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#like how do you know my cats NAME who ARE you
plaidconnection · 5 hours ago
Bugs Love
Tumblr media
⁠When I was growing up, I had a bizarre world when it comes to what are considered pets. Back in the 90s (in our country), there were no strict laws about owning an exotic pet until the early 2000s. My father used to have a friend who owned tigers, lions, and crocodiles; you name it! So by that means, we had an eagle and piranhas at home. Seriously speaking, my classmates in elementary used to call our house, a zoo. ⁠
⁠It became a tradition in our family to offer live mice or chicks to our piranha and eagle when someone turned 7, 10, or 40. That said, I was not scared to see chicks getting strangled by an eagle because all to be fair I imagined myself being a photographer in the National Geographic channel. ⁠
⁠For me, it was a nice and traumatic experience because I became close to the animals that for many are not the best-looking compare to cuddly dogs and cats. It is my goal to have my place and have a special room for my pet chameleon and hedgehog. But before having one of them, I want to read and research as much as I need to become knowledgeable enough to keep them safe and healthy. ⁠
⁠So this backstory leads us to my April artwork, which is bugs! I have also wanted to have a pet bug. Especially ladybugs and beetles! Satoshi Tajiri's inspiration for Pokemon was bug-collecting which made me inspired to create an artwork to know how much I love bugs. ⁠
⁠A lot of the time people are scared of bugs because they are indeed dangerous (some), sticky and dirty but for me, they are like the domesticated pets we know about but smaller. ⁠
⁠With this, I hope you like my bug artworks! They will be available on my Redbubble store so go check it out! :D⁠
⁠Thank you!⁠
Do you like bugs?⁠
Happy Earth Day!
Please do not repost my artwork/design. Ask me first. ⁠
Thank you!⁠
⁠Deviantart | Instagram | Redbubble
“Nostalgia is my favorite thing.”
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killerbananas · 5 hours ago
amaranthine (adjective): (1) of or like the amaranth; (2) unfading; everlasting; (3) of purplish-red color.
Porco, just running and using his mouth to all our dis/advantage.
Prompt link.
Who: Porco, (f) you
What: SMUT; panty gagging (X), semi-public sex, rough sex, heavier degradation/humiliation (Y), dom/sub tones (Y), tail plug mentioned briefly (X), creampie, solo masturbation, praise kink (Y), overstimulation, breath play
X - X-dressing (do they crossdress as a part of teasing / foreplay? does crossdressing turn them on? turn their partner on? do they prefer to do it or watch their partner crossdress instead? do they use other costumes? cat ears, tails, etc?)
Y - Yes, Master (what kinds of names are used during sex? do they like being called master / mistress, daddy, etc…? what names do they call their partner?)
Tumblr media
Porco likes seeing your body in any state. When you're a sweaty mess after working outside. When you wake up to pee at midnight and wiggle back into his arms, sometimes in one of his tees or simple lace. If you ever chose to try a tail plug, you bet he'd be yanking on it constantly like it's your ponytail.
Porco is magnetized by the drop of sweat that glides down from your neck to your chest and disappears into your cleavage. He'd follow the drop with his tongue if he could, but public displays like that are a little harder to execute. He catches your smirk as you watch him watching you and he fights the blush creeping onto his face, the brazen nature of you teasing him ruffling him up a bit. Maybe he'll just have to stuff those pretty lace panties he caught you putting on, in your mouth and fuck you behind the diner in which you're about to eat. He'd give you lunch to make it up to him, but he was pretty sure you wouldn't. Hand clamping over your mouth forty minutes later, he pats himself on the back for being correct.
"Hands on the wall, princess."
Porco is excellent at humiliation/degradation talk and knows how to get his partner weakest in the knees if he's so inclined.
His hand wraps around your throat and all you can think about is his presence and how his girthy cock is splitting you open slowly while you writhe in his lap. His pressure increases as he lifts you more by his grip and it encourages you to squirm, stimulating him as he watches your expression for reactions to his changes. A different angle from his hips. Nipping along your jawline. Inscribing your skin with amaranthine gems meant to garner attention and profess possession simultaneously. Just waiting for you to try to utter the words he was waiting to hear.
“Please, Sir. I’m sorry. I’d like to try again, ‘wanna show you.”
“Not sure if you deserve the opportunity, slut. In fact, I don’t think you deserve this cock right now at all.”
His leaving of your channel rips a little bit of your sanity out with it, the vacated space filling immediately with mounting tension to do what Porco is telling you, as well as a little madness. You either get full of him again, bury him deep inside your clenching snatch, or you’ll murder him. Since it would be easier to comply, you focus your attention on what he needs you to do even if it does turn out to be a command to fuck your own hand because you have to show that you’re such a tool for his dick that you’ll rut against your digits like a cockdumb whore. He’s a cocky fucker. He’s right, but he doesn’t need to be so smug about it. So, like a good girl, you do what you’re told.
“I knew I could get you to work yourself up like that. I know you won’t tell me how much you love my cock because you’re afraid it’ll inflate my ego, but you can’t hide it when you look like you could eat me alive and hump your hand like a horny lush drooling over my prick. Your eyes tell me you’re the neediest fucking slut I’ve ever seen for my dick, but your pride won’t let me indulge you because you can’t admit it.”
He slips his finger, which is surprisingly coated in precome and pleasantly tangy, into your mouth when you gasp at his statement, aroused and indignant in equal measure.
“Let me show you how good I can make you feel, babygirl. Give it up to me and let me take care of you. You know the safeword. Now use your fucking words and tell me how you feel about my cock.”
He keeps his fingers shoved in your mouth, forcing you to talk around them, some saliva escaping the corner of your mouth and dripping off your chin. It brings a neon blush to your cheeks that nearly fries your eyeballs with its heat while also inspiring you to consider throttling him only slightly less intensely than usual because he’s stroking his perfect dick with his free hand and your eyes are just glued to it like he’s magnetic.
The pleas flee your lips like mutinous nymphs gliding onward, revealing your soul in snippets to Porco’s perceptive gaze and ears. He decodes the notes in your trailing mewls and whimpers, carefully clearing the tears that disobediently creep from your raw desire to the surface with tender nudging gestures of his own face to yours. His hands are busy, after all.
The desire to be filled until your mind cannot focus on anything besides your partner breaks over your conscious tidally and threatens to drown you in its intensity until you find yourself cradled against Porco. He mouths every area that catches his attention. Your collarbone, nipple and tender curve of your breast, the lovehandle he has to bruise when he fucks you from behind.
“So beautiful, babe. I’m gonna make you come with me now while I fill up your cunt. It’s mine to use, right? My little fucksleeve. You’ve been so good for me, so open. That means you’re coming with me and I’m just-here-give me your legs. Shh, it’s okay. Tuck your head here on my chest and your knees-perfect.”
He grabs your hips and sets a pace that entices you both to burst with mounting energy. His rare tender affection translates as the kind of touches that bring happy tears to your eyes, soul warm and comforted as the maddening tension finally flares to a bright pain that is immediately chased by overwhelming, spine-bending pleasure. His orgasm crests concurrently and he works to fuck every escaping drop right back inside of you, hating the waste. He overstimulates you both by rubbing his head feather-touch light against your clit, watching as strings of your combined fluids web thickly, lewdly between the two pleasure points. He captures some on his thumb, sticking it into his mouth and grinning sinfully. It works in your favor because he’s distracted enough to not realize you’re about to bite his neck, making him clamp down on his own thumb while he throbs in crisp hypersensitivity, smashing his hips into your belly and just rutting hopelessly against you, much like you'd done to your own hand previously.
You’re both slaves to the infectious haze of lust that has him shoving back inside you two minutes later and fucking you into the mattress, running his fucking mouth in your ear.
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Sins of the Father by Sam Burns Review (contains spoilers
Book 2 of the Wilde Love Series.
“She threw her hands in the air. “It’s our Pride special, Key, what do you want it to look like? Black cheesecake with a side of blood orange sauce? You wanna go full dark for Pride?” i can name you at least 100 queers who would fucking love this.
Keagan ends up with an fbi agent? Shouldn’t be surprised bc the last book featured a cop but i thought Keagan was going to be the dark sexy badass of the book and he was going to fall for a normal dude.
Personal preference note but not a fan that other than Casey (Liam’s best friend) all of the named women in the last book are straight. I hope this changes. It always feels weird when i’m reading adult queer romance but only men are queer. Like I see even queer authors do this. You can have your women characters dating each other. TJ Klune does it. It just feels weird.
The author, Sam Burns, is a he and lives with his husband and cat. Sam. Write more wlw into this series i beg.
I did my homework so I’m actually going to read this book now. Except i’m supposed to be paying attention to my classmates’ presentation.
I love that Owen loves the cheesecake. Both Quinn boys shitted on the cake bc of the way it looks but thought it tasted heavenly.
I like Brigit but she is a little too concerned over her friend’s dating life. As an ace, I HATE those people.
“And liking guys and eating rainbow cheesecake doesn’t mean I have to like hugging people. Later!” Owen you are 100% right but how is hugging a stereotype? Bc it’s “girly”?
Jon sees the Quinns as the enemy. This series does an exploration of the morally gray, more obvious when it had Alex, philosophy major, as the pov character. It’s interesting seeing how little the fbi knows about the Quinns and interesting that Jon talked to 2 agents who had different opinions on Keagan. I don’t like that book 2 has me with another “person of the law” bc while i can enjoy copaganda in shows, I despise it in books. This isn’t complete copaganda bc moral grayness and the book makes you love the criminals but it still views cops as “good guys”.
Jon and Alex both had their soulmate at their back and heard their voice before they saw their face.
Brigit wanted him out of there at first but I think she ships them now. Yeah. The book points out how annoying it is. Calls it the “oh my god you’re gay you should date my gay friend” look. This book uses its platform to talk about the slight annoyances of having straight friends. Imma shut up now.
