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#like i need style insp
acadieum · 2 years ago
hey y'all i wanna try an art exercise bc im in a rut?? soooo if you all could uhhhhh send me some random fandoms, like just one is good or a list if u want?? preferably ones I'm at LEAST somewhat familiar with but I'm okay with one's i haven't heard of IF they have a distinct style or vibe
I wanna put them in a random pair generator and try to do a blend crossover art of it. just as a fun exercise and if they end up looking good, I might post em 👀
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asperia-sparrow · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some wip concept soul mark ideas for a sonamyshad soulmate au, though it's still more idea than story. The soulmate part is actually a fairly recent addition, inspired by a prompt, it made me start thinking about it a bit again after mostly leaving it alone for a long time.
Until recently it didn't really have a name for it, or even more than one or two posts (on my main, here this post will be exactly two) where it was in the tags, but after adding a few more prompts into the tags and a lapse of memory got me to try to come up with a better temp name than MWP AU...and then only a day or so after coming up with one and adding the tag, I come up with some better, maybe not so temporary names. Still debating whether to go ahead and change it though...
Edit: Added the tag ‘RFA AU INSP’, short for Radiant Fantasy Adventures AU Inspiration, I might keep it, maybe.
Don't expect too much anytime soon, though I've been making some attempts lately, the only other thing I've actually done for this is a sketch from 2017. Haven't written much in longer.
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homoose · a year ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Three times that Spencer needed support, and one time he gave it. Lightly insp by the song Atlas by The Dip.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x fem!reader
Category: heavy on the fluff, a lil bit of angst
Warnings/Includes: brief mentions of general anxiety/trauma/mild depression
Word count: 4.4k
Spencer pressed his fingers so far into the sockets of his eyes that Y/N thought he might actually jam one of his eyeballs into his brain. He was hunched over his desk, reading through the file of the case he was consulting on. Even on his mandatory 30-day leave, Spencer couldn’t fully tear himself away from hunting monsters.
Y/N moved from where she had been leaning against the doorframe, walking further into Spencer’s office. “Another headache?” She sighed, wrapping her arms around Spencer’s shoulders and pressing her warm cheek to his temple.
Spencer hummed. “Just need another cup of coffee.”
“Honey, you’ve been awake for almost three days,” Y/N sighed. “What you need is a gallon of water and 12 hours sleep.”
He leaned back further into the circle of Y/N’s arms and covered her hands with his own. “I can’t—the team needs this consult before they leave on Monday.”
“And just how long have you been reading this page?” Y/N questioned. When Spencer didn’t respond, she continued, “Mmhm, that’s what I thought. When it takes Dr. Reid two minutes to finish a page, something’s up.” She patted his chest. “Even the biggest brain needs a break.”
“Actually, there’s very little evidence that brain size has any correlation with measured levels of intell—” Spencer started.
“So you’ve mentioned,” Y/N chuckled. “My point still stands. I’m gonna make you a cup of tea and a snack, and then we’re gonna take a nap.” She kissed the top of his head before releasing her hold on him and moving to the kitchen.
Y/N filled the kettle and placed it on the stove before scrolling to find the playlist she had curated for days like this. The melancholic sounds of the Moonlight Sonata came through the bluetooth speaker as she pulled a wooden cutting board from the cupboard. Y/N dug through the bag from her earlier grocery run. She began placing the crackers, dried fruit, nuts, and cheeses on the board, taking time to arrange each piece just so. When she was satisfied with her work, Y/N turned to reach up on her tiptoes into the cupboard for her secret weapon. With a small smile, she placed it in the very center of the board. The kettle had barely begun its whistle when Y/N snatched it from the stove, cringing with a glance toward the door of Spencer’s office. She pulled his best-loved mug from the dish rack and dropped a fresh tea bag into it, covering it with the steaming water.
As the tea steeped, Y/N moved to the living room, crossing her arms as she contemplated the space. Although it was much darker than Y/N’s own living space, it was still far too bright to be comfortable for Spencer’s light sensitivity. Y/N made a mental note to find a suitable set of blackout curtains before retrieving a blanket from inside the trunk-style coffee table. She carried one of the kitchen chairs over to the window, quietly setting it underneath the curtain rod. Stepping up on the seat of the chair, she tossed the blanket up, trying to layer it up over the curtain. It took a few tries, but Y/N got it up and over the rod, adjusting it to block as much of the light as possible. She hopped off the chair, landing on the floor with a quiet thud.
“You didn’t have to do all this.” Spencer stood outside his office, hands in his pockets and honey colored eyes settled on Y/N’s face as she turned to him.
“I know.” Y/N padded across the hardwood. She grabbed Spencer’s hand and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. She shrugged, pulling him into the kitchen. “I don’t mind. I like taking care of you.” When they reached the table, she popped an almond into her mouth with a grin.
Spencer’s eyes moved over the cutting board, lips turning up in a small smile—the first one Y/N had seen in days—when they landed on the Jell-O cup. He picked it up and peeled back the lid. Y/N held up her mug of tea. Spencer let out a laugh and tapped it with his Jell-O. “Cheers.”
When the board held only crumbs and the mugs were empty, Y/N stood from the table and pulled Spencer to his feet. “Come on, nap time.”
“Y/N, I appreciate the thought, but I really have to finish—”
“Nope, sorry, that’s not part of the deal.” She gently pushed him toward the couch. At Spencer’s resistance, Y/N huffed out a breath. “Spence, you need a break. I’m not even asking you to go to bed. Just lay on the couch.” She lifted a hand to cradle Spencer’s face. “Unlike the brain size thing, there is actual research that says your brain doesn't function properly when you’re tired. And you, my love, are t-i-r-e-d.”
Spencer allowed himself to be lowered onto the brown leather couch, rubbing at his eyes. “Just twenty minutes.”
“Mhmm.” Y/N reclined next to him on the couch, grabbing the throw blanket draped over the back. “I’ll set the alarm.” She held out her arms. “C’mere.”
Despite himself, Spencer didn’t hesitate, winding his arms around Y/N’s middle and laying his head on her shoulder. She tucked the blanket around the both of them and wound their legs together.
“The alarm’s set?” Spencer mumbled, already falling under the spell of sleep.
Y/N pushed her fingers through his hair and scratched lightly at his scalp, smiling when he hummed happily and burrowed his face into her chest. “Setting it now,” she assured. Maybe she set it a little longer than 20 minutes, but Spencer didn’t need to know that.
Y/N rolled over toward the nightstand and reached out, clumsily running her hand across the smooth table to grab the ringing phone. When her fingers wrapped around the device, she pulled it towards her only to have it jerk abruptly out of her hand when the charging cord reached its limit. “Shit,” Y/N muttered as it clattered to the floor. She emerged from under the duvet, leaning off the side of the bed and dragging her hand blindly across the floor. Finally, clutching the phone in one hand and pushing herself back into bed with the other, Y/N swiped to answer the call. “H‘lo?”
At the sound of Spencer’s voice, Y/N was suddenly wide-awake. “Spence? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, I just—um. I know it’s late, sorry. Are you—? I just—God, you have to work in the morning, I’m sorry. I can—it can wait.”
Y/N paused a moment to make sure he was finished before asking, “Do you need me to come to you, or are you coming here?”
Spencer let out a sigh of relief. “I can—I’ll come to you.”
After thirty minutes of groggy pacing, Y/N opened the door to Spencer, hair frizzy and clothes rumpled from a long flight. She stepped back, allowing him into the apartment and then closing the door behind him. Spencer dropped his go-bag on the floor and ran a hand over his face as Y/N turned the deadbolt and secured the chain. She had barely turned around before he was latching onto her, completely enervated. He burrowed his face into the crook of her neck, and Y/N wrapped her arms tightly around him.
Y/N shifted her weight slowly back and forth, moving the two of them in a gentle swaying motion. She rubbed a hand up and down Spencer’s back, soothing and rhythmic. Spencer let out a shaky breath, and Y/N felt the collar of her shirt becoming damp. She brought a hand up to Spencer’s head, stroking his hair and repeating a familiar mantra: “You’re safe. I’m here. You’re safe. I’m right here.”
Y/N lost track of how long they stood there, swaying and soothing and shattering. Maybe minutes or maybe hours later, Spencer pulled back, head lowered and swiping his arm underneath his nose. Y/N reached out to grasp his face in both her hands, lifting it and sweeping her thumbs under his eyes. When Spencer finally looked at her, Y/N saw the golden irises were shining and ringed with red. “I love you.”
“I love you. So much.” Spencer circled Y/N’s wrists in his hands. “So much.”
She pressed one, two, three chaste kisses to his chapped lips. She dropped one kiss onto the tip of his nose, drawing out a hesitant smile. “Wanna talk about it?”
