time your paths really intertwine with eunwoo is at a party
the basketball team won a big game and they were out celebrating yuh
and ofc since it’s his team, eunwoo popped out
he only really attends parties hosted by the basketball team bc he feels a bit obligated to go LOL but he always brings swimmer!bin for support 
and it’s chill bc bin is also an athlete–yes it’s exclusive like that
but this time, bin couldn’t go so it’s just eunwoo hanging with his team
and yes, you can guess it, you and him get partnered up to play beer pong together!
that’s so cliche omg
but ah ha you hear your opponent, one of eunwoo’s teammates say to one of your fellow cheerleaders: don’t worry baby, I’ll carry you through this game
and you cringed a little ugh men
eunwoo turns to you like: ah sorry if we lose, it’s all luck with me. The guys usually pick to play me bc I’ll probably lose. I’ll drink the cups for you though if you want me to.
you get a little fired up, like aw why do they pick on him that’s not fair
you: well I’m not horrible at pong, so let’s try to crush em
he played pretty well ok! you both got balls back twice in a row right in the beginning
your team was on a roll
you and eunwoo won three games back to back
you were feeling a bit bloated and hazy from the beer that you and him had to drink, but you were still pretty self aware
and you and eunwoo were just chilling after playing the games, you two were on a pretty good wavelength and you wanted to continue it after joking around in between plays
alright now obviously you don’t go into these parties just strictly looking for a hookup, you go to have fun and let loose
but if the person and situation arises??? you wouldn’t necessarily turn it down, especially if that person was cha eunwoo
and yeah, eunwoo was entertaining the idea too, it’s been a while since he vibed with someone like he has with you
basically by the end of the night, you brought him back to your place–you’d rather eat shit than hook up at the basketball house, it was messy and musty and just nope
your place was closer than his
and ~yuh~
it was pretty damn good
he didn’t stay the night, bc well this was a hookup, so after you both had your fill it was a casual alright see you around!
oh lord the fuss your cheerleading team gave you at the next practice asking how your hookup with eunwoo was
the news spread like wildfire
eunwoo didn’t hook up very often so every time he did, it was like breaking news
which is honestly a bit fucked up, but seriously this is how college is
alright so your sex drive skyrocketed after fucking eunwoo 
you hook up with another guy at one of the following parties
but it didn’t compare to eunwoo rip so you were pretty disappointed
and you were sorta wondering like hm? should you hit him up? but decided against it 
and then! you saw him at the gym working out with literally all of astro
bin probably forced the other 4 to come with him and eunwoo sksksksk
and you were like shit why does he look so good
not gonna lie, just in case he was looking over, you tried to make your ass and tits pop out a bit more, you know squats and shit
unfortunately, it caught the attention of other guys at the gym and not eunwoo grrr
and you were literally just planning to stop being a coward and go up and talk to him, but a guy blocked your path
and he was lowkey being very creepy and way too close for your liking
but you weren’t having it, hell no you ain’t a damsel in distress
being a cheerleader taught you how to defend yourself against predatory men
so you were basically telling him to fuck off and leave you alone, but he was being really damn persistent about it
and just as the guy was about to put a hand on you, eunwoo steps in and he’s like: dude, she’s clearly not interested, fuck off.
after a bit of a stare off, the guy leaves and wow you’re face to face with eunwoo again hehehe
his eyes switch from a glare to a soft worried look and he’s like, hey are you okay?
and you’re like a little giddy, maybe also a little bit turned on bc he’s still like fresh from a workout, his hair was brushed back revealing his forehead, his arm muscles were really defined right now, and just he’s so hot? 
but you smile nonchalantly, you genuinely could have just slapped the shit out of the guy or kicked him right in the baby factory, but eunwoo stepping in was also a pleasant surprise, you weren’t complaining
you: yeah. I could have handled it, but thanks for helping
and he just grins, your confidence?? attractive
the two of you just like look at each other for a couple seconds and you’re yelling at yourself in your head like don’t cop out this is what you were waiting for !!
you:’re here with your friends?
eunwoo: yeah, me and my roommate forced them to come work out with us haha. did you come by yourself?
you: yeah, I usually work out with my teammates, but I decided to come alone today
eunwoo nods and you see him like look at your neck and you immediately get a bit shy bc you knew there was a hickey there from your last (very disappointing) hookup: you’ve been having fun recently?
your face flushes: the last one was embarrassing really, so honest to god no
eunwoo: why was it embarrassing? don’t mind me asking
you immediately facepalm: no, yeah I don’t mind telling you...ugh, eunwoo I was literally catfished. this guy really talked mad game about his dick and then when I agreed to hook up, he asked me to suck him off and it literally only took him less than ten minutes. and after he came, he just pulled up his pants and said “damn you give really good head” like the fuck? he didn’t even offer to return the favor or anything, and when I asked him “wait, are we gonna fuck?” he just said “maybe next time.” maYbE neXt tiMe?? I was played so hard, you have no idea how pissed I was, eunwoo. and now I have to wait for his dumb fucking hickey to heal so that I can literally just repress that hookup even happened.
his jaw literally dropped: he didn’t give you anything?
you shook your head, you were getting pissed again 
eunwoo couldn’t believe his ears, he glances back at astro for a second and then he clears his throat: well...what are you doing after the gym?
you: nothing, just going home and taking a shower. My roommate’s not gonna be home tonight so I’m probably gonna wallow in my sorrows about that hookup again
he laughs: well sounds like you have a fun night planned, but if you want some company?? I’d be more than happy to come over and help you forget about the sad disrespect of that hookup.
who said eunwoo couldn’t flirt ???
and he was thinking about hitting you up again too before but he didn’t wanna seem like a fuckboy or anything
but seeing you defend yourself against the guy?? lowkey was a bit of turn on for him
obviously you agreed hello
eunwoo going up to astro: so uh...imma head out first...I’ll see you guys later. :)
sanha: hyung so scandalous *O*
you and eunwoo fuck again
and after this time, the two of you have a little bit of pillow talk
basically you tell him that fucking him ruined all other guys for you bc he was just that good
and eunwoo usually gets shy from compliments, but his ego with this one??? he felt a bit proud ohohoho
and he’s like: honestly, you’re the only person I’ve fucked in six months, but I gotta agree that our sexual chemistry is pretty good
so where do you two go from there?
friends with benefits baby, full on fuck buddies
you both talk and agree that you two weren’t looking for relationships at the moment, but the sex was good
i’m gonna get into specifics later, but for now a little more plot
obviously, you and eunwoo talk a lot more now that you two were basically fucking each other at least once a week
the guys notice that he’s so much more?? carefree?? less stressed out?? ever since you and him started your little agreement
and they’re already scheming by themselves, like eunwoo would not get into a situation like this unless he trusted you as a person
and at first it was really just, call each other over, have sex, stay for a little bit longer, then leave
neither of you ever stayed the night bc that’s just an unspoken rule
until there was this one party, a group of people were in one of the rooms at the basketball house and they told you to come join them and ~do drugs~
don’t dabble kids, I’m serious
and you were chilling with eunwoo and bin for a bit until they called you over and you were like: wanna try too?
eunwoo and bin didn’t do it obviously, but you were curious so you went and told them you would be back in a bit
eunwoo was worried about you, bin could see it from a mile away
he kept glancing back at the room and one by one people started to come out, but none of them were you
bin nudging eunwoo: go check up on her
eunwoo opens the door to see you being like pinned down on the bed and he turns livid
he pulls the guy off you and punches him right in the face like: what the fuck do you think you’re doing? what did you give her?
you’re noticeably out of it, sobriety? not there
the guy basically laced something in the drug he gave you, omg you were roofied??
bin comes in and he literally has to hold eunwoo back from beating the shit out of the other guy
the two take you back to their apartment and were making sure that you didn’t die or something shit
literally cannot believe the first time you slept over at eunwoo’s place was when you were drugged up
you wake up the next morning, nauseous, body weak, and confused
eunwoo also wakes up because of your movement: hey y/n, are you okay?
you: eunwoo...what...what happened last night??
he sits up and gives you a recount of the party and you just like hug your body tightly when he brings up the drugs and start crying
he’s a bit shocked when he sees your tears, but he just pulls you in for a hug to try and comfort you, obviously that must have been a bit traumatic
eunwoo:’s okay...I’m just glad I checked up on you before something worse happened
you: I’m such a fucking idiot...I can’t believe I let myself get put in that situation wonder people think I’m a just a dumb whore.
you and him spill your deepest darkest most traumatizing secrets that morning and you just feel more connected to him
you: I honestly never really told anyone...thanks eunwoo, you’re a good friend.
he feels more protective of you after that??
you start hanging around with him and astro more
and the guys really like having you around !!
you’re very easy to get along with, you also joke and tease eunwoo with them, they love you !
you even become really friendly with the other guys’ partners
about half a year into your fuck buddy relationship with eunwoo
everyone: why aren’t you dating y/n yet?
eunwoo: what do you mean?? we’re just friends...with benefits??
before you even know it, you’re spending literally all your time (when you’re not training or practicing or at class) with eunwoo and his friends
you sleep more at eunwoo’s than you do at your own apartment
honestly you two are already acting like a couple
except for the fact that you only kiss each other when you’re fucking, or you don’t hold hands in public, or you don’t say the L word to each other obviously
but the cuddles? the jokes? the hanging out? if you two are seen together there’s still a little form of physical touch––like a hand on the waist, or resting his elbow on your shoulder––something that tells other people that you two are a bit exclusive to each other
and maybe it’s because both of your emotional capacities when it comes to relationships are akin to a pubescent thirteen year old, but you and eunwoo?? don’t really realize that you’re both basically in love with each other
and it’s also the fact that catching feelings in a friends with benefits?? forbidden
but what if both people catch feelings?
you don’t realize you like eunwoo until a year of fucking each other
damn a year?? y’all really suppressed those romantic feelings hard
you and him were hanging out, per usual, but in the piano rooms of the music building
eunwoo had to practice his repertoire for an upcoming performance and you were free so you decided to come along and keep him company
you knew he was a music major and that he played piano, but you never actually heard him play
you were just chilling by the window, scrolling through your phone, and then he just starts playing and your jaw?? literally dropped
it was so intricate and fluid and elegant, you looked over to the keys and his hands just moved so expertly over them
you were put in a trance, it was so beautiful??
and then you look up and his concentration? seriousness? he has honestly never looked more attractive to you than in that moment
and then eunwoo meets your eyes and he smiles a little: is it bad?
you: no, you’re amazing actually...
and your stomach does a triple somersault and your cheeks start heating up, like why is your heart going haywire???
you start spacing out and obviously he notices
eunwoo calls your name and pats the space next to him on the piano bench
eunwoo: what are you thinking of, hm?
you: n-nothing. keep playing, I wanna hear more
and so he does and your heart just won’t chill out, especially now that you’re literally sitting mere centimeters apart from him
he’s still playing and you just can’t stop thinking about how much you want to kiss him–and not in a sexual way
and that honestly scared you, so you panicked and put your hand near his crotch
eunwoo jolts in surprise, but he doesn’t say anything, he just chuckles and continues playing
do you have sex in the piano room to try and distract yourself from whatever you were feeling? yeah
you hide your feelings for a little bit, but the more time you spent with him, the stronger they got, and you honestly didn’t know what to do
so you tried distancing yourself, you gave eunwoo the excuse that cheerleading competitions were coming up–which they were, so it wasn’t a complete lie–and you needed to focus and have time to yourself
it was so weird for you not seeing him and astro all the time, you barely responded to his text messages or calls, and when you saw him around campus, you would immediately try to avoid him, and it hurt but you were ~scared~
eunwoo’s a smart boy, he knew something was off with you
but after a week of trying to contact you, he didn’t wanna seem annoying or a bother, so he tried not to
even though all he wanted was to see you or talk to you, like it was beyond sex at this point
he missed you, he thought he was going to go insane
he didn’t realize his feelings for you until he saw you talking to a guy in the athletic building
he had basketball practice, and you just finished your cheerleading practice
you were talking to this one guy from your philosophy class, basically joking around and talking shit about your professor
and eunwoo saw you smile at something the guy said and he just felt jealous
his fists clenched, he hated seeing you smile and laugh with the guy like how you used to do with him
and it also didn’t help that you and him haven’t really talked in two or three weeks and he just missed you so much :(
he tried not to think about it during his practice, but it didn’t work, he was off his game for this one, even his teammates and coach noticed it
he went back to his place after practice and called over the boys and basically vented his frustrations
jin: eunwoo. you like y/n
eunwoo: I know...fuck what do I do
bin: tell her, obviously
eunwoo: and risk our?? friendship??
myungjun: you’re a fucking idiot if you don’t see that she likes you back
rocky: yeah...I mean why else do you think noona started distancing herself from you?
eunwoo: maybe I’m just feeling like this because we haven’t met up in a while and I saw her talking to that guy and I don’t know? I’m horny?
sanha: sound indenial and jealous.
bin: you like her. we’re surprised you didn’t realize this earlier.
anyway, the day of the competition comes, and the guys and their partners decide to pop out and support you
and seeing them actually made you feel so warm, you wave at them brightly and you meet eyes with eunwoo and you smile at him even though the butterflies are back and at full force
the group is so proud watching you and your team compete, their cheers are debatably the loudest and you literally have to stop yourself from laughing in the middle of your routine
your school places first yuh
and after talking with your team and discussing celebration plans, you go to the group
you were having such an adrenaline rush, you immediately run up to eunwoo in a crushing hug and you kiss him
eunwoo doesn’t even hesitate to kiss you back
astro and them: ohohoho hey
you: I’m so happy you all came! I can’t believe we actually won!
you were going to celebrate with your team bc you knew they were throwing a party, but celebrating with eunwoo and astro/their partners seemed way more appealing to you
you all go out to dinner and drink a little bit casually and it’s all such good vibes
you missed hanging around with them all and it just felt so right
eunwoo rested his hand on your thigh the whole time throughout dinner, he missed you alright, and just seeing you so happy with all his friends? he was hooked
when the group parts ways, it’s just you and eunwoo heading back to his place bc bin is spending the night at his partner’s apartment
and honestly the tension is so thick between you two
you barely make it past the door before you’re both latched onto each other, making out and all that steamy stuff
after you have sex, the two of you are having that post-sex cuddle in his bed and your heart is pounding so loud
you: hey...I’m sorry if it was weird that I kissed you earlier at the venue, I don’t really know what came over me, I was just so glad to see you guys
eunwoo: you don’t have to apologize for that y/n...I missed you
you roll around so that your back is to him bc you do not have the strength to look at him in the eyes right now
eunwoo hugs your waist and pulls you in his chest, he’s spooning you and he has no plans on letting you go any time soon
you: uh...eunwoo, I-we-uh maybe we should stop this...thing from going any further
he literally freezes: ...did I do something wrong?
you: no! it’s...I...fuck I don’t know how to say this...I know we’ve been hooking up for a year but just recently I...think I have feelings for you...and it’s not fair for either of us to continue this if we’re not on the same page.
eunwoo: y/n, I–
you’re rambling now, you’re scared of what he has to say: and honestly you’ve become someone I really don’t wanna lose in my life. You’re an amazing person and friend, and I don’t wanna fuck that up by having feelings for you, especially since you probably don’t feel the same. I just...can’t have casual sex with you anymore...I’m sorry, it would break me.
you’re like trying to get up and you tell him that you’re going to go to the party your team’s hosting but he just tightens his grip
eunwoo: don’t go...please
you: eunwoo, I can’t stay here–
eunwoo: you don’t even know what I feel, y/n...why are you so sure that I don’t feel the same way as you?? because I do...honest to god, y/n, I like you so fucking much. the month that you didn’t talk to me was like hell and I don’t ever wanna experience that again. I missed you so much I thought I was going crazy...please don’t go.
you roll around and face him again
you: y-you like me? you’re not just saying that because you want to keep having sex?
eunwoo: I’m not just saying that because of the sex...I promise
you: so...what does that make us now?
eunwoo: well would you do me the honors and be my girlfriend?
god finally you two are dating
you realize that not much really changes after the two of you make it official
the pda does increase though, you actually hold hands and kiss each other in public now
and you two are more cutesy with each other
yes astro pretends to gag whenever they see you act all coupley
petnames!! you call each other baby, sometimes you call him minnie!! as in dongminnie !! im screaming!!
a poster couple, the basketball player and the cheerleader
literally when you’re both wearing your uniforms and you kiss each other, it’s like one of those teen movies
lots of forehead kisses especially right before bed
eunwoo’s a clingy cuddly boy, especially now that you two are together
lots of study dates?? he is a scholar after all
you’re each other’s biggest supporters !! you always go to all of his recitals and basketball games, he always goes to your competitions
he’s very soft okay, will never stop showing you off or telling you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you
the first I love you came shortly in the relationship, and that’s because you’ve known each other a year prior and the feelings were really just building up since then
you were in the piano room again and he was just playing for fun, but you always loved hearing him ~tickle those ivories~
he was playing a song and singing along and you swear you had heart eyes for him, his voice was so soft and gentle and just wow
you’re sitting next to him and you just hug his waist while he’s playing
eunwoo’s smiling so wide and then he’s singing to you 
he doesn’t even get to finish the song, because you’re grabbing his face and kissing him 
he’s laughing in between kisses and you can’t help but laugh with him
grrr he’s so cute!
and then you two are just looking at each other
eunwoo: hm? 
you: I love you, minnie
he doesn’t miss a beat: I love you too, y/n
you and him have a lot of deep talks together, especially right before bed
it’s the time when he can just let out all the frustrations of the day and just be with you
he actually holds a lot of pressure and worries, but knowing that you’re by his side, comforts him a lot
the two of you have so many pictures together it’s so cute
eunwoo’s a bit possessive alright, not in the toxic way, but will he tighten his grip on your waist if a guy seems to be getting a little too friendly with you? yeah
not gonna lie, you get possessive too, it’s hard especially if your boyfriend is cha eunwoo, he’s the fucking perfect package god dammit
you both tell each other that you don’t have to worry about other people bc y’all are just both so whipped for each other
but it’s still cute when either of you are jealous
he’s actually pretty into couple items, but it has to be like minimalistic-style
like matching plain color hoodies or matching pajama sets
will not wear a “he’s mine, she’s mine” shirt or something
but it’s okay bc neither would you sksksk
will he wink at you if he makes a three pointer during his game? yeah.
literally loves when you wear his clothes or fuck, his jersey?? a turn on
and here we go !! I’ve been talking about sex so much but let’s get into it !!
in the beginning, like before you two started dating, when it was just your fuck buddy friendship, it was sexy
and not saying that it’s not sexy now that you two were in a relationship, but before it was just lust
eunwoo’s a freak alright, you can’t convince me otherwise
he’s a little kinky
definitely into food play, you two use whipped cream during foreplay a little too much...
100% into anal
you know how much he loves ass, has a very nice ass himself
and we already been knew, but yes he’s an ass guy
s p a n k i n g
eunwoo seeing you in your cheerleading skirt? immediate turn on
will literally fuck you while you’re wearing your skirt...just your skirt.
alright alright, you have a hand kink...was it awoken by watching eunwoo play piano all the time? yes
does eunwoo use that to his advantage? yes
the amount of times he’s fingered you??? vaginal and anal??? lord have mercy
very much into overstimulation, will keep fingering you until you squirt
and yes im bringing back my the choking kink
literally if his hands make any contact with your neck area, even when he’s just kissing, you will drench
but ugh you and eunwoo making out and you know how he like cups the back of the neck?? i know y’all have seen it from the true beauty kiss scenes, and then it gets heated and his grip just moves to the front and squeezes and when your mouth opens in a gasp, he shoves his tongue down your throat
that’s so sexy
do you like choking on his cock? probably more than you should
does he make you deep throat until tears are literally streaming down your face? most definitely
he loves marking you?? it’s just a tell tale way to show everyone you’re his
he’s a bit feisty...will he manhandle you during sex?? yeah
eunwoo is a dom. I am 100% convinced that he is a dom, you won’t be domming him honey
daddy and babygirl kink...I said it...
okay he’s a bit of an exhibitionist...would probably be down to have sex anywhere as long as you don’t get caught
piano room sex? locker room sex? library sex? movie theater sex? restaurant bathroom sex? yes you’ve done it all
will he finger you while you guys are having a movie night with the guys? yeah
eunwoo’s a tease, he’s a little shit, will tease you until you’re literally in tears begging for him to just do something
favorite position is doggy, it’s the view of the ass for him
although you two both do like experimenting different positions, especially if it has to do with “training your flexibility”
will pull your hair while he’s fucking you from behind, and will plug your asshole with his thumb–don’t knock it until you try’s...a pretty good feeling
sometimes wakes you up by eating you out
very much a giver ugh king
the type to grip your thighs tighter when you try to push him away from overstimulation just to force another orgasm out of you
believe it or not, he’s a gasper/grunter/groaner
nothing is hotter than hearing eunwoo groan right when he’s about to cum oooof grrrr bark bark
okay but soft gentle sex with eunwoo is so passionate
all you feel is the love and sincerity, especially when he’s just looking in your eyes
the love making happens a lot more obviously when you start dating
he’s just so in love with you alright
gives the best and sweetest after care ugh
cleans you up, gives you massages especially if it was a rough session, cuddles you, draws you a bath, brings you water, everything
always makes sure to tell you he loves you after sex
i would risk it all for eunwoo like please ruin my life
ugh I just wanna put the idea of protective eunwoo during a party in your head
his hand is always on you. waist, thigh, shoulder, anywhere casually
you don’t fight?? but you do argue
arguing is healthy, and you both would rather let it out and bicker with each other in the moment than let it bottle in and build up into something worse
but when you do have a disagreement, no matter how big or small, you two always make sure to never go to bed angry with each other
communication is very important for the both of you
you’re his better half :’) all the things eunwoo struggles with, you help him with it and vice versa
he figured out you were the one for him during one of your deep late night pillow talks
he was worried about what he’d do in the future after graduating, like he was genuinely having a crisis about it
but you just talked so calmly to him: baby, no matter where you end up after graduation or what you end up doing, you’re going to be fine. You’re such a hard worker and I know that you’ll matter what, I’ll be here for you minnie. I believe in you, you’re future is going to be great.
and he just kisses you so sweetly: will you be in my future, baby?
you’re smiling and you just giggle at him: if you want me to be...I’d love to be a part of it.
ugh y’all are so whipped for each other !!
astro always teasing you two, even when you’re all older
you and eunwoo are equally ticklish so basically y’all are fucked when they wanna mess with you
both of your families love you and him instantly
they push marriage immediately after you both graduate college
even astro’s like: we know you two are probably gonna tie the knot first...when’s the wedding?
not gonna lie, you and eunwoo probably get married probably 2-3 years after college, pretty young age
sidenote: eunwoo 100% cries at your wedding, especially when he sees you walking down the isle in your dress
and he has huge baby fever so you bet y’all had kids fairly young too
the best dad !! ugh he loves kids !! ugh so domestic
im just gonna say, y’all have beautiful children
trusts bin and jinjin to babysit your kids the most...he’s scared of the rest of the boys watching over his children
anyway eunwoo literally deserves the world and I just?? love him so much?? happy ending yay hehe
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aghashiii · 4 months ago
// calories
ahhh thank u! for the emergency request and being here to hear me rant. well... basically ive felt rly bad lately and super untalented. i used to have a ton of motivation for school and now it’s just a chore, especially since i have to keep my top 10% rank. recently ive started to count calories again and i know its unhealthy and it was rly bad a few years ago, but now it’s back and it sucks cause it’s all i think about. and i leave notes and such around my desk that discourage me from eating too much so i work more. i was wondering if you could write abt kuroo iwa and/or tendou like seeing the notes or realizing im counting and comforting me ig? idk if this is too dark cause of eds and if it is im v sorry thank u for letting me rant ahhh! thank u!
; I’m sorry, this took a bit longer than expected! I hope I did alright regardless, and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. 
; Part of my Headcanons!
; 2/13/21
; TW: Counting calories, stress
𝗞𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗼 𝗧𝗲𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗼𝘂
♡ It started when he dropped by for a study date, wandering around your room and staring at the sticky notes. He was about to track down the asshole who wrote them before realizing the handwriting was yours. Honestly? He felt betrayed. Not by you, of course. By the assholes who shoved you into a percentage that didn’t even matter in the end, because you were smart enough as you were. 
♡ It broke his heart seeing you distraught over something you didn’t even want. And so, one by one, he’d replace those sticky notes. ‘Skip lunch’ would become ‘I’m proud of you’ and ‘salad for dinner’ became ‘meet me at 6:00, I -ordered- made your favorite.’ While you weren’t looking, he’d help organize your notes and such to make it easier to understand. Just little things.
♡ It wasn’t until 6:00 that night that he brought you into the warmest hug imaginable. Your favorite food and some terrible movie awaiting you as he helped you take your mind off reality. While he wouldn’t force you to eat unreasonable amounts, he’ll always make sure you get a small snack in you a couple times a day. The numbers you wrote down for calories? He turned into calculus equations just to show you how useless they were-
- ♡ -
A small sigh escaped thin lips as he tore down another post-it note, the scrawled handwriting seeming to taunt him as he replaced it with one of his own. Calloused hands traced tensed shoulders as he practically draped his figure over theirs. “(F/n), we both know this isn’t very healthy.” Kuroo hummed, taking a seat beside his lover, resting those same hands on theirs as they shook in his hold. “These grades don’t define you, your weight doesn’t define you, you don’t need to be someone else’s vision of perfection to satisfy yourself, baby. Even geniuses make mistakes, otherwise they’d just be some boring-ass robot. If I wanted a robot, I’d date alexa.” He smiled at their soft laugh.
“It’s okay, Tetsu, really. Just need to figure this out and I’ll be back to normal soon.” (F/n) sighed, eyebrow lifting when he groaned. “Screw normal! You change a bit every day, that’s what makes you so damn beautiful and unique! You are PERFECT, (F/n). Trust me, equations don’t make you any prettier. Yeah, a few people might be proud, but what about you? Are YOU proud?” His warmth permeated overwhelmed nerves as toned arms encircled a lonely soul, forehead resting on theirs. “I don’t know…” Came their heartbroken reply. “Then let’s fix that, yeah? You’ve overcome this once, you can do it again. Now then, I ordered your favorite, and I’ve already got that show we watch on the laptop. Now, it’s up to you.” He deadpanned, cheerful eyes falling to something almost grave. “Will you risk a subject that really doesn’t matter anyway for your wonderful boyfriend? Take some time off because you deserve it, eat your favorite food with me like we did on our first date?” He wanted to fist-pump at the excited glimmer in their eye. “C’mon, baby, let’s make you feel better.”
𝗜𝘄𝗮𝗶𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗶 𝗛𝗮𝗷𝗶𝗺𝗲
♡ At the first sign of your calorie counting, he’s taking the papers and ripping them up, making a show out of it as he’d deadpan at you. Weight’s never mattered to him so long as you’re not hurting yourself. Everyone has fat, no matter what you do, so make the best of it. He thinks you’re absolutely stunning, so he’s honestly a bit confused at first? You’ll have to explain the situation a bit before he finally hugs you, pressing a surprisingly soft kiss to your forehead before helping you study.
♡ He’s a good student, and an even better boyfriend. While he orders your favorite food, he’s already going over your notes to help you understand the harder parts. The bits he doesn’t understand? He simply tosses the paper out the window with a defeated groan. No, but seriously, he’s only teaching you the things you’ll actually need in life. You don’t need to be a straight A student to have a successful life. What you ESPECIALLY don’t need is to impress a couple people with ridiculous expectations. Because in the end, those don’t matter at all.
♡ As he grows to be a personal trainer, he’s a role model in terms of health. So, if losing weight is your end goal, he’ll help you set up a plan to make it happen. He’ll even do it with you for extra motivation! However, throughout the entire process, he’s constantly showing you all the ways your body is beautiful. Not always verbally. Sometimes, he’ll just gently drag a finger over the parts of you he loves most with a small smile, a smile that only you got to see. 