I don’t want Jon to succeed in his goal and honestly the story has an easy answer. B Quinn retires. He’s old. His children won’t be his successors. The business he specifically deals in dies with his retirement. There really isn’t any point going after him or putting him in jail. Just let his career die as it will. He’s old with no successors.
I like that Jon has a good relationship with his family. I like Miles. He doesn’t have any friends though so I guess the good relationship with your family thing is just so he has someone to talk to. Liam also had a good relationship with some family but he also had friends so he didn’t talk to his family in the book.
Owen may be demiromantic.
Jon isn’t working the Quinn case anymore so less conflict than before. He’s interested in Quinn and way too honest and upfront.
This man flirted with you a tiny bit once and you switch assignments and try to ask him out. Like i would expect a little bit more flirting to happen before you go that far.
I don’t know how to feel about Jon just yet...I just realized his name is spelled like jon sims. Book made the mistake of telling me he was fbi. I liked Liam before i knew he was a cop so i could set my irl morals aside for a fictional character.
One thing i like about these books which seems it’s going to be a pattern for at least the first two books in the series is the lack of drama. Two characters decide they have feelings for each other and then nothing gets in between them.
Hmm. so the fbi and Jon and Jon’s family don’t care that Jon is dating Keagan but his dad does care that Keagan is dating an agent.
If Jon finds his job boring, why can’t he just quit? They don’t respect him and limit what he’s allowed to do bc he’s gay anyway. Just quit. Make the smart move that Liam didn’t. But if he quits then there wouldn’t be any *conflict*. Except Jon’s morals. I love these books but i’m GLAD the next one isn’t going to have a “person of the law” in it.
“I know Jenna said no PDA, but as it turns out, I’m the guy who owns the place.”
Ok their date at Wildes was super cute.
Oh i forgot an ex of Keagan’s was going to cause drama. Ick. i hate ex drama.
Keagan is so cute. He BLUSH! He blush hard!
Jon’s brother is ACE!! I knew I liked him. (Em/Miles)
This book is ok but I’m more excited to read the next book. It was through book 3 that i found this series. From the description, I think Brian is a sex repulsed ace which is AWESOME. Also, it’s clear this author did their research (if they aren’t ace themselves) bc “He’s had it, and he says it’s okay, but it’s not something he cares about. It’s like doing the dishes because you’re supposed to.” is an accurate description!
I’m headcannoning miles as autistic.
MILES AND BRIGIT ARE FLIRTING. Good. i like both of them.
Ok i like Jon now. Hearing about how shitty all Keagan’s exes were makes Jon look perfect.
Oh. Apparently his dad has hated every boyfriend of Keagans. Usually Keagan would agree and the relationship would eventually die out. But Jon was the first time he told his dad to fuck off with that shit.
Jon and Keagan have good chemistry. It took a bit to get there. I think it strongly helps that this author knows how to write jokes. The lovers being able to joke with each other and make each other laugh themselves silly and smile till it hurts is a strong contender for illustrating how perfect they are together.
So is Jon not going to tell him what he found just so he doesn’t seem like a creep? It was his coworker who suggested and looked him up anyway. It would be good for Keagan to know.
I hate every single one of Keagan’s exes.
Ugh Phil. Shut up go away i hate you.
“You’re thinking about having sex with him right now, aren’t you?” Phil asked. He looked annoyed.
“No?” Keegan couldn’t keep the smile from his face. “Maybe.”
“I’m giving you something Phil’s never had.” What? Your undivided attention?sdfrgthydwfg. (have i been spelling Keegan’s name wrong this whole time?)
Is english major guy Brian? No his name’s Javi Bennet.
Keagan’s face is so easy to read. I can’t believe he used to be a gangster.
Mickey might be demisexual. This is based on nothing except he’s been in an on again off again relationship with a girl since middle school and he ends up with one of his closest friends.
Surprised Keagan didn’t talk to Jon about the guilt he still feels over that child’s death years ago and that they never talk about his disabled arm.
Keagan is a little dumb and surprisingly too trusting but I love that for him.
Anyway, like the last book the last words were “i love you” plus for both it was the first i love you.
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tinydancer930 · 6 hours ago
39: Total Eclipse of the Heart
Do you know anyone whose birthday is today? How old are they? Nope
Who was the first male you talked to today? What colour are his eyes? Didn't today
Are you wearing any accessories in your hair? Describe them. No
If given the chance, would you change anything that’s happened today? Nope
Who was your first best friend? Do you still speak to that person? Beki. Yep, we've been best friends 37 years!!!
What were you doing before you started this survey? Other surveys.
Have you seen the person you love/like recently? How is he/she doing? Well a few weeks ago on Zoom if that counts. Good.
What’s the first song on your iTunes “Recently Played” list? I haven’t used iTunes in ages.
How many vowels are there in your full name? 9
Do you like your middle name, or does it embarrass you? I love it
Are you wearing anything that was given to you as a gift? No.
Have you received any compliments about your appearance today? No.
If I offered to buy you a chocolate bar, which would you choose? A Kit Kat
Can you think of an animal that starts with the same letter as your name? Cat
What is the closest red object to you? My iPad cover
What is your least favourite song, by your favourite artist? Pinball Wizard. I love Elton, but I'm just not a fan of that song. But I don't feel so bad cause neither him nor Bernie wrote it.
Have you ever written a song or poem for someone special? Many times.
What colour is your jewelry box? I don’t have one.
Have you ever had an argument with the last person you text messaged? No
What colour is your shampoo bottle? Beige
Name a singer that you like, whose name starts with ‘C’. Ehhh...can't think of any.
Think of the last person you hugged. What was he/she wearing? I don't remember
What is your brother/sister’s favourite food? Only child
Do you have any ice cream in your freezer? What flavour is it? Tres Leches with rum
In your life, who is the person that seems to understand you the most? My bestie
Have you spoken to any of your neighbours today? Yep I do every day pretty much
What food(s) have you eaten a lot of recently? Pasta
Other than going to sleep, what was your last reason for closing your eyes? I don’t know.
What did you have for breakfast today? Nothing
Which one of your friends do you see/hang out with most often. None over the past year thanks to the bullshit. I can't wait to see them again.
Have you recently bought a gift for anyone? Nope
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kaylynkaylynkaylyn · 6 hours ago
I don’t know how long I’m supposed to just pretend that it’s fine for him to lay in a bed that smells like pee but
Whatever the idiot wants lol
New mattress exists and I don’t work tomorrow so I think there’s hope
Until he tries to move his legs. Then nothing ends up happening. But always I try. His pee is not good colors. Cranberry juice does help a little bit, I’m not a doctor. He wants nothing to do with doctors. Which will result in him dying. But according to him he’d be dead already if he got chemo, and i didn’t say chemo for what because if he thinks he has cancer with zero doctor visits ever like he might be right. He might be wrong and just doing suicide lol which is rude to me. All of this is rude to me but it’s not happening to me I’m just here. I’m not dying. I’m not scared. Well, that’s bullshit because I am terrified, but not of dying... okay yes specifically of dying but also of living lol
I don’t sit here laughing at my words and I don’t know why I type lol so often but
It is what it is
Something something courage to change... what’s the quote?
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Why bring god into this lol dear brain, please allow me to accept things I can’t change. Please allow to change things I can change. And please allow me to know the difference.
That last part.. in respect to father.. I don’t know if I can or can’t change this lol I mean physically I can’t fix him but I can call people
I could take my things and my smol monies and just run away lol but cats, plus I can’t abandon the father. It’s not in my nature. I don’t do abandoning. That’s Tim. And that’s his choice. No crawling back when father is gone and things aren’t so smelly.
29th we’ve got some video telehealth thing with capital health and I am not use what to expect but
At least there will be an opinion - almost said second opinion lol as if the chiropractor knows what cancer would look like on an xray (maybe he does, and maybe it didn’t exist, or maybe it did and he was like presumptuous and thought father knew about it, who knows) all I know is dude is wasting away and I have to work - according to him, like “gotta have a job” always lol he knows I’ll quit and just bother him all day. He must know I can’t help. I mean it’s rude to expect me to do everything. I won’t do it forever. I cannot. I lose my mind daily lol it is getting old. And the results never change. Still wake up and go up there to empty pee cups and make snack/tea/hydration for the day - if he can’t reach something he’s SOL til I get home from work. I’m worrying all day and even when I’m here lol when he poops, he sits in it for who knows how long before he’s like “hey can I get some wipes” which are literally always within reach for that reason and still he will just
I came home the other day and he was like scratching his leg a little but it was shit all over his hand and nails and he’s like oblivious mindlessly rubbing lol fucking what
And then he won’t let me wipe his ass without the most protesting and my guy you can fucking do it I don’t need to but it will be getting done ffs
I don’t know lol I kinda stopped caring in February when he was like “why you wanna your names on my house” (names being me and midget) like fine dude you don’t care if we lose this house when you fully waste away, then I don’t either. Not my koi. Not my plants. Not even my cats. I told midget and him not to get more cats. No one listens to me. It’s fine lol this is fine, everything’s fine. It might be elder abuse. But it’s what he wants. But no one will believe that when he dies lol like, imagine coming to collect a body and it’s just a super skinny man in almost the fetal position smelling like piss. That sounds like abuse to me lol but I swear, this his choices. He had his cell phone lol he doesn’t use it
I just enable this and that is not cool of me but it is what he wants to it is cool of me??
I don’t know. When I’m dying I won’t have a child to do these things for me so I will be in the hospital like a normal human. In fact I’m going to make many doctors appointments as soon as he’s done needing all of my energy and time lol which can’t be years, can it? It might be years. I’m going to also die lol great lol
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halolalassurveys · 8 hours ago
1.How many pets do you own?
Just one black-and-white furball that meows a lot. Her name is Susie.
2. What’s your least favorite season?
Winter, hands down. I hate everything about winter, maybe except for Christmas..
3. Do you prefer to text or call?
Text, but I suck at it anyway. Actually, I prefer talking face to face the most.
4. Morning or night?
Morning. If I am up early enough to watch a sunrise, that’s a nice bonus.
