#like i punch in for the 9-5 and on a good day it's boring as hell and there's nothing to do but i gotta make small talk with customers
currentlyonstandbi · a month ago
having days off from work is the most mind-numbing sort of boredom i can imagine and brings with it the immense guilt that i could be making money right now instead, but having to actually go to work is one of the worst emotional experiences one can have
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Things That Like, Technically, Are “My Headcanons” Rather Than Lost Tomb Canon But Still Happened, Okay: Le sequel
1.) Once, due to a schedule error, Wang Pangzi and Liu Sang ended up sitting next to each other on a 12-hour flight. Wang Pangzi remembers it fondly as one of the most fun bro trips ever. Liu Sang counts this night as worse than that time he lost his hearing, because unfortunately during this time he could hear everything.
2.) Hei Xiazi is never available for work on Thursday afternoons. Only Xie Yuchen knows that it’s because that’s his day to lead storytime at the library. He does all the voices.
3.) Wu Xie has had to deal with some absolutely incredible con artists, some brilliant manipulative types, he’s had to scheme with the best of them, think like a mastermind, develop his own deception skills—so the only person in this world who can still successfully lie to him is Zhang Qiling, who avoids doing this at all costs.
4.) Wu Erbai feeds the birds in the park every weekend with Xiao Bai. It’s their thing.
5.) Li Cu punched a guy who was hitting on Liu Sang at a bar and ignoring his repeated requests to back off, bc no one messes with his superhearing, supermodel…brother in law? Uncle? Cousin? Fellow accidental Wu? Unclear. Whatever. His eyes are up here. Liu Sang was exasperated by this, considering he could and would have handled it, okay. Wang Pangzi made desserts for Li Cu for a week. Kan Jian insisted on accompanying Liu Sang to bars as “backup/slingshot bouncer.” Zhang Qiling offered to train Li Cu after classes. Wu Xie patted his head and smiled as he innocently inquired about the bar creep’s description.
6.) Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling actually *do* have pet names for each other—it’s just that Wu Xie calls Zhang Qiling “Xiao Ge” with the understanding of the intimacy behind that, their history together, his refusal to see Xiao Ge as just some weapon or patriarch. When Wu Xie says “Xiao Ge” he means “my reason” (on several levels)…and no one except maybe Pangzi fully realizes that to Zhang Qiling, the name “Wu Xie” is the most important name in the world, something soft and good that he has kept when he’s lost everything. When Zhang Qiling says “Wu Xie” he means “my one connection to this world”.
7.) Wu San Xing and his crew once ran into Wu Xie and his crew in a tomb entirely by coincidence, but neither of them would accept that it was coincidence. Xiao Ge was forced to sit between them on a car ride leaving the tomb in order to curb chaos, Liu Sang sent him a sympathy text.
8.) Wu Xie has a small and intricate tattoo of a black and gold sword over his heart. Zhang Qiling hated the idea at first (you literally stabbed yourself with needles? For me? Why would I ever want that?? and I have one already??) but within a week Wu Xie has noticed that when they are curled up at night and Zhang Qiling is the big spoon, one hand always comes over to rest very gently on that area of his chest. The other hand splays over one of his lungs.
9.) Hei Xiazi is in a Dungeons and Dragons group that he joined when he was bored, intending to mess with their missions, but somehow he got invested and now they keep succeeding as a result of his actions.
10.) Someone tried to ransom Wu Xie to Zhang Rishan with the idea that he was married into the family. Zhang Rishan claimed later that this was the day that cemented Wu Xie’s place in the family, but in truth this was the day Zhang Rishan seriously contemplated disowning himself just to get away. Wu Xie was recovered within a day, unharmed and extremely smug about their enemies calling him Zhang Qiling’s spouse, although they never figured out who had tipped off the Wu family to the hideout (one of the kidnappers who was sick to death of having such a nonchalant and smartass hostage).
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day with him / kazutora x fem! reader
Tumblr media
a groan was heard from a certain girl waking up from her sleep with her boyfriend next to her, rubbing her eyes as she looks around the chilly room. another one stretched his body, groaning as well, sitting up on the bed. “g’mornin..” you pat his arm and got out of the bed, washing your face before going to the kitchen to cook breakfast.
kazutora got up as well, washing his face and went to the living room while waiting for you to cook. “tch, is there any interesting shows, these news are annoying.” he scratches his tattooed neck, squinting his eyes at the tv only to change with a boring shows.
“its nine in the morning what did you expect.” you place the pancake on a white plate and makes another one. “of course it is, but don’t be too fucking boring goddamn.” he sighs, playing a random shows on the tv while himself is playing his phone. he often do this whenever you come back home later than usual.
“hanemiya look at that! it looks yummy can we get some, pleaseee?” you pull the hem of his sweater, pointing at a waffle shop as he was looking at the other way of the shop you were asking to go to. you both are currently in a shopping mall! shopping with kazutora has never been so boring and awkward. you just wanted to buy some chips you have finished in your house.
kazutora spends most of the time in the mall, he’s really,, really picky with clothings. and of course he chooses some of his taste of clothes for you too! his style are the best, most of your clothing in the closet is his choosing because he thinks your style sucks. “s/o could you try this in the room, i wanna see if it fits you.” he gave a not too short pink skirt to you as he stands in front of the changing room. when you came out, his eyes shined at the results! “cute, good one for when we’re on our date.” he says
he’s very good at choosing food ingredients too. not to mention you almost chooses a salt instead of sugar when you’re lack of sugar in your house. he scolds you for it and HE is the one that went to the place where sugar and salt are placed again to get the right one. “must’ve shown me first! you can cook but i don’t think you can choose the ingredients—” he was paused by you popping a vein on your forehead.
its twelve o’clock now, so that means chifuyu or takemichi or both of them is coming over to hang out. they always come to your house whenever they’re off from work or just really bored. plus, they love you and kazutora’s house. it was heard from takemichi that he said ;
“their house is very cool! they have so many board games and card games, especially the play station..GAHH i just wished i live with them. but sadly i am not a kid anymore haha”
you and kazutora is like a parent. although takemichi and chifuyu or the others are already old enough to have kids, you and kazutora is always the parent figure for them for NO reason at all. chifuyu’s thought on your household once made you wanna punch him because ;
“i once saw a dildo hanging in a doorknob of the toilet’s. it was HILARIOUS like is tora’s dick too small for y/n or what?”
yes you did throw a hand on him that day
walking kazutora’s dog to the park time! this activity is often did by both of you and his dog. “ki-nyan is very good today huh.” you told kazu, looking at the dog walking in front of you guys. “you think so? watch this.” kazutora points at his dog and when you turn your head to the front back, it was peeing on the sidewalk. you deadpanned him and took back at what you said about his dog
the weather is great when its the time. yellow and orange sky has always loved by you. “s/o..come on lets cuddle.” kazutora pat the space on the sofa next to him as he looks at you grabbing some snacks. “one sec baby.” you place everything back to its place in the kitchen except for your snacks. “what popcorn did you buy earlier?” kazutora asks, taking one and hums at the taste. “the original one, of course.”
nighttime, where you and kazutora always took pictures like those ulzzang couples yk? you both do this everyday. in the morning, evening, afternoon,, that ulzzang thing you both always do never ending. kazutora sometimes cover his face when you both took a selfie with both of your face being squish together.
“hmm! that pic is ugly, delete it i look terrible.” you point at the fail picture you took while ago. “nah, just keep it. for memories.” kazutora denied and held the camera in front back, taking more picture of both of you.
every night before going to sleep, you both often take selfies. and of course, you both are trending in the social media.
Tumblr media
HAHAHAHA..haa..i want to spend my days with kazutora smh </3 also sorry if there’s any errors ARGGHHSHSHSJ IM LAZY TO READ BACKKKK FUCKKKK
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Best dramas I’ve watched in 2020 so far (and some not so good ones) Part II
part 1 here
Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain - based on Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain by 国王陛下 (translation dropped at chapter 50 out of 884 back in 2017). A combination of satire/comedy with complex themes. The emotional investment sneaks up on you out of nowhere and hits you like a sack of bricks. An interesting twist on the master/disciple relationship. Meh on the special effects. Excellent female characters. Solid plot, endless fanfic potential, all the found family your heart desires. Much more gay than you’d think. Needs Season 2, but Season 1 can be watched over and over again. 9/10
Handsome Siblings - based on Twin Heroes by Gu Long. Feel good ending. A decent amount of angst. The most heartwarming drama I’ve watched all year. Funny and insightful and a joy to experience. Meh on the special effects. They don’t know they’re brothers. Plot drags only in a few places, and not for very long. A variety of female characters, but mediocre on their portrayals. A sect comprised of only female disciples - I would like to see it. Contains one of the three het couples whose happiness mattered to me in the entirety of 2020. An endless well of hilarity and angst. Can be watched over and over again. 8/10
Love and Redemption - based on The Glass Maiden by Shi Si Lang (translation ongoing). A wild ride from beginning to end. Intentionally and unintentionally funny. Gay subtext. Contains one of the three het couples whose happiness mattered to me in the entirety of 2020. A plethora of excellent and complex side characters. A feral bottom snake god. A merman who gets kidnapped once a week. Buckets of angst and frustration and misunderstandings. Gorgeous aesthetics. The male lead is tortured more often than all the other characters combined, but he looks hot while going through it. A+ for the sheer wildness of the plot, C- for all the misunderstandings; there has to be a limit somewhere. 7.5/10
The Rise of Phoenixes - based on The Rise of Phoenixes by 天下归元 (translation ongoing). Contains one of the three het couples whose happiness mattered to me in the entirety of 2020. If you judge the seriousness of the drama by the relative hotness of the Emperor, casting Ni DaHong should tell you everything you need to know. An abundance of court intrigue, suspense, and humor. Complex themes, steady plot progression, no scene time wasted. Costumes and set design out of this world. Smart and witty. The most thought provoking drama I’ve watched all year. Ni Ni is a goddamn goddess and should be worshipped daily. 10/10
Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos - based on a novel I can’t seem to track down anywhere. Meng ZiYi must have some serious back pain from carrying all forty episodes on her shoulders. Interesting premise, shaky execution at best. Main het relationship did not excite, nor were the acting skills comparable; Meng ZiYi deserved better. Wang ZhuoCheng gives a decent performance. The drama does pack an emotional punch if you stick around long enough to get invested. Forty episodes long, but sometimes seemed twice that. Definitely entertaining, but not engaging. 6/10
The Wolf - also based on a novel I can’t track down. Too much romance, then angst, then romance. The dreaded love triangle. Dropped the drama three times, then went back because Xiao Zhan. Darren Wang gives decent performance, but does not have much to work with. Li Qin’s skills utterly wasted on this role. If you’re not invested in the love story, you’ll get bored. If you’re invested, you’ll be emotionally numb half-way through. Good fight scenes. Not so good special effects. 5/10 for the actors doing their best with what they had.
Dance of the Phoenix - based on Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances by 明月听风 (translation dropped at chapter 27 out fo 85 in May of 2020). Yu Mingye deserved better. Female main character + mostly female side characters. Excellent + complex villains, also female. Judging by the costumes + special effects, not much of a budget to work with. Cop-out in the last few episodes to neatly tie up the plot that was... not very intricate to begin with. Vastly entertaining but not that deep. Buckets of angst, but plenty of humor to ease the pain. Lan JingYi fights with a fan. Good fanfic potential. Godawful ending. 7/10 for the best villain I’ve encountered all year.
Legend of Fei - based on Bandits by Priest (translation ongoing). Zhao Liying slays. A variety of compelling female characters. Excellent fight choreography. Interesting premise, steadily progressing plot. Potential for many disaster bisexuals. May contain the fourth het romance I’m invested in this year, but it's still too early to tell. Wang Yibo in his element as Xie Yun, may even produce a better performance than his role in The Untamed. The drama is still only 7 episodes in, will give ranking when finished. ?/10
Looking forward to:
Immortality - based on danmei novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun by 肉包不吃肉 starring Chen Feiyu and Luo Yunxi
Winner Is King - based on the danmei novel Sha Po Lang by Priest starring Tan Jianci and Chen Zheyuan
A Tale of The Wanderers - based on danmei novel Faraway Wanderers by Priest starring Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun
Douluo Continent - based on xuanhuan novel Soul Land by 唐家三少 starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi 
Step By Step Lotus - based on historical novel Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince by 月关 starring Zhang Binbin and Luo Yunxi
Feng Qi Long Xi - based on historical novel of the same name by Ma Bo Yong starring Zhu Yilong and Deng Lun
Sword Snow Stride - based on the xuanhuan novel The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade by 烽火戏诸侯 starring Zhang Ruoyun and Hu Jun
Heaven Official's Blessing - based on danmei novel of the same name by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu - cast unknown
Thousand Autumns - based on danmei novel of the same name by Meng Xi Shi - cast unknown 
Joy Of Life Season 2 - based on wuxia novel of the same name by 猫腻 starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin
A League of Nobleman - based on danmei novel The Society of Four Leaves by Da Feng Gua Guo starring Song Weilong and Jing Boran
Flying Phoenix - based on danmei novel of the same name by 風弄 starring Dai Jingyao and Shu Yaxin
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Congrats on 300+ again Minnie!! For the event may I request Dazai with 9 please🥰💕
Also submitted by Kat @pompompurin1028: forgot to specify it was fluff prompt 9 my bad😅
Thanks Kat!♡♡♡ Jsksksk I had so much fun writing this..
Osamu Dazai + "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
Word count: 1550|| Warnings: fluff.. toothrotting fluff♡
Tumblr media
You were never the one to get mad at your brunet man-child, for you loved him dearly and cared a bit too much for him. So, when you berated him for jumping into the bloody river, you expected him to apologise. Instead, he argued back saying, “But it looked so beautiful, with the setting sun casting an ethereal glow onto it! It was practically begging me to jump in!”
You were to your wits end. You were aware that your boyfriend wasn’t suicidal anymore, thanks to his loving words all those nights ago. You remember it like it was yesterday. You both had participated in a passionate activity of making love and had ended up wrapped in each other’s arms as the soft rays of the moon shone down on your tired bodies. Dazai had propped himself up on his elbows to look at you; he had kissed you gently.
“I had no purpose in life, Y/N. But now that I have you, I don’t think I want to die anymore. You make me want to live, dear.”
That was the happiest time of your life. You wouldn’t trade that moment for anything in this world. Those three sentences meant so much to you. You’ll guard them in the deepest parts of your heart, forever.
This also means that whenever Dazai decides to plop himself in the river, it is for comical purposes.
“It adds to my aesthetic!”, he had said.
Well, damn him and his stupid aesthetics. He could actually drown if he kept up this stupidity! You were so bloody mad at him. He had rubbished off your concern by saying that nothing in this world can kill a previously suicidal man, but himself. How much you wanted to believe in his nonsense, only you knew. So, you decided to ignore him. You hoped that giving him the cold shoulder would make him fall to his knees, and perhaps, hopefully, make him promise to never risk his life ever again.
The multiple text messages on your phone were proof that your plan was, in fact, working!
Your phoned buzzed again, alerting you of another message. You usually had your read-receipts off, but you had turned them on specially for him; to show him that you’re leaving him on read.
Idiot [5:04 pm]
Belladonna, please reply!
Idiot [5:05 pm]
Please! I know what you’re doing! You’re ignoring me and it hurts!
Idiot [5:06]
I can’t believe you turned your read-receipts on just to spite me :(
Idiot [5:07] missed call.
Idiot [5:08]
At least tell me when you’re coming home? Doesn’t your shift end at 5? Are you on the way?
You were, in fact, done for the day. You were just about to pack up and head home. Grinning, you eagerly put your laptop in the bag, arranging your documents and preparing to leave. Ignoring him hurt, but it also felt good to have his undivided attention. You were planning to go home and give him a tight hug, then proceed to force a promise out of him.
You rushed out, making your way home as quickly as possible. Upon reaching the door, you were surprised to find it slightly ajar. There was a sticky note on the door. Pulling it off, you read it.
‘In the washroom. Do not disturb.’
You furrowed your brows at this. He knew you had a key, so why did he go through the trouble of opening the door for you and writing a note? Unless the point was to keep you from interrupting him? Was he giving you the cold shoulder?
Pushing it open, you walk home to find a bowl of macaroni on the table. You smiled at the sweet gesture, only to drop it at the sight that unfolded.
There, lying next to the bowl, laid an empty bowl, that had clearly been used. He had gone ahead and had dinner without you.
You dropped your coat and bag on the centre table, not bothering to place them in their dedicated places. Rushing over to the bathroom, you halted. You could hear the shower running. He never took a shower so early. He always fussed about showering just before bed, as it makes him feel sleepy.
Knocking, you waited for a reply.
“Dazai? I’m home!”
You heard no reply, so you tried opening the door, worried, only to find it locked.
“Did you read the note?”, came his voice from inside.
“Yeah! What about it?”
“Adhere to it.”
You were left baffled. Was he mad at you? For what exactly? Was he mad because you cared, or because he didn’t want to apologise?
Huffing, you crossed your arms and continued freshening up. If he wanted to get mad at you for caring for him, then he could remain mad.
You finally changed and seated yourself on the sofa, turning the TV on, and trying to find a good movie to watch. Your stomach growled loudly, but you ignored it, not wanting to eat what he had made for you. You were mad at him for being mad at you, and you wanted to maintain your anger.
When he finally stepped out of the shower, he walked to the living room and stood staring at you. His gaze pierced into you, but you tried not to look at him. He kept boring holes into you. Finally giving up, you looked at him.
He gave you a look and looked away.
You scoffed.
“Honestly, Osamu, what do you want?”
He crossed his arms. Remaining silent.
Throwing your arms in the air, you resumed your movie.
He came and sat next to you, leaving too much space between your bodies. It irked you. You decided to ignore him, and continued watching the movie in silence. After about fifteen minutes, he came to stand in front of you, blocking the screen.
You paused the movie, again, and kept your chin your palm, giving him a bored look.
“What is it? Don’t you want to go to sleep, or something?”
“I’m hungry.”
‘Finally!’, you thought, ‘He’s finally saying something!’.
“I thought you ate already?”
“That’s not what I mean.”