- ♡ -
“Are you FUCKING serious.” Sore shoulders tensed further at the sudden raise of voice, (F/n) frowning at his almost disappointed gaze. “I know, I know, I’m sorry I’m taking too long. I need to get this figured out and then move onto reviewing that test, these grades aren’t good enough, I’m sor-” Iwaizumi knelt down beside their chair, hands resting on his knees. “The hell are you on about? No, I’m upset about these.” He held up a small note, reading something he never wanted to hear. “Oh...just watching my calories, that’s all.” Hajime rolled his eyes, resting his chin on their lower thigh as he started up at them. “Are you watching them, or are you forcing them into an unreasonable category because that’s what everyone does to you?”
He pouted ever-so-slightly at the silence in return, instead opting to sit up and pull them into his lap. “I’m not mad at you, I could never be mad. Just kinda upset. You’re so talented and smart- it doesn’t even make sense sometimes- and you really think you need to satisfy some people who won’t even be around when you succeed? Make yourself feel better because of stupid expectations? 10% is unreasonable as hell considering you could get some higher-up jobs with considerably lower than that. And your weight? C’mon, you’re gorgeous. If losing weight is that important to you, then we’ll figure something out. But for now, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF-” Iwaizumi cleared his throat, clearly making an effort not to worsen (F/n)’s headache. “Please take a break, you’re working so damn hard, it’s unreasonable. Studying’s near impossible when you can’t even see straight. Here, we’ll take a break and eat some of the pizza I ordered, maybe watch a movie, and then we can figure this-” He motioned to the papers. “When we get back. I’m not leaving you alone anymore, okay?”
𝗧𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗼𝘂 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶
♡ More than anything, he’s sad. He’s so sad that you’re forced into a bubble you were never comfortable with. And it’s evident. From the first note he finds, you can visibly see his eyes cloud over as he walks over and gingerly places his hands on your waist to check your weight, eyes watering at the feel of you flinching under his touch. It breaks his heart seeing you go through this. 
♡ However, he still manages to make you smile. Before tackling the calorie problem, he’s focused on getting rid of any other stressful things. Assignments, studying, reviewing, it’s all with him so that he can help you take small sessions to just jam out and vibe for a while, just a chance to take a breath. And then, he’ll resume the study playlist he made for you, and be a comforting presence you can turn to whenever you need. And when he can’t be there? He’s on FaceTime. When you want a bit of space? He obliges, simply adding a few more songs into the mix as a small reminder that he’s there for you.
♡ When the time comes though, he works to help you overcome the counting issue. Even just showing you his own weight and how it fluctuates throughout the day, how losing/gaining weight is normal, and how your own body is perfect just the way it is. If it’s more of a stress habit, ten he helps you find other habits that are a bit healthier. But if you really want to lose weight? Then he’ll simply help you rearrange your usual diet to slowly help you dwindle down, maybe go on a couple jogs and stuff with you just so you know he’s there. So long as it’s healthy, he’s there! And when it’s not? He’s still there, helping you find a better way. Whatever you want, he’s right there, with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen.
- ♡ -
“Angel, look at me?” He hummed, slender fingers dancing along their work-ridden hands. “Why? What’s up?” They sighed quietly, not ready for another obstacle to handle. He leaned over their shoulder, lips jutting outwards into a pout as he studied their features. “Yep, still gorgeous! Aw, looks like you don’t need these anymore.” Tendou grinned, plucking the notes off the desk before making a show out of tossing them into the air. “Satori? What’s this about?” (F/n) leaned back in their chair. “I don’t know, you tell me. Why, why, are you, my PERFECT ANGEL, working yourself to death to make yourself feel better? I adore how stubborn you are; most people just eat ice cream and stuff when they’re sad. But paradise-” 
He gripped their hands in his. “You’re just hurting yourself more. When’s the last time this headache went away?” A soft hum came in reply, then a shrug. “Exactly. You are SO talented, so incredible, (F/n). Most everyone would have just given up by now, including myself, but you’re still going. That’s incredible! But- also pretty rude to the guy who just ordered your favorite dessert and set up a pillow fort for us.” Satori laughed happily at the slight glimmer in their newfound smile, relishing in the small bit of relief he’d seen in them. “There they are! My talented and incredible miracle cutie, NOW can we go play some dumb game and argue over which character is better? C’mon, you deserve this.”
Word Count: 1717
Not Edited
- Ky♡♡
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anxiousnerdwritings · 4 months ago
Ok so this is gonna look weird since im doing this on my computer and i might have some uppercase sentences but hopefully this works and if it doesnt f also first time submitting and it might not show up as anonymous so f to me again help m e anyway if this doesnt work then i'll just continue to send in works through asks bc i cant figure shit out lmao.
-Knull anon
You stopped for a moment before saying, “damian, you’re supposed to be with batman trying to fight the other batman, why are you here?” Damian seemed to freeze up, but before he could explain anything, you pressed on. “And what happened to your costume? I don't think he would let you get a new one.”
The 4 strange batkids who seemed to appear out of nowhere stood there not knowing what to do, and as you sat there wondering why they seemed like they were… before the joker gas, you also had to wonder why they were there. Who were they? Where were they from? The other batkids got killed when… “batman” killed them.
One of the kids you recognized was Cassandra, if you remember correctly. It was strange seeing her so.. Well, alive. You never met the actual batkids before, since the batman who laughs only found you after a reign of chaos, but you had heard about them, and in some files you found when you had a bit more freedom, they spoke of who they were and what they could do. Of course you had to put them back when your “dad” came back around, but you were still able to read some of them. 
The others you couldn’t remember as well, since you were only able to read up on 2 or 3 batkids. However, you weren’t able to think about that when one of them, who looked a little tiny and had a staff said “we need to find somewhere to hide, those robins are coming back down.”
Oh fuck, I forgot, I asked them to bring some food down! Well, now I feel bad about being hungry…
You were about to let them hide in your room, but then you saw the blasted door and thought, yeah, that's not gonna work. You looked around and remembered that stupid hiding place you found a couple of weeks ago while playing the robins version of hide and seek. It was such a good hiding spot that your “dad” actually had to come and drag you out.
Yeah, it wasn't a fun time.
But at least now you have a hiding spot. You motioned for them to follow you down the large hallway, and then opened up two double doors. Inside was a room of sculptures from all over the place. You walked them over to a sculpture of a man who appeared to be crying while sitting on a bench, and let them behind it. There was a small gap that you squeezed through and pressed 6 tiles in a pattern, before it revealed a sort of bunker like room. You led them inside and right as you were able to hear the screeching of the robins, you closed the door.
You sat there for about 10 minutes before you heard things quieting down. For the most part you heard the robins stomping around, trying to find you. You were honestly surprised to see that they didn’t just look where you were last time. A question pulled you from listening to the thumps.
“Why did you recognize Damian's voice?” you turned around and saw the same boy who had alerted you of the robins approaching had asked you. You turned to him fully before explaining, “this… earths, I guess you could call it, batman did have a damian wayne, but when he… ya know, became evil, he turned damian into one of them. He really doesn’t speak unless spoken to, which is also really rare. I was just surprised to see you since I thought you were supposed to be with him while they fight that one earths batman.”
Damian gave you a weird look and said, “I'm not the Damian from this earth, as you call it.”
You stared at him for a moment before going back to your mind. Not from my earth? What does he mean by that? Besides, what's with all the other batkids being alive? And even if they are here, and from a different earth, what would they be looking for? Was it money? No, batkids from all over never really want money, they want to follow, well, batman. So that means their batman must’ve sent them here. But why?
You turned back to the batkid with a staff and asked, “I'm sorry, I've never heard of you, what's your name?”
You saw Cassandra hold her hand to her mouth while Damian seemed to smile. Probably just your imagination, though. “Red Robin.” he said, as he looked down, seemingly a little embarrassed.
You tried to remember who had that name, but nothing came up, until….
“Oh, I remember now! You're the one that likes coffee, right?” he scratched the back of his neck, before nodding.
Cassandra was the next to ask questions. “Why don't you know the robins from this earth?” you leaned back into the wall behind you and said, “easy, I wasn’t there when you all died.” the mood immediately died after you said that, and it became extremely awkward. 
Damian asked, “why are you even here?” “I'm supposed to know? I don't even know why he didn’t kill me to be honest with you.” 
Damian asked, “why are you even here?” “I'm supposed to know? I don't even know why he didn’t kill me to be honest with you.” 
Damian was about to ask something else when his comm beeped for a moment. He answered it, before you heard someone say, “damian, you better have found the damn thing, because we're being overrun!” 
From the other line, you were able to hear the screeches of robins from all over, and the grunts of whoever was speaking. “Ugh- just get the thing, and head out! We've got them distracted!”
Damian immediately got up and grabbed your upper arm, before opening the door. “We're leaving, we don't have much time.” without another word, you followed them out of the strange bunker and back into the hallway.
Sneaking past the robins was easy. Sneaking past the guards was… not so easy. You were wondering how they even got in when, instead of heading towards the entrance to the fortress, they turned a random corner and dragged you down somewhere else. 
“Hey, not to sound rude, but the exits that way,” you pointed back to the two large doors that were heavily guarded, “why are we going this way.”
Cassandra turned back to face you. “We didn’t enter that way.” you were about to ask a question when you entered a tiled hallway. They brought you to one specific area and you could only assume that it was the same puzzle as the bunker, enter the right code and you would get into a secret tunnel.
Damian seemed to try and remember what the puzzle was, before he entered an unknown combination and the doors opened. He smirked before coming to the person who had distracted the robins.
“Nightwing, we’ve got the obj-” he looked at you before realizing that might’ve been rude. “... the… person, we’ve got the person.”
“It’s a what now?!” “Just get back to the ship and we’ll be off!”
He dragged you into the tunnel that seemed to be extremely long, and you continued like that in the dark, sprinting through the dark tunnel while you heard random noises everywhere else. Finally, you almost ran into the end of the tunnel, and when it was opened it was almost like a breath of fresh air. Well, it was a breath of fresh air, but this is the first time you’ve really been able to see the planet. Even in the dark, you were able to tell that it was a beautiful jungle. 
Being shoved into a nearby bush startled you but when you went to ask why red robin had pushed you, he held a finger to his lips, and pointed out of the bush.
There were two large guards with their weapons walking over to the door, and looking around. You saw the batkids make hand signals out of the corner of your eyes, but before you would even say anything, a large explosion from the other side of the fortress brought your attention.
Without a second glance the two guards ran around the building before disappearing to a corner of the wall. Waiting a few seconds to see if anyone was there, before red robin helped you up and the 5 of you started running to who knows where. It felt like a couple minutes before you suddenly stopped and went on a little wrist tablet and started typing. 
This resulted in a jet appearing from nowhere, before you realized that it was a wonder woman's invisible jet. “Did you guys recreate it or something?”
Cassandra gave you a weird look before you doubled back, and said, “Oh I forgot, this is from your earth.”
Walking around in grass and leaves felt surreal to you, but now you finally have a chance of leaving. Running up the ramp, you almost cried in relief when you realized that no this wasn’t you mind playing tricks on you. But that would have to come later, since you still had to leave the planet.
And as you took off, watching the fires swallow up the nearby trees, and the robins desperately try to find you, you really wanted to start laughing from joy.
God this shit was so hard to write bc i was trying to figure out how to submit things and then like ya know this happened. Anyway if my name shows up when i submit this u can just copy paste this or just screenshot it idc whichever is fine with you. Anyway cheers love, god help me bc i want to sleep.
-Knull anon
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cellotonin · 5 months ago
Idk if you've done it yet! But you should ship your moots!
do i look like someone with enough money to own a boat
Tumblr media
okoK ALL JOKES ASIDE,,, i was kinda waiting to get this ask lmfao i saw all my other moots doing it and i was staring like 👁👄👁 when is it my turn AKJSKJSDFG SO THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME JOIN and i’m sorry this took me so fucking long omfg kjdkjsxdcfg
idk if i can describe ship dynamics as poetically as everyone else but i can try 🤧 these are messy so bear with me dkszxdkjfv
oh good grief these got WAY too long LMFAO IM GONNA PUT THEM UNDER THE CUT
also if we’re moots and i didn’t tag u pls scream at me so i can make a part 2 😭 i don’t wanna forget anyone but my memory is FUCKED rn lmao
Tumblr media
@bnhatrashh + bakugou ➟ ok tbh there was a moment where i considered kaminari bc your energy together would just be astronomical but,,,, i ended up running back to bakugou lmAO SO LET ME ELABORATE 🤩 i feel like you just have this quality to you that makes people fall in love with you before they even realize it. and bakugou can try as much as he wants but he is no exception 🥴🥴 honestly i think you’d fit in extremely well with the bakusquad bc you seem to share their sense of humor skjdkjsxdcf so ofc course bakugou’s gonna end up being around you a LOT more often. and he’ll complain, trust me he will. you’ll often get remarks like “you have nothing better to do than follow me around like a damn extra?” but everyone and their mother knows he actually really enjoys being around you 🥱 like give it up kacchan you let your secret out of the bag when u dragged izzy off to help her study for exams when she didn’t even ask LMFAO,,, but anyways !! once you’re actually together i feel like you’d truly support each other better than anyone else could. bakugou already strives to be at the top, but with the way you’re always cheering him on and motivating him to do his best, he now feels a sense of duty to pull you up to the top with him. he rarely says it out loud, but the joy he feels when you come bounding home with the biggest grin on your face after achieving something you’ve been working so hard for is unmatched 🥺🥺 mans is truly smitten for you but he HATES ADMITTING IT AND IT’S SO ANNOYING,,, like headass we can see those heart eyes from a mile away every time izzy is in the same building stop the cap already 🤡
@briswriting + kenma ➟ yeah. this one is extremely self explanatory LMFAO LIKE,,,, I LEGALLY CANNOT PAIR YOU WITH ANYONE ELSE IT’S JUST TOO PERFECT,,,, you are literally one of the only people that can successfully pull kenma out of his little shell along with kuroo and hinata. with you though, it’s a little different, but that difference starts out so subtle that it takes almost a full blown year for anyone to recognize it 😭 all of the nekoma vbc is convinced that you’re some kind of magician deadass. bc literally all you have to do is sit down next to him or glance over his shoulder and ask what game he’s playing, and suddenly he’s rambling about his acnh island the way hinata does about volleyball and kuroo’s a little jealous bc not even he can get kenma that excited LMFAO BUT ANYWAYS,,,, before he knows it, he’s calling you at 1 in the morning and shyly asking if you wanna try out this new game with him, and now yaku has another person to scold for sacrificing your sleep for games 😭😭 at this point you guys are like,,, lowkey dating,,, except it’s not rlly official bc neither of you have made the point to actually ask 🤧 but the moment kenma really realizes that he’s in love with you is when the two of you are playing a game again late at night and you start getting a little sleepy. and much to his surprise, he doesn’t even blink when he feels your head gently fall onto his shoulder. and he’s even more surprised when he wakes up the next morning to find you still curled at his side. on god if anyone sees the lovestruck grin on his face rn he will never hear the end of it LMFAO
@dimplesum + oikawa ➟ faye i’m so mad you have no idea how many times i had to rewrite this one becaUSE I COULDNT DECIDE BETWEEN MONOMA AND OIKAWA TO SAVE MY FUCKING LIFE PLEASE,,,, but as you can see i did end up going with mr. milk bread enthusiast himself 🤩 now with oikawa, he’s always been so focused on his future career as a volleyball player that he hasn’t really,,, had much time to think about being in a long-term relationship. but somehow, despite all the fangirls lined up and ready to marry him on command, oikawa’s romantic interests don’t fully spark back to life until he bumps into you in the hallway and you drop one of the most iconic puns he’s ever heard 🤧 suddenly he’s pulled towards you like a satellite, so entranced by your witty personality and strangely lovable sense of humor that he completely forgets himself when he asks you to date him out of nowhere 🥴🥴 let me warn you rn, the second you say yes his ego will inflate sO DAMN MUCH 😭 f in the chat for all the 3rd years who will literally never hear the end of how perfect the two of you are LMAO. please expect to go on lots of restaurant dates once he finds out how much of a foodie you are skdnskfg,, when he thinks you aren’t looking he snaps a couple photos of you enjoying your favorite snacks and posts them on ig bc the whole world honestly needs to know how in love he is with you even when you’re doing the most mundane things 🥺🥺
@katsushimaa + tsukishima ➟ akjdkjsxdcfvgb okok look u know that one incorrect quote that goes something like “you’re so embarrassing leave me alone” “then stop holding my hand” “........ no.” this is liTERALLY YOU AND TSUKISHIMA PLEASE I CAN LITERALLY VISUALIZE THIS IN MY HEAD DON’T ARGUE WITH ME. tsukishima is literally the BIGGEST textbook tsundere at the start oh my god,,, he’ll act like you’re annoying him and getting on his nerves as if he’s not the one scanning around to see if he can catch your gaze during lunch or in the hallways 🙄 like stfu tsukki u wanna kiss her so bad it makes u look stupid BSJDKSKFG ANYWAYS 🤧 honestly, the biggest giveaway that he likes you more than he lets on is when you accidentally call him tsukki in front of the team. everyone kinda shrugs it off expecting him to go “please don’t call me that 😐” but like ??? it never does ??? instead his cheeks turn the s l i g h t e s t shade of pink, and that is when everyone proceeds to lose their shit LMFAO. but now we get into the fun part 🤩🤩 tsukishima doesn’t always go overboard with relationship stuff and signs of love, equal parts because he feels like subtler, more intimate gestures feel more genuine, and because he doesn’t feel like being teased for the rest of his life by his teammates 🤧 but despite the absence of big, flamboyant displays of love, you’ll know he deeply cares for you and he’s really thankful that someone as wonderful as you stumbled into his life 🥺 try not to cry too hard tho when he suddenly learns how to say ily in tagalog 🥰
@kingtamakimurder + daichi ➟ i almost said ushijima,,,, i almost did,,, but my mind kept screaming daichi every time i tried to write this out 😭😭 so let me explain why you are just about the luckiest person in existence rn okok,,, the two of you are like the “opposites attract” trope but in a softer font lmao,,, for someone who’s so mature and responsible compared to his agemates one might think his ideal type would be someone with a similar personality, more on the calm and reserved side. but all of that shit goes right out the window as soon as he realizes just how drawn he is to your vibrant and chaotic energy 🤩 also here’s the thing; when daichi acknowledges his feelings for someone, he starts doting on them. a lot. so it’s safe to say that you’ll be spoiled a lot from now on LMAO 🤧 daichi also tends to be more on the traditional side when it comes to dating as in those nice sorta fancy-ish restaurants like that one place where you ate that one food that looked like a steak but i forgot what it’s called KJSXNKJAZSXDCF ANYWAYS,,, man ok but just imagine how cute you two would be in public omfg,,, daichi likes pda but of the more low-key variety if that makes any sense, like,,, holding hands when ur walking or sliding his arm around your waist. and sometimes when you’re off ur guard he’ll plant a lil kiss on ur nose or forehead 😳😳 fight him as much as you want but ur reaction is the cutest thing ever and he will die with that statement 😤
@meliorist-midoriya + izuku ➟ ok but this has got to be one of the cutest self-ships on this whole list adckjsxdkjcf like,,,, i strongly advise avoiding these two together unless you want diabetes LMAO 😭 honestly ?? the friends to lovers trope is written ALL OVER this ship. everything about your relationship is so sickeningly sweet before it even starts. all it takes is one thing that izuku finds you have in common you’re both plant enthusiasts idc i’m making it canon now and suddenly the two of you are joined at the hip. this boy will literally ramble for hours, you know, like he does, but then all of a sudden he just s t o p s as he realizes that you’ve made absolutely no attempt to stop him. and it’s right then, right as he understands your genuine interest in what he has to say, that his heart just straight up combusts. congrats izuku !! you’re officially the second-to-last person to finally realize how absolutely whipped you are for kelley 🤧🤧 but it doesn’t end there lmfao,,, you’d need a month’s worth of daily pep talks to build his courage up enough to even think about asking you out. so we’ll skip the agony of that intermediate phase before this ends up being a 350k slowburn HSHSKJDFG 😭😭 even after you guys start dating izuku always turns into such a flustered mess every time you compliment him or give him affection and he like,,, hides his face in your shoulder or your hair and it’s the cutest fucking thing LMFAO,,, but do not underestimate him,,, if he suddenly starts coming back at you with the smoothest lines ever spoken by man,,, do not say i didn’t warn you 😳
@reddriot + kirishima ➟ easily another adorable self-ship that can and will spike your glucose to dangerous levels HJDJKSDJKFG,,, you guys are so damn wholesome right from the start but m a n,,,,, the pining,,,,,,, it’s so painful to watch 👁💧👄💧👁 honestly though i can’t blame you too much. kiri is so sweet and thoughtful to everyone around him and naturally everyone loves him as a result, so it’s hard for you to tell if he would even like you as more than a friend 😭 but here’s the thing: kirishima feels exactly the same way. he’s absolutely smitten by your kind and caring personality and he loves how approachable you are, but he’s so scared of ruining your friendship by asking you out if you don’t reciprocate his feelings. and everyone is kinda just staring like 🧍 bc your pining for each other is sO DAMN LOUD BUT YOU’RE THE ONLY TWO THAT DON’T NOTICE 😭😭 but finally and by finally i mean at LEAST two years LMFAO you guys quit beating around the bush and become official 🥺 congratulations !! you have officially just won yourself a personal hype man !! god it’s just,,, so unbelievably adorable how the two of you support each other in everything you do and cheer each other on 🥺 the positive energy is absolutely contagious and everyone around you gets butterflies when you’re laughing together <3
@tamasoft + hawks ➟ dabi is typing,,,,, skHAJDNSKDKD ANYWAYS JUST— HEAR ME OUT FOR A SECOND OK JUST HEAR ME OUT 😭 look ok ellie x dabi is a very secssi ship and i support 200% but like,,, ellie x hawks is that one rare pair that you don’t really think about until you actually see it for yourself then suddenly ur like,,, “how long have i been sleeping on this gem” HSNDKSM AND NOW SUDDENLY I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT OK— you two are probably the couple that start flirting with each other LONG before y’all even start dating. and everyone is just sO THROWN OFF when they see you two calling each other “babe” and “love” and “honey” as if you’ve been dating for months when in reality you guys literally met yesterday 😭 keigo absolutely loves how easily you keep up with his energy, and sometimes he’s surprised to find that he’s the one trying to keep up with you. and believe me, the second you call him up at 1 in the morning bc you want chicken wings but you don’t want to eat them by yourself, hawks knows he’s found a keeper. no one ever notices when you officially transition into a relationship, i swear. for the rest of your life you’re gonna get comments like “wait you weren’t dating before ??” and “i was so sure they were already a couple!” so yeah have fun with that HAHAHAJDJF. and to top it off, you love being cuddled. keigo loves giving cuddles. need i speak more? fuck blankets entirely lmfao keigo’s wings are already more than enough 🥰
@tsuhika + akaashi ➟ on god the way i wanted to ship u with atsumu just to piss u off KDXKLAZSXDKLFG BUT I COULDN’T,,, AKAASHI IS TRULY THE PERFECT MAN FOR U,,, honestly similar to shania and daichi, you and akaashi are like the opposites attract trope but to a softer degree lmao 🤧 lowkey tho, i remember you saying smth about how akaashi might not see you as a compatible romantic partner bc you’d be too chaotic for him but like,,,,,, hello,,, are we talking about the sama akaashi keiji here ??? aka best friends with bokuto koutarou akaashi keiji ??? chile i think he’ll be fine LMFAOAKJSJASDFG 🥴🥴 BUT ANYWHOOO,,, i gotta warn you about akaashi tho, bc looks can be deceiving. this man will have you thinking he’s completely chill with his “i have everything under control” vibe. but internally ?? he is a DISASTER. mans is so whipped for you he literally trips on his own feet trying not to make a fool of himself 😭 remember the time you were studying with him for an exam ?? keiji spent WEEKS trying to figure out how to ask without making it sound weird 🤧 and when he finally decided to ask you out ?? remember how he had seemed to calm and confident ?? yeah uh - you didn’t see his near mental breakdown just five minutes prior LMFAODJSJDF,,, but oh my god he is literally the best bf once you start dating 🥺🥺 he’s always paying attention to your little mannerisms and habits and often figures out what you want without you having to say a word. he gets such a kick every time you stare at him in shock when he comes back home with a new item that you were ogling at the store just a few days prior dckjxsdkjcfvg,,, cheeky bastard you gotta love him
@your-local-bnha-writer​ + noya ➟ look ik ur technically not on tumblr anymore (</3) but i had to put u here ok,,, you and noya are literally a match made in heaven change my mind. god rlly said “lemme just manifest the perfect couple and— oops i added too much chaos. oh well, it is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ” and boom suddenly we have the wild but wholesome relationship that everyone in gen z wishes they could have LMAO ANYWays i uh,,, hope you don’t mind being simped on bc with noya it is absolutely inevitable. if u so much as breathe in his general direction he’ll be all “heart-eyes motherfucker” and start showing off a lot 🤧 when u go to karasuno’s practice matches this boy is doing legit CARTWHEELS as he receives the ball and every single time without fail he will glance over at you to see if you’re watching him. hype him up and he will literally ascend into heaven 😭😭 so long story short it’s very easy to catch on when he starts developing feelings for u KJDXKJSXDKJCFG,,, don’t even get me started on once the two of you actually start dating LMFAO. you two are like the couple that tries to imitate couple tiktok trends for those Couple Goals™ but they always goes so horribly wrong bc neither of you can take it seriously 💀 lowkey though the fails end up turning out better than the original bc it just shows how naturally fun you guys are 🥺🥺 man i wish i had a relationship like this i’m so jealous LMFAODSASJDFG
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awildcur · 5 months ago
all is calm
Pairing: Coco Cruz x Soledad Valdez (OC) Word Count: 3,003
One day I’m gonna actually sit down and write the multi-chaptered Coco/OC fic that I’ve had in my head since earlier this year, but until then, here this is. Shout out to @likedovesinthewnd for making me a pretty moodboard and loving these two as much as I do.
Tag List: @likedovesinthewnd @everyhowlmarksthedead @basickassandra @-im-fantastic- @trulysuccubus @ocetevasgirl @mayans-sauce @fvckthisbxtchup @shawty-fenty @thesandbeneathmytoes @ly--canthrope @angelreyesgirl @krysiewithak @woahitslucyylu @drabbles-mc @tomhardydallasstarsgirl @sadeyesgf @gemini0410 @glimmerglittergirl @starrynite7114 @appropriate-writers-name @tranqs-main-mami​ @queenbeered​ @lovebennycolonmiguelgalindo​ @sesamepancakes​ @cant-decide-at-this-moment​ @isisafrofairy​ @anangelwhodidntfall​ @blessedboo​ @ateliefloresdaprimavera​ @my-rosegold-soul​ @xladymacbethx​
Please let me know if you wanna be added to the list.
Tumblr media
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Santo Padre sun still shines brightly in December. When she dressed in the morning, Soledad had added a light sweater before leaving the house. It was enough for the chill of the morning air, but was soon ripped off and tied around her waist come noon. She keeps moving too much, decorating the flower shop for Christmas in between customers.
When there’s a lull in the middle of the day, Soledad lets Letty take over and grabs the two mini tabletop Christmas trees she made – one for Felipe and one for the owner of the panadería next to her. She drops off their gifts, bringing a touch of holiday cheer to their shops and chats with each of them for a moment. When she heads back to her own place of business, Soledad notes the bike that’s now parked out front.
“You call this a Christmas tree?” she hears as she enters the shop. She looks at Coco to find him sizing the tree up and down, a clear look of judgment across his face.
Letty rolls her eyes. “Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”
“It don’t got no ornaments or nothin’,” Coco protests as he gestures at the tree in question, decorated top to bottom in sunflowers. “There’s just flowers all over it.”
“Did you forget what I’m sellin’ here, Johnny?” Soledad pipes up, alerting them to her arrival.
Father and daughter both look over their shoulder at her. Letty turns to her and crosses her arms.
“He doesn’t like it,” she says.
“I didn’t say that!” Coco quickly responds. He looks between Letty and Soledad. “S’just… I ain’t never seen a Christmas tree like this.”
“Learn to broaden your horizons, maybe?”
“Okay,” Soledad laughs, interrupting Letty’s quip. She puts her hands on her shoulders, saying, “Letty, why don’t you go ahead and take your lunch break, yeah?”
“Sure, Sol.” Letty removes her work apron and places it behind the counter. “I’ll be back in a few,” she says and heads out.