5. Do you like tacos?
Neither like nor dislike.
6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Ambivert. I like to be around people, yet hanging out with my group of friends; then I need my alone time, too.
7. What’s your favorite desert?
Ice cream.
8. Do you enjoy walks?
Sure, but my joints not always do :P
9. Are you a frequent user of Facebook?
No. I have an account and I only peek in once in a while.
10. Do you watch animated shows still?
Some of them are still fun, so why wouldn’t I.
11. Can you roll your tongue?
No, I can’t. I must have gotten the gene for it from my dad, he also can’t, but my mum can easily.
12. What’s your “lucky” number?
13. Are you scared of anything?
Just failing at life.
14. Big mac or big whopper?
Like them both, but Big /ac is more frequent in my house.
15. Do you like to play board games?
Haven’t played in a long time.
16. Are you fond of romantic novels?
Nah. Booooooring.
17. Fruitloops or cocopops?
Never tried either, so Idk.
18. Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars?
No, I don’t eat my friends. Especially for money.
19. Are you a heavy drinker?
No, but it doesn’t mean I’m an abstinent :P
20. Would you forgive someone for cheating?
No. Some things are deal breakers.
21. Are you superstitious?
No. I find it a bit silly, no offense to anyone.
22. Have you seen A Clockwork Orange?
No, but I thought about it.
23. Do you like to read?
I love reading. I wish I had more time for all the books.
24. Are you easily distressed?
Not that easily, but once it happens... :D
25. Do you believe in aliens?
I believe there’s life somewhere in the universe, possibly even in more than one place. The universe is so big it’s just impossible that we are here alone.
26. If you were the last person alive besides one other person you get to chose, who would it be?
My partner.
27. Dogs or cats?
Kitties 4 lyfe.
28. Are you a grumpy person?
No, even though my boyfriend says I am.
29. What’s something you hate?
Winter. Long and cold nights, pff. No, thanks.
30. Are you a worry wart?
You don’t even know.
31. Do you like having your picture taken?
Nooooo. Please respect your time.
32. Do you like cotton candy?
No. Too sweet for me.
33. Would you ever use a dating site?
No. Not even if I was single.
34. Do you believe in ghosts?
I don’t care much enough to have any statement on this.
35. Rap or pop?
Why not both?
36. What’s the weirdest flavor of ice cream you’ve tried?
I think Malaga, which is my favourite anyway. It’s a white wine based ice cream.
37. Do you like math?
Yes, but not as a whole. I hate algebra.
38. Are you the type of person to laugh at others misfortune?
Only if I disliked them first.
39. Love or lust?
Love. Lust is temporary.
40. Do you remember lyrics easily?
I’m more likely to remember melodies, but yeah, I think.
41. What was/is your favorite school subject?
42: Do you like tattoos?
Yes, as long as they’re not exaggerated. If you look like a colouring book of a 5 year old, then something’s not right. To each their own, but I personally find it a bit too much.
43. Are you the type of person to lie?
Everyone lies sometimes. But I would rather be honest.
44. Do you eat porridge for breakfast?
Sure, especially with fruits.
45. What music are you listening to right now?
None. My bf is watching Star Trek and I am kind of listening.
46. Are you allergic to anything?
Yeah, hazelnuts.
47. Do you like Lady Gaga?
Sure. I just think sometimes she tries too much, but her music is okay and I appreciate what she’s doing for charity purposes.
48. What about Nick Minaj?
You mean Nicki Minaj? No opinion on her.
49. Do you like rainy days?
God, no. Unfortunately I live in a country where rainy days are something normal.
50. Last question, do you like pie?
Sure, especially apple pie.
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could i ask for headcanons? i like ur non despair ones
You- you? you. Of course you can ask for Headcanons. Uuuhhh
I have no idea about what to do, I didn't expect anyone to ask anything, take these ones that I've been kinda saving.
No one has no idea when it happened but Celestia has "adopted" Maki as her kid and kokichi as a nephew (aka Ibuki thinks Kokichi is funky and calls the brat her child)
Nagito has this sort of belief that Komaru would have a lot of hope inside herself since she's, A. Makoto's (aka ultimate hope) sister. And B. Has inspired a lot of the Ultimates single handly
Bc of this, with the help of his luck, he pays for Komaru to attend Hopes Peak as well (reserve course obviously) there was a lot of questioning but for some reason there wasn't any room in the other high schools in the area so now she's a first year at Hope Peak :)
Komaru and Tenko would totally get along, they're in the same year and they're both bundles of sunshine. They talk about girls and how awesome they are
There's this love triangle going on with Hiyoko, Sato, and Mahiru. No drama, no angst, they're all gay idiots who have crushes on each other and don't know how to talk about it properly. So they just kinda flirt with each other in their own ways.
Chihiro, this perfect angel, gets a boyfriend (surprisingly with the help of the class). And if you're curious, the lucky dudes name is Nikyuu Nase; Ultimate Hair Stylist
Leon also gets a girlfriend, to the literal surprise of everyone. She isn't an ultimate but she plays baseball during her free time, her name is Akuarisu Tennosei
Rantaro and Makoto are still determined to find the cat god cryptid at their school to the point they set traps.
They told their classes they set traps, and y'know, Celestia's kinda... In that class too. So their traps fail
Ibuki likes to tease Fuyuhiko on his (ex-) crush on Peko, and he has no idea how to respond so he ends up cursing her out... Fails each time.
Ibuki accidentally made everyone come out to Chisa, chisa knew anyways of course.
If Junko's hair is naturally red abd she dyes her hair blonde... Would.. would Mukuro have a different hair color too? I understand they aren't identical twins but they do share a lot of physical characteristics. So me thinks Mukuro probs has a shade of red hair too
And that she dyes it black because it's just easier that way? Black is a common hair color and she's a soldier, it's easy to get things done if you could blend into the crowd or the shadows
Mukuro loves romantic gestures because she's a sap and she cries during emotional movies bc she's soft and precious-
Izuru thinks gender is boring and refuses to abide to it's rules, all pronouns are used till Izuru gets bored. Izuru wears colored bracelets for pronouns
Kokichi has told plenty of people that his gender is this or it's that and literally no one in class 79 does anything about it. Why? Just another one of kokichi's lies, fucking weasel doesn't have a gender you fucking noobs (pronouns are he/him/zie/zeem)
Celestia used to have long hair during 1st year and everyone thought her drills were fake, so one day she gets tired of someone asking where she got her extensions so she leaves. Then comes back with her hair down to the shock of everyone. EVERYONE.
Hagakure gets called Ojiisan(grandpa), since he's the oldest out of everyone in the 70's classes and my guy owns it like "you see in my days" "When I was your age!" "Young man!!" Dad jokes², he has introduced his friends to his mom by saying "So ma i skipped the wife and kids stages and went straight to the grandchildren step, guys say hello to you're great grandma"
Kokichi is literally a criminal prankster but everyone knows the true... The TRUE prankster is Korekiyo. Dude covered an entire floor with olive oil for an experiment, hide Gundham's animals in other people's rooms to see what would happen, Korekiyo on a Weekly basis starts drama between the fashion kids in their school by going back and forth and being their model for makeup and clothes and such.
Mondo and Kyoko share so many braincells it's hilarious; Mondo curses very loudly and Kyoko curses like a damn sailor when needed, Mondo's first thought is to threaten someone that did something stupid while Kyoko just starts bringing up someone's personal info to let them know she isn't to be messed with, both are gay for dramatic red eyed dorks, Kyoko loves bunnies and Mondo loves dogs they are both fluffy enthusiasts, also like they both would know a good model (as in vehicle) when they see one.
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ravenadottir · 8 hours ago
original characters: ❝luke❞
who are they? noah’s younger brother
where can i find them? “hold the line”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝character’s details❞
✑ name: luke m.
✑ birthday: january 5th, 2000
✑ sign: aquarius
✑ hometown: romford
✑ gender: male
✑ sexuality: "who knows, man? it’s too early to say ‘straight’, you know?”
✑ languages: english//spanish
✑ ethnicity: biracial african+asian
✑ religion: agnostic
✑ occupation: student
✑ height: 6′2′’
✑ body type: toned
✑ hair texture/color: curly 3c // dark brown
✑ eye color: dark brown
✑ tattoos? one: a wolf on his right forearm
✑ style: jeans, sweatpants and tank tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts // jeans and shirts to go out, and sneakers all the way
✑ music: 80’s//hip hop//parody music
✑ food: shakes // pizza // noah’s roast dinner
✑ movie genres: comedy//action
✑ dogs or cats? “small dogs melt my heart”
✑ tv shows? brooklyn 99//community
✑ to relax? jamming in his dorm room
✑ vices: “trashy food”
✑ sports: swimming//basketball//muay thai
✑ his type: “the person i call my partner has to be supportive, not only of me but my siblings and family. we’re constantly battling difficulties, and we don’t tolerate certain types of people, like bigots. that’s a major thing for me, and always will be. also someone who knows how to have fun without much, and can be open minded.”
Tumblr media
❝brief history❞
✑ luke had lots of fun beating noah’s speed at swimming, especially around the tournaments’ season
✑ he’s the clown of the family. can’t stay put and often makes fun of everyone. his favorite tik tok, and probably the one that best describes him is “i... i love the way this cake is cut...”
✑ he’s also responsible for clover nowadays since they moved from their hometown for uni. there’s a tough questionnaire to go through if you want to take her on a date, no matter who you are.
✑ he’s going to uni to become a physical therapist, which made noah really happy that he made a decision and didn’t exactly follow their parents’ steps the way they idealized.
✑ he plays guitar and bass but never had the time to be in a band. it’s one of his goals in life, to at least have some fun with some friends.
✑ he still swims, less frequently because of school. he loves it, regardlessly.
✑ noah used to say luke had hyperactivity whenever their parents weren’t at home. “it had to be on purpose! as soon as they were back, he would shut up right away...”
✑ his favorite thing to do while at their parents’ home is to cook together.