He looked like a such a child at the moment. His hair was messy and parts of it were slightly damp. His expression was super adorable. He looked mad, but you could tell that he was upset. It was the look of a child when he knows he’s wrong but doesn’t want to accept the punishment. It did little to calm you down, though. You were mad at him for eating dinner without you, ignoring you and being mean.
“God, Dazai, what is your point here? Or is your aim to simply annoy me? Because believe me, it’s working.”
He huffed and mumbled something.
“What was that?”
He sighed.
“I said, I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
He tried to avoid your gaze, but you could easily spot the blush creeping up on his cheeks. He was embarrassed. It was too adorable a sight to ignore.
Chuckling, you opened your arms for him climb into your embrace. He hid his face in the crook of your neck. You hugged him tight, kissed his tousled locks and inhaled his scent. You had missed this so much.
“I’m still mad at you, you know.”
“I know.”
“Do you not even want to know why?”
He stayed hidden in your hair, but mumbled out a reply, nonetheless.
“You’re mad because I don’t care for myself and because you can’t appreciate the beauty of my aesthetic.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Just promise to take care of yourself, please. I really love you; I don’t know what I’d do without you...”
He hugged you tighter, touched by your genuine words.
“I promise.”
Smiling, you thread your fingers through his hair. He was sitting on knees while you were seated on the sofa. It must have been uncomfortable for him.
“Come up.”
You shifted, making space for both of you.
He climbed up and laid his head on your lap, looking up at you.
“Did you eat yet?”, he asked.
You frowned, looking away. You knew he had eaten without you because he was mad at you, but it still hurt.
“What does it matter? I’m not hungry, anyway.”
He smiled.
“Well, I am hungry. Care to join me for dinner?”
You furrowed your brows in confusion.
“Didn’t you eat already?”
The shit eating grin on his face gave you your answer.
You gasped.
“You little shit! You dirtied the bowl to make it look like you ate, didn’t you?!”
He laughed and rolled off you to dodge your punches.
“I can’t believe it worked! Did you actually think I’d eat without you?”, he asked incredulously.
“Well, you’re one petty piece of shit, why wouldn’t I expect the worst of you?”
He placed a hand on his heart, gasping theatrically.
“Your words wound my poor heart, Bella!”
Chuckling, you fetch another bowl for yourself.
“You can have that filled bowl. I’m not having cold pasta.”
“I can just heat it in the microwave, you know?”
“But you love me!”, he said, clinging onto your arm.
Sighing, you kiss his cheek.
“Unfortunately, I do.”
Tumblr media
Idek if this is what u wanted, but do lemme know what u think!♡
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · a year ago
Their Doll 5
Throw a punch
B.Barnes x Reader, S.Rogers x Stark!Reader
series synopsis:  y/n Stark, all records of her non existent, and yet Hydra still find her. When she is kidnapped by a certain super-soldier and no one believes her, she finds herself searching for unexpected familiarity in her not-so-distant past.
Series Warnings: smut, violence, torture, swearing
Chapter Summary: y/n finally beats Bucky, he has a surprise for her when she returns from her first mission.
Warnings: smut, violence, mention of death/murder
A/n: The timeline in this has been altered, as there I things I wanted to include but I also wanted this fic to follow the storyline/timeline of Winter Soldier and Civil war.So for purposes of this fanfic, Peter Parker was discovered by Tony at a much younger age - when he was bitten - and has been an intern with him since, almost like a protégée.(For the purposes of this story Peter was bitten much younger too - more like when he was 9 or ten rather than 14/15)
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
3 years. 3 godforsaken, bloody torturous years. That's how long I'd been in this hell hole. How long I'd been repeatedly beaten up by my only form of solace daily. How long I'd been whipped for simply not being good enough to beat a super soldier. How long I'd endured endless torture. And today, today is the day that it will all end.
If there was one thing the last three years taught me, is that I should duck and run rather than throw a punch. At least that's what I thought, and I'd never really been willing to risk a broken jaw to prove my theory. That is, until today.
Come on, y/n, you can do this. The words were repeated in my mind, my own mantra, in order to psych myself up for what I was about to do. There was a fire grip on my arm - arguably much tighter than necessary - as the guards dragged my down the hollow hall to my training session with the Winter Soldier. Pft, more like two hours of humiliation and a sore ass, I though, a little smirk spreading on my lips at my own joke.
"What're you laughing about? Something funny, Stark?" The guard who had the grip on my arm spat through gritted teeth and the smirk was instantly ripped from my lips, instead reverting back to the hard expression I had been trying to maintain while around anyone who worked for HYDRA.
So basically everyone.
We walked in silence the rest of the way, like normal, and the guard roughly shoved my into the room by a hand between my shoulder blades, like normal. But today wasn't like normal - no, today was the day I was the one to throw a punch.
They removed the silencer from my head and let me take a gulp of water before The General was barking the order for us to begin.
I walked into the centre of the room, shoulders back and stare cold. The soldier's gaze matched mine as his cerulean eyes bore into my own, his jaw clenched and hands already curling into fists as I stood before him. We maintained the stare for a moment - almost as if the other was waiting for the other to make the first move, an open opportunity to take the win.
And so I did.
Using the speed I'd worked up to over time, I farted towards the soldier, ducking on a seconds notice as his metal fist flew out. I landed a jab to his stomach, one hard enough to make him cough slightly with the knocked up air but far from hard enough to actually make him stumble. Distracted, he barely noticed me as I slipped under him - through his legs out by his back, which I was quick to jump on. I let my legs wrap around his muscular waist and my left arm wrap around his throat, making the soldier grit his teeth and attempt to pry my arm away from his neck as he began to choke.
When he attempted to fling my forward, I tangled my right fist into his brown locks, yanking painfully and making the soldier cry out as I lowered my lips to his ear. Another thing I'd learnt in the past three years is that the soldier was only affected by my powers under two conditions:
One, he was off-guard or vulnerable - hence the choking - and two, I was as close to him as I could possibly get.
I began to him a soft tune - one I had discovered was most effective in lowering my opponent's defence and lulling them into a false sense of security. I practically smirked irksomely when I sensed his eyes rolling back in defeat and his assault on my arm falter - body falling limp and relaxed under the quell of my voice.
When I was sure I'd lowered his defences enough, I slowly climbed down from his back and admired my handy-work.
The Winter Soldier, stood dopey and barely lucid before me, without so much as the energy to even move his arm, let alone land a heavy punch like he normally would. I took my chance, the man nothing more than a pile of flesh and bones as my leg swept through his, bringing the soldier down the the ground with a loud noise that resembled a mixture of a crash and a thud.
Of course, the impact made my tune immediately ware-off and the soldier was now fully lucid, but I could barely contain myself as I punched my fists into the air triumphantly and a grin curled across my lips.
A lonely applause filled the tall room, bringing me back to earth as I realised the situation. Footsteps angled towards me, slow and calculated as the claps slowed to a stop, The General standing before me with a tight-lipped smile.
"Well done, Miss Stark." He congratulated, looking around him and outstretching his arms. "It only took you, what? Three years?" He mocked, the taunting laughter of the guards making me feel nauseous. But I kept my composure, returning his mocking, tight-lipped smile that didn't even dare go near my eyes - which were alright with anger. "And now your training is complete. We shall have to teach you how to use a gun, I suppose?" He said lazily. I clenched my jaw.
"I knew how to use a gun perfectly fine, General." I gritted and his eyes brows shot up as he turned to face his comrades.
"Did you hear that, gentlemen? Looks like she doesn't need another three years to learn to fire a gun? My, my, haven't we lucked out with this one?" He mocked cruelly, coming back to face my burning eyes. He smirked, grabbing my chin between his thumb and his finger and angling my head up to meat his eyes. "Take her away, and get her ready for her first mission." He demanded, eyes churning with something that resembled pride, but darker. He kept his eyes on me as he spoke, before roughly jerking my chin away and letting the guards refasten the silencer over my mouth before they were grabbing and arm each and dragging me from the  training room.
The pulled me back down the hollow hall - passing my usual cell.
"W-where are we going?" I asked, swallowing heavily as they halted to a stop in front of an unfamiliar door and we shoving me inside. There was nothing gentle about the HYDRA guards, not that I ever expected there to be.
Once I was in one of them tugged the door shut, the other throwing a bundle of clothes at me, which I fought as the flew at my chest. I opened the ball of fabric out, finding a skin-tight leather tactile suit - red HYDRA symbol embellished on either arm and over my heart - along with underwear and some black tactile boots.
The men stared at me expectantly, eyeing me up and down by never making the move to leave.
"Aren't you supposed to give me privacy to change?" I asked sheepishly. As humiliating it had been to be whipped for three years the sight toppled in front of these men, the idea of willingly getting changed while they were stood staring at me like I was a piece of meat made bile ride in my throat.
"I highly suggest you get to it, unless you'd like us to help out, of course." One of the guards said with a sickening expression, making me grimace and begin to tug my shirt over my head.
"And how about you do it...slowly, if you don't mind, Miss Stark." The other remarked, arms crossed over his chest as he bit his lip and glued his eyes intensely on my body.
I gulped, continuing to pull the shirt over my head. Oh boy, this was gonna be a long day.
Blood and soot cakes my nails, the icky feeling of the grime a haunting reminder of what I had just done. I was in the shower room, scrubbing the mud and blood from my body as quickly and efficiently as I could. I was used to cleaning my own blood from my skin, but the feeling of someone else’s just made me want to-
I shivered, hands shaking the the brush tumbling out of my grasp and clattering to the floor. I braced a hand on the wall, letting my head hang forward as I took a deep breath, before looking back up and wincing as the cold water streamed over me.
No hot showers at HYDRA. I hadn’t felt the feeling of warm water rush over me since the last time I had a long bubble bath back home...
I shook the thought off, carding my fingers through my hair and attempting to pick the dirt and gravel out of it. My breath was ragged as I felt a hot steam of air on my neck, the faint tickle of fingers brushing over my hips and up my body until two large hands - one flesh, one metal - caged my head to the tiled wall.
“Soldier...” I moaned breathily, letting my eyes slip shut at the feeling of his hot breath hitting the back of my neck. It was an intoxicating feeling, really, especially after being void of affectionate human contact for so many years. The soldier buried his nose in my hair, inhaling deeply before bringing his lips to my eye.
“I can’t stay away from you.” He murmured, flesh hand coming down to grab a handful of my ass roughly before letting go. I almost whined at the loss of contact before I felt a harsh spank against my right ass cheek. What surprised me the most was the expected cry of pain did not escape me, but rather a moan of pleasure.
I could feel the soldier’s smirk against my skin at my reaction, my eyes still shut as his hand trailed over my hip once again, before slipping down my front and running a finger through my wet folds. I jerked away as his fingertip brushed over my sensitive nub, pressing my lips together to surpress a needy groan at his low chuckle, the sound going straight to my core and causing a pang of arousal to dance through me.
“Ever been touched here before?” He husked in my ear and o shook my head, almost in embarrassment. “No?” He checked and I shook my head again. “I’ll try to be gentle.” He muttered, but before I could protest his cold with gliding through my folds, now coated in my wetness and slowly sheathing itself inside of me.
A raspy moan tore from my throat, the soldier groaning behind me as his hand moved to my hip in a vice-like grip. His cock stretched me beyond my limits, and to say it was painful was an understatement. After a moment of keeping his cock fully seated within me, the soldier pulled his hips back slowly before slamming back roughly. A burn formed in my cunt and I let out another moan, dropping my head forward to to cool shower wall when he thrusted into me again.
After a few more thrusts the pain started to dissipate, instead turning into a delicious and pleasurable burn that sent tingles through me. When one of my hands reached backwards to grip onto the soldier’s thigh, he took it as a signal to speed up snapping his hips into mine until the only thing that could be heard were our skin slapping together, my breathy and broken moans and the soldier’s frankly feral and animalistic growls and groans in my ear.
A sharp gasp crawled up my throat when his hand transferred from my hip down to my core, two fingers flicking at my bungle of nerves. I could feel every vein, every ridge, every part of him as I clamped down around him, throwing my head back to rest of his shoulder as his pace somehow increased again - fingers drawing tight and fast circles on my clit in time with his thrusts.
My knees buckled as I came with a shout, falling back into him as my legs gave up on me. He let out a growl as his thrusts faltered, a few more strokes and he was shooting his load deep into me. I winced as he pulled out, falling forwards into the wall as I tried to catch my breath - breathing laboured.
As I turned to face the soldier, maybe pull him into a kiss, he disappeared. It was like he had gone into thin air. The only trace of him left was his cum dripping down my thighs, tickling my skin.
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mha-quotes-and-such · 8 months ago
my headcanons about what 1-A students would be if not in the hero course (but some of them are stupid)
-kirishima: firefighter. he toughens his skin as an extra layer of protection against flames and can just,, walk through them if someone is trapped on the other side.
-kouda: hed have a degree in zoology. next question.
-bakugou: hed still want to fight people but I dont think he'd like being on the ground too much so wrestling isnt an option. he would box.
-tsu: marine biologist. she would be the best in her field and also volunteer everywhere she could on the weekends.
-jirou: an exterminator (hear me out... get it?) she can hear exactly where pests are in walls, floors, ceilings, etc. and we know she isnt bothered by bugs as seen with her working with kouda against present mic.
-mina: alas, she is Too Dummy Stupid (and proud of it!!) to understand chemistry so she would open her own dance studio for little kids.
-sero: works in an office. 9-5. but hes constantly high so it makes it bearable when people make jokes about his elbows. he's still punched a guy over it, though.
-hagakure: government agent. she is harder to pin down because she isn't given much personality (that I've seen) but her quirk would be good for undercover missions or whatever the government does.
-uraraka: manifesting that she'd be the CEO of a successful company and Get That Bread but pay her workers so far above the minimum wage.
-kaminari: youtuber. I'm not going to elaborate.
-iida: probably something boring but Professional like a lawyer. except his own morals get in the way sometimes so he fudges a few cases if he thinks someone is truly guilty regardless of evidence presented.
-tokoyami: stand up comedian. the constant back and forth between him and dark shadow would be very entertaining to watch and his delivery for jokes would be perfect. the audience laughs at him for being emo.
-ojiro: some form of martial arts instructor I dont know what he trained in but he would teach it to younger kids looking to learn.
-shouji: this man is a jack of all trades huh? anyway he would probably be a first responder. he's just Like That and his quirk is useful for listening for survivors of natural disasters and such.
-todoroki: this boy is a trust fund baby he'll most likely never work a day in his life. although he would donate a lot of his dad's money to charity. he volunteers at hospitals.
-aoyama: he's a model why do you ask (he also has his own fashion line, not a lot of people buy from it though).
-satou: some of these are SO easy. professional chef/baker, obviously.
-yaoyorozu: she is also a trust fund baby, but she values hard work so. theres a lot of things she could do with her quirk but for some reason I see her as a writer??
-midoriya: there is nothing that will stop this boy from becoming a hero. that bring said, he would be a teacher. good with kids, is passionate about learning... need I go on?
-mineta: dead. and I killed him.
I could totally see Kirishima as a firefighter! I definitely think he’d want to use his quirk to help people, same with Shouji. I could see him as anything from disaster relief to paramedic
He would need some healthy way to get out his anger, so boxing works, but I could also see him doing most types of fighting (some of the more disciplined ones not so much)
Tsu would totally wanna do something with water (and animals!) I could see anything from marine biologist, to working at an aquarium, and maybe even a sailor (she does have experience after all)
Jirou would do something related to her quirk. While I think she’d probably pursue music (maybe not in a band, she could totally do sound engineering or something) I do think exterminator works
Hagakure would make a great spy and Uraraka a great manager. You can’t convince me other wise
Iida would be an absolutely terrifying lawyer which would work well
Todoroki and Yaoyorozu would both probably do a lot of volunteering and philanthropy (is it still philanthropy if it’s technically not your money??) And Yaoyorozu could totally be a writer or journalist!
As for Mineta, thank you you’ve done us all a great service
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pan-fangirl-345 · a year ago
Because Clingy is a Good Thing
Summary: You over hear a conversation with Kei and some people from his class. But, if he really thought, that then why was he still with you?
TW: doubt in a relationship/partner, and probably some swearing.
A/N: I tried to make this gender neutral, but I may have missed some. Also, I made the reader tall. I am 5′9, almost 5′10, so writing from a tall perspective is easy for me.
You were in the hallway to pick Kei up from his last class and walk him to practice when you heard your name.
“-(Y/L/N) seems kinda clingy, I don’t think I could deal with a person like that,” someone said.
“Yeah, it would be like dating a koala,” another chimed in.
“I bet they get jealous easy too,” the first person added.
“What’re they like Tsukishima?”
“They’re clingy, but they don’t tend to get jealous,” Kei said, tone as bored as ever, but you knew him well enough to know that he was irritated.
Were you really clingy? Is that why he had been pulling away from your touch for the last week? Was the inevitable breakup staring you in the face?
You realized as he got up that you could either try to talk to him about it and risk breaking down and looking weak, or you could leave and gather your thoughts so you wouldn’t break down when you asked him about it.
You decided to leave, ducking away from the door, keeping your head down as you made your way to your own club room, slipping inside unnoticed.
That was something you had always been good at, slipping into rooms without drawing attention to yourself. It had come in handy when you were running late, and in times like this when you just wanted to think about things without someone bothering you.
You grabbed your camera, something a family member had gotten you a few years ago, and flicked through the pictures.
Some were for school, a couple student yearbook photos, others were ones that you had taken yourself while you were out.
“Oh, (Y/L/N), I didn’t see you there,” the club advisor said, jumping you a little bit. “We’re about to start the meeting.”
“Okay, I’ll be right there,” you murmured, tucking your camera into it’s carrying case again.
Your phone buzzed, a text from Kei, but you ignored it, following your advisor into the room.
Kei was waiting for you by the gates of the school when you finally left your club, his blond hair glinting in the lamp light.
It was late fall, which meant it was getting darker earlier so the school started to turn the lights on earlier for the clubs that stayed late.
“You didn’t meet me at my classroom,” he said when you got into hearing range.
“Sorry, club emergency,” you mumbled, tucking your hair behind your ear. “You didn’t have to wait with me, you could’ve gone home.”
“Do you want to get mugged?” Kei asked, raising an eyebrow at you.
“No,” you said, uncertain as to what he was referring to. “Kei, my house is like, ten minutes by bus. The station is like, five minutes from here. I’m more worried about you.”