He shook his head. “No.” Y/N pursed their lips, and Spencer sighed. “I—I will talk to someone, I promise. But I just—I don’t want it in here. In our space.” Y/N wound her fingers through Spencer’s, pulled his arms down, and tugged him closer. “Honestly, I just want to sleep with you,” Spencer admitted. Y/N wiggled her eyebrows and Spencer laughed. “You know what I mean.”
Y/N tried to pull a pout but just ended up smiling. “Fine. Come on, spoilsport. Let’s go to bed.”
“It was just… not a good day for her.” Spencer leaned back on the couch and scrubbed his hands over his face.
Y/N sat next to him on the couch. She couldn’t find the right words. “I’m so sorry, Spence.”
“Pragmatically, I know that there’s nothing more I could be doing. She made it clear what she wants, and I can’t force her to take medications or try new treatments.” He looked down at his hands, fingers tracing the lines of his palms. “But some days I—I just can’t… reconcile that this is what her life is now. Just… remembering less and less every day. Being confused and agitated all the time. I mean, all the time.” He paused and drew his lips into a thin line. “Not knowing who I am. That happens much more frequently than it used to.”
Y/N reclined back next to him on the couch, putting her feet up on the coffee table and pressing her shoulder to Spencer’s. “Even if she doesn’t always remember, you do. And if there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you are irritatingly persistent,” she joked. “You won’t ever stop trying to remind her. And that’s the best thing you can do for her.”
Spencer nodded, dropping his head onto Y/N’s shoulder. She tilted her head, an idea flitting across the front of her mind. “Hey, here’s a thought. You know that scrapbook your mom made? Every page is a story from her life. But she stopped around the time you were like, ten, right?”
“Yeah. There’s… not much in there after that.”
“Ok so, what if you picked up where she left off? You have so many great stories and memories with her. You could put some of your journals and articles in there, too. Pictures of you and the team. That one of you and Ethan in New Orleans. Ones with Henry and Michael. Maybe one of you in the lecture hall.” Y/N sat up. “Writing her letters is great, you should keep doing that for sure. But did you know that visual aids—like, particularly photographs—can help stimulate memory recall in Alzheimer’s patients at any stage?”
Spencer smiled. “I actually did know that.”
“Ugh of course you did. Couldn’t just let me have this one thing.” Y/N rolled her eyes, though Spencer caught the hint of a grin underneath the feigned annoyance. “Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff,” Y/N said, scrambling up from the couch and into her bedroom.  
“You do?” Spencer furrowed his brow. “I’ve never seen you scrapbook.”
“Eh, yeah, it was a phase,” she called from the bedroom. “Scrapbooking paper’s expensive as fuck, so it was a short-lived hobby.”
Spencer chuckled, listening to the sounds of Y/N rummaging through the bedroom closet. There was a muffled thud. “Everything okay in there?”
There were a couple more bumps and bangs, and then, “Ah yeah, here we go.” Emerging from the bedroom, Y/N wheeled a huge black roller bag over to the couch. She unzipped the top pocket and Spencer peered inside. “Oh so you meant, quite literally, a ton of scrapbooking stuff.”
“Look, my ADHD goes all out when it comes to starting new projects.” Y/N shrugged her shoulders. “It’s the, you know, finishing projects that we struggle with.”
The pair went about die cutting, arranging, gluing, and giggling. Y/N scoured the depths of the internet (namely Penelope’s Facebook page) for photographs of Spencer—in costume at the BAU Halloween party, in his tuxedo at JJ and Will’s wedding, a selfie with Penelope at a Dr. Who convention, a candid of him doing magic for Jack and Henry, and even one of him singing karaoke.
Spencer worked on laying out the pages, gluing down frames and choosing decals that reminded him of his mother. He wrote a short synopsis on each page, summarizing his degrees, his work, and his friends. By the end of the afternoon, they had more than a dozen pages for the new book.
“I need one more picture,” Spencer said.
“I thought I got one of everyone? Or is there another karaoke picture that I don’t know about?” Y/N gawked over the top of the laptop from her spot on the couch. She was never going to let him live that down.
Spencer laughed. “No, I’m pretty sure that’s the only photographic evidence of that night.” He turned and smiled up at Y/N from where he sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by scraps of paper and the remnants of sticker packs. “I need that one of us at the Cherry Blossom festival.”
“Oh. Well, um.” A blush crept up Y/N’s cheeks. “Coming right up.” She sent the photo to the printer, standing to retrieve it from her desk.
It was quiet in the room apart from the sounds of the printer, rhythmically whirring and inking the memory into life. Y/N absentmindedly chewed the inside of her lip, waiting for the final strokes of the photo to be laid. She turned back, photo in hand, to see Spencer smiling at her, soft and warm.
Over the course of the afternoon, he had swapped his shoes for a pair of fuzzy socks, and his contacts for his glasses. Y/N’s heart actually ached at the length of his sweater sleeves, covering all but the tips of his fingers. The picture of domesticity, Spencer patted the floor next to him. When Y/N sat, he took the photo from her hand, meticulously adding glue dots to each corner before pressing it down onto the page. He lifted his arm, tucking Y/N underneath and pulling her close. “Thank you. For all of this.”
“You’re very welcome.” Y/N snuggled a little deeper into his embrace. “All right so let’s see this masterpiece.”
When they arrived at the last page, Y/N was still incredulous over the details of the karaoke story. “Okay, but there has to be a video somewhere.”
“Oh, I’m sure there is. And you will never, ever see it.”
“Penelope Garcia is a tech wizard, and she is not above a bribe,” Y/N warned.
“What a coincidence, because I am also not above a bribe. Especially if it keeps that video from ever seeing the light of day.” Spencer laughed and squeezed Y/N’s shoulder. “I think this page is my favorite.”
Y/N and I at the Cherry Blossom festival. Y/N is kind, thoughtful, and passionate. She never fails to make me laugh. She’s always up for cloud watching with me, although she prefers altocumulus formations to the cumuliform heaps. We read together almost every night. You both love King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table, particularly Tristan and Iseult. I could write a million more words about her and it wouldn’t be enough. When I was little, you told me that love is a world of its own that lives in the heart, not in the head. I know exactly what you mean.
Y/N tossed under the duvet, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to find a comfortable position. She had been sleeping for so long that her lower back was aching, the type of pain that twinges like the ticking of a clock, steady and incessant. She rolled over onto her stomach, stretching her whole body and reaching to turn the alarm clock toward her—3:27pm. She huffed, burying her head in the pillow with a loud groan. She had called out of work to have a productive day at home, and instead she slept the day away.
Y/N threw the duvet off and sat up. She tried not to let the guilt of calling out creep in. Instead, she shuffled into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She resolved that small victories might be all she was capable of today.
She pulled her favorite sweater from the hook on her bedroom door, wrapping it tightly around her as she stepped over the threshold into the living and dining space. This is why she had stayed in bed so long. Y/N had been spending so much time at Spencer’s that she had been able to ignore the declining Depression Room™ facing her now.
Three days’ worth of dishes were piled in the sink. There was a stack of unopened mail about a mile high on the kitchen island. The trash and recycling needed emptying about a week ago. Jackets and shoes were strewn about the place—over chairs, the back of the couch, all over the floor. The coffee table was littered with granola bar wrappers, an old McDonald’s bag, empty gatorade bottles, and the dirty containers from last night’s takeout. Her desk was overrun with unfinished lesson plans, professional development books that needed reading, and spelling tests that needed grading.
Y/N knew she would feel better once she started, but she also knew it would take her all day to get the apartment looking even halfway decent. Since she had spent so long in bed, she had even less time to get it done. She was failing to fend off the guilt of calling out, particularly since she hadn’t actually gotten any work done. Compounding her guilt was the fact that Spencer’s apartment was always so clean and cozy. His job was a thousand times more demanding than hers. His life had more trauma and daily stressors than she could even imagine. And still, Y/N was struggling with basic adult tasks. She couldn’t understand it.
Just hang the jackets up. Throw away the junk mail. Wash the pots and pans first, then the plates and silverware. It will take four minutes to take the trash out. Spelling tests need to be in the grade book before the end of the marking period.
The door buzzer sounded and Y/N nearly jumped out of her skin. Running a hand through her hair and cringing at the greasiness, she crossed to the intercom and pushed the button to talk.
“Hey!” Spencer’s chipper voice crackled through the speaker. “I tried calling you but couldn’t get through.”
Y/N was immediately torn between relief and panic. She was desperately in need of a hug and his company, but she was also mortified imagining what Spencer would think about the state of her apartment, the state of her life. “Y/N?” His voice broke through her musing.
“Yeah, sorry!” She tried to school her voice into something resembling normalcy. “Sorry, I—my phone died and I just— well, yeah.”
There was a pause, and then a tentative, “Can you buzz me in?”