✑ luke often dances with his mom, only to give her hand to his dad who leads her across the living room while the kids watch. “just like the old times...” his dad’s vinyls are always the ones playing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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askkhcharas · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sora I usually play him around 16, his age by KH3, though I’ve played baby Sora (7/8 ish) before too.  headcanons: trans (ftm, he/him), gay, rather short (5′3-5′5 ish) I don’t ship him with anyone besides Riku
Tumblr media
Xehanort (old and young) I play young Xehanort around his early 20′s and old Xehanort is anywhere from late 40′s to 60, depending on what the au calls for. for the purpose of this blog, I’m placing him in the late 40′s category. headcanons: gay (though I do hc Eraqus as trans ftm, so before Eraqus came out it was a bit more complicated), Terra and Vanitas’ father, as well as sort of taking Ven and Aqua in later (in certain circumstances like an au) I ship him with Eraqus
Tumblr media
Luxord I don’t really have a set age for him, but I tend to think of him around his early to mid 20′s headcanons: y’know how he hangs out in Port Royal a lot? he just really fucking loves pirates. it really depends with him, he’s very much a ‘depends on the au’ type of person.  I don’t really ship him with anyone, but he gets pegged by Larxene on occassion
Tumblr media
Marluxia again, she’s difficult to place with age, but I also tend to put him around his early 20′s headcanons: genderfluid and demisexual (any pronouns), does ballet I ship them with Larxene
Tumblr media
Xemnas just assume from now on that the Organization members are gonna be somewhere in their 20′s. Xemnas is an exception though, as I usually place him around 36/37 headcanons: he/they nonbinary, preference for male titles (sir, lord, etc) I ship them with Saïx
Tumblr media
Xigbar headcanons: out of all his scars, the only one he gets insecure about is his eye, though it’s very rare.  I ship him with Zexion
Tumblr media
Axel/Lea headcanons: prefers Axel (see; the scene in KH3 with Kairi where he asks her to call him Axel instead of Lea) but won’t get mad if he’s called Lea. primarily uses he/him but like. he won’t throw a fit if you call him ‘they’ I ship him with Roxas 
Tumblr media
Ventus I usually play him around 16/17 ish headcanons: he gets REALLY bad headaches sometimes, usually when remembering something (depends on the context and how important the thing is. smaller things won’t cause excruciating pain while bigger things will more than likely cause him to collapse, cry, or both I ship him with Terra
Tumblr media
Ienzo usually around 18-19, though I’d be interested in playing younger Ienzo, who I mark at around 12 headcanons: he’s autistic, with a special interest in sharks, specifically tiger sharks, science (duh-) and some other stuff. I have a google doc full of stuff having to do with him and autism. even legally adopted him some time after gaining their bodies back (yes I know about KH3 please just let me have this) also demisexual I don’t have any set ships for him, though I’ve done Vanitas and Lauriam depending on the au, so it just really depends.
Tumblr media
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (beautiful edit is from my lovely partner) I don’t have a set age for him, I never really thought about it tbh headcanons: Riku’s dad. owns a cat named Darkness don’t really actively ship him with anyone, but I’ve done some random one-shots with an oc (please note that this was in a private setting between my partner and I and I normally don’t like canon x oc)
part one, another post coming soon with everyone else since there’s a ten picture limit
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xxtwilightcat · 12 hours ago
Defence against the Dark Arts - Basics
She strutted into the room with a loud start. The person didn't care that she was late. She liked the attention she was getting. Her teacher, Professor Artorius Norwood, looked towards the girl. "What's wrong?" the girl snapped at her teacher. The professor cleared his throat and pointed at the blackboard. "Oh I see." The girl looked around. Apparently everyone had already introduced themselves. She gave a cough and slowly began to speak. "So where do I start? My name is Lina Lunatic, 13 years old, pureblood. I was born and raised in a muggle suburb near Livingston. My parents come from wizarding families, well my father actually comes from a pureblood family. My great-great grandfather on my mother's side was once a muggle who somehow made it to Hogwarts," she looked down at herself and wiped the imaginary impure blood from her. "Well anyway, out of the family there was only wizards left. I even have another big brother. He never wanted to go to Hogwarts though. He didn't want to leave his muggle friends and all. I didn't care about my Muggle friends. Saw them again in the holidays."
Some of her classmates looked at her with hateful eyes. But the blonde ignored the looks of the others. "Besides Quiddish, my hobbies include Muggle sports like football and lacrosse. I also like drawing and playing the cello. I brought my cat 'Nature' and my bat 'Sun' here. I don't own an owl. That's what my bat is for."
After she had finished her introduction, the professor pointed to the second task. "What do you expect from this course? What do you really want to learn? What magical being fascinates you most and why?" he asked her. She put a finger to her temple, tilted her head slightly to the side and thought hard.
"Actually, I want to know and learn everything. I love to learn about new creatures. Especially the subjects of vampires and werewolves are at the top of my list. Why am I interested in these two subjects in particular? I think there is a werewolf somewhere in my family. I think even my fourth cousin on my father's side. But I'm not so sure about that. I just want to learn how to deal with it and how to react should it suddenly turn in front of me. Vampires... Hmmm.", she stopped for a moment and thought again. As she did so, she looked at the ceiling. Her green eyes gleamed from the sunlight. Then she looked at her professor again. "I've always liked vampires. When I was a little kid, I used to dress up as a vampire. You know, Halloween and all that. I'm still hoping my bat will suddenly go poof and there'll be a vampire boy standing in front of me. Would be kind of nice." Lina giggled a little. Then she noticed the confused faces of her classmates. Her Slytherin peers in particular were looking at her in confusion and a little strangely. "You know... Muggles ver-", Lina was interrupted by a stern look. Professor Norwood just shook his head, wanting to get on with the subject. He had never come across such a chatterbox before. He coughed again, glancing at the large clock above the school desks. "Ehm yes. On to the last subject, please. Is there something you're afraid of and something you don't want to learn?" he asked the blonde. "Yes there is. I don't like insects. Please don't tell me now that there are giant insects that can also talk?" she asked in complete horror. The professor just shook his head in denial. "Okay that's fine. I don't want to know about the forbidden curses. I don't like torture and murder. Mind control might be nice, but that can also spill over into torment and murder. That's why the unforgivable curses would be nothing. Other than that, I'm actually open to anything." the Slytherin girl indicated.
"Ready?" the professor asked her and she nodded. "Good thanks for the info. That concludes the lesson. See you next lesson," the professor spoke and the students left the classroom cheering.
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odasakulogy · 20 hours ago
𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫.
— 𝘢 𝘸𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘢 𝘷𝘢𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do you want to know who's behind the papers ?
Hi there~! My name is Hua! I also go by Mama Hua, the love of your life, your favourite bookworm, your friendly neighborhood yandere writer, the girl who needs therapy, or anything you'd like!
I'm a student who barely knows how to live like an adult, because although technically I'm of legal age, I'm mentally a kid.
I like dogs and cats, warm muted colours and pastels, light and dark academia, cute and hip fashion, youthful makeup, and last but not least, my love Oda Sakunosuke. As you can see, I have a soft spot for pretty things. My interest in classical literature is rising and I'd be happy to receive any recommendations!
I enjoy reading, writing, listening to classical music, sleeping, daydreaming, eating curry, udon, and noodle soup, drinking tea, sometimes cooking, and talking with you guys. Sometimes I draw (but I'm too insecure to share, so personal archives it is) and occasionally play the piano, cajon, or sing.
My kin list is, (not so) unfortunately, a mutual-only information because I don't want you to come with pitchforks and torches. If you're a follower who actually reads my random rambles about my kins--just smile, nod, and look away.
Here are some links if you want to read some crack posts about me!
surprise link i surprise link ii
If you would like to humbly leave a tip for my writings, here is my ko-fi (LINK). I'd be so so grateful if you do. I'm a broke student who lives by herself and really doesn't want to burden her Ma, every dollar you spare helps our expenses. Or if you want something in exchange, you can commission (LINK) me!
my askbox is always open! I'd love to chat with you, please feel free to tell me about your day. 🤎
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oversharingempath · 22 hours ago
How many surveys have you taken today? i can’t remember, maybe like 5-10?
So the world is dying to know the longest you’ve ever been on an airplane. i’ve never been on an airplane
Speaking of airplanes, can you sleep on them easily or no? i don’t know
How long did you last drive in the car for? 20 minutes
Name me your three favorite flowers, s'il vous plait. orchids, lilies of the valley, mums
So if I were to touch the place you last itched, would it be awkward? i literally don’t know where that would be so it would be a surprise for both of us
Have you ever given food at a homeless shelter? not a shelter but i’ve bought food for homeless folks before
Has anyone a grade above you ever had a crush on you? probably
Can you fly? Be honest. nah
Have you ever come close to drowning? nope
What books did you have to read for school for summer reading this year? lmao i haven’t done summer reading since 2009
What were you doing right now 24 hours ago? laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep
Have you ever tried counting sheep to get to sleep? Does it work? i’ve tried and sometimes it does work. most of the time i just get frustrated when i get to like 300 and i give up lmao
What did you give up last year for Lent? i don’t observe lent
Is the window in this room currently open or closed? closed
What is the weirdest thing you have ever licked? who fucking knows, man
Do you have any sets of matching bras and underwear? i don’t wear bras so no
Can you control your dreams if you realize you are dreaming? sometimes
Is your phone fully charged right now? nope, but it’s currently charging so it will be soon!
If you gave yourself a symbol (ex: star) to represent you, it would be…? a checkmark 
Combine your two favorite animals. What kind of animal do you get? giraffadillo!