Wrong thing to say.
“I’m not a Shorty walking home alone,” Kei muttered.
That was a lie, you were almost as tall as he was.
“I’m not defenseless,” you hissed, crossing your arms.
He knew that you carried mace in your bag, he also knew that you had cousins that liked to wrestle with you and weren’t afraid to fight dirty.
You could hold your own if you needed to.
“Just let me walk you to the bus,” he sniped, glaring at you.
“Fine,” you sighed, readjusting your bag across your shoulder, gripping the strap so you didn’t reach for his hand.
His words were ringing in your ears as you walked, and you kept a good five inch space between him and you.
Normally, you liked to hold his hand on the way to the bus stop. It sent the message that you were together and tended to keep the creeps away. You didn’t really think you had to worry about it, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
It felt weird not to be holding his hand, but you couldn’t stop hearing his words to the others.
“Goodnight Tsukishima,” you muttered when the bus pulled up.
If he noticed that you didn’t use his first name he didn’t say anything, he just nodded and turned down the street he needed to go down to get to his house.
The next day you didn’t wait for him where you normally did, you kept walking and went straight to your class.
Your phone buzzed with messages from him that you ignored, brushing off your friends’ questions when they asked if everything was okay.
Everything wasn’t okay, but they didn’t need to know that.
They didn’t need to know how avoiding him made your stomach ache like you’d been punched. They didn’t need to know how much you wanted to hold his hand or hug him. How much you wanted to just lean on his shoulder in silence. How much you wished you could change so that he would be happy.
Maybe you should just break up with him now and get it over with. He would be happier, and there were many girls clamoring to take your place at his side.
Maybe you should start deleting his pictures off your phone while you still had the chance. Maybe you should-
“(Y/L/N), can I talk to you?” Tadashi asked when he stuck his head into your classroom.
“Um, sure,” you murmured, slinking out of your seat into the hall with him.
“Is everything okay between you and Tsukki?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine,” you said, but he caught your moment of hesitation. “Look, I just figured he might like some alone time, time when I’m not stuck to his side like a koala.”
The words left a bitter taste in your mouth as they came out, and the pain in your stomach gave a throb or four, but they were true.
Maybe that was why they hurt so much.
“Oh, okay,” he murmured. “Have a good day, (Y/L/N).”
“You too Yamaguchi.”
Lunch was easier than you had thought.
You sometimes forgot that Kei practiced with the team during lunch, so you didn’t have to avoid him.
And it was a good excuse when your friends asked why you weren’t eating with your boyfriend.
“How hard is it? Dating an athlete?”
“Not very,” you admitted. “I have my own things to do, so we both understand that we can’t cling to each other every second of every day,” you murmured, picking at your lunch.
“Tsukishima doesn’t seem like a very affectionate boyfriend,” one of your other friends hissed.
“He shows me affection in other ways. He walks me to the bus and to school most days, and he makes me smile when I have a bad day.” You paused. “He’s really not as bad as everyone thinks. It’s just a wall most of the time.”
“That’s so romantic,” someone gushed and you chuckled.
Your phone buzzed. It was Kei again, and you glanced at it.
Are you okay?
Were you okay?
No, but he didn’t need to know that.
You sent back a quick, ‘I’m fine.’ and turned back to your friends.
This went on for a week before Kei cornered you about it.
You had stayed in the clubroom for a little longer, waiting until everyone left before you started to cry.
You were frustrated, and you hated yourself, and crying didn’t seem to make it any better.
You had a bad habit of bottling everything up inside until it all exploded, and this time was no different.
You were so busy crying that you didn’t realize that Kei was in the room until he moved into your peripheral vision.
You swiped at your eyes quickly and sniffled, as if that only could get rid of the blotchiness of the rest of your face as he crouched in front of you.
“You’ve been avoiding me,” he declared, sounding irritating.
“If you’re breaking up with me, just say it and leave. Take a couple photos or something and leave,” you hissed, wiping at your eyes furiously.
“I’m not breaking up with you.”
“Why not?”
“Because I like you. A lot more than I was planning on actually,” he said, making you laugh wetly.
“Yeah, and you called me clingy because you like me,” you snapped, sniffling again, hating yourself for letting him see you cry.
You and Kei had only been dating for a few weeks, and you had only planned on letting him see you cry when you graduated. Maybe not even then.
“You . . . You heard that?” he asked.
“Yeah. Why do you think I’ve been avoiding you? For fun?” you snarled, not looking him in the eyes. “I was giving you what you wanted.”
“Ask literally anybody who knows me and they will tell you that that’s not what I wanted,” Kei said, taking your hands in his.
“Uh huh, sure,” you snapped. “Because having a clingy significant other is suddenly a good thing.”
“Why didn’t you talk to me about it?” he inquired. “Why did you avoid me?”
“You called me clingy. Did you really expect me to think that I could talk to you about it?”
“I suppose you have a point there,” he muttered. “But look, when I said you were clingy, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I . . . I enjoy that.”
“I know you Tsukishima,” his nose wrinkled at the use of his last name, “and you sounded irritated.”
“I was irritated at them for asking about our relationship. It’s none of their business if you’re clingy and get jealous.”
You sniffled again, taking back one of your hands so that you could wipe at your eyes.
“So . . . you’re not mad at me?” you inquired, suddenly feeling incredibly stupid.
“No, I’m just glad that you’re talking to me again. I’m sorry I made you cry,” he murmured, wiping away a stray tear on your cheek lightly.
“It wasn’t you,” you assured him, pulling him up with you on the bench. “I was just mad at myself and . . . well, pretty much everything else that was going on at the time.”
“You can talk to me, you know that right?”
“I know, but . . . we’re both stubborn, we think we can and should solve our own problems by ourselves.”
“That’s fair,” Kei muttered, wrapping an arm around your waist as he pulled you into his lap.
Your face burned, but it felt nice to be this close to him again.
“Never go a week without hugging me again,” he ordered, making you laugh.
“Never,” you agreed, tightening your hold as he did.
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batz · 11 months ago
coomer and bubby meetcute hc!!! (but also some coomer backstory stuff because yeas!)
i wrote this hc back in da early hlvrai days but decided to rewrite it bc i had more ideas!!! also bc a little bit of coomer backstory is needed i want 2 know whts goin on with him with the  funny oldman...
also its almost 2k words and is mostly typos i am so sorry
  so, okay, before coomer started working at black mesa, his main job, his ‘career’, was underground wrestling. it didn’t pay too well, but it was something he was SUPER passionate about and loved! it initially started as a way to pay his way through school, but it ended up being his Main Priority, school kinda being an afterthought. he was really good at it too, he kind of had a reputation for being misleading, Stronger Than He Looks. a 5′4 manlet with a sweet lil smile and soft round build, but underneath all tht chub and cute was a fucking Killing Machine. dude was strong as HELL, able to take down almost any opponent he faced! ofc he wasn’t invincible, he was still human (at least at This point in his life, hes a flesh boy!), so he still had human weaknesses and Could Be Beaten.
  anyway, after a particularly Rough match, coomer was hospitalized. it was less of his opponents doing and more of a ‘accidentally gets picked up and thrown a little Too far and lands outside of the ring and onto the bleachers, breaking like So Many Bones in the process’ kinda thing. coomer was actually pretty stoked about it, although it couldve been the pain meds making him loopy, but the idea of being beaten in such an Awesome And Climactic Way made him really happy.
  coomers (first) wife was Used to coomer kinda getting horribly injured bc of his Career Choice(tm), and she Understood. she used to be involved in the underground wrestling scene too, in fact, she and coomer met during an impromptu boxing match in the parking lot of some 24 hour pharmacy. she beat him and they’ve been together ever since,, but she stopped w the whole boxing career thing, eventually getting a more stable job as an engineer bc getting punched in the ribs multiple times a week for minimal or no pay kinda gets old after a while. Also shes part of a union so she gets like, benefits n shit
  she supported coomers Love For Pumching tho, and she loved that he was so passionate about it. however bc of the severity of coomer’s injuries from this fight, she decided to try and convince him to like... stop wrestling,,, and get a Real Job that wont end with his bones turning to dust before he’s 30. coomer, seeing how worried she is, and also realizing how painful it is to break multiple ribs in one go, eventually agrees with her. he decides to quit wrestling, sees that black mesa has a job opening, and even though coomer isnt really finished university yet black mesa hires him anyway (bc black mesa is just fucked up like that... scientists dont need DEGREES what are u TALKING ABT...)  
  shortly after starting work at black mesa, coomer and his wife end up getting a divorce (theyre still p much best friends tho, she just figured out shes lesbian and coomer is v happy for her. they were only married for like a year or two so CKGJFDG def not a Big Emotional Divorce or anything). coomer is now Epic Divorce Man and we love him for it
  hes a LITTLE bit sad ofc, not horribly broken up about it bc again, they weren’t married for too long and are still very close, but You Know. and also a LITTLE bit petty, because she was partially the reason he gave up wrestling and committed himself to a Life Of Science. which isn’t a bad thing, he definitely Likes Doing Science, but he misses The Thrill Of The Ring!  the cheering crowd! punching people! being punched! its kind of his thing! but, Adulthood Is Shitty and you gotta make some sacrifices if u wanna live a decent life (without any broken bones) so he just. lives with it.
  coomer finds a large room inside of an almost empty/unused section of black mesa he was snooping around in. very old, run down, almost looks like a gymnasium of sorts. Is all like ‘My City Now!’ and turns it into the underground boxing ring. A nice training ground for when hes on break or just wants to punch stuff. oh u kno
  coomer is good at making friends. not because he’s nice, in fact he can be a bit rude sometimes, BUT its because hes just Incredibly Social. the definition of extroverted. if he sets his sights on someone and wants to befriend them, 9 out of 10 times he WILL. because of this, when he has the idea to build up an underground boxing ring in black mesa, he successfully gets a Lot of people on board.  
  so yeah, time skip a few months, and the black mesa underground boxing ring is going Strong. its kept under wraps, so it doesn’t get shut down, but word travels fast in black mesa, and it becomes common knowledge.
  bubby hears about it, and is instantly interested. not really in the fighting aspect, but moreso the fact that its something he wasn’t invited to, and that Annoys him. sure he doesn’t really talk to many ppl but like STILL. he TOTALLY should’ve known about it sooner!!! and since hes Always trapped in black mesa, and things inevitably get really boring once his shift is done (wandering around a facility u know like the back of ur hand gets boring after the first like. 10 years of doing it LOL), he definitely decides to go check it out. because hey, hes got nothing better to do.
  he definitely feels out of place. everyone is kind of intimidating. At least as intimidating as a bunch of poindexter looking types can Be. a lot of them are fucking Built, though, and if they dont Look Strong they definitely have that ‘I Can Tear U Apart Limb By Limb’ look in their eyes. at least, thats what it looks like to bubby. (outside of Bubby Social Anxiety Vision its just a bunch of ppl hanging out and working out LOL).
  ofc, because he’s a newcomer, hes pressured into stepping into the ring, to Fight someone, as an initiation kinda situation. bubby, not wanting to seem like a Baby(tm), awkwardly climbs into the ring. he’s at Least able to Choose who he wants to fight, so bubby analyzes the crowd, finding the best opponent who he is sure Wont just fuckin Destroy Him. he ends up choosing the person closest to his height, which is, obviously, coomer. bubby doesn’t know who the hell he is but he’s short, round, kinda looks like if a teddy bear was a Human Man, so its obviously the best decision!
  the audience erupts into excited chatter, jeering and General Chaos, and bubby immediately regrets his decision. he doesn’t know Whats going on but he knows its not good. bubby realizes his mistake as coomer makes his way into the ring, taking off his labcoat and shirt and seeing that he is just. absolutely jacked. still soft and round but also built like a brick shithouse. a Lot Less Soft and a Lot More Threatening. still looks like a teddy bear but a teddy bear with the ability to Crush A Skull With Ease.  
  anyway, a single punch to the face is enough to just fucking Launch bubby. he just skids across the ring, immediately KO’d. the crowd erupts into laughter n cheers n general chaos once again. Coomer sorta hams it up for the audience, rlly relishing in the applause, before he notices bubby is Not Moving from his spot. A little worried, he runs over to bubby, who is awake and fine, just laying there with a sour look on his face. coomer apologizes, genuinely seeming sorry, bc he couldve SWORN he was going easy on him! that he sometimes just doesn’t know his own strength, it seems. bubby just mumbles something about his nose being broken, ignoring the apology.
  coomer introduces himself as he helps bubby up, brushing him off. bubby awkwardly coughs into his fist and just says he definitely can’t remember his name. not at all. nosiree. its obviously a lie, but hes embarrassed enough as it is, saying his name to the man that already Destroyed Him doesn’t sound Ideal. (like.. No you don’t get to know who I am go Away..) however coomer takes this as ‘Oh No I Gave This Man A Concussion’ and, despite bubby’s protests, immediately rushes him off to get medical help. even though bubby is Totally Fine.
  coomer ends up walking bubby to first aid, and they just kind of chat idly. awkward small talk. WELL not awkward for coomer, whos just chatting away. more awkward for bubby who’s got his labcoat bunched up against his nose to help stop the torrent of blood just. pouring out of his face.
   they eventually make it to first aid and the doctor says hes fine!!! his nose isn’t even broken, at least not anymore, bubby heals pretty quick. coomer worriedly mentions bubby cant remember his name though!!! and the doc is like ‘okay yeah thats. cause for concern uh’. bubby Begrudgingly ends up saying his name because the doctor asked him & he honestly just really wants to Exit this Incredibly Embarrassing Situation as soon as possible.  
  coomer only laughs a, little bit at the name but he Sneakily covers it w a cough (even tho bubby totally noticed). but he says its a very nice & fitting name. n thts how bubby introduced himself to coomer:) thru trying to convince a doctor that he wasn’t fuckn. Concussed.
  he offers to buy bubby lunch, as an apology for temporarily breaking his face! ALSO probably offering some training as well so that bubby can land on his feet next time he gets punched, and not like, his head. bubby agrees, he doesn’t really know WHY he agrees, he figures its maybe it’s the promise of some free food (who doesnt love free food) or. something. coomer mentions a rlly good restaurant outside of town and bubby kinda spaces out at that point, letting coomer ramble. he doesn’t really want to mention he can’t Leave black mesa so, he decides the best course of action is to just. Avoid coomer forever. Bc that’s a RATIONAL solution to a minor problem like he just avoids him for Months.
  eventually, as things tend to go, black mesa assigns them as partners on a project. it’s awkward, to say the least. They enter the same room and notice eachother. bubby casually waves at coomer, looking like he wants to be Anywhere But Here. and coomer crosses his arms and gives bubby a Look.  
  Coomer is just like ‘youve been ignoring me ! >:\’ and bubby is like ‘yeah I do that’ and then. they become buds! bubby DOES apologize though. he gives coomer the rundown on the whole ‘i cant leave black mesa im a test tube baby and im so fucking cool’ thing and coomer understands completely for some reason. Like he doesn’t question it hes just like ‘alright!’ and they move on from that, idly chatting about other things as they get to work.
  LIKE its just a rlly casual friendship that delves into them being The Best Of Buds Ride Or Die Besties oh you know: ) also coomer was 100% flirting the entire time and the whole free lunch is an invitation to a nice lil date but bubby is oblivious as all hell and isn’t crushing on coomer at this point so coomer basically got  ghosted so sad,,,,,,
tldr; bubby joins underground boxing ring, coomer destroys bubbys face, coomer is crushing Hard, bubby has social anxiety, they become friends!!!
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deexchanel · 8 months ago
Beauty and Beasty 2.
Word Count: 3,368
Pairing: President!Bucky Barnes x Babysitter!BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Uptight Bucky.
Summary: This goes into Devora's back story a bit. When she comes home from picking the kids up from private school, James there waiting for them. She finally gets into contact with her best friend Alexis who is married to King Steve Rogers of Brooklyn. James makes way downstairs for a midnight snack to find her in the kitchen...
A/N: you guys love it so here is part 2.
Tumblr media
Devora Smith is the child of Deeva and Devon Smith. You shouldn't think too hard about how she got her name. The 22-year-old loves to cook. How she landed this job is a straightforward story to explain. Since she was 7, in her eyes, her dad was the best cook in the world. Devon owned a small restaurant that had enough attention to keep them afloat.
Devon always had Devora in the kitchen helping him cook; that's how she fell in love with cooking. Sadly, things happened, and her dad lost the restaurant due to the lack of money. Devora promised herself that she will make her dad proud by owning her own 5-star restaurant.
9 months ago, her best friend, Alexis, fell in love with King Steve Rogers of Brooklyn. They are now married and are expecting a child. Devora had complained to them many times that she needed a job to jumpstart her career. So when President James Buchanan Barnes of Romanian asked his best mate, King Steve, to help him find a babysitter. The king suggested Devora, and since it was last minute that he needed a babysitter. President Barnes hired her immediately.
"Hi, guys, how was school?" Devora questioned once the kids got in the Audi. While she drove, they were quiet, too quiet. "Uh, is anyone going to say anything?" No one responded so she stopped the car, putting it park on the side of the road. The babysitter gave Melanie her phone so she could be distracted by youtube. James doesn't allow the kids to use cell phones but do she does she care at the moment? No, and he isn't here to say anything.
Plus, Melanie gets fussy when she curses, so she doesn't do it around the kids unless she's really pissed off. "Roman, spill it." She sat Indian-style in the seat facing them. Devora knew that the 16-year-old boy couldn't hold anything from her. Unbeknownst to her, Roman saw Devora as his mother because she takes such good care of them.
He feels there is no reason to lie to her because she's such an understanding person and will always find a way to solve their problems. "This guy from my class constantly bullies me because of my hair and what I wear to school. Declan saw him shove me against the locker, so he punched him and they start to fight. Sophie saw what happened so she jumped in by jumping on his back, hitting his head from behind."
Before Devora could utter a word out, Declan sounded off."I had to defend him, Devora. He's my brother and I'm not going to let him get bullied on my watch. Roman doesn't mess with anyone and I wasn't going to let that guy continue to bother Roman."
Devora tries to speak again but Sophie continued their justification, "We're so sorry Devora. Don't be mad at us; we didn't get suspended..."
This time Devora did the cutting off."I'm not mad."
"...Or anything because of Father's status with the school." Sophie rambled out of nervousness then realized what she said. 'You're not mad?"
