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#like its not supposed to be perfect

[; real talk tho.

I’m not actually sure what ReMind says about it, but somehow I doubt it touches on the subject of Radiant Garden leadership. In fact, I’m inclined to believe that, along with making RG look exactly as it once did (impossible, btw), that Ansem the Wise has resumed his role as ‘king’ or whatever.

That’s bullshit.

EVEN IF the entire situation is explained to the townsfolk— remember they all believed that Ansem the Wise betrayed them and plunged the world into darkness— the people would at first be skeptical and then ask where he’s been for the last decade.

Trapped in darkness and then seeking vengeance? Locking a young girl in a god damn broom cupboard? I’m sorry, but as a township I doubt they’re going to so easily acquiesce power to someone that a good chunk of them don’t even know. There’s a lot of young people in RG, and a lot of new people too.

And yeah, my leaning is that they’d probably all go ‘hey why doesn’t Leon lead us?’. Because why wouldn’t you? Leon, who provided safe bastions for the lost when RG was uninhabitable, then spent every single day toiling to restore the place once they did go back? Who’s fought for, defended, and guided every resident? RG is immaculate, and it’s no thanks to Ansem or a single apprentice.

Of course my thought is that they cast a ballot and its almost unanimously voted that Leon serve as mayor, which he immediately turns down doing until Aerith pats his arm and goes ‘you would be doing literally nothing differently except getting paid.’ And then he accepted. bc restoring a town for free makes money difficult.

So yeah. Anyway. Leon is mayor and the townsfolk weren’t going to just let Ansem slide back into uncontested leadership. ]

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Name: Mikael Hansson | Puppet: Eden | Villain name: Thorne
Outsider scar, truth

Chargestep. Trigger warnings: Major character death (It’s a ghost AU, duh), ghostly amnesia, canon level mind reading/control, (not) coping with loss, unhealthy drinking and pain pill usage

You could never let go, could you?

Of course there would be no escape for someone like you.

The last thing you remember is falling. It’s starting to get hard to remember, well, anything these days. It’s a little frightening, to be honest. Are you just going to linger here until you lose your mind completely?

You hope not. That would be a terrible fate.

You…remember something about people being unable to pass on because they still have regrets. Something like that. In any case what regrets you must have must be in relation to the man in front of you, since you seem to be magically bound to follow him around like some sort of supernatural stalker.

Ricardo Ortega.

Somehow everything connects back to him. It’s…strange. Looking him in the eye and seeing no recognition, no acknowledgement. You don’t know why you expected to see a fond, happy smile upon seeing you. You don’t know why your chest hurts when you feel nothing waving your hand through it.

You don’t know why you want to reach out and kiss his hands softly, to lean into his embrace. It’s not like you haven’t become desperate enough to try - you are as non-solid as ever. It’s still a bit disconcerting to be able to walk through walls, your natural inclination to hesitate and shut your eyes in anticipation still stops you a lot.

He’s weeping again. “Perdóname…”

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