After Letty leaves, Soledad leans against the counter and tilts her head at Coco. “So. You don’t like my tree?” she questions.
Her tone is playful but Coco rolls his eyes – and Soledad can clearly see where Letty gets it from. “It’s a nice tree. Jus’ different.”
“Mhmm,” she nods.
“Look, it don’t matter what I think. I ain’t never had nothin’ more than a shitty Charlie Brown tree anyway.”
Soledad gives him a pout. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Nah,” he agrees. “But that didn’t stop Celia from tossing it out a window only a few days before Christmas.”
In the short time Soledad and Coco have known each other, he’s barely talked much about his mother. And when he does, she’s simultaneously glad she’ll never have to meet someone so terrible and angry that she’ll never be able to give that woman a piece of her mind. It usually doesn’t feel right to feel so much hate for someone who’s dead, but Soledad makes an exception for Celia.
She reaches her hand out to him, their fingers brushing before he lets her take his hand and pull him to her. “I know the holidays ain’t your thing and they can be really lonely,” she says. “But it’s not all bad. You and Letty can make new memories.”
Coco takes in her words before nodding. “Yeah, Leticia’s not at my level of fucked up just yet,” he says. Soledad gives a short laugh and he takes a step closer, almost hovering over her. “You’ve been really good to her. Thank you.”
He leans in and Soledad meets him halfway in a kiss. She presses against him, his tongue sliding into her mouth, and it takes all she has not to go further. Coco ‘s hand is on her cheek as he deepens the kiss and she has to remind herself that they’re still in the shop in the middle of the day.
The loud slam of a car door breaks Soledad out of her haze and she pulls back. When no one enters the shop, she flickers her eyes up to Coco and finds him smirking at her.
“Damn, chula. I should thank you more often.”
Soledad pushes Coco away but the smile that breaks across her face tells him she’s far from mad at him. The phone rings and Soledad rushes behind the counter to answer it. She grabs a pen and pad of paper, writing down the customer’s order and gives them an estimated price and time of pickup. Coco watches as she does this, taking note of what she says. She hangs up the phone and places the order to the side, already thinking of putting together the arrangement.
“You really workin’ tomorrow? On Nochebuena?”
She looks up at the question. “Just in case of some last minute orders, y’know?” she answers with a shrug. “Don’t worry, I won’t make Letty work.”
“You don’t got no plans?”
Soledad gives another shrug, looking down. “Working is a plan.”
Coco observes her as she turns around, taking out the inventory needed for the new order. The holidays can be really lonely, he remembers she said, and he starts to wonder if that’s a statement that rings true for her.
Her back still to him, he waits for her to turn back around and says, “Talk to me, Sol.”
She sighs heavily, placing her materials on the counter and tilts her head up to face him. “I’ve been trying to put on a front but... I just haven’t really been in the Christmas spirit this year.”
“A front for who?” Coco asks, his brows knitting together. “Letty? You don’t gotta–”
“No,” she interrupts him. “For myself, really. I usually love Christmas but this year with my mom gone and everything…” she tries to explain. “It’s like I dunno what to do with myself without her.”
Having a mother on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Coco can’t relate. But he can’t ignore the sadness he hears in Soledad’s voice. “What did you used to do?”
“Just regular stuff,” she shrugs. “Decorate the tree and around the house. We even made our own ornaments and decorations sometimes. I always complained about how long it took, but I’m gonna miss making a million tamales with her,” she says with a laugh. “It was nothing all that special but it was with her, y’know?”
“You can still do all that,” he says, before his lips quirk up in a small smile and he adds, “Especially the tamales.” Soledad snorts in spite of herself. “For real, though. You should come by the clubhouse,” Coco suggests.
“Christmas at the clubhouse?” she asks, eyebrow raised at the idea.
“Yeah, why not? What’s better than spendin’ the most wonderful time of year with a bunch of outlaws?”
“Sounds tempting,” Soledad laughs.
“C’mon, no shit ever really goes down on Christmas, I swear. It’s just the MC and family friends. Vicki and her girls come by sometimes. Shit, they even bring tamales, too.”
“I didn’t realize Vicki’s girls were so multi talented.”
“Hey, you’d be surprised.” Coco smirks at her and Soledad reaches over the counter to playfully shove at his shoulder, making him laugh. “Seriously, mujer. You should come by.”
“Come by where?”
Letty’s return now acknowledged, Coco straightens himself up at the counter. Soledad hides her eye roll and answers, “To the clubhouse for Christmas.”
“You should, Sol! Hank and Bishop actually told me to invite you when I was over there the other day, I almost forgot.”
“They did?” Soledad and Coco ask Letty at the same time. Coco looks over at Soledad and adds a “See?”
“Yeah,” Letty confirms. “You weren’t gonna work all Christmas, were you?”
Soledad shrugs in response. “Just tomorrow for some order pickups.”
“That’s not gonna take all day! You’ll be done with plenty of time to go the clubhouse. Please, Sol?” Letty clasps her hands together, bringing them up under her chin as if to beg her.
“Fine,” Soledad concedes, laughing in amusement at Letty’s theatrics.
Coco leaves as Soledad and Letty make their plans to drive to the clubhouse together. He’s never been one for the holiday spirit, and he’ll deny it completely, but he thinks he might be feeling it this year. Just a glimmer, if nothing else.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Soledad locks up the shop at 4:30pm on Christmas Eve. Still too early to head to the clubhouse, she goes home to get ready. After showering, doing her hair and makeup, and changing her outfit three times, she finally hears from Letty.
“Ready whenever you are,” she tells her. Soledad doesn’t want to wait around the house for the “perfect” time, so she decides she’s ready. She looks over her appearance one last time, makes sure she has everything, and heads back to her car.
Letty pops out of Coco’s front door the minute she arrives. She greets Soledad as she climbs into the passenger seat. “What’s all that?” she asks, noting the gift bag in the backseat.
“I, uhh, got some gifts to give everyone.”
“You really went out and got them gifts?” Letty asks in surprise. “Fuck, Sol, you really are too nice.”
“I’ve had them for a couple weeks, actually,” Soledad mumbles as she begins to drive.
“Still too fuckin’ nice.”
“Got you somethin’, too.”
“Did I ever tell you you’re my favorite boss?”
They crack a smile at each other and Soledad starts to feel glad that she took Letty and Coco up on their offer.
Though still pretty early, the clubhouse is swarming with people. Letty immediately heads off in search of food while Soledad walks through the crowd. When she happens to bump into one of the guys, she gives them their Christmas gift. Each one admonishes her for spending money on them, especially the older guys, but still take the token at her insistence. As Soledad moves around, she’s surprised to see there’s even decorations up around the clubhouse. Colorful lights are strewn up around the bar, amid various beer bottles and cans. There are ornaments hanging on random items throughout the space in an attempt for a “festive” look – and though the decorations are half assed, she has to admit that it actually works for the MC. Soledad suddenly stops short and scoffs when she sees a cactus with ornaments and lights all over it.
“You made it.”
Soledad looks at Coco, now by her side. She tries to ignore how good he looks, a Snapback placed backwards on his head, and gestures at the cactus. “And you were really givin’ me shit about my tree?”
“Hey, I had nothin’ to do wit’ this,” he says, his hands up in defense.
“Uh huh,” she laughs at him. She reaches into the little gift bag and pulls out a small box, handing it over to him with a “Merry Christmas, Johnny.”
Coco eyes the tiny gift in her hand. “Fuck is this?” he asks.
“Open it and find out.”
“Nah, you didn’t have to get me nothin’,” he argues. “Fuck, Sol, I don’t got anything to give back to you.”
“Doesn’t matter. Take it,” she says and thrusts it into his chest.
Coco scratches at his chin, his eyes flickering to hers before he sighs and takes the gift. He places his cigarette between his lips to open it with both hands, scoffing out a laugh once unwrapped. “You know me well, chula,” he says as he looks at the lighter.
“Turn it over.”
He turns the lighter over in his hand, the MC emblem adorned on the stainless steel. “Damn, that’s fuckin’ nice,” Coco murmurs, his thumb rubbing across the design. He looks to her, nodding his head once and thanks her.
“Like it?”
“Fuck yeah,” he answers. “Might have to hide it so these pendejos won’t steal it.”
“I got one for all the guys,” she admits.
“Wow,” Coco says, throwing his head back in exaggerated shock and disappointment. “Here I was, thinkin’ I was special.”
“Don’t worry,” she assures him, leaning in close. “I got somethin’ else for you later. And it’s all yours.”
Coco’s eyebrows raise at her teasing; this side of Soledad usually only comes out when they’re alone. He checks their surroundings, his sharp eyes making sure none of his brothers are too close by. “Don’t make me drag you out to Boy Scout’s trailer, chula,” he warns in a low voice.
“Don’t threaten me with a good time, Cruz.”
They practically jump apart when Gilly pops up beside them. He’s laughing loudly, telling Coco about some dumb thing Angel did, and starts to pull him over to the other side of the clubhouse. Coco looks over his shoulder to Soledad, she gives a small laugh and mouths “later”, and he nods.
The party goes on throughout the night. Coco was right, no shit goes down on Christmas. Soledad has a better time than she imagined she would. She talks with some of the guys, the randoms that pop up, and Vicki and some of her girls. She even eats a ton of their tamales, and when they start to play lotería and toma todo, Soledad is one of the first to join.
She’s in the middle of a game when Coco sides up next to her. “It’s getting late, mujer. Time for my other gift yet?”
“Lemme win this first,” she says, her turn to spin about to come up.
Coco watches, amused, as Soledad takes the wooden topper between her fingers, twisting it back and forth on the tabletop a couple times before letting it spin around freely. It stops, landing on the table, the words “toma todo” signaling that she wins the round. Everyone else groans as she smiles and grabs all the dollars and coins in the middle of the table.
“That’s it for me. I’m out,” she tells them, throwing her winnings into her purse.
“Hey, gimme a chance to win my money back!” some guy playing with them protests, but quickly shuts up when Coco glares at him.
They head outside, into the dark, calm night of Christmas Eve, and walk over to a picnic table behind the clubhouse.
“What happened to Ez’s trailer?” Soledad teases once they sit down.
“Someone beat us to it.”
“Poor Ezekiel,” she laughs.
They’re silent for a moment, the muffled sounds of the party filling the air. Soledad leans back, elbows behind her on the picnic tabletop as she looks up at the stars. She can feel Coco’s eyes on her, her face illuminated by the moonlight.
“I’m glad you came tonight,” he tells her.
“I’m glad you asked me.”
Soledad feels Coco’s hand at the back of her neck, bringing her face close to his for a kiss. She gasps at the sudden movement and Coco takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss. His hand moves to cup her cheek, rough and warm against her skin. She brings her own hand up, her fingers trailing up and down his arm as she moves impossibly closer to him. She’s close to straddling his lap when she pulls back for air. They breathe heavily against one another, attempting to catch their breath.
“Merry Christmas, Johnny,” she tells him again in a whisper.
Coco swallows hard. “Merry Christmas, Sol,” he replies.
“I got somethin’ else for you.”
“Oh, yeah?” he asks, his grip tightening around her waist.
“Not that,” she laughs.
Soledad leans back and reaches over to her purse. Coco’s brows knit together in curiosity as he watches her movements. She takes something out and hands it to him.
“Your other gift,” she explains. Coco opens his mouth and before he can argue, Soledad adds, “Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have got you anything. It’s too late and it’s nonrefundable. Open it.”
Coco shakes his head with a scoff. Soledad tries to move away from his lap so he can open it but he holds her even closer. “Don’t try and run away,” he jokingly scolds her as he tears at the wrapping paper. “Enabling all my bad habits this Christmas, huh?” he asks once the gift is revealed.
Soledad rolls her eyes. “What happened to just knowing you well?”
“You’re an enabler who knows me well,” he remarks, looking between her and the flask. “I like it, though.”
Soledad takes the chance to give him a quick kiss.
“Those babosos are definitely gon’ try and steal this one,” Coco says, raising the flask.
“Well, if they do...” Soledad pauses, taking the flask from him and moving so he can see it better in the moonlight.
Coco suddenly realizes that it’s personalized, his initials engraved on the item. A sudden feeling washes over him – it’s new and causes a weird feeling in his throat. He swallows, hoping to make it go away, and takes the flask back in his hand. His fingers trail over the initials. “Never got nothin’ like this before.”
“A flask?” Soledad questions.
“A Christmas present, somethin’ that was just for me,” he explains. “Anytime I ever got somethin’ as a kid, which wasn’t a lot, Celia–” he pauses to shake his head in anger. “She’d end up fuckin’ pawning that shit before New Year’s.”
Soledad’s heart breaks for Coco. She leans into him, her hand reaching up to play with his hair, something she learned soothes him. “This is for nobody else but you,” she whispers to him – and hopes he gets the double meaning of her words.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Letty stumbles outside, in search for either Coco or Soledad. She already looked everywhere for them inside the clubhouse and has no clue where either of them went. Her eye catches sudden movement, and she moves slowly to take a better look. She stops short when she finds Coco and Soledad together, hugged up and kissing at the picnic table.
A smile stretches across Letty’s face – she fucking knew it. Those two aren’t slick. Quietly, she steps backwards towards the clubhouse. She’ll ask Chucky for a ride home instead.
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yourbucky084 · 6 months ago
love, actually
Tumblr media
description: inspired by the holiday season, Poe Dameron decides to finally reveal his feelings for you ( just because it’s christmas, and at christmas you tell the truth ;) 
word count: 2.7 k
warnings: this fic revolves around the holiday season and mentions christmas, but other than that, this is pure, tooth rotting fluff :) 
a/n: hi! i’ve never written a holiday centric fic before, but I was inspired while watching this scene in love actually to write a bit of fluff for our favorite man. I’ve tagged people/mutals I think would enjoy and or expressed interest! I hope everyone is doing well, I plan to be a bit more active on here as school stops for the winter break. as always, any likes/comments/reblogs are greatly appreciated! - shannon <3
tagging ( feel free to ignore :) @witchyavenger​ @writefightandflightclub​ @softly-sad​ @dameronsethnichips​ @veuliee​ @poesflygirl​ @im-poe-dameron​ @poedameronloverx​ @mitchi-c​
“ Favorite holiday movie: Go.” You proposed, shoving popcorn in your mouth. You knew you were stirring the pot, but you didn’t care. It was taking them too long to find a movie anyways. 
“ Home Alone. For sure. It’s a classic, no one can argue with me on this.” Finn said, taking another sip of his beer.
“ I actually can argue you on that one, but I won’t because you’re entitled to your own opinion. But just know that your opinion is wrong.” Rey quipped back, as you and Poe giggled in amusement. 
“ Ok fine, Miss ‘I’m always right’. What’s your pick?” Finn asked.
“ Elf, of course.” 
“ Elf? For real?” Poe chimed in, grabbing another cookie from the table. 
“ Yes, for real!” 
“ Who doesn’t love Elf?” You added, poking Poe in the ribs, eliciting a grin from him.
Damn, that grin.
“ Don’t get me wrong, I love Elf. I’m just surprised a movie about spreading Christmas cheer is Ms. Sunshine’s pick.” Poe said, referring to Rey’s somewhat off setting demeanor. 
“ Oh shut up. I’m always cheerful, especially when it comes to holiday cheer.” She said, giving Poe a playful smack on the head. Finn giggled.
“ Plus, you’re one to talk. Isn’t your favorite Christmas movie that stupid one...Fred Claus or something?” You said directly to Poe.
“ For your information, Fred Claus is a great movie. But no, my favorite is Rudolph.”
“ Technically, that’s a television program.” You said, shrugging your shoulders.
“ TeChNiCaLy-” He mocked, and you cut him off. 
“ Oh I’m gonna kill you-” You grabbed the pillow from behind your head and smacked Poe across the face with it. He grabbed the pillow next to him on the couch, and hit you across the stomach. You two continued with your pillow fight, until Finn chimed in.
“ Alright you two, cool it on the flirting. Let’s get back to picking a movie now.” You and Poe both put the pillows back awkwardly, cheeks flushed red, unsure how to respond to that comment. You had fallen for Poe about a month ago, but you thought you were being subtle with your hints. Apparently, everyone was getting them, except Poe. 
You had moved to the city a few months ago for a new teaching job, and lucky for you, your old childhood friend Rey, had an opening in her apartment complex. You reconnected, and she had introduced you to her boyfriend Finn, and his friend and their roommate, Poe. Ever since that first meeting, the group of you had become inseparable.
You had especially grown close to Poe. Even though you two had only known each other for what, five months, you were confident enough to call Poe your best friend. You told each other everything, spent the most time together, and even shared food.
It was like you were dating.
Key word: like.
“ W-we’re not flirting.” Poe answered back, straightening up where he sat on the couch, scooching every so slightly away from you. You desperately tried to hide your frown at the absence of his knee against yours.
“ Yeah. Not flirting.” You added, just because you felt like you had to. Just because Poe didn’t like you back, didn’t mean you had to make him uncomfortable. 
“ Mhm. Sureeeee.” Rey responded, cuddling into Finn’s side mindlessly as she watched the holiday movie on the screen. They ended up picking some cheesy hallmark movie you had never seen.
You sat and watched, or frankly, pretended to watch. You were focusing too hard on Poe’s leg inching closer to yours, his fingertips ghosting above your thigh as he reached for the popcorn. His laugh. His scent. His eyes. His smile. 
He was intoxicating. 
You couldn’t get enough of him, no matter what you did. No matter how much time you spent with him, how much you touched him, how much he laughed, you felt yourself wanting more. He was a drug that you couldn’t get enough of.
You tried desperately to pay attention to the movie, but you failed. Instead, you found yourself watching Poe out of the corner of your eye, basking in his scent, inching ever so closer to him. 
At some point, around the halfway point of the film, Poe leaned over to whisper something in your ear. You prepared yourself for a witty remark, or even a wet willy. Poe could be so childish sometimes. 
“ Y/n?” 
“ Hmm?” You hummed back, not taking your eyes off the screen. 
“ You never answered the question.” 
“ What?” You whispered back, confused.
“ Your favorite Christmas movie.” 
“ Oh.” You responded.
“ So…. what is it?” Poe asked again.
“ You’re gonna think it’s stupid.”
“ No, I’m not. Tell me.” Poe pleaded, shaking your thigh. The feeling of his touch ran throughout your body. Even after he spoke, his hand was still on your thigh. It felt heavy. Warm. Like home.
“ You’re gonna make fun of meeee.” You quipped back.
“ Y/n, honey, please just tell me.” Honey? You had gotten used to Poe’s frequent use of terms of endearment, but this one felt different. Real.
“ Fine fine. It’s Love Actually.”
“ That’s not stupid.” 
“ Well I’m glad you think so.” You said, grabbing another handful of popcorn, now that you assumed the conversation was over. A few moments passed, Poe’s hand still on your thigh. 
“ Who’s your favorite couple? In the movie?” 
“ This one?” You said, panicked. You hadn’t been paying attention.
“ No, in Love Actually.” You let out a breath of relief.
“ Well, of course, everyone loves Colin Firth, and the little kid. But I like the guy with the cards who went to the door, the one who was in love with the best friend’s wife?” You looked at Poe for confirmation. He nodded.
“ I mean, I’m obviously not in love with my best friend’s partner or anything. It’s the gesture, you know? The thought of a guy caring that much, doing that for me…. I don’t know. It’s just really sweet.” You finished, looking over at Poe in anticipation. His eyes were fixed on yours, his grip on your thigh tightening every so slightly. But, before he could answer back, Rey chimed in.
“ What are you two lovebirds whispering about over there?” 
“ Nothing.” You both deadpanned at the same time. Poe’s hand left your thigh, and you shifted away from him on the couch ever so slightly. You took your phone out to check the time, and gasped when you saw the hour.
“ Sorry guys, I gotta get back to my apartment and get to bed. I have to get to the school early tomorrow to prep.” You stood up, and Finn paused the movie.
“ You sure you have to go?” Poe asked, standing up too.
“ Yeah, I forgot to do this craft thing for the kids and plan the lesson and… well you know how it is. I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner?” 
“ Yep. See you then!” Rey smiled, and Finn nodded.
“ I’ll… umm… walk you over.” Poe said, smiling.
“ Poe, really, it’s ok, I just live across the hall.” You said, half heartedly. You really did want him to walk you over, but you didn’t want to inconvenience him. 
“ Y/n, just let me walk you, ok?” You nodded in response as you slipped on your slippers and grabbed your apartment keys from the counter.
“BYE GUYS! LOVE YOU!” You shouted from the doorway, as you heard Rey call back that they loved you too. You opened the door to the hallway, careful to hold it open for Poe behind you. The two of you walked in silence to your apartment door, which was only a few feet away. You fumbled with your keys as Poe leaned against the wall to watch you. You couldn’t seem to find the right key; his presence was too intoxicating. Finally, you found the right key and unlocked the door.
“ Thanks for protecting me from all those dust bunnies.” You joked, and Poe chuckled in response.
“ Anytime, y/n, anytime.” You weren’t sure what to say next. You wanted to keep the conversation going, but you didn’t want to make it awkward. 
“ Are you going-” 
“ So the cards guy-” 
You both spoke at the same time.
“ Uh… you go first.” Poe said, eyes down.
“ No you.” 
“ I was just gonna ask…nevermind.” Poe shook his head.
“ Poe, please, just ask.” You said, taking a bold move and grabbing his hand. He looked down at your hands intertwined, then back up at your eyes. He was about to start speaking again when your phone alarm went off, telling you that you had to be in bed right now.
“ Fuck, sorry.” You said, breaking away from his hand and fumbling to turn off your alarm.
“ No, I should probably get to bed too. You coming to dinner tomorrow?” Poe asked, rubbing the back of his neck. 
“ Yeah, I’ll get home from work around… five thirty or so, and then I’ll be right over. I’ll text you, though.” 
“ Cool. Cool cool cool. Well, um… good night Y/n.” 
“ Goodnight Poe.” You smiled, and walked into your apartment. You shut the door, pressing your back against it once it was shut. You reveled in the feeling of Poe’s hand in yours, his eyes on you, him in general.
Was their lust in his eyes? Or were you reading too much into this? 
You sighed, deciding to leave the mental debate for another night where you didn’t have to get up in five hours. You put your keys on the counter, and got ready for bed.
Meanwhile, across the hall………………………………………………………..
Poe closed the door a little too hard when he returned to the apartment. He wanted to kiss you, probably more than he had ever wanted to kiss anyone in his entire life. The fluorescent hallway lights, your hand in his, your eyes, innocent and kind. Everything felt right. With you, it always felt right.
He was more than frustrated at this point. Every time he thought he found the moment to confess his feelings for you, every time he was about to kiss you, he got interrupted. It had happened three times that night. First Finn, then Rey, then your alarm. Speaking of Finn and Rey, Poe marched into the living room, ready to be bellitted with questions from his roommates.
“ Did you tell her?” Finn asked, pausing the movie. 
“ Yeah, did you kiss her?” Rey chimed in, smiling.
“ No, I didn’t. Her phone went off, and she had to get to bed.” Poe sighed, collapsing on the couch. 
“ Poe buddy, you gotta do it soon.” Finn sighed, taking another sip of his drink. 
“ I was gonna do it, twice tonight actually. But I was rudely interrupted. By the both of you.” Poe said, rolling his eyes. 
“ Poe, we’re just trying to help. It’s obvious you two like each other. You just gotta do something.” Rey said in response. 
“ I know, I know. I just don’t know if she likes me as much as I like her, you know?” 
“ Poe, trust me, that’s impossible.” Rey grinned.
“ Wait, did she say something?” Poe sat up eagerly.
“ I’m not gonna say. But Poe, please, do something. Finn and I can only take so much more sexual tension in one room.” 
“ I know, I know. I want it to be the right moment though. I want it to be special.” 
“ Then make it special.” Finn clipped back.
 Poe sat for a moment, sighing. He wanted it to be absolutely perfect, because you were absolutely perfect, and deserved nothing but the best. In the few short months of knowing him, you had made his life so much better. He looked forward to your work stories over dinner, the way your eyes danced and animated your words. He looked forward to your laugh, the way you danced when you got the first bite of food. He looked forward to your hand on his shoulder, nose scrunched from your smile. He looked forward to you. Eventually, Poe tried to focus on the cheesy movie on the tv, trying to get his mind off you. But, as always, it drifted back to you. Poe recalled the conversation you had earlier that night, the way your eyes sparkled when Poe said he didn’t find Love Actually stupid. Suddenly, inspiration struck. He knew how to make it special. 
“ I gotta get to bed. Now. I’m going to the store in the morning.” Poe said, standing up abruptly. 
“ You got an idea?” Rey asked, snuggling into Finn. Poe nodded.
“ Yep, and it’s gonna be perfect. Actually.” He winked.
You threw your bags down as you entered your apartment, trying your best not to cry. Your day at the school had been horrible; two puking kids, a loose hamster, and on top of that, you still had report cards to do.
All you wanted to do was collapse in bed, forget the world, and cry the day away. And you planned to do just that.
You pulled your phone out to text Poe that you wouldn’t make it to dinner tonight, blaming it on grading. You didn’t want him to worry, as you knew he would with any other excuse. He was so good like that. So good.
You were surprised to already see a message from Poe, asking if you were home.
You responded yes, and began to type out your excuse. Something about grading, report cards, and you threw in the words standards and language development for good measure. Before you could hit send, there was a knock on your door.
What could he possibly want? You didn’t want to answer the door. You looked like a disheveled mess, dress covered in glue and glitter, eyes wet with almost tears. Hell, you were sure there was puke on your shoes. 
But you knew Poe. He wouldn’t leave until you opened.
Reluctantly, you stumbled over, swinging the door open, waiting for him to walk in.
But he didn’t.
Poe was standing at the door, holding a radio and a stack of… poster board?
“ Poe, what are you-”
He threw his hand up to his lips, signifying you to be quiet. He held up the first poster board.
say it’s carol singers. 
“Poe, what?” You said, confused. He again pointed to the sign, lips sealed shut. You decided to play along, not sure what he was doing.
“ It’s carol singers?” 
He smiled, placed the radio down, and pressed play. Silent Night started softly playing in the background, and Poe placed the first piece of poster board on the ground. He showed you the second, and suddenly, you put the pieces together.
He was acting out your favorite scene from your favorite movie.
Love Actually. 
just because it’s christmas 
He placed that card to the ground. 
(and at christmas you tell the truth)
As he placed the card on the ground, you felt tears well in your eyes in anticipation.
to me, you are perfect.
A smile crept up your lips.
and my wasted heart will love you
You felt tears starting to fall, not from the stress of your day, no. From the sight of the man you loved in front of you.
until you look like this…
The next card Poe held up was a picture he had taken of you on halloween in zombie makeup, giggling and hair covered in trash. You chuckled, tears fully flowing now.
merry christmas y/n. I love you, actually.
Poe smiled, dropping the last card, and pressing pause on the radio. As soon as he stood back up you leapt into his chest, pressing your lips to his and hanging your hands on his neck. You kissed for a while, time irrelevant considering what was in front of you.
Poe Dameron, confessed he loved you. In the way you had hoped.
Rey and Finn were standing in their apartment door, clapping and hollering. You broke the kiss, burying your tear ridden face in Poe’s neck. You could hear Poe shoo them away, but the words didn’t register in your brain. You were too love drunk to care.
“ I’m assuming you feel the same?” Poe chuckled, eyes looking down to meet yours.
Your lips tilted up to meet his, and you two kissed again. You kissed him and kissed him until it was all you could feel, all you could think. Sure, Poe smelled good, but his taste? You were addicted. You could never get enough. 
Poe broke away again, eyes sparkling and hands holding you tight.
“ Y/n, baby, as much as I love kissing you, if it’s ok, i’d like to hear you say it, just-” you cut him off as his cheeks started to flush red. 
“ I love you, actually.”
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dancingdeacyy · 8 months ago
Rebound (Roger Taylor x Reader)
Hello everybody! I’m here with a Roger Taylor one shot, yayyy!!
I want to know if you would like to be in a pemanent tag list and if you like this part, imma write a second one about their relationship.
Tumblr media
Warnings: mentions of cheating and alcohol, nothing serious.
