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#like i can't understand someone unironically thinking that was a good idea
youchangedme · 27 days ago
"im going to create a narrative that is So Diverse" *literally creates racist caricatures*
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starklore · 5 days ago
"monkey brain says smearing colorful paint on face good as fuck" you just obliterated the entirety of makeuo discourse right there, unironically, this is a correct and good takr and i wish i could spread your word like gospel
THANK YOU!!! Like I don't want to say that makeup is always an inherently positive experience and I do think that many women are socially coerced into wearing it and should be allowed to talk about it. And yes much of the makeup industry is fucked up.
But the idea that there's just NO inherent appeal and it's ALL patriarchal brainwashing--first of all I hate any argument that paints women as essentially empty vessels for societal pressure instead of as individuals with feelings that can be influenced by social pressure, but not fully defined by it--
But even just with this one single argument, it's ignoring so much of human history and, arguably, human nature. If you can understand why someone might dye their hair for fun, why can't you extend that to makeup?
tldr I promise you I'm not wearing pastel blue lipstick bc I think it will make it easier to find a boyfriend or get a job lol
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tooweirdforyou · 4 months ago
Matchmaking Time ♡ » @kaku-lover
Tumblr media
matchup request ; Alrighty! I can't wait to see who you match me with 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 (i will love anything you write)
I'm like 5'0, i have short brown hair, and honey-brown eyes. I'm chubby so I'm perfect for hugging 😌
I've had people describe me as kind and sweet. I'm generally really patient, but it can depend. I'm quiet around people I don't know, loud around those i do know, and I have a quick temper😳. I'm rather opinionated on things like human rights and injustice. I'm rather protective of my friends and extremely loyal. It would take a very good reason for me to turn my back on someone and even then it would seriously depend.
I like to read and play video games (I'm kind of boring dhdhf) I also like to write poetry sometimes. I love most kinds of music, and I still appreciate the ones that I don't. I'm the kind of person who unironically enjoys the song Boyfriend by Big Time Rush.
If it's okay, just please don't consider Akinu or Blackbeard. I... have very strong negative feelings on them. I hope that's okay, I really don't mean to sound rude or demanding :(
Both male and female are okay with me!
Eee, I hope I didn't write too much! I'm excited to see who you choose for me :D
Thank you~~~
Tumblr media
Hii! You kind of sound like me, haha. Except I don’t write poetry, but instead fanfics! And you don’t sound rude at all, I understand.
I’ll most likely not match anyone with those two regardless but I appreciate you telling me. :) and bless my fellow chubby and short people. :D
So, without further ado, I match you with..
Revolutionary Sabo!
Tumblr media
So, the blonde beauty is the perfect match for you, in terms of a male pairing.
Sabo would actually absolutely adore your height, since he’s a little over six feet. He can wrap his arms around you and place his chin on top of your head and just hold you close into his arms. -u•
He really appreciates your loyalty towards your friends and loved ones, since he is as well. Your kindness only adds to your attractiveness and how cute you are to him, and he isn’t at all bothered by your quick temper. He grew up with Ace, remember? He knows how to handle it, haha.
Sabo also reads daily, whether it’s to study or brush up on some information, he enjoys opening a book or two occasionally. He’s a playful person and would definitely be pretty competitive if you ever play games with him!
Now Sabo isn’t a huge fan of much music in my taste, but he does appreciate all forms of art. So your poetry would interest him and he’d ask if he can read a few entries you wrote.
Oh, and no worries that you’re quiet when you first meet, Sabo is a natural smooth talker and he’s very patient and understanding, so he’ll definitely get you to open up pretty quickly but at your pace, of course.
“Hm? Oh, there you are, angel. I was wondering where you were. Come on, let’s go to the bedroom and cuddle for a bit, maybe even read a book or two.”
Overall, I truly believe that Sabo is the best match for you, and I think you two would really hit it off. ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This beautiful woman is the perfect match for you, in terms of a female pairing.
