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#like i'm genuinely not judging for anyone for shipping them
latinposeidon · a month ago
this could be just me but i think charlie and owen were joking about l*lex being exes or being supportive of fans theories, madi said it in a live and told fans to not take it as canon because they will be disappointed and i remember sav also saying she thinks they are joking. i think it started a joke or charlie not wanting say no to fans and owen getting along with it and now they can;t say anything because it would hurt some fans, a lot of time they say it's true but then backtrack and say it's not confirmed
Oh yeah they're absolutely just joking when they talk about l*lex as exes. It's like how Owen's never serious when he says he's not gonna be acting during the willex kiss. I think they're just very comfortable joking about this sort of thing and they don't always make it completely clear that they're joking so people - understandably - think they're being serious
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