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#like idk how to feel exactly but sad is the tip of it
sweetpxsin · 3 years ago
Meeting the Family // Bang Chan [ Request ]
Tumblr media
Requested: anon
Member: Bang Chan
Plot: Heloo 😊 Can i get a Chan scenario/imagines (idk the difference 😅) where you take him to meet your family however you have 2 big brothers so chan is really nervous but in the end everything was good? Thank you💕💕
Genre: floof
Note: This request was super cute js [ Masterlist // Request // Guidelines ]
•Ya’ll cuties had been together for about a year now and today  was the day Chan was going to officially meet your family and if you're wondering how Chan was now well...
•He was a nervous adorable nervous wreck
•You could say that he had a habit of waking up super early when he’s nervous ( but honestly when does he really sleep)
•So you weren’t exactly surprised when you woke up to empty sheets
•But you were a little sad, having that you wanted to wake up in his arms, though it was nothing really big
•Sitting up you pushed off your bed and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes before heading towards the kitchen
•The smell of breakfast that lingered in the halls making your tummy rumble in small protest
•and then you stepped into the kitchen to see the wonderful sight of Chan cooking (wElCome tO cHan’s KiTchEn)
•Not thinking much of it you backed hugged Chan giggling into his back upon feeling him tense along with jumping slightly at the feeling of your arms around his waist
•”(y/n) don’t do that~”
•Chan whined lightly abandoning the food he was cooking to return back your hug
•a smile displayed on his lips before he dipped down to steal a kiss before nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, pressing a soft smile onto your skin
•though you loved the feeling and the moment, you knew if Chan stayed like this any longer the food would burn
•So jokingly you sniffed the air before saying “I think something's burning.”
•Immediately Chan had let go to check up on his poor food only to see it cooking perfectly fine
•Another giggle escaped your lips as you hopped onto to the counter, sitting criss crossed as Chan let out a sigh of relief
•”Don’t do that.”
•a playful pout displayed on his lips before quickly being replaced with a  smile as he turned off the stove to start plating the food
•But before that he had to sneak in another cuddle
•his arms wrapped around your waist along with nuzzling his face into your neck once again
•Your hand instinctively wrapped around his neck, your fingers playing with the tips of his freshly dyed hair at the nape of his neck (listen I’m whipped for black hair chan and idc if you tell me it’s temporary dye I will continue living this lie)
•”Are you excited to meet my parents.”
•”Just a little nervous.” he mumbled against your skin
•Chan receded for the hug slightly showing you his best just rejected puppy eyes (it wasn’t even on purpose tbh)
•”Because what if they don’t like me, and what about your bothers what if they don’t like-“
•at that point you had managed to zone out admiring how cute your boyfriend had just turned
•”your so cute!”
•you squished his cheeks with your hands your eyes practically gleaming with admiration
•a chuckle escaped his lips before he removed your hands from his face, pressing a kiss on them light before giving them back to you
•”Were you even listening?” He teases
•”Yes! Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll love you!”
•”thanks” Chan showed you a small smile before ruffling your hair and pulling away from the hug  to finally set up the food
•after the both of you ate you headed to the room to get dressed while Chan washed up a bit before joining you in dressing up
•Chan wore a simple black t-shirt along with denim ripped skinny jeans paired with his nicest pair of rubber shoes and simplistic jewelry, the silver band on his finger being his half of the promise ring he had bought for the both of you (if you want reference to the look I just based it off the “grr featuring guide”)
•and although you thought he looked beyond handsome you could help but seem the glimmer of insecurity in his eyes
•”Ahem may I remind you who the most handsome man I know is?”
•”I know but what if th-”
•”Shh let’s go we’ll be late.”