“Oh, um.” Y/N turned and surveyed the apartment. There was nothing to be done. If she said no, Spencer would know for sure that something was wrong. “Sure, yeah yeah, hang on. Just—just a minute.”
Y/N moved quickly around the space and gathered the jackets and shoes into her arms. She fumbled with the door handle of the coat closet, tossing them in haphazardly and closing the door. There was no time to do much of anything else. She jogged back to the intercom, pressing the door button and then roping her hair up into a bun, hoping she could mask how dirty it was. She could hear Spencer coming up the squeaky stairs and felt her eyes start to water. She tilted her head back to keep the tears at bay.
Even Spencer’s knocking sounded happy. And of course that only made Y/N feel worse. She plastered on her best smile and opened the door. “Hi.”
“Hey!” Spencer stepped past Y/N, kissing her cheek and dropping his bag as he entered the apartment. “We had a paperwork day, and I write reports about as fast as I read, so I’m always done early. How was your day?”
“Um, you know, it was ok.”
Spencer’s eyes tracked over her face. “Did something happen?”  
“No, no, I just wasn’t feeling great this morning. I called in, just hung around here.”
“You could have called me.” Spencer stepped closer. “How are you feeling now? What were your symptoms?”
“I’m fine. I was just, um—just really exhausted.”
Spencer studied her face a moment. “What’s going on?”
“Hmm? Nothing. Nothing, I’m fine.” Y/N cursed her wavering voice for betraying her emotions.
“Y/N, you have never once, in all the time I’ve known you, failed to answer your phone. I almost thought you were going to tell me to go away before you buzzed me up.” He put his hands in his pockets. “Did I— Did I do something to make you upset?”
Y/N closed her eyes, feeling more awful by the minute. Of course Spencer would worry it was his fault. “No, no, Spence, not at all. I just—um.” The genuine concern on Spencer’s face was enough to have it all spilling out. “I get like this sometimes. I can’t focus on anything or don’t feel motivated or whatever, so I put things off, and then they build up until there’s so much to do that I don’t know where to start, so then I don’t start anything, and then I feel bad about being lazy and not getting things done, and I get so overwhelmed that all I can do is sleep for like, fourteen hours like I did today, and then the whole day is gone and I still haven’t accomplished anything I was supposed to—”
“Whoa, whoa, c’mere.” Y/N hadn’t even realized she was crying until Spencer pulled her into him. He locked his arms around her back so tight it almost hurt. She was vaguely aware of the volume of her sobs, but she couldn’t even bring herself to be embarrassed. It was a completely visceral moment of release, one that she might never have permitted herself without Spencer’s prompting. Now that the floodgates were open, there was no stopping the rush of everything she had allowed to build up. She spent so much of her life being the one who helped, always listening, supporting, and comforting the people around her. She was good at it, and she liked being someone that others could count on whenever they needed her. She just didn’t know how to listen to, support, and comfort herself.
Eventually, her mind and body began to slow down, plunging from the emotional high. When Spencer felt her breathing return to that consistent rhythm, he loosened his grip around her. He left one arm firmly around her waist and used his other hand to rub circles on her back.
“I’m sorry,” Y/N mumbled into his chest. “This is so stupid. Compared to the stuff you see every day—”
“No— no.” Spencer pulled back to force her eyes up. “Don’t do that. Just because horrible things happen to other people doesn’t mean that what you’re going through isn’t hard. Y/N, do you hear me? Don’t diminish your own pain because you think someone else has it worse.” He cupped her chin gently in his hand. “What can I do to help you right now?”
“You already have helped,” Y/N sniffed. “It’s okay. I’m fine.”  
“Y/N... you’re not fine. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It—it’s okay to not be fine. But seeing you in pain hurts me, too. And I need to be able to do something about it.” He cradled her face in both hands. “You help me all the time. Please, let me do this for you. Let me be here for you.” After a moment, Y/N nodded and that was approval enough for Spencer. “What did you eat today?  
“I um, I didn’t yet.” She sniffed. “I slept pretty late.”  
“Okay, well it’s after 4:00pm. We’ve got to eat something.” Spencer ran his hands down Y/N’s arms. “I’d cook for you, but we already know how that story usually ends. How about takeout from the Indian place? They’re usually pretty quick.”
Y/N nodded again. “I need to take a shower, too.”
Spencer kissed her forehead. “You hop in the shower, and I’ll call in the order. It’ll be here by the time you’re done.”
When Y/N emerged from the bathroom, hair damp and skin smelling like lavender, the familiar aroma of curry and tandoori was drifting through the apartment. The coffee table was cleared and the kitchen table set with the takeout boxes and mugs of tea. The trash and recycling were freshly emptied. Spencer stood over the sink finishing up the last few dishes, the pots and pans already laid out to dry.  He was quietly singing along to a familiar song—one of their favorites. His voice was sweet and soft and slightly off-key, and her heart panged in the best way as he sang:
Don't put the world on your shoulders 'cause you know it ain't your load to bear alone.
Y/N waited until the final notes of the song faded out, padding quietly across the kitchen floor. “You didn’t have to do all this,” Y/N said, wrapping her arms around his middle.
Spencer dried his hands before turning in her embrace. “I don’t mind. I like taking care of you. And I learned from the best.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and spoke against her skin. “You can even have the last Jell-o.”
Y/N smiled, quick and genuine. There were moments when life crashed over her, relentless waves breaking her down into grains of sand. And in those moments, this man forever grounded her to the truth—that she was treasured and deserving and whole— all of her, just as she was.
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beomglocks · 11 months ago
teacher’s pet ; c.yj
Tumblr media
pairing: teacher!yeonjun x (of age) student!y/n (fem)
plot: honestly no plot just y/n thirsting
w/c: 1.6K
warnings & other: teasing, cock blocking, implied cheating, very suggestive, teacher x student (student is of age, i repeat student is of age), insp by teacher’s pet by melanie martinez, this is a repost so its revised, 
"don't care bout grades, just call me your lady"
you figure he's looking at you again. you sigh dramatically, looking up to catch him. his gaze doesn't falter, boy does it not falter. his sharp, feline-like eyes bore deep into your soul, almost wanting to tell you something but instead you see his eyes dart down to your lips. you decided to go for a gloss over your natural lip color as to not draw too much attention to yourself by wearing any sort of color.
today you weren't thinking much when you styled yourself. a simple hairstyle, cute but simple. and of course, a skirt that was definitely violating dress code. if you bent down anyone could see up, even if they weren't trying. it's not like you wanted that to happen, it just happened to be your kind of style and aesthetic you were going for today. you definitely didn't want mr. choi looking up your skirt, oh that would be so scandalous.
taking notice that he was now looking at your lips, you bit them seductively. well, that's what he thought at least. you did it so sensually that anyone would've mistaken it for seductive, right? he gulped.
he cleared his throat and forced himself to drag his eyes away from you, "hello class, let's not waste any time and start the lesson."
just like that any sexual tension between you two dissipated. if there were three things mr. choi yeonjun was good at, it was 1. english, 2. looking devilishly handsome and 3. pretending to be stoic. you say pretending because you can see right through him.
the way he tries to look anywhere but you, the way he fumbles with the marker in his hand, the way his adam apple moves because he's swallowing a bit too much for a normal person. you sigh, softly this time, satisfied with his reaction towards you today. even if was just 5 minutes of sexual tension. you know he won't acknowledge you for the rest of today's class.
throughout the rest of the hour you have in mr. choi's english class, you daydream. not a rare occurrence seeing as english is most certainly not your favorite subject. thankfully mr. choi doesn't scold you like he does other students. you look down at your notebook, gently nibbling on the cap of your blue pen. it's open to a random page but there are scribbles of your name with mr. choi's inside arrowed hearts.
a bit cliche you think to yourself but who doesn't love him. he's one of the many good looking teachers at bighit academy, super lenient and nice to pretty much everyone. fresh out of college so of course, he had all the high school seniors fawning over him. you smiled to yourself while drawing a cute anime version of your teacher, wasn't hard seeing as he already looked straight out of one.
the bell for your next period rings through your thoughts and you wonder if you really spent the whole hour fantasizing about your hot teacher. you pack your bag slower than other students, your friends aren't in your class so it's not like you have to wait on anyone.
you fix your skirt when you get up, ready to leave and you're almost out the door when you hear mr. choi call out to you. you smile to yourself but wipe it away when you turn around. "yes sir?" you answer innocently. he sighs and motions you over to his desk.
"you need to... pay more attention in class y/n," he furrows his thick brows as if that wasn't really what he wanted to say but went with it anyway. you're not standing in front of his desk, you stand right beside him, watching his folded hands over his crotch as he moves his swivel chair side to side.