Having a broken heart sucks but you’re better than that, or at least that’s what you keep on remind yourself, your boyfriend, Mark, cheated on you last week, your heart was obviously broken but what hurt you the most was with who he cheated on you, your best friend thought it would be fun to shag your boyfriend.
However, your heart stopped feeling empty when you were around your brothers, well brothers from another mother, the guys that knew exactly how to put a smile on your face but they loved you like a little sister and you knew they'd probably kill him, that’s why it remained a secret.
The guys invited you to a club tonight and of course you said yes, you loved clubbing with them.
You didn’t like one night stands but you thought it will work tonight to keep your mind off of Mark, that means you’ll have to use an extra hour to get ready, just in case. 
The guys were already outside of your flat, as soon as you stepped out, Roger started honking, Freddie started cheering and Brian and John clapped their souls out, you started modeling to their vans, waving for hips and blowing kisses, they made you happy.
“We look stupid at your side, y/n” Roger said after greeting you. ”You’re a god damned model”
“Keep those compliments to your girlfriend, Taylor” you said winking, you have never said it out loud but you didn’t like Roger’s girlfriend, Mila,  she gave you some ugly vibes and it makes you worried. “Where are the girls?” You said, all of them had girlfriends and you loved them all, except Roger’s but that’s a secret.
“They are going to Mila’s house, they’ll meet us there.” Brian said. “Ready to go crazy?”
“‘Course love” I said winking. “As always”
“Darling, you’re dressed to kill.” Freddie sassily said. “Where’s your man?” Oh, there’s the question, ‘Helter Skelter’ began playing on the radio and it was the perfect way to end the conversation. 
“Damn, turn it up!” you screamed, partly because of the question.
All of you started singing (Screaming), your cheeks were hurting from smiling and your heart felt full and happy.
When you arrived at the club, music blasted and people were grinding against each other, it was a weird atmosphere but the guys were with you, that made you feel safe.
The girls were already there, you went to say hi, but surprisingly, not really, Mila completely ignored you, apparently she didn’t like you either. 
The couples went to the dance floor after taking a couple of shots, Deacy saw you pouting and drinking shot after shot, he offered you his hand smiling, you looked at Veronica, his girlfriend, she nodded.
You took Deacy’s hand and went to the dance floor, he was a great bassist, an awesome friend and an incredible dancer, he was smooth and unstoppable. 
You danced with him song after song and you enjoyed it so much you forgot about the other guys.
You looked at them, Fred, Brian and the girls except Mila were talking and drinking. Roger was pouting and playing with his glass of SoCo.
“Deacs, what happened with Rog?” You asked and stopped dancing.
“Wanna go with him?” He asked you and you nodded giving John a peck on his cheek as a thank you.
You walked slowly until you were standing in front of him, he lifted his head, his blue eyes were sad and his smile looked forced. 
“May I?” You asked him softly, he nodded and you sat by his side, he put his head on your shoulder and you caressed his hair softly. “What happened, love?”
“Look at the bar, love” He said, closing his eyes. 
Mila was there, shoving her tongue down a man’s throat, why are you not surprised?
“Wanna go out for a bit, Rog?” You asked, looking softly at Rog, he nodded and took him outside, you sat on a bench. 
“I don’t understand, y/n” he said looking at you. “What am I doing wrong?”
“You’re not doing anything wrong, Rog.” You told him. “I know what you’re going through”
“No you don’t, y/n, no man could ever cheat on you, you’re bloody perfect” he told you, frustrated and raising his voice a bit. 
“Actually... “ You started saying, scared of saying something wrong. “Mark did, with my best friend, ex best friend i guess”
“What?” He said, now angry at your confession. “I’ll fucking kill him” 
“Rog, stop, this isn’t about me-” You tried to say.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” He asked with a pout.
“I don’t want your pity, and I knew you and the guys would probably kill him, so…” you answered laughing trying to lighten up the mood. “So yeah, i know what you’re going through” 
I patted his knee “Let’s go inside, let’s prove her you’re more than this” 
He took your hand and walked inside with you. 
“Wanna dance?” He asked you.
“I’d love to” He took you to the dancing floor and placed his hands on your waist, Twist and Shout started playing and you screamed in joy. 
“This is your favorite, darling” you nodded and put your head on his chest.
His hands on your waist swayed it to the rhythm of The Beatles.
“I’ve always liked dancing with you.” Roger said and smiled.
“You hate dancing, Rog, stop jo-” You started saying but Mila pushed you aside, Rog quickly grabbed your waist to avoid you getting hurt.
“Why are you dancing with my boyfriend, y/n?” she said, getting close to you, trying to intimidate you.
“I’m not your boyfriend anymore, Mila.” Roger said and gestured to you to go and sit with the rest of the guys who had already noticed what was happening.
“Guess who’s a cheating asshole?” I asked while sitting next to Brian and Chrissie.
“Everyone knows the answer, darling.” Freddie said, and laughed. “Cheers” he said sarcastically and drowned a shot. 
Roger came back and sat next to me, his head was again on my shoulder and stole Deacy’s beer.
“I guess we’re the singles of the group” He said laughing and the guys turned to look at you both. 
“y/n is single?” John asked and you closed your eyes and sighed 
“Mark cheated on me, last week, but please, let's not talk about it” You said and stole Roger’s beer (Deacy’s).
“Guess we should date now” Roger said giggling and his breath tickled your neck. 
“Yeah” you laughed and looked down at him. “I guess we should”
After that night at the bar, your relationship with Roger grew stronger, your ex’s were forgotten and you went out with Rog and the guys (Sometimes only with Roger) every sunday, after 4 months of a heartbreak, your heart felt stronger and happier.
Today you were planning a picnic to celebrate Valentine’s day. 
The guys couldn't make it because they were spending the evening with their girls, it was only Roger and you. 
You baked a pie, packed some beers and a bottle of wine, Roger found a perfect spot to see the sunset, he was going to pick you up and take you there, you were wearing a sundress and some stilettos that you loved, it was soft but pretty, definitely something you would wear. 
Roger honked and you went to meet him, you could see he was wearing a white shirt and a pair of old jeans, he looked perfect, that's something a friend would say to another without developing feelings, right?
“You gonna stare at me the whole day or are you coming?” He said opening the car door for you. 
“I was waiting for you to open my door, like a gentleman” you said sitting and dropping the picnic basket in the back seat 
“Shall we?” He said pointing his head to the road
“We shall” you said patting his knee an giggling 
The car ride was fun, as always, we were singing (screaming) every song on the radio, Roger rolled down the windows and our hair was messier than ever, you felt free and alive, it's funny how you always get to feel like that when you are around him.
Roger took your hand and put it under his on the gear stick.
You looked at him and smiled, you felt something new in your heart, love? maybe, but you were sure Roger would take care of your heart.
That’s pretty much it haha, I really hope you like it, if you do, don’t forget to ask for the second part! 
I really loved this one and im so excited to continue writting it.
Don’t forget to repost, like and share!
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samanthadalton · 9 months ago
Star crossed lovers (au) part 3
pairings: poppy x mc (bea)
warnings: throughout this fic there will be mentions of substance abuse, homophobia, sexual abuse, violence, NSFW, mentions of abandonment, depression and death including suicide
reader discretion is advised
taglist: @somewillwin @save-me-the-last-dance @baexpoppy @cloud9in @stanzoeywade @ognenniyvolk @thepotatobleh @crazzyplays @rxssians @helpconfusedpersonhere (if you wanna be added or taken off just let me know😊)
(i had a huge writer’s block and im getting back into writing more often so this chapter is pretty short but next chapter will definitely be longer) 
word count: 3.3k 
part 1: part 2: 
The make up 
After the never ending nightmare provided by Chloe and her idiotic clique, Bea’s reputation at Belvoire couldn’t possibly be worse. Everywhere she went she was met with stares, or laughter, and some students would even go as far as to catcall her or demand a dance or two. Never so badly did Bea wish she could be invisible but alas it felt as if the world was against her even more and she couldn’t bring herself to find comfort in the person she loves the most, Poppy. After feeling heartbroken from Poppy’s actions, or lack of, Bea had been busying herself over the last couple of days so she wouldn’t have to see the blonde. 
It didn’t help that Poppy was constantly blowing up Bea’s phone almost every second, not knowing why the brunette was ignoring her. It wasn’t until cheer/volleyball practice on Thursday that the blonde managed to steal a moment alone with her girlfriend after waiting for the girls to leave the locker room and then making the excuse she needed to find her speaker for practice and pulling an unsuspecting Bea to the back of the locker room. 
“Poppy what the hell, let go. I have to be on time for practice since I missed practice on Tuesday because of work.” Bea’s tone is slightly agitated as she tries to shake out of Poppy’s ironclad grip but the unwavering blonde just tightens it embedding the shape of her slender fingers on the brunette’s arm. 
“Not until you tell me why you’ve been avoiding me,” her voice is quiet, as she tries to catch Bea’s eyes searching for an answer.  
Bea defeatedly sighs and faces the girl, her head slightly tilted down to look the blonde directly in her eyes, “You know why Pops.” Poppy’s grip slightly loosens up and Bea takes advantage and shakes her arm out of her grasp and sits on the bench in the corner with her head between her hands. “After what happened on Monday, I can barely walk through school without some asshole making a comment or giving me a weird look. I feel so… violated.” Her voice was low but soft like she was tired of it all. 
Poppy wasn’t used to seeing Bea so vulnerable… so broken, usually when something like this happened at school Bea would reassure Poppy that she was okay and that Chloe’s words couldn’t hurt her. Only this time, it wasn’t just words, they publicly humiliated her girlfriend, and Poppy had never felt so powerless, as she watched her girlfriend on the brink of tears, fists balled up, but she couldn’t bring herself to move, to speak, all she could do was watch. Until Veronica broke out of her own faze and moved towards the brunette and tell everyone off. In the back of Poppy’s mind she knew that she should’ve been the one to defend her girlfriend’s honour, that she should’ve been the one by her side, not just this once but all the other times before, but her fears of everyone finding out the truth prohibited her from supporting her girlfriend, that damned fear that everyone would find out they were together which could be social suicide. For her career obviously, not her friends, they could eventually learn to love Bea, right?
Poppy pushes all thoughts from her mind and sits down next to a crestfallen Bea who’s breaths are becoming quicker, hands still wrapped tightly against her head. Poppy reaches over and wraps the girl in a one armed hug hoping the brunette doesn’t pull away, and feels a wave of relief when Bea nestles her head in the crook of the blonde’s neck and begins to regain her breathing. 
“Poppy… why didn’t you say anything?” Bea’s voice was low, slightly muffled as she spoke into the blonde’s neck, if she wasn’t nestled in Poppy’s embrace Poppy would’ve missed the question altogether.
Poppy places her chin above the girl’s head and sighes and as she opens her mouth to answer, she realises that she doesn’t have an answer, or at least one that would satisfy both herself and Bea. Instead she stays silent, though her deafening silence is enough for Bea to know that neither of them had an answer. Bea pulls away from Poppy and pushes herself away from her on the bench leaving some distance between themselves, in more ways than one. 
“I… see..” her voice is strained, as she battles with the tears that threaten her eyes, on the brink of exposing her hurt. 
“So what do we do now? Bea.. I…I miss you so much,” Poppy murmurs, her voice slightly chokes as she apprehensively fiddles her fingers together. 
Bea’s nostrils flare slightly as she grips the bench before using her force to push herself off to face the petite girl, anger flashing across all her features, she involuntarily raises her voice, “You think that this has been easy for me, Pops? It’s literally breaking my heart because I can’t talk to you about this,” her voice cracks slightly but she quickly masks it by clearing her throat and looking away. 
Poppy jumps up from her seat and tries to grab Bea’s wrist to turn her around to face her and Bea pulls out of her grasp and moves towards the front of the locker room, Bea’s tone almost pleading as she looks at Poppy with sorrow in her eyes, the angered tone replaced with a softer one “just..give me some space Poppy, I just can’t really be around you right now.” Poppy tries to intercept and just as she opens her mouth Bea puts up a hand to stop her, “seriously Pops, please. After what you and your friends did I just can’t be around you right now.”
Poppy feels anger flaring up inside of her as she scrunches up her face and runs a hand through her hair, “Me?’ she points to herself, losing control of her voice raising it, ‘What the hell did I do? I didn’t even kno-”
Bea practically screams her whole face turning red as tiny specks of saliva leave her mouth as she shouts, “It’s what you didn’t do! You watched them humiliate me and you didn’t do anything! I thought my girlfriend was supposed to support me but maybe I was wrong.” With that she turns and walks out of the locker room leaving behind a broken hearted Poppy who just falters at the harsh reality of Bea’s words. 
Poppy sits down on the bench, alone, thoughts running wild through her mind. She doesn’t care about the fact that the girls are probably waiting for her at cheer practice, her heart just hurts too much. She sits in silence until the sounds of heavy footsteps interrupt her thoughts, she looks up hoping it’s Bea but feels dejected when she sees a hint of grey-ish ombre hair. 
“Poppy what the hell? We’re all waiting for you to tell us what to do.” Veronica tone impatient and she stands in front of the blonde with a hand on her hip, eyebrows raised. Poppy just hums non committedly, earning a frown from Veronica who in turn, proceeds to grab the girl by her arm to lift her off the bench, pulling Poppy from her reverie. 
“Ow, chill V- what the hell” Poppy rubs at the spot which the ombre-haired girl just grabbed and pushes her slightly back, “Can’t I just take like 5 minutes to myself?” 
Veronica has known Poppy long enough to know that something is on her mind since the blonde has a pretty clear track record for when it comes to showing up to practice on time, she sighs and cups Poppy’s cheeks staring directly into her eyes, “Now are you gonna tell me what’s up or are you gonna waste all of our time pretending you’re okay?” 
“I’m fine V,” she moves towards the entrance of the locker room but is quickly pulled back by Veronica who knits her eyebrows together, features looking downcast. 
“P, I’ve known you long enough to know something’s up, tell me.” 
Poppy bites her lips her gaze drifts to the ground and she lets out an annoyed sigh, “I finally spoke to Bea” 
Veronica perks up a little, “that’s good right?”
Poppy responds with a shake of her head obtaining a look of disapproval from the girl, “what happened when you guys talked?”
“She practically blamed me for what happened on monday, I mean how was I supposed to know that Chloe would do something so cruel? I didn’t think she had the brain cells to even come up with something like that.” 
“What the hell?! It wasn’t your fault, do you want me to talk to Bea?” Veronica’s protectiveness bursts out as she awaits Poppy's answer. 
‘No, I-, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean she’s right.’ Veronica sits down on the bench and pats the space next to her and Poppy obliges and sits down. “Bea was mad because I didn’t do anything, and she has every right to be mad. I mean, am I a shitty girlfriend?” She looks over to Veronica praying that she holds the answer to her question. 
Veronica wraps her arm around Poppy and sighs before speaking, “Do you know why I got involved and stood up for Bea?”
“So my girlfriend could hate my guts because it should’ve been me?” 
Veronica exasperates a little, lightly slapping Poppy’s back, “No idiot, I did it for you.” Poppy grimaces as she waits for Veronica to continue. Seeing that she isn’t going to interrupt Veronica carries on speaking, “I saw your face when you realised what they were doing to Bea, and I know that you were feeling conflicted. I mean I wouldn’t want to be in your place, having a girlfriend that no one can know about because our friends hate her because she’s part of the working class or whatever. Or a homophobic dad who has extremely high expectations and expects you to be the best of the best because he thinks it’s what your mom would’ve wanted.” If Veronica’s known for one thing, it's her bluntness. Her cold hard deliverance of the truth stunned Poppy, who for the first time does not have the words as reality dawns on her. 
“... You’re right,” Poppy eyes frantically move side to side as she reflects on the past and realises that Bea has had to endure a lot of crap from her friends over the past couple of years, and she berates herself for thinking that her girlfriend could handle it on her own. She groans into Veronica’s shoulder, “God I’m such an idiot… I've been expecting Bea to just be okay with all the verbal abuse and I’ve never said anything to Chloe, I just let it all happen.” She jumps to her feet, suddenly feeling resolved, she looks down at Veronica who just blankly stares at Poppy hoping for an answer for her sudden awakening. “I know what I have to do” and with that she runs out of the locker room ignoring Veronica as she calls out to her. 
Poppy moves with determination as she heads over to the hall where volleyball practice takes place and before she opens the door she peeks her head though the window and sees a disheartened Bea running laps as Chloe barks out orders to the rest of her teammates. 
She throws the doors open and charges towards Chloe who notices a furious Poppy moving towards her and breaks out into a smile, “Hey P, aren’t you supposed to be at prac-” Poppy practically slams Chloe into the wall and practice comes to a halt as all the girls, including Bea watch the ordeal unfold. “Owww, what the hell” Chloe tries to move from Poppy’s hold as her back is flat against the wall but the shorter girl filled with anger and adrenaline rams the girl back into the wall. 
“That crap you pulled on Monday wasn’t cool and you’re not gonna bother Bea or speak about her mom again. Otherwise you’re going to regret it.” Poppy’s eyes bore into Chloe’s, her tone threatening but low, only meant for the blue-eyed girl to hear. 
Chloe’s temper flares as she looks over Poppy’s shoulder to see a confused Bea watching the two girls with a frown and in the moment she manages to shove Poppy back and overemphasises her height against the strawberry blonde, keeping her posture straight and her head bent slightly to look down at her, “So what? Because you’re lab partners you guys are all buddy buddy? Who gives a shit about that tramp? What you’re not going to do Poppy is walk into practice and try to embarrass me in front of my team.” Chloe’s voice echoes throughout the hall as she struggles to keep her temper under control. 
Poppy’s somewhat startled by Chloe’s outburst but maintains her stoic expression and leans in to whisper, “I could end your life Chloe, don’t test me.” She looks down at Chloe’s hands to see them shaking as they’re balled up into fists, she knows the girl would never touch a hair on her head but she also doesn’t want to escalate the situation any further in case the fallout is bad for Bea. Well, there’s just one more card for her to play, she sighs and rubs her forehead with one hand as she reaches out and clasps one of Chloe’s fists with her other, “I don’t want you talking about Bea’s mom because at least she has one, no matter how shitty she may be.” 
All the colour drains from Chloe’s face as her body relaxes and she looks more embarrassed than anything else, using her dead mom as bait for no one to find out about her and Bea? She’ll take that opportunity. 
Chloe simply splutters struggling to find the words, so she just wraps her arms around Poppy and mumbles into Poppy’s ear, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise how much that would’ve affected you.”
Poppy rolls her eyes slightly as she knows that Chloe’s sincerity is only for her and not Bea but she releases herself from Chloe’s embrace and places a hand on Chloe’s shoulder, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have barged in here during practice but it was eating me up inside and I just had to say something.” Chloe aggressively nods along to each and every one of Poppy’s words and her lips form a small smile, which Poppy reciprocates. 
“Well, umm I should get back to practice and so should you, I’ll tell the guys as well to stop too” 
Poppy genuinely smiles at the girl and gives her a small thank you before turning around to leave the gym. Her eyes catch Bea’s and she crinkles her eyes a little, giving a small smile before leaving the gym to go to practice in the field. 
After a couple of gruelling hours of practice Poppy and the rest of the cheerleaders all shower and change before forming a small semicircle around the team captain. Poppy’s gaze shifts between every girl before landing on Veronica’s who gives her a wink. “Great practice today girls, remember that we need to be in top shape for the first football game against Hearst in two weeks.” She claps her hands together as all eyes are entranced on her, “I’m sorry I was late to practice so you guys had to stay back a little longer but remember that your dedication is what’s most important to the team. Also I’m still deciding who will be part of the smaller group to cheer at the volleyball games. When the teams make it to nationals we will be representing Belvoire at the games and will be invited to stay with the volleyball team for two weeks in spring. So…. impress me girls.” The cheerleaders disperse as Veronica and Poppy walk out of the locker room side by side and Veronica bumps Poppy’s shoulder slightly as they walk out to the dimly lit empty parking lot. 
“So I’m guessing whatever epiphany you had worked out”
Poppy chuckles a bit, “what makes you think that?”
“Well you weren’t a crazy bitch today in practice so there’s that. What exactly did you do?”
Poppy lazily picks at one of her manicured nails, “What I should’ve done from the start, gave Chloe a piece of my mind.” 
Veronica lets out a loud exaggerated cough and Poppy looks up at her eyebrow raised, “well whatever you said, I’m guessing it worked,” she nods her head towards the direction over Poppy’s shoulder and Poppy turns to see Bea leaning against her motorbike her eyes fixated on hers and she smiles. “Well, I’ll take that as my cue to leave” she gives the blonde a quick hug and salutes to Bea before heading into her car and driving away. 
Poppy saddles up to Bea and awkwardly tucks in some of her hair behind her ears. Both of them just stare at each other, waiting for the other to initiate the conversation until Bea lets out a laugh. 
 “I liked that tactic of yours, slamming Chloe against the wall, I mean I’ve been wishing to do that for years.”
Poppy throws her head back and laughs, “Not my finest moment but I had to do something,” She nervously chews on her lips as she awaits for Bea’s reaction. 
“Yeah, that was uh something,” She hesitantly reaches out to the blonde gripping her waist and pulling her closer, “I’m not fully happy with you though, but thank you. I don’t know what you said to Chloe but this was the first practice where she treated me with some decency.”
Internally, Poppy screams with happiness as this was the first time in days where Bea just simply holds her and she wraps her arms around the taller girl’s neck resting her forehead against hers. “I don’t expect you to forgive me, I know I have to earn that. And I know I’ve been a shitty girlfriend-” 
Bea shushes Poppy her hand moving up to cup Poppy’s jaw while her thumb circles her cheekbone, “You’re not a shitty girlfriend Pops. It’s just I wish you could just I don’t know, publicly support me a little. No one’s gonna suspect anything about us just because you’re being a respectable human being.” 
“I know, I know. If I’m being honest, I just froze, I didn’t know what to do but my first instinct should’ve been to help you. It’s just so hard sometimes when everyone’s watching because honestly speaking Bea? I don’t know how you do it sometimes. You’re the most incredible person ever and you deserve to be with someone you can actually be with, not just someone you have to hide in the shadows with.” 
Bea places a finger on Poppy’s lips, silencing her, and when she speaks it’s with the greatest intensity and desirability, “I choose you Poppy. Everyday I choose you. I know it’s not without its challenges but I would rather do hard with you than have it easy with somebody else. You’re worth it all. I just want a little more support, that's all I ask.” 
“And that’s exactly what you’re going to get Bea, I promise,” she leans in and places a soft kiss against Bea’s lips and whispers, “I love you so much, and I promise to do better.”
Bea feverently kisses the blonde before whispering back, “I love you too. Now that we’re would you like to accompany me to a party this Saturday” her eyes gleam with hopefulness as she knows that Ford is already planning a back to school party on saturday and Poppy’s obligations would usually fall align with her friends. “There’s even going to be fireworks.”
Poppy kisses the brunette, “Fireworks huh? I would love to” she kisses Bea again, filled with passion as the couple of days they spent without each other catches up to them and Bea grips Poppy’s hips tighter pulling her impossibly closer to her. 
Unbeknown to the girls, a figure in the corner of the parking lot watches the girls locked in a passionate embrace which is eventually broken as the brunette offers to drive the blonde home and they drive off together, happy and content. 
read part 4 here: 
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tscampfireau · a year ago
I noticed that a lot of them were either visual artists or theater kids, and I flight, hey, Roman’s Creativity, right?
Today was the same as any other, just the three of them chilling in the dorm together at way too late an hour, but this time Roman was almost buzzing with excitement. “I have an idea, for like a show or whatever.” He blurted out.
Dee grinned. “Oh yeah? Shoot.” Roman smiled back. “Okay, so it might sound a little weird, but hear me out. It’s this guy, and he has problems, so different aspects of his personality come to life to help him sort things out.” He looked a little nervous, but still excited. “What do ya think?”
Remus started drawing at his tablet really fast. “Sounds great, bro. What’re the guys like?” Roman blushed a little. “Uhh, I kinda… based them off of our friend group? But like, in reverse, if that makes any sense. Patton is a cheerful dad guy, Virgil is still an emo gremlin except with no sense of style, Logan is a teacher-type dude who acts like a robot, Dee is suave and sophisticated…”
“Hey!” Dee objected, jokingly. Roman went on. “Remus and me are still twins, but I’m like a Disney prince and he’s a stinky garbage man.” Remus laughed. “Nice.” Dee peered over Remus’s shoulder. “Oh dude, you gave me a snake face, that’s fuckin awesome.”
Roman shuffled over. “Wait, lemme see!” Remus had drawn what Roman had described, but with some artistic liberties. “Oh my god, your mustache,” Roman wheezed.
The three of them sat there for a while, laughing at the character designs, until Dee spoke up. “Y’know, there’s something to this. Let’s call the Gremlin Gang.”
“Hey, guys, we all love you, but why the fuck did you make us come to Waffle House at 2 am?!” Virgil asked. “Yeah, I’m tired,” Logan whined. “You’re always tired,” Virgil countered. “Yeah, that’s fair.” Logan rested his head on Virgil’s shoulder. “You guys are adorable together. It’s gross.” Patton joked.
Roman explained the idea to the gremlins, and they seemed to like it, with a few complaints. “Deceit’s way too refined to go by Dee. How bout Janus?” Logan asked. Dee sighed. “Sure, it’s not like I’m using it.”
They talked for a while about possible storylines and characterization, until Roman brought up the obvious point. “The guy still needs a name.” They all thought for a second. “Thomas?” Virgil suggested. “Wasn’t that the name of that monster thing you used to dream about?” Dee asked. Virgil rolled their eyes. “Yeah, but that was forever ago.”
“What about a last name?” Remus asked. Patton chimed in, “Sanderson?” Logan laughed. “Like the fucking Hocus Pocus witches? No way, Pajamas.” Roman grinned. “Sanders. Thomas Sanders.” They all sat back and admired their idea for a second, before Logan spoke up. “Alright, I actually am tired, and I have class tomorrow, so we should pack this up for now.”
So they all went back to their own dorm rooms, and didn’t talk about the idea for a while. Until about a week later, when Virgil and Logan called a meeting at their dorm. “Okay so I had a project where I had to animate a short thing to music, and I got Logan to make the song, so whattya guys think?”
Virgil played them the scene, and they saw… their characters, in an opening theme song sequence, to a sort of jaunty tune with a bunch of whistling. It showed their faces with names under them, and then they combined together to make the guy they made up, who was labeled Thomas. Then a zoom out to a title card, which read Sanders Sides.
“Sanders Sides?” Patton asked. “Yeah, ‘cause his name is Thomas Sanders, and they’re all sides of his personality, so…” Roman looked ecstatic. “So, we’re really gonna make this?” They all looked confused.
“Ohh, I thought we already agreed on that. I kinda started writing up a draft for the pilot,” Patton said, sheepishly. “Yeah,” Logan chimed in. “I started writing themes for all the sides” Remus sighed. “Yeah, I made ref sheets.” Everyone turned to look at Dee. “Hey, I don’t look at me. I thought we were waiting.” Roman looked away.
Logan put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Hey, Ro, we didn’t mean to do this without you, we just lived your idea and wanted to help it come true. We’re sorry we upset you.” Roman was quiet for a bit. “You guys…You didn’t upset me! I can’t believe you would all put so much time into my dumb project is all. It’s really sweet.” They all hugged each other.
“I do want to know what you think about this song I wrote for the thing…” He shook his head and smiled. “This song I wrote for Sanders Sides.”
It took about a month of nonstop working, but they finally got a pilot done. A short, eleven minute one, but it was fully animated, which took forever. It had a great underscore by Logan, and Roman and Dee wrote a great song, but everyone expected that from the theater kids.
The real surprise was Patton, who was great at writing. They all chipped in for jokes, and Dee did most of the philosophical end parts, but Patton wrote a majority of the dialogue, and it was fantastic. They all made a YouTube channel, called it Thomas Sanders, and the premise was that it was a sort of animated vlogging channel run by Thomas.
They hit upload, and let it be for a while, and then a couple hours later, Roman got a call from Logan. “Dude, Sanders Sides is #1 on the trending page!” Roman almost fell out of his chair. He went on YouTube to check it out, and sure enough, the video had blown up. “Thomas Sanders” had gained thousands of subscribers, and the comments were so positive.