"I'm not. Want to know why?" She smiled ruffling Roman's hair causing him to smile. " Because you did what every big brother and sister are meant to do which is take up for your little sibling. Extra bonus points for beating his ass."
Melanie furrowed her eyebrow at Devora like a scolding parent. Everyone chuckled at her reaction. "Oops sorry, Melanie. Anywhoo you guys doing that proved to Roman that you'll always have his back. No matter what, you guys should always love each other. Never be in competition with one another, never judge, and never be jealous. Because at the end of the day you guys should always be able to depend on each other." The siblings looked at each other with a smile. Devora kissed each of their foreheads.
"I am so proud of you guys."
"Means a lot to hear that Devora. Thank you for being in our lives."Sophie hugged her neck. After their heartfelt moment, they were on the way home until Devora came up with a wonderful idea.
" How about you guys get a make-over?"
Roman perked up excitement, "Really? You would do that?"
"Duh you guys deserve it plus I might have the head chef's Mastercard." She winked at them through the rearview mirror. They all cheered in the backseat even though Melanie had no clue what was going on. Her phone ringed and Mel held the phone in the air, looking at the contact picture.
"Don't answer it!"
As they walked into the mansion from their shopping spree engaged in a funny conversation, James stood in the foyer. The children stopped their chat, standing still as if they were soldiers. Devora adjusted Melanie on her hip still holding hands with Declan, not phased by him.
"Where are there so many bags? Who do they belong to cause I am sure that I told you 3 that you aren't allowed to do your own shopping? I have someone to pick out your clothes precisely like how I want them. Did I not?" James dictated crossing his arms over his chest, holding a scowl on his face. That was new information to Devora out of her 7 months of being there. What was so wrong with them picking out their own clothes? Their teenagers for god's sake.
"Are you serious right now?"
James's blue eyes focused on her, not losing the hardened expression. "Serious as a heart attack."
Devora narrowed her eyes at him, "Well I took the kids-" Declan squeezed her hand, indicating to lie. "To get some ice cream to celebrate Sophie for passing this semester. Those bags are mine and that's all the explanation you're going to get."
His lip drew back in a snarl, "You live my house! Under my rules! Whatever you bring in here is my business. Why don't you ever just shut up sometimes and get with the program that I am in charge."
"That's what you think, "Devora mumbled rolling her eyes. James walked closer to her. "What did you just say?"
"Father, can we please go to our room now?" Sophie said while James and Devora never broke eye contact. "Yes."
Declan grabbed a sleeping Melanie from her arms and the children went upstairs. When they were out of earshot, Devora stepped to him. "Stop being so strict; they're just kids."
"They have to learn to deal with it; we have to uphold a perfect image." His tall frame hung over hers. The sexual tension between them was getting thick. Devora's eyes adverted between his plumped lips that looked so soft and his eyes. Trying to fight the urge to smash her lips onto his, the babysitter for once was lost for words.
James came to Devora's face; she could feel his breath fan against it. She gave up trying to look him in the eyes instead she stared at his lips, biting her own. He smirked, knowing that she was hooked. He pulled back taking her out of her sex-filled fantasy trace. James walked away leaving Devora's core throbbing for pleasure.
"Psst! Devora!" She heard when she walked past one of the kid's bedroom. The dark skin turned around to see who was calling.
His head peeked from the door."Yes, I need your help."
She walked closer to the door. "What is it?" Declan fully stepped out of the room. He pulled out the most beautiful necklace from his pocket.
"I bought this for a girl that I'm in love with. The only problem is, she lives in the village, and Father prohibits going to the village."
"So what does this have to do with me? You need me to cover for you while you gone?"
"Well it's the weekend and I normally go see her during first period but I cant' wait until Monday. The evening guard will be out but he should be sleeping like right."Declan checked his watch."Now. Can you come with me to go see her?"
"Come with you? Declan, your father already hates my guts."
"Please Devora? I really love her."
Vora saw that he was really devoted to seeing this girl. She just wants to see him happy, it makes her feel content. "Fine Declan, I'll go."
Devora plopped in her bed face first. Helping Declan sneak out and making sure both of them weren't caught was tiresome but worth it. Rose is her name and she was the sweetest. Her family was the best, they treated them like family not people with royal status.
Rose's mother gave her some cheese that she made by hand. What makes it so special because it was so expensive in the states. Devora already had made a plan to make mac & cheese after a shower.
Her mac book ringed from the edge of the bed causing the tired 22-year-old to groan. Devora smacked against the keyboard hoping it would answer the call.
"Devoraa!!! BESTIE!"
Vora swiftly lifts up seeing her best friend's face in the camera.
"I haven't talked to you in so damn long! How is going over at Mr. meanie's mansion?"
"it amazing here, excluding him. I don't want to talk about me, let's talk about you! How's Steve and the baby?"
Steve's face popped in the camera, drenched in water, "HI BESTIEEE!"
"HI BESTIEEEE, I miss you guysss!"
"We miss you too. and the baby's going fine."Alexis propped the phone up showing her stomach. Devora gushed at her 8-month pregnant belly.
"Me... and she... Steve...June..."
"Alexis your wifi is ass. Y'all live in a rich castle but have poor wifi. How does that work??" She didn't respond but flips the camera showing the outside-filled endless activities. From bouncy houses to water guns, to little kids running around with bubbles plus a couple of workers enjoying themselves.
"I love you bestie! I have to go! BYEEE"
"I lo-"The phone call hung up causing Devora to let out a sad sigh. The kids were always fun to be around but when she was herself, it's so boring. The mansion was boring. Vora was feeling homesick from them. "-ove you too."
After her shower, Devora was in the kitchen making from scratch mac and cheese. "Add a little bit of this.." She mumbled to her self dumping a whole measuring cup of cheese on top of the already cheesy pasta. Her tongue poked out a bit while she spread the cheese across the pan.
"I didn't know you did that when you're focused." James's deep voice said from the side of her. She glanced at him for a second then return her gaze at the dish.
"Because your head is always stuck up your ass."
James took a deep sigh, "Could you just stop with the smartness and backtalk for one damn minute." She bent over placing the pan in the oven feeling his eyes on her ass.
"Stop being so mean and I'll stop. Now quit looking at my ass, I'm trying to cook."
As James walked past her, his huge hand smacks against her ass cheek roughly. Devora quickly stands up clutching her now throbbing cheek."Ow!"
"No, I'm good. Thanks for the suggestion though." He winked opening the refrigerator door. "What are you doing up? It's late."
"Since you just have to in my business.." Vora leaned against the counter. James took a sip of his juice, "Your business is my business, I thought I made that clear."
"Whatever, anyhow I got some good cheese from R-..." Devora mentally cursed at how she almost gave Declan's secret away. Bucky raised an eyebrow which made her nervous thinking he caught on. "Rome. Yeah, Rome. Alexis and Steve sent it in as a gift because it's so expensive in the states."
James sat the cup down, coming closer to her."Is that so?"
Devora cleared her throat. 'Damn I talk too much. She thought to herself. "That is so Mister." James did that hovering thing like earlier but this she wasn't intimated.
"Do I make you nervous?"
She giggles mushing his face away from hers." Mr. President get away from me."
He laughs leaning against the counter beside her. He laughed like literally laughed. Devora looked at him like he grew three heads. He looked at her confused.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"You laughed. I need to pinch myself to wake up to see if I'm dreaming."
"So you dream about me?"
"No so don't flatter yourself, mister president."
"So you do."
"No now hush because you disturbing the peace and quiet I had in here while I cooked." Devora implied while picking up trash she had left on the counter. Surprisingly James started to help her clean up.
"You didn't have to Mr.President."
"I want to and quit calling me Mr.President. It feels like you're teasing me every time you say it."
"I mean what else am I supposed to say? I don't know your name and I didn't bother to ask the kids because I simply didn't care what it was."
James placed a hand on his chest, "Ouch why you gotta be so harsh?"
"I'm not being harsh sir, just being real with you. If you don't like it then find another babysitter."Devora shrugged throwing away some trash from the counter. James grabbed her hand pulling Vora to his chest.
"I don't want another one, having you is perfect."
Devora tried to keep the smile from forming on her face but what he said made her feel special. She couldn't help it and smiled anyway. "You have a smooth way with words. You flirt."
She pulled back, picking up the last of the trash. "I can't help it when you're always looking so good." James compliment watching her every move. It got quiet for a minute because she didn't know what to say.
Devora hoped that the niceness would stay and not disappear overnight. Being nice really suited him. The timer went off signaling the macaroni was finished.
"My name is James."
She pulled the pan out of the oven"Hmm?"
"My name is James Buchanan Barnes but you can call me Bucky." He watched her sit the pan on top of the stove. She reached up to grab some plates but struggled a bit. Bucky came from behind, grabbing the plate with ease. "You know I can get the maids to come do this for us. "
She shook her head, taking the plates out of his hands. "That's uncalled for when we been in here the whole time. My mom taught me to do it myself and not be lazy about anything and to reply to what you said. Your name fits you, I like it." She dipped herself a spoonful of macaroni. "Bucky do you want some?"
Bucky was mesmerized by the way his name flowed from her lips, "Yeah I want some." She beamed at the fact he wanted to try her food. She scooped him up some placing it on another plate. "Your mother sounds like a wise and good woman."
"She is. That one time when my Dad and I cooked random dishes in the kitchen, my mom got so mad at us when we didn't clean up behind ourselves. She told me, "Always clean after yourself. Never expect someone to do it for you. You are not a lazy woman."
"Are they still alive?"
She giggled as they both sat down at the island. "Yes, Bucky they are still alive. My parents are enjoying their time with me being away since I moved out to come here."
"You lived with your parents before you came here?"
"Bucky we can talk about some other time okay? I want to eat before my food gets cold." Devora pointed at the food, Bucky sigh wanting to know more about her but did what she asked. "Fine, I'll wait until another time."
He picked up the fork but she took it out of his hand. He looked at her puzzled, "How am I suppose to eat?"
"Let me feed you the first bite."
The way Devora looked at Bucky aroused him so much. Her boldness caught him completely off guard."Okay..."
"Crap I didn't mean to weird you out. Your beard hair is so perfect and I don't want you to mess it up by getting cheese on it."
Bucky crinkled his nose in happiness."Oh, you like my beard?"
"Yes, I admit. I love it." She dipped his fork in the mac and cheese. It was still hot so Devora blew on it a bit. Bucky pressed his lips together watching her's curve into an o-shape. Everything about her excited him. Vora watched him eat the food from the fork while her soft hand was placed under his chin.
The macaroni tasted like heaven in his mouth, Bucky let out a little groan while he chewed. Devora looked at him in worry.
"What? What is it? Is it nasty?"
Bucky shook his head with a smile, "No this is really good. You are an excellent cook."
"Thank you, means a lot coming from your mean ass."
"I'm not mean."
"All these amazing flavors hitting my mouth at once, what is that?"
"It's seasoning Bucky..."
"What is that?" He looked at her like a lost little kid. Devora snickered sitting down her fork. "It's all those 'amazing flavors that are hitting your mouth at once' "
"Ha Ha Ha you're so funny."
"Hehehe you think so? I'd say I'm pretty hilarious."
The two laughed at her little joke. It was a comfortable silence after their chuckling. Bucky was done eating while Devora finished up.
"Do my kids hate me?"
His sudden outburst baffled her."Huh?"
"Do my kids hate me as their father?"
She wiped her mouth with a napkin, "No they love you. It's just you're not letting them enjoy their childhood. I know about the image to uphold but kids will be kids. They deserve all the love and care from you. Bucky you're going to miss them when they grow up and leave the nest."
Bucky ran his hand through his hair."When my ex-wife left, it was hard on me and I just felt like they blamed me for her leaving. I'm just doing them how my father did me. I turned out just fine-"
"Buchanan you and your children are two different people. You are their parent, not your dad so you raise them differently. They do not blame you for anything. Melanie is 2 years old and knows her alphabet all the way up to the letter L. Declan wants to be better at building things. Roman wants to be a famous basketball player to bring recognition to Romania. Sophie wants to be everything, she such a smart little girl. Bucky it's sad that I know all of that and you only know their birthday. I can only do so much until they need their dad. You can be a parent that cares but don't be so strict. Let them experience things."
Bucky looked at Devora while she talked about his children. Her eyes twinkled with affection as she relays information about them. That's what hooked him on her line, she genuinely cared about the kids. "I'm going to do better, I'm going to make sure from now on they're happy."
"Don't just shower them with gifts, do that plus actually hanging out with them when you're not busy. Make time for them okay?"
"Okay I will, I'm going to make it up to them."
Devora yawned a bit, "I'm tired so I'm going to head to be. I had a great time being down here with you." She got up from the chair, placing both their dirty dish in the sink then walked towards the door.
He got up following her."Devora."
She stopped turning around to face him. "Yes, Bucky?"
"Tomorrow can I take you to my favorite spot? It could be like a picnic."
"Okay, that sounds nice. Should I make the snacks?"
Bucky smiled."Yes please."
Devora gave him a smile back.
"Anything for you."
yall this shit took all fucking day but I hope you guys like it because went into more depth with this one!
part 3 on the way! hopefully, it will be out tomorrow.
until then
stay slutty my friends.
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jadoue1999 · 3 months ago
An unusual couple - Chapter 9
Summary: Peter goes down a trip down memory lane, not the good kind.
Previous parts: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7,  Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, 
Chapter 9: A trip down memory lane 
Agatha had dragged him into the same stone room she had spelled him to act as Pietro just a day before. The witch chanted a spell and Peter found himself levitating in the air with purple bindings on his wrists and ankles. The speedster struggled against his restraints, but they didn’t budge. So, he watched as Agatha read from her strange glowing book. After a bit of boring waiting, he decided to do what he did best: be a little shit.
“Your plan failed,” he mocked her. “Wanda doesn’t want me in her life. I’m no use to you anymore.”
Agatha simply smirked at his remark, something Peter hadn’t anticipated. He had expected the witch to be angry or frustrated, like earlier, but she was accepting the situation fairly well. Too well. That wasn’t a good sign.
“Wanda might not need Pietro anymore, but I still need my speedster.” She chuckled to herself; a cruel sound that held nothing good. “But I’m afraid you’re right.” Peter glared at her in confusion as she agreed with him. “You’re no good this way, all snarky and free willed.”
She approached him and walked around him in a slow circle, observing him. Peter could hear her quietly humming to herself, as if she were deep in thoughts. He pulled against the restraint, trying to see if his speed could somehow outsmart the witch’s magic. But of course, they didn’t budge, it only made Agatha laugh in mockery.
“Someone’s a bit eager to leave,” she chuckled lightly. “Am I that bad of a wife, dear?”
Peter grimaced in disgust. “I was never your husband, you just used me for your twisted goals.”
The witch looked at him with flared nostrils, her eyes were looking at him with barely contained rage. “So, you know,” she said, blankly. She examined him with narrowed eyes and Peter felt her trying to reach into his mind. But this time, he wasn’t under any spell to aid her, so the speedster closed off his mind, determined to not let the witch win.
Agatha eventually abandoned her attempts and pulled out of his mind with a groan. “If you won’t let me in, I suppose I’ll have to break down your walls myself.”
Peter watched warily as she gained a proud look on her face and slowly walked around him. She had a flair for dramatic, it was probably to cause more stress at the possibility of what she would do. “You seem to remember some part of your past; I’ll help you recall the rest.”
Coming from her, that promise felt more like a threat.
She plucked one hair from his head and started chanting. “Repete memoria recens poenitet,” she growled as a purple mist gathered in her palms.
Agatha met his eyes with glowing satisfaction as he tried backing away from whatever she had planned. Of course, since he was being suspended in the air that did nothing. Even with all the strength and speed his mutation could possibly give him, he wasn’t able to dodge the witch’s magic.
Peter blinked at the sudden bright light and breathed in the dry heat. He panicked when he realized someone was hovering over him; and his foot was stuck in the ground. The speedster looked up and his breath hitched when he saw the cruel face of En Sabah Nur staring at him like he was a mere insect. The god grabbed his arm easily when he tried punching him and twisted it painfully behind his back. He groaned and tried to dislodge the guy’s grip, but his struggling was rendered useless when the god broke his leg. The horrible pain coursed through him like an electric shock that lasted for what seemed like forever. Peter fell to the ground, panting. He couldn’t possibly get up no matter how much he wanted to. He looked at his father, who he had wanted to meet for so long now. His speech years ago had helped him, and Wendy accept that they weren’t mistakes, they had wanted to thank him in person. When their mom had confessed that he was their father, it only heightened their desire to meet him.
But right now, looking at the man hovering in the air and staring at him with uncaring cold eyes, Peter had to admit, it wasn’t worth it. Magneto’s powerful posture that had inspired him and Wendy all those years ago was the very thing that kept the man from helping him. Peter was simply too insignificant to care about.
A sort of calm coursed through him at that realization, but it was cut short when the god grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Pure bone chilling fear settled in his body when he glanced at the woman and her sword.
He was going to die.
It was strange, he had never really thought about the fact that he could die. Peter could outrun everything, it only made sense that he would outrun death itself. He looked around the battlefield, where everyone was watching him like hawks, all waiting to see how his fate would end. He found it sad, how he had wanted to meet his father so bad because he longed to reunite with one of the last interests he had shared with his twin. And now here he was, about to join her because Magneto was a man above mere mutant. Maybe the situation would have been different had he been able to tell him about their relationship. But once again, he had been too late, like with everything else he held dear.
As the blade reached ever so closer, he closed his eyes and let out a shaking breath. Peter tried finding comfort in the fact that he would finally see his sister again.
“Well,” echoed Agatha’s voice around him, pulling Peter out of his memory. “I see I’m not the only powerful threat you’ve faced in the past.”
Through his panting breath, he still found the strength to snark at the woman. “Jealous?”
The witch rolled her eyes. “Oh please, if there’s one thing I know about Maximoffs, it’s that you’re always facing some kind of danger.”
Peter stayed silent; his heart was still racing in his chest from what he had just been forced to relive. It felt so real, he truly thought he was living it for the first time.
Agatha seemed to pick up on his distress and gave him a horribly fake pitying look. “Awful, isn’t?” She let silence take over for a few seconds. “It doesn’t have to get any worse if you just let me in your mind.”