"sir," you smile sweetly at him. he looks up at you this time but not before letting his eyes roam your body. you, of course, notice this. "if you wanted more attention from me you could've just asked." you giggle.
his ears turn red because he knows that you know he meant 'paying attention to the lesson' not 'paying attention to him'. he goes to correct you but you swiftly drop your bookbag and sit on his desk. your rest your legs so that one is on top of the other and you know your panties are slightly showing because that seems to be what yeonjun is focusing on at the moment.
"r-right," he mutters. he clears his throat and, for the second time today, tries to drag his eyes away from the obvious. you smile at him again and this time he completely looks away from you, opting in admiring the outdoors from the window by his desk.
"mr. choi, y/n." he corrects firmly.
"you look really good with pink hair, i think it suits you well," you say ignoring his correction. you slowly drag your foot up his inner leg, seeing as his legs are spread, just barely stopping at his clothed crotch. "it makes you look cute, i wonder what sparked the change." you pout.
he wants to look at you because he thinks you're actually really cute when you pout and he can hear it in your voice. he also can't ignore your foot dangerously close to his dick. he doesn't want to give in to you or give you any kind of satisfaction so he chooses to ignore you and continue looking outside.
you narrow your eyes at him when he doesn't answer you but you can see him holding back a moan as you gently run your foot up and down his thigh. "blonde hair on you looked really hot," you continue. "the boldness of your hair made everyone take notice to you even more sir. i was beginning to get jealous." he turns his head back to you and raises his brow in question and amusement. he eyes you while bringing up a hand to run it through his freshly dyed strands.
you watch him closely as he sighs. "y/n need to focus on your grades. they are dropping significantly in this class..." you don't show your disappointment about him seemingly ignoring your previous statement instead you let him continue. "did you already forget your promise to me, hm? or is it because i haven't been acknowledging your advances lately?" he puts a hand on your thigh to stop you from using your foot to entice him further and it all but makes you bite your lip harshly. "sir..."
"y/n... don't think i don't know that you've been purposefully failing your tests just to get my attention. you're a smart girl but you're doing all this for what? for me to fuck you? was the punishment i gave you last week not enough?" he bites his lip as he plays with the length of your skirt.
this is the choi yeonjun you wanted to bring out. the one who spoke vulgarly to you, the who had "taught you a lesson" last week after class. you liked the yeonjun that forgot he had a profession in teaching, forgot he had an entire girlfriend outside of class. teacher yeonjun was cute, he could act clueless and bashful towards you because you had an effect on him.
but he liked it when he had an effect on you.
"what did you promise me baby?" he asks sweetly. his caresses your thigh with his hand the same way you did his. he's challenging you but you know it. "i promised that i would get grades and in turn, you'd reward me," you breathe out. you're hyperaware of his hand inching closer and close to your private area and it's driving you crazy.
"right but you haven't been getting good grades lately and i've been lenient by still giving you what you want," he stops and thinks to himself. "we can't have that, sweetheart." you watch as he gets out of his seat and leans over you, caging you with his arms on his either side of your body.
"yeonjun," you wrap your arms around his neck wanting to go in for a kiss but are interrupted by a knock on the door.
yeonjun moves away from you, fixing his hair. you pout as you look towards the door and see your next period teacher, mr. choi beomgyu. "mr. c," you smile at him as if you weren't just about to make out with the teacher in front of you. beomgyu is one of yeonjun's best friends in and outside of work so he knows all about whatever is going on with you two.
"you're 10 minutes late to my class y/n," he sighs leaning on the door frame. he looks over at yeonjun who is looking at him with boredom written all over his face. "i came to see if something was wrong but i guess not."
you hear yeonjun grunt as he flops back down on his chair to start grading papers and actually get stuff done. "have a nice day mr. choi," you get off his desk and run your hand down his chest flirtatiously. he looks up at you with an unreadable expression, watching you sway your hips as you walk towards beomgyu to be escorted to his class.
you figure you'll leave yeonjun a little parting gift so with him still looking at you, you grab beomgyu's hand. "thank you for coming to get me mr. c," you look up him through your lashes. he's a little caught off guard by your flirting and just nods, clearing his throat.
before you and beomgyu walk away hand in hand, you turn around and to your satisfaction yeonjun looks very annoyed.
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Not many people know that swords can scream.
Suibian certainly didn’t know. She thought screaming was one of those human things; something tied to the physical realities of flesh and blood and pain. She thought pain was one of those human things, too.
When the raw screech of despair against steel rips through the musty air of the Nevernight dungeons, she learns in the most horrible way that she was wrong. 
Suibian shoots up from the confines of her bladed body, spiritual form expanding to grow eyes she can widen in panic and a mouth she can stretch open to cry:
She knows, almost as surely as she knows the warmth of her own human’s golden core, that the sound came from Sandu. She suspects that the reverberating pressure the sound has slammed into her spiritual center is pain. The thought of how much pain Sandu must be experiencing to produce such a noise only makes the pressure worse.
“Sandu!” Suibian wails again. 
There is no reply, not verbal at least, but a moment later, a violent rattling from beneath the pile of stolen swords jolts her bladed body.  Other spirits start emerging, mumbling in the dazed way of spiritual weapons who have been left unattended for so long they’ve started to forget they aren’t inanimate anymore.
“What in fuck is going on?” Suihua groans as he stumbles back from the shaking sword pile, raising a translucent golden hand to his translucent golden head. 
“I don’t know!” Suibian says. “Sandu made that horrific noise, and now he won’t come out!” 
Bichen sits up ramrod straight from her blade, posture impeccable as ever despite the avalanche sliding beneath her. 
“Does anyone see Sandu?” she says brusquely. 
Suibian wants to look, but the pain has become a rising tightness that’s making it hard to think, let alone do anything constructive. If anything happens to Sandu-- her oldest friend of her own kind, her family--
“There!  I see him peeking through.” A bow spirit Suibian doesn’t recognize points into the pile. “He’s that heavy purple one, right?”
Bichen doesn’t wait for Suibian’s confirmation. She dives in the direction of the spirit’s finger, her form dissolving into a stream of pure white energy headed deep into the center of the pile, then disappearing. The rattling abruptly doubles in intensity; then it stops altogether, and the room falls still.
“Did she just… possess his blade?” someone asks into the silence.
“Seems like it,” Suihua says. 
The room breaks out into murmurs. 
“That’s so dangerous,” someone else says.
“Don’t worry,” Suihua says, waving the concern off. “It’s Bichen. She knows what she’s doing.”
Suibian focuses on her pain and tries to let Suihua’s confidence loosen the tightness of it. He’s right. Historically, Bichen does tend to know what she’s doing. Her independent actions are as efficient and effective as the style in which her human wields her. 
And yet…
The silence stretches on. 
“What if…” Suibian begins, and then stops. It’s too horrible to think; she can’t lose two friends in one night.
But if that’s the reality, she has to face it, with strength and courage at her core.
She plunges onward. “What if they don’t--”
A gasping sound slices through the air, and Bichen emerges from the pile of swords, dragging Sandu by the collar behind her. His eyes are wide, and he’s gasping like a human that just emerged from the depth of the lake, but he’s here.
“Sandu!” Suibian flies towards him, grabbing his shoulders in both hands. She spares a quick grateful glance to Bichen before turning her attention entirely to Sandu.
“Are you okay?”
Sandu shakes his head. 
“What’s wrong?” 
Sandu’s hand travels down to a spot at the center of his chest; where his golden core would be, if he were human.
“It’s gone,” he whispers, and his voice is so cracked it’s almost unintelligible. 
Suibian, unfortunately, understands immediately. She stares down at Sandu’s curled hand in horror. No wonder he was making that horrible sound.
“What’s gone?” Suihua presses.
Sandu doesn’t answer. Neither can Suibian.
It is Bichen who finally speaks, voice measured but not cold.
“His human’s golden core.”
Several sword spirits gasp. 
Sandu’s eyes fix on Suibian’s, heavy with desperation.
“If I’ve lost my connection to A-Cheng,” he says, in that same raw, cracked way, “then he must be… is there any chance he’s not…”
The pain slams deep into Suibian's spiritual center again. She doesn’t see how Jiang Cheng could still be alive. She thinks of eyerolls and wry fondness and a hundred afternoons spent together between the four of them; two sword spirits and their humans. She aches for the loss of Jiang Cheng, and she aches for Sandu. She can’t imagine what it would be like to lose her connection to A-Xian.
“Anything’s possible,” she murmurs instead, because technically that's true. 
“It’s very unlikely,” Bichen adds.  
Suibian glares up at her.
"We're in a war," Bichen insists. "It could happen to anyone."
"Not me," Suihua says. "The Jin Sect is smart enough to keep its nose out of trouble. My human is going to cultivate to immortality."
Sandu bursts into tears. Suibian immediately ignores everyone else and wraps her arms around him. He leans into her, shaking.
She'd thought crying was one of those human things, too.
"What am I going to do?" Sandu whimpers.
Suibian strokes the back of Sandu's purple head. 