“This is genius, why hasn’t anyone done this before?”
“Asifyfdtsryysrkh, the animation is so good!”
“Okay, but who else ships Logan and Virgil?”
You have no idea, Roman thought to himself. He got a text from Virgil, and this time he actually fell out of his chair. Ow. The text was a screenshot of the tumblr trending page, where Sanders Sides was also #1, and it was full of fanart, incorrect quotes, and headcanons. The screenshot was followed up by a text that just said “holy shit.”
The next day, Virgil was approached by three people from animation class. “We saw Sanders Sides, and thought, “No way, we know that guy! Do you need any extra animators?” Virgil was a little nervous, but responded. “Well, it was just me and my friend doing the art, but…” They looked shocked. “You mean two people did all that? Wow, you must be tired. You need more animators if you want to make more without being burnt out.”
So that was how the show got a higher production value, and they got their next episode out much faster. The team started calling themselves Campfire Productions. The series got bigger and bigger plot wise, and the fans, who had started calling themselves Fanders, after the channel name, were dying to meet the creators. So they set up a Q&A livestream.
They introduced themselves, and Roman explained how the series got started. The first question came in: “Dee, how’d you get your face like that?” Dee laughed, and said “it’s a mystery.” Then the next question: “Virgil, who’s the most fun to draw?” Virgil thought about it, then answered. “I’d have to say Remus, I really like drawing horror stuff, and Remus just has that eldritch vibe.”
“Remus, how do you feel about people shipping characters based off of your friends?” Remus sighed. “I mean, it’s the internet, right? It’s still a little weird to me, but as long as nobody’s shipping me with my brother, I guess it’s fine.”
“Logan, are you and Virgil dating?” The two of them held hands, and Logan stared into the camera. “Take a guess,” he said flatly. The next question was for Patton. “You’re credited as the main writer, what’s your process?” Patton fidgeted a bit.
“Well, the sides are kinda like a family, and my family life was… not great growing up, so I tried writing a group of flawed people that are still there for each other. It’s pretty therapeutic, actually.”
“Roman, how do you feel seeing how popular your show has become?” He smiled, and chuckled. “It’s pretty fantastic, actually.”
The next day, Sanders Sides was trending again, but this time, they were also talking about the campfire gang. There were fanfics of them meeting the sides somehow, people talking about how hot they all were, which everyone found hilarious. Overall, they were happy with their success, and the ad revenue allowed them to make even better animation and songs. They had moved onto season 3 by this point, and it was one of those parts of pop culture that everybody just knew about. When you talked about successful internet creators, or independent animators, or LGBTQ representation, you brought up Campfire Productions. They were successful, doing what they loved, and best of all, they were happy.
I am in ABSOLUTE love with this fic holy crap thank you SO much
Everything is so damn cute and theyre so happy im gonna CRY
Campfire Productions is a cool ass name tho like YES pls thank u GOD i was smiling like an idiot the whole time
FUVK i loved this so much im sorry dgndvdkdhd
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calpalirwin · a year ago
Drunk In Love
Tumblr media
Summary: Part of the “I wish you would write a fic where” requests in which Ash asks why the reader is cautious hanging out with his friends. And it's cause of how much the reader has to explain they don't drink but people never respect their answer. So Ash tries going sober for x amount of time in solidarity and realizes just how much alcohol was prevalent in his life. And the reader is worried they're accidentally manipulating him but Ash can't thank them enough for not drinking and for the social experiment they inspired.
A/N: Always be respectful of people’s choices regarding drinking (and most other life choices as well). Also sorry this sucked lol. The easing myself back into writing for fun is proving to be difficult.
Content: Pressures of drinking
Word Count: 1.4k
And away, and away we go!
“Hey, love, you ready to go?” I asked, bounding down the stairs. I paused in my tracks, frowning as I looked over at her, still lounging comfortably on the couch.
“I was just going to stay in. But have fun, and send everyone my love!” She flashed me a bright smile before turning her attention back to her show.
I sighed as I walked over to her and hopped over the back of the couch to land next to her. “Well if you’re not going, neither am I,” I decided.
“Ash…” she told me, hitting pause on the remote. “You should go if you want to. See Mike’s new place. Hang out with everybody.”
“I want to go with you,” I told her honestly.
“And I want to stay in.”
“Why what?”
“Why do you never want to go out with me? Are you afraid of the press?”
“No,” she shook her head. “Your life doesn’t scare me, Ashton.
“Then what is it?” I pressed, raking my hands through my hair to stem my growing irritation. In our three months of dating she had never once gone out with me. It was starting to make me wonder why she even bothered to come over at all if she was just going to sit on my couch while I went out with friends. “Is it the guys? Did they say something wrong? Do you not like them? Do you not like me?”
“What? No! Ash, of course I like you! And your friends are great!”
“Then how come you never want to come out with us?” I asked, my voice small. Fuck, I hated feeling vulnerable. I hated that I questioned everything constantly. I hated that I felt I needed to question everything all the time. Why would she only go out with me when it was just the two of us? Why did it bother me that she didn’t want to join in on nights out with my friends? Was it really a bad thing that she was encouraging me to go out without her? Was it really a bad thing that she preferred to spend time with me alone?
“It’s not that I don’t want to go out with you guys, Ash. It’s that…”
“What?” I practically begged. “Talk to me, love. Please. I’m going crazy over here.”
“I don’t drink, Ash.”
“So?” I was confused as to what not drinking had to do with choosing to not go out. 
“So,” she sighed. “People give me a hard time for it. They say I haven’t found a drink I like yet. They call me uptight, and say how I need to loosen up, or that I need to stop being a little bitch.”
“Who says that?” I asked, my jaw clenching.
She waved her hand dismissively. “People, Ash. Just in general. Look, I’ve been dealing with it for four years. I don’t feel like I need to justify why I don’t drink. So I just prefer not to put myself in situations where I know there will be drinking. That way I don’t have to deal with the judgement.”
“Baby, I-” I faltered. I didn’t know what to say. Did we really live in a world where people judged you more for not drinking than for drinking? Did she judge me for drinking? “Can I ask why you don’t drink?”
She nodded and offered me a small smile. “It’s a personal choice I made after I’ve seen what drinking can do to people.”
“If I promise not to drink, will you come with us?”
Her hand squeezed around my fingers. “That’s not it at all, Ash. I’m not bothered by other people drinking. I respect their choice. I’m bothered when they don’t respect mine.”
“What if I promise not to let that happen?”
She laughed. “What are you gonna do, tough guy? Beat people up for me?”
I puffed out my chest and flexed the muscles in my arms. “If I have to,” I grinned.
She laughed again and placed a soft kiss to my lips. “Alright. Give me a couple minutes to change.”
“Hey! You guys made it!” Calum greeted, clapping me on the shoulder and giving her a hug. “C’mon, let’s get you guys a drink before Luke drinks all the tequila.”
“Uh…” I stuttered, rubbing at the back of my neck. Damn, not even thirty seconds into the night…
“Luke can have it,” she laughed. “I’ll just stick with water.”
Calum’s eyebrows quirked up. “Drew the designated driver straw?”
“Something like that,” she laughed more.
We moved to follow Calum to Michael’s kitchen where people were crowded around, making their own drinks or making small talk. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I whispered low in her ear.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Cal just gave me my out.”
“I’m sorry,” I apologized anyway.
“Hey! You’re here!” Michael cheered, his green eyes already glossy. “Better hurry before Luke drinks all the tequila.”
“But when I taste tequila!” Luke sang loudly from where he leaned against a counter, a bottle of tequila held tenderly to his chest.
“Nobody wants your nasty ass tequila, mate,” I teased Luke before turning to Michael. “We’ll just stick to water.”
“Playing designated driver?” Michael hiccuped as he produced the water while Luke cried to his bottle that I didn’t mean what I had said.
I nodded, taking the waters from my friend and passing her one of them.
Michael raised an eyebrow the same way Calum had only moments ago. “Well if you change your mind, you guys are welcome to stay. Plenty of rooms.”
“Thanks Mike,” I clapped a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m so sorry,” I apologized for what felt like the millionth time as we lounged together in Michael's backyard.
“Ash, it’s fine,” she responded in kind. “I’m glad I’m here. Mike’s new place is awesome.”
“But-” I protested.
“Shh,” she shushed me. “Trust me, I’ve dealt with worse.”
I wanted to keep protesting that she shouldn’t have to deal with any assumptions, but I ultimately decided against it.
“Hey love, you ready?” I asked. It had been about seven months since Michael’s housewarming party. In that time, she had continued to deflect on nights out, and I had stopped drinking myself. I figured since today was just a hang out at Luke’s this time, she would be willing to go with me.
I grinned when I found her at the door, car keys in hand. “Been waiting on you,” she teased before tossing the keys through the air towards me.
I snatched them and grinned wider. God damn, I loved this woman.
“Hey! Glad you guys made it!” Luke greeted.
“You act like I don’t know where you live,” I laughed.
“Whatever,” Luke laughed with me. “Guys want something to drink?”
“Water’s fine,” I told him.
“Still on that sober streak?”
I shrugged. “I wouldn’t call it a streak.”
Luke nodded. “Right. Not a streak. Lifestyle choice.”
I made to follow Luke deeper into the house to the kitchen but her hand wrapped around my arm, holding me back. “You’re sober?” she hissed.
“For how long?”
“Since Mike’s party.”
She did the math in her head. “Since I told you I don’t drink, you mean?”
“Yeah… why are you mad?”
“I’m not mad, Ash. I’m proud of you. But… I mention all the shit I deal with for not drinking, and you decide to become sober the same night? That’s…”
“Eye-opening?” I suggested when she faltered.
“Manipulative! Ash… I didn’t tell you because I’m bothered by your drinking. I told you that other people drinking doesn’t bother me. It’s when they expect me to because they do that bothers me.”
“Love, you’re not manipulating me.”
“Oh, so it’s a coincidence then?!”
I pulled us off to the side as her voice began to climb higher. “Would you stop? I’m a grown ass man. I can stop drinking if I want to.”
“I’m just saying that the timing seems sketchy to me, Ash. If you want to stop drinking, I’m all for it. I’ll support you with anything, you know that. But I want you to do it for you. Not me.”
“I am doing it for me! Look, I didn’t realize how often I get asked if I want to have a drink until you pointed it out. I always thought I was careful about my drinking, but I didn’t realize it controlled my life the way it does. And yes, it took you pointing it out for me to notice, but stopping it was my choice. You didn’t make me do anything.”
“Ash… I-”
“I know. You don’t want to manipulate someone into not drinking the same way you don’t want people to manipulate you into drinking. But, love, that’s not what’s happening here.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.”
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petri808 · a year ago
Fandom: Fairy Tail. Rating: Mature.  Nalu AU ANGST trigger warning.  Based on this post.  Just under 10k words
Lucy Heartfilia is diagnosed with a heart defect. Stuck in the hospital waiting on the transplant list, there is only one thing bringing any light to her dreary world; a volunteer named Natsu Dragneel who truly becomes her bittersweet savior.
@uzumaki2810 Here you go, I hope you like it :)  Also thank you to the angst queen @doginshoe IM SORRY I FORGOT TO ADD THIS MESSAGE ;-; she beta’d and bore the tears with me to make sure it was a good story :)
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
It all started back in her last year of middle school when puberty really kicked into overdrive and she developed a well-endowed chest.  She assumed the little pricks of pain related to the added weight cause they sure gave her a backache if she pushed herself too hard.  Exercise was overly exhausting, so there went any chances of making the cheer squad in high school.  Not that Lucy was really interested in sports, but by the start of high school she realized any physical activity needed to be avoided.  But she didn’t want to worry her father since it was a random pain that would only surface if she exerted herself; ergo it was her boob’s fault, and she kept the pain to herself.
As time passed, and her high school years carried on, Lucy did her best to ignore the symptoms, even when something new manifested itself.  Fatigue…  she was studying too hard.  Rapid heartbeat… well, there was that cute boy that just walked by.  Shortness of breath when she laid down…  it’s just from the weight of her chest.  Each and every time, Lucy found a rational explanation.  She buried her nose in her studies as an outlet, which she really didn’t mind so much.  Her favorite thing to do in the world was to write quick fantasy stories she’d make up, and she’d often spend her breaks holed up in the library researching some new topic of dragons or fairies or whatever had caught her attention.
“Ugghhhh,” Lucy flinches as the blinding white light breaks through the surface of her vision.  She shields her eyes and slowly opens them but can only manage a tiny squint.  Her mind was groggy, and she swore her limbs felt like dead weights.  “W-Where am I?”        
She hears the muffled sound of her father’s voice calling for a doctor.  Why was there a slight ringing in her ear?  Something about she’s awake now, hurry?  The rest had been too muffled to understand.  Had she been asleep?  Lucy was completely confused. But the light… the light was so bright!
“Ms. Heartfilia?  Ms. Heartfilia, can you hear me?”
It was a strange male voice talking to her.  Where did her father go?
“Yes,” she croaks out, flinching as her body is coming out of its slumber and suddenly a sharp pain hits her again.  Lucy winces, this was worse than before.
“Ms. Heartfilia, do you know where you are?”
She shakes her head.  
“You’re in the hospital, dear.”
Wait!  It was her father’s voice again.  What did he mean she was in a hospital!  Lucy forces herself to open her eyes fully, though, keeping her hand between her face and the overhead lights.  “Why am I in a hospital?!”
Lucy hears the doctor's voice again, seemingly at a distance because her viewpoint was limited, speaking to someone.  Fainted.  Temporary amnesia.  Congenital heat disease.  Wait what?!  “Hey what’s going on?!” she calls out then is hit by another spike of pain.  Damn it!  “Dad?   Hello?!”  But it’s like she was being ignored.  Birth defect.  Advanced case.  Surgery.  “Someone please talk to me!”  Tears prick at the corners of her eyes.  “Talk to me!!!”  A third, and now the largest stab of pain hits her.  Lucy cries out at the pain and curls in on herself.  More shouting and the voice returns, hands probing something near her chest, and machines starting to blare out warning beeps.
“Please calm down Ms. Heartfilia, calm down, don’t push yourself too much or the pain will get worse.”
How could this get any worse…
That was 3 years ago, and the sands of time were running low.
Her father had done all he could, dragging her to specialist after specialist, exhausting a chunk of his fortune on doctors from one coast to the other, only to be told Lucy would need a heart transplant or she may not see her twenty-first birthday.  The most they could do for her while she waited on the transplant list was implant a ventricular assist device into her body.  It gave her a small measure of freedom instead of being tied to a normal transcutaneous machine, but it was still uncomfortable.  Her movements were restricted, she had to be careful of catching a cold, and what ended up being the hardest part, was the breast reduction surgery they had her undergo at the same time of the VAD surgery to reduce the weight and strain it added to her heart.
For so long she’d blamed her large breasts for causing all her pains, but now that she knew they weren’t, it was sad to see them go.  They were a part of her after all, no matter how much of a headache they could be.  For weeks after the surgery, Lucy could barely look at herself in the mirror.  She didn’t recognize herself anymore.  This youthful woman with tubes sticking out of her stomach which attached to a device around her waist that helped her weakened heart muscles do their job to keep her alive.  That had been the diagnosis, a congenital birth defect that weakened her heart muscles, and as she aged, the muscles would continue to deteriorate.  Oh, her father was so furious when they were told she didn’t qualify for an artificial heart because death wasn’t imminent.  
It hadn’t taken long after completing high school that the depression had surfaced.  All of her friends were moving on to college, most to distant campuses so she had no one to talk to.  Lucy would hide away in her bedroom for days at a time as the internal struggle mounted.  Why continue to go through this pain and struggle… why not just end it quickly and painlessly.  It was tempting.  From the research she’d done on heart defects, the end wasn’t very pretty.  Her only hope was a donor, but people die every day on the transplant list waiting for a heart that never came, just growing weaker and weaker….
At least the VAD had given her two decent years, but her days of being an outpatient at the hospital had come to an end.  Even with the device assisting her heart, Lucy’s body was struggling to deal with the strain.  The smallest exertions required fuel from her heart to power her body, so even something as minimal as the fatigue of reading a book for too long could trigger an arrythmia or worse, and the pain that may accompany it.  She needed to stay in the hospital so that her heart could be constantly monitored and if there was any sudden change, they could address it quickly.
The doctors were doing their best to keep her alive in the hopes a donor would surface.  But you never knew when one would become available, and her time was running short.  The original prediction of not making it to twenty-one was fast approaching.  Frankly, Lucy felt like it was by the luck of the draw and the odds were better at a Las Vegas casino.  It was a lonely experience being cooped up in the hospital and thankfully there was one glimmer of happiness amongst the sterile white halls.
“Hi Natsu.”
He smirks, “I brought you something.”  The young man was bouncing on the balls of his feet with his hands clasped behind his back.  
All the volunteers that visited the hospital were kind people, but there was one that made Lucy smile the most.  A young man named Natsu Dragneel.  She’d told herself at the beginning of her medical odyssey that she wouldn’t let anyone get too close to her, not only for her protection but there’s.  The pain of losing someone you care about was an emotion Lucy had borne at the tender age of five when her mother lost her own battle to cancer, and it was a feeling she didn’t wish upon her worst enemy.  But this man sure made that promise a tough one to keep.    
Natsu’s adoptive mother was a long-time surgery nurse at this hospital, who had had taught him the value of life.  It was because of seeing her kindness towards people that spurred his decision to be a volunteer.  Even at eighteen years of age he knew that volunteering would be difficult, and five years later, he would admit it never got any easier.  Many volunteers eventually burn out, especially when dealing with the terminal patients, but Natsu pushed through, reminding himself it was those very patients that needed their support the most.
“Oh,” she quirks an eyebrow, “what is it?”
“Tada!” he whips out a single yellow rose with pinkish-red tipped petals and hands it to her.  “My younger sister showed me how to dye the tips, isn’t it cool!”
Lucy takes the flower, “wow that is really beautiful!  The pink even matches your hair.” She lifts it to her nose and picks up on the light rosy fragrance it exuded.  “Smells nice too.”  She tries to hand it back to Natsu.
“Tch, my hair’s not pink, it’s salmon, and I made it for you,” he smiles, “something to brighten your day.”  Natsu then walks over to the small bathroom and fills a cup with water, brings it back and places it on the small windowsill next to her bed.  “For the flower.”
“Thank you,” Lucy blushes a little and hands him back the bloom since she couldn’t reach the cup herself. “It was really kind of you to bring me that Natsu.”
“Nah,” he places the flower in the cup for her, “I’d do anything to make you smile.”
It wasn’t every day, but Natsu would come to see her as often as he could.  His regular job as a construction worker wasn’t a regular 9 to 5 kind of thing.  Some weeks he might work five days straight, while on slower periods like the winter and early spring months it may only be a couple of days a week depending on weather.  He’d told her that working with his hands was something he enjoyed immensely, and the company was training him to be a carpenter.  
Natsu sure wasn’t what she’d expected of a construction guy.  Oh, his hands showed the roughened appearance of someone who worked hard for a living, but she thought they would be these rough and tumble kind of men.  Not Natsu, with his goofy and sweet personality.  She could only imagine how well such a line of work helped to keep the man in shape.  He always wore t-shirts and jeans, but his trim features hidden behind the fabric were easily discernable.        
The light of the sun brought the yellow rose to life along with a slight tremor in her heart, not of pain but of adoration.  Lucy smiles sweetly at his remark, her eyes crinkling, glinting with a tinge of moisture she had no control over.  She didn’t want to admit her growing affection for this man who always said the sweetest things or made the most charming gestures.  Natsu was always so compassionate and supportive, while never making it seem like it was just his job as a volunteer to comfort the patients.  It was easy to wish that maybe… he was doing it just for her?  
Lucy ducks her head, hiding the hint of jealousy coating her cheeks and tone, “I’m sure you make such kind gestures for the other patients too.”
“Oh, no,” Natsu sits beside her and takes her hand, “just you.”  He gently lifts her chin, forcing her to face him.  She averts her eyes, but he stares forward, softening his glare, almost wanting to chuckle that he’s had such an effect on her.  “You’re special to me.”
Of all the patients in this small hospital, Lucy Heartfilia was the one his heart grieved for the most.  It wasn’t fair, at only twenty years old, for this beautiful and intelligent woman to be tied to a hospital bed, watching her life flash by in the form of ridges and valley peaks.  The first time they had met was two years ago, but back then she would only come in for overnight monitoring’s or check-ups, and after her major surgery, she stayed for a few months during the recovery process.  By now, they were friends, but it had taken work on his part to get her to open up to him.      
“No, I’m not…” Lucy sucks the corner of her bottom lip in to stifle the tremor.  
His tone deepens in a comeback, “Yes, you are.”
Her eyes finally snap to his, and when she sees the determination behind them, reality kicks in.  He was telling the truth!  Oh, heaven help her.  It was cute to dream, but not for it to be real.  She feels a sting in her chest and pushes his hands away.  “Please don’t,” her voice is barely a whisper, trembling from the stinging pain in her heart and her soul.  “I-I shouldn’t be….”  ‘This is so wrong…  Because I’m dying and he deserves someone better.  I shouldn’t have said anything.’  Stupid little daggers of jealousy!  She clutches her chest, willing her heart to still, and pain to subside, ‘please go away!’
“Hey, hey!” Natsu immediately switches his concern from being flirty to concerned.  “Lucy please calm down, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you!”
“I-It’s okay, I-I’ll be okay.” She fights the tears back with all the strength she can muster.  Lucy didn’t want to cry in front of Natsu.  “Please, Natsu, I don’t want to get our hopes up l-like that…. If this… If things were different….”
“Shhh,” he cradles her face, “shhh, it’s okay Luce, I feel the same way.”
After a few moments, Lucy lets out a long exhale.  “I appreciate it, I really do.”  She looks up and cracks a pained smile.  “You’re the only thing keeping me going, but I-I just don’t even want to think about not being there for you…”
It was Natsu’s turn to crack.  “Please don’t finish that.”  He looks down, holding back the urge to cry or show how upset it makes him.  “I don’t want to think about that.”
“But it…”
“You don’t know that, no one knows that, and I,” his voice falters, seething with all the will of his soul placed behind it, “I will cling to hope till my dying breath.”
The sudden change in his demeanor, switches Lucy from feeling so self-absorbed in her own thoughts to realize, Natsu has had an effect on her, but she truly had an effect on him too.  It hurt even more now that his behaviors weren’t just a rouse to make her happy, and it killed her to think of what he will suffer when she goes.    
“I’m sorry, Natsu.  I didn’t realize.”  She grabs his hand, squeezing it hard.  “Natsu I’m sorry.  Let’s stop thinking about this then, hmm,” doing her best to keep her tone soft and comforting.  “Look at me, Natsu, please, I don’t want to keep fighting with you.”
He sighs, “you’re right.  That’s the last thing I wanna do with you.”  It was a surprise even to himself that he’d lost his cool, and for the first time the awareness of his growing infatuation became real.
“Good,” she squeezes his hand again.  “Hey, um, you know its lunch time, we could eat outside since it’s a nice day…” her voice grows tentative, “if you’ll join me.”
“Lucy Heartfilia, are you asking me out on a date?” He chuckles, ready to put all the sadness behind them.  “Because if that’s the case,” the sparkle in his eyes return, “I would be honored.”
For the next couple of months, Natsu and Lucy’s friendship flourishes, as her physical body slowly deteriorates.  It was hard, he couldn’t lie, to watch this happen, and if it wasn’t for the strength of his convictions or his plain stubborn attitude about it that kept him upbeat.  He knew that she needed him to be her strength, and that fueled his desire to make sure she smiles every day.  
Lucy didn’t know, but his mother would keep him updated on her condition.  Not that he needed to know all the technical jargon, for he could see it with his own eyes.  Lucy herself would tell him just enough information when she needed to, but he never pushed or pried for it, letting it always be on her terms.  The cardiomyopathy was getting worse, her heart muscles barely functioning on its own at this point.  She had her good days and bad days but walking around wasn’t really an option anymore aside from brief steps for a purpose.  It also meant that the muscles in her legs were weakening too.  Physical therapy once a week worked with Lucy on light stretches to keep them from completely atrophying, but it was all they could do for her at this point.  But no matter how much weight she lost, or that her hair didn’t hold its familiar luster, to Natsu she would always be the same radiant woman he adored.  
She’d resigned herself to this fate a lot better than Natsu would have thought a person could do.  When he tried to picture himself in her shoes, he was sure he wouldn’t have the strength to keep going, but that was what amazed him even more about her.  On her agreeable days, Natsu enjoyed getting her out of her room, even if for brief periods of time.  Lunch or dinner in the cafeteria, the grounds of the hospital on a sunny day, or even stargazing when the evening air was warm.  He’d bring a wheelchair, and off they’d go, talking about anything or nothing, avoiding the subject of her condition, just giving her a smidge of a normal existence for once.              
Lucy opens her eyes at the knock on her door to see a familiar face pop through.  “Hey Natsu,” she cracks a pained smile.  
“Hey Luce, how ya doin’ today?”
She starts to sit up in the hospital bed, but when it’s clear to Natsu the woman was struggling, he quickly rushes over and assists.  “Thanks,” another light smile.  “I’m sorry, I’ve been a little sore today.”
“Never apologize to me,” he smiles back warmly.  No matter what, he always did his best to appear upbeat for the patients despite his heart literally breaking for them.  He places his hand on hers, “so, tell me gorgeous, are ya hungry?  We could dinner date in the cafeteria if you’re up to it.  My treat,” he winks.
“Stop calling me gorgeous,” Lucy chides the sunny young man, despite the small rosy glow of her cheeks.  “I know I’m not, and that’s okay.”  With the help of a psychiatrist and over a year of therapy, Lucy had finally accepted her fate and kept moving forward as best she could.  If she will die someday, she will die with dignity.  Stress wasn’t very good on her heart, so once she made peace with her circumstances, even her physical ailments had benefitted.  
“Pfft,” Natsu pretends to be offended, “are you calling me a liar because I know I’m not blind.”  His grin growing along with the deepening of red along her cheeks.  “Besides, you know I won’t stop no matter how much you complain about it.”  
Lucy laughs and her eyes twinkle, “I know, so we’ll keep agreeing to disagree.”
It was in these moments, and why he did what he did, just to see this woman’s eyes light up, that sent his own heart into palpitations.  Deep down Natsu knew that the chances of Lucy making it out of this hospital were slim to none, but you’d never know it when he spoke to her.  He stifles the urge to sigh. Oh, how he wished the circumstances were different.  In a perfect world, Natsu would love nothing more than to walk this woman down the aisle.
He circles the topic back around, “so… dinner, on me?” he teases lightly with a wink.  “We can take a trip through pediatrics where there are a few recent arrivals.”
Her gaze lowers as she hides the seventh heaven emotions the young man stirs in her.  “I’d like that.”
Natsu squeezes her hand, “I’ll be right back, lemme grab your carriage milady.”
As Lucy waited the few minutes for Natsu to grab a wheelchair, she closes her eyes and does a breathing technique to calm her heart.  She hadn’t wanted to show the slight tinges of pain she was getting as they spoke, because she knew it would have worried him.  They’d been steadily increasing in frequency lately, and she fought to keep him from discovering that.  But she couldn’t help it.  Despite her condition, Lucy was still a young woman with an intact mind, she still had desires like any other, and when a handsome young man close to her age flirted with her, of course she would react to it!  She did her best not to let these thoughts sink in too deeply and told herself he was merely doing it to make her feel better.  It was a lie, but it was the best way to shield herself.
“Ready?”  Natsu extends his hand to help Lucy to her feet.
She nods and takes hold, gripping on while he maneuvers her around and onto the chair.  It weakened Lucy to where her muscles were slowly losing their strength because her heart was struggling to keep her body oxygenated and functioning properly.  With support she could stand for brief periods, but only with support.  At least with Natsu, she could put her faith in his hold that he’d never let her fall.  
After adjusting the foot plates and making sure Lucy was comfortable, Natsu takes off towards the cafeteria two floors down.  He’d already alerted dining when he’d gone out for the chair they were coming down, to prepare a meal within Lucy’s dietary needs.  It wasn’t a terribly restrictive diet, but there were some limits, such as no stimulants like caffeine, or anything with a high fat content.