Even in his distress state, he laughed at her proposition. “Go to hell.”
The witch grinned at his insult. “Stubborn, are we?” She shrugged her shoulders. “That’s fine, I’ve got plenty of trauma to bring to the surface.”
Notes: The annoucement for the Agatha series made me so hyped to continue posting this story. I hope you like this chapter!
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kaypeace21 · a year ago
I believe that byler is an endgame
but why would they spend 3 seasons winding up with mileven?
People REALLY need to pay attention to the shows the Duffers cited as huge inspirations to them. Cheers,dawsons creek, freak &geeks did exactly what the Duffers are doing (and the Duffers said these shows inspired them)
. Cheers for over 5 seasons built up the pairing of sam and Dianne- had them break up in the s5 finale and then in the last 2 eps of the 11th season have them get back together and once again break up explaining for the 100th time they were wrong for each other and brought out the worst in eachother . Cheers would build up multiple pairings (Frasier /Lilith (s4-11/broke up in s11) , sam/Dianne (s 1-11, broke up in s11 permanently) , rebecca /sam (s8-10) Rebecca/robin (s8-9) -these pairings lasted for multiple seasons and they all broke up! They built pairings up for multiple seasons but showed throughout the show why those pairing in cheers could never work out in the long term. The same Thing happened with almost every pairing in Dawson’s creek (they’d build up multiple pairings up -sometimes for multiple seasons- sprinkle in good but also dysfunctional aspects of those relationships- and then break them apart for good ).
Also in Dawson’s creek 2 characters (a rich girl and poor guy with daddy issues) date and breakup- but both of their gay brothers get together and are endgame instead of them (cough jancy vs byler). One of the gay guys (the rich one with the book smart sis) even dated the main girl (Joey) for a while before admitting he was gay and that he was in denial (while dating the main girl for more than a season ). In D.C even the main guy(Dawson) / girl (Joey) don’t end up being endgame (despite teasing it for all 5 seasons) . They did this with a lot of couples in the show. Honestly, the Duffers pretty much borrowed this idea of showing pairings with issues and breaking them up -but toned down how long they’d bait them . Like 11seasons of showing dysfunctional couples date -ick. And Dawson’s creek ... my god it had a literal love octogon/ love webs (so many love squares/pentagons/ and on and off relationships). The 1 adult couple broke up and I’m not exaggeration 4 times, and Dawson got back with 2 of his girlfriends like so many times. And ugh I’d say each (of the 4-5) main characters dated at least 4 people -and each of those relationships lasted for like 20+ eps each... and then after all that build up -break up ). That’s not even including the people the main 5 or so characters would date for like 5-6 eps . Thank god it was toned down compared to Dawson’s creek or cheers. i can’t imagine the frustration watching those shows during its airing 😂
Freaks & geeks (set in the 80s)was also inspo.14 y old Sam who is bullied and called “homo” “queer” etc throughout the whole series - he also obsesses over a cheerleader girl for the whole series and in the second to last ep of the series- they finally start dating  and he realizes they have nothing in common and says “it’s boring. all we ever do is makeout.She likes nothing i like. We can’t talk to eachother. We never have fun.” And he admits he only keeps dating her cause everyone would call him “crazy” to not date her. sam and her are also said to be “from different planets” and “different species”  just like mileven in s3 lol.  The gf of  sam also says before they dated she saw him ‘like a sister’ (like El asking mike if he’d be her brother in s1, before they date). And after this sibling comment various characters -encouraged the couple and said they would be good together (before they dated-like what we’ve seen in st with mileven and other ships ).Sam eventually decides to not cave to peer pressure- and breaks up with her. Meanwhile sam’s sis (is a straight A student, who is initially into a popular guy and starts hanging with the cool kids).  After getting over the first (popular) guy, she later dates another guy- a music-obsessed-stoner-guy  with a cruddy dad...and she breaks up with him (like jancy?). That couple was even called ‘romeo & juliet’ before they broke up-similar to mileven being called “romeo & juliet’ before their breakup. plus r&j were never in love... just like mileven.
All 3 shows had the main guy/girl date but not end up with eachother in the end . And both shows -would build up several pairings that looked like endgame but would show faults in those relationships and would have them breakup (because those pairings were never that healthy together). Which I believe is what they’re doing with jancy, jopper, mileven and lumax (explained in my analysis here all the evidence for why I don’t think they don’t end up together). I mean there’s many reasons I listed in the analysis but you think it’s a coincidence - jancy, lumax, mileven , and Steve/rando girl who rejected him in s3-all incorportated spying on their love interest ? you think the duffers think that’s good to have all these romantic pairings spy on eachother? When in the show they canonically have the us gov (villains) spy via phone taps, and hidden recorders, and cameras? Brenner used El as a spy for his own gain ? they even call the mf a ‘spy’ (which the characters perceive as the  main villain)... i don’t think the mf is  actually villainous but that’s off topic).The point is narratively equating spying as something ‘wrong’ by characters our main cast of heroes is against. But having that same cast of heroes partaking in spying themselves … specifically on to their romantic partners- and not also showing it as a negative. But romanticizing it? Would be quite hypocritical. And a HUGE narrative oversight.
Also build up?
S1- mileven kiss right after el asks if he’ll be her “friend” or “brother”. Has others compare el to mike’s sibling /cousin. Hint Will is gay . Have hints mike is queer too/ and cares deeply about Will. Constantly mention how el physically resembles Will/a boy. Parallel mileven to ted/Karen who were “never in love”. Have Nancy and mike verbally compare the jancy/stancy love triangle to mileven/byler . And at the end of the season mike writes a story for Will that likens the 2 to han/leia. Flo says about jancy/Jon “ only love makes you that crazy and that damn stupid”. (Which flo wasn’t entirely right about since jon punched Steve for insulting his family- for Jon it was familial love -not romantic love. But put a pin in that phrase)
S2- was pretty much byler season (and mileven barely interact that season). Byler say they’d go “crazy together”. But el’s new catchphrase is she’s “not stupid.” They Compare mileven to luke/leia (siblings that kissed) . Ref ghostbusters and parallel byler to the romantic pairing of Dana /venkman (but have el just be a ghost and mike a ghost buster which isn’t romantic but the opposite) .parallel mileven to hopper/el. Have el spy on mike, el hurt a stranger cause of unhealthy jealousy, have mileven dance to a song about a possessive spying/Stalking ex gf . Throw in mileven burns like “they’re not in love they’re not even from the same planet.” (El being et ref) . Have mike say annoyed “a bond ?! (Scoff) cause you shared nougat?! “ (egos like s1 ) “. Mike saying after knowing max for a week “hate you? I don’t even know you?” (He knew el for a week too so no way he loves her -cause he doesn’t know el , just like max ) . mike even criticizes his friends’ instant attraction to max saying “you haven’t even spoken a word to her.”Dustin saying “ I don’t have to . I mean -look at her.” Which makes it even more suspicious that mike was into a girl who multiple characters said looked like a boy (specifically Will) in s1. Have El watch a soap opera (all my children) and mimic the scene of  erica kane and her love interest michael. Which in the soap opera-isn’t endgame, and ended with some stalking after their breakup.
S3- mileven is finally dating : multiple characters (lucas, Will, Hopper, dustin,Max, etc) in the show dislike and verbally complain about them together . In cheers all of sam’s friends hated him dating Dianne and would vocally complain about it (similar to joyce they even clapped/cheered after 1 of their many breakups) . Mike is horrified by the spying(that mileven fans romanticized in s2) , el is happier single and neither is heartbroken over the breakup. They date for 2 eps and then breakup . Mileven being together inhibits El’s character arc from s2 (aka she went from wanting to explore the world and leave the cabin in s2 to see her friends, to ignoring her friends and cutting herself off from the world in order to stay in the cabin all day to make out with mike for 6 months - she would literally lie to her friends about curfew to return to the cabin and kiss mike -going against her ‘friends don’t lie’ mantra from the past 2 seasons too ). Mike canonically doesn’t trust her / doesn’t believe in her ability to make decisions and lies to her and never apologizes for lying. And el doesn’t apologize for spying . They throw in more gay hints of mike & Will. Mileven is called “bullshit” like s2 stancy . And Both pairings in the show kissed a bunch and said “I love you” (but they weren’t endgame). They also contrast s3 mileven scenes to s2 byler scenes and have byler win out. And once again parallel mileven to hopper/el and Karen/ted. As well as paralleling and likening Mileven to stancy in numerous other ways (besides the “bullshit “ line) . They also parallel mileven to stobin (both are straight baits) .They parallel the stobin confession to the mileven one -both confessions have them sitting on the floor, both girls have bandages on their legs, and both confessions are interrupted by dustin. Also both Steve/mike use the terms “crazy & stupid ” to confess to robin/el. But unlike Will who agrees to be “crazy “ with mike .El confused , asks “ what makes you crazy?” And robin says she didn’t have a crush on his “stupid hair”. el even says in reference to mike “there’s more to life than stupid boys.” Showing how el/robin don’t have romantic feelings for the boys-like the flo phrase of s1. Unlike Will who after fighting with mike calls himself “stupid” over and over and rips up the photo of him and mike where they promised to go “crazy together.” Even Steve says in s2 stancy should should “pretend to be stupid teenagers” in love. Emphasis on “pretend”. And when el says she loves mike “the first I love you” plays -the only other time that song plays in s3 is when robin rejects Steve (cause she’s gay.) cough cause mike is gay too.
There’s a lot more in each season (that illustrates mileven was built up -but not as a positive couple but a problematic one that was never was in love to begin with ). But I’m trying to keep this short . You can read this post here where I go in more depth about all of this .
S1-2 builds up the problematic ships (but showed good and bad aspects of their dynamic) . like the spying of jancy, lumax, and mileven or the jealousy. of Hopper in s2. In the s2 finalie they have them kiss or hug/exchange romantic glances. And in S3 we see the after math of this with all the couples officially dating - and they show all the couples issues at the forefront . I already talked about mileven. But, Lumax broke up 6 times (they dated for 6 months- and every month they dated max dumped him ). Jancy fight in the opening of ep 1 and don’t understand each others issues (sexism/poverty-and Jon’s issues with his dad) . And neither supports the other in their passions of journalism & photography.Nancy is also called “nancy drew” who in 1986 (year of s4) before going to college dumps her long term highschool bf (who helped her in many of her past mysteries/novels ). Their relationship was also shown as complex and somewhat dysfunctional because of both parties -before nancy drew dumps him. And (even if not dating like the other pairings) jopper almost go on a date in s3. Joyce was trying to hide the fact she was moving, Hopper was horribly jealous, and all they did was yell and argue.Murray says to joyce regarding hopper “he’s a brute... probably reminds you of a bad relationship” (aka lonnie/Joyce) . They even have Joyce watch a cheers ep- which directly compares jopper to (dianne/Frasier) who weren’t endgame in cheers but a rebound .  Hopper /fraiser both drink chianti . Fraiser asks dianne to marry him/Hopper asks Joyce on a date-both women stand them up. Or when Joyce asks Hopper out she calls her self ‘detective byers ‘and Hopper name drops miami vice. Which had an on and off again relationship for several seasons- of the male /female detectives.The relationship faded out as Gina realized they mainly got together when one or both needed someone. Crockett was very protective of Gina, and had some jealousy when Gina was involved in relationships , but was the first one to be there for her when things went wrong. And they realized it was better to not be together romantically. Heck seems like all these couples have negative film/tv parallels... lucas in s2 mentions not liking winston in ghost busters cause he came ‘super late’ (like Max). in s1 disses michael myers (which Max dressed as). And at the end of s3- lumax dress identically to eric/donna from a ep of that 70s shows (in the ep  eric/donna were broken up).
 (s3 was marketed as the “summer of love” and “summer love” is a euphemism for flings that don’t last.) s4-5 Will probably show good healthy ships/break up the problematic ones from past seasons .
So first 2 seasons focus on the unhealthy ships / and the last 2 seasons focus on healthy ships. S3 the middle season would be considered the turning point -and why none of the popular ships (assumed to be endgame) came off looking that great (compared to how they were presented in s1-2) .
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rp-meme-central · a month ago
Fallout New Vegas - Veronica Santangelo - sentence starters
1. “Great! Thanks! Thank you. I’ll encourage people to name their non-ugly children after you. Seriously.” 
2. “I... I don’t know if I can stay. Maybe it would be better for everyone if I left. Spent my life somewhere else.” 
3. “I guess I’ll stay. If I left, there wouldn’t be any coming back. It might be something I’d instantly regret.” 
4. “I guess I’ll stay. It won’t be easy, but at least I won’t feel guilty about the choice.” 
5. “How can I help them when they won’t accept it?” 
6. “Let’s get going. I’d like to get my mind off this, and some fresh air would do me some good right about now.” 
7. “It pays like ass, but it’s hard to get other work with my skillset.” 
8. “I like punching things, but sometimes shooting things just has to do.” 
9. “Why do people get so cheap when they get old?” 
10. “I was just trying to put it all behind me. Find someplace where what I do would actually have some influence.” 
11. “I have to be resolved about this. If I waver, it’ll just make things harder. They need me, and I am not going to abandon them!” 
12. “I know the odds aren’t good, but I’ve got to try. I can’t lose them.” 
13. “I should’ve left a long time ago. Cut my loses before it came to this. I never stood a chance.” 
14. “Something is going to have to change, or the empty suits is all that’s going to be left of us.” 
15. “I think if I stayed, I’d just end up causing trouble. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. This way is better for me and for them.” 
16. “No! No way in hell am I risking this happening again! I’m going to have to keep to myself. Better that way for everyone.” 
17. “I want... a dress.” 
18. “I never considered joining before, but now that I think about it, it really sounds like it could be a good fit.” 
19. “I was. Once. We were pretty young, but I like to think it was love.” 
20. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Look what they’re wearing! I’ve only seen dresses like those in my dreams.” 
21. “For me? Do you mean it? No, no, it’s too much. Well, okay. But it’s too much! Oh, it’s perfect. Thank you! Thank you!” 
22. “Wait! What about punching? That’s the gift that keeps on giving. I could work on your punching with you, if you like.” 
23. “See? Just because it doesn’t shoot lasers doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking into. We could do amazing things with this data.” 
24. “Thanks. I wasn’t wild about sticking around here on my own.” 
25. “I like long walks in the desert and candlelit metal workshops.” 
26. “Sorry about that. Just because I love them doesn’t mean some of them aren’t assholes.” 
27. “Guess the roads must have been long, then, if you forgot where you started from.” 
28. “I’m ______. I live in a hole in the ground.” 
29. “My business is boring. You try ______ for a living and see if you don’t start nosing into other people’s affairs.” 
30. “Awww. You really know how to make a _____ feel like a stray cat.” 
31. “One thing you should know first, though. I asked you about _____ because... I’m one of them.” 
32. “Just wherever the winds taks you, huh? I like that. Keeps things interesting.” 
33. “I’ll be honest. You’re the first person I’ve run across out here that looks like they can really handle themself.” 
34. “If I turn out to be a burden, we can part ways at any time, no hard feelings.” 
35. “You’re not lying, are you. You really did kill them. In that case, this is for them!” 
36. “Maybe one day I’ll have your complete trust, and I can be on a long leash. A _____ can dream.” 
37. “I’m great at punching people. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a gift.” 
38. “He was dead when I got there.” 
39. “Well, when two people really love each other... You really don’t know this stuff yet?” 
40. “I was young and I needed the money!” 
41. “I want to thank you for helping me out. I’m sorry that things didn’t go like I’d hoped.” 
42. “Of course they’d track me! Of course they’d assume the worst! Sure I left them, but that doesn’t mean I’d ever be free of them!” 
43. “I should have known I was beaten before I began. I just... I had to try, you know?” 
44. “Well, if there was any question in whether I should leave, I guess there’s my answer.” 
45. “Why did you do that? They were going to let us walk away, why did you attack them?” 
46. “I don’t care that they started it! What you did was inexcusable! You need to go.” 
47. “No offense, but you look like you’ve come a long way down some bad roads.” 
48. “Hold on. I see something I want to punch.” 
49. “My recommendation: more punching.” 
50. “Do me a favor. Make sure they bury me in a nice dress.” 
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lostlastsforever756 · 10 months ago
Your Night With Cordelia
Part 15
Summary: d14n4ol: I’d love to read a chapter about Madison’s next night with Cordelia. She’s a bit nervous and unsure of herself maybe she kind of believes that the affection she received was a one time thing and Cordelia reassures her with an immense amount of love, affection and cuddling.
Madison feels insecure about the last love night, but Cordelia is have none of that. 
Rating: wow, all this fluff!
Word count: 1,182
A/N: Hiii, so... it’s been a little while. Requests are still closed, but I’m working on the ones that I have already received. Life’s been kinda hectic, but I’m working on it! Sorry for the wait <3 let me know if you want to be added to (or removed from) the taglist, or if I forgot to add you. 
links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, valentine special, 14 , 16
Taglist: @goodeday2u, @d14n4ol, @angelxsarahp, @imagines4thepeeps, @pearplate, @delias-bitch-craft, @fand0m-obsess3d-g33k, @mssallymckenna, @lezzzbehonesthere, @madamevirgo, @epikionjoy, @sarahp-stan, @childxofxthexmoon, @thesapphictimelady, @littlejeaniehugsbumblebees , @second-try-stevie, @darling-dontforgetme, @babypocahontas, @lunarlesbianlove, @onceuponatime4321, @peggycarter-steverogers, @rainbow-hedgehog, @billiedean , @paulawand​
Tumblr media
The girls know absolutely nothing about Madison’s last love night with Cordelia, and she wants to keep it that way, thank you very much. She had almost punched Cordelia in the face the next day when she had randomly reached out to stroke her hair at the kitchen table. How dare she let Madison look vulnerable in front of the other girls? But, ever since then, Cordelia has kept her hands to herself. Madison would be confused if she didn’t know that the last love night was just an exception to their usual routine. 
“Hey, slut,” Zoe says, leaning into the kitchen. “Delia wants to see you whenever you’re done.”
“Ugh, what did I do this time?” Madison says, placing the last dish a little too hard into the dishwasher. 
“It’s your love night, stupid.”
And if Madison’s heart races a little at the thought, well, it’s only with disgust at the mere thought of spending another night with the most boring Supreme in all of existence. Not because she’s nervous, no, Madison never gets nervous.  