"We'll take care of you," Suibian says. "When A-Xian comes to get us out, he'll take care of you. I promise. He'll keep you sharp and active, and you'll never have to fade away alone on some shelf."
Sandu shakes his head. "It won't be the same."
"No," Bichen says from above them. "It won't be." 
Suibian is about to glare again when Bichen continues:
"But Suibian is right. Wei Wuxian will do all he can to minimize your suffering. And…" She hesitates, something Suibian has never seen her do before. "For the time being, so will we."
Oh, good old Bichen. Suibian reaches up and pinches Bichen's sleeve, tugging her down to join them on the floor. Bichen sits neatly and presses a hand to Sandu's shoulder.
"What do you need?" Bichen asks Sandu. It isn't soft, but it is sincere.
It takes Sandu a long time to answer. Suibian understands why. What he needs is Jiang Cheng. 
Finally, Sandu manages to speak. "I want to go home."
Bichen looks down at the floor, and Suibian remembers that her home was burned.  
"I understand," Bichen says. 
"Hey." Suibian reaches out and grasps Bichen's wrist again, squeezing lightly as she drops a kiss on the top of Sandu's head. "We'll be each other's home, okay?"
Bichen turns to look at her, but says nothing. A moment later, Sandu nods into Suibian's shoulder.
Suibian smiles. 
"I'm going to take care of everyone. Don't worry."
A few days later, Suibian is the one screaming.
[insp] [au tag] [1st prompt (#1)] [2nd prompt (#1)]
[other fics in this universe: suihua + jin ling]
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drcvmscvpe · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☼ ‖ juicy ! is the first single released by moon x sun label’s girl group dreamscape. it was released digitally july 13th, 2021 and physically a week later. this album comes three months after their second mini album and two months after group member mila’s hiatus. the strange thing about this album is that it was released with no promotion : usually dreamscape releases photo teasers, a concept film/music video teaser, etc. before the release of an album but this album wasn’t even talked about which was strange to fans of dreamscape and fans of other groups under mxs. 
however, once the album was released, mxs was back on their bs and pissing civilians off with their unskippable ads. dreamscape promoted both “juicy” and “alcohol free” for four weeks garnering a total of 4 wins ( 2 for juicy and 2 for alcohol free ) for the group.
Tumblr media
juicy ! -- insp.
alcohol free -- insp.
Tumblr media
stage fits
Tumblr media
hair styles
Tumblr media
left to right : sunny , mali , lyric , haneul , friday , cherry , bee , zhilan
Tumblr media
if you couldn’t already tell, this was released without mxs’ knowledge.
cherry and friday were the main ones behind the their title track juicy. after mila’s hiatus, dreamscape was very awkward around each other and they would barely talk when the passed each other in the hallways of their house. so cherry and friday tried to lighten up the mood with their music.
the brought the single, which was just juicy at the time, to their groupmates and they all loved it so they took it to the fill in ceo in hopes they could release it someday on a future album. he said no. they tried once more and he said that he hated the song. 
they tried once more after lyric wrote alcohol free to go along with juicy. again, all of the members loved the song and when they brought the single to fill in ceo, he told them to stop trying so they decided to take matters into their own hands. 
they created the album cover themselves and released it when they were sure it was finished. 
the music video for juicy was released a week afterwards, the same day that the physical album was released, and the excuse mxs used was that they were behind in printing and the music video needed some last minute editing before being publicly released.
oh yeah and because none of the members really understand the lore behind the group this single wasn’t lore based and was just a fun summer single for the girls to release.
one cute moment from this era is that during one of their vlogs they release every comeback season, bee and sunny told fans that they wanted to dye their hair the same colors as a testament to their friendship.
and mali chopping all her hair off and going with a blonde underdye was a big shock to fans because she swore she would never cut her hair because her favorite part about her hair was the length.
this era was truly zhilan’s era and she literally shined on every stage dreamscape went on during promotions. 
during one of their wins, she quite literally broke down and she gave a speech about how grateful she was for her members and said she was glad she got to experience being on stage with the people she views as her sisters.
one specific event that occurred during this era was maknae line doing a vlive. this isn’t the first time they had done one but it was the first vlive maknae line had done where cherry and zhilan actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. they laughed together and even had a conversation ( when friday left to go get their food from the delivery guy ) without cherry looking like she wanted to choke rather than talk to zhilan !!
all in all, this was a very cute era where everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
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fan-fangirl-world · 12 days ago
Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City (general view)
I think I needed to post this because so far, I’ve talked varely about the movie but I wanted to wait for more images and info before giving a better opinion, also I felt kind of conflicted at first and didn’t know if I wanted to watch the movie or not.
That being said. Let’s begin.
The cast
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t feel like the production, Johaness Roberts and Capcom worked together to find actors who could ressemble better the characters and still have a good movie-series background. I know the cast can be anybody but as a comic fan I know how to check a good cast when I see it. For example Marvel and DC, most of their cast is a pretty cool actor-actress that really makes you identify the character and think that you are watching your favorite character in flesh and bone.
But okay, if the reboot didn’t work together to find a more accurate cast, they are leaving the script and actors to be the center of the critic.
I’m gonna watch the movie and see what this cast has to offer. I’m not seeking perfection, I just want to feel that they have the spirit of the characters and that even when Capcom has been selling us a similar look for 25 years, these new looks are worth it.
As a fact, the cast is based on the original characters style and personality. So no remake references should be made to compare Leon, Claire or Jill.
Tumblr media
The trailer really gave us a better look of the RPD and the Mansion. But I don’t know if it’s a combo between 1998 and the remakes because Johaness said that he was really inspired by RE2 remake but Capcom gave them the blueprint from the mansion and the RPD from 1998 or the remakes? we will have to wait.
I expect cool scenarios, not a copy but at least to feel like we are walking through the mansion and the police station.
Tumblr media
For a 2 hour movie or less, I think this movie has too many characters to make us understand the plot. It seems they’re gonna change some events and now RE1 + RE2 happen at the same time so it’s gonna be a new story for everyone. Marvel and DC have done this before but their formula is to give a background before making a massive crossover.
There is one thing that makes me excited about the story and is the fact that maybe just maybe we’re gonna see STARS and RPD characters interacting with each other.
Johaness took a lot of insp from “The Thing” and “Evil Dead”. At least that statement means the movie will scare us, rather than be 100% action. And it’s cute they wanted to tell us more about Lisa Trevor.
Finally, I want to tell you that I’m curious about the movie and as a fan I’m gonna watch it because that’s what I did with the Anderson, Alice movies. See what this story has to tell after the previews and all the theories.
Tumblr media
That’s my general opinion. What do you think? If you agree or disagree, you can comment, reblog or even send me an “ask”. I’m gonna read you BUT remember to speak your thoughts without hate.
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daggery · 5 months ago
Gif Maker Appreciation Tag
rules: answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love!
@iridescentides @deweyduck tysm for tagging me! ❤️❤️❤️
Link a gifset you’re really proud of:
definitely the malvie gifset. i feel like if i could solidify this type of gifset as my Style tm i would be satisfied but unfortunately that requires making more gifsets like this one lmao
Link a gifset where you tried something new:
this huma set i tried out channel mixer and i like how it turned out on the individual harry and uma panels esp
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity:
not a gifset but a little graphic for inej ghafa love of my entire fucking life!!!!! hoping to gif her more from the show in the future when i have more time!!
Link a gifset that you want more people to see:
glowy eyes mal gifset, even though it’s simple it was a gifset i had tried to make several times before but wasn’t happy with for whatever reason until now. gifmaking has rly exposed the way im a perfectionist help. but i do feel like i’ve improved!
Link a gifset that you had fun making:
LOTS of fun making my halloween descendants set, i made it in one day which almost never happens. usually finding the scenes to use is so boring but it was fun to find clips that matched the halloween theme
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series:
haven’t made one yet. i did make a simple descendants giffing meme for myself some months ago, but i haven’t posted it yet because i. dont want to commit to it
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile:
jay eyebrows >:) and i’m still unapologetically obsessed with my xiaohei and wuxian gifset bc it makes me smile but also want to cry in a good way they’re just so found family
Link a gifset that you made for someone else:
the malvie and huma ones^^
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs:
gonna go out on a limb and tag a non mutual to say i love @wespers jamie’s creations!! they were one of the first gifmakers i followed and even though i havent tried out pale coloring yet, you can probably see a bit of the pale gifset format insp in my first(ish) gifset. so yeah they were an inspo for me to start making gifs and i rly love their recent shadow and bone sets!!! (currently in my queue) <3
Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs:
@moorsgrimhilde / @malviesbitch sofia is singlehandedly keeping the descendantsedit tag alive with her gifs not to mention how bright and vibrant and pretty they are and i just think thats iconic of her
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs:
@deweyduck i associate her with like, bal, barbie and ALSO!!! this one ducktales gifset whose colors really stood out to me, it’s so pleasing to look at
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love:
@mobei-juns making xiaohei and wuxian sets (latter one currently in queue!) for legend of hei <333 the best shifu-student duo.