First off, Bellemere was a former marine, I believe, and she strongly agrees and believes / supports your opinion on justice and loves how loyal you are, because she is as well. She admires loyalty.
She shares your interests in different music, she likes listening to many and I believe her favorites is more of a soft melody type, piano music mainly. And she’d love to hear your poetry if you ever feel like sharing, though, she might zone out when she hears your voice because your voice is her favorite thing to hear. :)
Bellemere loves how sweet and cuddly you are, she really loves to hug people and you are perfect for that! She doesn’t mind your temper, since she had to raise two girls by herself so she’s also used to it and knows how to handle it.
She is extremely playful and loving and as much as she loves you, she will dominate you in all your video games so good luck. >:D she isn’t a fan of all games but she’s always willing to try whatever she’s never tried though.
“Come on, you’ve beaten me once, soak it in. I let you win because you were being cute. Next time, I won’t be so nice, so let’s have a rematch!”
So overall, Bellemere is a really great match for you in my opinion, I really think you two are compatible. :3
Tumblr media
Honorable Mention : Issho / Fujitora
Obviously, if you aren’t into older people, then Fujitora is more of a father figure in your life, and I believe he’s someone that would be great to have a platonic relationship with.
Your opinionated thoughts on justice and the fact that you are extremely loyal and protective is already a perfect match for Fujitora.
Plus, this man is a big child, I’m positive, so he’s a great opponent for your video games. Think of like a cool / best grandpa that you have, you know? :)
Tumblr media
A/N : IDK WAS THAT A GOOD MATCHUP? is that how you do these things? :> I thought it was okay. I would probably go in more depth and give more details and such, like first date, first kiss and etc, but I’m Saving those for AHEM Valentine’s Day,
And, I’m still sick but I wanted this out so people have a good idea of what specifically I do for these matchups so.. hopefully this was okay? TuT
(also if I had to pick a match for you off the very top of my head, it would probably be Ace because I feel like he would treat his partner right and you deserve it 😤 plus I feel like with your kind personality, it would mesh well with his. Ace seems like he would gravitate to kindness, and he would definitely ask Marco for help on how to take care of you when you get sick. He's adventurous, so he could bring a lot of excitement to you and he would probably have a wide variety of things he likes to do, so whatever your hobbies are, he'd at least try once. With you being sweet, it would help heal those painful cracks in his heart. While he doesn't expect you to "fix" him, your affection would over time help him anyways. If someone so nice can love him, maybe he does deserve to be happy.) ((If you drop some personality info/preference info, let me know and I'll totally do a more indepth and more thoughtout matchup for you♡♡))
okay, the fact that you even made a matchup for me is so sweet and :0 ACE?? omgg 😭 omg, this was already so sweet enough of you already and so much, and you’re willing to write more?? ahhh, my heart. I luv this 🥺🥰❤️ thank you!
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nellygwyn · 5 months ago
Omg thank you so so so so so so much!!!! I'm just so happy, as stupid as it is xD
I unashamedly and unironically love Henry with all my heart, and he's probably my favourite Jane Austen character. Like, I really love Willoughby and Mary Crawford as well, but I think they were hardly redeemable even from today's pov. I mean, having a secret baby with someone and not taking even financial responsibility, or saying it may as well be better if your brother died are both good reasons to end a relationship. Now, Henry? I honestly think he was good, even more so considering how awful his influences had been. From today's pov he'd probably just have a one night stand after having his relationship broken with someone not married because it would be more convenient and less 'awful' (as it was back then, I think, to have a relationship with a married woman rather than a maiden; I might be wrong, but that's the feeling all the books give me).