Natsu loved these little dates as he called them.  On warm sunny days it may include a stroll outside for some fresh air, or if it was cold and rainy, merely sharing a cup of light hot chocolate in the visitor's lounge in front of the massive floor to ceiling windows.  But if Lucy wasn’t feeling well, he was content to sit by her side in her room, talking, telling stories, or doing anything just to cheer her up.  Sometimes he would fantasize during these events as if they were simply at home and relaxing like a normal couple.
“Oh yay, beef barley,” Lucy stirs and lifts a spoonful up before letting it flow back into the bowl.  “My fave.”  She knew why they gave it to her, but that didn’t make it anymore appetizing.  Barley was supposedly good for heart health, and the protein it contained was useful for her body.  She crunches up the soda crackers the meal came with and drops them into the soup, letting the pieces soak in.
“I don’t mind it,” Natsu shovels a spoonful into his mouth.  He always made it a point to eat the same thing they gave Lucy, so she felt more normal about it.  “But if you really don’t want it, I could ask them to make you a sandwich instead.”
“No, no,” she waves her hand, her voice oozing with a sense of longing mixed with frustration, “it’s okay, I’m fine with it.  I just would kill to eat a fatty, tasty, slathered in sauce cheeseburger with a side of waffle fries or something you know.”
Natsu snorts a laugh and almost chokes on his food as a mental picture of Lucy chomping down on a burger, with sauce dripping down her chin both amuses and arouses him.  “I-I can imagine,” he bangs his chest a couple times to dislodge some liquid that made it down the wrong pipe.  “Throw some sriracha sauce on that vision and you just named one of my favorite foods.”  Could this woman become any more of his dream girl?!
She giggles, “So, um…” Lucy hesitates for a second.  She didn’t want to sound desperate or anything, but loneliness was the quickest way to send her back into a depression and she cherished the time the man spent with her.  “How much time are you spending with me today?”    
“As long as you’d like,” he winks.  “I always do my rounds first and come to you last so I can stay as long as I want to.”
Ugh!  The flirty thing again!  Lucy wills her body to behave.  “Wow, that makes me pretty special, huh?”
“Extremely,” he leans in, letting his gaze grow half-lidded, and his tone mellowing into a soothing cadence. “I’m gonna steal your heart one day Luce, that’s a promise.”
“What?!  Pfft,” damn, she can feel the heat rising in her cheeks, “there’s no point in stealing a broken heart sir…”  Despite the desire to feel aroused over his comment, it also brought a sense of sadness to her she fought down the urge to let tears rise to the surface.  ‘He’s just teasing… he’s just being sweet, trying to make me feel normal… It’s not real Lucy, It’s not real!’  But oh, how she wished it was!  Natsu was the perfect man that any woman would kill for.  Sweet, strong, handsome, silly, she could go on and on with the list.  He was the one ray of sunshine in her dreary world now that she truly was all alone in it.  The stress of caring for her had driven her father into his own massive heart attack last year.  She had no one, except Natsu.
“I mean it Luce,” he reaches out and takes her hand, letting his thumb sweep over the skin.  “Broken or not, I want to steal it and have the person it’s attached to a—ll to myself.”
“Please don’t,” Lucy pulls her hand back.  She could feel the tears pooling and if she didn’t stop it now, they’d soon fall.  “You know I appreciate it, really I do Natsu.”  Lucy looks back up at him and cracks a pained smile.  “But you deserve someone who’s not broken.”
The absolute pain measured in Lucy’s eyes, and the sorrow in her voice was like a dagger straight through Natsu’s soul.  He could understand her desire of not wanting to believe in miracles or to shield herself from further pain, but that only killed him more.  She deserved so much more out of life. Ugh, if only he had a direct line to destiny so he could kick its ass and tell it to leave Lucy in peace!  He didn’t want to upset her anymore.  “Okay, I’ll stop pushing too hard.  But I promise you Luce, one day you will walk out of this hospital a healthy woman, and you can steal my heart instead.”
She sighs, “You can’t promise something like that.”
“I have faith,” Natsu gives her his wide, ear-to-ear grin and a wink.  “You’ll see.”
How could she stay upset after seeing that smile of his?  That damn ear-to-ear grin that lit up his eyes.  The eternal optimist, Natsu Dragneel trying so hard to keep her spirits up.  He and that smile may very well be the one thing keeping her going at this point.  “Okay, okay,” Lucy chuckles, “I give up, yes it's possible.”
“Woo Hoo!”  He pumps his fist in the air in an exaggerated victory, “that’s the spirit!  Now eat, so we can go check out the babies!”  
Lucy laughs again and nods with a smile, “okay.”
It was harder than she let on to him because she knew how much he enjoyed checking out all the new arrivals, but seeing those babies coming into this world while she would be leaving it shortly was painful.  All those hopeful, bright little lives….  They were a bittersweet reminder that a hospital holds two balances; the power to bring life into this world or take it away by not being able to heal a person.  She didn’t blame the doctors, for they were doing their best, because sometimes the sands of time runs its course and there is just nothing more they can do.  It was simply a part of life, to be born and die, never knowing when the grim reaper would come calling.  
“Look, look!  I was told three were born yesterday.” Natsu points excitedly as he parks her chair in front of the viewing window of the nursery.  He plasters his face against the clear glass.  “Two girls and one boy.  Awww, one already has some hair!”  Turning back to Lucy, “can you see okay, would you like me to help you stand up?”
“Thank you for the offer, but I can see just fine,” Lucy throws on a smile for effect.  “They are quite adorable, aren’t they?”
“Are you sure?  You know the doctors want you to stand sometimes so that your legs don’t atrophy as quickly.  I will gladly bear the weight.”
“Are you saying I’m heavy?!”  She was just teasing, but it was the perfect setup to do so.
“What?!” he waves his arms, “n-no way!  You’re not heavy, I meant I’m stronger so I can hold you up…”
“So, I’m weak?”
“Wait, what, no!”
Lucy giggles at how much the man was stepping all over his tongue.  “I’m just teasing you, Natsu.  I know I should, but I’m just a little tired today.”  That was partially true.
The man pouts, “so mean Luce,” he whines and throws on the saddest puppy dog expression he can muster, even a sniffle for effect.  “But it was an excuse to hold you in my arms.”
Oh, how quickly the tides can turn as his bold little statement sets her face ablaze.  He re—ally needed to stop with the flirting, or she was about to have an actual heart attack!  “All right,” Lucy groans, “just for a few minutes.”  It wasn’t the first time she’s allowed him to help her stand and maintain her balance, but before his little retort, she’d never thought twice about it.  
Natsu locks the chair and adjusts the foot plates out of the way so that Lucy can put her feet on the ground.  “Just take all the time you need,” his voice grows soft and soothing, “don’t rush.”
She tests her leg strength by pushing with the balls of her feet against the floor, rocking them and applying pressure to warm up the muscles.  Brief movements, like getting from the bed to the wheelchair were one thing, standing for a few minutes or walking a few feet were another.  It was frustrating and embarrassing, so she avoided it as much as possible, like when going to the bathroom.  Lucy didn’t mind when the nurses assisted her with that compromising predicament, but this was embarrassing in a different way.  
Once she feels her legs are ready, she holds out her hand which Natsu quickly takes hold of and braces her other on the arm of the chair to push herself up.  When she gets to a standing position, Natsu moves around her body, placing an arm around her waist as he gently guides her the two feet to the window.  He stays on constant alert, monitoring any change so if her legs decide to buckle, he can catch her.  As soon as she reaches the window, Lucy places her hands on the slight ledge of the sill.  Natsu then switches his position to stand directly behind her, wrapping both arms around her upper chest to hold her close, but above the tubes in her lower abdomen.  
Could he feel how much her body was heating up from the intimate contact?  Lucy fought her own emotions to keep from escalating and stressing her heart out, for she was keenly aware of how they would look to anyone passing by.  Dear heavens, it was hard to do with his chest pressed up against her back…. She wished they could stay like that forever.  ‘Breathe… just breathe, Lucy…. Look at the babies, just focus on the babies…’  That only made it worse.
The babies….  Just a day old. The little angels were like moldable clay.  They’ll grow… they’ll change…  Will they become teachers or astronauts some day?  Oh, look at the one, smiling in his sleep, how precious.  Someday, will they make their dreams come true?  What will they be like?  Good little kids or naughty, friendly, the life of the party or a shy introvert?  Like many young girls who dreamt of becoming a mother someday, Lucy had envisioned having a family of her own with the love of her life and the white picket fence.  A little girls fantasy.  She closes her eyes, praying that Natsu wasn’t paying attention to her.  The tears pool behind her eyelids and she stills the desire to sniffle.  That fantasy was now dashed like a shipwreck against the shoreline, never to sail the seven seas again.  Natsu would have made the perfect husband and father for such a fairytale, and he will one day, just not in her storybook ending.
She’d been so focused on fighting back her emotions, that Lucy hadn’t noticed Natsu’s head was now resting against her shoulder or how his face was curled against the nape.  
“It’s okay to cry sometimes Luce.”
His whispered voice, so close to her ear, breaks the dam.  Lucy squeezes her eyes tighter and fingertips curl, tensing against the windowsill.  Shit, he knew all along.  Her knees tremble as the tears flow freely, but she feels his hold tighten around her to keep her from falling.  It had been some time since she’d allowed herself to release the pain in this way.
Natsu hadn’t been certain of it until now, but in the last several times they’d come to the pediatric ward, he’d sensed a change in Lucy’s energy.  She always wore a smile with a hidden agenda and now he’s confirmed his suspicions.  Well, it was his mother really that pointed it out one day when he’d mentioned it to her.  The woman was great at understanding human emotions and after years of caring for patients, she’s learned to follow her intuition.  
“Lucy was a young woman who may not live to be a mother or have a family of her own, of course it might upset her to see the infants.”  His first inclination was to stop bringing the woman to this ward, but his mother gave him a second option.  “Help her grieve.”  Those three words coming out of his mother’s mouth stunned him briefly. What did she mean to help her grieve?!!  “If Lucy has no one to turn to, how can she process what is happening to her.  Show her it’s okay to be upset, help her let out the pain before it consumes her.”  
“I will hold you for as long as I need to Luce, just let the pain go.”
But it was killing him to do this!  Natsu had told his mother that he didn’t think he was strong enough. The woman simply smiled, patted his cheek and said, “I believe in you son.  If you truly care, then you’ll have the strength to move mountains for her.”  Damn his mother and her intuition, though Natsu realized only a fool couldn’t see how much he was falling for Lucy.  He’d sell his soul to a demon to get her a new heart.
Strangely, Lucy’s body wasn’t reacting like she thought it would.  Stress usually caused her blood pressure to rise and strain her heart muscles, but that wasn’t happening.  She couldn’t stop the tears from flowing like a broken spigot, and maybe that was the best thing, like a release of the pressure that had built up unbeknownst to her.  Her hands move from the windowsill to Natsu’s arms, clutching to and resting her head on them.  Lucy couldn’t look up, not yet, but she needed to let him know she heard his words, and they meant the world to her.  
She would have made an amazing mother, Natsu was sure of it, and it would be a lie to say he’s never thought of or imagined them staring through this viewing window at their own little boy or girl one day.  Would the child have Lucy’s beautiful golden waves or chocolate brown eyes?  Or maybe take Natsu’s salmon pink hair and onyx eyes.  No matter what, the child would be perfect and loved.  A child that as the day ticked down on the transplant list was losing hope of ever being born.  Crap!  Natsu squeezes his eyes closed tight.  He couldn’t let her see him struggling with this, but damn if those images didn’t just cut him deep.
Neither of them knew how long they were standing there or even if any of the other hospital staff had noticed.  They were in their own little world while time passed them by.  It was Lucy who finally let out a small exhale as a last release of all that had struck her today, and with that tension gone, the tears turned into exhaustion.  Ever cry so hard and for so long that your body became lethargic?  Lucy yawns wide and deep, her eyes growing heavy and clouded, a little lightheaded, ready to go to sleep.
Natsu kisses the crown of her head and without a word, maneuvers her so she can sit back down in her wheelchair.  He sets the foot panels in place and helps her feet onto them, then pushes her back to her room.  There is a companionable silence, as if all their wordless exchanges had communicated volumes that needed no explanation.  Once back in her own room, Natsu helps her onto the bed and set the wheelchair aside.
After helping to re-attach her heart monitors, Natsu checks, “is there anything else I can get you before I go?”  She shakes her head.  “In that case…”
Lucy motions for him to lean in closer and once he’s close enough, she hesitates briefly then places a kiss on his cheek.  “Thank you for everything Natsu.”
His eyes widen, shocked by what she’d just done.  “Luce?”
“I just felt like doing it,” she blushes.  “Tonight… I don’t know, I just feel so much better and it’s all because of you.”  Lucy closes her eyes as a yawn cuts through.  They were so tired…    
“You are very welcome,” Natsu smiles.  He moves to leave, but Lucy grabs his hand and squeezes.  When he turns back to look, her eyes are still closed, and there is a slight smile on her face which brings a swelling of his pride.  He leans down and kisses the back of her hand.  “Rest now, and I will see you again tomorrow.”
Mister Sandman beckoned to Lucy of mystical creatures bathed in glittering stars, calling upon father time to bring peace to a weary soul.  She didn’t know why, but though the pull was strong, she fought his dreamy reverie.  Today had been the most emotionally charged day in a long time.  All the tears Lucy had shed brought a new peace to her spirit, something in this entire experience not even a trained therapist could have given her.  The amount of love that Natsu provided, whether platonic or wishful yearnings, calmed her, and pushed away the emptiness she had felt for so long…. So long stuck in this pain.  She wanted to relive this day forever, safe in Natsu’s arms, drowning in the pool of his obsidian hues.  ‘… to steal his heart…’  Lucy knew she already had, just as he had stolen hers in a way.  A sense of warmth floods through her body, shielding her to the cool air-conditioned room.  Lucy’s smile widens as her mind slips into the abyss of dreams, of a pink-haired prince who’d finally set her soul free.
“Natsu wake up,” the voice repeats as the person attached to it shakes his sleeping form.  “Natsu wake up.”
“Huh?” His clouded mind hears the voice of his mother.  “What is it?”  He turns his head, his eyes temporarily pin-pointed from the harsh lamp light next to his bed.  “Mom, what are you doing in my room?”  Natsu pushes himself to a sitting position as his mother takes a seat next to him.  With his vision focusing better, he finally notices the moisture clouding his mother’s eyes.  “Mom, what is it?!”  
She takes his hand, squeezing it tightly with her head slightly lowered in pain.  “I-I’m sorry, son, but the hospital just called me…. Your friend, s-she had a massive heart attack.”
By the time his mother had finished the sentence, Natsu had stopped listening to anything she was saying. He knew, the moment she’d said I’m sorry… to wake him up in the middle of the night, it had to be….  All the blood drains from his face and his shoulders slump.  He felt dizzy, weak, like all of his strength were stripped away, leaving him an empty shell.  He turns his head slowly, the tears already flowing down his cheeks in an endless trickle to meet the woman’s sullen gaze.  This wasn’t happening!  Not yet!  Lucy was fine today!  Fine!!  He wanted to scream!  But his throat was closed up, choking back the sobs that wanted to break free.  
“Oh honey,” the woman wraps her arms around her son and pulls him tightly against her chest.  “I’m so sorry,” her own tears flowing freely and hitting his face.  “Don’t give up hope, they were able to save her, but she’s been placed in a medically induced coma.”
It couldn’t be true!  Why weren’t his cries coming out?!  Natsu’s voice refused to make a sound and all he could do was weep.  It hurt so much!  His fists clench at his stiffened sides.  This wasn’t fair!  
“Let it out son, don’t hold it in,” she coos, doing her best to soothe the pain.  “They believe she didn’t suffer because it happened while she was asleep, that should give you a bit of comfort.”
No, it doesn’t!  She was still in a coma!  He’d almost lost her!  And, “I-I never g-got to s-say good... good…” he couldn’t finish it.  What if she never woke up again?  Natsu’s heart ached at the thought he may never again hear her beautiful laughter or that silly snort she would sometimes make when he teased her.  This world was too cruel to do this to a woman who should be in college, starting the next stage of her life.  A fit of sobs racks his body, ‘I never got to tell her I love her…’
“Would you like me to drive you there, son?”
“Yes, please mom, i-if you don’t mind.”  
“Of course.”
Natsu paused in front of the closed door to Lucy’s new room, unsuccessfully preparing himself for what he knew he would find behind it.  On the way to the hospital, his mother had filled in a few more details that tore the man up and brought a wave of guilt flooding over him.  Had he caused the heart attack?
The heart monitor alarms had gone off only 30 minutes after he had left her for the evening, and the doctors wasted no time in implementing emergency resuscitative efforts.  They deemed it a miracle, but after 10 minutes of herculean efforts they were able to get her heart restarted.  Lucy was then moved to the ICU unit and placed on other machines such as a feeding tube and ventilator to keep her alive.
Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed her to see the infants after all.  Maybe the crying had stressed her out and neither of them had known it.  She seemed perfectly fine when he’d left!  Happy, in fact, happier than he’d seen in a long time.  Natsu’s fingers absentmindedly trail over the area she had kissed.  Lucy was at peace when he’d left.  His mom told him her sudden fatigue may have been a sign.  Or maybe he clenches his jaw, that kiss was her way of saying goodbye, like she knew something might happen once she’d closed her eyes.  The way she’d grabbed his hand when he tried to leave….  “Fuck!” he grits outs as the tears pool in his bloodshot eyes again.  “I shouldn’t have left her…”  
He pushes the door open and his knees buckle instantly at the sight.  Tubes… all the tubes, and monitors, the beeping and lights, bright flashing lights of the stat graphs, subcutaneous fluids hooked to her arms, the drips… slow drips of liquid and medicine flowing into Lucy’s body.  He wasn’t ready for it.  Her beautiful face partially hidden by the feeding tube running into her mouth and the breathing tubes entering her nostrils.  If it wasn’t for his mother standing at his side, Natsu would have collapsed to the floor when his legs lose all their strength and crumple.  The woman guides him to a chair placed beside the bed.  
“Oh god, Lucy!”  The tears pour out and sobs take control of his body.  He throws his upper body over hers, clutching desperately to the blanket covering her, and burying his face into its folds.  Natsu felt a part of his soul die right then and there.  “You don’t deserve this,” his muffled words stolen by the fabric.  Why couldn’t they find her a heart?!
“Son,” Natsu feels his mother’s hand resting on his shoulder, but he doesn’t respond.  “Son, there’s no telling how long Lucy will stay in this state, so it’s best you say your goodbyes now.  They say that people can hear you even if they are in a coma.”
But all he can do is shake his head fervently, denying it to the world and himself that Lucy wouldn’t come out of this.  He had hope, damn it!  Natsu refused to say goodbye because that meant he’d given up hope Lucy would recover somehow.  
The woman seemed to understand her son’s frustration and didn’t push.  “Then, just talk to her son, let her know you’re here.”  
“Mom, could you… I wanna be alone, please?”                
“I’ll come back in an hour to take you home.”  
Natsu just nods in response.  He hears the door open and close, the click of the lock like the final latch being set on a coffin, sealing them to their fate.  He’d known the dangers of giving his heart to Lucy and yet despite what was happening, still had no regrets.  She deserved the peace of knowing someone loved her, and if this really was the last moments, Natsu could have that tiny measure of satisfaction knowing he was the one who had provided it to her.
“But you’re not gonna die yet, Luce.  You can’t, do you hear me, you can’t!  It’s not your time yet, so you need to fight for me please…”  Oh, how his heart was shattering into a million pieces as if he was the one with the problem.  It fucking hurt!  Emotional daggers stabbing him in the chest repeatedly.  “You’re stronger than this, Lucy!  I know it, you’re gonna wake up from this!”
By the time his mother returns an hour later, the sheer exhaustion had consumed Natsu.  She finds him passed out, and it takes a bit of begrudging effort to get him to leave Lucy’s bedside.  He was so afraid to leave again in case she passed away, because he didn’t want her to die alone.  It was his mother that coaxed him into believing that she wasn’t alone as long as he kept her in his heart.    
Day after day, week after week, became a never-ending cycle of zombiesque activity.  Natsu’s body was there, trudging through routine, but his mind was broken, battling between keeping hope alive and giving up.  He went to work, did his job, then headed to the hospital.  It got to where the staff had placed a spare bed in the room, and he practically lived in the ICU with Lucy.  He was lucky that his mother was a long-time nurse and he a volunteer with an impeccable standing that the hospital allowed him to bend the visitor hour rules.  They knew the woman was alone in this world, so maybe they also felt a sense of duty to become that family for her, because nobody deserved to die alone.
He grew obsessed with anything to do with her condition and used the lonely hours to scour the internet for information.  Sure, much of the stories about coma patients being able to hear weren’t really solid or verifiable, but any glimmer of possibilities was worth the effort.  It couldn’t hurt to try.  Whether it was telling her about his day or what was happening in their town, Natsu would keep talking.  He bought a kindle and read stories he thought she would like, fantasies of princes saving princesses filled with mythical creatures.  He remembered her saying she used to write such stories and wished he had been able to read them.
When he was too tired to read, or his throat was too sore to continue, Natsu wrote her letters.  The staff and his family were getting worried about Natsu.  So, the hospital’s mental health service counselor had come in one day and spoke to him on the off chance that they could get through to him.  While he refused to listen to most of the advice, he found the writing to be helpful.  Maybe when Lucy awakens, she could read them. But for now, it was one way he could pour out some of his thoughts in silence.      
He was always tired and exhausted, pushing himself through this day-to-day routine, sometimes forgetting to eat.  Concerned staff would often pop their heads in to check on him to make sure he had or scolded him when the hours grew late and they knew he needed to work the next day.  His bloodshot eyes held dark bags under them, and his mother swore he was losing weight.  But he would always push them off saying he was fine.
“No, you are not son.  As a mother I am supremely proud to know I raised a son who cares this much, but I don’t want to lose you too.”
“And you’re not, I’m perfectly healthy.”
“You know as well as I stress is harmful to the body.”
Natsu sighs and runs a hand over his face, “mom, I’m fine, I even cut back on work hours to make you happy.”
“And I appreciate the gesture, but you’re still working, just here!”
“Mom, I’m fine!  Please, just leave me be, I-I don’t want to fight.  I just want… I’m not leaving her.  End of discussion.”
His mother sighs, knowing that her stubborn boy would not listen.  “Just please, Natsu, eat more, get more sleep, do it for me.”
“Okay, okay, I will.”        
“I love you, son.”
“I love you too, mom.”
She kisses his forehead and turns to leave, taking one last look at her boy, and to Lucy.  Grandeeney Dragneel pauses with a bittersweet smile as Natsu resumed reading quietly from his Kindle.  Somehow, she knew that young girl loved her son back, and it broke her heart to know they were like those star-crossed lovers from a long-lost folktale, never destined to truly be together.  She liked Lucy.  The girl was smart and sweet, very articulate whenever she visited during her rounds, and her strength through this all was remarkable.  Even after being dealt such a cruel hand by fate, she never grew bitter or resentful.  Her son couldn’t have fallen for a better girl.  Grandeeney slips away quietly before the moisture building in her eyes could be seen by Natsu, bracing against the closed door, and praying for a miracle.
Is this that tunnel people talk about?  Lucy wonders as all she could see through her eyelids is the brightest light that seemed just too brilliant to be normal.  Her eyes hurt a little from it, but if this was heaven, why is there still pain?  She forces her lids open and tries to shield them with her hand that… doesn’t seem to move, huh?  But it wasn’t just her arm, her entire body felt heavy.  The images filtering in through her vision were blurry, slowly gaining focus as her pupils adjust to the light to see, wait, ceiling tiles?  Why does heaven look so much like a hospital?
“Oh good, you’re awake.”
Lucy looks over and sees a doctor standing beside her.  “Where am I?”  Or more like why am I here?  
“Do you remember the heart attack?”  She shakes her head.  “You’ve been in a coma for two months after you suffered a massive heart attack.  But luckily, a local donor came through...”  He goes on to explain about the surgery telling her that the transplant surgery went well, her body was accepting the new heart, and while she’ll still be going through three to six months or rehabilitation and monitoring, she was on track to make a full recovery.  
“Oh-okay, thank you so much, doctor.”  It was a miracle to be alive again with a new heart.  But something felt wrong, missing?    
“I’ll be back in a couple hours to check on you again Ms. Heartfilia, but if anything feels off in the meantime, be sure to ring the nurses.”  He moves to leave, but she stops him.
“Doctor, the donor, can you tell me about them, please?”
The man hesitates for a moment.  “Well Ms. Heartfilia, privacy laws don’t allow me to….”
“You don’t have to tell me their name or anything.  Please, just a little information.  I’d like to know who saved my life.”
The man sighs and takes the seat next to the bed, clearly torn with what he was about to say.  “He was a young volunteer at the hospital who tragically fell asleep at the wheel and passed away from a car accident…”
The doctor's voice droned on for another minute as he tried to reassure her that the man didn’t suffer. It was quick and painless from a one-car crash.  As if that was supposed to make her feel any better.  Lucy didn’t need to be told the name as tears poured down her cheeks, because she knew.  She just knew.  That was what was missing, for she knew that if she’d had received the new heart, Natsu would have been the one by her side when she’d woken up… unless he could be there.  With all the wires attached to her arm, she could barely move them without the sting of the I.V. lines, but she didn’t care.  Lucy’s hands cover her lowered face as the tears continue to stream.
“I’m very sorry, Ms. Heartfilia.  Would you like me to have someone from mental health support to come see you?”
Lucy shakes her head. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t even think.  
“Mrs. Dragneel would also like to speak to you when you’re up to it.”  
More tears and sobs choke out. Oh god that was Natsu’s mom, how could she face Natsu’s mother!  
Seeing the woman’s distress, the man nods and squeezes her shoulder, “Again, I’m truly sorry Ms. Heartfilia.  We all miss him very much.  Please try to get some rest,” and leaves the woman to grieve in her own way.  
Her head was spinning.  It wasn’t supposed to happen like this!  Why was destiny such a malicious bastard to take away the one person she had and leave her in this world all alone?  Lucy clasps a hand over her chest, recalling the last conversation, that last night with Natsu.  She squeezes her eyes to the pain of the memories…  He’d made her so happy… so very happy, and yes, she remembered thinking for the first time since her diagnosis; she didn’t feel alone anymore.  Fuck if she didn’t want to just keel over again, but that would mar the beautiful gift that she’s received.  Natsu believed with every fiber of his being that she would walk out of here one day and she will live on for him, that’s a promise.  “Our heart,” Lucy breathes out…  But how ironic that he was right all along.  She really did steal his heart in the cruelest of ways… 
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leverage-ot3 · a year ago
notable moments from The Lonely Hearts Job
look at nate and eliot being all domestic reading in the pub
- - - - -
eliot will literally use ANYTHING as a weapon,,, last ep he used an umbrella, this time he used the fucking book he was reading
- - - - -
eliot grabbing the guy’s arm as soon as it got anywhere near nate
im soft eliot wants to protect his family at all costs
- - - - -
*guy starts crying*
nate and eliot, visibly distressed: sOpHIE
- - - - -
Sophie: You don’t have a romantic bone in your body.
(Eliot walks up, laughing)
Sophie: Oh.
Nate: Oh, really?
Sophie: And you’re one to laugh. You don’t even bother to learn their names. They’re just waitress, nurse, stewardess.
Eliot: First of all, it’s flight attendant, all right? They don’t like being called stewardess. And, second, I know their names
okay but I love eliot so much for a NUMBER™ of reasons but one of the things I love about him is that he goes completely against the toxic masculinity trope
he cooks, he likes things clean, but in this scene, it’s yet again established that he listens to and cares about his lovers even if it’s just a one night stand
he doesn’t disregard them, he doesn’t ever disrespect them
eliot spencer drinks respect women juice and I stan him SO HARD for that
- - - - -
Parker (walks in): You guys having a three-way?
Sophie: What?
Nate: What?
Parker: Three-way fight
she’s trying her best, your honor
also I LOVE how nobody looked disgusted or outraged by her question,,, like the concept of a three way (or three person relationship *wink wink*) is not scandalous or frowned upon by them
especially since the ot3 becomes canon later, idk this was a nice little tidbit that just supported the idea that none of the members of the team had anything against non mainstream relationships and I love that
- - - - -
Parker: Let’s go steal a sweetheart. (looks at Eliot) No? A widow.