“Great,” she makes her voice sound sarcastic, “Just what I needed.”
Zoe rolls her eyes. She had seen the way Madison had been after her last love night, softer somehow, and she had noticed the little touches Cordelia had been willing to share with her. She’s not stupid, she knows something happened, but for Madison’s sake, she keeps her mouth shut. 
“Whatever,” she shrugs, then smirks, “Have fun fucking Cordelia.”
Madison’s mouth opens in shock as she turns and walks away. 
“I’m not f-- whatever,” she attempts to shout after her, but stops herself. She doesn’t need the whole house to hear and take it the wrong way.
After finishing the last of her chores, the dishes, she calmly makes her way up the stairs. Once she sees the coast is clear, she rushes to her room and quickly changes into her pajamas. She makes sure it’s nothing scandalous, lest someone see her and assume things are happening between her and Cordelia, but last time she had to borrow some of Cordelia’s sweatpants and that had felt awkward. She makes her way across the hall, knocking quickly and then crossing her arms across her chest. 
“Door’s open, Madison.”
She turns the knob, steps inside, and slams the door shut for good measure, making Cordelia jump from across the room. 
“Jesus, can you stop doing that?” Cordelia scolds, a hand to her chest.
“What can I say,” Madison shrugs, “It’s my thing.”
“Well, my thing might have to be putting my foot up your ass every time you do your thing,” Cordelia smirks, making her way across the room.
“Whoa, you’re testy today, Cordy,” Madison says, holding her hands up in surrender, “My bad.”
“You test my patience every day, Madison,” she chuckles, “Today is no different.”
Madison shrugs nonchalantly. “That’s also my thing.”
Cordelia smiles, stepping up into Madison’s personal space and her heart starts to flutter. She isn’t entirely sure what’s happening, and suddenly Cordelia has her arms wrapped around her and is pulling Madison’s head against her chest. For a second she almost fights, before giving in and wrapping her arms around Cordelia’s slender waist. 
“What are you doing?” Madison murmurs.
“I’m giving you a hug,” Cordelia states, matter-of-factly. 
“Why?” she asks, but she’s not exactly fighting it. 
“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Cordelia says, caution in her voice now.
Madison huffs and rolls her eyes. “Yes.”
She can practically feel Cordelia’s smile go through her entire body and Madison’s cold heart warms just a bit more. She’s so weird, Madison thinks to herself. She tries not to sigh as Cordelia runs a soft hand through her hair. 
“I… I figured it was a one time thing,” Madison says, hesitantly.
"What was?"
"The affection," she says, fake gagging on her words. 
A pause from Cordelia. “Did you want it to be?”
Madison pauses too as she debates how she should answer. She decides to just be honest. “No.”
Cordelia practically vibrates at her answer and Madison feels warm inside, but her cheeks also heat up in embarrassment. Cordelia presses three quick kisses to the top of her head before pulling her in closer and squeezing. 
“Okay, don’t be weird about it.”
“I’m not being weird!”
“Yes, you are!”
“I just… love you so much, honey,” Cordelia says, and Madison can hear the smirk. 
“Ew, stop,” Madison says, finally pulling away. 
“What is it honey, you don't want me to love you?” Cordelia jests, following Madison over to the bed. 
“Oh my god, cut it out,” Madison laughs. 
“Sugar pie, my sweet summer child--”
“Leave me alone!” she laughs, walking on the bed and then jumping off the other side. Cordelia crawls onto the bed and tucks her heels underneath her, bringing her hands up as if she were praying. 
“Please, your majesty, I’m begging you to let me give you affection!”
“Why are you like this?”
“You said I was being weird. This is being weird,” Cordelia says, her hands falling in her lap.
“Okay, fine, you made your point.”
“Thank you,” Cordelia says, and pulls back the covers to settle down into them.
Madison watches her affectionately, shaking her head to herself at Cordelia’s antics. She sure does know how to get into people’s hearts, and Madison is a perfect example of that. Once she’s settled, she raises one eyebrow at Madison, then pats the space next to her in invitation. She rolls her eyes, but smiles, and crawls into the sheets just before pressing her entire front to Cordelia’s side. She presses her cheek to Cordelia’s shoulder, feeling the palm of Cordelia’s hand as it rubs up and down her arm. She sighs, fidgeting with her hands. 
“Did you really mean it?” she asks, quietly.
“Mean what, sweetie?”
Madison hesitates, the words foreign on her tongue. “That you love me.”
She looks up as Cordelia lets out a soft, sad breath, and squeezes her bicep. “Of course I did, honey.”
They look at each other for a minute, Cordelia with affection, Madison somewhere between shocked and sad. She’s about to look away, when Cordelia’s hand on her cheek catches her by surprise. She leans up and presses four soft kisses to her forehead, before stroking her fingers through Madison’s long blonde hair. Madison feels herself tear up, and she wonders when she will get a love night with Cordelia where she doesn’t feel so raw and vulnerable in her arms. She presses her cheek back to Cordelia’s shoulder, and Cordelia leans her head against hers. One of these days, saying it back won’t feel like she’s ripping her skin off. 
“You’re going to have to stop with the pet names,” she says. 
“Okay, sweet pea.”
“I’m serious.”
“I know you are, baby cakes.”
“Cordelia, I’m not kidding.”
“You got it, honey bear.”
“Also, you need a tv in here, so I can look at hot guys and pretend I’m cuddling them, and not you.”
Cordelia laughs at that one, pinching her lightly in the arm. “I’ll see what I can do.”
The End
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your-eternal-muse · a year ago
Sight For Sore Eyes
Heather Series Part 9
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 9
BONUS: Readers Card Confession BONUS: Spencer’s Take Series Playlist
Tumblr media
Summery: Reader bares witness to the final moment of Spencer and Heather’s relationship, and when comforting Spencer, something unexpected happens.
Words: 2k
Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Cheating, angry Spencer
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female!Reader (It’s happening fuckers.)
A/N: I don’t really have anything to say, except go nuts. I almost screamed writing this.
Eavesdropping isn't really my thing.
I find it impersonal, and kind of bitchy.
I mean, you're basically listening on someone else's conversation, snooping on drama that doesn't concern you.
Only, this kind of does concern me.
Since, you know, if it weren't for me, Spencer and Heather wouldn't be huddled in a conference room, arguing about their impending divorce 
I should feel worse about it than I do.
But I don't.
Spencer is broken.
She ruined him.
And trust me, I know because I'm the one who he's been coming to.
The whole thing sort of forced us back together, but if I'm being honest, I didn't really fight it. Like, at all.
Again I should feel bad, about how selfish it is to take pride in the fact that a man who's going through a divorce finds solace in my arms.
But you know what?
I really don't give a shit anymore.
I've spent the past almost three years doing everything to appear nice and selfless and it led me down a road that almost killed me.
So fuck it.
I exposed her cheating ass, punched her in her stupid face, fell asleep with her husband while laying on my couch and now I'm listening in as he serves her the divorce papers.
I'm not even trying to be subtle about it, and the team isn't being subtle about finding my snooping funny.
JJ passed and asked for an update, Derek just chuckled, and ruffled my hair, Hotch closed his blinds so he can have plausible deniability and the rest of them just smile as they watch.
I do have a back up plan though, just in case.
I hold a file in my hand that I can open and pretend to be reading as I walk in to get Spencer's opinion. Or something.
Right now though, I'm leaning against the door frame, listening and watching through the sliver of a crack that the door is open from when Heather closed it.
Heather sits with her back towards me, her hands folded in her lap, the papers and a pen sitting on the table in front of her, while Spencer stands, stoned face in front of her, his arms crossed over his chest.
"Sign the papers, Heather."
I can hear her sniffle, and she shakes her head. "No. I love you, we can make this work."
“'We’ aren't doing anything. 'We' are getting a divorce because 'you' cheated on 'me' for almost our entire marriage. Sign the papers."
He was assertive, the pain and anger evident in his voice as he points to the packet on the table.
I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda hot.
"It's only been six months. What do you want me to do? It was a mistake, a stupid mistake." She's actively crying now, and she stands, making her way over to him, wrapping her hands around one of his biceps.
He stares down at her.
"I love you, Spence."
Hey bitch, that's my nickname for him, get your own. Wait no, I take that back. You can just fuck right off, how's that?
One of her hands comes up to cup his cheek, and anger boils in my stomach.
He uncrosses his arms, and brings a hand up to cover hers, and I hold my breath.
He wraps his fingers around her wrist, pulling it from his face while he pulls her hand from his bicep with his other hand.
He holds both of her wrists in his hands, pushing her away from him.
"That's not love."
Haha. Bitch.
"And it wasn't a mistake. You kept going back to him. Over and over again, instead of dealing with your problems and talking to me. Now," he turns her, and pushes her towards the table. The way she falls forward, stumbling into it makes it look like he shoved her harder than he did.
"Sign the fucking papers."
She grabs the pen, crocodile tears streaming down her face. 
Her look goes from pleading, to furious in a second.
"You're gonna run back to her, aren't you?" She scoffs, straightening up. "How do I know you didn't cheat on me first?"
He leans in close to her, brushing hair behind her ear.
I almost fall into the room, leaning in so close to make sure I can hear what he says, my heart pounding.
"What or who I do, is no longer any of your business. Now I'm not going to ask again. Sign the papers, or I will gladly get my lawyer and make your life a living hell."
She's no longer crying, but the annoyance is radiating off of her.
She's pissed.
She huffs, leaning forward, and signs her name. She flips through, repeating the action until she's done.
She tosses the pen onto the table. 
"You're gonna regret this. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you."
He actually laughs, and I want to applaud him.
"Yeah, sure you are. I want your stuff out by this weekend."
She grabs her purse off the table, walking towards the door at a quick pace.
Shit shit shit shit shit shit.
I barely have time to open my file and take a few steps back to make it seem like I was walking up before she's opening the door, almost running into me in the process.
Her eyes meet mine, and I can't help the smirk spread across my face.
She glares, her hand coming up to her still bandaged nose, before shoving past me.
I watch her walk to the end of the hall before turning back to the room, where Spencer now stands with his hands in his packets.
I hold up the file, ready to start my spiel, but he starts talking before I can get the chance.
“I could see you.”
My mouth falls open and he smiles.
How the fuck…
“I could also smell your perfume.” He looks down at the papers, starting to flip through them to double check that she signed everything.
He could smell my perfume?
I walk into the room, closing the door fully behind me.
Wouldn’t want anyone to listen in now would we?
“How do you know it’s mine?” I place the file on the table, as he closes the packet.
He looks up at me, and my knees turn to jello.
“Because I smell it on your skin every time we hug.”
Butterflies erupt in my stomach, but he keeps talking.
“Smells like home to me.” He runs a hand through his hair, shifting from one foot to the next, now looking down at the table instead of me. “You’re home to me.”
You’re killing me, smalls.
I walk over to where he’s standing, and open my arms. 
I watch as his shoulders deflate as he sighs, walking forward and wrapping his arms around my waist. 
My arms slink around his neck, and I now understand how he can smell it. His nose is pressed to the crook of my neck, right where I put it in the morning.
“You’re my home too.” I whisper, turning my head, and inhaling the scent of his hair. It’s such a uniquely Spencer scent. I wish I could bottle it, make a candle out of it so that I can smell him whenever I want.
We break after a few minutes, and I trail my hands down his arm.
He entangles his fingers of one hand into my own.
“You okay?”
He sighs, looking down at our hands as he plays with my fingers. “I will be.”
He sits on the edge of the table, and I follow suit, being sure not to break the link our hands have created.
“If I hadn’t seen you, if you hadn’t been there watching, I’m afraid of what I might have done.” He swallows, and his eyes won’t meet my own. “It scared me.”
He finally looks up, and a small fire is lit behind those hazel eyes of his. 
“It scared me, because for a moment, I wanted to hurt her. She has made me so, angry, she’s made me feel so fucking stupid and all I wanted to do was make her feel that too.”
I fully grab his hand, the absence of his ring pressing against my palm.
“I know that feeling. But, as much as you wanted to, I don’t think you would have. You’ve got too much of a good conscience to do something like that.”
I feel him squeeze my hand. 
“However, I am more than willing, so you tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”
That got him to laugh, and he shakes his head at me. He becomes quiet quicker than I’d like. 
“You have too much faith in me.”
“Hey,” I reach up and grab his chin with my free hand, forcing him to look at me. “I have the perfect amount of faith in you, Dr. Spencer Reid. You’re a good man, no, a great man, through and through. I guarantee you that you are the best thing that has ever or will ever happen to her. If she doesn’t realize that, well, that’s her loss. Not yours.”
I swipe some hair out of his face, and his eyes bore down into mine. 
Something about the look on his face makes my heart start to race. 
It resembles what I assumed I looked like that day in the restaurant, only he also looks like he’s about to cry.
My face scrunches in confusion. “Are you okay, Spence?”
“God, I love you.”
His hands are on either side of my face and his lips are on mine.
His lips are on mine. 
He’s kissing me.
Spencer Reid, the man whom I have been in love with for the past ten fucking years is kissing me.
Kiss him back, you dumb bitch!
My hands immediately go to his chest, bunching the fabric of his shirt in my fists, pulling him as close as possible to me.
I have dreamt about this moment.
Since the day I met him, I have dreamt about what kissing him would feel like. 
And now that it’s here, I can safely say, that my dreams don’t compare to the real thing.
His lips are soft and they lead in such a way that doesn’t make it feel like he’s doing all the work. 
It’s the perfect amount of push, the perfect amount of pull.
Kissing him is perfect.
But then he breaks it, as if remembering where he was, and the moments that had led up to it. 
He looks utterly terrified, like he just ruined the one thing he had left.
We're both breathless for a moment, and then he speaks.
“I’m sorry.”
Before I can react, he picks up the packet of paper and all but runs out of the door. 
I come to my senses quick enough to go after him, following him out into the bullpen. 
“Spencer!” I stop, out of breath, and confused as hell.
He exits through the glass doors, his hands grabbing fistfuls of his hair.
“Hey hey hey, what’s going on? Did something happen?” JJ walks up, eyes looking at the space that Spencer had occupied before turning to look at me. “Seriously, you look like you’re about to cry. What happened?”
My fingers float over my lips, still warm from the energy of the kiss. 
“He kissed me.” It’s barely above a whisper, like if I say it louder than that, it’ll cease to exist.
“He did? Why did he run then?”
“I don’t know.” 
The kiss isn’t what's confusing me at the moment though, oh no. 
What’s making it hard to breath right, let alone think, was the statement he whispered right before he kissed me.
A statement I never even thought I would hear him say.
God, I love you.
I must be hearing things. That can’t be what he said. He told me himself, that night on the balcony, he doesn’t love me.
I may not have a memory like his, but I could never forget something like that.
He loves me. 
He loves me.
Spencer Reid loves me.
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acosmis-t · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
isa’s 2.2k writing challenge!
in celebration for the milestone, i will be hosting a writing challenge (this is my first time, so it might be a bit confusing). i really love hearing someone tell me i inspired them to start writing, so i hope i can help do that with some inspo here
the challenge is CLOSED! thank you to everyone who participated <33
rules - please read!
1) this is strictly for the harry potter fandom, so please keep your writings within it
2) any pairing is fine, so long as it is not: incest, bestiality, non-con, teacher x student, !sibling/parent x reader, very detailed of the following: sh, ed, depression, suicide, sa
3) there are dialogue prompts, tropes, and au’s listed below. please keep it to a maximum of three prompts, one trope, and/or one au per fic
4) tag warnings appropriately !!!
5) smut, angst, fluff, etc are all fine! write whatever you want
6) must be a new piece! it can be a series or one shot, as long as it is newly written
7) no word limit! make it long or short, to your heart’s desire
8) tag me in the works and fill out this form for submission. say something in my inbox or just message me directly if i fail to respond or include a fic. just remind me! it’s not on purpose!
9) be as creative as possible! i’d advise trying prompts that haven’t been written for! but everything is open to everyone, even if it is already written. please don’t plagiarize your work—i want to see your personalized writing. there’s no rush or deadline, so take your time if you need
10) following is not required! ofc i would appreciate it, but this is about writing, so it’s okay if you don’t !
11) you can write as many fics as you want, so long as they follow the guidelines! all the submissions will be tagged with their prompts (below) as well as added to a masterpost later on
PROMPTS (under the cut)
Warnings: NSFW content, mentions of injury, fluff, angst
Dialogue and tropes are from @siriusmydeer with this prompt list
Fluff prompts:
1. “I want you.”
Dancing in the Rain on a Summer Day // @onlyfreds (f.w.)
2. “It’s not hard to guess your feelings for me.”
3. “I could cuddle you all day.”
4. “I miss you even when you’re with me”
5. “Stay.”
love // @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins (g.w.)
romeo romantic // @amourtentiaa (g.w.)
troubled waters // @eunoniaa (d.m.)
6. “If we stay kissing in the rain, one of us will catch a cold.”
Dancing in the Rain on a Summer Day // @onlyfreds (f.w.)
7. “I’m sick and contagious go away.”, “i’m here to take care of you.”
I promise, forever // @plutodexay (n.l.)
8. “Kiss me.”
9. “Is that my shirt?” “You mean our shirt?”
10. “You made me a better person. Thank you.” 
11. “You’re really warm.”
I promise, forever // @plutodexay (n.l.)
12. “This reminded me of you.”
evening visits | c.d. // @ronsonlywhore (c.d.)
13. “Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”
14. “You’re the only thing that matters.”
the only thing // @isolemnlyswear (r.l.)
15. “It’s you, it always has been.”
moral of the story // @ronbrokemyheart (j.p.)
16. “You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
17. “I’m never going to leave you. I promise.”
evening visits | c.d. // @ronsonlywhore (c.d.)
18. “You are crushing me right now.”
19. “I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much.”
the only thing // @isolemnlyswear (r.l.)
20. “Your hair is really soft.”
Comedic prompts:
1. “I burn you?”, “You melt me.”
2. “If anything happens, I’m deaf and you don’t speak English. got it?”
3. “It’s three in the morning.”
4. “We could get arrested for this.”
5. “Why are you naked?”
6. “I mean we could do facemasks, gossip and cry or you could be boring.”
7. “So I had a very vivid dream...”
8. “If eating cake is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!”
9. “This town is like one big outpatient mental institution.”