I love how he doesn't care at all about Fanny's social or economical status, something that can't be really said for Darcy, and not even Knightley to Henry's level, as much as I love Knightley as well. I love so many things about Crawford and his relationship with Fanny, while I've always disliked Edmund and their relationship fervently. Edmund totally takes her for granted, and his kindness towards her feels more like charity and obligation than sincere love or generosity. The adoring unequal even dismissive relationship he has with Fanny is so awful the only reason I stand the ending of Mansfield Park is that Fanny gets what she wanted herself, as questionable as it might be. I honestly think Henry would have been a good husband, had he stayed on the way of the character growth, and he definitely appreciated Fanny for all that she was in a level no one other than her siblings did. I'm a big supporter of "Henry, for all that's good, if you could have kept it together the ending would have been better for pretty much everyone".
I'm sorry for the rant, I could talk about this for hours. What I meant is that the letters you talked about, from family and friends, make me feel elated as dumb as it is. So thank you very much!
Don’t apologise for the rant at all, love!
I also love Henry Crawford and agree with most of what you’ve said here. I understand why Austen did what she did i.e. Fanny does not end up with Henry. She was so sick of literature that suggested kind women exist to save and redeem rakish men, which was pretty rife in the 18th and early 19th century. But on the other hand, I am a sucker for the idea that a man improves himself in order to prove his love and dedication to a woman. 
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mantra4ia · 9 months ago
Trixstar Imagine Fanfiction: "Three Times The Charm"
By mantra4ia. August 1st 2020. Cross posted to AO3.
One of the most aggravating things about hell was that Lucifer could still hear prayers. Like a soundproof room with a squeaky fan. Like a 'no smoking' sign on your cigarette break. Like listening to Alanis Morissette unironically. God's final joke, Lucifer lamented, was that deep in the bowels of exile was just enough awful celestial Wi-Fi to get the spam — prayers to other celestials of which he only caught the static, or pleas to the big man himself — like the bleed-over on an AM/FM radio. Which was why, when Lucifer finally heard a prayer loud and clear with the volume turned up to 11, it nearly knocked him off his thrown. It had been so long since anyone had prayed directly to him, not in jest, or begging for a favor, but earnestly and with fervor that at first it gave him a migraine. He could hardly hear the words let alone distinguish the voice behind them, until at last he was able to tune in to someone achingly familiar.
"Hey Lucifer, it's me."
Trixie, you little hellion, is it really you?!
"it's Trixie. I'm not sure whether you'll remember me. It's been a while."
You have no idea...but of course I remember you mini-Decker, don't be silly.
"Maybe you think I'm still pet sized. Well I'm not anymore."
I promise you, those remarks had nothing to do with your stature and everything to do with your intelligence, and possibly also your penchant to devour snack cakes, small human. But I admit I was wrong Trixie, you're smart and clever. It was then that the epiphany struck Lucifer: why and how was she praying to him at all?
"I bet you're wondering why I called you on the long distance prayer line. At first I thought maybe I would hear your voice answer me back, but I guess this will have to do. You see Lucifer, I may have lied to you, and I know you are not going to like that, but I hope it doesn't keep you away forever."
What? He took flight from his throne and down to lowest depth of hell scape, trying without success to fully find his footing among the chasms, his knees imperceptibly shaking —though he knew not why — while his feet took hold of him though he knew not where to. As if beckoned by the siren sound of her voice, he made his way through the winding onyx labrynth, turning where her voice waned and proceeding again where it renewed in strength.
"Because I didn't lie-outright-lie. I just didn't tell the whole truth. I've always known you were an angel, like your brother Amenadiel. Just that you live in different places. I wrote a whole bunch of letters over the years, but the post office told me Hell wasn't a valid address, and eventually they started making fun of me behind my back for not having enough postage."
Well you should have tried sending it via the DMV. Honestly, Beatrice, I have any number of portals there. A whole network really.
"Anyway, I figure where you are it might be lonely, so I guess this is as good a time as any to catch up."
Out with it then, what's the sitch child?