Eliot: Unh-unh.
Parker: No? Spider?
(Parker and Eliot smile at each other)
Parker: Spider
they’re pure, your honor
- - - - -
Parker (taking pictures with her cell phone) : No matches on Hardison’s software yet. (sees jewelry on an older woman and takes picture) Ooh. Sparkly.
Nate: Parker, no burgling.
Parker: But these jewels, they’re just asking to be taken.
she’s so cute- she deserves all the shiny things
- - - - -
San Gui: Then let’s meet Austin, Texas, native Jackson Cooper!
Eliot (to Hardison): Austin, Texas? Did you write that? (walks forward)
hardison is a troll
San Gui: All right. Now, not only is Jackson the founder of Baren Oil, he also led the underwater team that capped the well in the Gulf. (crowd oohs) Oh, yes.
(Eliot glances back at Hardison)
- - - - -
San Gui: That’s right, ladies. Let’s give it up for our last eligible bachelor, Mr. Steven Melching. Come on, Steven. Steven comes to us straight from his compound in Silicon Valley.
Parker: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
parker specifically cheering for hardison gave me serotonin
- - - - -
parker punching hardison’s date in the face and then HOLDING HER BACK BY PUTTING HER HAND ON HER FACE BC SHES SO MUCH TALLER LMAO
+ parker looked so proud of herself as she was carried out by security she’s baby
- - - - -
parker setting up the con board (idk what to call it) and nate bringing her in on the plans
- - - - -
sophie in that dress could punch me in the face and I’d thank her
- - - - -
Hardison: Oh, sure, right. Speaking of which, did you ever find that steak place?
Eliot: The bet’s off.
Hardison: What you mean the bet’s off?
Eliot: The second that we found out they were grifters, the bet’s off.
Hardison: That doesn’t count. You didn’t set --
Eliot: Page 189, rule number 7 in the bro handbook.
Hardison: What? There wasn’t no rules. You didn’t set any rules.
Eliot: The bet is off in a situation where --
Hardison: I’ll be damned if it’s off.
Eliot: All right, then! I’ll make you some prime rib when this is over.
Hardison: Bone in, well-done?
Eliot: Well-done, bone in
they’re both idiots I love them
also they both smiled and chuckled after agreeing on the ribs bc they may fight but it’s not real and they actually love each other
- - - - -
Eliot, looking resigned: Do you want me to teach you about the wines again?
Hardison: That’s just hurtful. Just -- just making assumptions and presumptions that I don’t know what I’m -- Yes, I need you to teach me about the wines again, yes.
the fact that they’ve had this conversation BEFORE lmao
- - - - -
the parker being an absolute RECKLESS driver saga continues
- - - - -
Sophie: True love does exist.
Eliot (raises bottle for a toast): May it always prevail
eliot is the biggest fucking softie and no I will not change my mind
- - - - -
bruh I’m C R Y I N G
eliot cares SO MUCH about his family
he bought gifts for parker and sophie so that they’d be happy, but also it would help their relationships with hardison and nate
he knew parker would like a plant that “does something” (see s1 when parker said she got a plant and asked hardison “what does it do”)
he got sophie her favorite flowers
and was SELFLESS and took none of the credit
he just walked away and smiled
- - - - -
also you cannot convince me that he’s not still thinking about parker and hardison ,,, last episode we had the interaction between him and eliot and the whole “that would mean that I’d be thinking about you and parker, which I never do!” debacle
he thinks about them. all the time. just, until that last episode, he never really realized just how much or what it might have meant
and now, here he is, not too long after, working a con where the team is knee-deep in romance
and eliot thrives
he knew what to get sophie. he definitely knew what to get parker. because he listens, he cares. he doesn’t let the little details slide.
when he picks out the fly trap for parker, he smiles to himself because he knows she will like it and it’ll make her happy. and that will make hardison happy.
eliot doesn’t ask for much. he doesn’t think he deserves half of the wonderful life he’s built with his team.
he won’t let himself be happy in the way the couples can, and would never even dream of being with parker and hardison for real, but he can make them happy. and for him, that is enough.
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asian-ascian · a year ago
Make it Work
This was supposed to be the prompt for Day 4 of @p5auweek: Soulmate AU, but it turned into a monster of a oneshot. 10000+ words, 23 full pages. I need sleep. I’m like a day behind on the prompts because of this fic, and I have a paper due Friday night, pls pray for me dhsakdhsa
This is a canon x oc fic because it makes me happy in these trying times, even if it’s unedited. Please enjoy my suffering.
Akira wonders what it is he did—or, rather, what he will do—to offend his soulmate so much that their first words to him will be, “You have got to be shitting me.”
When the words first appeared on his wrist—small, slanted, somewhat sloppy handwriting, might have even been a bit of an endearing scrawl for his soulmate to have if it weren’t for the contents of the sentence itself—he actually had no idea what it said since it was written in English. Even then, he had only got a watered down version of it from his parents when he proudly presented it to them and they choked out a startled cough at the sight. He only really figured out the vulgarity of the sentence in middle school when learning English swears was the new trend and someone had snuck a peak at his arm.
In retrospect, his less than glamorous reputation all started in that single moment.
He’d hear the whispers from everyone else. They all wonder what he does or says to his soulmate that pisses them off so much. He seems kinda plain, but maybe he’s really got a foul personality? Or maybe, at least, he will. People change, you know? Would it really be so hard to believe that he might be pretty bad when he grows up?
Akira tries not to let the gossip bother him. It doesn’t matter. Sure, maybe his soulmate might be mad at him in their first meeting, but he’ll make up for it! He promises he will. And yeah, he can be a bit of a pest—a little mischief is good for the soul, if you ask him—but he’d never do anything to intentionally hurt his soulmate. After all, he’s waited so long for their words to appear on his wrist. It was proof that they would actually meet. He’s heard the stories of people who never see their soulmate’s handwriting. It means their soulmate is either dead, or they’ll never actually get to meet them, regardless of how long either of them live. The fact that the words are even on his wrist—vulgarity be damned—is all he needs to hope and dream of that better future.
Still, he makes it a point to cover up his wrist from now on.
Akira’s heading into his second year when he’s arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.
The rumors about him only grow worse. Lot’s of “I told you so”s from his old middle school classmates who know about the words on his wrist, who claim they always knew he was a bad person just from his soulmate’s first words to him. Says it’s no wonder a criminal like him has such a vulgar partner. Says they’re probably a criminal too.
“Maybe they met in jail!” someone whispers.
“I hope not!” another exclaims, shuddering. “Can you imagine having a criminal couple around this town? I’d never feel safe walking outside ever again!”
Akira hates it. Hates that they’ve all left him to rot without hearing his side of the story, hates that they’re all judging his soulmate without even knowing who they are. He hates it all.
At least he won’t have to see their faces anymore. It’s off to Tokyo for him. Maybe he’ll have better luck finding his life partner there instead of this town that never loved him.
Akira’s heart pounds in his chest. Blonde. Blue eyes. Foreign look. Probably of European descent or the like. Meaning, she might know English, might be able to speak it fluently.
Is this it? Has he finally found his soulmate?
He’s staring. He knows he is. What should he say? Well, if she’s really his soulmate, then regardless of what he says, it’s probably going to piss her off either way. Should he just keep silent then?
She looks at him. He stiffens. She smiles, and it’s warm, and it’s the first act of kindness anyone’s shown him since the start of this whole mess.
But then a car pulls up, and she’s getting inside.
And he realizes neither of them actually spoke a word to each other.
“...Lies,” she hisses, glaring straight at him when he walks by her.
His heart sinks, and he tries to keep the crushing disappointment off his face. 
It’s not her.
Her name’s Ann Takamaki. 
Her soulmate is Shiho Suzui, a girl with very cute handwriting as evidenced by the neat scrawl on Ann’s wrist that says, quite bluntly, “Takamaki-san, your paintings suck.”
Akira mistakenly thought that she might be his soulmate simply because there was a chance that she might speak English, and he was disappointed as a result.
Still, that information doesn’t stop her from trying to be his friend even after the Kamoshida incident comes to a close.
“We may not be romantic soulmates,” she jokes one day with a wink, “—but we can be platonic ones!”
“‘Platonic soulmates’?” he quotes with a raised eyebrow.
“Yeah!” She hooks her arm with his, pulling him closer. Her smile is infectious, and he can’t help the twitch of his lips with how bright it is. “I’ll be your wingman! ...Wingwoman? Wing-platonic-soulmate!” She pokes his wrist, the one with the slanted writing. He’d shown her the words, and she laughed at them for a full minute before deciding, with a burning fire blazing through her eyes, that she’d make it her personal mission to hook him up with his other half. “Meeting Shiho was probably one of the best things to have ever happened to me, and if I can help you get that same happiness, then you can count me in!”
Well, she’s of the Lovers Arcana for a reason, he supposes. Still, he smiles nonetheless. “I guess I have no choice,” he relents.
Ann cheers, doing a little victory dance, and Akira laughs.
She’s not his actual soulmate. But this? This is nice too.
The Thieves are backed in a corner. 
The Shadows are a lot tougher than they thought in this part of the Metaverse, and they got careless. More specifically, Joker got careless. He should have ordered them all to fall back. Wait until they’re stronger. But they’re all riding on the high of their second successful Palace heist, and they’re feeling a little powerful, and they want to be allowed to feel like teens and flaunt their stuff a bit without any shitty adults telling them “no”. Who was Joker to deny his friends of these things? But now they could be done for, and Joker has no one to blame but himself.
He prepares for a particularly painful hit. He’s ready for it, really.
He just doesn’t expect the powerful combination of an Eigaon, Maragidyne, and Megidolaon to take out all the Shadows.
He senses the looming presence of three Personas before he even sees them. He’s almost afraid to even look—one of them is so overwhelmingly powerful, it’s practically suffocating.
“Joker,” Mona warns.
“I know,” he mutters back. He takes a deep breath to calm his nerves, before turning to face their “saviors” just as their Personas dissipate.
It’s hard to tell much about them. Like the Thieves, they’re all wearing masks. The one standing on the left—the one who had the overpowered Persona, he carefully notes—is tall, almost unnaturally so. They’ve got a metal-like mask covering their features and a hood thrown up, but their attire seems otherwise surprisingly normal. It was almost as if the hoodie and mask were an afterthought, there only to prevent recognition in the real world. Joker might have even been convinced that this was their first foray into the Metaverse had it not been for the very sharp and very real looking katana in their hands and the near-suffocating presence their Persona exuded.
The one on the right is only slightly shorter than the first one. Joker’s pretty sure that he—it?—isn’t human. Mainly because of the pointed elf-like ears, the swishing black tail that’s definitely not fake like Panther’s or Fox’s, the claw-like fingers, and the twin green flames that crackle on the crown of his head like horns. His clothing seems far more appropriate for the Metaverse, making him look as if he was a high-level warlock plucked straight out of a fantasy game. Unlike all others present, he doesn’t wear a mask, letting his unnaturally bright green eyes pierce through their very souls as he turns his sharp nose up at them in a look very much akin to disdain, fangs poking through his scowl.
The last figure standing in the middle of them is much shorter than the other two, almost laughably so. But at least they’re also wearing something that looks like it could be a legitimate Metaverse outfit, unlike the first stranger. A pitch black cloak drapes over their form, obscuring any physical details Joker can gather from their body. From slits on either side, the figure’s arms are given full movement to carry and swing that scythe they grip. The hood of their cloak is thrown up, and similar to their other human companion, a black mask accented with purple designs covers the entirety of their face and obscures any defining details, save for piercing violet eyes.
“A bit rude to steal another’s spotlight, don’t you think?” he tries for a lighthearted joke.
Apparently though, that’s the wrong thing to say.
The one with a scythe visibly recoils, eyes zeroing in on him with an intensity so fierce that Joker almost takes a step back. Their grip on their scythe is so tight that Joker’s surprised that they haven’t cracked it yet.
“You have got to be shitting me,” they say in flawless English, and suddenly Joker feels like he can’t breathe.
Holy shit.
He thinks Ann says the same thing out loud. He’s not too sure. He’s too shell-shocked to look at her, eyes completely focused on his apparent soulmate.
The taller human companion squeezes the shorter one’s shoulder. The shorter one—(his soulmate!)—makes a noise of frustration, before swiftly turning tail and bolting, their allies right on their heels.
Joker snaps out of his daze.
He met his soulmate.
He met his soulmate and they are running away from him and he has no idea what they look like.
“Hey!” he cries out without thinking. “Come back here!” And soon he’s taking off after them, his teammates trying to call him back before caving and tailing after him.
But the three strangers are too fast. They keep heading up, up, up, all the way to the first floor of Mementos, and Joker, despite how much he’s grown physically through the gruelling combat of Mementos and Palaces, is left in the dust. When he finally reaches the top floor, chest heaving, they’re long gone.
He curses, punching the wall.
Life likes playing cruel jokes on him.
The Black Mask. A supposed criminal who walks through Palaces and does as they please, taking advantage of everything they can. Perhaps even the cause of all the mental shutdowns happening lately… 
His apparent soulmate had a black mask. Accented with purple, mind you, but black nonetheless.
Akira was once so excited to one day meet his soulmate. He used to get so angry when others thought they were a criminal like he supposedly was. He wanted to find them so he can prove everyone wrong, show them his partner was a great person.
Now though?
Now he’s not sure he wants to find out
There are two new transfer students in Shujin, and neither of them have Akira’s bad record, but one supposedly has all the bad attitude everyone thought he was rumored to have.
The first one’s named Ken Amada. Third year, honor student in his old school, soccer player, and was apparently on the student council too. He transferred to Shujin on the recommendation of a friend, apparently, so he can get accustomed to Tokyo for when he goes to college here. Rumor has it that he’s got some pretty big connections. He’s in Makoto’s class, and they hit it off pretty well from what she tells Akira later.
She’s not the only one that likes him, though she might be the only one who does only because of his personality. All the girls giggle when Amada walks by. Not surprising, really. Amada is the textbook definition of a pretty boy. His light brown hair is styled and just barely brushes over his eyes of a much darker shade. He’s tall and lean, and supposedly really good at sports, soccer or not. He’s got an easygoing smile, and while he’s pretty quiet and reserved, he’s got a charming quality to him. He’s definitely the more popular one of the two new transfers.
Speaking of… 
Her name’s Ascian Boulregard. She’s a year below Akira, transferred in just as the exams finished up. Like Amada, she had high marks in her old school, a real prodigy apparently. Good at sports too, from what he hears, though admittedly not as much as Amada. But she’s fast, flexible, and has a great reaction time. Stands out appearance wise as well—rich, dark brown hair pulled in a low ponytail, olive skin, and, most striking of all, sharp violet eyes that seem to pierce straight through your soul.
She probably would have been really popular if it weren’t for the fact that she had a foul attitude. The first years are too intimidated to approach her—they say she has a resting bitch face—and the upperclassmen only receive long silences and/or glares when they approach. The only one she seems to let near is Amada. They’re apparently acquainted, and while Amada claims that they’re not that close when Makoto asks, he’s still the only one that has been able to hold a decent conversation with the first year.
But what really catches Akira’s attention is that they say she’s from America. Ms. Chouno practically gushes about how great of a student she is, always answering her little bits of English trivia correctly and with perfect pronunciation, both in Japanese and English.
Purple eyes, American, speaks English…
Akira wonders if she’s the one they saw in Mementos. He asks Makoto for her opinion on it, during a meeting with the rest of the Thieves. But she just frowns and shakes her head.
“The timing’s off,” she says. “You said you saw those people not long after wrapping up Madarame’s Palace, right?” When Akira nods, she frowns. “Well, that was back in early June. She told me she didn’t move to Tokyo until about a week ago.”
Ryuji sits up quickly. “Wait, she told you that? Forreal? I heard she turns everyone who so much as looks at her away, except for that Amada guy anyways.”
Makoto shrugs. “I was tasked with showing the two of them around school. I think she was a lot more willing to talk to me since I had all the information. That, and I think she was trying to be on her best behavior for Amada-kun’s sake as well.”
“Regardless,” Fox cuts in. “It seems she’s not our mysterious stranger in a black mask.”
“What about Amada-senpai?” Ann adds. “Maybe he was one of the other strangers?”
But Makoto shoots that down too. “He also just moved here recently,” she explains.
Morgana yawns. “He also seemed too tall to be the black masked one, too human to be the one with the fire horns, and while he is taller than average, too short to be the one with that powerful Persona,” he concludes. Then he sighs. “Looks like we’re back to square one…”
Akira frowns, rubbing the words on his wrist. Why must his love life have to be so complicated?
“What do you think of the Phantom Thieves, Boulregard-san?”
“They’re doing a hell of a lot better than the police, that’s for damn sure.”
Akira stops mid-step, listening in. 
Boulregard is sitting, eating her lunch, and the gutsy first-year who worked up the courage to ask the question is just one girl in a larger group who were hovering nearby. Said girl gapes in shock.
“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that answer from you, Boulregard-san!” she admits nervously.
Another student works up the courage to pick up the conversation. “But…the Thieves are criminals…” he mumbles, trailing off at the look Boulregard gives him, one that very obviously says ugh, what an idiot.
“You can say that about a lot of revolutionaries throughout history,” Boulregard points out. She lets out a long-suffering sigh, returning back to her food. “I think it’s ridiculous how we need a bunch of vigilantes parading around with a ridiculous name like ‘The Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ to actually fight the corruption going around Tokyo, but I guess we’ll have to take what we can get. Now, are we done here? I came out here for some peace and quiet, and your gossiping is bothering me.”
They scuttle away after that, but Akira remains. He wasn’t expecting that answer. He’s quite surprised. She seemed like the kind of person to look down on these kinds of stuff. Guess you really never know what a person is truly like until you see for yourself, though.
Suddenly, Boulregard looks up, and meets his eyes. “What are you looking at, Kurusu?” she asks monotonously, and he’s only mildly surprised that she knows his name. There’s no threat in her voice, no fear, no indication that she’s annoyed with him. Regardless, he takes the dismissal as his cue to leave before he looks too suspicious.
“Nothing,” he says. Then he pauses. “...I think you’re one of the only people that seems to have that kind of opinion here at Shujin, Boulregard-san.”
She raises an eyebrow at the comment. “Yeah?” she prods, looking him up and down. “What about you? What are your thoughts on them?”
Akira smiles. He hopes it’s as mysterious as he wants it to be. “What are they, indeed?” he teases.
He turns away and takes his leave, yet he can’t help but wonder if he really saw a small smirk on Boulregard’s face when he said that, or if it was just his imagination.
The three strangers start appearing again in Mementos. 
A lot.
Sometimes, it’s a relief. While his soulmate—(Ghost, is what their allies call them when they address them in the Metaverse)—has a black mask, he thinks he can safely assume that they’re not the criminal that they keep hearing about. They don’t ever seem to intend them any harm. Quite the opposite, actually. Whenever the Thieves bite off more than they can chew, those three strangers are always miraculously there to help out.
But it’s also incredibly frustrating. They’re gone just as quickly as they appear, always escaping before the Thieves can get any answers out of them.
Joker tries to catch his soulmate, one time.
He goes alone, into Mementos. No Skull, no Fox, no Queen, no Panther, not even Mona. Just him. It’s a risky plan, he knows.
But it works.
When he’s backed into a corner on the brink of defeat, his apparent soulmate dives in, scythe slashing at the last Shadow that had him on the ropes. Instead of fleeing the scene like normal, though, they round on him, violet eyes ablaze with fury and anger.
“What the hell were you thinking?!” they snarl, their hands gripping their scythe so tightly he’s almost surprised that the handle doesn’t snap in half. “You could have gotten yourself killed!”
Joker pushes himself up, stumbling only a little. It doesn’t escape his notice that their other companions aren’t with them this time around. “I was thinking,” he says through gritted teeth from the aching pain in his side, “—that I wanted to know why my soulmate keeps avoiding me.”
He catches the slight flinch. Gotcha. So they really are soulmates.
“Is that seriously the only reason why you almost got yourself killed?” they growl. Then they shake their head. “Whatever. I don’t have time for this. Don’t do it again.”
And before he can stop them, they’re gone.
A noise of frustration bubbles out from the back of his throat, and he runs a gloves hand through his frizzy hair. This is going to be a lot harder than he thought. But maybe… 
An idea forms in his mind. Risky. But hey, everything about him is risky at this point. All or nothing, as they say.
Squaring his shoulders, Joker nods to himself. 
He starts formulating his plan.
“What part of don’t do it again do you not understand?!”
Joker smirks, leaning against the wall. He went into Mementos alone. Again. 
And again. 
And again.
And just as he predicted, his soulmate always swooped in to provide backup. It’s actually kind of cute now, how predictable they are. They say that it’s the last time they’ll jump in and save his ass. It never is though. Every time, without fail, they come in at just the right moment. If there was any lingering doubt on whether or not his soulmate was truly a criminal without morals, it’s gone now. 
Joker answers her question with a shrug. “I understand perfectly,” he replies.
Ghost growls. “Then why—”
“Putting my life on the line seems to be the only way you’ll spare me the time of day.”
They take a step back, shoulders rising just a little. Ghost looks away, almost guiltily. For once, they don’t leave immediately. Joker takes that as his opportunity to step closer. Ghost stiffens at the movement, but otherwise makes no move to escape.
“Please,” he pleads, quietly. “I just want to know who you are.”
“Out of the question,” is Ghost’s immediate reply, but it sounds more resigned than angry. They exhale. “But you really won’t stop doing this unless I talk to you, huh?”
“Probably not,” Joker answers honestly with an apologetic smile. Then it turns more teasing. “You could always just join the Phantom Thieves. You seem to know your way in a battle, and I’m almost certain you have a Persona like the rest of us. We could always use an extra hand.”
“Also out of the question,” Ghost shoots down, but Joker thinks he hears a hint of amusement in their voice. Then, they hesitate. “Although…” They look at Joker, sizing him up with those violet eyes. Then, they sigh, and Joker’s pretty sure that if their mask wasn’t blocking their face, they’d be rubbing their temples.
“Look,” Ghost begins. “If I promise to fight with you on solo runs here in Mementos, will you at least promise to wait for me at the top floor before actually diving headfirst into a group of Shadows like a bloody fool trying to grab my attention?”
A compromise. Nice. He’ll take it.
“Deal,” he agrees. “But can we at least have some conversations while we explore and fight? I won’t ask for any personal information, but I’d at least like to get a vague sense of who my soulmate is.”
He doesn’t miss the way Ghost shifts at the mention of “soulmate”. He wonders what’s up with that, but he’ll have to try and unpack it at a later time.
“Fine,” Ghost relents, and Joker silently pats himself on the back.
“Why do you not like the topic of soulmates?” Joker asks one day, after another successful foray into the Metaverse with just Ghost by his side. Ever since their deal, Joker’s been heading into the Metaverse by himself more often on his free days. Morgana warns him to be careful—they still don’t know the intentions of Ghost and their teammates, after all—but lets him do his own thing anyways. Ghost is much the same, always there when Akira arrives, their two companions—who he learns have been dubbed Merlin and Kingpin—nowhere in sight. It’s cathartic, in a strange way, to battle alongside his soulmate, just the two of them, and let out some steam as they talk about random things. He might even call it relaxing, save for all the Shadows crawling around and their need for extra vigilance since they don’t have the Monabus for a quick escape.
Still, he can’t help his curiosity, and finally works up the courage to ask the question that’s been plaguing his mind for so long.
“I don’t like the idea of my life being decided by fate.”
Joker blinks and turns his gaze to Ghost, surprised by the answer. Ghost stares off into the distance, not looking at him as they fiddle with the clasp of their cloak. Something about their gaze makes Joker want to place a comforting hand around their shoulders, but he refrains.
“I— I know someone, who’s parents are soulmates,” they explain. “They decided to get married the moment they met. Two complete strangers who barely knew each other, and just like that, they tied the knot. They decided to have a son not long after that too, and he became the person I know. But his parents…they were soulmates, but they were also complete opposites. They felt as if they had to be together, consequences be damned. But you know, just because two people are soulmates doesn’t mean they’re good for each other.”
Ghost sighs. “They figured that just because they were soulmates, everything would turn out fine. So they didn’t put any effort into trying to make things work, they just thought they eventually would. They’re ‘fated’. But when that didn’t work out, instead of changing their ways, they threw themselves into their work. They couldn’t fight if they couldn’t see each other, right? But that made their son lonely. His parents were never around. Their jobs forced him to move from place to place. He started to wonder if it was even worth making friends.
“This whole soulmate bullshit makes people lazy and selfish,” Ghost finishes, bitterness laced in their voice. “Makes them disregard the people they might hurt by just blindly following some stupid words written on their wrists. So yeah, you’ll have to forgive me for not exactly falling in love with you at first sight.”
Their hands are clenched tightly into fists. Joker wants to reach out and unfurl them, but he’s pretty sure the gesture wouldn’t be appreciated right now.
“I’m sorry your friend had to go through that,” he begins, not really knowing what else to say. For all his charm and suave, personal things like this are a bit hard to unravel. “For what it’s worth, I won’t try and push a relationship on you.”
“Thanks,” they say, and he can hear both relief and guilt in their voice. “If it makes you feel better, it’s not like I don’t think you’re worth it. I just…have a lot of baggage when it comes to this soulmate shit. I don’t want to end up like my— like my friend’s parents. Not to mention this whole Persona thing makes it all a bit complicated.” He wants to ask about that, but now’s probably not the time.
Ghost looks at him. “You’re a good guy, Joker,” they confess honestly. “If things were different, I might have even been glad to be your soulmate.
Joker takes that as his opportunity to lighten the mood. “Make no mistake, though,” he simpers, shooting them a devious look. “I’ll find a way to steal your heart, my dear Treasure,” he promises with a wink. “I wouldn’t be Joker, leader of the Phantom Thieves, otherwise.
Ghost blinks at him for a long moment. Then, they surprise him by throwing their head back and laughing. The sound is pure and jubilant. Joker likes the sound. It makes his heart race in his chest. He wants to be able to make them laugh like that more often
“I’d like to see you try,” Ghost challenges, mischief dancing in their eyes as they look back at Joker.
He grins crookedly.
Challenge accepted.
It’s a boring day at Shujin, and he’s eating alone. Makoto had to go to a student council meeting. Ryuji was sick. Ann had to call in absent for an urgent shoot for her modeling job. Morgana decided to stay with Futaba today. So it’s just Akira during lunch.
That is, until Ascian Boulregard surprises Akira by sitting next to him.
“Finally,” she mutters, unwrapping the cloth around her bento box. “Some peace and fucking quiet.”
Akira looks around. People point and stare. They must think Boulregard is insane for even daring to willingly approach Akira, let alone sit next to him. But she pays them no mind. He thinks she might even be intentionally ignoring them.
“You aren’t scared?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.
She gives him a look and mimics the movement. “What’s there to be scared about?” she scoffs.
“I don’t know, maybe my criminal record?”
She barks out a short laugh. “Please, I’ve met worse people than you, Kurusu.” Boulregard opens up her bento and starts eating. It’s neatly arranged, and he’s almost jealous of how good it smells.
Shakes his head, getting back on track. “You probably don’t want to associate with me,” he tells her honestly. “My bad rep will rub off on you.”
“Like I give a damn about what the people here think about me.” As if to prove her point, Boulregard raises her head and glares at the people staring, violet eyes glinting dangerously in the light. “What are you all looking at, huh?” she hollers. They jump, and scramble away. She shakes her head, muttering “cowards” underneath her breath as she returns to her food. “Besides,” she continues between bites. “You scare off everyone else that can’t seem to take a hint. You’d think that being clipped and short with people would be enough to get them to leave a girl alone, but apparently she’s gotta rub elbows with a criminal in order to eat her lunch in peace.”
That earns a snort from Akira, and she smirks.
“You know, you aren’t half bad, Boulregard-san,” Akira jokingly praises.
Akira blinks. “What?”
Boulregard’s face twists with displeasure. “The only people who call me Boulregard are teachers and people I don’t like. Just call me Ascian.”
Well, then that would mean she dislikes everyone at this school, but Akira doesn’t really blame her if that’s the case. So instead, he grins and says, “Oh? Does that mean you like me?”