@oretsevmal kat’s shadow and bone gifs i adore them, the coloring and text on the malina one is so pretty. also descendants gifs!! i get so happy when i see them
@inejkazjesper the CUTEST jayvie roadtrip au gifset ever. i love gifsets that use clips from videos other than the original movies to create something unique
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets:
@hersilentlanguage i love the text on this jaylos edit with the placement and colors and just nailing the vibes overall, all of their graphics are a+++
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game:
@iridescentides the way i reblogged this gifset again and almost immediately others also reblogged it to reminisce abt everyone collectively freaking out over it as well.. this gifset was literally a community bonding event. also need to mention your colors i literally dont understand how you do it!! 
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from:
@hersilentlanguage i haven’t actually posted anything yet BUT i do have an idea or two for future things hopefully :)))
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate! (Put as many people here as you want!): 
i can count the number of gifmaker mutuals i have on two hands so everyone’s tagged above :)if you’re tagged do this if you want (invitation extends to you too sparrow for your graphics!) ❤️❤️
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lesbianniemingjue · a year ago
Tumblr media
little black star
okay so i’ve been sitting on this idea since november 2018. the idea is that memories manifest in the form of tiny little glowing stars on patton’s skin, like freckles. happy and neutral memories are gold and silver, but Bad memories are black. the size of the star varies based on how intense/important/impactful the memory was on thomas' life (most of them are small and light enough to pass for freckles) and when pat touches them, he can get glimpses of each memory, kind of like he’s half-reliving them
and on those Numb, Empty Days, pat would indulge in poking each of those little stars, chasing that feeling of Something
but yeah!! i had a fic in the works based around this idea but uhhh that never got finished so you guys get art instead
style insp taken from the lovely lovely @ ikimaru
click on the picture for A Boy That Needs A Hug in hd
general taglist:
@ultimate-queen-of-fandoms2 @merlybird500 @stardustlogan @ajdraws0430 @notveryglittery @minamishipsit-secondround @bumble-bitch-sanders @evilmuffin @spacedouterri @amazing-creepyfloof @vergeangst @ihateitwhenyourejustvague @loganberrysanders @katie-the-noble-fangirl @i-really-dig-the-purple @shesavampirequeen @wowimsogoddamnoriginal @backatthebein @hijabi-princex @potato--justpotato @nonbinaryroyaltylove @shut-it-nerdywolverine @thatspongebobkidmeme @emobutnotactually @viclouis @the-bad-gay @iamdarknessiamdeath @queerly-traumatic @ollyollyoxinfree @lance-alt @demondadmorgo @heart-thief-akira @specklefreckle15
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zhangrita · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝓡𝓲𝓽𝓪 𝓩𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓰
𝒷𝒶𝓈𝒾𝒸 𝒾𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃.
Full name:  Rita Zhang Birthdate:  November 11, 1984 Age:  36 Zodiac:  Scorpio / Rat Gender: cis female Pronouns: she/her/hers Romantic orientation: Heterosexual Sexual orientation:  Heteroromantic Nationality:  Chinese & British dual citizenship Ethnicity:  Chinese Ranking: Dominion Affiliation:  War
Birthplace:  Shenzhen, China Hometown:  Shenzhen, China Social Class:  Upper Educational achievements:  B.S. Mathematics, M.S. Mathematics, Master of Finance (MFin) Father:  Hui Zhang (dead to her) Mother: Lian Zhang Sibling(s):  None Pets:  Step mother to Cleo, future dachshund mother (surprise to come) Previous relationships:  In her youth Rita’s best friend with benefits relationship with Thomas Rivers fulfilled the majority of her relationship needs so any sexual relationships with other men were fleeting. As she was at university and he was busy moving up through Famine they were rather on and off again. Eventually she met Remus Warden who she grew to believe was the love of her life, her literal partner in crime. The two have been together for nearly fifteen years but are in the middle of divorce proceedings. Arrests:  None Prison time:  None
𝑜𝒸𝒸𝓊𝓅𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 & 𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒.
Current occupation:  Director of Finance Dream occupation: CEO of a non-profit focused on women in STEM and cultivating a love of STEM in young girls Past job(s):  Senior Finance Executive, Financial Analyst, Wall Street Summer Internship, Trophy Wife Spending habits:  Shop til you drop — “i see it, i like it, i want it, i got it”  In debt?:  As if
𝓈𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁𝓈 & 𝒶𝒷𝒾𝓁𝒾𝓉𝒾𝑒𝓈.
Physical strength: average  Speed: average Intelligence: above average Accuracy: average Agility: average Stamina: average Teamwork: If she’s the leader, no problem Talents: Anything with numbers, this special thing with her tongue Shortcomings: Hypercritical, bottles up her feelings, highly private Languages spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, learning Russian Drive?:  Not if she can help it Jump-start a car?:  No Change a flat tyre?: No Ride a bicycle?:  Yes Swim?:  Yes Play an instrument?: Violin Play chess?:  Yes Braid hair?:  Yes Tie a tie?:  Yes Pick a lock?:  No Cook?:  Not well, but she’s learning
𝓅𝒽𝓎𝓈𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 𝒶𝓅𝓅𝑒𝒶𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒸𝑒 & 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓉𝑒𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒸𝓈.
Faceclaim:  Gemma Chan Eye colour:  Brown Hair colour:  Brown Hair type:  Thick, silky smooth Glasses/contacts?:  Occasionally glasses
Tumblr media
Dominant hand:  Left Height:  5’9 Weight: 125 lbs. Build:  Slender, yoga body Exercise habits:  Runner 5x week, yoga 2-3x week Skin tone: Light-Medium Tattoos:  Daisy chain tattoo on right ankle that matches Thomas’ shoulder tattoo (insp. 1) (insp. 2) Piercings:  Ears, bellybutton (healed over) Marks/scars:  Freckle above her lip Clothing style:  Fashion forward, prefers skirts & dresses, almost always wears heels Jewellery: Wedding ring (Warden family heirloom), mostly wears antique jewelry, loves pearls, emeralds, and rubies Allergies: None Diet:  Healthy
MBTI type:  INTJ Enneagram type:  Type Three – The Achiever Moral Alignment:  Lawful Evil Temperament: Melancholic Element: Wood Emotional stability:  Not lately, typically yes though (ice queen) Introvert or Extrovert?:  Introvert Drug use:  Not since her 20s Alcohol use:  Occasional glass of wine with dinner, drinks socially Prone to violence?: No Prone to crying?: Only lately Believe in love at first sight?:  No
Accent:  London with very faint Chinese influence that she’s worked hard to tamp down Hobbies:  Shopping, interior decorating, reading Habits:  Making lists Nervous ticks: Tugging on her hair Drives/motivations:  Previously – the “partnership” of her marriage, currently – putting her life back together Fears:  Failure Sense of humour?:  Not particularly, with her face she never needed to develop one Do they curse often?:  Occasionally, mostly at her husband
Animal: Hummingbird Beverage:  Water with lemon, mint, or cucumber Book:  Pride & Prejudice Colour:  Red Food:  Char siu with cauliflower rice Flower: Black dahlia Gem: Emerald of her wedding ring Mode of transportation:  Yacht Scent:  Jasmine, ylang ylang, citrus menthol, Remus Sport:  Tennis Weather:  Overcast Vacation destination:  Amalfi Coast
Greatest dream:  To feel happy & loved again Greatest fear:  Not living up to her full potential Most at ease when:  At home Least as ease when:  In a dirty environment Biggest achievement:  Her career, taking the three time Most Eligible British Bachelor off the market Biggest regret: Not having children, missed timing with Thomas Rivers
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bedrock-to-buildheight · 10 months ago
How in the world did you draw so much art you just posted four artworks in the past six hours
I’ve been meaning to put together an answer to “how tf do you art that fast” for. A month. Oops?
Anw I’m feeling like I can think rn so here goes
1.1 My blocky art style is very forgiving when it comes to proportions, shading and details. Hell to make poses work at times tho
1.2 My anime art style is puscle memory learned over 10+ years and has a lot of filler details that makes you think I put more work in than I did
2. My lineart is bucket tool-friendly and my all the colors I need are in a pallete that saves across files, so I already have “the red that looks not eyestrainy”, “diamond teal”, “generic wood”, “that shade of blue that’s practically purple and somehow glows”, ect ready
3. The fact that they’re streaming and giving me all the background and composition insp makes it easier
Other than that I just have lower standards for at times lol
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omajishans · 2 months ago
Angst Week HCs Tidbits
This is mostly rambling about extra bits and things I was thinking of as I wrote them so it'll be under the cut as it got a bit too long
Its gonna be obvious how much I overthink sometimes as I write but it never actually gets in the fic
Day 1 - Birth/Creation
The weird narrative style I've kinda written all 5 fics in, was bc its what I defaulted to as someone who's written more school papers than fics
The Observants's artefact allows them to see the future with more detail than what they naturally can, which is how they got CW's name.