"I just started driving lessons, although they're not as good as yours." That's my girl. "And Charlie's doing great, he started playing soccer." Please don't tell me Linda had him play keeper to keep an eye out for infant angel powers. "He's the goalie." Christ, I bet she put him in a helmet too. "I was mad at him for a long time, I know he's only little, but I was angry that he couldn't remember you like I remember you. He even asked me if you were my imaginary friend." Does he really not remember his Uncle Lucifer? "I know, kids are dumb. But I'm not mad anymore. I drew him a picture of you in my art class...and my detention after I didn't do the actual assignment in art class, but still-lifes of fruit are boring. It doesn't look like my old drawings on the refrigerator from the last time you were here, if that's what you're worried about. And it's better than Amenadiel's stick figure drawings. If I'm being honest, I wanted to make sure I remembered you too. Maybe one day you can tell me what you think. My teacher Mrs. Fissner says it's very good. Disturbing but good. She may have sent me to see the social worker. Mom misses you. I miss you too. Listen Lucifer, I'm sorry I didn't reach out sooner but...never mind, I guess that's all for now...."
No, Trixie. You're the first human voice I've heard in a thousand years who isn't begging for mercy. Don't, please, Lucifer pleaded.
"It's just that I don't really believe in prayers. I mean, I think they're kind of stupid..."
You're preaching to the choir Trix. I couldn't agree more, this rare instance being a timely exception.
"...because people somehow find a way to make it all about them, and what they want, when they should really be listening."
Oh damnation, don't tell me you've turned into a theological scholar, or did Amenadiel put you up to this? Fess up. Could you sound anymore like your mum, you're the second oldest young person I know. Where is the Beatrice who could extort people for cash, lay waste to my flat in a single pirouette, and inhale chocolate like I inhale controlled substances? A haunting thought ghosted over Lucifer's nostalgia. Did I miss all your formative years?
"And I don't want to do that, because I don't want to torture you."
Lucifer's step faltered as he slid to the ground against the ravine walls, at last overwhelmed by the whole absurd, miraculous encounter. All the days upon days he'd spent torturing souls without missing a beat, and Trixie was worried about torturing him? About how her struggles might affect him? His chin sank to his chest, and Lucifer cried.
"Mom didn't tell me you went back to hell, because she doesn't know that I believe you when you said you're the devil, but she did tell me that it's important and that in your new job a lot depends on you. I didn't want to hurt you by asking you to come back when I know that you can't. But this life is really important too Lucifer,'s mom. She's got a new friend."
So that's it, Lucifer thought in resignation, that's why she's praying.
"I feel lost between them. So I asked God to send me an angel, the nicest angel he had."
You've got to be kidding me? Is that what I am now sloppy seconds, I'm not even first on the prayer chain!
"Except I'm pretty sure I already used up that prayer when he sent me you."
Lucifer's din of thoughts fell into silence as he hauled himself up to full stature, trying to pull himself together. I can't help you Trixie, your mom deserves to be happy. Chloe deserves to share her life with someone who makes her feel as special as she really is. And God help me, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it would help if you showed her a little grace.
"So I was hoping Lucifer, that you could please come back and show my mom this isn't the right guy for her. I know you're the only one who can."
Not if it puts you both in harm's way, Lucifer said, knowing that his words would never reach her, and that her prayer like a billion others before would float away unrequited.
"If you can't help me, please help her."
Lucifer stopped cold. Why would the detective need my help?
"I told you, Lucifer. I need you to understand that I've always known what you look like. More than that, I need you to know I've always understood who you are. So that you'll believe me when I say I know that my mom's friend, the one that looks like you, isn't really you."
It was only then that Lucifer realized the wall he'd braced against was not a stone cliff, but a gate. He did not waste a moment eviscerating the lock.
Trixie had searched for Lucifer once, in his mortal abode at Lux.
Tumblr media
She'd found him again within his personal den of iniquity without batting an eye.
Tumblr media
Little did she realize that even in the lowest depths of hell she could reach him. Dad's blessings, it seems, run in the family.
Tumblr media
Third time's the Trix. You're right urchin. It's time to go home.
***21 days of Lucifer Countdown: 21 days until season five. New content daily***
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