Her face twists again, but it’s more out of mock pride than actual annoyance. “You’re tolerable,” she admits offhandedly. “Better than the rest of these blind sheep, anyways. You’d think they lacked the capabilities to think for themselves with how quickly they just regurgitate whatever they hear without doing their own research.”
For once, he’s in agreement with someone in Shujin outside of the Thieves. He supposes miracles do happen.
“Well, if that’s the case, you can just call me Akira,” he offers.
She shrugs. “Sure.” She pulls out a napkin and wipes her mouth. Akira glances down at the bento box in mild surprise. Wow, she’s fast. She leans back with a satisfied sigh.
Just then, a black form slinks out of the bushes. Akira thinks it’s Morgana for a second when he catches sight of the black fur, but whereas Morgana had a white muzzle, tail, and paws, this cat was completely black, with emerald green eyes instead of blue ones. Ascian catches sight of it, and says, “Oh, there you are Calcifer.”
The cat—Calcifer, apparently—trots over to Ascian, letting her run her fingers through its pitch black fur. A somewhat loose necklace dangles around its neck like a collar, a green stone hanging from the string. It looks familiar somehow, but Akira can’t quite place where.
“Is he yours?” he asks, reaching out a hand for the cat to sniff. Calcifer eyes it warily, glancing at Ascian.
“You could say that,” Ascian vaguely answers. She nods to Calcifer, who begrudgingly gets closer to Akira and allows him to pet him as well. “He’s a bit of a free spirit, but he’s taken a shine to me, I think.” Ascian yawns, stretching out her legs. She fiddles with the cotton sportsband on her wrist, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Do you mind if I come by here for lunch every so often?” she asks him. “I can’t stand the other students, and Amada-senpai’s pretty busy trying to get what he needs for college. You aren’t so bad to be around.”
Akira pauses, covering up his calculating thoughts with a soft hum as he strokes Calcifer’s fur. “I’ll have to ask my friends,” he says slowly. “But they’ll probably be cool with it. Fair warning though, they’re not all as...mellow as I am.”
Ascian shrugs. “You’re talking about Sakamoto, Takamaki, and Niijima-senpai, right? I don’t really mind them either. They’ve got their own strong opinions, which is a lot more than what I can say for the rest of this damn school.”
Akira smiles. “In that case, I guess I’ll be seeing you more often, yeah?”
Ascian gives her own smirk, though hers is far more enigmatic. Akira wonders why as Calcifer flicks his tail.
“Yeah. I guess you will.”
Things continue like that for about a month.
Getting to know Ghost in the Metaverse.
Spending more and more time with Ascian Boulregard in the real world.
He finds himself falling for them both. 
Or maybe just one. He still hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Ascian might be Ghost, even if Makoto claims that the timing is all wrong. Take away the timing, Ascian being Ghost makes too much sense. There’s the initial things he had noticed when Ascian first arrived. Purple eyes. Same height. Both fluent in English, and Ascian has a tendency to curse in it as well. Then there’s the things Akira started to notice when he spent more time with both of them. The way they moved, almost as if they were predators slinking in the shadows, ready to pounce on their prey. How they held themselves—tall, proud, and powerful. How they’re always blunt and to the point, their mannerisms eerily similar. Their dry sense of humor, both always so quick with the comeback that has Akira exchanging quips with them daily. How they both do their best to stray far, far away from the topic of soulmates.
Honestly, at this point, it would make less sense if it turned out they weren’t the same people.
Still, he keeps the knowledge to himself. It’s not his secret to tell, and if Ascian/Ghost wasn’t comfortable sharing, he wouldn’t push it.
Still, it doesn’t stop Akira from wanting to pursue her.
He manages to work up the courage to ask Ascian out one day, after school. He offers to hang out with her, just the two of them. They can walk through Harajuku, maybe grab a bite to eat, go to the arcade or something. Normal things, really, just without Makoto, Ann, or Ryuji around. Only them.
He doesn’t come right out and say it’s a date, but she picks up on his intentions anyways.
“Is this invitation platonic, or something a little more than that…?” Ascian asks, an eyebrow raised, gaze piercing.
He smirks. She’s clever. He likes that. Keeps him on his toes.
“Depends on how you want to see it,” he deflects. “Well? What do you say?”
Ascian thinks about it, hand unconsciously going up to rub the silver locket that dangles around her neck. To another, she seems indifferent, but Akira’s come to notice that it’s a nervous habit of hers, playing with that necklace. She does it when she’s trying to ground herself to reality or give her strength to do something. 
After some thinking, she shrugs. “Eh, sure, why not?” She releases her locket, letting it fall back against her chest as she passes by him. She pats his shoulder, and he catches the way her eyes dance with anticipation. “See you on Sunday then, Akira.” Then she walks off.
He’s never wanted the weekend to come sooner more than at that moment.
Sunday is going off without a hitch so far.
They walk around Harajuku, checking out the stores, though Ascian seems infinitely more entertained by watching all the different people that walk past. They grab crepes at one point (turns out she has just as big of a sweet tooth as Ann, go figure) before she drags him to the arcade and practically destroys him at most of the games.
“Don’t look so down,” she laughs when he makes an affronted noise after she beats him at the shooting game. Again. “I just know my way around a gun, is all.”
So does he. Technically. But that tidbit does catch his attention.
“Care to elaborate?” he asks as she drags him to another game.
“I’ve got some police friends and relatives that I forced to teach me.”
He freezes at that.
She must have seen the look on his face, because her grip on his arm softens, and yet somehow still feels grounding. Calming. “Hey, relax,” she says. “They’re not like the cops here. Quite the opposite really. So much so that one had to transfer out or risk getting fired and another is unofficially banned from even looking in the direction of the investigation of the Phantom Thieves.”
That shocks Akira so much he actually stumbles. “What?”
“Yeah. Ever heard of the Detective Prince?”
Akira’s face screws up. “Goro Akechi, yeah, I’ve seen him on the news. Don’t tell me he’s one of your friends.”
Ascian actually snorts at the suggestion. “Good God no. He’s a wannabe detective, if you ask me. Also, he’s the second Detective Prince. I’m talking about the first one. Naoto Shirogane, ring a bell?”
It does, actually, and he tells her that yes, he vaguely remembers him.
“Her, actually. Anyways, she’s close friends with my cousin, the one I’m living with here in Tokyo. She became interested in the Phantom Thieves and started looking into them, which was fine with the brass for a good few weeks until Naoto-kun started actually taking the Phantom Thieves’ side of things. It wasn’t long till they ran her out the city. She’s still bitter about it, especially since they replaced her with that Akechi guy.”
Huh. Not…what he was expecting.
Ascian continues looking for a new game they can play, but Akira can feel her watching him from the corner of her eyes. “She’s pretty firm on the belief of not judging a book by it’s cover,” she tells him carefully, and to another, it might have just sounded nonchalant. “I think you’d like her. Same with the one that had to transfer, Sanada-san. His best friend also had a pretty rough reputation like you, though his was mostly intentional, and yet he had a good heart. Sanada-san has a soft spot for kids thrown a tough lot in life like you as a result. Maybe you should meet them someday.” Her voice is carefully controlled as she twists the locket around her neck between her fingers, as if she’s scared of pushing it too much. He appreciates it, considering his experience.
“Maybe,” is all he comments, voice as neutral as he can make it. Then he points to a game. “C’mon, let’s try that one. I’m gonna beat you this time.”
He’s changing the subject. He knows that, and so does she. She lets the matter drop anyways.
“You’re on, Kurusu.”
The rest of the day passes by pretty smoothly. They walk around some more before Ascian informs him that she has to head back home and help her cousin prepare for dinner. Some big reunion with his friends at their apartment, or something like that.
“I haven’t seen all of them in the same room in so long,” she admits as he walks her to her station. There’s a sparkle in her eyes that practically makes her whole face light up. Akira finds himself feeling happy for her. “It’ll be nice to have them all back together again. I know Yu-kun’s really excited.”
“Hope I didn’t throw a wrench in that plan,” Akira apologizes sheepishly. But Ascian shakes her head.
“Don’t sweat it. I’m shit at cooking anyways. ‘Preparing’ for me is literally just going to be me helping with some last minute cleaning and arranging. If anything, our little date just helped me pass the time.”
Akira grins, shooting her a look. “Oh, a ‘date’, was it?” he teases.
She levels him an unimpressed stare. “For lack of a better term,” she retorts, but there’s no bite in it. They reach the station, just as the train pulls up. Ascian surprises him by squeezing his hand quickly, before bounding into the train as the doors open. “Thanks for a great day. See you tomorrow!”
“Hey, so how did you see this invitation to hang out?” he calls out quickly before the doors can shut, reminding her of their past conversation.
She grins, the action mischievous and challenging all at once as she spins to face him from inside the train. “How did I, indeed?” is all she replies with, mocking his earlier words from more than two months prior. 
The doors close, and she teasingly waves her fingers at him through the window as the train takes off. He can’t help the smirk that forms on his face.
What an interesting girl indeed.
The Phantom Thieves don’t realize that they’ve accidentally dragged Ken Amada into the Metaverse with them until it’s almost too late.
They were exploring the newest floor of Mementos, Noir needing the experience with the team if they were going to conquer her father’s Palace. But when they hear the rattling chains of the Reaper, even Joker knows it’s time to call it quits for the day. Except, just as they’re about to head into the Monabus and book it back to the top floor, Oracle blurts, “Hold on! The Reaper just switched targets!”
“Switched targets?” Queen parrots. “Are those other three Persona users here?”
Noir blinks. She hasn’t had the opportunity to meet them yet, but they’ve told her about them. It's a bit hard not to talk about them, since one of them happens to be their leader’s soulmate. “You mean the one with Joker’s…?”
“No, it’s not them!” Oracle gasps. “It’s someone I’ve never seen before, and the Reaper’s closing in on them fast!”
“What?” barks Queen.
“We have to save them!” Panther exclaims, looking for Joker for approval.
Joker nods. “Let’s go!” he orders, and Mona transforms at the command. They pile in and speed off to where Oracle reports the Reaper is headed. Joker isn’t sure who he was expecting to find, but it certainly wasn’t a downed Ken Amada, stumbling away from the pursuing Reaper.
“Amada-senpai?!” Skull shouts, and Panther elbows him into silence.
“Don’t blow our cover!” she growls as they leap out the car.
Joker doesn’t want to fight the Reaper—he knows they aren’t strong enough yet—but if they can buy enough time to get Amada out of there, then they’ll have to risk it. 
Skull and Fox send their Personas out to intercept the incoming Shadow, while the others get into position as Queen and Joker try to lift Amada up. The upperclassman is banged up, but is otherwise is a lot better than Joker thought he’d be considering he was the Reaper’s target.
“You alright?” he asks, helping Amada sit up.
“Don’t push yourself,” Queen warns.
Amada groans in response, before squinting at Joker. “...Kurusu-kun?” he asks, and Joker stiffens. Amada looks at Queen, who freezes as well. “And…Niijima-san?”
Joker shakes his head. “Now’s not the time for this,” he says, pushing himself to his feet. “Queen, heal him up. We’ll buy you time.” And then Joker jumps into the fray, praying that they can hold the Reaper back long enough.
But just as Joker feared, they’re no match for the Reaper. It hits hard, and hits fast, landing twice as many hits than they do and pushing them to their limits. Queen’s healing Amada as fast as she can, who is looking steadier by the minute as his eyes become sharper and sharper as he surveys the battle in front of him. It almost looks as if he’s searching for something as his eyes scan the ground, but Joker can’t focus on that. His team is on their last ropes, and he needs to pour all his attention on the fight.
But things aren’t looking good. They have to get Amada out of here fast, or they’re all goners.
“Amada, run!” Joker bellows when Queen finishes up her healing, trying to keep the panic out of his voice because things are going south fast as the Reaper slams Skull and Ann’s Personas away.
But Amada doesn’t listen. Instead, as Queen helps him up, he pushes away from her and runs straight toward and past the Reaper as it wrestles with Goemon, ducking under stray attacks and sprinting as if his life depended on it. Joker’s not sure what the hell has gotten into him, but his heart leaps into his throat as Goemon is thrown off to the side—Fox wincing at the brutality of it—and the Reaper turns its attention on Amada. It begins to raise its guns just as Amada slides down on his knees, something silver and metallic glinting on the floor that Amada reaches for and then—
—and then suddenly Amada is scooping up a fucking gun—where the hell did he get that—and pointing it— 
Panther screeches, “Don’t!” but they're all too far away to stop him, and Joker watches in mounting horror as Amada looks the Reaper dead in the eye and it feels like time slows down as Amada’s finger curls over the trigger and—
—Amada’s head snaps back from the impact and blue-white glass shatters from the opposite side, swirling and swirling until that same blue-white color forms into a beam of light shining bright through the black and red depths of Mementos, and from that beam materializes a Persona, orange and mechanical and powerful that screams for J U S T I C E—
“Go, Kala-Nemi!”
—And it flies at the Reaper, striking it dead on.
“A—A Persona?!” Noir gasps. 
“It’s strong too!” Oracle announces in awe from inside Necronomicon. “Like, really strong! As in, this-can’t-be-his-first-time-summoning-a-Persona strong!”
“What?!” Queen breathes, staring wide-eyed at Amada as he uses his Persona’s distraction to sprint back over to them.
“What are you waiting for?!” he yells, grabbing the closest person to him, which happens to be Noir. “Run! My Persona won’t hold it back forever, and none of you are at a strong enough level to go toe-to-toe with that thing!” And then he’s dragging Noir away, and the Thieves have no choice to follow.
“Mona!” Joker calls as he takes the lead.
“On it!” With a leap, Mona transforms into a bus. Amada falters for only a moment, blinking incredulously, before shaking his head and hoping in with the rest of the Thieves as Queen slams her foot down on the gas.
They skid through Mementos, the sound of chains following not long after, as they desperately try to navigate this unknown level. But the layout is new to them, and so it’s no surprise when they trap themselves in a dead end, the rattling chains of the Reaper getting louder and louder.
“Shit,” Amada curses, looking back. He grips his gun tightly, reaching for the handle of the door.
“Yo, what the hell are you doing?!” Skull snaps, grabbing Amada’s other arm.
“Buying us time,” Amada retorts, sliding open the door. “Kala-Nemi’s sturdy enough to hold the Reaper off until my back-up arrives—”
“You have back-up?!”
“—So you guys just need to be ready to leave when they arrive. I’ll distract it.”
A gunshot rings through the air, and Amada winces before his eyes harden. “Wait for my cue,” he orders. “And don’t come out, or else the Reaper will target you, and it’ll be bye-bye Phantom Thieves.” He looks Joker in the eye, his gaze burning with resolve. As much as Joker doesn’t want to let him go out alone, he knows that’s not the look of a man preparing for an early grave. Amada has full confidence that he will make it out of this alive. “That good with you, Joker?” the upperclassman asks, and now Joker knows for certain that Ken Amada did not come to Shujin just to study.
Regardless, he’s trying to keep them alive. He can respect that, at least.
Joker nods firmly, to which Amada smiles appreciatively. Then Amada schools his features, slipping out the car and facing the incoming Reaper while pressing his gun to his head.
The sound of shattering glass again, and Kala-Nemi is thrown back into the action.
“Are we seriously just going to just let Amada-senpai take it on alone?” Panther questions, uncertain.
“Do we really have a choice?” argues Fox. “He’s right in that we aren’t prepared to fight the Reaper. If he’s as skilled as he is confident, then all we are likely going to be to him is deadweight.”
“Fox is right,” Oracle agrees, but Joker can still hear the worry laced in her voice. She flinches at the sound of the Reaper’s gunshots and Amada’s shouts, but continues. “His Persona is definitely a lot stronger than ours. And before I left Necronomicon, I picked up multiple signatures just entering Mementos. I think that’s the backup he was talking about.” She frowns, glancing at Joker. “Three of them are the same ones from before…but there’s four other readings that I don’t recognize. They’re strong, though. Really strong. If they work together, I think they can take down the Reaper.”
“Forreal?!” Skull exclaims, eyes blown wide. “Damn, that’ll take some skill!”
But then they hear a crash, and when they look, Kala-Nemi’s on the ground, letting out mechanical groans and creaks. The Reaper turns its attention to the Monabus.
“Shit,” Amada curses. Then, like an idiot, he runs straight at the Reaper’s side. “Hey ugly!” he yells, waving his arms. “I’m not out of the game yet!”
It serves its intended purpose, and the Reaper fixes its single eye on Amada. It raises its guns, and Amada hauls ass as bullets just barely miss him. All those years of soccer must have paid off as he sprints and runs circles around the Reaper, quite literally.
“Is he an idiot?!” Queen hisses, gripping the back of her seat.
“He can’t keep that up for long!” Noir worries.
Almost as if on cue, one of the Reapers shots lands on Amada’s leg, and he cries out, crumpling down. The Thieves watch in horror as he quickly tries to pick himself up, but proves to be too slow as the Reaper aims and fires three shots just as Amada stumbles to his feet.
The others cry out, and Joker’s about to throw himself out the vehicle as well when a blur of black slams into Amada, shoving him out of the way. Joker looks on and feels his stomach practically drop to the floor when he sees the Reaper’s shots hit Ghost instead, one slamming into their shoulder, another against their arm, and the third nicking their mask, shattering it as their head whips to the side from the impact. They fall into a heap with Amada grabbing onto them, providing support as he stares, equally shocked and worried.
The Reaper aims again.
“No!” Joker screams, diving for the door and flinging it open. But before he can rip off his mask and join the fight, consequences be damned, the presence of a suffocatingly powerful Persona blankets the area. It makes even the Reaper falter, and that’s all the time needed for a gigantic white and gold Persona to tackle it down. Three more Personas join it, and while they aren’t as powerful as the first, Joker knows instinctively that those four will be strong enough to take on the Reaper.
Suddenly, Kingpin is in front of him, the metallic mask that mirrors the face of his Persona glinting in the light as he shoves Joker back into the Monabus and shuts the door.
“Go!” he orders through the window as three new companions fall into place on his other side. They must be the other Persona users. Joker spots a fourth one further back, her Persona looming over her and holding some sort of visor over her head. Must be their navigator, like Oracle. “Grab Ghost and Lancer, and get out of here! We’ll handle this!”
Joker nods, then says. “Queen, let’s go!”
“Right!” She slams on the pedal once again, speeding past the fighting Personas that capture the Reaper’s attention before skidding to a halt next to Amada and Ghost. Merlin is already beside them, Ghost’s arm around his shoulders as he drags them towards the Monabus while Amada limps towards them. He hurriedly deposits Ghost in Joker’s arms and practically throws Amada through the door, before slamming it close. Joker vaguely recognizes the jade pendant dangling around his neck before Merlin’s lifting himself onto the roof of the car. 
“Drive!” the inhuman Persona user growls, green flames flickering on his head. “I’ll intercept any attacks that come our way!”
Without time to argue, they speed off, the sounds of battle becoming more and more distant as they head further up.
“I hate this place,” Amada groans, trying to fix himself from when he was hastily shoved in. It’s a little cramped now with nine people inside, and Joker’s a bit grateful that Merlin chose to just ride on the roof. Ten people in one car would not be fun. “Of all the Shadows I had to run into here, why did it have to be the fucking Reaper?”
“Are you hurt?” Panther interrupts, looking him over.
“Well, I mean, I was just shot in the leg.”
“Er, right, sorry…”
“Ugh, no, don’t worry about it, I shouldn’t have said it like that; I’m just not having a very good day.”
“I have some medicine that’ll help your wound,” Joker states, reaching into his bag.
Amada smiles, strained but grateful. “Thanks,” he says. “If you have any stronger ones, though, do you mind giving it to Ghost? She’s a lot more worse for wear than I am, if we’re being honest.”
Joker steals a glance at Ghost, trying to keep his obvious worry out of his gaze. They—no, she is hunched over while Noir checks her shoulder, hood still up and her good arm pressing against the injured one.
“Here,” he says, eyes never straying from Ghost as he hands her one of his larger medicines and a smaller one to Amada.
“Thanks,” both of them respond, Amada’s a curt acknowledgement and Ghost’s a soft mumble.
Ghost pops open the cap, and when she tilts their head back to down the drink, her hood falls off and reveals her face. He isn’t surprised by who he sees underneath. He can’t say the same for the others, though.
“Holy shit,” Ryuji blurts. “Ascian?!”
Ascian Boulregard finishes her drink, face scrunching up at the taste while the medicine works its magic. “Hello to you too, Sakamoto,” she coughs out, wiping her mouth.
“Guess our cover’s blown,” Amada half-heartedly jokes, lowering the medicine from his lips as he tilts his head back against the seat and lightly elbows Ascian. “Executioner isn’t going to be too happy about this.”
“I still think we need a better codename than that,” Ascian replies, elbowing him back but much harder. He yelps, and rubs his side with a sour look on his face. “And besides, we’ve basically already completed the part of our mission that made the cover necessary in the first place. I’m sure it’s fine.”
“Hate to interrupt such an interesting conversation,” Joker butts in. “But do you mind explaining what the hell is going on?”
Ascian and Amada look at each other. Amada shrugs, and Ascian sighs.
“Soon,” she promises. “Let’s get out of this place first though. We’ll answer what we can once we’re in the real world.” She locks eyes with Joker, onyx meeting violet. “We’ll talk properly this time,” she says. “I promise.”
He believes her.
When they leave Mementos, true to their promise, Amada and Ascian remain. With a deep breath, his soulmate turns to him with a strained smile. There’s a bruise on her cheek and one of her arms, near her wrist that’s still covered by that cotton sportsband.
“Well, Akira,” Ascian breathes out. Her cat Calcifer weaves between her legs, emerald gaze piercing and that familiar black tail flicking agitatedly. “Lead the way.”
“And that’s about as much we can tell you,” Amada finishes with a sigh, running a hand through his hair. They’re in Leblanc’s attic, the table pulled out and chairs surrounding it. Akira sits on one end of the couch, Amada on the other, and Ascian right between them as the two share their story—or at least, as much as they can say without getting in too much trouble from their higher-ups. Calcifer sits curled in Ascian’s lap, tail swishing.
“Oh man,” Ryuji whistles, leaning back in his chair. “This shit’s crazy! You’re guys are secret agents for a group full of other Persona users? Like, forreal?”
“Yes, forreal.” Amada chuckles a bit. “I’d like to tell you more, but we have to wait for the green light from our boss.”
“Is she that ‘Executioner’ you were talking about?” Makoto asks, crossing her arms and tilting her head.
“Yeah, that’d be them.” Amada shrugs. “All things considered though, we’ll probably get permission. Like I said, our goal was to determine whether or not you guys were behind the mental shutdowns. Now that we know for certain that you’re innocent, our boss will probably want to bring you in on what we know.” His smile is genuine, but there’s a hint of sorrow laced into it as well. Akira wonders what that’s about. “This whole Persona business can be some scary shit. They’ll probably want to make sure you’re all prepared for anything, and don’t make the same mistakes us older users made in the past.”
There’s a weight to that sentence that Akira doesn’t quite understand, but it darkens the mood of the whole room anyways. There’s something in Amada’s slightly unfocused gaze that strikes at Akira’s heart. Ascian looks away as well, and when Akira glances at her, he finds her fiddling with her locket. Her eyes are also equally distant, and it makes Akira’s heart ache.
Amada snaps out of his own thoughts, shifting awkwardly before waving his hands in front of him. “A-Anyways, it’s been a long day,” he says, standing up. “I’m sure you’re all tired—I sure am, anyways. How about we all head home, and we pick this back up once our boss gets back to us?”
The other Thieves, eager to dispel the awkward atmosphere, hastily agree, getting up and grabbing their things to leave. They bid Akira farewell and head down, with Akira giving them a nod of goodbye in response. But just as Ascian gets up to follow Amada as he stands, Akira grabs onto her arm.
“Wait,” he says, looking up at her, his glasses glinting from the sunlight steadily growing dimmer as the sun sets. “Can we talk? Just us, I mean.”
She glances at Amada, who shrugs and walks out. Then she looks at Calcifer, tilting her head to the stairs. Calcifer rolls his eyes, stretching out before prodding Morgana and saying something Akira can’t quite hear before they, too, leave. Now it’s just Ascian and Akira.
Ascian sits back down next to him, waiting for Akira to speak. Instead, he gently takes her arm. The wound she got from the Reaper has healed, thanks to the medicine, but there’s still an ugly bruise on her arm. He frowns at it, running his hand across it. Ascian reaches for his hand, squeezing it, almost as if to reassure him that she’s fine.
He looks up at her. Violet eyes stare back into his own onyx ones.
“So,” he finally begins. “You’re Ghost.”
“I’m Ghost,” Ascian repeats. She smirks a bit. “Then again, I’m sure you already figured that out.”
He matches the smile. “I’ve had my suspicions,” he admits. His hand travels down her arm, away from the bruise. He pauses at the sportsband covering her wrist, eyes darting up to hers. She meets his gaze steadily, not saying anything, but not stopping him either. He takes that as encouragement to continue, and slips the band off.
There, written in his own distinctive script, the words “A bit rude to steal another’s spotlight, don’t you think?” are neatly inked into her skin.
“You’re my soulmate,” he says, more of a statement than anything else, almost as if he needed to say it aloud in order to fully believe that yes, this is truly, finally, happening.
Ascian’s smile becomes less sharp, her eyes turning softer as she reaches for his arm in turn and rolls up the sleeve. Her handwriting glares back at her from where it’s scrawled across his wrist, the words “You have got to be shitting me” written in English and dark ink sticking out.
“Sorry for not saying something nicer when we first met,” she apologizes with a soft, sheepish laugh. “I was just…surprised. We had our suspicions about the things in Tokyo being Shadow related, but we had no idea there were new Persona users out there. And you can never be too careful, so when I found out that my soulmate was one of said Persona users… Well.” She runs her fingers across the sentence on his skin. “You can see how I felt about that.”
“Yeah, well,” Akira chuckles. “At least it let me know what kind of person I was dealing with early on. Someone with a lot of bite to them. A strong personality.” His grin is lopsided. “Wouldn’t have it any other way, really.”
Ascian laughs. “Yeah, well, I always figured my soulmate had to be some cocky bastard if this was the first thing he thought to say to me upon our first meeting,” she fires back, waving her wrist around.
They laugh about the circumstances of their life for a little while more before they fall into a comfortable silence, Akira rubbing the words on her skin.
“I’ve been meaning to ask,” he suddenly remembers, looking at her. “Why were you there in the Metaverse, that first time? I know you and Amada-san came here to investigate us and all, but Makoto said you two only moved here about a week or two before your first day at Shujin…”
“Oh, that.” She shrugs her shoulders. “Like I said, we had our suspicions about Shadow related activity. Like I told you before, I’m actually living with my cousin here in Tokyo, and when we first met, I was just visiting him for a family matter. My boss asked me, Calcifer, and Y— and Kingpin to do a little digging while we were there. We didn’t mean to stumble across the Metaverse, but, well, things happened.” She looks at him. “Actually, it was largely because of that incident that Calcifer and I were sent with Amada-senpai to Shujin. It was originally just going to be him, but since we were familiar with the local Shadow Nest, they figured it’d be best for me to help out.”
He exhales a heavy breath. “I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you,” he admits.
Ascian shakes her head, her mouth quirking upwards. “I have time,” she claims. “I think you deserve some answers, after all I’ve had to keep from you. I still can’t tell you everything, not until I get word back from my boss, but I’ll answer everything else. Can I ask something first though?”
Akira tilts his head, but nods. “Go ahead.”
She’s fiddling with her locket again, he notices. “What now?” she asks, voice low that he has to lean in to hear. “You know for certain that I’m your soulmate now. What comes next?”
Akira takes a moment to think about how he’ll answer. Once it passes though, he reaches for her hand again and firmly grasps it.
“We make it work,” he asserts, firmly and resolutely. “I want to make it work, Ascian. I’m not going to lie, with everything that’s going on, there’s going to be a lot of bumps in the road. But I’m willing to put in the effort if you want this as well.” He searches her eyes. Uncertainty, fear, and caution swims through her gaze. But something else too.
“Are you willing to give me a chance?”
Akira smiles. “Thank you. I promise, we’ll figure it out.”
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