•Instantly Chan held onto your hand and hurried out of the apartment and into the apartments parking garage
•Only in the car did Chan take the time to take in account if he had forgot anything
•and before you could even utter a single word Chan was rushing out of the car already leaving you alone
•But just as fast as he left he was back again this time with a bouquet of flowers
•Only a giggle could escape your lips at how cute your boyfriend was being
•Finally with a deep breath Chan started the car and drove to your parents house, using his free hand to hold yours somewhere in the midst of the drive
•and if you thought Chan couldn’t get even more nervous you can count yourself as hella wrong
•as soon as Chan had started heading up the stairs that lead to your front door you could hear him subconsciously swallow dryly and wipe his slightly sweaty palms onto his jeans
•Actually you had never seen Chan this nervous before so you could say it was an interesting sight to encounter
•Especially when you rung the doorbell you swore Chan had never fidgeted as much as he did ever before
•and when the door opened to reveal your parents
•It was a funny sight to see him stutter
•”H-hello Mr. and Mrs. (Your last name), it’s a pleasure to meet you!”
•He held out the flowers in front of him as if he was girl who had just confessed to her crush
•”It’s a pleasure to meet you too Chan. (y/n) has been saying but nothing but good things about you.”
•Your mother flashed him a smile and took the flowers he held out towards her taking a moment to admire them before continuing
•”Well please come in and make yourself comfortable.”
•Your mom decided back into the house probably to find a vase to put her new flowers in while your dad stood there
•”Nice to meet you son, make yourself at home.” (why do dads do that?? Like call them son Well idk I’ve never had a guy to bring home lollololol)
•They exchanged a hand shake and finally the both of you had entered the house, remembering to take off your shoes
•You led Chan to the couch and took as seat there with him and held his hand knowing it would calm down his nervous
•”See they like you.” You whispered playing with his ring on his finger
•”That’s because you talk good about me. What if I mess up?” He whined lightly
•”You wo-”
•Chan immediately straightened up upon hearing the booming voices of your brothers as they towered over you
•”Sup bro I’m Jihoon and this idiot is Wonwoo.”
•”Uh for the record I have a higher gpa get your facts straight moron.”
•”U-Uhm I’m Chan.”
•”Nice to meet you Chan. You will not believe how much (y/n) talks about you it’s like (y/n) will never shut up.”
•Chan couldn’t help but steal a glance at you this time it was his turn to be entertained by the blush that decorated your face
•”Pftt what!! You both are so stupid.”
•You sent your brothers a look only siblings would understand, which basically met shut up or I’m killing you in your sleep
•”You literally wouldn’t shut up about how exci-”
•”Okay that’s enough!” You stood up on the couch covering your brother’s mouth muttering something along the lines of “I will kill” and “Wonwoo was always my favorite older brother” before pulling back your hand
•”That escalated quickly…”
•”Don’t worry that happens a lot here you’ll get used to it.” Woowon said in  an attempt to bond with the other boy, successfully gaining a laugh out of him
•”Alright alright settle down you two.”
•Finally your parents (aka your saving grace) had entered to save you from your embarrassment of brothers
•”Let’s not make our guess uncomfortable.”
•”O-Oh it was fine. I deal with worse on daily basis.” Chan shot them his award winning smile, with the thought of his beloved team on his mind
•”Really what do you do for a living?”
•”I’m in a group called stray kids.”
•”Straight kids?” Your father asked not quite getting the name the first time causing a burst of laughter to sound through the room
•”N-No it’s S-t-ray kids.” Chan said recovering from his own fit of laughs
•And just like that Chan had forgotten about his previous worries
•Your brothers always managed to make the mood lighter for Chan
•and your parents didn’t seem to mind his choice in career in fact they even encouraged him to continue to work hard, while staying healthy of course
•Overall it was a light hearted experience that was filled with nothing but heartwarming moments and delicious food your mother and father ahd whipped up for dinner
•and by the end of the night Chan couldn’t even remember why he was all worked up for
•-Extended ending-
•”And this was (y/n) when she was a year old. Oh and look at thi-”
•”stop this is embarrassing!”
•”Ok...Ahem as I was saying look at (y/n) all dressed up and even posing! Isn’t (y/n) precious.”
•”Mooom you’re ruining my life.”
•”And you ruined  my bank account when you went to college and decided to get into kpop.”
Okay! I’ll end it there! There’s no way I can save this better :’’’) But i hope you enjoyed it!