10. “Would you be terribly upset if I threw up in one of your shoes?”
11. “I have forgotten everything I’ve ever learned.”
12. “Here’s some cookies and some very bad news!”
13. “Why am I always the funniest when no one is around to hear it?”
funny girl // @weasleyswizardpleases (f.w. & g.w.)
14. “That’s troubling.”
15. “Did you just slap my ass?”, “Actually, I firmly grasped it.”
16. “Where have you been all my life?”, “hiding from you”
17. “I’d punch you, but that’d ruin that pretty little face of yours.”  
18. “You couldn’t handle me even if i came with instructions.”  
19. “Sorry, is that supposed to impress me?”
20. “Give me a heads up if you start to feel murderous.”
Angst prompts:
1. “Sometimes I wonder if you even like me...it sure feels like you hate me sometimes.”
2. “I want you to be happy…even if its not with me.”
3. “Don’t forget me?” 
forgotten // @reguluscore (j.p.)
4. “No one has a romantic bone in their body anymore! What happened to playing songs outside windows, glitter and sparkles on handmade Valentine’s cards, dancing in the rain!? What happened?!”
romeo romantic // @amourtentiaa (g.w.)
5. “Stop apologising for other people! You’re not the shitty one!” 
6. “I love you.”, “No you don’t” 
player, heartbreaker // @salazarslytherin (wolfstar)
7. “You’re lying to me again. Why can’t you just tell me the truth for once?” 
8. “How was I such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?”  
player, heartbreaker // @salazarslytherin (wolfstar)
9. “You deserve better.”
moral of the story // @ronbrokemyheart (j.p.)
10. “I would’ve done anything for you.”
11. “You broke me.”
love // @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins (g.w.)
12. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”
13. “Maybe they were right, you never did change.” 
player, heartbreaker // @salazarslytherin (wolfstar)
14. “Did it mean anything to you? Did I mean anything to you?”
15. “I’m leaving.”, “Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do.”
16. “I love you.”, “Tell me that when you’re sober.” 
comfortable silence // @samineisntmyname​ (dramione)
17. “Have you been taking care of yourself?”
18. “You always do this.” 
19. “Are they really ‘just a friend’?”
20. “And that makes it okay?”
NSFW prompts:
1. “Why are you wearing that, oh god, no you need to go and change.”
2. “Stop talking and take off your clothes.”
3. “Don’t think i’m letting you get away with that, darling.”
birthday celebrations // @salazarslytherin (g.w.)
4. “Fuck, that feels so good.”
5. “I just want to make you feel good.”
6. “Really? You wanna have sex....here? Now?”
birthday celebrations // @salazarslytherin​ (g.w.)
7. “You like that?” 
8. “I don’t care about this shirt, so please feel free to do with it what you will. And by that, I mean rip it right off.” 
9. “I want you so badly it hurts.
10. “I’m sure we can find some excuse to get out of here.”
11. “I love getting you all worked up.”
12. “Ssh, we gotta be quiet.”
13. “Lay back and relax. It’s all about you tonight.”
14. “That’s unfair. You know I can’t resist when you look at me like that.”
15. “Hands behind your back.”
16. “Oh, god, do that again.”
17. “Fuck me. Please.”
18. “I hope the walls are thick.”
19. “You’re not quiet or subtle at all. That’s hot.” 
a birthday show // @salazarslytherin (f.w.)
20. “Beg for it.”
1. Enemies to lovers
2. Best friends to lovers
Dancing in the Rain on a Summer Day // @onlyfreds (f.w.)
3. Friends with benefits
4. Silent mutual pining
5. Unrequited love
6. Opposites attract
7. Best friends sibling
8. Playboy
9. Redemption
10. Reunion
11. Anti-hero romance
12. Childhood marriage promise
13. Love at first sight
14. Love reforms villain
15. Tragic past
1) Blind Date
2) CEO/Boss
3) Fake Relationship (dating/engagement/marriage) 
his #1 best friend // @destourtereaux (j.p.)
4) Forbidden Love
5) Hunger Games
6) Mafia 
7) Neighbor
8) Royalty 
9) Soulmate (timer/color blind/first words on skin/ sharing pain etc.)
romeo romantic // @amourtentiaa (g.w.)
10) College
11) Single Parent
tagging some mutuals to spread the word around: @ch0kemedracomalfoy @amourtentiaa @siriusmydeer @inks-and-jinx @weasleyyy @mullthingsoverinthehotwater @360iris @lunalovecroft @gxtitobxby @ronsonlywhore @valwritesx @fjorelaant @dreaming-about-fanfictions @accioweaslcy @gryffindors-weasley @darthwheezely @dracosaccount @ronsbadidea @oliverwoodswifee @amixedwitch @quindolyn @randomoutsiders @sweeterthansammy @regulusslut @reguluscore @draconisxcaput @rowema-ravenclaw @hellounicorn @mitsukui @thotbutpurple @frecklesandfirecrackers @malfoysstilinski @malfycs @george-fabian-weasley @weasleyclaw @dracosathenaeum 
special thank you to the immaculate gia ( @siriusmydeer ) for these prompts, as well as my lovely nia ( @ch0kemedracomalfoy ) ! both helped me out so much in preparation for the sleepover and i couldn’t have done it without them.
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thisisgonnafuxkinkillme · 10 months ago
Save Me, Please!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  …
Stalking, gaslighting, phycological manipulation, anything that has to do with the yandere trope.
After that day, you slept a little better. Suddenly, your bed was so much comfier than you thought. Your apartment was suddenly safer. Homier. 
No one could get past that deadbolt. 
As it turns out, though, that man wasn’t real after all. 
He couldn’t be, because even though the locks were double, triple, and even quadruple checked, he still made himself comfortable at the foot of your bed.
He waited to return into your nightmares for about a week after the locks were put on. It was similar, almost exactly the same, as how it was the first time.
You found yourself paralyzed in your bed. You wanted to scream, to run, but your body just wouldn’t allow that. You just had to wait it out. 
As he watched.
And he watched intently. Still, you couldn’t pick out all the details of his face from the darkness, but the one thing you could see was his eyes. 
They were an icy shade of sky blue, and they were bright enough that it looked as if they could even be glowing. 
He’d always do the same thing, too. Once he saw your widened eyes, he’d simply leave your room. 
When you woke up that first time, you carefully and painstakingly searched your house for one singular thing out of place. Nothing. He...isn’t real.
You texted All Might. Maybe he had something good to say. 
“Hey, um I know this is childish, but I think I had a nightmare,” you typed out. It was 4 in the morning, so you didn’t exactly expect a response. However, within a couple seconds, he already texted you back.
“Are u ok?? Do u need me to come over?? I'm patrolling right by u so it's no problem”
“sure if you’re not busy” you reply. 
5 minutes later, he was in your apartment.
“What did I tell you about locking your front door?” he growled. You were startled, gasping at his entrance. He didn’t knock or otherwise announce his presence. He was just there, now.
“I did lock it!” you retorted.
“Then how the fuck am I in here?” he yelled. You recoiled at his harsh tone. He never cursed, for one thing, and for another, he never scolded you quite this severely.
You couldn’t help but start crying.
“All Might, I know I locked that door. I’m telling you, I did.” 
He clenched his fist.
“Tell that to the guy that comes in here next time and rapes you. What if I weren’t here, y/n? What the fuck could you do? Cry about it?” 
You gasped at that comment. 
“How...how could you-”
“No. How could you let yourself be put in this kind of situation?” 
All Might bent down to your level, pulling you close. You punched at his chest, his arms, tried your best to get the fuck away from him. You didn’t want anyone, no less someone who just said something like that, anywhere near you right now.
He disregarded your futile struggles, though. Instead, he gently whispered your name, hushing and shushing you, running his fingers through your hair.
“Listen to me. I need you to be safe. Can’t you see that? I need you to know how special you are, and how you need to be more careful. If...if anything ever happened to you, I don’t think you really understand what would happen to me...” he mumbled. 
Your stomach turned. His comfort was violent, in a non violent way. It was obvious that he thought he was helping, but really, his overly passionate embrace was more unsettling than anything he could have said to you.
That incident caused All Might to patrol around your neighborhood much more than usual. He loitered around your apartment in the shadows, carefully and silently watching out for any villains or criminals. 
Knowing he was there did admittedly help. The man stayed away for an even longer period. You began to feel safer again, your bed transforming from a cold rock to its normal, warm cloud of comfort. 
Then, he came back. This time, though, he was sitting on the edge of your bed. He didn’t notice when you woke up.
You carefully studied his face, his body, and his entire being through the blurry vision of terror. 
He was skinny; skinnier than any human should ever be. His height was towering as a result of his too-long limbs, and his scleras were pitch black. 
Unlike any other time, you were able to move. As soon as you realized this, you realized that it might actually be to your advantage to not move. 
I mean, if he really is real, and thinks I’m asleep, maybe he’ll just leave me alone. But if I get up and try to fight him, it’s entirely possible that he could seriously hurt me.
The man pulled out his phone, which bore a simple red plastic case, checking the time. He grunted, getting up and eyeing what he thought was your sleeping form. The man patted you on your leg gently with his chilled hand.
As he stood, his bones creaked, popped, and you could tell he was in a little pain. Soon, though, he was out of your room, taking one last look at you from the darkened doorway. 
He mumbled something before closing your door gently.
As soon as the little noises were gone from the rest of the apartment, you immediately took out your phone, rapidly texting All Might.
“I saw him again. He just left.”
Instantly, the message was sent, and you heard a little, tiny ding from down the hall. It was faint enough for you to consider it a hallucination. Hell, it can’t be that far off at this point. 
All Might received and read the message, but said nothing. A minute later, maybe even less, he was at your door. 
When you opened it to greet him, you smelled something a little funny, so you peeped past him and down the hall. White smoke was dissipating all through the hallway.
He didn’t seem to notice, but your apartment had a strict no smoking policy. You sighed.
“I’m sorry for bothering you again, but... I don't know...I guess I thought that maybe you might see him running out or something?” you frowned. 
“I didn’t see anybody. Are you sure you’re not just having bad dreams?” he frowned, hand on his hip. 
“I know what I saw. I’m not crazy.”
He sighed deeply. 
“Maybe you should think about moving out to somewhere safer, outside of the city,” he paused to take out his phone.
“I can help you look for a place,” offered All Might, his fingers typing something into his phone. The red plastic case he had on it making your stomach roll over.
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cinebration · 11 months ago
Sell It To Me (Maxwell Lord x Reader) [Part 7]
Max tries to get you out into the sun.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Epilogue | Addendum
Tagged: @mrschiltoncat​, @jedi-mando​​, @hailmaryyramliah​, @tanyaherondale​
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Gif Source: pascalsky
Max couldn’t focus on the list. The consumers he was contacting were resisting his charm—probably because he felt he had none to spare, his attention elsewhere.
Specifically on you.
The revelation about your family history still seemed to be creating ripple effects through him, the still lake of his inner being at the mercy of the rock you had flung in its midst.
He had begun to see you in a new light. Instead of the intimidating, stoic woman you had presented yourself as, he saw the cracks in your mask. Dark shadows appeared under your eyes, your expression lined with strain. Your shoulders hunched as though heavy with an unseen burden.
He swept his gaze around the room. What he had mistaken for dedication to the job, even frugal budgeting, was in fact desperation. You lived at your office because you couldn’t afford anything else. Your furniture was second-hand, probably donated or bought from flea markets. You had only a week’s worth of business attire that you cycled through, trying to conceal it by ensuring the outfits weren’t worn on the same days week after week.
Any money you had scraped together beforehand had probably been spent on the computer and two phones.
Max returned his attention to you, noted the pallor in your face. “When was the last time you went outside?”
You glanced absentmindedly at the small calendar lying on your desk, your fingers clacking away at the keyboard. “Three weeks ago, last Thursday.”
“Three weeks ago?”
“I went grocery shopping.”
“You need to go outside, get some sun! Do you take vitamin D, at least?”
“No.” You stood abruptly from your chair, strode over to the bathroom.
Max slumped in his chair, stunned. He couldn’t believe you hadn’t left the building in three whole weeks. Your presence in the room suddenly seemed overt, weighing down on him. It felt like the place was absorbing you, eating you alive.
He cast about for a solution. Asking you to go out to the park or even step outside for five minutes of fresh air didn’t seem like viable options. He could hear you already replying, “If I want fresh air, I can open a window.”
His gaze drifted to the clock on the wall. A few minutes until lunch time. He noticed for the first time a stairwell tucked against the back wall, semi-concealed by the square block of the bathroom and leading up.
He had an idea.
When you emerged from the bathroom, Max stood, lunch in hand, and declared, “Come on.”
You blinked, frowning. “Excuse me?”
“It’s lunch.”
You glanced pointedly at your desk, then back to him.
“We’re eating outside today.”
You rolled your eyes. “I don’t have—”
“We’ll sit on the roof. We don’t have to be there more than ten minutes.” He put on his most earnest expression. “Please.”
“You’re not going to let this go until I do it, aren’t you?”
“I’m very persistent.”
Sighing, you retrieved your lunch and followed him up the stairs to the roof. Max wedged his stapler between the door and its frame to keep it from shutting.
The sun shone down brightly, pleasantly warming the concrete roof. Squeezing your eyes shut, you struggled to adjust to the sudden onslaught of light.
“We should have brought sunglasses,” Max murmured, guiding you back toward the shade created by the door.
Squirming, you slowly opened your eyes until blinking was normal. Only then did you step back out into the sun.
Max sat on the edge of the roof, his back to to street. You sat down uncomfortably beside him, your head downcast despite your eyes having adjusted to the sun.
“I’m not a lizard,” you grumbled. “I don’t need the sun to get my blood moving.”
“No, but it could help your personality melt.”
You shot him a warning look, but he shrugged and bit into his sandwich. You picked half-heartedly at your salad.
“So,” Max began after the sound of cars zipping down the streets became dull, “did you always want to go into telemarketing?”
You snorted. “Did you dream of selling oil as a kid?”
“No.” The sandwich soured in his mouth. “I dreamed of escaping.”
He felt your gaze on him. Even when he wasn’t meeting it, he felt how heavy it was, as though it were trying to bore through him.
“I dreamed of being successful,” he admitted. “I didn’t care how. I didn’t want to keep living like I had growing up.”
Max had never said that to anyone, not even his ex-wife. He felt a sense of relief and defeat all at once.
“Do you even like this work?” he deflected.
“I’m good at it.”
“But do you like it?”
“Does it matter?”
“It should.”
You moved a leaf around with your fork. “My dreams died when my mother did. I don’t remember them anymore.”
“That can’t be true.”
“If I did, I could never pursue them. Not until I pay off the debt.”
“How long will that take?”
“Years, and by then…?” You shrugged. “Maybe I’ll have forgotten I ever had any dreams in the first place.”
“You shouldn’t.”
“So you still dream of being successful?”
It felt like a punch to his gut. He looked away from your hard gaze.
“The hearings next week,” he said, his voice thick. “I’ll need the suit.”
“It’s ready. I recommend a white shirt and a pastel tie.”
“Thank you,” he mumbled.
You stretched, your back audibly cracking. “I’m going back inside.”
“It’s been ten minutes.”
You left him up on the rooftop, stewing in his broken dreams.
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luvlyrv · 8 months ago
Another Dance (Duel Pt. 2) | Seulgi x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff, knight!au
Summary: Seulgi has taught you how to dance, but now she needs to teach you what this new feeling brewing in your chest means.
Word Count: 3k
A/N: Sorry this took a while to get out. Thank you again to my editor I always love your suggestions. I hope everything in this follow up makes sense.
Date: 5/9/21
Click here to read part one
Perhaps these last few months of your life have been the best. Despite the fact that training has been more brutal due to your nearing graduation into knighthood, every moment has felt brighter than the past several years of your life. Maybe all? You can’t remember ever waking up to a feeling like this all the time.
Yes, this feeling right here in your chest. The feeling you get when you wake up startled and in a frenzy from a dream of spending a day with Seulgi. A life with Seulgi. It’s the feeling that you get when she asks for your hand so that the two of you can make a fool of yourselves dancing. The strange way your chest seems to contract and hurt when Seulgi sneaks a smile while the commandment screams orders at you.
Since when did you feel like this? You’re not sure. Maybe it was that one night the two of you spent together weeks ago, where you finally felt confident enough to lead the dance for once. You had pulled her close with a bold move you didn’t even plan to make, making Seulgi give you a shocked look before glancing away, barely catching her soft smile. Maybe she was proud of you in that moment, you don’t know. You don’t know anything anymore besides Seulgi, besides the fact that you were hyper aware of her breath that night. Of the way her garments clung so close to skin, the rise and fall of her chest, the length of her eyelashes, the slope of her nose.
Every day you’re greeted by the sunrise, only to be anticipating its set.
Before you can spend your cherished time with Seulgi though, you had to go through the motions of your day. Time seemed to pass slowly as you sparred and trained. Nowadays though there was a lightness in your body that wasn’t there before, and your eyes had become better at reading the flowing movements of your opponents. You were ecstatic to see your improvement, likewise were the commanding officers and fellow apprentices, it seemed. Some officers urged you to continue to carry out whatever it was that you were doing to improve and to finally displace Seulgi. Meanwhile the knights-in-training were muttering among themselves about your progress and how it was done.
To say that you were happy that morning training ended would be an understatement. The second highlight of your day would be the precious half hour you spent with Seulgi during your afternoon meal. As you impatiently wait in line to be served whatever was deemed nutritious for prospecting knights, you think about how you were just a couple months ago. After spending some time with Seulgi you wanted to somehow be even closer to her, to spend time beyond the midnight dances you two shared.
When you had first decided to sit next to Seulgi instead of by your lonesome, you were uncharacteristically nervous. You were sure that if people looked carefully enough they could have noticed how your steady sword-arm shook as you held onto your tray of food. People didn’t hide their raised eyebrows at your approach, some people left the area, terrified at the thought of you possibly coming over to terrorize them.
It was a surprise when you had quietly asked if it was okay for you to seat yourself next to Seulgi. She didn’t hesitate to say yes, flashing you her crescent eyes you had unknowingly grown accustomed to. The surrounding witnesses to the sight were confused. When would you have willingly associated with anyone? Especially Seulgi, and in such a shy manner?