They eventually lose this tho (it ends up as Freakshow's staff)
CW identifies as non binary
The future the Observants saw was in fact created by them when they decided to practically enslave CW (like a self fulfilling prophecy)
The only reason it didn't happen was bc CW meddled
CW and the Observants see different kinds of futures. While the Observants see a "harry potter" type future where paradoxes kinda don't exist, CW sees the entire multiverse and can change things accordingly
The whole name thing they did to CW works the same as if a fae getting a person's true name (I think, I don't remember fae name rule small that much beyond don't do it)
The details of what exactly is a Coalition type ghost, I will have to explain in another post, as it'd be better to explain all categories in one go
Day 2 - Obsession/Instincts
I had forgotten I had written CW as a Coalition when I started this with Cujo also being a Coalition
Ironically, the cujo idea was first
All six dogs had combined in death as Cujo bc they basically died together and had the same final thoughts
Thus, why they kinda stabilized so quickly. They focused on the same obsession
Tho Cujo will only truly stabilize when he's given a name by Danny later on
This is why Cujo practically imprinted on Danny as family
Danny never takes advantage of the name once its explained to him how important they are to Coalitions. No matter how easier it'd be to make Cujo listen in messy moments
In the first draft Taylor didn't exist. I decided to add her in later to make it more painful
She was the dog trainer hired by Axion Labs to help the dogs do their job better
She grew attached in the 3 years she was there
She was also laid off when the new security system was implemented alongside 4 other people
She was forced to get the dogs to the vet as a last job
After all six dogs were euthanized, she left Amity park and hasn't gone back since.
The brief mention of Matthew was to show Joey was the oldest dog there as he had been born in a regular home and after a 2 years then given away when his owner, Matthew, died
Most of the style of how the dogs thought were based on Bella from the movie "A Dog's Way Home"
Apparently its legal to euthanize healthy dogs???? It doesn't even need a good reason as the list actually said not wanting the dog, was an OK reason to kill the dog
Still, I made Cujo a pitbull bc of his canon appearance , also bc pitbulls have the wrong reputation of being aggresive and bc pitbulls have the most record of being euthanized for the wrong reasons
Cujo has a acceptance/love obsession and a propagation core (insp. by cloud flames from Reborn for those that know that show) bc it would be a good explanation for why he can grow big + he developed that core bc of the longing he felt upon death
Day 3 - Family/Friends
I have no idea what happened to Danny at the end, the point of the fic was how people reacted to the "mystery"
Also, how isolated Danny slowly became as he ended up with no family and friends
Aside from Sam and Tuck not knowing, everything that was seen as "something's not right" later on when Danny became a "delinquent" were just regular fanon things that are applied to Danny, the difference being that everyone saw it as angsty bc of was an outsider pov.
Bc if that, even if it was too much of a tone shift, I kinda wanted for things on danny's side to not be as bad as it seemed?
I wanted for Danny to be ghost-adopted by Pandora or Dora and just bail to the GZ after getting an oath for amity park to be left alone
Most ghosts agreed bc going to the human realm was boring without Danny to fight with
This would be why phantom was still seen a few days after Fenton went missing, he was making sure the promise was real
He still goes to the human realm from time to time but always as phantom
In this au he had realized very early on that not being around his friends and family made them safer bc he's usually a target.
Thus why he accepted moving in the GZ with little fuss overall. Containment.
Day 4 - Corruption
I have just realized that 4/5 of these fics are open ended as I left them except this one. Kinda
The Ghost of Choice is an ancient
Insp. by Mortified how Ancients are god-like ghosts that personified their domain. Like CW and time.
The Fright Knight and the Ghost of Choice both began as blob ghosts or Littles as I call 'em when CW was the teen equivalent in ghost
If he hadn't been corrupted but the sword, Fright Knight would've become an ancient as well. The Ghost of Chivalry
Most ancients guard their names as a separate indentity, like super heroes.
Just as these two, not a lot of people realized CW even has a name.
Soul Shredder was made in a time where the GZ was in even more anarchy than usual and everyone was fighting to extinction.
This is why it was acceptable to make a sword that ate souls
What happened with the Soul Shredder was no one's fault for maybe except the ghost that arrogantly tried to mod an legendary sword while thinking they had outmaneuvered the creator
This is why Choice is bitter and would shred the ghost to pieces if he ever saw them again
Its a wild ride when Fright Knight is released too
Choice is why Fright Knight can only speak in rhyme
There were a lot more factors in that war than Choice realize, the story he told wasn't unbiased
Choice's powers have always been around choices (think the roman god Janus) but he didn't realize that until much later as he had to hone them
That's usually how ancients are born, they are different but only those that survive that long can claim the title that comes along the power
CW is the exception, as a Coalition. They was born powerful
I have ideas on how all the other ancients would work too
A lot of the concepts shown here have been in my DP Worldbuilding docs for months where I had originally written them for my Floating Stars AU but now are my general do hcs.
All of them tied to an important concept to the GZ and ghosts in general
Pariah is called the Dark King in this, in part bc most ghosts nowadays are terrified of his legend, and in part of ghosts are inherently dramatic
Day 5 - Death
This began as a drawing of just Danny sitting on his headstone and being unable to be seen by Sam and Tuck who gaze sadly at the grave
Then I remembered I cannot draw and made it a fic too
This is a more traditional take on the ghost idea
Ghosts have regrets that tie them to earth, they cannot be seen by regular humans, they don't speak normally, etc.
It quickly became paranormal urban fiction
The Fentons are still working on the unnatural but a different route, and they still caused an accident and Danny still died bc of it in a way
Amity Park is a supernatural hotspot and its protected by an eldritch being seen in the fic as the italics. No, that wasn't Ollie (this is a slight retcon tho, no idea who the italics are but there is a being protecting amity)
Ollie, Fred and others are kinda like mediums? Basically the people with powers that would normally be the protagonists in these kinds of stories
I don't know how I'd continue this tbh. I love it to pieces and how it came out but not sure what would be the threat that danny had to die for it to be solved and why phantoms especifically are important but maybe it'd be fun to figure out
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ghostorbconnoisseur · 28 days ago
Jay what's the murder mystery called?? actually also if u have murder mystery recs do share! fall time means time to drink and watch murdery shows yeehaw
Hehe good mornin', i'm here to talk moidah! >:3
So the murder mystery i watch is called....wait do i have to censor the title. Is there gonna be a fanbase for this show... oh my GOD THERE IS. Ok so. It's E/ndeav/our without the slashes lol (EDIT: found the episode title it's Scherzo) ; it's a prequel to insp/ector m/orse so iiiit may not work entirely as a standalone show i'm not sure (i think you can get away with it though, y'just don't have foreknowledge of like WHAT'S gonna happen in the future.) it's a detective murder mystery set in Oxford, i've been watching m/orse since i was a little kid; so i like it a lot and i can't tell you objectively if it's good or not cuz i just think it's fantastic, and i don't know if that's nostalgia goggles. It's the show that made me appreciate classical music!
Other shows i'm watching rn of a murder mystery type rn are G/rant/chester (which iiiiii'm less keen on, extremely not gonna get started tho cuz i will go on forever, but it's watchable and fun and i enjoy the mysteries even if they are a lil simpler/easier to solve, even if i think the show has faults!) and then the tv show version of p/oiroit, the I T V one, in case there's any from elsewhere lol; it's good! It's a classic, highly recommend if you want an older, more classic style show!!
Jesus fucking christ i ramble about murder mysteries, sorryyyyy you didn't need that many words i apologise lmao
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aesxocnet · 11 months ago
aeskocnet’s kmas cheat sheet ʚ
hi luvs ♡! 
as promised, i will be updating you on all the details for the aeskocnet’s kmas! this post goes into details of the pre-show and award ceremony! i recommend reading this if your kocs are nominated or attending! 
if you have any questions or anything you aren’t sure about, don’t hesitate send me a message or an ask! 
there sheet will most likely be updated in the future as i add things i have missed! ♡
the theme
♡ the theme for aeskocnet’s kmas 2020 is ... the colour blue!
♡ aeskocnet’s official colours are blue [especially :: #b0b7d1 #778dc9 #4467c9] n i thought it was only fitting to celebrate our first award season n year as a kocnet!! 
♡ so glam your ocs up in blue! they don’t need to be fully in blue, only one piece of clothing or accessory is needed! ie hair, shoes, earrings, clutches etc. 
the ceremonies
♡ the pre-show and award ceremony will be pre-recorded!