Today at school it was boys make girls sandwiches day. What kind of sandwich should I tell the boys to make you? a grilled cheese because i’m high maintenance (and also a “boy” if you want to define me in any gendered terms, but i deserve compensation from cis men)
So…remember Girl Scout cookies? Any favorites you had/have? who forgets about girl scout cookies? thin mints are my favorite but i also love what they used to call samoas (not sure what they’re called now but it’s not that)
What is the name of the main character in your favorite book? crowley and aziraphale
How about your favorite movie? christian
If I gave you a box of chocolates, which would you hope to get?| ooh sees candy! i think they only sell them around the holidays, though i could be wrong, but their chocolates are to die for
I’ll give you a box of chocolates but I’ll eat the coconut filled ones, ok? i mean, that’s fine, as long as i get the caramel filled ones
What does your middle name rhyme with? like literally nothing
Have you ever caught your clothes on fire before? i actually don’t think i have
Describe the weirdest car you’ve ever seen. those damn car trucks. like they’re literally sedans but have the bed of a truck on them. i HATE them
Which key on the keyboard do you think you use the least? the little key with the ~ on it
How many times have you seen your favorite band in concert? twice. it was gonna be 4 times but covid canceled both of their concerts last year!
How many concerts have you seen in general? i haven’t been to a lot of like, individual concerts over the years, but i did go to warped tour several years in a row which is either one big concert or a bunch of little concerts depending on how you look at it
Are you any good at improv? i’ve never tried it but i doubt it
Turn your eyes away from the screen. What is the first thing you see? my mom’s cat
When you pass a stranger in the hall, do you smile or no? i will if they look at me
Do you have any special handshakes with friends? no 
Are you better at writing fiction or nonfictFlion? fiction
Did you ever have to use Wordly Wise in school? doesn’t sound familiar
Congratulations, you’ve been selected to receive a free Apple iPhone. sounds like a scam
Can you keep a secret? yeah
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ichayalovesyou · 23 hours ago
Broken Bow parts 1 & 2 (Live Reaction):
Ah, so we’re kicking off with smarting up Archer’s prejudice against Vulcans that I know from all my Vulcantology research he grows out of. Neat.
Oh shit Klingon on earth?? Look at those glorious locks! Who are these weird squishy bendy dudes?? Oh that shiz EXPLODED. I’ve got my yeehaw phaser rifle and I kills a Klingon- fuck is THAT how the war started?! Whether or not that’s stupid remains to be seen.
Wowwwww this theme song... is... a lot. Star Trek, bruh, since when??? No. Just... no. Oh hey it’s Archer & Trip a lil’ light fantastic! Ngl Trip’s actually cute. Oh wow they really don’t know Klingons. Oh hey Phlox is here! I get where Archer is coming from about the plug pulling thing, even if Klingon culture is very “HONOR!!” and stuff. Even then, wouldn’t it be detrimental even to a warrior race for them to die when they can be healed?
Vulcans just love acting like everyone else is stupid don’t they? Wow everyone is racist at like, everybody (aliens wise) this definetly has established itself as pre-Federation. Ope! More new characters! Baby ensign dude (Travis!) and British ship’s engineer(?) oh hey it’s Hoshi Sato!! Oh look they’re acknowledging that aliens speak more than one language on their workds finally!! Behold T’Pol! She doesn’t sound like I thought she would? (Idk what that means lol but yeh)
Ohhhh man Trip, Vulcans don’t do haaands my dude, didn’t you get debriefed? But also would it have killed her to explain? Communicate damnit! Give us a speech elderly white boy! Yeehaw warp engines!! Cool speech call back or really it’s Kirk (& Picard and prob Pike soon) Doing the callback to Cochrane!
Oooh shady time travel aliens are back!! Phlox is here! I always got good/fun vibes from him, like, a lil’ creepy but in an entertaining way! Travis is adorable and I love him already, space station boyyyyy. THREE, THREE WHAT?? Travis’s generation are called Boomers?? LOL it makes sense that we’d have a baby boom after planetary colonization became possible but that’s practically a derogatory term now 😂
Time for a dinner chock full of microaggressions! Yup I was right, wowwwwwww everyone is being secret awful (T’Pol not so secret awful) but yeah I can see where all that VHS racism stuff comes from. Lol, oooooo Hoshi & T’Pol having a lil’ cat fight, Archer is such a dad lol. Poor Sato is so fucking stressed it’s okay gf! The ship is just not working and you’re learning Klingon and there’s an invisible alien aboard its FINE!! OH SHIT THAT KLINGON GOT KIDNAPPED!!!!!
Oh so the engineer’s name is Reed okay, oh this is the one with the Suliban. Wow T’Pol is kind of a bitch! She is just belittlement after belittlement, she’s like Spock but WORSE. Like, I’m definitely starting to understand Archer’s resentment toward them is coming from, not that it’s right, but it is understandable. Especially Vulcans have been having this sort of attitude toward humans (and other species) this whole time. Both races clearly have a LOT to learn.
Oh so this Suliban dude is a GMO, I actually freaking love Phlox. Good job Trip tryna bridge the gap between T’Pol and Archer but ooof still too salty. Oh wow! We’re going to Rigel for the first time okay?! Neat! Oof our Klingon boy out here getting interrogated oh shit! It wouldn’t be an earth 2000s scifi without a skanky bar and funky alien strippers. Uh oh Trip is about to make a mistake, oh thank god T’Pol stopped him *big exhale* everything is so new to us! It’s so interesting!
Ew creepy lady why u kiss him??? Oh it’s the “alien woman has to do (explicit/romantic action) to do (thing)” trope 🙄. Oh so there’s time travel shit going on??? Okay!!! What?! Okay! Man the GMO Suliban can do some seriously freaky shit! Okay I love Travis & Reed they’re cool, Reed is suave and Trav is adorable! OOp ARCHER GOT SHOT THE LEG! Close call close call!! Oh ffs T’Pol don’t take command, everything you’ve shown us so far is that you think humans are shit, hey maybe she’ll surprise me.
Ugh this is about to be- aaaaand it’s unnecessarily sexualizong T’Pol 🙄🙄🙄🤮🤮🤮. Trip can you please not call T’Pol out and be racist in the same sentence, I’d rather you just do the former please. OH YAY! T’Pol did surprise me! Good job T’Pol (and Trip... kinda... I guess). “One good turn deserves another” good line, but “doesn’t sound very Vulcan” is proof Archer really doesn’t understand Vulcans! Or at least not what they aspire to. Ohhhh Kay NOW we’re working together! Good! Good!!
I wonder who creepy time lord dude is. Sato THANK YOU why, WHY don’t starships have seat belts?!?! Makes no goddamn sense. Oh I was wrong earlier! Reed’s a pilot and Tucker’s the engineer, okay! I wonder what happened between this episode and Discovery (being the next closest in the timeline) that makes us enemies with the Klingons? Travis out here teaching Tucker how to drive I’m sure this will end well. I’m low key starting to get Bones-Spock energy from T’Pol & Archer. FURST PISTOLS WITH A STUN SETTINH HELL YEAH!
Alright alright, T’Pol is growing on me, awww Archer is soft! “U okay?” I can vibe with that! Hell yeah! I kinda wish I knew Klingon so I knew what this dude wa saying (but I’ve already got my hands full with Vulkansu). Archer why in the fuck are you wandering around?! Do you want to get caught/not found!??! Stay put dummy! Aaaand there’s the BBEG, oh, and he’s Suliban! Oh good thing that laser pistol is set to stun (oh and he dodged). Oooh scary transporter lmao.
Uh oh, was it al for nothing are these dudes gonna kill him anyway? Oh, no! Good so they just cussed Archer out lmfao. Thus the saga begins! Abandon yo grudges and pride Archer my dude, vouch for T’Pol hell yeah! Alright! I hope these two become friends hell yeah hell yeah! Time to boldly go say hi and introduce yourself to all these new aliens! Heck yeah!!
God I’m sure there were plenty of annoying ass Trekkies who were like “iT’s nOt rEaL sTaR tReK” like, how?? Because the costumes look different and they’re exploring a new time period and themes?? 🙄🙄🙄 gimme a BREAK with that shit, honestly. So far it’s been pretty interesting! Every Star Trek is Star Trek!
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joshstambourine · a day ago
Greta Van Fleet and Their Kid’s First Day of School
Y’all seemed to love my GVF as Dad’s head canon so I thought I’d continue on the same line with something else cute~ I’ve had this idea since I mentioned it in a fic I recently wrote (A Girl Named Ivy) so I thought I might as well throw a head canon together for it as well... SO I STOP THINKING ABOUT IT LMAO.
Taglist: @anditsmywholeheart @babydxll​
Tumblr media
He strikes me one of those dads who is actually really excited for his kid to start school. Not that he doesn't want them around, or that he doesn't realize its the mark of the beginning of the end... but because he knows this is a part of growing up.
Josh can tell while they are out shopping for new school clothes that his kid is excited. They are beginning to feel grown up, even if its just in a small way --- and Josh is proud of them for that.
I just can't imagine him being the kind of parent that struggles with letting them go, instead I see him being the kind of parent that just wants to nurture their growth in everyway.
"What about this shirt for your first day? You know what we should get you?? A set of wheelies!"
"Josh they don't allow those in schools anymore..."
*Whispers* "We'll get you some wheelies, just don't tell mom."
He'd make sure he goes through the checklist the school had sent out multiple times, trying to make sure they have everything they could possibly need.
When the big day finally comes, he would be talking with his little one all morning making sure they know they are going to have a great time and make lots of friends.
He would want to help make their lunch but instead just spends all his time drawing a picture of a rabbit with a cowboy hat riding on a goats back to put in instead.
Josh wouldn't be able to stop himself from looking in the rearview every few minutes to look over the little ones face. Trying to make sure they didn't look nervous at any point. If they do he'd find a way to reassure them.
"You remember that nice lady that gave you that cool cat sticker a few weeks ago? She's going to be there all day today! She's actually your teacher, isn't that cool?" Josh would just want to do everything in his power to keep them feeling relaxed.
"You give 'em hell today, okay?" Josh would say when they stood outside of the classroom, watching the little one nod. "Before you know it I'll be here to pick you up."
"You promise?"
"Of course I promise... I need someone to go get ice cream with!" He would say as he'd move to give them a tight hug.