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lovely-angst · 2 years ago
i noticed requests are open and i was wondering if you could maybe write a scenario in which the fem!reader keeps listening to kacchako rumors and she's (the reader) not exactly katsuki's gf but they're getting there and idk maybe she's just so insecure and feels inferior when thanks to a school project katsuki and ochako start spending most of their times together and unknowingly katsuki starts setting reader aside.. so the reader gets the wrong message and starts distancing herself and (1)
(2) becoming more quiet and stuff.. also she stops talking to ochako.. like she’s just breaking down and not talking about it tbh. bcs honestly being in that situation hurts a loot. and i’m sorry this is too specific.. i just love reading about jealousy lol could it please end in fluff? just lots and lots of angst with a happy ending! thank you for taking your time to read this! have a nice day!
i too like jealousy fics.
sorry, this wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. my skills have been low lately because i have so much to do these days.
“Are you ready to go to the agency yet Bakugou?” Uraraka asks as she leans over to look at the work on his desk. Bakugou scowls and snatches the paper away as he stands up with his bad on one shoulder, “Just shut up,”
Uraraka smiles despite his comment and the two head towards the door, “I’m excited to see what they have for us to work on today!” She exclaims and Bakugou doesn’t react. As the two walk away, people begin to chatter quietly to themselves as you let out a sigh at your desk.
“Uraraka and Bakugou are kinda cute together don’t you think?” one student whispers to her friend, earning a giggle in response. “It’s a weird combo, but they sure do fit.” “What? I thought they were already dating!” Another says, causing you to sigh and slump in your seat more as you look out the window.
Jiro frowned beside you, “Hey (Name), don’t let it bother you.” Your eyes continue to watch the people passing by outside of the school as you mumbled a quite, “I know.” Jiro sighed and glanced at the gossiping students before she turned back to you, “I know it’s none of my business, but why are you and Bakugou not dating yet?” 
Your breath was caught in your throat as her question replayed in your head; a memory beginning to play in your mind as if it had just happened.
“(Name),” Bakugou says firmly, stopping in his tracks as you turned around to glance at him. The sky was shades of orange and red as the sun was beginning to set around the two of you. Bakugou offered to take you home because ‘he was going the same way’ as you were and you couldn’t help but accept, unaware of what to come.
“Is something the matter?” You ask as you turn fully to face him. The wind blew gently across your cheeks, but the strong gaze Bakugou held in his eyes made you feel warm. “Bakugou?”
“Do you like me?” Bakugou suddenly asks, causing your cheeks to flush. “W-what? What’s with that question?” you squeak as you broke your gaze with him. Your eyes glanced everywhere but into his own as your embarrassment took over you. 
Looking down at your feet, you saw Bakugou walking towards you. Out of reflex, you took a step back and Bakugou didn’t stop until he was directly infront of you, the tip of your shoes touching. “Tell me,” 
You squeezed your eyes shut out of embarrassment before you nodded gently, whispering the words, “I like you,”
Bakugou let out a small chuckle, causing you to glance up at him. Maybe it was the sky or your hallucinations, but red seemed to dust Bakugou’s cheeks as he peered down at you. His large hand reached out and gently grabbed a strand of your hair before he spoke.
“I like you too,” he said and your eyes widened, your breath stopping as you processed his words. Just as you were about to speak, he continued, “But, we can’t be together,” 
Just when you thought nothing could go wrong, you could feel your heart breaking, “What?” You say out of disbelief as Bakugou let your hair fall through his fingers as he took a step back. “I don’t want to worry about a relationship right now. We’re busy trying to become heroes, I don’t have time to worry about other things,” You frowned as you slowly looked down at your shoes, he had a point. 
“I hope you understand.” 
“I don’t want to hold him back,” you say to Jiro as you turn to look at her, a sad smile forming on your lips. Jiro’s eyes widened at your response and you let out a sigh as you turn to look at the girls talking about Bakugou and Uraraka. “But he did tell me how he feels, so I can’t stay mad.”
It had been a week since Bakugou and Uraraka had been paired up together. The top students of class 1-A were able to study under hero agencies while the rest of the students continued to train and practice on school grounds, including you. 