When you finally get your meal you walk towards the familiar table and remember your present day situation. Now that time has passed people are less wary around you and how you seemingly lack the intention to verbally abuse and berate people. In fact, when you began to take Seulgi’s advice of smiling more people seemed to… like you? It helped that you lost most of your competitive streak, instead favoring to focus on yourself and what you can do. Mostly your dancing, though, as you yearned to impress Seulgi more each and every night.
The clank of your tray against the wooden aging table alerts Seulgi of your presence. Quickly turning her head away from the person she was talking to, she opens her mouth to greet you. That was until Markus, a man who came from a noble family with notable enough skills, called out for you. You move to face the source of his voice, only to notice him uncomfortably close to your side. It was odd for him to suddenly appear when you swore you didn’t notice him on your way over.
“Hey, I was just wondering if you’d like to duel me in the afternoon? You know, since we haven’t gotten an opportunity to do so for the past couple weeks. Maybe go on a walk afterwards?” He throws you a shy, maybe even a cheeky smile. If there was one thing you knew about him it was that you’ve had much more encounters with him than you’d like recently, and that smile of his was one he’d thrown at other female trainees in the past. If anything, he was merely a passing thought.
“Sure, I don’t care.” You say in your signature neutral tone. Hoping that he’d leave you alone now, you began to turn back to Seulgi. Your movement is stopped when Markus puts his hand on your shoulder and swipes a finger across your cheek.
“You had some dirt there from practice. Just wanted to get it off.” He grins tortuously wide before excusing himself from the table. You sigh, and when you finally get to look at Seulgi she has a raised brow, her mouth forming a tight line. Not sure what to do at her sudden change of mood, you pick at your food a bit. You feel like you can’t eat anything under her intense stare.
You’re starting to feel nervous until Seulgi decides to tap on your shoulder. Glancing up from your plate you see her with a handkerchief in hand.
“I think," she pauses, "Markus made it worse, actually.” She adds before gently rubbing the dirt that became spread across your face. You scrunch your nose and eyes but a small smirk forms in affection.
“Does it really matter, though? I don’t care about how I look.”
“I think you look cuter without it. And more hygienic.”
After your meal came your academic and strategical studies. Your brain dulls into mush after countless hours of toiling over geography and the endless ways a person can kill someone. Although you still do well in a more scholar-like learning environment, your body greatly preferred the battlefield. You let out a sigh of happiness when you were allowed to stretch and start another round of sparring.
Keeping to your promise, you await as you lean into your training sword until Markus shows up in your vision again. He walks towards you with such unnerving confidence and a grin you think is permanently scribbled on his face.
“Are you ready, my lady?”
“Don’t patronize me.” You mumble. The two of you back away from each other to an appropriate distance before getting into your stances. Some people gather around the scene, which wasn’t uncommon for your battles. They want to make a spectacle of your fight.
When you rush forward towards Markus you get a good stab straight in his stomach. His reflexes seemed almost slow, or at least much slower than yours or Seulgi’s. He lets out a grunt, but the training armor and his natural durability keeps him on his feet. In an attempt to make you fall, he swings his sword arm directly downwards towards your back. You easily sidestep and continue a relentless sequence of parries and hard smacks against his arms and legs.
This continues on for minutes on minutes, much longer than the vast majority of your fights. Markus has proven himself to be a bad fighter, and the only reason you haven’t won yet is the fact that your sword wasn’t made to kill and the fact that Markus has stupidly good endurance. It’s hard for you to keep fighting. Not because you were lacking stamina but on account of the monotony of his moves started to bore you greatly.
Your mind wanders as you automatically parry Markus’ pathetic slashes without much thought. You recall how you have to go on a walk with Markus when he slips a slight grin, but after that you can go about your day and eventually spend the night with Seulgi. You think about how her smile looks in the moonlight, how her hair bounces as you move to a make-believe rhythm. You unconsciously put on a broad grin as you hope she teaches you something new tonight.
You’ve let your attention slip for too long though. When you get a grip on reality again, you realize that you’re now on the ground and Markus’ blade is descending on your body. Your reaction allows you to bring up your sword to his, a loud clang traveling through the air. With all your might you push back, trying to angle your sword so his would slide off and break free from contact. It seems like you may be able to fend off his weapon for a second, but he yells as he delivers all of his strength into pushing down on you.
The force is more than enough to make your sword lose contact with his. With the blade right on your throat he throws on a victorious expression and screams in happiness. The crowd around you softly murmur as they look at each other. Markus drinks in his win and he looks at everyone and then at you.
“You’ve gone soft on me, haven’t you?”
“What? What do you mean?” You try to brush the dirt off your back as you get up.
“I mean, why would you all of a sudden smile and let me win like that otherwise?” He chuckles with his words as he approaches you and places a hand on your back.
“I was just distracted.” You try to get away from him, but he gets closer and whispers in your ear.
“By me, right?” You hear a certain kind of joy and conceitedness in his voice that makes you want to vomit while simultaneously punching him.
“No. Now let's just get this walk done with so I can go shower or shoot my bow, or something.” At your words he shuffles away and uncomfortably leaves some space between the two of you as you go for a quick walk in the woods. Everybody watches as you two leave the area, and as you pass by you hear their whispers.
“…like him?”
“ …usually ruthless…why’d she let him win?”
“…was right…gone soft.”
You aren’t sure what to do about their theorizing or their mindless gossip, nor what to do with the man who was now clinging onto your side. What was usually a peaceful and quiet trail for you became loud and annoying as Markus kept trying to flirt despite your silence and lack of response to his remarks. It was hard to appreciate the beauty in the trees and forest life over the talkativeness of the man next to you. If you could, you wouldn’t have gone on a walk with him, but you felt like it was dishonorable of you to break an appointment or promise.
You think that next time you should bring Seulgi with you instead, it would be a pleasant experience then.
After what felt like a century of walking, you had finally looped around the trail and made it back to the beginning of the forest. You continue to trek forward and almost leave Markus behind, but he grips onto your waist and looks at you for a moment. The tinge of expectancy that gleamed in his eyes, and that's when you knew. You watch in a panic as he flutters his eyes and brings his lips to yours.
There’s a ringing in your ears from how hard you slap him.
“Don’t.” You say while walking away from him.
You decide that you should go to the shower to wash off his filth, then go to the archery range to practice shooting his face in your head.
It would be a lie to say you weren’t sore from the amount of work you forced upon your body today. As you hunker towards the barracks though, a sudden burst of energy renews the feelings in your limbs when you find Seulgi patiently awaiting you like always. The area clears out of people until it’s just you and Seulgi. She comes by your side to walk with you towards the field.
Your dance begins and you drink in the comfortable silence until Seulgi decided to speak.
“So, Markus, how do you feel about him?” There’s a sense of inquisitiveness that you haven’t heard from her before.
“Hm? He’s just a person.” She makes a face at your answer, scrunching her eyebrows as she pushes further,
“Really? You know, when I finished my practice match and walked around everybody was talking about the two of you… you know. How you’re a thing or something.”
“Just a misunderstanding.” You assert, but Seulgi seems to want to hear more.
“Do you not like him? What about anybody else? I feel like everybody is dying for your attention these days.” With the last sentence there’s a subtle shift to a sadder, even disgruntled tone in her voice. You watch as she bites her lip waiting for an answer, entranced enough to almost forget to reply. The insecurity was hard to ignore.
“I don’t really talk to anyone besides you, Seulgi, and I don’t know why people bother. Maybe they just respect my abilities and think now that I’m friendlier I’d be interested in a conversation. Also, you aren’t one to talk. You’ve had people following you around and worshipping you since day one.” Thinking about it, you can‘t ever remember a time where Seulgi didn’t have someone by her side.
Another wave of silence envelopes you as Seulgi finally nods, maybe settling with this answer. Or at least is mulling over your words. As she takes the time to think, you remember the events that happened earlier in the day and the question that had been bothering you.
“By the way, are you making me soft?”
You interrupt the dance you shared by taking a step back. You cock your head in examination. Recently it’s been hard to tell if Seulgi’s influence over you had been helpful or harmful. Especially since there were instances where you almost completely lost your focus like you did today.
“Where is this coming from?” She asks while putting on a confused smile, as if to say ‘excuse me?’.
“Well, obviously I’m more approachable now because of your advice, but now you’re getting in the way of my fighting.”
“Huh?” Seulgi is taken aback by your words and how you state them so matter-of-factly.
“Sometimes I lose focus in the middle of fights now. They accused me of becoming soft.”
“How can I possibly be at fault for that?”
“Well, it’s you that I think about. All the time.” You reach out for her hand, gently tugging it towards you and then onto your chest. “And you make my heart beat real fast. Faster than any running commandment has made us done. It kind of hurts my chest, really. Have you casted a spell on me too?”
You feel Seulgi’s hand tremble in a quake.
“Y/N, are you joking right now?”
“No, I just want to know, why do I feel like this all the time around you?” Looking at Seulgi’s face you spot how the tips of her ears turned a bright red, despite the darkness of the night. Your other hand pulls back her hair so you can examine it further. With a worried look you ask, “Oh, are you cold? Should we go back inside?” You panic a little as you see the pink had spread onto the rest of her face.
“You…” Seulgi’s breath has quickened, and she rescinds her hand from yours. You’re worried you’ve done something wrong as Seulgi refused to even look at you, instead she's staring at her feet. “You like me, stupid.” The dramatic atmosphere turns lighthearted as she laughs boisterously.
“Huh? Is that what this means?”
“Are you being serious with me?” Seulgi keeps laughing at you, much to your frustration.
“Yes! I am! I don’t understand! I’ve never felt this way before, that’s why I have to ask.” Your face lapses to a pout and that seems to encourage her to keep laughing at you.
“Hey, stop pouting!” Her laughing reduced to giggles as she walked closer to you. She brings her hands forward as they cup your face. Your knees feel weak, buckling at the warmth in her hands and the care they seemed to radiate. She finally calms down when she asks you, “Now, if you really like me then tell me," she sucks in a quick breath," would you like to kiss me right now?”
For a second you’re frozen, but soon enough you bashfully nod your head a little too hard.
Her lips reach yours and you instantly smile. The lips that you’ve stared at for hours, the ones that say the words that have moved you the most, the ones that curve adorably and ignites the dormant happiness within you. You stay that way for a moment that both felt like forever and like no time at all. Seulgi breaks away before kissing each of your cheeks.
“Oh,” she sighs while staring at you, “you’ve made me the happiest person in the world.”
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marshmallow-phd · a year ago
Catching Rain
Tumblr media
Part of The Untamed - EXO Wolf Universe
Genre: Wolf!AU
Pairing: Minseok x Reader
Summary: You were more than satisfied with your life. You attended a nice college, had nice friends, a nice boyfriend. That’s what your life was: nice. You weren’t looking for anything more, so what were you to do when this seemingly harmless boy walked into your life and turned your nice little world into one much more dangerous?
Part: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10 I Epilogue 
Cheerful mess was the understated way of putting the current scene. Tonight was the first evening of a long sleepover at the farmhouse. It was a holiday weekend which meant you had unlimited access to Minseok for three whole days. 
The two of you had been "together" for about a few weeks but it felt more like a lifetime. You and him fit together like puzzle pieces, like that Greek myth of the origins of people and soulmates. Both of you had walked the earth for years, not even realizing what you could have been missing. You didn't feel complete, necessarily, but… more. 
"You're going to run out of battery here soon," Minseok teased.
You were sitting up on your knees clicking picture after picture of your favorite subject. How could you stop when nearly every angle of his face was so fascinating? He looked sharp then soft then older then younger. You wanted to capture every possibility. 
"It's not going to die," you said as you checked the focus. "It's still on full battery. You're stuck with this for a while." 
"I'll endure it. Only because it's you."
"Are you camera shy, wolf boy?"
Minseok's answer was a low growl. He reached out and pulled you down for a kiss, careful to not crush your camera. Somehow he managed to pry the device from your hand and place it on the floor while keeping you occupied. 
With soft eyes, he caressed your cheek. His lips were taunt, tension creating the tiniest lines around his pink mouth. 
You propped yourself up on your elbows. "What is it?"
"There's… something we need to talk about."
"Okay?" Sitting up all the way, you braced yourself for whatever he was about to expose.
Minseok kept his eyes down, fidgeting with the sheets between his fingers. "I'm sure you've noticed how… protective I've been lately?"
Protective was probably the soft way of putting it. Since you and Minseok officially accepted the bond between the two of you, you'd spent nearly every day up here at the house, soaking all the time with him that you could. It was impossible to ignore the way he shifted closer to you when one of his brothers walked into the room or the subtle growls if they said something cheeky. While it took time to get used to, you'd shrugged it aside, owing it up to his supernatural nature. It had never gotten too much out of hand or uncomfortable for you. Apparently, there was much more to it than a simple instinct.  
"The reason I've been like that is because you're my mate."
You snorted. "Yeah, I kind of figured that."
"But not just my mate." He let out an elongated sigh. "My unmarked mate."
You held up a hand, palm facing out. "Okay, hold up. Unmarked? Like… I have to get a tattoo?" 
Minseok snickered. "No. There's no ink involved." He sat up. Fingers soft and tender, he traced the outline of your neck and shoulder. "When a wolf finds their mate, they are protective. And… we need a way to tell other wolves that their mate is under that protection and not to… touch them… for a lack of a better explanation. So, we mark our mates. Once that happens, our instincts calm down a bit. Or so I've been told." 
"Okay." You clicked your tongue a few times, processing this new information. "You're asking to mark me? Is that it?"
Minseok chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I am."
"Okay," you said. Nerves were brewing in your stomach. Though the answer seemed obvious once ink was ruled out, you still asked, "What does that entail?"
Scooting closer to you, Minseok kept eye contact. "I have to…." Blush exploded on his cheeks. He scratched the hairline behind his ear. 
"To do what?"
"I have to bite you."
"Shshshsh." Minseok pounced on you, covering your mouth as he pinned you to the bed. He cocked his head to the side as if listening for additional noise. Right. Supernatural hearing. The house was full of extraordinary ears. When no one came, he eased off. "It won't hurt. I'd make sure of it."
"But you have to bite hard enough to leave a scar," you said. 
Minseok nodded. "I'd… distract you."
You started to imagine what he meant by that. You cleared your throat. "I guess I can go along with that." 
Those were the magic words, apparently. He grabbed your face like he did that night downtown and kissed you deeply. A rush of giggles bubbled in your throat. They grew louder and louder until-
Bang! Bang! Bang!
"Can you guys keep it down? Its getting annoying!"
Minseok half-groaned, half-sighed. "Jongdae."
"Just let him be," you said, though you were feeling a little embarrassed yourself. "Some people just don't like being around couples."
"You're right." A mischievous smirk pulled at his lips. "But I still hope that he's next. It would help loosen him up."
"Until then, we'll just wait until the house is empty." 
You smiled. "Sounds like a plan."
On the morning of the last day of the holiday weekend, you were a little sad. The nonstop Minseok time was coming to an end. But alas, it was inevitable so you rolled with the punches. 
Minseok was already downstairs when you woke up. You freshened up before deciding to join him. 
Several of the boys were sitting around the table eating breakfast as they chatted happily. Minseok had a full plate in front of him waiting for you before the others could shovel it down. When he saw you enter the kitchen, he waved you over. You took the empty seat next to him. 
"Hungry?" he asked. You nodded. He slid the plate over to you along with eating utensils. 
Junmyeon walked in then, a newspaper in his hand. He must have run to town early this morning. Tossing the newspaper down on the table, he sighed.
"What is it?" Sehun asked. 
"There was another death on Saturday," Junmyeon announced. 
"What? Why are we just hearing about it?" Minseok asked. 
"The police kept it quiet. Its just now hitting the newspapers. I got an email last night from the university."
Baekhyun frowned. "Why did you get an email?" 
"The hiker was a pre-med professor from the University. The board wanted to prepare the rest of us."
Yixing reached for the newspaper and scanned through the article. 
“We need to find this guy and stop him," Chanyeol said worriedly.  
Kyungsoo nodded in agreement. “He’s bringing too much attention.” 
“The last thing we need is for some vigilante hunter coming into the woods,” Jongin added. 
You swallowed, unable to keep eating. The image of a hunter with a gun was making your stomach churn. “That won’t happen, right? Minseok?” 
“Everything will be alright.” Minseok reached over and squeezed your hand reassuringly. Rolling his eyes, Jongdae stood up and left the room. 
“He just doesn’t like me, does he?” you asked quietly. Though the two of you would joke about Jongdae needing a mate of his own to loosen him up, you couldn’t help but feel it was more personal than that. 
“Jongdae takes a long time to warm up to anyone," Junmyeon said. "Don’t stress about it.” 
You pursed your lips. “Easy for you to say.” 
“Don’t worry, the rest of us like you.” Baekhyun said happily as he munched on a cookie. “Especially if you keep making goodies like this.” 
You had gotten a little bored last night while the pack went on a run, so you went through the cabinets and found ingredients to bake a few… dozen cookies. There were approximately three left at this point and you were worried that it might become an outright war for the morsels. 
Minseok starred at Yixing, who was lost deep in thought, reading the article over and over again. “Yixing? Is something wrong?” 
“This hiker was my professor," he explained. "I’m just worried about what the consequences of another death could be.” 
“You sound so morbid,” Sehun complained.  
“Campus will be in an uproar tomorrow when we get back,” Minseok commented. To Yixing, he asked, “Do you think they’ll cancel your class?” 
Junmyeon answered instead. “No. In the memo we got they said they would combine her classes with others.” 
“Seems a bit weird,” Baekhyun said. 
Junmyeon shrugged. “It's the option they went with. Yixing, you should be getting an updated schedule and syllabus in a day or so. As for us, we're going to up our presence in the woods. Take shifts running perimeters."
"Is that safe?" you asked. The last thing you wanted was for Minseok to get hurt. Or any of them, really. You were growing attached to the pack as a whole. 
"We're supernatural creatures," Minseok smirked. "There's more of us than of him. If anything, its him to be worried about."
You nodded, but your concern didn't ease up. Your own instincts told you this wouldn't be as cut and dry as the pack was making it sound. They may know what they were capable of, but they weren’t invincible. You had to agree with Yixing. There were to be consequences of this new death. But that was the thing about consequences: they could be either good or bad. Only time would tell what they would be. 
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