"I love you."
"I love you too Dad."
As soon as the classroom door shuts, Josh won't be able to stop smiling the rest of the walk back to the car. He would be just so proud that he raised such a fearless kid.
The first thing Josh would ask when he picks them up at the end of the day,
"So? Did you learn how to move things with your mind yet?"
"No but did you know squares have four sides...?!"
Tumblr media
Oh god.
Jake is going to be having such a tough time.
He wants to be a big strong man about this. "It's so silly... why would I be sad about them going to school?! That's ridiculous."
He would pretend like he didn't care.
Anytime his little one asks about what school is going to be like, he gives very quick pointed answers so he doesn't have to think about them being grown up enough to go.
"Is it too late to home school them...?"
"Yes Jake it's too late to home school them."
Jake just wants to hold hands the whole time they are school shopping. He doesn’t want to let them go.
"Jake, you have to let them go so they can pick out what they want."
"They can bring me where ever they want to be. I can help them reach what they need.”
The moment his kid puts their backpack on their shoulders, even just to test it out, he’s going to need to take a moment. When did his baby get so grown up?!
He thought that was bad but then the school assessment kills him.
Jake wants to be the one to make their lunch for their first day, its a special day, this little one deserves something special. He'd hide candies and other treats at the bottom so Mom won't see.
There is no way Jake isn’t driving his kid on their first day of school. He’s going to talk with them all the way to class with their hand clasped in his.
I think despite how well he covers it over, his kid can probably tell that he’s having a hard time letting them go.
“I’ll be okay.”
Hearing them say that would make him smile, trying so hard not to cry. Jake would lean down and immediately give them a huge hug. “I know.” He’d tell them.
“I’m just going to miss you lots.”
“I’ll miss you too.” They’d say, “But. Mom says that I’ll have time to draw pictures probably. Would you like a picture Dad?”
“I’d love a picture.”
As soon as Jake gets back to the car he’s a sobbing mess. He’s so proud but its so hard to see your baby grow up.
Tumblr media
Sort of like Josh I think that Sam is excited for his little one to start school. He has so much confidence in his kids abilities.
Sam would just assume that whatever task is sent his little ones way will be accomplished with all of their effort.
He feels like the kind of parent to hype up school any chance he gets for his kid. He wouldn’t want his kid to be nervous, so he’d say just about anything to keep them from being scared.
When Sam brings his kid in for the assessment he is just going to be absolutely beaming with joy.
He’s just such a proud dad. Getting to see his kid answer questions and have so much fun is going to have him over the moon.
“Buddy you did so good with those shapes! When did you learn those??”
Sam would be on the ball for school shopping. Everything that’s on the school given list and then some.
“Sam... they don’t need a dictionary --- they can’t even read yet.”
“Just incase! You never know!”
*Insert Sam looking for dirty words and snickering to himself*
He’d also want to practice so much with his kid before the big day comes. Going over their numbers and ABC’s so they feel nice and prepared.
When the big day does come around he is immediately going to have his camera out, ready to take some nice first day at school pictures. Whether they are waiting for the bus or he’s driving them to the school.
There are going to be like a million pictures. 
So many.
“You’ve got your crayons?”
“Are you sure?! I just want to make sure. Oh and you’ve got your lunch box?? Mom made you such a good lunch.”
“Yup! I’ve got everything!”
“Excellent work~” He’d hum, “You're going to have an awesome first day!”
Tumblr media
Danny I could imagine feeling a little nervous for his little one to start school
He would never tell his kid this of course; I feel like he would understand how well attuned kids can be to feelings, especially nervous feelings.
So he tries to bury his worried feelings.
They’d come out a little every time his baby shows any concerns about school. But he will stuff them down and try to be as reassuring as he can.
“You’re going to make so many friends, buddy! You aren’t even going to notice Mom and Dad aren’t there, y’know? They also have lots of cool toys.”
Danny seems like the kind of Dad that would want them to feel confident. So if that meant lots of new clothes, or cool school supplies. He’d get it for them. Above everything he just doesn’t want them at any point to have a hard time in this process.
In all honesty though he’s the one having the hard time.
His kid is probably hella excited.
Danny sort of strikes me as a parent who would pack a really nice lunch for his kid. Like. This kid isn’t just going to have a ham sandwich like the rest of the loser kids in their class.
The scene I sort of keep running in my head is with Danny standing at the end of the driveway holding his kids hand, they're both just leaning out waiting for the school bus to come around the corner.
“Hey dad?”
“...I’m sorta scared.”
“Buddy, it’s okay to be scared. This is a new thing for you. It’s totally okay to be worried about it.”
“I know...”
“Is there something that’s scaring you a lot though?”
The kid would nod, “...I’m going to miss you.”
Danny’s heart would just melt, and he’d pull them up into his arms for a huge hug. “I’m going to miss you lots too! But. As soon as you get home we can play as much as you want, okay?”
Watching his kid get onto the bus is going to be such a scary thing, but he knows it’ll all work out.
I feel like he would plan something fun for afterwards. Whether it be like going to get ice cream, or taking them out to a movie. Just something to celebrate!
Well that’s all of those! Sorry they’re a little bit more briskly written I sort of wanted to get those out of my head so I can focus on the next part of What Friends Do. As always if you guys want an actual full fic written for one of these, let me know~ 
Fun note! My first day of school was proceeded by going to an amusement park on the Friday. Going to a friends house and dislocating my elbow on the Saturday. Having major surgery on the Sunday. And then sobbing my whole first day, the Tuesday.
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manjir0s · a day ago
Momoka Meeting Toman HCs
I’m putting my own OC through so much pain I’m so sorry baby girl.
Genre: Headcanons
Requested: Yes and no
Warnings: Just swearing
This boy
This boy made her get dizzy with how many paths he took her on
At first glance, Momoka was like “Okay he seems nice.”
And then he opened his mouth to say “So you and Mitsuya shared a bed together?”
Surprisingly, Momoka was able to keep up with Mikey
She liked that he didn’t look at her weird for her body type or the fact that she looked much more different than everyone else
Everything was going well until she told him that she was from the U.S.
Then came the questions
“Ooo. Do they have animal skulls in their houses like some of them do here? What is their food like? Does America have their own Tokyo Manji Gang?”
She did her best to answer all of his questions
He touched her hair (on accident tho)
“Oh wow your hair is so bouncy! It’s like a spring!”
She became slightly annoyed 
She then remembered that she’s probably the first Black person anyone in this gang has ever seen and that it was natural that they would be curious about her
Not to mention that half of her heritage on her dad’s side and her name came from Japan
So she embraced their questions and curiosities
“Can I touch your hair, Sano?”
She was surprised that it was so silky and smooth
Now listen
Momoka has been some tall dudes and tattooed dudes in her lifetime
But she has NEVER seen ANYONE like Draken
He’s intimidating and looks like he’s been in juvie
At first, Momoka is nervous then she remembers what Mitsuya told her about him
“You’re Draken, right?”
“I heard you like rap.”
She just hands him an MP3 player with a bunch of American rap songs and hopes for the best
After like what. five minutes, he pats her on the head
“Mitsuya made a good choice”
Translation: “I like you.”
Momoka sighs in relief that she’s befriended a guy who absolutely looks like he could deck her if he wanted to
The only one who has normally introduced himself to this girl so far
“Hi, I’m Hanagaki Takemichi.”
“I’m Momoka King James.”
Her last name interests him
“Are you actually related to a king?”
And it’s not his fault that he thought that
“No. It’s just a last name.”
Her and Takemichi make some small talk
She finds him really nice and it’s blissful to be able to talk to someone normally
However this bliss is short lived as Takemichi is shoved out of the way by
Ah yes.
Keisuke “Every time I wake up, I choose violence” Baji
He hits her with the fuckboi laugh and Momoka just knows this is about to be a ride
“So you and Mitsuya have been sharing a bed lately I hear.”
“So did he like-”
She quickly cuts him off by complimenting his hair
“Oh thanks. Wanna know something about Mitsuya?”
And boy does Momoka learn a lot
Someone save this poor girl from this mf agent of chaos
Luckily her hero comes in the form of
Their interaction was so pure,,,
Momoka thought he was scary at first but then he showed her a picture of his cat
“His name is Peke J. Isn’t he cool?”
“He is! I have a puppy named Mimu.”
Upon hearing his name, Mimu runs from the steps to her side in minutes
Chifuyu is ecstatic to see a pupper
“Oh wow! He’s a Shiba Inu, isn’t he?”
He asks her if he can take a picture with Mimu and she agrees
So pure,,,
Once Momoka is done with Chifuyu, she moves on to the two small boys
Smiley & Angry
“Mitsuya said they were called Smiley and Angry. I wonder why.”
Within like two minutes of meeting them, she learns why
Momoka really likes their puffy hair, it reminds her of the afros her relatives in Harlem would sport
“So you’re Mitsuya’s girl?”
“Yep. His one and only.”
Mentally, baby girl is STRUGGLING to tell them apart and remember who is who
Then they hit her
“I bet your grandma wouldn’t be too happy with you sneaking out at night to hang out with a bunch of delinquents.”
“We should tell her.”
Momoka is s h o o k
How do they know her grandma?!
“Um...h-how do you know my g-grandma?”
“Your grandma used to walk us to the homeless shelter when we were in primary school. Sometimes she’d invite us to her house to have lunch with her.”
“You’d better behave here or I’ll be happy to tell her that you’re out past your bedtime.”
If words could kill then Momoka would be dead
Then Smiley just smiles
“We’re just messing with you! We don’t snitch! Right, Angry?”
Angry just stares at her
Someone else with her body type
Not another girl but still counts as a win
“You must be Pah-chin! I’m Momoka!”
She accidentally stuck her hand out for a handshake
“What are you doing?”
Momoka immediately retracts her hand and is embarrassed
“Sorry about that.”
“It’s fine. I’m glad that Mitsuya found someone to love.”