“Hey Bakugou, how’s it going with your assignment with Uraraka?” You ask as you set down a carton of milk for him. Pulling out the chair from the desk infront of his, you take a seat as Bakugou shrugs, taking the carton, “It’s hard working with a partner, but not going to lie she saved my ass a few times,” You gave him a forced smile, “Don’t tire yourself out okay?”
Bakugou glanced up at you and pinched your cheeks, “Stop worrying about me,” Letting your cheek go, he stands up and quickly drinks the milk before heading towards the door, “Going already?” You say glancing up at him as he slides the door open, “Uraraka and I have something important to do at the agency in an hour so I better get going,” 
You nod slowly, your heart squeezing in your chest, “Oh, good luck then,” You reply and Bakugou sets off as you sit quietly beside his desk.
Sitting quietly alone in the classroom, you drank your carton of milk deep in thought. You missed spending time with Bakugou, you missed talking with him, having him tease you, you just missed him. He was always happy with you and everyone could tell that he acted different toward you, but-
You let out a sniffle as you set your carton down. Tears slowly streamed down your cheeks as you tried wiping them away with the back of your hand. 
But now Bakugou was acting like that towards Uraraka.
Did he get tired of you? What did she have that you didn’t? Were you not good enough? Were you not enough? Maybe you just weren’t strong enough. 
Maybe he just didn’t love you anymore.
“Hey (Name)! The class was planning to go karaoke after school,” Uraraka starts as she approaches your desk, “Want to join?” Looking up at her, you give her a small smile, “Sorry, maybe another day.”
Uraraka frowns, “Aww, but we’ve all been working so hard. Even Bakugou is going and we all know how much he hates going out like this!” She giggled and you clenched your teeth. You hated that you were getting mad, that you felt like Uraraka acted like she knew Bakugou more than you do. 
You furrowed your brows and stood up abruptly, causing all the students to look at you. “Maybe another day.” And with that, you left the classroom with everyone’s eyes on you.
“Hey,” Kirishima starts as he turns his focus on Bakugou, “hasn’t (Name) been acting differently lately?” Bakugou narrowed his eyes at the red-haired male, “What are you going on?”
“You know, she used to always want to go out and she used to be so talkative, but now she’s been super quiet and she left the class kinda mad from what it looked like,” Kirishima explained and a couple students nod in agreement. “I’m kinda worried,” 
Bakugou scoffed, “Why are you asking me? We’re not dating,” he says but Kirishima pursed his lips, “Because she likes you and you like her.” Bakugou’s cheeks flush slightly as he stared down at his legs. “Maybe you should go find out if she’s okay. I can tell we’re all worried.”
As the class headed out together for some karaoke, Bakugou decided to head to your house instead. You had left before the class had and even if he would never admit it, he was a little worried about you. 
You had been acting strange, even to him.
Seeing your figure walking home a couple feet infront of him, Bakugou was about to shout your name until you suddenly crouched down and covered your face in your arms. 
Were you crying?
Slowly, Bakugou walked over to you and stopped when he was infront of you. Crouching down to your level, Bakugou flicked your forehead and you threw your head up to scold whoever smacked your forehead. 
“What the hell?” You yell angrily, but your voice gets caught in your throat as your eyes widen at the sight of Bakugou. Frowning, you wipe your tears and look away before standing up. “What do you want?”
Bakugou frowned, standing up after you. “I want to know what the fuck has been bothering you.” You rolled your eyes and continued to walk home. “What’s it to you? Go talk with Uraraka or something. Just because you’re done at the agency with her doesn’t mean that you have to stop talking to her,” you snap back and Bakugou furrows his brows in puzzlement. 
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Stepping infront of you again, he grabs your upper arms. His red eyes stare deeply into your own and you can’t help but break down infront of him. “You don’t love me anymore,” 
Your sobs slur the words, but Bakugou heard it clearly. His heart squeezes in his chest and his lips shut from your words. “You like Uraraka now. I should have known that I could never be with you..”
Your sobs were the only sound that surrounded the two of you that colorful evening. Bakugou was speechless, he had no idea. Pulling a hand away, Bakugou scratched his head with a small chuckle. “You’re this upset just because we worked together on our hero work?”