♡ it will be held at the gocheok sky dome in gocheok-dong, seoul. 
♡ the preshow will begin december 13 at 11:30pm [kst] and the award ceremony will begin december 14 at 1am [kst]!
the schedule 
♡ the award ceremony will begin december 14, 12am [+8 timezone]. the award show will focus on main performances n the awards. 
♡ the pre-show ceremony will begin december 13 at 10pm [+8 timezone]. the pre-show will focus on rookie group performances n the red carpet!  
♡ later this week, i will workshop the actual schedule of when awards are presented + groups will perform! i plan on posting the schedule first week of december, so nominate your kocs here if you haven’t done yet!
♡ additionally, i will most likely be accepting a second koc for the performer positions once i evaluate the rookie to non-rookie ratio! so keep an eye out for those updates! 
the posts
♡ i was planning on posting scenarios myself of the night but after a long thought and some support from our lovely members, i have decided against it. the main reasons why being, the scenarios would be highly repetitive and in my opinion boring, i’m way out of practice of writing anything good and i’m not comfortable writing for other peoples koc especially when i don’t know them 100% and it’s not my forte!
♡ so if you have a koc nominated, performing, hosting or presenting an award, i invite you to write your own content around these awards! this can be anything from scenarios, style posts, interviews, asks, headcanons, drabbles, etc. i would love to see any content around these koc awards so literally do whatever you wanna!  
♡ if you are not nominated for anything but still want to be involved or have kocs attending, feel free to write content too! 
♡ on december 13 + 14, i will be only be reblogging award related posts! therefore, if you create any content, please use this new tag! #aeskocnetkmas [as well as the usual #aeskocnet].
♡ due to the fact that the awards are around christmas time [aka a busy time of year], there is no timeline or due date for your content! i totally understand how busy life can get so if you end up posting content super early or months later, i will still love to see what you come up n reblog them!. 
♡ please note, you don’t have to write or create any posts if you don’t wish to! it’s your content so it’s completely up to you if you take that extra step to be involved! 
pre-show events [relay dance]
♡ the pre-show will be divided into three events :: the red carpet, interviews n a rookie relay dance! [more info can be found about interviews below !!] 
♡ the rookie relay dance [insp here] is an opportunity for rookie idols to show off their dance skills !!
♡ if you wish to nominate your rookie [debuted from 2018-2020] idols, you can do so here !!
♡ for now, i will be choosing popular songs from kpop idols! but if you wish to nominate your non-rookies koc songs, you can do so here !! 
♡ i’m not too sure if i will make a post about the relay dance, but if i have some free time after the awards, i may put together a quick video! no promises though !!
the other event[s]
♡ starting the week of awards [dec 9], i will be sending personalised questions to all our nominees, attendees, performers, hosts and presenters ask box! these will act as our pre-show interviews! 
♡ if you choose to participate in the interviews, you can either posts them that week and give little hints to your followers! or you can save them all for the award night! as it’s your content, it’s decision! 
♡ if you do not wish to participate in the interviews, please let me know via dm before then! additionally, you can also dm during that week to let me know!
♡ i know there is a google doc showing the kocs who are hosting, performing or presenting! but i will be posting an announcement post during the first week of december! if you are yet to let me know of your nominated koc’s setlist, preferred award or award show, please let me know via dm! 
♡ i will also be bring out winner announcement posts on the night of the awards! just like the nomination posts but on the same day!
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drcvmscvpe · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ || you have now entered the dreamscape is the debut mini album of moon x sun labels’ second girl group dreamscape. the album was released both digitally and physically on october 31st, 2020. dreamscape promoted their title track "where am i?” for a little over a month with member lyric promoting her solo song “dream in a dream” on her own for three weeks. dreamscape also promoted their subtitle “don’t wanna wake up” for about three weeks alongside their title track.
they got one win in their third week of promotions which was a huge accomplishment for them however their title track sort of fell flat with some of their fans for too being boring and underwhelming to be a title track.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*where am i? : insp.
( LYRIC SOLO SONG ) dream in a dream : insp.
don’t wanna wake up : insp.
i’m curious : insp.
my head hurts : insp.
illusion : insp.
inside of the dreamscape : insp.
Tumblr media
stage fits
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
left to right: sunny ( all black ), mila ( dark blue ), mali ( all red ), lyric ( silver that gradients to powder blue ), haneul ( split dye: half black half blonde with the front strands of blonde dyed blue ), friday ( black with a purplish-pink underdye ), cherry ( red and black ), bee ( split dye: black and platinum blonde )
lyrics stage fits
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the girls debuted !!!
let me just say... their debut showcase was kinda hot. they performed where am i?, don’t wanna wake up, and i’m curious and lyric performed dream in a dream. and might i just say she killed it like always.
and because of that, dreamscape decided to give lyric a little surprise. 
they surprised her with the opportunity to do solo stages and promote her song !!
they did it because lyric wrote, composed, produced, and recorded dream in a dream all by herself and wanted her hard work to pay off. 
by the time promotions ended, lyric was so worn out so when promotions ended, she got some much needed rest.
and then went right back to making music but i digress.
they got a win !
when it happened they were all quiet for a second and when it finally started to register, they could barely keep it together onstage but some tears did slip out.
there was a little behind the scenes video of dreamscape after their win and everyone was able to get a better look at their reactions.
cherry just walked forward in disbelief and she then burst into tears and walked over and hugged friday who was crying as well. hysterically.
haneul smiled really big and looked like she wanted to go crazy but held it in.
bee did go crazy. she went to everyone of her members and gave them a kiss on the cheek and then started doing weird dances while bouncing on her toes. when all of the members had sorta calmed down, she threw confetti she had in her pocket and started whooping really loud.
mali stood with her hand on her mouth for a really long time.
sunny was pretty neutral but you could tell that she was so happy.
lyric started crying as well and stood in one spot for quite a while just ... crying.
and mila started crying and went around to everyone hugging them and telling them how proud she was of them. which in turn made everyone cry more. but it was happy tears so its all good.
then they all did a group hug and the video ended.
lyric disliked some of the dresses she wore for her solo stages. they just... weren’t her style
the cameraman was really wilding during some of lyric’s stages. 
he would make the camera make 360° turns around her during the climax of the song and he went crazy with the zooms.
the members actually watched some of her stages and just about died laughing at the camera work.
don’t wanna wake up got lots of attention because of it’s addictive chorus. another bop written, composed, and produced by lyric.
mxs really spent a bag promoting dreamscape. like really really.
they had quite a few ads that floated around on youtube for a while ( most of them unskippable ), commercials, as well as flyers and posters. they arranged a few busking events before their debut and gained a good amount of fans from doing them. and they announced a giveaway for their album.
people were tired of seeing and hearing about dreamscape but did it get them attention? yes.
because of the attention that dreamscape got from mxs promoting them, dreamscape got to do a group photoshoot and then lyric and haneul were asked to do a separate photoshoot together.
sunny, bee, lyric, and cherry got their credits for writing this album. and it was deserved. 
dreamscape served looks this era. their stylists did their thing. the fits? fire. the makeup !! slayed. and the accessories !!! just amazing.
belts, chains, harnesses, chokers. you name it, they probably wore it.
there was a clip of bee performing where confetti fell out of her pocket and another clip came up a few days letter that showed a fan coming up to bee while she was sitting in a cafe and they asked if she always had confetti in her pocket.
she replied “yes, of course,” and then proceeded to pull some out and throw it up. she cleaned it up before she left so don’t worry.
dreamscape did a special stage where they covered exo’s love shot and, to say the very least, it blew up.
stan twitter went crazy over bee and haneul. they looked very much fine.
we got rêves x dreamscape interactions. rêves came to their debut showcase and supported them and it was really sweet. sisters supporting their sisters 🥺.
august and eve did an acoustic cover of dream in a dream and lyric posted about it on the groups instagram. 
dreamscape got to meet twice backstage during one of their promo stages. mila was so flustered while talking with them but it all went over pretty well.
now lets move on to the music video.
illusions as well as netizens really liked how the colors red and blue were implemented into the music video. they commented on how the dark red contrasted with the cool blue and many made fan theories as to what that could represent.
in the behind the scenes for the music video, you could here the members cheering for sunny when she finished her scene. they were so proud of her and rushed to hug her. and she smiled. like actually smiled and fans marveled over how beautiful her smile was.
dreamscape did a couple dance practices but the one that got the most attention was the halloween themed one they released the day after their debut.
the girls wore costumes and it was just too cute because nobody was being serious and it was just them having fun.
to end the era, they did an online concert. they performed all their songs and dreamscape sang dream in a dream alongside lyric. 
no one was too sure who owned the era but it seemed to be a tie between lyric, bee, mali, and haneul.
all in all, this proved to be a solid debut for dreamscape and gained them a lot of fans and attention that set them up for the future.
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