She’s glad he’s a nice guy despite his rough appearance
Momoka had to resist the urge to cringe at the shirt he was wearing
“Thanks for looking after Mitsuya. I understand it’s hard to get a read on him sometimes, but it’s really nice to have someone like you to keep him tied down.”
Momoka felt a similar sentiment
She had no problem being Mitsuya’s anchor as long as he could be hers in times of need
She got along really well with him
She even let him pet Mimu
And now she moves onto the mythical Lucifer of Mitsuya’s circle
“Oho? This is Taka-chan’s little lady?”
She was surprised when he was able to lift her off the ground a little
Talking to him was a lot more tame than she initially thought it would be
Ofc he made the occasional funny comment
But overall he was really interested in what Momoka had to offer
Especially with her sewing skills
“You and Taka-chan are a match made in heaven!”
Once it was all over, Momoka found herself feeling grateful for being in the presence of the Toman members, especially after the recent events. 
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sour--disposition · a day ago
Swipe Right
jj olatunji x fem!reader
requested: hi!! i really love your writing, i think you’re so talented. i was just wondering if i could put two requests in and you pick your fav. the first is a harry request for the spending money in 5 min where the reader is sitting with harry as he unpacks all the stuff from josh and is absolutely losing it. the second is a tinder request for jj where they’re already dating
please see my pinned post for masterlists/request info :)
Tumblr media
You smoothed over your outfit once more in the mirror before joining the rest of the girls in a room just off of the stage. “Are you nervous?”, a pretty blonde girl asked you. “I’m nervous”, she told you before you could answer. “I’m Lauren”.
“Y/N”, you replied. “Not really, I’m friends with everyone there so it’s just going to be a laugh for me, I imagine”, you told her honestly.
“Any tips?”, Lauren asked, a nervous laughter bubbling over.
“Don’t take anything that they say seriously, please”, you laughed. “They’re all a bunch of shithouses and I dread to think about what some of them are going to come out with”, you told her.
“What are you doing here then? If you know them all, surely that makes it less funny because you have an idea what they’re going to say anyway?”.
“My boyfriend is out there”, you said lightly, rolling your eyes. “Someone suggested this when we were all drunk one night and it just kind of spiralled from there. And here I am”, you shrugged, gesturing to yourself and around you.
“Well, I can see why you aren’t nervous then”, Lauren laughed.
“No”, you chucked along with her. “But honestly, there’s no need to be nervous, they’re all lovely and anything they say is just to make the video funnier”, you promised Lauren.
“Thank you”, she told you, nerves seeming to alleviate a little just from your words.
“No problem”, you smiled.
You were the last to go out. All of the girls had trickled out of the room one by one and the infectious sound of JJ and Ethan’s laughter had been travelling through the walls all day long. “You’re up”, one of the members of the crew smiled, leading you out of the room and towards the stage.
JJ was second in the queue, but had his back turned as he was in full conversation with Tobi. You were pretty sure that everyone but JJ was in on this and knew fine well that Tobi was probably talking to him so that he didn’t see you walk out and position yourself in front of the white cut out.
“Hello, I’m Y/N and I live in London”, you smiled into the camera, before facing Simon who was at the front of the queue.
“Hey, that’s my girlfriend’s name!”, JJ piped up, completely cutting Tobi off from whatever he was saying. Your heart melted. JJ had no idea that you were standing in front of Simon, probably not even 10 feet away from JJ himself, and he still had that reaction to hearing your name.
“Hi, I’m Simon. Can I tell you a short story?”, he asked. You nodded, trying to mentally prepare yourself for whatever was about to come out of Simon’s mouth. “Roses are red. Violets are fine. I’ll be the 6, if you’ll be the 9”.
“No”, you said bluntly. “Absolutely not. Go over there right now”, you laughed, pointing over to the NO side.
“Hey, she sounds like my girlfriend too. How weird!”, JJ mused. You saw Tobi roll his eyes before grabbing JJ by the shoulders and twisting him around to see you.
“She looks like your girlfriend as well, Jide”, Josh laughed from behind Tobi.
“What are you doing here?”, JJ asked, eyes wide and face painted with confusion.
“If that’s your line you can go and join Simon”, you chuckled, pointing in the direction of the NO side where Simon stood.
“No, no, that’s not my line”, JJ stumbled.
“Cat caught your tongue?”, Ethan laughed from somewhere within the queue, causing a rumble of chuckles to erupt amongst the rest of the guys.
“Nah, fam, allow it!”, JJ exclaimed, turning around to face the boys with a look of desperation on his face. He turned back to you once again. You watched as JJ tried to compose himself, but you could already see the laugh conjuring on his face.
“Your boobs remind me of the glass at an aquarium… I’d like to put my face up against them”, JJ said with a straight face. You could see a laugh trying to break through, though, in the way his lips wobbled slightly as struggled to compose himself and school his face.
“That was cute”, you told him, a big smile dancing over your features.
“What? No it wasn’t!”, Simon exclaimed, waving his arms around in confusion. “He deserves to be right over here!”, he protested.
“You could’ve done something cute, like your pick-up line when you first met or something”, Josh argued.
“It was”, you and JJ said in unison before folding into fits of laughter.
“Are you kidding?”, Ethan asked incredulously, sticking his head out of the line. “You started with that and still managed to shithouse your way into a relationship!?”.
“Go on”, you smiled, rolling your eyes as you pointed towards the YES side. “I also can’t say no because I’m not paying for another Uber so he’s my lift home”, you shrugged.
Once the chaos had calmed down, Tobi stepped forwards. He was patting his pockets frantically before looking up to you. “I think I’ve lost my phone number”, he said sadly. “Could I borrow yours?”, he asked.
“I’m pretty sure you already have it”, you giggled. “But you weren’t asking to 69 me, so over you go”, you told him, pointing towards the YES side again.
Josh stepped forwards, a bright smile situated on his face. “Hi, I’m Josh. Did you know if you code use girlf- Fuck!”, Josh whined. “I’ve messed it up. No. I’m going”, he told you, before dragging himself over to the NO side and fake crying into Simon’s arms.
You looked down the camera, “Use code ‘girlfriend’ for 20% off at”, you smiled. As you were speaking, Ethan walked towards you.
“Hi, my name’s Ethan. I would chat you up, but I think your boyfriend would punch me. Very hard. In the face”, he said happily, a bright smile on his face.
“You know what, I respect the honesty”, you laughed, sending Ethan over in the direction of the YES side.
“Well, she clearly has a type”, you heard JJ mumble, causing Ethan and Tobi to bend over, creased with laughter.
“What was that, honey?”, you asked, voice dripping with fake sweetness.
“Oh, nothing, darling”, JJ laughed, shoving Ethan and Tobi away from him as they leaned on him with their laughter. You let out an unimpressed hum, making JJ stop laughing as he watched you try not to burst out into your own laughter.
Harry stepped forwards next, his little book held upside down in his hands. “Can I read you a poem?”, he asked you.
“Of course”, you grinned, knowing that whatever was about to come out of Harry’s mouth was bound to make you laugh.
“Okay, so. Roses are red, Violets are blue. KSI would floor me, if I tried to flirt with you”, he recited, before looking up at you with a bright smile.
“It’s true. I would”, JJ said flatly, looking to Harry and then directly down the camera. “And I’d enjoy it”.
“You know I can’t say no to you, Harry”, you smiled, before sending him in the YES direction, earning him a gentle shove and a loud laugh from JJ.
“So, why did you say no to Simon and Josh?”, someone asked you from behind the camera.
“Well”, you started. “Josh literally took himself over there but I’d probably send him over there anyway for using me for self-promo. And words like that should never, ever leave Simon Edward Minter’s mouth”, you said firmly.
Later on that evening, once the shoot was long finished and you were back at JJ and Simon’s, freshly showered and ready for something to eat, JJ had pulled you into his arms from behind. “It was nice seeing you today”, he mumbled into your shoulder, propping his chin there once he’d finished speaking.
You hummed gently in reply. “It was. I had fun”, you whispered. “I can’t believe they all know that your pick-up line was the fucking aquarium line, though”, you snorted.
“You love it”, JJ argued, tightening his arms around your waist and almost lifting you off of the floor.
“I never said I didn’t”.
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hime-hana · a day ago
inspired by chase atlantic - slow down
jung wooyoung x fem!reader
trigger warning(s): smut, sexual depictions, oral sex, alcohol mentions, slight angst
00.23 am
"push a little further on the edge, crawl a little further on the bed, i'm burning up, all i see is red"
Neon lights and hazy eyes. There was nothing better than this late into the night. Nothing better than when Wooyoung’s fingertips grip your hips a little too mean pulling you against him, bodies burning together. Your head falls back on his shoulder, his lips on your neck as you sway from side to side, painfully slowly brushing against the obvious bulge in his jeans.
“I missed you, doll.”
His right arm creeps up from your waist to meet your kiss-painted neck, fingers gracefully dancing around the skin, squeezing ever so gently when push your hips back into his with a devilish smile, and a satisfied moan is swallowed by his lips when he turns your face towards his. He smells like bitter alcohol, but his kiss is the sweetest thing you ever tasted.
“You still didn’t answer me,” he hisses in your ear a moment later when the friction becomes too much.
You turn your head slightly, eyebrows rising at his question. You knew exactly what he meant, but seeing Wooyoung so worked up, eyes turning dark with lust felt far too good not to toy with him a little more.
“I don’t know what you mean,” you shrug, walking past him and towards the stairs.
Your shoulder brushes against his as you struggle to make a path through the bodies bouncing to the rhythm in your friend’s living room.
“Y/N,” you hear him call, but your steps continue until you reach the dimly lit hallway upstairs.
You knew he would follow you. Wooyoung needed you way too much not to trail after you. Especially now, when you were looking so good sitting on the bed, legs parted and a glimpse of your lacy underwear on sight.
His Adam’s apple bobs up and down when your index finger traces the contour of your clothed pussy, the fabric sticks to your skin almost like an invitation for him to take you. You cup your breasts, taking your lower lip between your teeth with a groan. You wanted him to do it all, but you will never tell him that.