Tears continue to build up in your eyes as you let out a small hiccup. Bakugou laughs and flicks your forehead gently, “Having you get jealous over me is adorable,” 
You glance up at him through your lashes and your eyes meet Bakugou’s. His eyes fierce as he speaks firmly, “my feelings for you haven’t changed, so don’t worry about it.”  
“Thank you for understanding my choice for our relationship,” Bakugou says as he reaches down to take your hand. “I know it’s not easy for you, but I appreciate it.” 
When Bakugou sees the small smile that forms on your lips, he could feel the weights lifting from his shoulders. “I didn’t know you could be sappy like this Bakugou,” you joke and he returns to his normal loud self. “I only said those things because you were upset!” he yells and you let out a small giggle which warms his heart.
“I know, thank you Bakugou. It really made me happy,” you say as you squeeze his large hand. “I’ll continue to support you through all your choices.” 
“Through thick and thin, I’ll support you.”
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sweeneyxlaura · 2 years ago
The morning after is hilarious and painful. "By yourself?" omg, Sweeney
“omg, Sweeney” is right, lmao. So cringe, but so adorable at the same time.
I love the way he practically storms into the bar, like, that is the stride of a man whose first and foremost thought after waking up is to go and find his lady and make sure she’s ok. I’m so jealous of Laura.
Then when he sees her and sees that she’s ok: PANIC! You know what kills me? He’s centuries years old, probably slept with thousands upon thousands of women in that time, and one night with Laura and suddenly he reverts back to when he was a 16-year old zit-faced prince and flooded with a feeling that he probably hasn’t felt in a very long time: bashfulness. It’s so cute.
I definitely think he was hoping for the best here. But one look at Laura’s face and he knows things aren’t going to end well. And so the deflection, because he doesn’t want to hear the rejection, the insults…
It’s hilarious how he kinda adopts this cheerful persona like as if Laura hasn’t seen you mostly at your worst, and yes, I LOVE his paltry small-talk comment that has zero relation to the elephant in the room.
Tumblr media
I just wanna give this overgrown leprechaun a big bear hug.
But I wanna give Laura a hug too because as awkward and painful as Sweeney’s feeling right now, I think Laura’s feeling just as shitty, maybe shittier, even though a bunch of it is of her own making.
I don’t know how you felt about it, anon, but I guess, for me, the biggest faux pas Laura commits here is her circumventing responsibility for her own action/choice to sleep with Sweeney, and then weirdly holding others accountable for her making that choice. Because we know from the expression on her face during the sex scene that she knew exactly who she was sleeping with, and then to come in ex post facto, pointing the finger at everyone else except towards herself says a lot about the shame she’s feeling - shame in knowing that Wednesday is right about her, shame in being unable to follow through on her faithfulness to Shadow, and worst of all, shame that she has real feelings towards a man she’s supposed to be kinda hating.
Tumblr media
And tbh, she really tips her hand to Sweeney in conveying how she feels about him. If this really was a ruse and she knew that it was, then why did she go through with it? Conversely, if she came to the Wednesday conclusion after the fact, it still doesn’t actually explain why she slept with him, other than *feelings*, and that somehow Wednesday knew Sweeney would be her weak spot, that he knew she’d fallen for him. It’s just a weakly constructed defense for hiding her true reasons… IDK, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s sorta how I saw things go down. Sorry, this ask turned kinda serious and sad, lol. :/
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barryhbotheories · a year ago
so i know that bill hader helped a lot of people by talking about his anxiety and giving helpful tips how to manage it but i wanted to post about how the show barry itself helps me because idk if anyone else feels like this but i’ve known for a few years that i am somewhere on the asperger/autism spectrum and i’ve had a lot of problems identifying my emotions and dealing with them, but then barry came and you know how it jumps between humour and drama and barry actually learns to feel things again so it’s a good exercise for my emotions going through the whole spectrum from joy to sadness and actually knowing exactly what i feel because my emotions just mirror the show so i’m feeling the emotions but i’m also seeing the emotions and i don’t know if this whole post makes sense but yeah, barry helps me a lot
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