Wooyoung doesn’t budge from the door and you let out a giggle seeing his pleading eyes.
“Y/N,” he repeats your name as he finally steps closer to the bed.
You lift his chin with two fingers. Eyes staring into yours, almost begging you to give him something. Anything.
“Wooyoung, I thought you were the one who insisted on us playing this game. You said you don’t enjoy losing.”
He chews on his bottom lip in response.
“Where is that boy who swore he does not fall in love and only plays with hearts for fun? Did you forget about him?”
You pause and you close the distance between your faces. He could almost taste your lips again, velvet, peachy taste impregnated in his mind. His eyelids flutter shut when your breath reaches his cheek, but you pull back just as fast.
“Did my little bad boy fall in love?”
Your soft, mocking tone made it all worse for Wooyoung. It was not supposed to be like this, but he was in too deep to think straight right now. He went from a heartbreaker to a lost puppy in love when he saw you were not giving in to any of his advances. Instead, you seemed much more interested in the way San’s eyes wrapped around your body and the flirtatious jokes he whispered in your ear. And how could Wooyoung accept it when you made a bet against each other? When he bet his heart? When he was so sure that he will have you wrapped around his finger in less than a month, only for you to have him wrapped around yours as you play with his lovesick mind. When you were the only person on his mind day and night.
He could not finish his sentence, and you scoff in return.
You accepted to play this cat-and-mouse game with him for fun when he insisted one night after taking one too many shots, never expecting it to get this far. You told him to take his mind off of having you during the first night this started; a displeased look on your face each time you saw his smirk, eyes rolling in the back of your head when his hand would find its way to your thigh at the dinner table with all your friends.
Wooyoung kneels in front of the bed and pulls you closer by your legs, hands resting on your parted thighs. His head lays on your knee, brown eyes looking deeply into yours. Your name escapes his lips again almost like a mournful cry as he touches your skin. His fingers grip your thighs and you raise your eyebrows, watching him kiss his way up to your thighs.
“Can I kiss you here?”
A whimper is your only response and you see a fading smile on his face. Wooyoung places your legs over his shoulders, tongue tracing patterns on the glowing skin as he kept on reaching higher. And higher until you felt his breath against your core.
“Can I kiss you here, as well?”
You murmur a yes, voice broken as you struggle not to show him how much you needed him.
He licks his lips, gaze admiring the way the white lace stuck to your pussy even more now. He pushes it to the side with a heavy breath. How long has he been waiting for this moment; his thoughts going crazy as he used to imagine another man doing all these nasty and lewd things to you. And now it was finally him. Touching, kissing, and nipping at your body as if it was only meant for him to feel you, see you in your most intimate state. Legs sprawled and your beautiful body on display for his eyes only.
His kisses are gentle and he takes his time, but you need him so much that each kiss feels like a sting against the hot core.
“Y/N... “
His voice is merely a whisper as he laps at your wetness again. He wants it all and you allow him to have it because maybe you didn’t dislike it either. Wooyoung always made your heart skip a beat and your body shiver whenever he was close, but you would never show him that. You don't want to look weak in front of him.
Your fingers found their way into his black hair, tugging at his small ponytail while he pushed your skirt higher to be able to look you in the eyes. He kisses past your folds and takes in all the sweetness with a loud moan.
Fuck, he looked so hot in between your legs. Your muscles twitch when he gazes at you with doe eyes, lips smeared with you. Only you.
“Say that you’re mine,” he suddenly speaks when his tongue flicks over your clit, teeth nibbling at the skin hard enough for his name to escape your lips.
He loved being in control, being the one receiving all the attention from pretty girls in the bedroom, but right now he wants nothing more than to hear you moan his name one more time.
He presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing circles. Mouth moves to the side of your thigh, hands gripping your ass while he bites and nips at the skin, leaving you a purple reminder that he was there. That he made you feel as if you went to heaven and back with his touch.
Your head falls back and your thighs close against his head. The heat between your thighs becoming heavier and stronger. Wooyoung lets you grind against his mouth with your throbbing pussy, filling him with your juices, your moans contrasting with the music downstairs and for a moment you even forget there are other people there besides you and him.
“Please,” came his voice again, “please say it.”
Another moan and rush of pleasure hit you and Wooyoung’s movements get rougher the closer you are to your orgasm. Your fingers tangle in his hair again when he starts sucking at your core without stopping, tongue darting into you.
“Say that you’re mine,” he cries out when his kisses make you reach your climax.
Your knuckles turn white as you grip the sheets, juices spreading all over the mattress and his lips.
Wooyoung kisses your thighs again, a sweet sadness in his eyes as he watches your chest rise and fall, mouth agape as if you are trying to tell him something but the words never come out.
“Please,” he begs one more time, “say you’re my girl. Please.”
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Tumblr media
My first headcanons ever don't expect much and gif not mine btw
Warnings: language, cringe, mentions of economy and reddit which i know nothing about
Starting with Zeke
Spends all his time on reddit
And all his energy on stupid debates
You can find his coments under every 'am i the asshole' post
Also always pouts about Levi on his account
He would give him as an asshole example ajanebsn
Wants to be friends with him but actually shy :(
I mean If they were my sims I would make them frienemies
Thinks that knowing about economy is a big part of his personality?? Honestly makes a big deal about it???
Goes feral when someone says they "don't understand why we can't just print more money"
Explains it with the monkey-banana method (monke ;))
"If I monke I love bananas, so many bananas not important anymore"
Connie likes maths unironicaly
Like he turns into someone else in math class
You know these people who are ambitious for no reason at all?
We are learning this is not a competition chill
But he helps his friends with their homework tho
And he's really good at it
Never makes you feel bad about yourself
Would be good a teacher
A 11/10 friend
Sasha loves makkng friendshio bracelets
Made one for everyone
At first only the girls had it because she made them at a slumber party
Then Connie saw them
He was like >÷,(
(If that makes sense)
When she was putting one on Connie Armin saw it too and was like, so cute about it he liked it so much
So she gave her's to him (blue cos it would pop his eyes)
Then Jean and Eren
Marco too I mean even Reiner has it
Mikasa loves it so much
She never takess it off
Sasha is happy but gets really tired of it at last
I mean everyone wants to have a few?
Can you make one for my cousin too?
Falco wanted one for Gabi
It was the last tho, she doesn't make bracelets anymore
(This story was a little too personal eheheh)
Levi almost cried once cos he stepped on dog piss
Who wouldn't
ALSO, he isn't actually a clean freak his friends are just filthy
Even Erwin
He screams with his inside voice whenever Erwin dips his table napkin in water
Over and over
And cleaning something and drinking that water
I dunno why but I feel like he would do that sorry Erwin ily
Loves animals
Dogs and cats
I don't care what anyone says he doesn't find them disgusting
He loves them.
Doesn't want to celebrate his birthday but likes it when people remember
Can't stand Zeke
Has weird-ass dreams but never tells anyone
One time he befriended an octopus
Octopus told him to be nicer to Zeke
He refused it
Woke up super confused, wanted to tell someone and get it out of his chest but
How could you even lmao
He cringes at chihuahuas
Hange has a chihuahua and I am not sure how they ended up with that
His name's Pinky?
He's a light brown colour you know classic
A rescue dog
Sweet actually and really likes Levi
He feels bad for finding him ugly
But hey, is it that bad? Pinky's so cute anyways
Tumblr media
Mike (or Miche?) loves flovers!
His favoruites are freesia's
Likes to make flower crowns
He isn't as tall as he is in cannon
I don't know why but he probably had a bad posture growing up
Because he was always the tallest and you know tall people stand a little shorter than then their actual height when they're with friends
DID U REALLY MADE IT THIS FAR? I am not quite sure if this was good tbh BUT if you have headcanons or opinions on attack on titan my asks are open
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oblivious-writing · a day ago
I'm starting with an easy one today, also known as prompts based on songs. The prompts are either inspired by the song or from the song. I wanted to do this one so bad so here it is!
"did you put a spell on me?" - touch, little mix
"can't you see that i wanna fall straight into your arms?" - stars, simply red
"it's not your fault we're changing." - chasing a feeling, léon
"i could call bullshit out from a mile away." - motive, ariana grande & doja cat
"will you be my best friend until we grow old?" - this is how you fall in love, jeremy zucker & chelsea cutler
"there's no way you can fall in love with me." - sorry, halsey
"i'm a rude bitch, [ NAME ], can you handle that?" - one woman army, porcelain black
"you were the light for me to find my truth. i just wanna say thank you." - these days, rudimental, macklemore, jess glyne & dan caplen
"i'm tired of tryna please someone who doesn't even care what's on my mind." - young & sad, noah cyrus
"i don't wanna fall in love with you." - wicked game, chris isaak
"you promised me. you promised me! and once again i fell for it." - lose you to love me, selena gomez
"i'm falling for somebody i don't know." - sing it with me, jp cooper & astrid s
"can you stop asking me to smile please?" - empty love, gracey & ruel
"i'd rather die than give up the fight." - white flag, bishop briggs
"i say i'm okay but i can't fake it." - don't say you love me, fifth harmony
"don't say i didn't warn you." - blank space, taylor swift
"when i watch myself in the mirror, i don't see beautiful staring back at me." - girls like us, zoe wees
"lock the door and throw out the key." - stuck with you, ariana grande & justin bieber
"i never want this to come to an end." - 29, loïc nottet
"i'm always tryna fight how bad i want you." - right now, nick jonas
"those knives in my back, tell me why did you do that?" - man up, hailee steinfeld
"goodbyes are bittersweet. but it's not the end, i'll see your face again." - walking in the wind, one direction
"i can't do this anymore. i can't fake another smile and tell everyone i'm alright." - fake smile, ariana grande
"if you don't like the way i talk then why am i on your mind?" - blow your mind, dua lipa
"don't walk away when i'm talking to you! don't give me that face either!" - don't walk away, miley cyrus
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